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I’ll Give You The Stars and The Moon

Title: 별도 달도 따줄게 / I’ll Give You The Stars and The Moon
Chinese Title: 星星和月亮都摘給你
Genre: Family, Romance
Episodes: 129
Broadcast Network: KBS1
Broadcast period: 2012-May-07 to 2012-Nov-02
Air time: Monday to Friday 20:25


A drama about a man who has a trauma from his younger days and a woman who loves this man.


Main Cast

Jo Dong Hyuk as Seo Jin Woo
Seo Ji Hye as Han Chae Won
Go Se Won as Han Min Hyuk
Moon Bo Ryung as Cha Kyung Joo

Seo Jin Woo’s family

Kim Young Chul as Seo Man Ho
Ban Hyo Jung as Kang Pil Soon
Kim Dong Yoon as Seo Jin Goo
Im Ji Eun as Park Na Rae
Hae Geum as Seo Jin Hee
Lee Joo Yun (이주연) as Seo Ji Na

Han Chae Won’s family

Lee Hyo Jung as Han Jung Hoon
Lee Hye Sook as Oh Young Sun
Hong Il Kwon as Oh Young Taek

Cha Kyung Joo’s family

Moon Hee Kyung as Go Mi Ja

Hope Care Hospital people

Kwon Nam Hee as head nurse
Won Mi Won as gabrye granny
Son Young Soon (손영순) as pretty granny
Kim Kyung Ran (김경란) as agile granny
Kim Kyung Ae as gisaeng granny

Korea-US Foods people

Kim Do Yun as Oh Bang Sook
Lee Jae Yun (이재연) as Team Leader Jung
Lee Hye Geun (이혜근) as Go Joo Im
Jang Joon Hak (장준학) as Ahn Jae Sung
Kang Min Jung (강민정) as Noh Yoo Mi

Other people

Jung Yeon Joo as Yun Ah

Production Credits

Director: Jung Sung Hong
Screenwriter: Hong Young Hee, Jung Jin Ah


2012 KBS Drama Awards: Excellence Actor Awards (Daily Series): Kim Young Chul (I’ll Give You The Stars and The Moon)
2012 KBS Drama Awards: Excellence Actor Awards (Daily Series): Seo Ji Hye (I’ll Give You The Stars and The Moon)


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  1. 1 : KDaddict Says:

    Love the official poster of them sitting on the crescent moon. Don’t love the guy, who appeared in I hate you but it’s fine, nor the girl, who appeared in 49 Ds, both of them playing villains. They are fine as 2nd lead bad guys, but in leading roles? No thank you.

  2. 2 : I’ll Give You the Moon and the Stars « Gmtn96's Blog Says:

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  3. 3 : I’ll Give You The Stars and The Moon « The Hyper Group Says:

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  4. 4 : Jennie Says:

    Ewwwe, don’t think I can bear to watch a family drama with Jo Dong Hyuk as the leading man, definitely not after watching him in Penthouse Elephant!!

  5. 5 : MJ Says:

    Watch Online with English, Chinese & Other Subtitle:


    Episodes are RAW. RAW – NO English Subtitle. Check back later.

  6. 6 : magsie Says:

    Try watching Jo Dong Hyuk in Snow in August and you

    might change your opinion of him.

  7. 7 : misty Says:

    Wow! more new dramas to added.. soon to launch site http://www.hallyustarsmedia.com .. pls support fighting!

  8. 8 : MJ Says:

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  9. 9 : Micc Says:


    I am with you. If you found Elephant Penthouse offensive, The Intimate is worse! I think actors/actresses do have images they should protect.

  10. 10 : jnt Says:

    how many films of Seo Ji Hye have we seen? Study her and you should find her as great actress aside from being beautiful.

  11. 11 : KDaddict Says:

    He appeared in Miss Kim made a Million w Ji Jin Hee n Kim Hyun Joo as a gangboss’ bodyguard/driver. Organic, Not impressive.

