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Hotel King

Hotel King 04

Title: 호텔킹 / Hotel King
Chinese Title: 酒店王
Genre: Melodrama, Romance, Revenge
Episodes: 32
Broadcast network: MBC
Broadcast period: 2014-April-05 to 2014-July-27
Air time: Saturday & Sunday 21:55


This drama portrays the story of a heiress, Ah Mo Ne (Lee Da Hae) who lives a sheltered life like a princess but a catastrophe pushes her to do all she can to protect her hotel. She and the general manager of the hotel, Cha Jae Wan (Lee Dong Wook) who appears cold on the outside but carries emotional baggage, fall in love.

Cha Jae Wan and his mother were abandoned by his father. As an adult, he begins to work at a hotel and becomes an enemy to his father who abandoned him.


Main Cast

Lee Dong Wook as Cha Jae Wan (general manager of Hotel Ciel)
Choi Ha Ho as Cha Jae Wan (young)
Lee Da Hae as Ah Mo Ne (heiress of Hotel Ciel)
Im Seul Ong as Sun Woo Hyun (Mo Ne’s VIP staff)
Wang Ji Hye as Song Chae Kyung (director of Hotel Ciel’s restaurant)
Lee Duk Hwa as Lee Joong Goo (vice chairman of Hotel Ciel)
Lee Joo Suk as Lee Joong Goo (young)
Kim Hae Sook as Baek Mi Nyeo (training manager of Hotel Ciel)
Jin Tae Hyun as Roman Lee

Supporting Cast

Lee Sang Mi as Yoon Ji Won
Seo Yi Ahn as Lee Da Bae
Choi Sang Hoon as Ah Sung Won (chairman of Hotel Ciel)
Choi Dae Hoon as Ah Sung Won (young)
Son Jang Woo as Cha Jae Wan & Ah Mo Ne’s son

Hotel Ciel International Division

Gong Hyun Joo as Cha Soo An
Alex as Yoo Joon Seong
Kim Sun Hyuk as Hong Joon
Go Yoon as Park Do Jin

Hotel Ciel Domestic Division

Jung Suk Yong as Go San
Park Chul Min as Jang Ho Il
Ji Il Joo as Jin Jung Han
Kim Ye Won as Yoon Da Jung


Kim Gyu Sun as Ha So Yun
Kim Sung Young as So Moon Jung
Goo Bon Im as Madam Kim
Lee Do Yun as Lee Ip Sae
Cha Hak Yun as No Ah
Jo Yoon Woo as Yoo Joo Min
Kim Yool Ho as new employee
Kim Ha Rin as Baek Mi Yeon
Jung Se Hyeong as Reporter Min Sung Joo
Jung Jae Jin as Ah Sung-Won’s friend
Kim Seol Hyun as Lee Da Bae


Seo Yoon Ah as Gwang Nyeo
Na Kwang Hoon as Wang Liqin
Yoo Se Hung as Eun Sung Jae / Eun Yoon Jae
Choi Sung Min as Ray Kim
Park Young Ji as Woo Hyun’s father
Choi Hyun Woo as magician
Lee Seon Jin as Section Chief Hwang
Yoo Gun as John Howard
Lee Joo Yeon as Chae Won

Production Credits

Chief Producer: Kim Jin Min
Producer: Yoo Hyun Jong
Director: Kim Dae Jin (ep 1-10), Jang Joon Ho (ep 11-32)
Screenwriter: Jo Eun Jung


– Episode 5 & 6 has been postponed to 2014-April-26 & 27 due to the incident of ‘South Korean ferry capsizing‘.

– On 12/May/2014, MBC announced that the director has been changed from Kim Dae Jin to Jang Joon Ho. MBC announced that this is because the private reason of Kim Dae Jin. However, Kim Dae Jin told that this is because of the scriptwriter Jo Eun Jung asking for changing director. (Source)

Episode Ratings

    Nationwide Seoul Nationwide Seoul
2014-04-05 1 11.8 (6th) 14.3 (3rd) 11.7 (6th) 13.1 (4th)
2014-04-06 2 11.2 (9th) 14.3 (6th) 10.9 (8th) 12.0 (7th)
2014-04-12 3 11.1 (7th) 14.9 (3rd) 10.9 (6th) 12.3 (6th)
2014-04-13 4 11.6 (7th) 13.9 (5th) 11.6 (6th) 12.8 (6th)
2014-04-26 5 7.4 (11th) 8.6 (11th) 8.2 (12th) 9.6 (10th)
2014-04-27 6 8.8 (10th) 10.4 (8th) 10.3 (8th) 11.8 (8th)
2014-05-03 7 8.7 (9th) 10.6 (7th) 9.1 (9th) 9.6 (8th)
2014-05-04 8 9.1 (8th) 10.9 (8th) 9.0 (7th) 9.7 (7th)
2014-05-10 9 8.6 (12th) 10.6 (8th) 8.6 (10th) 9.5 (8th)
2014-05-11 10 9.5 (10th) 10.9 (11th) 10.5 (7th) 11.6 (8th)
2014-05-17 11 8.4 (14th) 10.6 (7th) 9.6 (7th) 10.2 (7th)
2014-05-18 12 9.0 (10th) 11.8 (6th) 9.3 (9th) 9.7 (11th)
2014-05-24 13 8.6 (8th) 11.2 (6th) 8.7 (8th) 10.1 (6th)
2014-05-25 14 7.8 (17th) 9.7 (13th) 8.3 (16th) 8.7 (17th)
2014-05-31 15 9.8 (5th) 12.2 (5th) 10.0 (6th) 10.2 (7th)
2014-06-01 16 9.6 (7th) 11.8 (6th) 9.7 (10th) 10.2 (10th)
2014-06-07 17 9.6 (6th) 12.5 (6th) 10.4 (6th) 11.9 (6th)
2014-06-08 18 8.3 (13th) 10.9 (10th) 8.8 (10th) 9.4 (10th)
2014-06-14 19 9.9 (6th) 12.4 (6th) 9.8 (7th) 10.5 (7th)
2014-06-15 20 9.3 (9th) 11.4 (7th) 9.8 (9th) 10.2 (11th)
2014-06-21 21 9.9 (7th) 12.7 (5th) 10.9 (6th) 12.2 (6th)
2014-06-22 22 9.8 (10th) 12.4 (8th) 9.7 (13th) 10.3 (11th)
2014-06-28 23 10.6 (7th) 13.3 (5th) 9.8 (7th) 10.3 (5th)
2014-06-29 24 10.2 (9th) 12.5 (6th) 9.9 (11th) 10.2 (10th)
2014-07-05 25 10.3 (6th) 13.4 (3rd) 11.3 (4th) 11.6 (3rd)
2014-07-06 26 10.0 (8th) 12.4 (5th) 11.0 (7th) 11.3 (6th)
2014-07-12 27 11.1 (5th) 14.4 (3rd) 10.6 (4th) 11.5 (4th)
2014-07-13 28 11.6 (7th) 14.3 (4th) 13.6 (4th) 15.4 (4th)
2014-07-19 29 11.7 (5th) 14.8 (3rd) 12.3 (4th) 13.3 (3rd)
2014-07-20 30 11.4 (8th) 13.8 (4th) 12.4 (7th) 13.9 (4th)
2014-07-26 31 11.6 (6th) 14.6 (3rd) 11.8 (4th) 13.3 (4th)
2014-07-27 32 12.1 (5th) 14.6 (4th) 11.8 (6th) 13.0 (4th)

Sources: TNmS Media Korea & AGB Nielsen Korea

*** Different between TNmS Media Korea & AGB Nielson – Here


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  1. 1 : tabitha Says:

    wow….. reunion… my best couple

  2. 2 : riany Says:

    waaah they’re my fave couple on kdrama, hope it will be a happy ending…

  3. 3 : hayam Says:

    my favorite couple ^^
    can’t wait Hotel king , but i will keep calm As far as I could …

    DW & DH fighting ^^

    plz , Relate other Photos that released !!

  4. 4 : Myr Says:

    My girl, my girl (u’re my girl)…^_^ yehey, so happy the 2 are back with each other. Can’t hardly wait…

  5. 5 : annie Says:

    whoaaa the mY gIRL casts reunion….daebak !!!!

  6. 6 : celine Says:

    WOWWWWW!!! Waiting for this drama! wishing this drama not make us disappointed!
    Jia you Lee da hae and Le dong wook! Make us startle like both of you act in My girl!

  7. 7 : MissD Says:

    i love Lee Dong Wook oppa
    but i don’t like her

  8. 8 : rubi123 Says:

    me neither, too much plastic surgery

  9. 9 : jkt Says:

    Yes me too.. I dont like her… lee da hae have a bad acting… and the face much change… not pure anymore… she always act to be cute… sorry lee dong wook.. why u pick her to be your partner for this drama. I know you two have drama before in MY girl.. but now is change.. I think this drama to be fail coz the actress. ..

  10. 10 : DramaCritic Says:

    Would have been better if it’s a comedy, like my favorite MY GIRL, though I’ll still watch this

  11. 11 : aria Says:

    Realy miss this couple >_< i hope this drama will become hits like "My Girl".

  12. 12 : cassandra Says:

    THE MOST ALTERED CREATURE ON EARTH..LEE DA HAE SURGERY queen…Michael Jackson of the female species

  13. 13 : salma mm Says:

    waaaaawwww just waiiiiitiiiiiinnngggg

  14. 14 : smrite Says:

    wow i am so excited to see lee dong wook n lee da hae again together onscreen,specially lee dong wook

  15. 15 : Sara Says:

    loooooooove them both <3
    Joo yoo rin fighting !! ^_^

  16. 16 : Mey Says:

    OMG my fav couple… can’t wait to this drama…

  17. 17 : ALex Says:

    I´m sooooooo Happy. I love both of them. They re together again , so cool . I can´t wait to watch this Drama. *-*

  18. 18 : maknaee Says:

    erm, maybe this is out of topic, but i wish.. someday KSH-JJH (my top OTP) will be able to get a reunion like LDW-LDH /.\ *still can’t get over ‘You Who Came From the Stars*

    anyway, i was really happy when the rumor says Lee Yubi, but it turns out to be LDH.. ngg i’m not a fan of her, still.. gonna give it a try.

  19. 19 : ayi1975 Says:

    for the 1st i cant recognize ldh, she really changed so much! But i never watch the drama just because the actress/actor. But the story. I’ll give try for this one. But i’ll wait till complete. Bcoz i cant wait every ep like my love from another star. But dmj and csy is my fav.

  20. 20 : Aga Says:

    I heard Dong Wook and Da Hae dating and break up in reality.
    Now, they back as couple in this drama.
    Fighting couple!!

  21. 21 : mong ji Says:

    Why the lead actress lee da hae… I dont like her….

  22. 22 : mizz kim Says:

    Yeah me too… why lee dong wook pick her…
    The plastic queen

  23. 23 : NK Says:

    Why her face is weird

  24. 24 : anne Says:

    I don’t know why that most comments here bash lee da hae, judging person because she pretty by doing plastic surgery or what it’s not our business right, as long as it doesn’t hurt anyone else, and it’s not wrong by law, doesn’t adverse ourselves, why do we should care about that. Did she really do the surgery or not, I don’t care, that is her problem. What I care is the stroryline, if it’s good I’ll watch, if it’s bad well I’m goin to watch another drama.. excited to see this drama..

    P.S. : Don’t feel irritated with my comment, just ignore it if you don’t agree. I don’t mean to hurt anybody.. V^_______^V

  25. 25 : apreelqueen Says:

    can’t waittt ! My favourite Lee Dong Wook <3

  26. 26 : anyeong śyera Says:

    if lee dong wook acting with song ji hyo again. I will be first fians… i dont like lee dae hee… i think i dont want to watch this drama , sory, why the director not choosing somg hye gyo as a female leads…. i want to see lee dong wook acting with song hye gyo please.,

  27. 27 : susyi Says:

    If this good… I will watch… even I dont like lee da hae too.. not because plastics surgery. I just dont like her acting…

  28. 28 : salma.mhdh Says:

    why are u just commenting about her look!! she is so free to do what she wanna do!!! so please just focus on the drama and its history 😉 let’s just have fun ^^

  29. 29 : ju yoo rin Says:

    lee da hae fighting !!!!

  30. 30 : cuity17 Says:

    Yaaa.. I’m agree with you #28 salma, I don’t care about her plastic surgery, coz i just concern about the story n her acting, if its bad.. Then I comment about it…, I think she looks fine…!! ;D

  31. 31 : JandiHyeon Says:

    Omo, omoooooooooooooooooo… This is soooooooooooooo Daebak!!!!… I can’t believe they have a drama again…. THANK YOU LORD

  32. 32 : JandiHyeon Says:

    WOOKHAE… Seul Gong Chan and Joo Yoo Rin… FIGHTING!!!!!!!!!!

  33. 33 : syu Says:

    wah… My Girl (SBS, 2005) couple… love it..cnt wait

  34. 34 : estherher Says:

    They reunite!!!! I like them both, they used to dated after their drama My Girl.

  35. 35 : asdasd Says:

    can’t wait for this drama. but why the episodes are so long?

  36. 36 : jow Says:

    oh My Goddddddddd

    Re-unite couple from MY Girl……………….

    oh Em Jiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

  37. 37 : kai Says:

    when i heard that the lead actress will lee dae hee…i loost my interest..i can accept taht she did plastic surgery once but not twice….????hmmmm yah i agrre with some one who said it would be better if the lead actress of emergency couple who will do this drama that would be great..i prefer moon chae won or other artist who has a natural beauty….plz dont hate with my comment..i just hate the fact that she did it twice”plastic surgery”…once is acceptable but twice is too much….

  38. 38 : kati Says:

    wooooooooo …nice couple……

  39. 39 : asti Says:

    No matter what can’t wait to watch it ^^

  40. 40 : Nad Says:

    oh my god they are together again after my girl! this has been soooo long! cant waiiiiiit!

  41. 41 : foreverjihyo Says:

    Hopefully Lee dong wook and Song ji hyo will do another project together. Their closeness is daebak!

  42. 42 : susyi Says:

    I agree with kai… why the lead actress must her….

  43. 43 : mail Says:

    one of my favourite couple is back….Cant wait to watch dis drama….I hope they can bring back the good chemistry just like what they had in “My Girl”…

  44. 44 : Victory Says:

    Lee Da Ha and Lee Dong Wook is my favourite couple. Really great to see and can’t wait to watch both acting together in the drama. I am great to see Lee Da Ha acting and want to see more and more of her acting in drama. I also want to see her acting in movie. Please give her more acting lead role in drama and movie. I love Lee Da Ha and Lee Dong Wook and want to see more of their acting together. I have fallen in love both after watching My Girls drama and wish to watch more acting together.

  45. 45 : hahaha Says:

    She is very ugly… see before plastic surgery

  46. 46 : Queens Says:

    they’re my fav couple and reunited again..definatelly watch this drama

  47. 47 : cuti Says:

    hello hello there is my favourite N from vixx. really exited for his 1st new drama. nobody has comment on him. and l don’t care what other thinks i really like lee dong wook and lee da hae.

  48. 48 : park jung eun Says:

    omooo i’ve watched the trailers and it seems interesting!! i can’t waitttt

  49. 49 : marivic Says:

    i really like them in my girl..so excited for this drama..i really like lee dong wookj

  50. 50 : bblve07 Says:

    finally i’ve waiting for so long and now they’re coming back, woah im so excited… love u lee da hae and lee dong wook..

  51. 51 : ldw/ldh Says:

    majority of korean actresses and actors went under the knife but resulted aren’t as beautiful like lee da hae so don’t be jealous!! i believe the ones that commented about her surgery must be really deep hell jealous of her but in denial to admit it!! too bad you guys are not pretty outside nor inner and this is why you trashed her… hahaha

    this is a free world so everyone have the right to satisfy themselves. they are not asking you to go under the knife so let it be. don’t judged her just because of her surgery. she is damn good actress or else she wouldn’t be so popular!!!

  52. 52 : N-mi Says:

    YEAH N of Vixx. his is real name is CHA HAK YEON why did they wrote cha hak yun???????????

  53. 53 : Njumma Says:

    Omg i cant wait N oppa hwaiting!화이팅

  54. 54 : chichay Says:

    wow, c’mon! Lee da hae and lee dong wook again!!? great! cant wait for this… another drama together!

  55. 55 : A Ting Says:

    Wow, He met her again.

  56. 56 : JJ Says:

    I don’t like Lee Da Hee but I’m going to watch this drama for Lee Dong Wook. 🙂

  57. 57 : suna Says:

    Yes me too… I dont like lee da hae too… but I will watch this drama because lee dong wook.

  58. 58 : marry Says:

    why you dont like this actress I watched the series my girl and I laugh a lot she is cute .

  59. 59 : jin hee and chang min Says:

    lee dong wook looks more matured than my girls…oh now his bcome 32 years, look more handsome..oh i like him in running man hen he with song j bi hyo, they look so close. .. mybe

  60. 60 : helen olegario Says:

    looking forward on this…it’s a comeback chemistry of lee dong wook & lee da hae….yayyyyy!!!!

