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Imjin War 1592

Imjin War 1592 01

Title: 임진왜란 1592 / Imjin War 1592
Also Known as: Three Kingdom Wars – Imjin War 1592
Chinese Title: 壬辰倭乱1592
Genre: Historical
Episodes: 5
Broadcast Network: KBS1
Broadcast period: 2016-Sep-03 to 2016-Sep-23
Air time: 21:40 (Sep-03, Sep-08, Sep-09, Sep-22, Sep-23)


This docudrama depicts political situations in Joseon, Myung Dynasty and Japan during the Imjin War.


Choi Soo Jong as Yi Sun Shin
Kim Eung Soo as Toyotomi Hideyoshi
Lee Chul Min as Lee Ki Nam
Jung Jin as Na Dae Yong
Jo Jae Wan as Youngest dad
Baek Bong Ki as Tam Mang kkoon
Hiromitsu Takeda (武田裕光) as 와키자카 야스하루
Son Jong Hak as Oda Nobunaga
Park No Shik as Kim Yoon Bang
Park Dong Ha (박동하) as Konishi Yukinaga
Park Sung Taek as City Japanese general
Kim Seung Hyun as Lee Sun Ji

Production Credits

Director: Kim Han Sol & Park Seong Joo
Screenwriter: Kim Han Sol


Imjin War 1592 Poster1

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Official Site

Trailer I & Trailer II & Trailer III

Watch Online in Viki.com (Coming Soon)


  1. 1 : tigerb Says:

    i’d like to watch this, english subbed. i read somewhere their drama depicts close to what was written in history.

  2. 2 : tigerb Says:

    i’d appreciate it very much if someone who reads this post can let me know where i can watch this drama english subbed. i’ll check this page from time to time.

  3. 3 : Rose Says:

    @tigerb —-

    I tried about 6 different websites, but they are all raw.

    On Asian Wiki I looked up 3 of the actors that are in this show and their history of dramas they have been in, this drama is not even listed in their line up of movies. I find this rather strange.

    The one on You Tube is not the current one, 95 Episodes has English subs.

  4. 4 : tigerb Says:

    @Rose: thanks very much for your efforts. this drama is shown at kbs 1. i wonder if they will air it on kbs 2, and if so, i might be able to watch it on cable, where i am. kbs 2 air shows subbed in english as this channel is accessed worldwide. i hope you can watch it too. if i find something new, i’d post it here for your info. thanks again!

  5. 5 : DaniD Says:

    K Dramas are all I watch and I will watch this in RAW, but I hope Eng sub will be done soon. I waited over 12 years for the subs to be done for The Immortal Lee Soon-Shin 2004-2005 104 Ep. It is an excellent drama and well worth the time to watch. If you do watch The Immortal Lee Soon-Shin you will understand what is happening in this drama. Another must watch movie about Yi soon Shin is The Admiral: Roaring Currents 2014 Battle of Myeongnyang 1597 one of the most famous sea battles of all time, 12 ships against 330. They are on kissasian with eng subs.

  6. 6 : tigerb Says:

    @DaniD: Thanks for your suggestion to watch ‘The Immortal Lee Soon-Shin’. 104 episodes? Well, it must really be good for you to finish it. I have seen ‘Admiral: The Roaring Currents’ and I enjoyed that, in fact it’s the reason I want to watch this series. So, did ‘The Immortal LSS’ cover the battles in 1592 and 1597?

  7. 7 : tigerb Says:

    answering my own question, i found where to watch ‘the immortal lss’, they synopsis seems to indicate that the above battles are also covered in this series.

  8. 8 : DaniD Says:

    ‘The Immortal Lee Soon-Shin’ is Yi soon shin’s life story and covers the building of the Turtle ship. Technology Korea – a Powerful Battleship Of The 16th Century on YouTube is about the Turtle ship.
    I would also recommend ‘Jang Yeong Sil’ The Greatest Scientist of Joseon Yeong Sil is played by Song Il-Kook the same actor that played ‘Jumong Prince of the Legend’ my first Korean Drama and I would give it a 10+ rating because I have seen it 3 times. Just a totally great story and Drama.

  9. 9 : tigerb Says:

    @DaniD: thanks! i did watch ‘jang yeong sil’ and i enjoyed that. he was like the korean da vinci. ‘jumong price of the legend’ i have not watched. must be great if you watched 3x!
    will look for that. looking for a web site to watch ‘the immortal lee soon-shin’ in good copy. the two web sites showing the series have poor copies and adjusting the setting did not improve clarity. i shall be patient. thanks again!

  10. 10 : tigerb Says:

    just checked that this is shown at you tube, raw.

  11. 11 : ruby caoileI Says:

    I am an avid fan of Korean drama series and I also watched Jumong 3 x, and sure I shall watch it again. This is really so great. I watched The Immortal Lee Soon Shin, the life story of the great Lee Soon Shin and Jang Yeung Sil. I enjoyed watching a lot of Korean historical dramas.

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