  12. 12 : Naireeduex Says:

    Is that all as an explanation for the story? Sounds like the same story over and over again but with different actors. Who has time to see 100+ episodes?

  13. 13 : V.A - I'll Give You The Stars and The Moon OST Says:

    […] : koreandrama.org […]

  14. 14 : rms Says:

    Me me me me me me am not enough?

  15. 15 : roxyalso Says:

    I totally agree with you about actors having to protect their image. Actors may not like it, and want to branch out and try different avenues of acting, for instance, sex, violence and dramas filled with treachery vs. light hearted romantic comedies, which are all the rage right now and indeed is where the money is at. Smart actors know the fans keep them from falling into oblivion …. they might want to change professions if they feel like their fans don’t count. The majority of fans are wonderful people, there are always going to be a few who aren’t. People going into the acting profession, sometimes, forget it isn’t an easy profession and is a profession with a lot of competition for fans, so actors need to get over themselves and stop reading and believing the neg. entertainment news which only reports negative stories about unruly fans. All fans are not unruly and many are respectful and kind.

  16. 16 : anna Says:

    Although i’m not a great fan of Seo Ji Hye and Jo Dong Hyuk,i think they are good in this drama.Spare some time and you might agree with me.

  17. 17 : kdfan Says:

    i did not watch too much of Elephant, so i don’t go ewe on Jo Donghyuk. I have the same negative perception if I had watch an actor/actress as a villain first, then i tend to think unfavourably of them as leads. but i gave this show the benefit of doubt. i am actually quite liking the leads n their chemistry. the story is much more interesting compare to the one just ended.

  18. 18 : rose Says:

    how come no ratings posted here for this drama?

  19. 19 : Hannah May Jayme Says:

    i do very much agree with anna. let’s give credit to where it’s due! they are such versatile actor and actress. they’re just able to play and give justice to their respective roles. i am referring to Seo Ji Hye and Jo Dong Hyuk. Keep up the good work! More power to you both

  20. 20 : Elizabeth Says:

    I agree with Hannah. I love Seo ji Hye and Jo Dong Hyuk. It show how versatile they are as actor and actress. They play their role well as good and bad guys /gal. Step back and you can see how good are their acting. Keep up the good work and hope i can see more both of you.

  21. 21 : kdfan Says:

    Minhyuk is such a nice guy but i dont really like gyungjoo. Her actions n affection for Minhyuk is peppered with insincerities. Chaewon is too sheltered. I hope the Oppa wont turn bad n abandon her with nothing. But she needs to toughen up. Hope she gets more involved with dad’s business.

  22. 22 : kdfan Says:

    Oh no., not another lost child found years after. Cant believe such a big twist with Minhyuk n Jinwoo ended up being brothers.

  23. 23 : bianca Says:

    I love this drama,so far iam enjoyed watching this drama,,but iam not like seo ji hye hair style

  24. 24 : Muyamoh Says:

    This drama is 2nd time I have seen Jo Dong Hyuk. I have seen him in Brain as a sincere surgeon. I think doctors’ character suits to him. Here he acts well as a good person and professional. Seo Ji Hye is cute and her face shows the nature of good sincere person. I can’t help hating Cha Gyung Joo. How can a straight forward man Han Min Hyuk falls on a person like Cha Gyung Joo. That makes him stupid. I am wondering how the directors drag the story until episode 100+. Baseline of the Story is similar to “Smile again” where honest smart main lead and charming girl, silly rich son and vilian cunning beautiful woman who makes a complication.

  25. 25 : kdfan Says:

    Come to think of it, most of these day dramas have similar stories about rich vs poor and scheming villains. But still I watch several of them 100+episodes over 🙂 I think partly the writers are creative to give interesting and fresh spin to used plots. I am really liking Jodonghyuk and Seojihye pairing in this show. Their are cute together and have very good chemistry.