  61. 61 : maknaee Says:

    it’s okay, because ‘eo’ often written as ‘u’ , and ‘u’ as ‘oo’, ‘yeong’ as ‘young’
    example :
    정준영 –> written : Jung Joon-young –> read : Jeong Jun-yeong
    수영 –> written : Soo-young –> read : Su-yeong

  62. 62 : maknaee Says:

    전지현 –> written : Jun Ji-hyun –> Jeon Ji-hyeon
    김수현 –> written : Kim Soo-hyun –> read : Kim Su-hyeon


    so, it’s okay to write Cha Hak-yeon as Cha Hak-yun.

    hope this helps

  63. 63 : myeon Says:

    new reunion after my girl omg :))

  64. 64 : naysa Says:

    cant wait to see da hae and dong wook couple fr my girl~^^

  65. 65 : Liza Says:

    Aww..Lee Dong Wook & Lee Da Hae get back together! Loved them so in My Girl

  66. 66 : safrullah Says:

    ill watch this drama (hotel king)

  67. 67 : ShashaAmani Says:

    Yay My Girl sequel !

  68. 68 : Sakura1991 Says:

    Lee da Hae Fighting!!! 🙂

  69. 69 : Bel2204 Says:

    Manny people write “I dont like lee da hae … but I watch this drama because lee dong wook”

    To me it’s just the opposite, I like Lee Da Hae much more than Lee Dong Wook.

    PS. Why calling her plastic queen, so manny korean actresses/singers did plastic surgery!!!

  70. 70 : Y KRF Says:

    @Bell2204 : I agree with U. I also love her. She is good, Mostly in “My Girl” and “IRIS 2”.

  71. 71 : Sofie Says:

    WOW! Kdramas rarely do things like this. Like the actress and actor would be in a one kdrama. I must watch this. :3

  72. 72 : sam Says:

    oh my god! it’s already done…

  73. 73 : [Weekdays Only] 0800 - 1830 Chit Chat Thread for Working Peeps~ - Part 7 - Page 138 - www.hardwarezone.com.sg Says:

    […] […]

  74. 74 : Imee perez Says:

    I’m gonna watch this! I’m so excited Lee dong wook n Lee dae he again!

  75. 75 : Mary Says:

    Oh my my girl reunion! Can’t wait..also Angel Eyes. My favorite girl (LDH) and fav guy (Lee Sang Yoon)..of course I love LDW too! Fighting!!

  76. 76 : Putriwanti Says:

    really cant wait this! I love this couple so much

  77. 77 : Tracey Kim Says:

    i’d really love this couplr, after 9 years am waiting for.
    aaaah~ dunn care bout Da Hae’s plastic surgery, she has really good acting in drama. and i love it so much.
    dong wook, my actor idol since i was in junior school. make i felt in love to korean drama. i wish this drama will be great! fighting ^^9

  78. 78 : MoMo Says:

    i like MY GIRL!!!!

  79. 79 : priya Says:

    i really love this couple .good to see u both again …i will watch this korean drama…i really like korean dramas…i thank u all for making us entertain,,,love u guys
    have a good day

  80. 80 : Nudge Says:

    Whenever Lee Duk Hwa plays a prominent part you know he’s the villain. Some aura he has that says greed. In his speech, his crime-boss demeanour and his toupe says it all.

    Duk Hwa’s intro scenes should show him steal a toddler’s candy, or step on a child’s fingers, crush flowers with his heavy shoes all in passing.

    So, the former owner of Ciel Hotel can’t be Jayden’s father. How else would a romance develop between him and his so-called half sister. If I’m right, why didn’t Jayden confirm that before embarking on a decade long plot to take the hotel which lead to the demise of possibly an innocent man.

  81. 81 : rockstart Says:

    watch 1st episode somewhat disappointed .. just from 1st episode it looks how its going to end. tht guy is using the manger he was not tht chairman’s son… blah blah…

  82. 82 : Micc Says:


    I agreed with you. The hidden son is probably the bell boy.

    Why do most women think that kind of nose will make them look better? What’s wrong with Lee Da Hae’s nose before? Why did she have to make it that pointy?! sigh

  83. 83 : hny Jo Says:

    Oooh..I’m sleeping while watching this, after wait this for airing. ..I’m quit , sorry!

  84. 84 : lani_87 Says:

    This well be great I think.I can’t wait the next episode.

  85. 85 : el Says:

    cant wait to watch this! i am big fan of lee dahae and lee dong wook, since their my girl!!!! :0

  86. 86 : HANNah Says:


  87. 87 : Jyenie Says:

    I hate her nose. Why does she have to fix what was not broken?

  88. 88 : women Says:

    Im disappointed with this drama…. and why her face now is weird???

  89. 89 : Jyenie Says:

    I think this drama is quite superficial and predictable, it doesn’t have the “chasing” element.

  90. 90 : icegirl Says:

    kinda disappointed with the first two episodes but i’m not giving up watching this drama yet…the plot is intriguing, but it’s off to a slow, contrived start…i do hope the story becomes more interesting in the coming weeks…2 down 30 more episodes to go!

  91. 91 : Jun Says:

    Love this couple. Great drama

  92. 92 : iRSya Says:

    ep 2..tears….

    LDW & LDH best couple ever….

  93. 93 : Anastasia Says:

    This gonna be an interesting drama for the next episodes….I like LDH’s character in here. This could be one of my favourite weekend dramas at the moment 🙂

  94. 94 : zaza Says:

    Yesss…. I like LDW and LDH… I don’t care if LDH do the work on her body etc because it is her right and her money..As long as she is still beautiful and the name still LDH. LDW is my first korean hero since my first drama is Hanoi Bride and then My Girl. After that i follow LDH and watch Love Actually (Taiwan Drama).
    I don’t want LDW to partner with Ji Hyo in any drama but I like Ji Hyo in Running Man with Gary 🙂

  95. 95 : zaza Says:

    That villian is using LDW for his own good. He adopt n raise jayden and planted that the dead chairman is his father for his own benefit. He wanted to be the CIEL chairman and jayden will do anything for him since he wanted revenge. Hahahahaha

  96. 96 : foreverjihyo Says:

    @Zaza. Ji hyo is for Choi Jin Hyuk only 🙂

  97. 97 : zaza Says:

    @foreverjihyo : Oh noooo… Ji Hyo is for Gary 🙂 Choi Jin Hyuk is for me 🙂 hahaha

  98. 98 : erao Says:

    i love it… very interesting story… exciting 2 episodes… can’t wait for the next episodes.

  99. 99 : anne Says:

    when I watched My Girl many years ago during my senior high.. At that time I wish that someday hope kdrama will reunite LDH and LDW in one drama.. and this year my wish granted… and I love this drama… great chemistry and acting of all cast..

  100. 100 : honey Says:

    im a fun of lee da hee b4 but so dissappointed with her appearance right now.

  101. 101 : sangjhoon Says:

    i thought i was the only one who noticed Lee da hae’s mannequin looking face, woah why do they have to go under the knife? she was much better looking in the drama My Girl but when i saw her in this drama i was disappointed, her nose looks like Pinnochio’s i’m sorry but she looks terrible! I also think that LDW’s character is really not the real son of the chairman but the guy in a cane is only using him, hence before the chairman died he really was firm in saying ‘you’re not my son’! his death is quite suspicious though maybe the old man in a cane pushed him or he asked someone to do it?

  102. 102 : Wae Wae Wae Says:

    There’s no doubt about Joong Goo (old fart with the cane) being the perp of the murder-suicide.

    LDH looked really good in Green Rose and My Girl. Problem is I think she didn’t appreciate it her natural beauty enough, why else would she change what is already perfect.

  103. 103 : women Says:

    @zaza n forever jihyo : I think ji hyo only for me… hahahah

  104. 104 : zaza Says:

    @women : I am ok with that 🙂 Ji Hyo is for u.. hahahaha

  105. 105 : zaza Says:

    LDH … For me is still the same despite nose job or whatever. She is still beautiful. .. Nowadays it is hard to find actresses with nature beauty especially from Korea 🙂 I just don’t care abt that anymore… I just want to watch good drama with my fav actors and actresses.

  106. 106 : Jyenie Says:

    The issue here is not about natural beauty or plastic beauty or her money or her body, it’s her choice of the nose shape! Why did she pick such a peculiar looking nose? I really doubt her sense of beauty and the Korean plastic surgeon’s etiquette. Why did she replace her nose with an ugly one? I am really confused.

  107. 107 : iRSya Says:

    hope Hotel King also have a killers OST same like My Girl…

  108. 108 : silhoutte Says:

    LDH’s acting is so over the top in the first two series, it is like she is exaggerating her scenes….too annoying, I like her better in Green Rose……tho all she did there was cry and keep mumb…….

  109. 109 : silhoutte Says:

    If CJW’s father is Ah then doesnt that make him and AMN half bro and sis? How could they fall in love? Or is it he was mistaken and was brainwashed by the man who took CJW in as an orphan?

  110. 110 : salma mhdh Says:

    why are you just nagging about LDH’s look !! oh my good how jealous are you!!!!!!!!!! please stop it and if you’re enjoying the drama then watch it with pleasure if not then stop it and stop your negative point of vue!!! it’s really harsh !!!!!! she’s free to do what she wanna do finally it’s her own face my gooooooooooooooooooddddddddddd

  111. 111 : zaza Says:

    @salma i agree with you totally. I wonder why so many have problem with her look… I don’t mind and i don’t care because it is her choice. What i want is to see LDW n LDH together in a drama again.

  112. 112 : cuity17 Says:

    *salma & zaza : totally agree with both of you….
    It’s so annoying… Read this threads only about LDH’s personal life (nose/plastic surgery…) I’m sorry to saying this, just give the comments about this drama please..”Hotel king”., coz. Its guide me (Or maybe anyone else) to watch this drama after this is end. That’s it. Thank you..

  113. 113 : kdramalover Says:

    However the story was great if the actress is so annoying to her looks and your attention was focused on her maniquin face. Your gonna be quiting watching this. This drama goes to be a boring one. SIGH

  114. 114 : women Says:

    I watch this drama because lee dong wook…

  115. 115 : jumi Says:

    FYI Lee Da Hae is plastic even in her my girl days. proof http://www.dramabeans.com/2009/05/lee-da-haes-old-pageant-photos/

  116. 116 : Lia Says:

    Come on, guys. Just enjoy the show, ok….

  117. 117 : Jun Says:

    @ salma: agree with you. Just enjoy the drama.

  118. 118 : salma.mhdh Says:

    zaza and cuity : thanks for understanding my opinion ^^
    i hope that all the rest watch this drama for fun and stop their concentration and their overstatement about LDH 😉 i think she is really cute and this drama is going to be “wangea” fantastic ^^

  119. 119 : salma.mhdh Says:

    jun: thank you ^^

  120. 120 : mona Says:

    yeah rite….. i’m here to see the comments about the drama but mostly comment are about lee dae hae plastic surgery……. so how about the drama so far… it’s good or bad????

  121. 121 : cuity17 Says:

    #Mona : same with u..,, and I’m not LDH n LDW fan too, just wanna enjoy read
    All this comments…..

  122. 122 : dreamer Says:

    after all this website suppose to talk bout korean drama..not korean actor/actress…review d drama instead of her face or her nose..grow up pls..

  123. 123 : drakorholic Says:

    i hope this drama will reach high rating :D! above 20% maybe.. i love episode 2!

  124. 124 : drakorholic Says:

    i dunno the real fact about LDH, but i want to enjoy the drama 🙂

  125. 125 : myeon Says:

    The only bad thing from this drama to me is Seulong’s character.
    How can they made him as a 2nd male lead? He can’t even act T___T he’s just ruined LDH and LDW’s chemistry in this drama

  126. 126 : Anastasia Says:

    Have just watched ep 3 with Eng subs and it’s great episode. This drama is moving fast and instense. I love to see the love hate relationship between AMN and CJW. Can’t wait they finally to fall in love each other. Love this drama 🙂

  127. 127 : dee Says:

    can’t wait next episode
    lee dong wook ♥ lee da hae

  128. 128 : Tracey Kim Says:

    Hi gengs,
    Me too! I juz finished watching 3rd eps, and it was great. I wish they’re not sibling right? Lol
    But my feeling told me they’re not sibling! Lol
    So far, its a good drama, i liked LDW-LDH chemistry.
    LDW’s act is so cool!
    And i’m so curiouuuusss fo next eps 😀

  129. 129 : rikai Says:

    dropped after ep3 :/

  130. 130 : myeon Says:

    Why lee da hae keep doing plastic surgery? :'( I really miss her cute face in ‘my girl’.. and i think she’s already looks soooo pretty in “miss ripley”..

    Only lee dong wook here who seems always look the same as before :”)

  131. 131 : Jin Says:

    Wait for next ep. Love this drama.

  132. 132 : Micc Says:

    Just realized, this has 32 episodes! Wow, long!

  133. 133 : suppledexplorer Says:

    I want them to act more!Fighting

  134. 134 : sam Says:

    What are the siblings that fall in love?

  135. 135 : Anastasia Says:

    Another great episode of ep 4. Now the story is getting interested as JW already know that the chairman did not commit a suicide but he was murderred. He now will protect MN from evil VP. And the last scene…..the hug…OMG. I believe JW and MN are not brother sister and they are not blood related at all. Now I can’t wait for next episode. I wish Saturday and Sunday could come faster 🙂

  136. 136 : Audrey Says:

    Just tell me those two are not siblings

  137. 137 : لمى Says:

    شكله مرررا حلو 😍😘
    ☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆

  138. 138 : Micc Says:

    Of course they are not siblings. The fact that the Vice Chairman won’t let Jae Wan disclose his identity as the ex-Chairman’s son while Ah Mo Ne is around, you know they can’t be siblings. Because the lie can easily be exposed by a DNA test.

  139. 139 : honey Says:

    i feel discourage everytime i saw her face with plastic surgery.nothing can be more natural

  140. 140 : honey Says:

    lee dong wook is baby face,nothing change on his looks,still handsome foever…

  141. 141 : Lee Byron Says:


  142. 142 : Lee Byron Says:

    #130. I was thinking the same thing. Finding it distracting in a not-so-pleasant way.

  143. 143 : iRSya Says:

    who’s actually that ajjumma?? ermm waiting for 1st of kiss from CJW & AMN..hehehe

  144. 144 : Sonia Xioh Longjam Says:

    Its nice to see again LDW and LDH in this new drama. Love u both. Fighting.

  145. 145 : cc Says:

    I love Lee Dong Wook!!! Fighting!!! Can’t wait next episode!!

  146. 146 : arsenia Says:

    like this drama

  147. 147 : lalola girl Says:

    love lee dong wook but i dont like lee dae hae

  148. 148 : lilian Says:

    me too, love lee dong wook, dislike lee dae hae

  149. 149 : mike Says:

    lee dong wook and lee da hae reunited love thm so much in My Girl!!!! will watch this!!! 🙂

  150. 150 : Lime Says:

    Ep 5 is it airing today?i heard kbs,mbc,sbs canceled their dramas?is it true?

  151. 151 : gomawoyo Says:

    Not cancelled, just postponed.

    KBS2 aired Wonderful Days last night. The others may resume as well.

  152. 152 : janet Says:

    love this drama

  153. 153 : cupcake Says:

    angel eyes more better than hotel king

  154. 154 : Theresia Simanjuntak Says:

    @cupcakes – 153

    So, why were you commenting here?
    It will be helpful if you give the reasons. Besides, HK and AE cant be compared. Those have different genres.

    I’m sick of those who still complain about LDH surgery. Yes, I used to like her after My Girl. Kinda disappointed with her new look. But thats all. Now, its all about the drama. I love HK. Haters help nothing in giving info for those who in doubt whether want to watch it or not.

  155. 155 : Tracey Kim Says:

    hi, dear..
    absolutely i agree with you 😀
    it’s all about drama, not actress..
    even u dont like LDH, u should not watchin’ this drama.
    let u see another drama that u used think its better 😀
    so far, i was liking this drama. i luv LDH and LDW ^^
    their act was good .
    hope this drama hv a good rating and good storyline 🙂

  156. 156 : May Says:

    Lee Joong Goo is Cha Jae Wan dad

  157. 157 : Longan Says:

    Seeing Lee Da Hae & Lee Dong Wook act together again, I just cant help myself to watch My Girl again. Goshh, that drama was aired 9 years ago & I still enjoy it because it was one of the best KDrama.
    With this comeback, I really look forward for a much more dashing and romantic performance.

  158. 158 : Shwaron Says:

    OMG! My two favourite actors from my most favourite drama ever, “My Girl”, finally re-united!! This must be awesome! I have waited way too long for this 😀 😀 😀

  159. 159 : Andjsnbw Says:

    Cant wait to watch this K DRAMA 💕 LDH AND LDW reunite again to be togeter after being apart for a long time (my girl)yay fighting👊😍

  160. 160 : shazzytree Says:

    just finished watching my girl . 2 days marathon. loving them very much and looking forward for hotel king. like their acting very much.LDH did a surgery. no wonder she look a bit different but i cant point it out why. now i know . but who cares. who didn’t do surgery nowadays.

