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I Love You From Today

I Love You From Today 05

Title: 오늘부터 사랑해 / I Love You From Today
Chinese Title: 今天開始我愛你
Also Known as: Love on a Rooftop / Love from Today
Genre: Romance, Family
Episodes: 101
Broadcast network: KBS2
Broadcast period: 2015-Apr-06 to 2015-Aug-28
Air time: Monday to Friday 19:50


A drama about a woman who finally becomes a part of a family after re-adoption and man who chooses love over family.


Main Cast

Im Se Mi as Yoon Seung Hye
Park Jin Woo as Kang Do Jin
Kim Se Jung as Jang Se Yeong

People around Yoon Seung Hye

Kim Yong Rim as Kim Soon Im
Ahn Nae Sang as Yoon Dae Ho
Kim Seo Ra as Han Dong Sook
Oh Seung Yoon as Yoon Seung Jae
Yoon Seo as Yoon Seung Ah
Choo So Young as Yoo Dae Shil

People around Kang Do Jin

Lee Eung Kyung as Yang Mi Ja
Heo Yi Seul as Mi Ja (young)
Heo Jung Kyu as Bae Sang Man (Yang Mi Ja’s secretary)
Lee Chang Wook as Oh Kyung Tae

People around Jang Se Ryung

Kim Byung Se as Jang Bum Suk
Go Yoon as Jung Yoon Ho

Han Sun Sook’s family

Jo Eun Sook as Han Sun Sook
Jo Hee Bong as Byun Joon Bae
Jang Jae Won as Byun Dong Goo


Oh Soon Tae
Jung Sang Hoon
Yoon Gi Won as Hong Suk Choon
Ham Eun Jung as Min Chae Won

Production Credits

Director: Choi Ji Yeong
ScriptWriter: Choi Min Ki, Kim Ji Wan

Official Site

Trailer I & Preview I & Preview II

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  1. 1 : lclarakl Says:

    Want to watch this one.

  2. 2 : sylvia soo Says:

    the sub eng hasn’t came yet???? waiting…….

  3. 3 : mml Says:

    I have finished watching episode 1 to episode 5, a little sad for Yoon Seung Hye that she has been working so many jobs in order to support the family. She was terminated by the hospital and she also does not have a kind caring younger sister and looks like she has a tough life. I wonder is it a melodrama ? Anyway, I hate to watch melodrama. I will continue to find out more about this drama, I will stop watching if, it’s a melodrama. And I will continue to watch if, it’s a sweet romance drama.

  4. 4 : sylvia soo Says:

    @mml thx for the info….. at least I know what the story line is….
    still waiting for eng sub…:)

  5. 5 : mml Says:

    I have finished watching episode 6 to episode 9 and a strong believe that this will be a very nice drama. And I have checked China Baidu about the information of this drama and it seems that China Baidu is giving a very good rating for this drama.

    For those who have not start watching this drama, you can consider this drama as your favourite drama. This drama had an interesting start and follow by interesting subsequent episodes, I think that this drama is so much better than Apgujeong Midnight Sun drama.

  6. 6 : sylvia soo Says:

    waiting for eng sub…

  7. 7 : mml Says:

    I have finished watching episode 10 and something I do understand that Yang Mi Ra wanted her revenge in episode 9 ,shown us that she was chased out by the Yoon Seung Hye’s family and her mother died during the sudden unexpected car accident and when it comes to episode 10 Yang Mi Ra continued her revenge and even meet up Yoon Dae Ho’s wife at café. The mystery behind to me is, I wonder Kang Do Jin is it the son of Yoon Dae Ho ? As in episode 9 shown as that, when Yang Mi Ra was chased out by the Yoon Seung Hye’s family, at that point of time, Yang Mi Ra was pregnant and where is the father of Kang Do Jin ?

    1) If Kang Do Jin is the son of Yoon Dae Ho, that means Yoon Seung Hye will be his sister, whereby both of them with the same father and in future they cannot fall in love with each other.

    2) The writer from episode 1 to episode 10, totally did not mention about whether Kang Do Jin has a father a not. Am a little confuse and wonder whether who is the real father of Kang Do Jin.