  26. 26 : bianca Says:

    I hope han min hyok will not end up with cha gyung joo!!

  27. 27 : lea Says:

    Moon Bo Ryung, her character is so shitty, not worth watching her performance, so pathetic, die die wanting someone to cling to.

    I always skip the part when she appears in the show.

  28. 28 : Omg Says:

    Please someone tell me what happen little summary thank you in advance please

  29. 29 : June Says:

    Pls provide English subtitle

  30. 30 : June Says:

    Oh! I really hate Kyeongju. Minhyuk should deserve a much better girl not a bitch like her

  31. 31 : AUGUST Says:

    I really hate Kyeongju who desreve to be punished well without get her way what she want of her evil spirit to all other I totally agree Minhyuk should deserve a much better girl not a bitch like her and her mom
    We had god who watch bad people and discipline in right way that we would like to voice director for right outcome of bad evil Kyeongju and her mom

  32. 32 : bianca Says:

    YesSs iam totaly agree with u all,,,this drama will be nice to watch if min hyuk not with kyeongjo…

  33. 33 : Cynthia Beaudette Says:

    This is a really fun show. Korean soap operas are intelligent and thought-provoking.

  34. 34 : Sarena Says:

    I love watching Korean drama. Most of the actors and actresses are beautiful, but i really don’t like Kyeongjo coz she is not one of then.

  35. 35 : kdfan Says:

    Moonboryung must be doing a good job since she made kyungjoo character so hateful by many.

  36. 36 : DulceS Says:

    While we are still interested in this drama, it should end soon!! just hoping for a good/happy ending.

  37. 37 : jiman Says:

    who has I’ll Give You The Stars and The Moon
    with english subtitles???

  38. 38 : bianca Says:

    Can somebody tell me what happened with gyoung joo and chaewoon uncle after episode 100? In indonesia still 77 episode but iam really2 wanna know what happen next :))

  39. 39 : diefan Says:

    I like this drama kinda long but not bad…and the story is OK
    I’m watching this with eng sub in dramacrazy

  40. 40 : JSP Says:

    Where can u watch this. I missed an episode

  41. 41 : demah Says:

    great drama great actors speciale Jo Dong Hyuk ,Seo Ji Hye , Go Se Won ilove them soooooo much fhiting

  42. 42 : Stephanie Noel Says:

    Kyungui evel charactor will destroy the beautiful flavor of the drama if she end up marrying the great handsome -Minhyuk. All of them are great! Well done!

  43. 43 : pcl Says:

    Kyeongju character is such an evil character, I sincerely hope the writer is not going to let Kyeongju and Minyeok be together in the finale, otherwise, i will not watch this show.

    All the episode, Kyeongju is as bitchy as ever, never know how to repent, even if she repents, there is no way to forgive her after all the evil deeds and schemes.

  44. 44 : farah Says:

    dekat mana boleh download cerita ini??

  45. 45 : cheeze Says:

    Hello what happen to this drama????? Episode 70 is missing online. Pleezzz
    add, really like this drama

  46. 46 : Eli beverly hills Says:

    Seo Ji Hye… The Prettiest Woman on the face of this whole Universe.

  47. 47 : Eli beverly hills Says:

    Seo Ji Hye….. The Prettiest of all… yes …dam it ! O Yeah !

  48. 48 : cheezy Says:


  49. 49 : gingerbelle Says:

    You can watch all the episodes here (but un-subbed)


    last episode (129)

    Enjoy !! 🙂

  50. 50 : bianca Says:

    Is minhyok and gyeoung ju will be end up together in the end?