  161. 161 : iammee Says:

    It’s very seldom in korean drama that two leads could actually reunite together in another drama. I am glad that the two leads paired again here in Hotel King. I was just a little amazed with how lee da hae looks now, she was more pretty before that so called surgery. Anyway she made her own choice trying to look that way now but her acting and performance is what matters the most. I just hope that she will never regret her decision of enhancing her face. Honestly speaking, it was not done beautifully.

  162. 162 : KdramaGirl Says:

    I’m enjoying this drama a lot I could say I’m really hooked I even watched “My Girl” because of it haha. I love dramatic romance stories with a lot of angst it makes my heart race lol. As for the ones who don’t like her new look I hate to break it to you but almost all of these female actors have had work done on their faces it’s normal there and in the show business in general and I guess it makes them feel more pretty and confident about themselves. That’s why I’m not even bothered by it anymore. Just hope this drama continues to be as great as it is now.

  163. 163 : MuVin Says:


  164. 164 : Flower Says:

    So, wait I’m confused! So does Cha Jae Wan and Ah Mo Ne have the same dad?

  165. 165 : feelicious Says:

    no.the vice chairman lied to cha jae wan so that he can conquer the hotel by himself.

  166. 166 : Anastasia Says:

    Just wached ep 5 without Eng subs yet. It’s great episode and I like it so far as there are so many scenes interactions between Mo ne and Jae Wan. Great acting from LDH in this episodes. The story is getting intense as in the last sccene Mo ne was being trap in fire in the kitchen, there’s someone who closed and locked the kitchen door…..oh no. Can’t wait for ep 6.

  167. 167 : Longan Says:

    Hope to see a much better plot in Ep6. Ep 5 kinda loosing some peak there.
    Aja aja fighting Hotel King 🙂

  168. 168 : Dominika Says:

    Are they brother and sister? o.O crazy..
    I like this drama but knowing that they have the same dad is a bit… i feel uncomfortable with this.

  169. 169 : Flower Says:

    I live in England and the viki website doesn’t work in my region :'(

  170. 170 : -Autumn- Says:

    Nice drama~!!! Can’t wait for the episode 6.
    I don’t think they are bro and sis. Cha Jae Wan is being used by the man in cane to get what he wants, Ciel Hotel. So cruel for him to beat up CJW when he was a kid and threatened him.

  171. 171 : Anastasia Says:

    Done watching ep 6 with Eng subs and it is quite better than ep 5. Oh gosh for the last scene….that body of JW and MN has to see it that….it is like My Girl all of over again!!! Please please writer nim keep them coming. But the storyline for now is JW still thinks that MN is little sister and I hope he will discover very soon in the next episodes that MN is not his sister, then the romance between them would be starting soon. Can’t wait for next eposide.

  172. 172 : miss leaf Says:

    Thx for reviewing ep 6. Can’t wait to watch ep 6 tonite ^.^
    Yup, i am sure they are not bro-sis.

  173. 173 : feelicious Says:

    can anyone tell me the title of song in the ending of eps 5?

  174. 174 : Miss Leaf Says:

    @Flower : you can watch on drama.net or gooddrama.net

  175. 175 : Reii-chan Says:

    @Anastasia : in which episode that state Mo Ne isn’t his sister?? Can someone tell me? I just thought maybe Man with cane (Joong Goo) is the real father of CJW. I really hope that will be the truth. Can’t stand if CJW is brother and sister with AMN. Where’s the romance if they siblings..

  176. 176 : Miss Leaf Says:

    Reii-chan : there is not the exact scene that showed CJW is not the real brother of AMN, we just assume it, the mystery behind the story has not been opened.
    But i am sure LWD and LDH are reunited together in this drama not as just a siblings, but they should be a couples.

  177. 177 : Reii-chan Says:

    @miss leaf : thank you for the info.. Yes, we hope CJW and AMN will be couple.. But i think CJW will know about AMN is not her sister maybe not in the near episode, maybe (just maybe..) in episode 20 or later.. I really love hotel king, and hate it in the same time, becouse hotel king keep giving me headache for making guess about who’s the bad or good guy, and guess what the real truth behind.. Arrrgh i’m having headache now by just thinking about it.. Can’t help but to make assumptions about this hotel king.. Always look forward for next episode!! And i really hope LDW or CJW will let his hair down for good.. LOL.. <3

  178. 178 : Tracey Kim Says:

    agree with @reii-chan

    i’m so curious bout this drama’s storyline.
    so many fake ppl inside, whoaaah! but make me so excited, hope CJW not sibling with AMN or i will so disappointed 🙁

    and i juz watching 5-6 eps, and its good. as always, make me so CURIOUS!
    in the last of ep 6 i saw CJW’s tattoos, it’s so adorable 😀
    i used to think that Sun Woo Hyun is hidden child of chairman Ah, and there’s secrets on Manager Baek. aiisssh! this drama make me goin crazy, so many assumptions to watching this -.-“

  179. 179 : Miss Leaf Says:

    @ Reii-chan : You’re welcome

    Yup, so many secret inside the story, we do not know who’s good and bad guy, that’s why it makes us curious and going crazy for waiting the next episode ^.^
    on the last scene of episode 6 makes me melted, the eyes contact between AMN and CJW showing there is “something” between them.

    happy watching ^.^ arrrggg……ep 7 still 4 days to go

  180. 180 : drakorholic Says:

    are they really sibling? so what the ending will be?

  181. 181 : Pam Says:

    boring storyline , all the same in K drama .
    LDH is beautiful but her acting is very poor , too much botox , no expression .
    tries so hard to be cute .
    I don’t like K actress acting as beautiful and cute one , very unnatural , fake ,
    annoying .

  182. 182 : es Says:

    I love the last scene of episode 6…especially the way she said sorry..wow she’s really a good actress…and love seeing them again after my girl…
    Cha Jae Wan and Ah Mo Ne fighting!!!

  183. 183 : vu nguyen Says:

    wow! I have just seen ep 7 ! It’s relly very awesome! Ah Mo Ne’s motion is developing day by day, and their love is too. Ep 8 will be very interesting, I am hoping this ep very much!
    Cha Jae Wan and Ah Mo Ne fighting!!! support and follow the drama!!!

  184. 184 : vu nguyen Says:

    @drakorholic Says: no they aren’t sibling! the love story between Cha Jae Wan and Ah Mo Ne will be developing day by day! It’s really thrilling through each episode! Let’s view more and more, and people will understand the romantic story of 2

  185. 185 : Thithi Says:

    Ep7 is so good and romantic!!!!! love this drama so so much. love LDH and LDW too. can’t wait……

  186. 186 : ok Says:

    i was watched ep 1-7 , bcoz of ldh but i’m sorry can’t following this drama again, Angel Eyes seems more interesting

  187. 187 : Thithi Says:

    Plz help me!!! Where do you watch live eps? I have to see raw after 1 hour -live end. I’m looking foward to see live ep8 tonight. thanks!!!

  188. 188 : iRSya Says:

    romantic episode is coming..luv it..
    very good chemistry between LDW & LDH..

  189. 189 : es Says:

    I just watched episode 7…I love it…

  190. 190 : janet Says:

    love love love this drama…. their acting are great… the story line too.. everything just make me can’t wait for the next episode…. fightiiingg

  191. 191 : wdr Says:

    i love this drama!!! haha

  192. 192 : Anastasia Says:

    Have watched ep 7 with subs and ep 8 raw, and both episodes were great. LDH was so funny at ep 7 as I sometimes laugh so hard to see her acting in this drama and the chemistry between LDW and LDH was amazing. I think now MN is developing her feeling to JW but sadly JW is still thinking she is his sister….ugh come on writer nims….make this sibling matter is solved asap….. and put between JW and MN into romantic scene. At ep 8 I’m glad MN has seen JW was beaten by VP and she finally knew who was the evil VP. Can’t wait for next episodes.

  193. 193 : Thithi Says:

    what does MN do in last scene? My heart was burned after ep 8. Oh, can’t wait for 6 days…

  194. 194 : Reii-chan Says:

    At first i can’t wait for the day that CJW and AMN to become couple.. But now i kinda feel CJW is pitiful, and feel sorry for him.. He is trully caring toward AMN because he ‘tought’ (don’t know bout the story will go) she is his sister.. And i can’t watch how heartbreaking will CJW feel when he know that AMN isn’t his sister.. Argh.. Such a dilemma.. LOL..
    Please don’t give up on hotel king! There is a rainbow after rain.. 😄

  195. 195 : huhu Says:

    what happen to the rating?no wonder because of LDH face(plastic surgery)

  196. 196 : vu nguyen Says:

    @huhu: It’s only one reason, another is that this drama is released on MBC, but angle eyes in the same time on SBS which is more popular with many popular dramas such as My Girl, the Heirs, He come from the star and so on. although hotel king is better and more thrilling, rating of this drama is not as high as angle eyes.
    So we should support and follow more this drama .

  197. 197 : ThiThi Says:

    Hi Vu Nguyen!!! I Really happy that you love this Drama like me. I just saw you on Kenh14.vn. You are Vietnamese and me too. Agree with you, it released on MBC. You see, everybody watch live Angel Eyes on nguonvui.com very well, no lag, but I can’t watch Hotel King, terrible lag. Sadly about low rating. I hope it will be higher next week. LDH is very nice at her age, no proplem. Their acting so good!!!

  198. 198 : Linso Says:

    Mo ne is Such a retard character=> it’s because of the writer or LDH acting ability? To many boring dialogues and parts of supporting roles like hotel staff. Though I really like JW & LDH, up to ep 8, I decided to stop watching….! JW&LDH should have not accepted to play in this drama-very poor scripts and story line.

  199. 199 : AnnieMac Says:

    Very confusing plot…it diminishes the thrill. Sorry, I have to see Angel Eyes instead….

  200. 200 : Jin Says:

    Love this drama,can’t wait for next ep

  201. 201 : miss leaf Says:

    Yeah, great chemistry between them CJW and AMN, could not wait for watching ep 9

  202. 202 : vu nguyen Says:

    @ Thi Thi : uk! moi lan xem truc tiep hotel king lai lag con angle eyes lai ko bi! minh cu tuong rating cao do nhieu nguoi xem nen moi lag the vay ma..! Chac do ben Hk moi co may tap dau / 32 tap tinh tiet bat ngo van chua boc lo con AE cung da di het mot nua roi nen viec tinh tiet co the hap dan hon la dieu de hieu thoi do ben do co 20 tap thoi. Minh nghi chac tu tap muoi may tro di cua HK thi phim se rat gay can va hap dan cho coi!

  203. 203 : ThiThi Says:

    @Vu Nguyen: Suy nghĩ của bạn giống mình quá hén. 32 tập thì phải đến tập 10 mới bắt đầu gay cấn chứ nhỉ. Link bên SBS tốt hơn MBC nên mình xem cứ bị lag. Nguonvui đã trả lời comment của mình rằng cuối tuần này họ sẽ đổi HK sang link khác và hy vọng sẽ xem tốt hơn thì mọi người sẽ xem nhiều hơn và biết đâu rating lại cao hơn. Mình nghĩ các nước khác chắc cũng bị vậy. Mà giai đoạn này bên Korea xảy ra tai nạn đau thương nên hầu như film nào rating cũng thấp. Trước giờ mình ít xem film chờ đợi kiểu này, vì thích LDH và LDW quá nên mình phải xem. Thời gian chờ đợi thật khó chịu. Vào trang này mà quăng tiếng việt chắc bị ném đá túi bụi woa””’! hihi

  204. 204 : Verra92 Says:

    cjw <3 amn

  205. 205 : vu nguyen Says:

    @ThiThi: uk, minh thi cung khong thuong xuyen coi drama han chi co nhung bo phim thuc su hay minh moi xem thoi. Phim nay la mot trong so do. Mot tuan ma co 2 tap thi hoi it wa, cu ngoi doi mai! minh cung thich LDH Va LDW giong ban, van ung ho hai nguoi nay tu my girl.

  206. 206 : Tracey Kim Says:

    OMG! i dieeeeddd read all your comment. i haven’t see eps 7-8. u all make me goin crazy and curious, guys! i’ve been download eps 7-8, but i have no time to watching coz my job 🙁
    oh, Lee Dong Wook make me melted succesfully!

  207. 207 : Rosemary Says:

    I adore this couple. Brilliant!!!

  208. 208 : mona Says:

    good ratings. fighting hotel king!!!

  209. 209 : Hanover Says:

    There’s a huge fire in the kitchen, 2 of the male leads are talking, staring at each other, discussing – not someone reacting normally in an emergency. And WTF, only 2 fireman arriving at the scene. Mr Director, you should be better in your trade – don’t spoil the storyline.

  210. 210 : Kellin Says:

    What a story. I can’t wait to finish watching all the episode at once. Both the lead actor and actress possessed good acting skills and chemistry. A must watch.

  211. 211 : vu nguyen Says:

    wow awesome! just saw ep 9 and preview ep 10! I’m sure it will be more thrilling and romantic from this ep to the end. It’s really very good!
    Can’t wait ep 10!!!

  212. 212 : Anastasia Says:

    Wow…the last scene of ep 9 is really breathtaking, MN made a confession to JW and she almost kissed him! But I don’t think the kissing is going to happen as JW will push her away and reject him as JW still believed she is his “sister”….ugh I hate this! See preview ep 10…JW will try to kiss CK….ugh I hate that. Can’t wait ep 10 tomorrow!

  213. 213 : Thithi Says:

    OMG!!! JW kiss CK because of MN and VP. He have to do that. Can’t wait for next eps… hix, waiting waiting for JW and MN love kissing!!!!!

  214. 214 : miss leaf Says:

    Thx for reviewing ep 9 ^.^ i am going to go to bed now and wake up in the morning for watching ep 9.

  215. 215 : ThiThi Says:

    Hi Vu Nguyen!!! Ban da xem tot truc tiep ep 9 hom nay tren nguonvui.com chua? Minh xem qua tot, cu nhu dang xem raw ay.

  216. 216 : vu nguyen Says:

    @ThiThi: vay a? luc nay minh ban nen chi coi raw lai thoi! Dung nhu du doan tu tap nay tro di phim se rat la hay cho coi! ma minh thay co một sự trùng hợp đáng kinh ngạc la đúng lúc giữa tuần hai phim Ae va Hk lai tung Preview ep 9, nghe noi trong phim Ae cung co canh kiss khuc cuoi roi hết voi lai một số tình tiet thấy giong ben này ghê. Mình thì ko thích Ae lam nen chi doc tin thoi!

  217. 217 : Thithi Says:

    @Vu Nguyen: Minh cung ko xem AE, thinh thoang doc tin va moi nguoi thich film ay vi no bun va lang man (de lam rung dong nguoi xem). Minh ko thich film bun, no lam tam trang minh bun theo vi vay ma minh thich MG. Xem di xem lai bao nhiu lan va minh thay doi han tinh than cua minh, gap ai minh cung cuoi dua dc. HK ko vui bang MG nhung dan xen vui, lang man va nhiu su bi an lam minh kha to mo. Ko bit tieng HQ nhung cu dung 8h la minh phai xem live cho bang dc. Cai cap nay dep doi the ma ko iu nhau that cho moi nguoi vui, hihi.

  218. 218 : ThiThi Says:

    So sad about rating. I love very much this drama and hope rating will improve.

  219. 219 : Micc Says:

    Nobody thinks Sun Woo Hyun is Ah Mo Ne’s sibling? Why do I keep getting that vibe?

  220. 220 : dee Says:

    waaaa…..can’t wait next episode

  221. 221 : vu nguyen Says:

    I can’t explain why rating decreases ! The drama is wonderful.

  222. 222 : fourgreenrose Says:

    I like it too, but becomes boring, it has to be 32 episodes and now they have to slow down a bit, so the rating is dropping. It’s a k drama so it’s predictable, they use same cliche always, no matter the subject.

  223. 223 : Anastasia Says:

    Have watched ep 10 raw….finally JW finds out the letter saying that MN is not his sister….so good then!! Hopefully they can start their romance soon in next episodes. But the evil VP won’t let this happening between them and also the lady CK won’t be happy to see this. So now the story is getting more interesting…..sadly there is no preview ep 11 🙁

  224. 224 : miss leaf Says:

    Yes, the rating is getting up, fighting hotel king’s team !!

  225. 225 : yeah Says:

    i like this drama… but i dont like lee dae hee act… aaaaarrrrrgggghhhh

  226. 226 : momO Says:

    Nice drama…. I like lee dong wook oppa…
    I like roommate also….ㅋㅋㅋ

  227. 227 : ThiThi Says:

    I like LDW and LHD will become a couple in real life. Rating is getting up, wow, happy happy!!!!

  228. 228 : Tess Says:

    Lee Dong Wook & Lee Da hae acting are great….I”m happy as well, that the rating is increasing :-)….Hotel King fighting!!!

  229. 229 : Audrey Says:

    Finally, I’m happy to see that CJW confess his love and they are not sibilitngs 🙂
    Love this drama so much

  230. 230 : MuVin Says:

    LOVE this Drama….!!!

    GREAT DRAMA……!!!


    Hwanjjang Daebak…….!! (^o^)//

  231. 231 : Audrey Says:

    Where can I download this drama for free????