    3) In episode 10, we have now come to an exciting episode, whereby Kang Do Jin have managed to let Yoon Seung Hye to be able reconcile all their misunderstandings and they can finally become friends. But, the danger is Jang Se Yeong all these while wanted and expected Kang Do Jin to be her steady boyfriend that means Jang Se Yeong will not easily and will not let go and will soon create and form trouble for Yoon Seung Hye again.

    4) This drama has the effect to attract my curiosity on Yoon Seung Hye and Kang Do Jin, whereby both of them always and happened that so many times of their coincidental meet and who knows oneday Kang Do Jin will fall in love with Yoon Seung Hye will such a sweet face, a cute pony tail hairstyle and always wear nice Korea Hankook dress and with a caring, decent personality.

    5) I’m going to continue watching this drama and to find out all things that attract my curiosity and see when will be the day that Kang Do Jin realised that he’s actually falling in love with Yoon Seung Hye ?

  8. 8 : Anita Says:

    @mml, again here:D:D:D We often love the same dramas:) I think it’s very interesting story, so I will watch it too:D
    It seems that DoJin is DaeHo’s and MiRa’s son, but it’s sure that DJ and SH are not brothers/sisters, because they can’t love each other. I think maybe Seung Hye is adopted and her father is Se Yeong’s father, so the rivals are half-sisters…
    But I don’t know how will be painful breaking up (because I’m sure that it will be). She will know about her origins (and she will sacrifice herself for her sister’s happiness) or first they realize that are “sisters-brothers” and part from each other.
    SY is very bad (once I would like an normal second female, not evil…) and Yh isn’t likeable with his overprotecting and a bit arrogant style (in 10 episode, but this is just first impression, my opinion can change). I hope he will be not clingy, because I hate such character.
    DJ is very nice, and he already begin falling in love with SH (in that scene when he saw her smiling in the coffee shop).

  9. 9 : mml Says:

    @8 Anita,
    thank you very much for sharing this information with me. I have checked China Baidu synopsis and realised that you are precisely correct is, Seung Hye is actually an adopted child and the strange thing is, I don’t understand why Seung Hye is an adopted child, whereby Yoon Dae Ho also have his own children ? I’m glad that you watch this drama, so that I can also know more opinions and the happenings of this drama. According to China Baidu, Seung Hye will work at Do Jin’s café or cake shop .

    I guess, maybe the problem is Seung Hye got great difficulty in finding a full-time job after being accused and terminated by the hospital. She can’t go anywhere to work as a nurse and therefore, Seung Hye switched job to survive for an income. And I need to continue to watch this drama so that I’m able to know how can Do Jin help Seung Hye with a job to have stable income ? Okay, I will continue to share my opinion with you.

  10. 10 : Francis Says:


  11. 11 : DF Says:

    Shameless plug ^^;;;; But I’ll be following this and recapping it on http://www.dramafeed.com for anyone who’s interested~ (^^)v

  12. 12 : Anita Says:

    @mml Really? She will work with DoJin? I’m curious how? I thought she will work with the barista (second lead) in his café. I know that both of them this is their dream, but I prefer doctor-nurse thing (this reminds me of playful kiss after wedding). But I love this too:D

    Now I watched first 5 episode, it seems really nice (I hope it will stay until end). I like, that though they aren’t together, they meet in every episode:D Now just I’m watching with subtitle, because I would wait impatiently the subtitle. I watched first 10 episode as raw, but I stopped.

    df: I watched your blog. It’s very good, detailed. I hope you will continue, and you can publicize on other side too (for example on soompi, they are lot of person there too).

  13. 13 : CoolBeans Says:

    I watched the first 7 episodes and finding it hard to stay interested in this drama. The leads are great. The characters of the nurse’s family are pathetic and a bit selfish, especially her parents. She is the major provider. The younger sister is allowed to use her money for acting classes and luxury goods. The father can’t sell antiques and she has provided a loan to bale him out already and may need a second loan. The grandmother is stuck in her ways and wants to dictate to buyers the products they can’t sell in their businesses if they buy her tea! The brother is in law school which she pays for him to attend. Let’s not start on the aunt and mother. The father should shut down the useless shop and go find a paying job. Same for everyone else. It is hard to watch this go on. They nurse will become a barista, but, the pay is small until she becomes a pro. The family members need to carry their weight and give the girl a break.