  51. 51 : becky Says:

    I love the ending…. it was better than I had expected…
    What I especially loved was the closure between Kyeongju and Minhyeok…it was a good thing that the writers did not plan to reconcile both of them…and I’m also glad that there is some part of Kyeongju that showed her as a person capable of loving others, not as the hateful person she became during the middle portion of the show..
    the reason I’m glad that KJ and MH did not end up together is not because I disliked KJ so much, but I think they need to move on…their characters described them as strong people, not the clingy ones….
    and…I’m not sure if the directors purposely put it that way, but the exchange between KJ and the airport girl seems so symbolic to me….it’s like, it’s time for MH to look for another girl(meaning the airport girl, since we know in Kdramaland, a mix up of luggages means future interaction…meaning lots of bickering…lol)
    well, the rest of the families’ story seem pretty predictable, but all the same enjoyable, after the rollercoaster ride for 6mth+ 🙂

  52. 52 : Xichel Says:

    I really enjoy Korean drama—-I especially liked how Narae and Chaewon dealt with their in-laws. Did anyone think it was kind of weird how heavily the family depended on Narae? I’m so happy she ended up going to college-she deserved that life.
    I did like the ending—but did Kyeongiu’s mom have to die of cancer and suffer that last year of her life. I would have liked to have seen both mother and daughter go to China at the end. Although, I felt that the goodbye scene between Kyeongiu and Minhyeok was interesting—he held his hand out longer than K. She pretty much had accepted his disinterest in her.

  53. 53 : Kiichie C. Cruz Says:

    greetings,,,just wanna know what country this drama IGYTS&TM is ended yet? here in Dubai it’s a month w8 4 d next episodes, just like now i’d watched ’til ep 120. so i’d 2 w8 a month again for d last round of 9eps,,,? actually i don’t mind cos’ it feels nice, that excitement feeling in w8ng for d nice ending. i just notice that the people behind all k-dramas like the writers, directors etc., are partially basing the continuance of the story as per comments and opinions of the viewers. like this drama for an instance, i thought it’s only 120 eps, and due to the viewers’ good feedback you people extend it to 9(’til 129) more eps. another k-drama, May Queen, i’d known it only be completed 30 episodes, as i wait & watched to its featured sked, i read all comments for each episode, and when t’was fast near ep30, i read the comments and opinions –cont’d

  54. 54 : Kiichie C. Cruz Says:

    (most of them were from Phils.) then its so happened in the next eps.31-32 the dialogues are about Phils. and i was kinda smiling(since i am from this country) and sez’- so they are sort of getting/making parts of the story out of our opinions, well that’s cute, i say. people/viewers from this country are known to be sssso objective,( just like Koreans, i guess).

  55. 55 : Joan Says:

    Im glad that the story goes well, It become more realistic when Kyeongju and Minhyeok don’t back in each others arms. Its time for Minhyeok to find a girl who will love him deeply and not because of what her have.
    At first I kinda don’t like Han Chae Won Character because she is the one who courted Seo Jin Woo (well maybe not my type of girl attitude), but then I realize when she doesn’t do that Seo Jin Woo will not recognize her and knows that he likes Cha Won.
    There are many things I learn and realization in this drama, but then for me, when two people are getting married they have to build their own family, but I think that was Korean people is. I just dont like the idea that the daughter-in-law is the one who do the house chores even if she has a job like Cha Won (I guess I can’t do that hehehe).
    Over all the drama is really good with different characteristic of every people involve in the life of Seo Jin Woo and Han Cha Won

  56. 56 : Jinjoo Says:

    just finished watching this drama & i must say this is one of the best & great family kdramas i’ve watched! i’m so happy that minhyeok didn’t go back to that woman kyeongju, she doesn’t deserve minhyeok at all! all the main leads in this drama are super great including the supporting actors! what a great story! i didn’t mind spending the whole 129 episodes each night coz it’s worth it! i just wished i’ve watched this while it was airing but nevertheless, it feels new to me because this was my first time seeing this! i highly recommend this kdrama! love & will miss Go se won but i have another GSW drama in queue, i never get tired of him, such a great actor in all the other dramas i’ve seen of him!

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