  232. 232 : putriwanti Says:

    Love lee dong wook n lee dae hae so much. They’re my lovely otp. Love hotel king too. Wish rating is getting up in every episode

  233. 233 : zaza Says:

    hi @Audrey

    Try this http://www.d-addicts.com

  234. 234 : KDCraze Says:

    Episode 10 is really daebak !!!!! Great acting by Lee Dae Hae and Lee Dong Wook. I can feel their love for each other. The story is getting better and more interesting. Hotel King love story is better than Angel Eyes now, it’s more thrilling. Loved the thrilling emotion. Hotel King Fighting !!!!!

  235. 235 : ann Says:

    really agree with KDcraze says…daebak…
    i love so much this film if the ending happy 🙂

  236. 236 : YoRoseberry Says:

    Omg! So touching!!! Their acting skills …. Can’t be love..
    Have to wait for next week , to said out the truth they are not sibling …. T.t

  237. 237 : KDCraze Says:

    @Ann, Yes I think episode 10 in Hotel King Lee Dong Wook and Lee Dae Hae have delivered one of the best scenes in K-drama. It is emotionally very touching. I’m also hoping for Hotel King happy ending so it will be the best K-drama of the year.

  238. 238 : Tracey Kim Says:

    OMG! i dieeeedddd (again) read ur comments guys. i havent see eps 10 coz my hectic activity 🙁
    so, i have to watch eps 10 tonight! must watching!!
    i’d really curious.
    thankyou fo your review, guys 😀

  239. 239 : cuity17 Says:

    Yess same with @traceykim, I’m crazy read all ur comments guys, wanna watch this drama soon, but I can’t… I have no time to download or watch this live (streaming) I’m prefer watch this on dvd, so I have to wait till this drama end hiks.. Hils.. It means 2 months again…it’s too long Hwaaaaaaaaaaa… #scream# 😀

  240. 240 : AnnieMac Says:

    Please fix the face of LDH – it looks so stiff… She is beautiful, anyway!

  241. 241 : ti3 Says:

    huwaaaaa i love this drama especially ep 10 can’t wait for the next episode :D<3<3

  242. 242 : dee Says:

    download korean drama
    for free 2tempest.com

  243. 243 : es Says:

    I agree to what KDCraze said…

    Hotel King fighting!

  244. 244 : wdr Says:

    ep 10 is so greatttt awww daebak!!!

  245. 245 : janet Says:

    this drama is great…. hoping that vice chairman don’t have another bad scheme when he knows that cha jae wan already found the truth

  246. 246 : miss leaf Says:

    I am just thiking manager Baek isn’t a good person. She said that didnt ask Mon Ne to love Jae Wan but just use him.

    There is a great chemistry between CJW and AMN when Jae Wan confess his feeling, daebak!!

    On the early episodes the acting of CJW and AMN doesn’t look natural, but now they already fixed it.

    Episode by episode i more love this drama then another dramas that is airing now.

    Jia you Hotel King team!!

  247. 247 : Dhez Says:

    Jayden and Ms Mo Ne are not siblings. That is what I am hoping for to happen.

  248. 248 : Tracey Kim Says:

    really f*cking GOOD episode! aaaaa~ i’ve been watching eps 10, and it’ s so WOW!!! i love this episode. Cha Jae Wan found a truth paper which is he doesnt sibling with Ah Mo Ne. whoaaaah!! hope this the really truth !

    @cuity17, u’re waiting for dvd this drama, aaa-~ do you come from INA?

  249. 249 : torri Says:


  250. 250 : philly Says:

    Hear the news about the 2 PD’s are “quit” ? I don’t think if they are. Poor PD Kim. He
    Struggled to be honest with media, but what happened to MBC ?? No compesantion??

    Hearing that the PDs “fired” by the writer of the drama, makes me think : ” Who has the bigger power? PD or Writer? It isn’t just warns for MBC. Also for SBS, KBS, and cable tv
    which has drama program. As for this case, because of the writer (JEJ), the path for this drama will be harder and difficult to get more good ratings. I don’t think she is a professional writer. “WHY YOU DON’T SAY AT FIRST IF YOU DON’T LIKE THEM?” Just ruining the mood of actors in there.

    It could be “TOTALLY GREAT” or “TOTALLY FAIL” ….

  251. 251 : philly Says:

    # compensation

    Sorry 🙂

  252. 252 : molly Says:

    @ Philly : Maybe Yes, Maybe No.
    Depends on How MBC manage the situation in a quick.

    I watch this drama after “Angel Eyes” and “Wonderful Days” , because I don’t clear about the two main actors’ characters (LDH n LDW). What do writers want to say about the characters in the story?? Be prepared for another good or bad situation.

  253. 253 : Lily Says:

    I like it until 9th episode, 10th episode was too sweet (in little bit bad meaning for me) and there should be 22 episodes! On the top, one of the biggest secrets is out, for me it’s all broken now (I worry from lowering of quality like it happend to Love rain to the end), so I’m on the side of writer/PD if he/she wanted slower speed of story.

  254. 254 : janet Says:

    I love how the writer package this drama the first secret already revea led and that ‘s just great .. the romance will start and i really cant wait for that… and still many secrets haven’t answered… thats make me addicted tothis d rama.. daebak.. fightiiing

  255. 255 : Anastasia Says:

    Yes finally ep 11 was very good tonight, there were sad and happy. The sad is JW finds out he is son of VP instead of chairman, and finally JW kissed MN…OMG…so sweet and sooo happy!! Preview ep 12 looks amazing too…can’t wait for tomorrow.

  256. 256 : miss leaf Says:

    Thx for reviewing ep 11 ^.^
    waiting for ep 11 with english subs.. hurry up plz…>.<

  257. 257 : Rosemary Says:

    Anastasia, since last week waiting for your reviews. Thank you)

  258. 258 : Thithi Says:

    Great!!!!! Great!!!!!!!! Rating getting up plz!!!!!!!!

  259. 259 : tess Says:

    will lways love this couple whom i started to really love in my girl. they really look good together and the story is good too. they are so comfortable with each other…….love love love….

  260. 260 : Micc Says:

    I certainly didn’t see that coming! Wow, 차재완이 이중구의 아들?! Is that really true??

  261. 261 : Micc Says:

    Has/Have the new writer(s) taken over already? I feel lost seeing episode 11 and episode 12 preview!

  262. 262 : Micc Says:

    I meant the director, not writer, sorry!

  263. 263 : sahel Says:

    is it good for watch?

  264. 264 : redfox Says:

    @ sahel

    you should watch it,its such a very good drama

  265. 265 : I love this drama till here I hope with good end Says:

    I love this drama I am waiting for good ending. love all Korean dramas

  266. 266 : eny Says:

    this drama getting more interesting, the early episode a bit slow but now it’s getting more interesting

  267. 267 : janet Says:

    yess i love this drama….good job writers and director….

  268. 268 : es Says:

    Omg! another secret’s revealed….
    love,love this drama…
    Hotel King fighting!!!

  269. 269 : wdr Says:

    i want to watch ep 12 soon!!! die of curiosity -.-

  270. 270 : wdr Says:

    anyone know where i can watch ep 12 raw sub its okay. really cant wait-.-

  271. 271 : Anastasia Says:

    (Spolier) Have watched ep 12 raw…..this episode started with JW and MN hugged and kissed each other, then both of them went on trip together. They spent time together and this two so many had lovey dovey time togeher (they’re so sweet and so much in love together)….But then 2 policemen came out to arrest MN as policemen said that because of the contract MN has signed earlier in ep 11 and this is I thini one of the VP’s trap for MN. Then JW came to VP and beg him to realese MN. Then JW decided to stay beside evil VP in order to protect MN and he turned to be a cold person again. So then MN came back to hotel from police station after getting released and she met JW but JW act as a cold person to her…..poor MN. And no preview for next episode…..well I have to wait another 7 days for this 🙁

  272. 272 : cuity17 Says:

    Thanks @anastasia, I enjoy read your comments, I’ll be waiting for ur comments for next week (eps.13) he..he.. 🙂

  273. 273 : wdr Says:

    so sad of mo ne because cjw acted like he doesnt love mo ne..

  274. 274 : Anastasia Says:

    Thanks @cuity17 for liking my short live recap as I have been tried to recap all of them but I don’t know korean language and so I just tried to recap based on their emotion, but for me ep 12 was getting slow down maybe because this is 32 episodes and there will be more more deep story in this drama.in the next episodes. Waiting ep 12 with English subs….. Hotel King fighting!!!

    Now runs to Jang Bori thread to recap the latest story as that drama is also my favourite weekend drama now beside Hotel King 🙂

  275. 275 : bluebuttercups Says:

    End of eps 11…Huhuhu….poor CJW!! What a sad childhood background.well excecuted acting lee dong wook! Btw, what an incredible story with twists and turns, intrigues,betrayal, secrets, sweet romance and most of all beautiful music scores. Nicely done!!

    Fully anticipated (“,)

  276. 276 : Schumi Says:

    Breathtaking romantic scenes in this dorama, so touching and beautiful!!! Love, love, love!!!

  277. 277 : anton Says:

    Hotel King Ep 12 Eng Sub -> http://ow.ly/wZrsO

  278. 278 : mary Says:

    I love love love this drama. It’s so unique, I’m absolutely hooked to it. Can’t wait to watch the next episodes 🙂

  279. 279 : Ranu Says:

    Really can’t wait for the next episode, i love LDW and LDH!!!!!! Hotel King deserved a better rating! This drama s much better than the heirs, just saying

  280. 280 : Ranu Says:

    Really can’t wait for the next episode, i love LDW and LDH!!!!!! Hotel King deserved a better rating! This drama is much better than the heirs, just saying

  281. 281 : jessiscca Says:

    Love this drama,, but the heirs or this drama has their own fun story,, so it’s fun to say the korean drama has their unique ways to attract attention the viewers, Daebak for all korean actors& actress for acting in the drama

  282. 282 : KDCraze Says:

    @Ranu, You can’t compare Heirs with Hotel King because it’s different genre. Heirs is a school/teenager drama whereas Hotel King is a mellodrama. Anyway I love them both. But if you compare between Angel Eyes and Hotel King which is the same mellodrama, I admit that Hotel King is better than in Angel Eyes in terms of story and acting. Anyway episode 12 is very emotionally touching, I hope the writer gives us a happy ending after all the thrilling emotion. Hotel King Fighting !!!!!!!

  283. 283 : janet Says:

    yup I feel that hotelk ing much better than angel eyes… i hope the writers will keep the good story

  284. 284 : Rosemary Says:

    How many mobile phones he shattered?(( I am so sorry for him. And btw how many sweet moments in 12 ep, I melted…

  285. 285 : torri Says:

    i was hoping the lovely dates and fun between this two leads will go on for a little bit before all the heartache and pain start but i guess that’s not the case because now Cha Jae has gone back to his old cold self i feel bad for Ah Mo Ne buts it for her own good she needs to stay back a little so that Cha Jae can work on a revenge plan to take down his biological dad down and the rest of the greedy people around her , it will hard to watch her yarn for him but it will be sadder watching him miss her too like crazy yet do nothing about it ohhhh!!!!! this two poor souls i feel so sad for them

  286. 286 : elsa Says:

    #eps12: what a tremendous evil lee joong goo is?!! to put such a misery in our CJW!!now that he found out the truth of his identity, he said to himself CJW have died…from here, he’s other personality is taking over….jayden!! *innerconflictbattle

    waiting for the moment where lee joong goo finds out that jayden/CJW knows he’s the real father…*oooohheartach&headache for sure!

  287. 287 : elsa Says:

    to rosemary 284:

    hahhaaha…i notice that one too!! poor JCW stress released by smashing out phones ;((

  288. 288 : Kfan Says:

    I can’t watch other drama because HK, LDW and LDH. I’m so in love with this interesting drama. I hope both actors fall in love in real.

  289. 289 : traceykim Says:

    as always, i have not watching eps 11-12, guys.
    thankyou for all your review. thankyou fo supporting this drama 😀
    i love you guys 🙂

  290. 290 : park jun sung Says:

    start to addicting this drama

  291. 291 : park jun sung Says:

    i dunno but angel eyes start to boring…

  292. 292 : Syrena Says:

    Amazing chemistry between the 2 leads. Acting is natural and not forced.

    Highly recommended! 🙂

  293. 293 : Hanover Says:

    @ ep11, is it likely that the CEO of a major hotel in Korea would play around with a low level staff? Storylines like these in Kdramas help spoil the reality. Just a little disappointed with the director. The mystery is still good though.

  294. 294 : wdr Says:

    cant wait for this saturday sunday!!! this drama is getting interesting

  295. 295 : maida Says:

    I haven’ t watch any series or movies for dong wook, yes this my first time .and i admit his performance is awesome and touching his eye is very expressive .good work .the flow of the drama is perfect hopefully they don’t drag it

  296. 296 : Hanover Says:

    Wow! This Jaden guy spends a lot of money on cell phones. He keeps throwing them around – so hard to keep his cool. Ha.

  297. 297 : miss leaf Says:

    @Maida : i am happy to hear you admit Lee dong wook. His great drama is Scent of a woman. I start like him since i watched that drama. My girl is also his another great drama.

    I am happy to share about this drama with all of you guys ^.^

  298. 298 : Lê Đinh Thanh Tuyen Says:

    i’m waitng the next of film, 13,14,15….32,
    Coming soon!

  299. 299 : ThiThi Says:


  300. 300 : ody Says:

    in love with LDW!!!! he’s such a great actor, and LDH is his perfect match! compare to angel eyes, this drama is much better! i hope the rating will be better as the drama is getting interesting.

  301. 301 : Rosemary Says:

    As for me it is interesting from the very beginning)

  302. 302 : maida Says:

    You know guys , i watch wonderful days and i thought i should find a new drama to watch in the remaining days of week , i chose hotel king saying it has released 12 episodes i can watch one per day , the funny thing i already watched all in just three days and now i am missing wonderful days and hotel king as well

  303. 303 : Angelcake293 Says:

    Oh my gosh! @maida 302 what a coincidence, I watched hotel king in three days and now I am waiting for ep. 13! This drama is really good! 🙂

  304. 304 : Verra92 Says:

    Ep.13… Mo Ne Eoni pitifully for you :'(
    but fighting…always on your side

  305. 305 : Jun Says:

    Love this drama. Can’t wait for next ep

  306. 306 : Doaa Morsi Says:

    This is the best series of the year,, really,, the cast, the plot, the acting, the shot place are amazing, everything really awesome ,,
    Lee Dong Wook and Lee Da Hae should do more series and movies together they are amazing!!
    Good Luck and Keep Going,, ˆ-ˆ

  307. 307 : hind Says:

    it’s my first time watching hotel king but i’ve already watched some parts i would like to know if mone is chae jae wan’s sister or no

  308. 308 : maida Says:

    I have been watching korean drama for 4years .it is my first time to rewatch series while it is still airing and doesn’t finished yet .i like it very much .hopefully it get more attention and rating just bec.it will amuse all and they will miss a great opportunity if they skip thi s serie…the big mystry is direactor baek wonder who is she ?!

  309. 309 : hind Says:

    thnk u maida 4 u’r answer i’ll make sure 2 watch it

  310. 310 : KDCraze Says:

    Omo Omo episodes 13 & 14 is getting more and more interesting. I really loved this drama it has a lot of mystery, thrilling and rollercoaster emotion. I hope Lee Dong Wook get the best actor award and best couple award with Lee Da Hae and also get the best drama of the year if the ending is good. I think Hotel King rating is getting higher now. Keep up the good work Hotel King !!!!!!!

  311. 311 : traceykim Says:

    yeaaaayy! the ratings up up up!

  312. 312 : ThiThi Says:

    I see almost people love this drama but what about rating??? I’m really disappointed. People in Korea don’t like to watching weekend drama such as HK. It’s really great drama. Everyone in the world was counting every hour until the weekend to see it, but….. I hope next week will be good rating. HK fighting!!!!!!!

  313. 313 : maida Says:

    I think lemon is the other boy who drew a wings on jayeden while they were in usa and hei adopted by director baek who is cha ja won ‘s real mom friend ..how former chairman knew cha ja won is lee joong goo son .and why he didn’t tell him the truth ? Why cha ja won never ask about his decessed mom ? How director baek is able to record everything in everywhere ? What makes her hate cha ja won the most and want him to get away from Ah mo ne ‘ s way ? Does she also think they are sibeling ? Mystry mystry ? What do u think my friend

  314. 314 : maida Says:

    I am afraid when it is time for cha ja won to return back to Ah mo ne , will be no place for him in her heart which will be deeply hurted and full of scars

  315. 315 : nitta Says:

    Like this drama much! One of the best. The plots, the chemistry between LDW and LDH, the mystery, the actings of LDW and LDH are just right and strong! Counting days to next saturday fot this drama

  316. 316 : maida Says:

    @ThiThi .although it is good think to have good rating but don’t let that bother you , i think it is all becouse it is weekend .elder like to watch family and long series while young ones hang out 😉 and watch it when it uploaded later

  317. 317 : drakorholic Says:

    when will the happy sweet scenes appear again? :(( happy ending jeongmale :((

  318. 318 : Ar Says:

    Sooo twisted! Director baek is sooo confusing, she seems good sometimes then suddenly she turns out to be sooo dangerous, but this is a really good drama to watch full of emotion! I’m both laughing and crying when I started to watch this drama :p can’t wait for the next ep this drama should get a higher rating! Loveee LDW and LDH chemistry, they look great together

  319. 319 : sarang Says:

    hotel king more interest than angel eyes
    what happen with the rating?