  14. 14 : mml Says:

    I have finished watching episode 10 to episode 17 and looks like I do understand that the interest of Yoon Seung Hye and Kang Do Jin both have their own dream job and however due to family objections, both of them will have to face obstacles ahead. And I’m looking forward to watch on their determinations to continue to persevere and hopefully Seung Hye can give moral support to Do Jin. Sad to know that Do Jin’s mother wanted her son to be an obedient “puppet”, forced her son to obey and comply to her instructions, I think the mother and the son relationships will soon become worst than expected. I hope Do Jin can really find his own happiness instead of listening to his unreasonable mother.

  15. 15 : DSant Says:

    Love reading the comments on this site, I am also watching this drama for now cause it looks like the premise of this drama is okay, even do it has the typical K-drama scenario of revenge, greed, jealousy, birth secrets, illness, entangled relationships and so on.
    The OTP seems to be good a pairing, I just feel sorry for SH for being a member on this disfunctional family (LOL). Dojn’s Mom who is a dictator and SR the spolied brat. Let us enjoy it for now and who knows this may turn out to be good drama at the end.

  16. 16 : sara Says:

    where can i watch the drama??

  17. 17 :  维多利亚 Says:


  18. 18 : mml Says:

    I have finished watching episode 18 to episode 25 , although in between some of the episodes seems to be quite sad ,but, at least am glad that episode 25 will show viewers that Seung Hye was willing to work at Do Jin’s café cake shop for an advance of one year’s salary to help her father under a desperate situation and grateful that Do Jin was helpful to help her.

    Now, am looking forward to watch episode 26 , episode 26 will show viewers that Seung Hye is working at Do Jin’s café cake shop and that is the time I’m expecting that Do Jin will soon realise that he has fallen in love with Seung Hye. This drama sometimes happy and sometimes sad, sometimes full of revenge and sometimes comedy and therefore at this present situation, am still not very sure is it a very nice drama ? But, anyway, I will continue to watch, to find out more about this drama.

  19. 19 : shen Says:

    Tried so hard to stay and watch this drama, but each time when I tuned in (at whichever stage the scene was), the dialogue and story therein was always about money, nothing else but money !

    Money, money, money, money. It seemed to be the main obsession in this drama. The dialogue and most of the life and scenes with the characters here was always…. all about money !!

    Are the characters in this drama not capable of having meaningful and intelligent conversations, apart from talking about money?

    Is there no other facets to life for the characters in this drama? Don’t the characters have a life at all? Or don’t they have anything else happen to them?

    Money of course is important in life too. But we are not watching a documentary about money and economics here. We are watching a family drama!! About people in a family. About watching their daily life and how they tick, though no doubt also about their money problems, but not to such an obsessive extent that viewers of the drama are suffocated by money!!!!!!!

    Should not there be more to life than money, even if it is in storytelling in a family drama?

    (Thought I had watched the worst case of money obsession in Only You, My Love, but this drama seems to be trying to take the cake).

  20. 20 : mml Says:

    @19 Shen,
    all Korea dramas will sure talk about money and it all depends on how high level will they mention in the drama. Most of the Korea dramas they will talk about money, love jealousy, stealing best friend’s husband or stealing best friend’s wife, or falling in love with their schoolmate, or bad mother in law, or bad daughter in law and lots more to mention. The drama you mentioned, Only You, My Love is just an average rating drama. I have watched this drama too, is a different storyline if you were to compare with I Love You From Today this drama. Only You, My Love this drama is more on fighting over the business of Fruit Korea, forced to abandon her own child, the difference between a good and a coward father, an evil grandmother and so on.