  320. 320 : naysa Says:

    there always mystery behind this story, im just too curious what is Manager Baek purposes? she said she’s on LJG side, but otherwise she helped MN and gave her a lesson. and then back to her usual, she jst actually SUPERB for being Mystery omg
    and those gun on CJW room, did he forget to put it somewhere or what? it makes him pitiful to remembering him if he ever killed someone and not wanting MN to know it.
    geez i feel trembling watching this. and also love it! can’t wait for CJW revenge end and back to MN ><

  321. 321 : joy Says:

    looks like the rating is going down the drain.. 🙁

    i still love LDW though… fighting..

  322. 322 : Hương Says:

    this drama is taking over my life. I started this drama and can’t seems to watch anything else. I wait anxiously for it every weekend. Why are the ratings so low though???

  323. 323 : InnA* Says:

    Loman Lee… wooaaw…. so handsome… Is he Cha Jae Wan’s brother, jeongmallo? 🙂 Ah Mo Ne—> You must be strong, jebaaal!!

  324. 324 : Carmen Says:


  325. 325 : dewi Says:

    ada cerita tersembunyi di balik hotel king yang membuatnya sulit untuk menebak akhir cerita drama ini…
    Hotel king drama yg pantas untuk direkomendasikan…

  326. 326 : yeah Says:

    it so boring… this drama suck… the lead actress have a bad acting… angel eyes more interesting…

  327. 327 : Rosemary Says:

    I think Mo Ne needs to become more confident and professional. She is not a little girl anymore. it will be better for both of them, now with naive Mo Ne it is only harder for JW to overcome his monster farther.

  328. 328 : Ar Says:

    This drama should have a higher rating, as always, I can’t wait till the very next week to know what will happen and what kind of secrets that will be revealed again. GREAT!

  329. 329 : shazzytree Says:

    i love this drama can’t wait for ep 15 i hope MN keep her promise to always stay next to JW..gonna be a long weekdays.

  330. 330 : maida Says:

    I think mone character will turn over , from the first place she was determined to find out whoes kill her father but she wavered by cha jae wan love .she has been through a second shock after her father death but i think now she will be more strong and concentreted and may that what director baek wanted thus she was aganist mone and jae wan relation

  331. 331 : KDCraze Says:

    @yeah#326, This drama is not boring at all. I’ve watched both Angel Eyes and Hotel King, I find that Angel Eyes story is boring after episodes 8. Angel Eyes story is becoming too slow and no mystery at all. The acting leads in Angel Eyes is also lacking. I think Hotel King is becoming more and more interesting in terms of story and acting. Loved LDW and LDH, they both have great chemistry. For your info Lee Da Hae have won a lot of awards in her acting since she first started her acting so she’s a talented actress, you can read it in Korean media. As for the low rating is because Korean don’t watched drama in weekend and unfortunately, this drama is aired on weekend.

  332. 332 : Rim Says:

    I’m addicted to this drama ♥♥ I can’ttt waitt for ep 15 & 16 .. fighting all! ♥~~

  333. 333 : Rim Says:

    Btw ah mo nye and cha jay wan are perfect togher ♥~♥ hope they’re dating in real life keke ~~

  334. 334 : ct Says:

    Love it so very much and can’t wait to watch next episode.
    LDH & LDW is the best couple.

  335. 335 : MissD Says:

    no matter low or high for the rating,
    i’m still love LDW :))
    and this drama , better than LDW last drama with Ji Hyo last year

  336. 336 : bebe Says:

    I very like this drama. The couple match well in the drama. I have romance feelings from watching this drama. I will keep this drama to drama collections.

  337. 337 : Sam Says:

    Lead actress’s acting is really bad. Face barely moves, probably from botox or from surgical facial enhancement made. She looks like she’s more concerned of appearing “beautiful” in the show that significantly hampered her acting delivery. It’s sad coz she used to be a good actress and was really “funny” in My Girl. Now everything appears “forced”. At the end of the day, it’s a choice of trying to hold off aging via artificial enhancement and in the process affecting the craft of acting vs the commitment honing and improving one’s craft and becoming better with time. What has happened to aging gracefully???

  338. 338 : Janet Says:

    I dont feel boring at all.. And i addicted to this drama.. I really love lee dae he she still beautiful.. There is nothing wrong with her face… I cant wait episode 15 … Love hotel king…. Great drama…

  339. 339 : maida Says:

    I am totally biased to this drama so i didnt notice what u said but when i read ur comment i raemebered scenes for dae hae ..1-when she said to cha jae wan ur eyes looks sad .will i die if i love at ep.10 .2- when she and and little boy whoes dad died were begging cha jae wan to be horse for him .3- when she was crying apolgizing for her dad for loving the one who harassed him.
    Anyway i think her character will change completly in the coming episodes and we will see

  340. 340 : hind Says:

    i don’t know why most of people have notice only the plastic surgery of LDH u would love her of u cared to her acting more it’s a great drama

  341. 341 : maida Says:

    I mean she was awesome in all these scenes and whole drama

  342. 342 : Verra92 Says:

    a lot of humor in episode 15 ~^^ vice chairman… kkkekee

    can’t wait wait for tomorrow… ep.16

  343. 343 : miss Says:

    I do not care about all the bad comments about this drama, everyone has their tastes, I think ‘they’ who commented bad they were too childish. I love this drama!!!!

  344. 344 : Menci Ang Says:

    Contrary to some comments, I find Lee Da Hae’s acting understated but effective. When she is able to convey her emotions through her eyes and lips and voice she doesn’t need further face contortions.

    So far I like everyone’s interpretation of the role he/she is playing. But why is Hotel King pitted against Angel Eyes by some commenters?

  345. 345 : wdr Says:

    just watch ep 15 altho it is sad bcoz cjw and ahm scenes but i like the last part of this episode which is the vice president got shamed of what he talks being heard by his daughter and wife

  346. 346 : Sam Says:

    Understated acting is different from facial immobility secondary to botox. Great actresses will refuse any procedures that will hinder them from improving their craft in exchange for vanity. It’s factual to say that botox derived from Clostridium botulinum causes temporary “paralysis” of the muscle to prevent wrinkles. That’s why you dont see wrinkles in the forehead, no laugh lines nor crow’s feet because the muscles are “paralyzed”. This is precisely the reason why you only see “limited” facial movements. This is not “understated acting”. This is a medical side effect. This is also the reason why thespians in the field of arts and entertainment refuses to have this procedure as it will definitively affect their acting. (F.Y.I. How can you say she gave an ” understated” acting in this drama when she moves her body, extremities and what have you overtly scenes after scenes???)

    Childishness on the other hand refers to those people who can’t take opinions on it’s face value, but instead acts out by calling names like “childish”. My advise… Grow up!

  347. 347 : Sam Says:

    F.Y.I. Comments are comments, you take it or leave it. Don’t brand it as bad comments just because it doesn’t take your interpretation. Critics praises and slams movies, etc. That’s their critical and analytical views. By no means do we categorize these as “bad” comments or “stupendous” ones on the opposite end of the spectrum. I am a fan of Lee da hae, i praised her acting in her other movies. But by no means will I be praising her acting in all her movies especially if it did not befit in my opinion at least.

  348. 348 : Sam Says:

    I am just throwing in my 2 cents worth in reponse to the comments of “understated acting/ no need for facial contortions” and ” bad comments / were too childish”. It’s my insights and opinions and i take reactions comparative or opposite with open arms as long as it belongs in the context of constructive exchange of views among intellectual minds. But this does not give free tickets to slammers of opinions. Nobody has the monopoly of knowledge, or shall i reword it to “opinions”. Again and I say it… take it or leave it. Slamming are for the mediocres.

  349. 349 : NightOwl Says:

    Totally addicted to this one! Loved it from the first episode. Hope they will not mess up the story and/or drag it all out.

  350. 350 : vicky Says:

    es hermosisimaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa este drama, ansio verlo todos los dias pero ni modo a esperar los fines de semana, es geniallllllllll

  351. 351 : clara Says:

    really love this drama…Can’t wait for the next episodes! !

  352. 352 : nitta Says:

    No boring at all. Love the story, the acting of LDW and LDH. Cant wait for ep 16

  353. 353 : Ar Says:

    can’t wait for the upcoming episode! this drama is soooo addicting, so happy to see the rating is getting higher! 😀 hope it’ll increase higher and higher! this is worth to watch! 😀

  354. 354 : dewi Says:

    congratulation the rating is up

  355. 355 : janet Says:

    i love how the writer.. the cast… director… and the team.. play my curiosity… cant wait for the next episode…

  356. 356 : Jun Says:

    Great chemistry of LDW and LDH. Love this drama

  357. 357 : Jun Says:

    @ KDCraze: agree with u.this drama is more interesting than Angel eyes

  358. 358 : Lily Says:

    How about the rest of the actress and actors in Hotel King.
    How about their acting?

  359. 359 : maida Says:

    I love the scene when cha jae wan felt jealous of loman when he asked ah mo ne to go around at weekend.
    They all doing great 🙂

  360. 360 : Menci Ang Says:

    SPOILER: Finally, in episode 16 there is something concrete to send the vice chairman to prison. Now the fight for Hotel Ciel is between Roman Lee and Manager Baek on one hand and Mo Ne and Jae Wan on the other hand.

  361. 361 : Anchel Says:

    Why is ep16 not aired on the night of June 1, 2014? Just wondering i don’t know if i’m the one who saw it? i think Roman Lee also has an angel tattoo at the back i saw it when he was on the shower… i think he was the childhood friend of Jaden the one he wanted to get from the gang’s hideout hen he was taken by the vice chairman…

  362. 362 : Menci Ang Says:

    Because of the shower scene we can assume for now that Roman Lee was Jaden’s childhood friend; but we cannot be sure. Who knows, the writer could still throw us off with another twist.

  363. 363 : Torri Says:

    When are having the next kiss it’s about time mrs writer do something I feel too bad CHW the poor guy needs a hug someone to hold him and tell him it will be ok I feel so sorry for him

  364. 364 : jewles Says:

    I think Roman is the little boy JW looked after when he killed the gangster. Ms. B probably adopted him when she thought her real son was killed. Is she JW’s real mother? Hmmmmm….

  365. 365 : Townet Says:

    This drama is such a failure. Hate the acting of both leads especially LDH. Her face is so gross. I liked her in MG before.. but now. Nevermind. Speechless.

  366. 366 : Haru Haru Says:

    Agree, Townet. It’s so distracting to see LDH’s face on screen. She’s gotten herself in too much silicon. LOL!

  367. 367 : es Says:

    I just watched episode 16…..I really love this drama…its a long wait again for the next episode….
    Cha Jae Wan & Ah Mo Ne fighting!!!
    Hotel King Fighting!!!

  368. 368 : Racy Says:

    Can’t wait for the upcoming episode! The story is getting more interesting! Love both LDH and LDW works! Soooo stunning, real and natural!

  369. 369 : maida Says:

    Hey friends ; would anyone tell who did director baek get pregnant from former chairman or vice chairman

  370. 370 : Verra92 Says:

    whether the mark wounds in the body Baek Mi-nyeo that are associated with foot Lee Joong Goo?

  371. 371 : Lily Says:

    I simply love this drama, all the casts are very well suited for their roles. In fact I’m so addicted to HK right now. Especially love AMN and CJW. It’s a pity the ratings are still poor, but then it’s probably due to the airing times on weekends.

  372. 372 : AnnieMac Says:

    @haruharu I totally agree with you. The ‘swept away look’ of LDH has became annoying…:)

  373. 373 : janet Says:

    ahhh can’t wait till next week… I’m addicted to this drama… i think Roman Lee is cha jae wan childhood friend… and manager baek is chajaewan’s mother… ahhh I love this story.. i love the other cast too especially that manager who always with had a crush with the woman (I forgot her name)

  374. 374 : Sam Says:

    I wholeheartedly agree with Townet and Haru Haru. LDH face barely moves. Wooden acting not because she can’t act (as she has proven in MG drama), but because of effects of medical enhancements done on her face. It’s priority gone wrong.

    And for Menci, I am posted again my reply regarding “no need for facial contortions” as she stated in her previous post. Here it is :

    “Understated acting is different from facial immobility secondary to botox. Great actresses will refuse any procedures that will hinder them from improving their craft in exchange for vanity. It’s factual to say that botox derived from Clostridium botulinum causes temporary “paralysis” of the muscle to prevent wrinkles. That’s why you dont see wrinkles in the forehead, no laugh lines nor crow’s feet because the muscles are “paralyzed”. This is precisely the reason why you only see “limited” facial movements. This is not “understated acting”. This is a medical side effect. This is also the reason why thespians in the field of arts and entertainment refuses to have this procedure as it will definitively affect their acting. (F.Y.I. How can you say she gave an ” understated” acting in this drama when she moves her body, extremities and what have you overtly scenes after scenes???)”

  375. 375 : CoolBeans Says:

    There are 16 more episodes left, We can only hope Cha Jae Won can truly join hands with Director Baek and Roman. I am a little suspicious about them until I see more evidence they can be trusted.

  376. 376 : Menci Ang Says:

    @Sam, thank you for your response to my comment. Can we agree to disagree and leave it at that? Let us enjoy to the fullest the dramas that we have chosen to like. God bless.

  377. 377 : KDCraze Says:

    @Townet#365, Haru#366 and Sam#374 that were commenting on LDH botox or silicon, this is not the site to talked about LDH face. I don’t mind actresses or actors who do that because most of them who worked in the entertainment industry do that also, it’s the price they have to pay to look good in public eyes. Even Lee Min Ho who makes a lot of women goes crazy also have plastic surgery. Unless if it is your own family or relatives have plastic surgery then we can comment on that. This is the site to comment based on whether the story and acting in the drama is good or not. As for me, I think LDH is a talented actress, she can act good, bad or cute. I watched most of her dramas from Lotus fairy, My girl, Chuno, East of Eden, Robbers, Iris2, Miss Ripley and now Hotel King. Again it’s the choices of the viewer to like Hotel King or not, as we can not satisfied everyone. Anyway at the moment the new drama that can only keep me waiting and watching is only Hotel King and Dr Stranger. I hope both of them can continue to be good. Hotel King Fighting !!!!!!

  378. 378 : Mic Says:

    This drama is so disappointing.

  379. 379 : Palmy Says:

    Ohh, look at those comments about LDH’s face. And I should agree with those comments. I gave up this drama on the first half of episode 1 because I really can’t stand LDH. She’s so annoying, especially her face! So fake!

  380. 380 : Rozmary Says:

    2Palmy, it is strange because there is no LDH in the first half of ep 1))

  381. 381 : LiaN Says:

    To those who said that this drama is dissapointing, hate the acting of both leads, annoying LDH face, should not comment and stay away!!! For us who enjoyed it, let’s continue to watch 😛

  382. 382 : d Says:

    shoo shoo go away haters, if you don’t like the drama then you better stop judging and leave a comment.

  383. 383 : maida Says:

    @[email protected] well u have spoken.
    This is how things going , people have diff .tastes,u may hate what everyone liked .it is ur own right .after all it is drama and we share our thoughts , lets keep it simple and dont get on othere nerve .

  384. 384 : maida Says:

    Hotel king fans ; let enioy what we like .why dont we think together and try to encode the mysteries here , we should try to increase the rating of our drama in different sites like mydramalist.com..aja

  385. 385 : Ar Says:

    weekend please don’t be late, sooo stoked for the next episode! <3

  386. 386 : Sam Says:

    Menci, we can agree to disgree definitely. Your reply of no need for facial contortion is uncalled for in response to my opinion. You should have braced yourself for a rebuttal. Agreed???

    Lian, these comments are not haters but just comments. Don’t expect that it should conform with yours. Smart intelligent people speaks their own minds

    D Says branded negative comments as ‘judgements”. Since when has oppsing views became judgements? Am I a judfe, lol.. Open mindedness is the essence here if you want to post comments. Otherwise, stick to personal journals so that you won’t read other people’s opinion.

    Kd craze, i agree with your opinion that plastic surgery is pretty common now. But the catch here is “at a moderation”. The moment it affects their acting craft, that is overstepping the boundary. For me, thespic skills trounces beauty hands down in the field of acting. Thespians always values acting accolades. I am just throwing my 2 cents worth that LDH’s borders a little bit to the extreme.

    At the end of the day, we really don’t think alike, and branding comments as childish, or people as haters, or telling haters to go away….or what have you… is in its saddest form a couple of step backwards. Regression.

    Gosh, such violent reactions!!!

  387. 387 : Sam Says:

    Lian, FYI, i loved the show!!! I loved the drama!!! Just stating my opinion regarding LDH’s face. Is ithat too hard to accept??? Take it or leave it. It’s that simple. Stop bashing people to go away. Freedom of speech, anyone???

  388. 388 : Sam Says:

    For D Says, shoo shoo be doop shoop shoop, all you gotta say is shoo b doop… I love this song

  389. 389 : Xuan Hui Says:

    Like this drama…. ^^

  390. 390 : Jinikoy Says:

    Im curious… are they really siblings in this story? I want them as lovers like the one in My Girl.

  391. 391 : Sam Says:

    Conformist attitude, nah!!! No room for cookie cutter person. Lol

  392. 392 : Verra92 Says:

    even if they say bad things. but this drama makes me always look forward to the end of the week. HOTEL KING BATSHAA…. Da Hae Eoni we love youuuuuuuuu…

    DongHae 4EVER

  393. 393 : fragile Says:

    Perfect drama.. Love it soooo much

  394. 394 : Fesa588 Says:

    I’m watching the drama because I’m a huge donghae shipper. If u watch the bts there some serious flirting interaction going on.
    So far its your typical kdrama (love revenge greed) along with all the loopholes. I just hope for a very good ending both for the drama and real life.

  395. 395 : Lily Says:

    Both LDH & LDW face changed alot. Not natural especially LDH totally different from My Girl. But i still love this drama.

  396. 396 : maida Says:

    When do u think CJW start to love AMN as woman and stop to pity her as his sister? I think it was at ep.7he looked to her differently when he heard her calling his name saying it is allright while crying and blowing his bruises.

  397. 397 : Ar Says:

    @Fesa588 @Verra92 me too!!!! I’m a diehard DONGHAE shipper! This drama is addicting! 😀

  398. 398 : Theresia Simanjuntak Says:

    So many comments about LDH plastic surgery. It’s funny since this section ia about the kdrama itself. It’s suppossed to discuss about the story, act, etc, but not about the actor’s real life.

    Ah Mo Ne doesnt do that plastic surgery, but LDH does. So, just leave comments on LDH’s page, not in HK page. Can you?

    Kdrama lovers needs opinions whether HK is good enough to watch or not. Please, lets talk about this.

    For me, I cant wait for next eps. It’s half way now. I hope it will be a happy ending.

  399. 399 : Menci Ang Says:

    @Theresia Simanjuntak #398, good point and thumbs up. Thumbs up, too, to KDCraze#377 and Maida#383 and to everyone who has been honest about his/her biases.

    @Rozmary#380, one sentence from you and I had to lol. Gosh, 16 episodes later you still remember episode 1? That’s something girl/man!

  400. 400 : Menci Ang Says:

    @Sam, points well taken. Now, can we move on?

  401. 401 : Sam Says:

    Theresia, precisely the point. Because of what LDH did to her face, she is not effective in portraying Ah Mo ne tole in this drama. We are commenting here her portrayal as Ah mo ne. Very wooden acting due to limited facial movements. Who cares about LDH personal life? Who cares on how she moves her face in real life? For all we know she might laugh like a hyena in real life.

    Menci, of course I’ll be moving on coz there’s no point arguing here.

    It seems some of you here just don’t accept other people’s opinion especially if it doesn’t conform with yours. And they go on making sarcastic reactions (like “no need for facial contortions”… ” haters”….. ” shoo shoo”…and the list goes on. ). Very immature regressive behavior.

  402. 402 : Sam Says:

    Oops new uproars LOL 😄 Wow, am I astounded at such importance accorded to my ” insights”. I was betting your best offense was to ignore me… But then again, you surprised me. The irony of affirmation amidst all the hooplas (meaning excitement surrounding an event or situation, especially when considered to be unnecessary fuss… ) Well, after some thoughts, I’ll take it anytime. Whew! 😅, all I can mutter for you is, Thank you, I am so humbled. 감사합니다 😊

    P.S. Moving on. Owe it to myself to seek greener pasteur for a more productive brain calisthenics. (Am i hearing “good riddance??? I expect so… LOL 😄)

    Seriously speaking, try to be more open minded. Don’t bash!!!

  403. 403 : Sam Says:

    Menci, no thumbs up for you, sorry, i just have to be honest too.

  404. 404 : Sam Says:


  405. 405 : hind Says:

    CJW could be the son of beak minyeou

  406. 406 : Fesa588 Says:

    This being Kdrama of course CJW is manager beak son.
    Some of my guesses were wrong (manager beak AMN mother) some right ( Wo Hyun rich man son). I gave up trying to second guess the writer. Please enjoy the story less headache. DONGHAE hwaiting !!!

  407. 407 : traceykim Says:

    ‘am in love with this drama.
    i don’t care who don’t like it 😀

  408. 408 : Sam Says:


  409. 409 : Sam Says:


  410. 410 : Sam Says:


  411. 411 : Sam Says:

    🎤🎶Nah nah nah nah nah nah, nah nah nah,🎼🎧🎵🙉

  412. 412 : clara Says:

    this drama is really good!!!!
    I really love it…I’m addicted, seriously!!!!

  413. 413 : Racy Says:

    is this weekend already? hahaha really can’t wait for the next episode, i’m going crazyyy :p this drama is an addiction

  414. 414 : maida Says:


  415. 415 : maida Says:


  416. 416 : KDCraze Says:

    @ Tracey Kim# 407, Same here. I can’t wait for the next episode of Hotel King. I’m addicted to this drama also and everytime I meet with my friends on weekend we always talked about Hotel King. I hope the story continues to be great.

  417. 417 : KDCraze Says:

    Hi guys talking about the last episode, is CJW the son of Director Baek and Vice chairman Lee Jong Ku or not ? If he is really their illigitimate son. I feel pity to CJW, he got a lot of abuses from both of them since childhood.

  418. 418 : traceykim Says:

    @KDcraze# 416 haaaaa~ me too, darling. i’ve found so many new friend in here. we talked all about this drama together. ignore haters, gurls. every drama have lovers and haters, and we’re one, be Hotel King Lovers, right 😀

    poor me, i haven”t watch eps 14, 15,16 🙁
    i have no time to watch it, but i swear i have to watch those eps this night! lol! ‘am so curious bout Manager Baek, i think she has relation with VP Chairman. she has some scar in her back skin. am wondering bout that. but that juz my suppose ^^

  419. 419 : Sam Says:

    “Errare humanum est.” To err is human, to forgive is divine. I forgive you.

    But I am tossing you a caveat : Source Amnesia makes you forget if your statements are true. Soon enough, you will sadly remember and believe lies as true! It won’t be farfetched for your falacies to become worst that your credibility is left but wanting. Very sad 😢😪😫

  420. 420 : Sam Says:

    Lovers… Haters…. Cynics…. Bullish…..or whatever, what’s the big deal??? Nah! Hehe🙉

  421. 421 : Sam Says:

    “First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.”
    By Mahatma Gandhi

    P.S. Thank you Mr Gandhi for your wisdom.

  422. 422 : maida Says:

    Hopefully we get answeres for
    1- if dr.yoon was knowing whoes CJW father is how director baek who hear every single word in the hotel dont?
    2- is director baek is the same person of Mi yeon so how both guys who had a intimate relationship with her didnt recgonise her for 15 years?
    3-if loman is the little boy who was with CJW in USA , how he reached to director baek ?
    Did they undergo for DNA befor
    4-how director baek hear even private conversation ? Is she with police coz at ep.12 she had a call she replied to let her for tomorrow and she was refering to An mone arrest ?
    5-who is the girl who is obssesed with her braclet ? She is definitly a mystery as well
    6- why loman hasn’ t been in korea when former chairman is alive ? I
    7- why CJ W didnt search for his mom ?
    Wish all mysteries encoded without scrowing up as it is very compicated

  423. 423 : Menci Ang Says:

    @maida422, thought-provoking questions. The first is the easiest to answer. The vice-chairman’s dealings with Dr. Yoon could have been conducted outside of Hotel Ciel, or through the internet.

  424. 424 : tigerb Says:

    @maida 422: like you i am waiting for answers to your questions, and watching why ldw’s acting is so restrained. waiting to see him relax and be happy.

  425. 425 : lenywong Says:

    I watched this drama everyday over and over again while waiting weekend ti come…..Despite all the comment about LDH face surgery…..I reeally addicted to this hotel king storyline which is very good. And the all the actor s actresses are all out in their performance. Fighting for the people who work behind this drama. Looking forward to see the happy ending for HK. We don’t want floating and sad ending anymore!!!!!

  426. 426 : lenywong Says:

    This is the best drama I have ever seen for this year. I really recommen anyone to see this drama. At first, I feel it is an average korean drama but…..after you seen further and futher it will become more and more interesting and best drama ever… the plot, chemistery donghae and tge heartbreaking story….. so thumbs up
    I love you LDH AND LDW…

  427. 427 : Verra92 Says:

    jae wan oppa fighting….

    Donghae 4ever….

  428. 428 : Ar Says:

    The plot is sooooo intense, yet feel good to watch!❤️❤️❤️ Always can’t wait to find out more 😀

  429. 429 : rubyang Says:

    This drama is so addictive to watch. Love LDW-LDH chemistry. LDH was pretty in MG and very hot and polished in HK. Don’t hate her for being beautiful, talented and charismatic. Those who bash her have no other outlet to let go your own frustration, understandable!

  430. 430 : miss leaf Says:

    Can not wait for watching ep 18 tomorrow.
    The rating is getting up ^.^

  431. 431 : Anastasia Says:

    Just saw the last episode 18 raw – so finally we see who is the real evil in this hotel, she is Manager BMN, she did the all evil trick to JW and MN and now she got voted as Chairman the hotel and replaced MN. I hope JW and MN can join forces and they also can reconcile. I totally love the development for this drama and can’t wait what will happen next. Now I am waiting for Eng subs for ep 18.

  432. 432 : yoon bo won Says:

    DaebaK. ..this drama makes me repeat several times. ..I hope the ending will be happy

  433. 433 : Torri Says:

    Whoa !!!!!!! love ep 18 hahhahahha severs her right!!!!!!yessss she trusted the wrong person I love the shock on her face in the boardroom hahahahah best ep ever hahhhahahah

  434. 434 : Sam Says:

    Clam up Rubyang. And grow up!!!!

  435. 435 : Sam Says:

    Shame on you Rubyang. You’re the basher of those who has different opinions. All we did was just to voice out what we think of LDH’s face and her acting. We did not target other commenters with strong accusations as “haters”. You on the other hand “directly” bash the commenters as “haters”. How would you respond if I’ll directly attack you with hate words???? You’re not LDH, and I have not seen your freaking face, would you be happy if I start calling you names????
    This will serve as a reminders to mean close minded people, you don’t always get away with your foolishness!!!

  436. 436 : Sam Says:

    Rubyang, I dare say that you’re the one who’s constipated with your “frustrations” that you find it insanely reasonable to malign commenters on the oppsing views!!! Get a life!!!

  437. 437 : Sam Says:

    I will say it again, shame on you Rubyang!!!!

  438. 438 : Sam Says:

    Rubyang, Comment your hearts out with likes and dislikes to LDH, you’re free to do do so!!!! However , you’re crossing the lines when you start attacking other commenters just because they don’t like LDH’s acting. I did not attack commenters who think’s LDH acting as exceptional. And you definitely don’t have a right to do the contrary to us!!! Stick that in your mind before you start talking or shall I say posting. Get it???

  439. 439 : Sam Says:

    Rubyang, A commenter is a critic, journalist or netizens (if that’s what you want to call them in this days and age), who comments on something they’ve seen and gives you their interpretation of what they think. You and I are “commenters” but in this situation , you just became a “BASHER” I hope I clear that up for you. Don’t ever mistakenly call me a basher!

  440. 440 : Sam Says:

    I will make it clear that I will respond appropriately to those who attacks commenters “first”. Freedom of speech has it’s limitations especially when it creeps into other peoples rights!!! Freedom of speech always goes hand in hand with accountability!!!

  441. 441 : Sam Says:

    Gosh!!! I can’t believe I let myself get siphoned into these “NONSENSICAL” follies and arguments with some of these apparently “ill-advised” minions. At the end of the day, all these interactions are UNFRUITFUL and should be left in the bin closed forever!!!! I should have been the “more intelligent” one to have signed myself off while early But I definitely will now!!! Nasayers rejoice!!! Parting words : Insufferable Arrogance” !!!

    Signing off and take care 😊

  442. 442 : Sam Says:

    Addendum for Rubyang :
    Don’t even attempt to “understand” us with your confused convoluted “mens mentis”.

    Walking away now. 안녕 영원히

  443. 443 : traceykim Says:

    what happened?
    why you so serious @sam #442? ur comment juz realized you’re a basher too.. calm down, sweety, u said that everyone had a right to posting their comments. but u don’t. please, behave darling 🙂
    let everyone tell their opinion.

    hi, guys..
    i haven’t watching eps 16,17,18, and see your comment about Manager Baek ‘am really disappointed, i think she will help AMN to revenge VP Chairman. and if Loman Lee is CJW’s childhood friend i think he was adopted by Manager Baek.

    cheer your day up, guys. keep watching!

  444. 444 : Sam Says:

    Tracie kim sweetie, it all started with me commenting LDH limited facial immobility. I ended up being branded as haters. All my responses were rebuttals on all the bashing i got. So dont you call me a basher coz i am just making responses. Get it???

  445. 445 : Sam Says:

    Before you start lecturing me, try reading all the comments first. All right???

  446. 446 : Sam Says:

    I dont take it lightly when I’m being called haters from the comments i made just because it does not conform with yours. I will make sure they’ll get a piece of my mind. Dont you ever call me a basher if you dont know the real issue here tracie kim sweetie. Read and learn first before you open your mouth

  447. 447 : Sam Says:

    Behave tracie kim sweetie. Dont go on making reputation damage.

  448. 448 : Sam Says:

    Gosh. This is really frustrating. I am really sucked in with these brouhaha. My bad for not really learning my lesson by responding to these nonsensical exhanges!! Some things will never change so it’s futile to give it precious time. I will bid adieu.

    Rest assured you won’t read any of my responses from hereon!!!God bless!

  449. 449 : traceykim Says:

    sam, it’s up to you to post everything you want.
    but it’s funny, u put all your regret here.
    ‘am sorry if my word make you hurt, darling. am not goin to argue to you.
    but, please behave darling.

    kalo disini ada org indonesia, gue mau ngomong.. “woless aja keleeeus” bahahaahah!

  450. 450 : nitta Says:

    Love this drama more and more. The writer reveals the secret one by one with just right in time. Not too slow to make it boring and not too fast to make it predictable. And this drama has perfect castings. Like the actings and chemistry among the actors and actress especially LDH and LDW. Ant the beginning I do realize there’s something with LDH face, her face is too flawless and looks stiff. But it doesnt matter as her acting is still awesome for my eyes

  451. 451 : LiaN Says:

    OMG, ep. 18 … BMN already show her true color.. Ok, that ahjuma so scary… I can’t wait for next episode TT-TT

  452. 452 : Sam Says:

    Hehehe, Dahling, I’m actually just testing you, hehe. You’re so funny

  453. 453 : Sam Says:

    Tracy, lots of love for you. Mwah mwah, 😍

  454. 454 : Sam Says:

    Tracy Dahling thank you, and lov you too.
    kalo disini ada org indonesia, gue mau ngomong.. “woless aja keleeeus” bahahaahah!

  455. 455 : Sam Says:

    Hehe, OMG, I’ m so laughing right now. Did’nt expect it to have so much fun teasing you, hehe

  456. 456 : Sam Says:

    Tracy chèri, beaucoup d’amour drôle de fille

  457. 457 : Sam Says:

    indah Tracy, Apa kabar? Selamat tinggal
    Terima kasih

  458. 458 : Sam Says:

    Ma chéri Tracy, hahahaha..
    it’s up to you to post everything you want.
    but it’s funny, u put all your regret here.
    ‘am sorry if my word make you hurt, darling. am not goin to argue to you.
    but, please behave darling.

    kalo disini ada org indonesia, gue mau ngomong.. “woless aja keleeeus” bahahaahah!

  459. 459 : Ar Says:


  460. 460 : ThiThi Says:

    Sam is a mad man or women?? I don’t know what she/he said on this page? What is your purpose? Very glitzy….

  461. 461 : wdr Says:

    omg. on ep 19 i hope cjw and ahm fight together against that old women :3

  462. 462 : maida Says:

    Ep.18 was wow , i liked it very much

  463. 463 : maida Says:

    @sam if u get bothered ar felt insulted by couple of comments , u r doing the same with most of us , u said ur thought about lee da hae face and her acting and it is ur opinion and we respesct it , what is your point now?
    Would u mind stop it ? Lets have peace here , we only want to have fun while sharing our thoughts about this drama

  464. 464 : Menci Ang Says:

    The film editor/s must be having a difficult time. Poor guy/s. With a fast-paced non-chronological story telling like in Hotel King they need all their technical and movie making skills AND enough time. Somehow I feel that the editing is a little bit wanting.

  465. 465 : Lily Says:

    Dear Sam, you are from which country?

  466. 466 : Menci Ang Says:

    So far I love the soundtrack in Hotel King. I checked out one other drama, no need to mention the title here, and I found the sound track so… for the lack of a better term, overdramatic for my taste. Oh, well, I guess that’s what that script calls for. I’m just glad Hotel King is a nice watch overall.