    Where else, I Love You From Today this drama will talk more about the poor family will suffer with great difficulty and during the most desperate situation, if, one can find a grateful and helpful person to come in and help and that is the time when one’s destiny can be changed and reformed. This maybe can be a very touching drama. The writer maybe is trying to tell viewers that, a mother’s hope and expectations of the child will always be different from what the child he himself, or herself wanted to choose when they are grown up, they wanted to have their own career decisions, their own dream of hope and their own expectations whereby the parents, or the mother herself cannot choose to control their child. To control their child may in return having adverse effect. The good thing that the writer has done is, the writer made Seung Hye willing to work at Do Jin’s café cake shop in episode 25 and thus making me have to expect in the subsequent episodes. Although, this drama will talk more frequent about money and don’t you realised that the importance of saving money for rainy days, especially in episode 25 whereby Do Jin has hidden savings, whereby his mother doesn’t know about it and he’s willing to take the risk to pay an advance of one year’s salary to Seung Hye, trying to work out a plan to improve his business. That means when they talk more frequent about money in this drama, in return they also educate viewers the value and importance of money. So far, I think this drama is trying to tell viewers that very soon Do Jin will team up with Seung Hye as he doesn’t want to be controlled by his mother. The real interesting thing is how can Do Jin win over his mother’s heart to stop her revenge and how can Seung Hye help Do Jin when it comes to improving the business of his café cake shop ?

  21. 21 : shen Says:

    @20 mml

    Thanks for your points of views. They are noted.

    Seldom get to see you taking the trouble to response to whining rants such as mine. But I’m glad that you did, as then I get to see what’s on other viewers’ mind regarding this drama.

    I appreciate hearing from you.

    Have a good day.

  22. 22 : CoolBeans Says:

    The drama is on YouTube on the channel KBS World TV and is titled Love On the Rooftop

  23. 23 : CoolBeans Says:

    I am very frustrated with the script. The family keeps making bad decisions and is getting deeper into debt. The revenge tactics created by Dojin’s mother could not work if the parents made wise decisions. Closing the antique shop years ago would have been the right thing to do. The business does not make enough money to take care of the family. Everyone selfishly lives of the nurse daughter, Seunghye! I will just watch the scenes where Suenghye is in the pastry shop and coffee shop. Plus, the scenes with the aunt and the young doctor are great.

  24. 24 : niczej Says:

    lol like dae shil and kyung tae couple..

  25. 25 : sylvia soo Says:

    can someone tell me what is the ost of this drama??? thx

  26. 26 : phoenix Says:

    This drama SUCKS.

  27. 27 : mml Says:

    The character of Yoon Seung Ah really spoils the interest of viewers to like this drama. Starting from episode 39, I have realised that this drama is no longer as interesting than Save The Family this drama. Thank god, I have been given more dramas to choose my preference and therefore, now, I will pay more attention to watch Save The Family this drama and along the way, I also find A daughter just like you this drama is also catching my attention to watch and happily am watching an older drama called Ojakgyo Brothers this drama whereby. i have accidentally overlooked and missed out this drama.

    I think, Ojakgyo Brothers this older drama is very much better than this drama.

  28. 28 : DSant Says:

    Yes, this drama seems to turn off viewers, really boring and no insight in character development. Really disappointing cause in the beginning it was promising, we know that daily drama can have a lot of pitfall but this one sucks bigtime!!!

  29. 29 : safrudin Says:

    cara download filem gimananya gimana……?

  30. 30 : drama korea romantis Says:

    I have finished watching episode 6 to episode 9 and a strong believe that this will be a very nice drama,and i love korean drama 🙂

  31. 31 : Lotus Says:

    Daily drama as usually a bit boring, but this drama is a bit different because it has sweet and funny moments not always about bad situations. Thanks to the writer that has positive side about making the story up. For all who wants to see this series you can find on youtube under name Love On a Rooftop also you can see on kbsworld.co.kr . I’ve seen today until ep 70 with english sub.

  32. 32 : Linetteomara Says:

    Park Jin Woo…I thought that he is a new actor. Surprised to learn that he acted in quite a list of dramas and movies in the past. Will start watching some of his previous dramas. He looked so different and not to mention cuter in this drama than in his previous ones.

  33. 33 : joce Says:

    i do like the drama but its always remind me the bad memories of my life and its come back again im sorry but i hate the character of the rich girl ms. jang i so much hated it. but so far its nice

  34. 34 : Snow Says:

    This drama is so stupid and repetitive. After episode 40, it just become a cycle of stupid people. I dislike the lead female most because she’s the self sacrificing to a fault character. It’s a drama that really is much to do about absolutely nothing. Nor does anyone really learn a lesson. The young daughters who happens to be in her twenties acts like a ten year old. Her actions showed that she hated her sister for a long time–especially the things she did to hurt her—that attitude doesn’t change over night.