  467. 467 : Sam Says:

    Maida, you are right. You are very reasonable with your posts. I respect you. I am sorry if I offended a lot of you. I just got carried away and reacted to some of the posts that were sarcastic and rude. I felt like I need to stand by my point by responding to those sarcastic reactions and the calling me names like “haters”. I hope you will agree with me that those reactions are disrespectful. But you know what? I became like one of them, and even worst. I call them bashers but I bashed more. In the process, I became more cruel with my comments as retaliations. Retaliations or not, it will not justify my actions. The bottom line is I should not react the manner I did. And I am sorry. You’ve been very objective Maida. Thank you.

    Menci, I admit my tirades all started after i received your comments regarding the “facial contortion” posts. I am sorry if I went overboard with my replies. I admire you because you really did move on and I did’nt. You continued to posts analytical comments and took the high road of not minding my posts. I thank you for that and I am sorry for being insensitive to you.

    Lily, it doesn’t matter which country I am from. I will now refrain from reacting negatively from other people’s comments even if they will call me haters. I will try not to be affected anymore and I can only do this if I will respect their comments. And I will do that from this day onward. Honestly, I really do love this drama.

    And lastly, i am sorry to all you whom I have offended. Although I still stand by my convictions againsts those commenters that call other commenters haters when comments does not conform with theirs, by no means am I being fair by posting even more violent reactions. I was insensitive, I was wrong and I am sorry.

  468. 468 : Sam Says:

    Thi Thi, I am sorry if I offended you as well. I don’t blame you if I sounded like a mad man/woman. You are right, perhaps I really don’t belong here. I have brough chaos and I believe it’s time for me to leave. I will continuing watching Hotel King though, because this is really a good drama series. Once again I apologize

  469. 469 : Sam Says:

    And lastly, LDH is really a good actress. I got hooked watching Korean TV drama after I watched My Girl. I have watched it numerous times and I have introduced a lot of my friends to watch too. It’s fair enough to say that it’s because of LDH that I learn to love Korean Tv dramas. I loved LDH because she is a fine actress. I have to admit I was frustrated when in my observation I found her face a little bit stiff. I surmised right away that it’s becaused of the facial enhancements. I became so biased that I failed to see that acting is not about the face or the body movements, but it is about the whole package. It’s the effectiveness it brings. It’s the totality. I humbly admit that I was obssessed and biased. It is clear that LDH did offered a very good and effective acting in Hotel King. She is with all honesty, a very excellent actress. I was biased, but I am still a fan of her. I will be more open minded now. To be critical does not mean to be always right. I am not always right, and to accept that is to be able to enjoy watching Hotel King. And I do want to enjoy. I do like Hotel King a lot

  470. 470 : Sam Says:

    To Rubyang and Tracy Kim, my apologies to you both. I have been rudest to you both with my comments and I am sorry. I was not in my right judment when I posted those comments, I instead let my emotions got the better of me which I am deeply remorseful.

  471. 471 : Sam Says:

    And to all others I have offended, I apologize.

  472. 472 : traceykim Says:

    @sam: good girl, and me apologize to you 🙂 let’s make better commenting this drama.. if u don’t like, say it, if you like, share it 🙂

    i juz watching eps 15-16, guys. CJW and AMN have being good each other. but they found reality Loman Lee was child of manager Baek. i used to think the wrong person is Mo Ne’s dad, i dunno, i juz assume.. coz VP Chairman has a revenge to him. Oh my God, this drama make me crazy. i’d really can’t predict the storyline.

  473. 473 : Sam Says:

    Thank you Tracykim

  474. 474 : women Says:

    I like this drama… but I hate LDH act.. so unnatural. . Aarrrrggghhhh.. not because her face but her act is very very bad…

  475. 475 : maida Says:

    I am impressed by ur posts and it is very appreciated , thank you and weclome to HK fan , glad u start to like it

  476. 476 : Sam Says:

    Thank you Maida . I do love HK. It’s suspenseful, very good storyline.

  477. 477 : haru Says:

    @SAM eh lo org indonesia belagu amat dah malas banget liat komen lo, mending pergi jauh deh lo, lo jg kan yg blg “woless aja keleeeus” ya udeh pergi sono jangan ngotorin komen disini,,

  478. 478 : Sam Says:

    Haru, I’m sorry I did not understand your post. I do not speak the language and I ashame to admit that I just copied and posted the previous post that I had regarding “woless aja keleeeus” without even understanding what it meant. I apologize.. If it meant to be offensive, I am sorry. I am sorry to you for offending you.
    I am new to posting comments and I ended up being arrogant.
    I honestly want to start anew, baby steps perhaps, like watching the drama series, reading comments and understanding and respecting it.
    I would be refraining from making comments as I am worried it might come out offensive again. I will be more focused on learning and respecting everybody’s views.

  479. 479 : traceykim Says:

    @haru : km org INA juga? hhahaa, itu pertama yg bilang aku.. karena dia dibilangin ga ngerti2 aku kesel sendiri, tapi berhubung dia ga ngerti mungkin dia copas kalimat aku 😀 dia udh minta maaf koq, dear.

    @sam:goodgirl, i saw you have been much better.. i told you “woless keleuss” is trend language around Indonesia young people.. it means “slow, guys” Lol! or “keep calm” 🙂 keep watching HK yea.. and we will enjoy it together 🙂

    wow! i juz watching eps 17, i dunno why Manager Baek conspirated with Lee Jong Gu, and my feeling told that Cha Jae Wan is son of Manager Baek, perhaps. ‘am so sad Cha Jae Wan has been fired by Ah Mo Ne 🙁 ‘am so curious watching eps 18. i hope the ratings up. HK fighting!

  480. 480 : Verra92 Says:

    D-2… Saturday… i’ll be waiting you… Palli wa
    HK Fighting <3

  481. 481 : Ar Says:

    I have to admit that Hotel King is the only drama that makes me waiting like crazy to know more about what will going to happen next! this is such an incredible drama to watch!

  482. 482 : Fesa588 Says:

    Just wanted to say I hope the guy playing the popstar is just an actor and not a real singer in episode 18. He sucks. Please continue to watch HK 14 episodes more to go.

  483. 483 : fragile Says:

    Its worth watching drama.. Cant wait till next episode:-)

  484. 484 : Menci Ang Says:

    @Sam, apology accepted, and I’m sorry that my comment upset you.

  485. 485 : maida Says:

    What it is said about drama a it is makejang .what does it mean ?

  486. 486 : Racy Says:

    Tomorrow is saturday guys! Brace yourself! Lol :D:D:D

  487. 487 : maida Says:

    Since it is my first drama to watch for lee dong wook and i found his performance is incredible , i seached for all dramas he starred in and watch couple of episodes of wild romance and my girl to kill the time while waiting for sunday , i was surprised in hotel king i got the impression that he is a man dont know how to smile as it is a complicated process while in wild romance he is a completly different, i lke my girl as well but i think he has been working on himself as he improved on different aspects , his body language ,his facial expression is wow , his skill is tottally improved .and i also watch a few clips for him in rommate to see how he looks offscreen and i found him very honest , spontonous and kind .

  488. 488 : KDCraze Says:

    @Maida#487, you should also watched him in Scent Of A Woman. I think he looks his best in that drama. But I like him in Hotel King also. So far so good. I just hope that this drama have a happy ending.

  489. 489 : maida Says:

    @kDCraze 488
    to tell u the truth i dont like the lead actress but i will give it a try , i also like him in hotel king, the way he portrays the struggle he has been through to hid his love for Ah mone was very awesome , in ep.9 when she confessed her love , his head was like shaking from deep stress he had , his eye was about exploding from not able to shed tears.hopefully we get a happy ending

  490. 490 : miss leaf Says:

    @maida & kDCraze 488 : yes, i agree with you. I like his facial expression on all his drama. He is very expresssive to potraying his role.

    Can’t wait to watch ep 19 with english subbed. ^.^

  491. 491 : Verra92 Says:

    Today EP.20
    please… give a romantic scene for Mone-Jaewan writer-nim, more & moreee….

    really tense, see the feud

  492. 492 : KDCraze Says:

    Just finished watching episode 19. Omo, this Director Baek is more evil than Vice Chairman Lee Joong Goo. She took Ah Mo Ne position as Chairman, takes over her shares in the hotel and planning to destroyed Ciel Hotel because of her hatred to Ah Mo Ne dad tsk tsk tsk such an evil mind pretending to be kind.

  493. 493 : Waving not Drowning Says:

    It’s her vengence @KDCraze.

    I haven’t paid close attention but anyone know why she is taking it out on a bunch of people? There was a fire, she got burned and she lost someone important to her. She visited the house where Jae Wan as a baby was shown in a flashback with his mother. Was she related to Jae Wan’s mother or is she the mother in the flashback?

  494. 494 : KDCraze Says:

    @Waving not Drowning, Director Baek is Jae Wan mother. She got raped by Lee Joong Goo and give birth to Jae Wan but she actually loves Ah Mo Ne dad before she got raped by Lee Joong Goo. But I don’t know also her motives for hating Ah Mo Ne dad so much. Let’s see what’s happening next.

  495. 495 : Waving not Drowning Says:

    Thank you @KDCraze.

  496. 496 : maida Says:

    It is getting intense episode by episode , what was written in the note left bu mone ? Wonder how things will end for cha jae wan and ah mone coz poor CJW is the son of the devils , will Ah mone be able to deal with that ?!

  497. 497 : maida Says:

    After what Ah mone ha gone thru , i wont accept any stupidity from here .get a grab of urself girl

  498. 498 : traceykim Says:

    why the eps 20 have not ratings?
    hmm.. i will download eps 19-20 today.

  499. 499 : sahel Says:

    i think angle eyes is veeeeeeeeeery better than hotel king

  500. 500 : -Autumn- Says:

    Director Baek hates Ah Mo Ne’s dad so much because he put her in jail and he doesn’t trust her when she told Ah Mo Ne’s dad that Lee Joong Goo has raped her and plan to snatch away his hotel. Ah Mo Ne’s dad called the police to catch Director Baek. So she feels betrayed by the man she loved. There was a flashback scene on this part.

  501. 501 : Audrey Says:

    Where can I download this drama ‘coz i give a try in Dramacool but now i can’t download. I can’t find where is download
    Please someone help me ????

  502. 502 : Ar Says:

    OMG! can’t wait for episode 21!!!

  503. 503 : Ar Says:

    @audrey you can try doramax264.com 🙂

  504. 504 : KDCraze Says:

    @Autumn #500, Thanks. I think I miss looking at that part. Which episode is it ?
    @Audrey #501, Try Dramago or dramastyle.

  505. 505 : QueenX Says:

    Who is the actor in the role of Roman? I’ve seen him before somewhere. Dong Wook is amazing.

  506. 506 : maida Says:

    Dramacrazy , i already downloaded from it.

  507. 507 : Waving not Drowning Says:

    It isn’t the first time Lee Duk Hwa’s character raped someone and produced the protagonist. In “May Queen” he raped his friend’s wife and the child from that act he tried unsuccessfully to off.

    I don’t get why his character still has influence even when he was outed as a baddie. He lost his family and lost his position yet he still pulls strings.

  508. 508 : maida Says:

    How do u find Ah mone working as a maid ? Do u think she has a plan to return back the hotel or she just cant help leave ciel ? I dont know what is she supposed to do?! Poor Ah none

  509. 509 : maida Says:

    No one know what was written in the note left by AH MONE in ep 19 ?

  510. 510 : fragile Says:

    Amazing episode.. Loved it.

  511. 511 : KDCraze Says:

    @QueenX #505, The actor that acted as Roman Lee is Jin Tae Hyun, He plays in a lot of dramas but never make it to be a leading actor.

  512. 512 : danish Says:

    love,,,love…so much dong wook oppa…

  513. 513 : Pink Apple Says:

    How can I rate for this dramma ?

  514. 514 : maida Says:

    @pink apple
    The rate here is the rate of korean viewers not international , u can rate it in mydramalist site

  515. 515 : maida Says:

    HK Is so nail bitting , it is so hared to wait a week for next episode , it put me on the edge .iwonder why it has such low ratiing . Why korean dont like it that much ?

  516. 516 : Rozmary Says:

    Rating is not low, but average. May be Korean prefer more romance and tears, meanwhile HK has more intensive plot instead.

  517. 517 : ct Says:

    luv luv luv it very much.

  518. 518 : Audrey Says:

    Thank you for the information Ar 🙂

  519. 519 : Audrey Says:

    Thank you Maida 🙂

  520. 520 : KDCraze Says:

    @Maida, I think Hotel King rating isn’t bad considering it is aired on weekend when Korean usually don’t watched drama. I think at the moment the drama that has the highest rating is Dr Stranger. Anyway I love both Hotel King and Dr Stranger, both of them have interesting story and not one boring bit.

  521. 521 : Ordinary Girl Says:

    junk question, guys 😀
    do u like watching Roommate? there is Dong Wook oppa there. and as you know, he paired with Park Bom of 2NE1. juz asking, anybody BoDong (Bom-Dongwook) shipper here?
    honestly, i don’t 😀 i prefer being DongHae (dongwook-da hae) shipper..

  522. 522 : naysa Says:

    @Ordinary, i watched roommate for 2 eps. lately and the rest not want to watch it bcs they’re so fake to put BoDong as a couple, as we know they’re not WGM but Roommate.
    I do like Dong-Hae couple tho, they chemist always match well in a drama or even their real life.^^

  523. 523 : maida Says:

    I think korean prefer family dramas and rom.comedy ones anyway HK is far different from all what aired now .hopefully we got more romance
    I dont watch roomate , but i am planning to but ofcourse i am Dong hae shipper

  524. 524 : Lily Says:

    Honestly speaking, i prefer dong with someone with sweet & natural looking, simple and quiet character and not with bom or hae character.

  525. 525 : janet Says:

    addicted to this drama….. cant wait for the next episode

  526. 526 : Ordinary Girl Says:

    @naysa & maida : me too, darling. am a Dong-Hae shipper.. they look great together 😀

    @lily: it’s oke, honey.. i appreciate ur opinion. no problemo 🙂

  527. 527 : lily Says:

    @june: I like to watch Dong-Hae drama and bom fan.
    But not as life partner. Poor Dong oppa. He has to worry about
    Hae & Bom face every day.

  528. 528 : Lily Says:

    Sorry @ordinary not @june

  529. 529 : HEN Says:

    This drama just started in our area-episode 8.

    I’m hoping for a break in the dramatics with Cha Jae Wan and his boys having a night out of Karaoke [Yoo Joon-Sung is ALEX]

  530. 530 : maida Says:

    I dont believe it , i was thinking the same , i amn ‘t hopping he will do anything but at least join them .we need a break right

  531. 531 : maida Says:

    If you are interested , i recommend https://m.facebook.com/hotelkingkdrama.
    Updated , funny page .

  532. 532 : Sharon Says:

    I am going to marathon this drama over the weekend, because I get good vibes from it. Started ep 1, why does everyone look like they are in a Dracula series.

  533. 533 : Han Says:

    People who might be considering this drama, all I have to say is go for it. I’m not saying this purely based on the fact Lee Dong Wook is one FINE man,although that would be a good enough reason for me.
    This guy can act. Like REALLY act.

    The drama plot line has everything, funny moments, sad moments that make you bawl your eyes out, moments that make you scream out in frustration. They have everything to feed your drama obsession. I mean you’ll keep getting shocked.

    Also, they spent money making this whole thing look real. Like Black imported cars for the rich and huge hotels that span seemingly endless acres. I am fully aware that other dramas do the same but this drama just takes the cake.

    If you do decide to watch this drama, my advice is to avoid thinking that you know what going on and thinking that whatever they throw your way will not shock you because it will. You may suss out the first couple but then a tornado of shocking events will assault you and you will get caught out.Believe me.

    Anyway, that’s my two cents on the drama done.

  534. 534 : Waving not Drowning Says:

    It ruined the impact when Jae Wan and Mo Ne were hiding in the closet, there was no light in there so you couldn’t tell anyone was hiding. When Mo Ne reacted on hearing the plan to sell off the hotel, Loman heard her and turned towards the closet. Suddenly there’s a light on in that closet, and we can see the two them.

    Why, oh why did they put a gremlin in the cupboard to play the lighting man? Is it not enough to drive the plot that Mo Ne has the brain of a gnat.

    It has to be said, Kim Hae Sook as Mi Nyeo is a far more menacing villain than Lee Duk Hwa’s character. That stone face stare works for me.

  535. 535 : L Says:

    I’m hoping for happy ending, please writer-nim.
    Btw, that kiss scene would be more awesome in the old PD lighting.

  536. 536 : Anastasia Says:

    Ep 22 was great and finally there was THE KISS between JW and MN….it has been so long since the last one 🙂 Now I need the sub for ep 22.

  537. 537 : maida Says:

    @waving not drowning.
    When loman noticed the sound and looked at the closet ,he didnt see anything , i think the light scene meant to be seen by us not been seen by loman ..