    I can’t believe that people find this drama interesting. I like daily dramas like: Happiness in the Wind/A Good Day For The Wind To Blow, Daring Women, Dong Yi, Jewel In The Palace, Don’t Hesitate–dramas that have some meat on there bones, this drama has nothing but a bunch of silly, stupid scenes with a bunch of dumb people.

  35. 35 : Snow Says:

    DSant @ 28, you summed this drama up nicely. I’m always amazed when dramas like this aren’t cut short. This one should have been cut short 50 episodes ago.

  36. 36 : mml Says:

    The lead actor is handsome good looking and the lead actress is sweet and pretty. The drama who occupies a lot of unnecessary family scenes that spoil and affect the interest of viewers of this drama. Some of the family nonsense scenes should have removed long go and to be replaced by more scenes for the lead actor and actress to reconcile their relationships, then can interest more viewers.

    Am still watching this drama at episode 64, but, due to a lot of unnecessary scenes who affects the drama. I have slow up my speed in watching this drama, although, am still watching this drama , the effect is not as good as my mother is my daughter in law this drama.

  37. 37 : Jeekoy Says:

    Finally this drama was cut to only 101 episodes. Writer and producer realized that this is one of the worst daily dramas (second to Primcess Aurora). Writer just made up story lines which are no longer consistent with the theme and became boring. I hope that in the future screenwriters choi min ki and Kim ji wan should improve their writing skills and develop good drama material which make sense and write stories that are convincing and believable. Make every episode interesting and do not get caught up with the number of episodes to be aired. Concentrate on the quality and not the numbers. Daily dramas should be limited to 50 to make it more interesting

  38. 38 : shen Says:

    @34 Snow

    Ha! Ha! Ha! You hit the nail on the head ! Exactly what I feel about this drama. Ha! Ha! To quote you :

    ” It’s a drama that really is much to do about absolutely nothing. ”

    “…..this drama has nothing but a bunch of silly, stupid scenes with a bunch of dumb people. ”

    You are exactly right about this drama. And worst still, unbelievable, this drama has this angel call Seung Hye and a dumb cow called Doh Jin !

    Both of them must be God sent. Unbelievable ! For a moment I thought I was in heaven when I stole a peek at the drama to see how it was doing. But, regretted it. Because, even angels and dumb cows have a mind of their own. But not these two! They must be androids or some Disneyland characters. Too good to a fault ! Toooo goody two shoes! Gosh, how unbelievable is that!

    Besides all these… the story goes in silly circles with no substantial developments at all. Oh God, have mercy !

    (This drama should be air dropped into North Korea, to bore its Leader to death).

  39. 39 : Haziqh Says:

    The ending is ridiculous, what a waste of time

  40. 40 : Rain Says:

    It was a nice drama & I love it….. It shows different aspects,related to love,,family, following dreams,forgiveness, the courage to love,not giving up & the difference between love & obsession…..Everyone was great….Seung Hye,Do Jin,Yunho,Chaewon,….The most interesting thing was that in korean dramas they usually show the other partner( The one which loves the Main Characters as a couple)like Yunho or Chaewon, being so mean ….But in “love you from today”,they had very great,strong & perfect characters…& know how to trully love someone…Thanks for this drama….

  41. 41 : BG Says:

    The drama has ended already??
    Good !news.
    I am glad I did not waste my time watching it.
    Only in la la land can this drama exist.

  42. 42 : james tay Says:

    One of the most disappointing drama I had watched this year!
    What a waste that there are two good looking and talented actors in the drama. They look almost perfect for each other. I feel that something get out of control on script writing from ep40. What’s wrong with the writer? The ending is too…well…BORING! BTW that couple didn’t get to kiss on lips!

  43. 43 : kikelomo Says:

    i love u unnie im se mi nd i love all ur movie, is there anyone here dat will folunteer himself or herself, to post unnie s new movie dat comes out anytym?

  44. 44 : trish Says:

    should I not watch d movie then?

  45. 45 : Esthyluv Says:

    It’s such a touching story

  46. 46 : star Says:

    I love this movie but I am more interested in the ending.

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