  538. 538 : maida Says:

    i like what u said

  539. 539 : maida Says:

    Ofcourse he felt there is someone in the closet and maybe he glimpsed CJW eyes , i mean the light was for us to see .he didnt see that clearly otherwise the other guy would notice them aswell

  540. 540 : traceykim Says:

    when CJW found Loman Lee was his childhood friend.. i’m looking for that 🙁
    and i’ve seen review of eps 22.. CJW and AMN kissed again. omona!
    and poor CJW, he has evil parents like Lee Joong Goo and Baek Min Yeon ..

  541. 541 : Waving not Drowning Says:

    Actually @maida when the camera is looking on with a person towards something, it generally means we are seeing what that person is seeing. As for the other guy he wasn’t only tipsy but he was not facing the closet. Loman was almost directly looking towards the closet.

    Anyway it isn’t like this drama isn’t full of such disorienting arrangements of objects and little continuity, just that one stood out because there wasn’t much else going on to distract.

  542. 542 : Jenny Says:

    Love ep 22, the kiss of CJW and ANN was awesome

  543. 543 : maida Says:

    I have just finished ep.22 there was no light scene .even when loman approched to the closet he didnt see them clearly .the scene in ep 21 was a final scene for end of episode.anyway ep.22 was best of the best , i enjoyed it to the max

  544. 544 : maida Says:

    @waving not drowning
    What really upset me is there nobody knows about copies ?!! It is kind of vanity that everyone think that nothing can be taken from him or it is drama!!

  545. 545 : Racy Says:

    Super lovely drama, weekend please comes earlier, I wish for moreeee romantic scenes of AMN and CJW! And more romantic bts of LDW and LDH! #donghaeisreal! ❤️❤️❤️

  546. 546 : reindeer song Says:

    Pardon the ignorance but isn’t Monet JW sister?

  547. 547 : traceykim Says:

    oh my God! Yoo Jeon Song was evil too! he has conspirate with Mrs Baek to destroy CieL. i don’t believe he can do it to CJW. so poor CJW. he get betrayal from his bestfriend. i used to think, all of international divison are good friend of CJW. oh my God.. even i like Yoo Jeon Song cause he’s bestfriend of CJW, he always help n support CJW. he always beside of CJW. but when i found he has conspirate with Mrs. Baek, i had a guilty to believe on him 🙁
    maybe, this drama teach us: we can’t trust anyone.. even they are our bestfriend..
    so sick 🙁

  548. 548 : traceykim Says:

    @reindeer : Mo Ne isn’t JW sister. JW has misunderstanding. he getting lies from Lee Joong Goo. but JW has found MoNe isn’t her sister. maybe you have to watch next eps, sistaa 😀 Fighting!

  549. 549 : songhakyung Says:

    they meet again after… MY GIRL

  550. 550 : Ar Says:

    the last kiss is so beast! Can’t stop to repeat it over and over again! Hotel King is the best korean drama I’ve ever watched tho it’s kinda boring at first but it turns out to be sooo addicting! 😀

  551. 551 : Claire Says:

    BTS for the awesome kiss scene :
    # donghae is real❤️

  552. 552 : janet Says:

    me agree with @han 533 can’t wait to see the next episode

  553. 553 : maemae Says:

    Is this drama good?

    @Sharon-532: Is this the same Sharon who watched fan’s (if I’m not mistaken-her love interest) Woony in The Heirs?

  554. 554 : iammee Says:

    the 2 leads on this drama has an amazing chemistry. lee dong wook is stunningly handsome.

  555. 555 : reindeer song Says:

    Traceykim thanks! still watching I have not seen or heard any
    misunderstanding. Maybe JW was fed false information so JG can get the hotel. I think I’m on episode 8.

  556. 556 : Hana Says:

    BAD ACTING! Especially, female lead’s face does not express as needed.
    I stop this drama now. Bye!

  557. 557 : John l Says:

    Please cancel this drama because of that brat. This drama is boring,please cancel this drama.

  558. 558 : maida Says:

    @HAN sorry to hear that BYE
    @john I.why would it be cancealed when it has a huge fan ? u dont like it but we do .

  559. 559 : cuity17 Says:

    Saya belum nonton tp udah berasa gmana hebatnya acting nya LDW – LDH dr baca komentar2 di atas….. , yg ga suka coba komentarnya yang masuk akal dikit… Hadeuuuh cape dweehh….Hotel King keep rolling…!! 😀

  560. 560 : Ar Says:

    LOVE THIS DRAMA SOOOOO MUCH! Like why do anyone would cancel this drama when it has a huge number of fans? :D:D:D

  561. 561 : reindeer song Says:

    Yes, Monet can be way to annoying, but she is now becoming a bit softer, her character is developing give it sometime, plus who does not want to see Lee Dong Wook, he is just a cat meow!!!

  562. 562 : reindeer song Says:

    OFF TOPIC! Has anyone seen “Into The Flames”? My most adored actor is onthat drama. Choi Soo Jung. What station please!!!!

  563. 563 : Rainy Says:

    @ Hana Why we must care idiot girl like you.

  564. 564 : L Says:

    Hotel King, fighting!!! (:

  565. 565 : Lily Says:

    It should be a comedy & romance drama, since everyone is focus and always commend on LDW & LDH romantic & kissing scene. May be 20 episode.

  566. 566 : linda Says:

    It should be a comedy & romance drama, since everyone is focus and always commend on LDW & LDH romantic & kissing scene. May be 20 episode.

  567. 567 : Waving not Drowning Says:

    The treatment of the story is obviously not a comedy. I don’t see how it can be because the main characters all have tragic pasts, involving the loss of loved ones at the hands of evil-doers.

    Lee Da Hae isn’t doing it for me. I think maybe her under-the-knife visits is one too many. It is not always clear if her acting is poorly or the surgeon’s efforts are getting in the way. Her character isn’t well formed to the point that I might feel sympathy for her whenever the writer or director wants me to.

    But I love the performances from the supporting cast members:

    Wang Ji Hye — Arguably her best work to date. I’m really enjoying her performance.

    Gong Hyun Joo — What a sweetie. She is my ninth in a major 9 chord of The Hotel suite.

    Park Chul Min — Never fails to deliver. There was one scene when he reprised the silly walk of a character he played in a period drama.

    Lee Do Yun — Was great in “Let’s Eat”. Her role here is.. Well, I hope we get to see more of her.

  568. 568 : maida Says:

    When we see how was AMN in the first episodes and in the middle and now we will notice how much she suffered to change and be more strong and mature but her acting isnt as LDW he is incredible :-, his facial expression is very impressive
    And in ep 23 the acting skills was wow from cjw , baek , i also felt sorry foe sCK though she was cruel on AMN

  569. 569 : fragile Says:

    I love this drama.. I’m sure I’m gonna miss it when it’ll ends, hotel king fighting

  570. 570 : fragile Says:

    And ofcourse I like the male lead acting very much

  571. 571 : melissa Says:

    I think it is one of the best shows currently airing. The lead male is an outstanding actor and many of the supporting actors are doing excellent Jo’s. The storyline keeps you wondering what will happen next. Sometimes, I don’t even know who’s side I should root for. I am glad that ah no need is becoming more independent. cha jae won and ah mo ne should be able to get close rnow. Just waiting the cha Jaewon mother reunification. That will be crazy.

  572. 572 : pearly Says:

    The cast is great especially the main leads and LJL and BMN. Lee Da Hae’s character is a sweetie, very direct and brave. To those who criticise her acting, I beg to differ. Her character has a privileged background, hence her more restrained acting unlike the My Girl character who is a street smart girl. I like her acting because she projects the character well. She shines in Miss Ripley as a complex and delusional goal getter. For HK, the best treat for us is LDW and LDH smoking chemistry.

  573. 573 : KDCraze Says:

    Agree with Melissa #571 and Pearly #572. Hotel King is one of the best show currently airing at the moment. The story is making me guessing all the time. Loved the chemistry between LDW and LDH. Loved the kissing scenes in episode 24 is so sweet and beautiful. Another 8 episodes to go. I hope the writer conclude the story nicely for Hotel King. Hotel King Fighting !!!!!

  574. 574 : dee Says:

    FIGHTING !!!!!

  575. 575 : nitta Says:

    Love this drama and Lee Dong Wok’s acting is sooo good! Ep 24 ending is so intense. Please give 5 minutes more huhuhuhu. Cant wait for weekend to come

  576. 576 : Hannah Says:

    Can’t wait for the next ep (25)!! Can’t wait to see how everyone’s reaction when the truth about Jae Wan’s mother revealed.
    I’ve always been wanting a flashback of JW and CK relationship back in college, but I guess it’s not gonna happen. I’m just curious exactly how did they break up.
    And one more thing, I’ve been so curious of Cha Jae Wan and Cha Soo An relationship! I mean, why is she so loyal toward JW? And why JW trusts her so much? I wish there’s a hidden reason behind their relationship. Remember when Loman Lee revealed that the real Cha Jae Wan didn’t process the death certificate? That JW now is using his identity? I wish the real Jae Wan is somehow related to Soo An. Haha that’s just my wish for this drama because everything else is already perfect as it is.

  577. 577 : Claire Says:

    Love this drama! Absolutely love LDW and LDH! I’m definitely gonna miss HOTEL KING when the drama ends…hoping for another future project for the both of them, preferably a rom-com;)) donghae couple fighting! Hotel king fighting!

  578. 578 : maida Says:

    U know guys what kind of end i am looking forward
    1- vc death
    2-SCK leave ciel forever ,
    3-baek Mi yeon come to her sense and return everything to AMN.ae
    4-a grand wedding party of AMN and CJW in the hotel with all the cast .
    Hotel king fighting

  579. 579 : janet Says:

    superb… thanks hotel king team…. this drama is really worth to watch… cant wait for the next episode

  580. 580 : tess Says:

    love the twomain characters…….love love love

  581. 581 : A mo ne Says:

    I just hope episode 25 will not be a sad one.. Coz usually the chronology from 1st episode till 24th is all a sad one.. Hope it will not be a sad one this time.. It can be adventurous but not sad.. I’m sad of mo ne n jae wan loosing each other and tears appart

  582. 582 : A mo ne Says:

    I want ck to out from ciel.. I want baek min nyeo to move her things out to

  583. 583 : smile Says:

    Can’t wait for the next episode!(ep 25), want to see what will happen to both CJW and Roman Lee…and love both Dong wook and Da Hae, hope they are dating in real life 🙂

  584. 584 : geegee Says:

    I’m really hooked by this drama, can’t help but missing it alot.. please saturday come already.

  585. 585 : putriwanti Says:

    Love LDW-LDH.. Hotel King FIGHTING!!

  586. 586 : joe1234 Says:

    love love love love this drama. LDW & LDH need to do more drama together.

  587. 587 : naysa Says:

    finally MN ad JW is togetherrrr<3 cant wait for the next ep. huhu

  588. 588 : MC Says:

    I really love this drama. The best in every category. Writing, cast, everything. Hope is wins some type of award. It really deserves it.

  589. 589 : Racy Says:

    LDW-LDH chemistry feels sooooo real, can’t wait for the next episode, hope there’s more more moreeeee romantic scene of CJW and AMN! HOTEL KING FIGHTING!!!!! ❤️❤️❤️

  590. 590 : traceykim Says:

    @hannah #576
    i thought same of you, darling.. there’s something between Cha Soo An and Cha Jae Wan.. because she’s so loyal to Jae Wan.

    and am really f*cking hate Yoo Joon Seong. he abuse Jae Wan even he’s Jae Wan’s bestfriend.

  591. 591 : say Says:

    I have been watching this drama on the side line,what I have say one the best drama of the year,is a shame well written script,well portray characters of the actors and the rating is low,this bring me to ask a question what does Korean society like to watch?a story with meaning,a story that makes one want to start rewriting the drama that bored one to death?where beautiful actors and the actress are portrayed like a dummy? childish writing?this is so sad that a beautiful drama like this have no high rating.

    I just keep hoping for sat and sun to come faster,well thank you dear writer, for giving international viewers like me a thrilling, exciting drama to watch.you did good.i can’t wait for the next episode to come.so far the best drama of the year.

  592. 592 : Ar Says:

    I hope the plot will be much more romantic for CJW and AMN, weekend please comes earlier, can’t wait for ep 25&26!!!

  593. 593 : Verra92 Says:

    can’t wait EP.26. its become hot :v

  594. 594 : lenywong Says:

    i see from other souces soompi etc that dong hae couple will be filming a bed scene that directed by dong wook himself in this ep.26. and after that they will be filming a kiss scene in next episode. this i saw from da hae press con. Dae bakkkk. thank you for making it real pd nim.

  595. 595 : karen Says:

    Something like Jang Hyuk and Da Hae bed scene in Irish 2?

  596. 596 : supergirl Says:

    Hey guys, could you please tell me if this drama is worth watching? I’m not a fan of long dramas (more than 20 episodes). So far, the longest dramas I’ve watched have been ‘Gu Family Book’ and ‘Goong’ which are 24 episodes each and very very boring! I regretted watching those 2 long dramas. So could you please tell me if this drama is better than these two? The ratings are so low 🙁

  597. 597 : lourdes Says:

    this drama is worth watching…it is thrilling…romantic..excellent writing..the lead stars lee da hae is very pretty in every angle and excellent acting while lee doog wook is handsome and very good in his acting..they are amazingly best pair ever…love the story…well done

  598. 598 : KDCraze Says:

    Supergirl#596, the first 2 episodes of Hotel King is a bit hard to watched but from episodes 3 onwards the story is becoming more and more interesting. A lot of mystery and thrilling emotion and the leads acting chemistry is great. Now I’m addicted and can’t wait to watch it every week.

  599. 599 : KDCraze Says:

    #Supergirl#596, you can’t compare Hotel King to Gu Family Book and Goong because it’s different genre. Gu Family Book is more fantasy drama and Goong is more into teenager drama. Hotel King is more to adult melodrama and romance like Secret and Incarnation Of Money. So it depends on your taste what kind of drama you like to watch.

  600. 600 : hartsmonster Says:

    episode 26 is going to be a GOOD ONE. KISS AND SEX omg yes please.
    can anybody tell me what Mo Ne told Jae Wan at the end of episode 25 when she started crying?

  601. 601 : say Says:

    this is the kind of drama i enjoyed watching,not a childish drama where adults kiss like two year old kissing her brother,that make me sick to my stomach but this drama have what it takes to come back again and again

    the incarnation of was very good,but the romantic part of it was too childish,there was no romance at all that kill the testes for me,Gu Family Book was good in the beginning,but couldn’t watch it anymore when the whole thing turn to be middle school children drama,specially the fighting seen was very bad,that drama might have high rating,the writing was very poor, sometime one wander why such a poor written drama have high ratings,is beyond me I just don’t understand.

    so far let this writer continue the good job of what he or she is writing,in the preview of ep26 I saw Jae Wan taking a gun I hope he is not thinking of killing someone,please dear writer don’t go there he has already redeem himself let him continue that way using his brain to gain back the hotel to be the king of hotel,don’t let him commit anymore crime please.can’t wait for ep26.

  602. 602 : say Says:

    I mean the incarnation of money

  603. 603 : Torri Says:

    OMG!!!!!!! I just watch ep 25 and I saw the preview for ep 26,honestly cha jea wan parents are evil to the core his dad is a beast I can’t believe that the lies about his mum then makes him believe he had killed someone at the age 11 leaving him to leave his life with the guilty of killing someone when. He actually did not do it the guy needs saving from both his parent and I think the best thing is his mum should take his dad and drive to a wall and cause an accident so they can both die and leave the guy to leave his life with peace because honestly they are evil in the core of it all poor cha jea wan I feel so sorrrrrry for this guy he needs more than a hung the guy is too pitiful

  604. 604 : wheng_0524 Says:

    why roman lee/lee jowan not included in the cast list? who is he?

  605. 605 : Nudge Says:

    When Lee Duk Hwa is on everything turns into a soap opera.

  606. 606 : Nudge Says:

    #601 @say “…there was no romance at all that kill the testes for me…”

    Hey @say, “testes” means testicles. I was intrigued by what you meant to say but still I could not figure it out. Lol!

  607. 607 : Verra92 Says:

    @wheng_0524 : presumably because he entered in the middle of the drama, He’s Jin Tae Hyun ^^

  608. 608 : ren Says:

    i love this drama…it is brilliantly written…the couple lee dae hae so gorgeously pretty and lee dong wook so totally handsome…amazingly beautiful pair….they acted superbly…

  609. 609 : say Says:

    @Nudge,you just can’t ignore that,typing fast can make you made a lot of mistake,at least reading the sentence can give you the idea of what I am talking about,i am not in the class for exam or spelling checks,even when you are writing essay one still make mistakes,so @Nidge,what I mean was TASTE not testes or testicles.Thank you for letting me.

  610. 610 : say Says:

    Jae Wan mother is even more crazier than the dad,come on,what she did to Mo Ne is awful wrong,she took every thing that belong to her away from her,after she pretend to be a good person and the trust Mo Ne place on her was so heart breaking when she turn around and spit on her face,specially trusting someone the person you trust betrayed you,is the most awful thing that can happen to any one,if not Jae Wan,Mo Ne has no single strength to fight that monster at all,she could have end up in the street,for what I don’t understand why she hate father and daughter so much like that?what wrong did they do to her,is what i don’t understand?with her actions she could have driven Mo Ne to suicide,you don’t do that to a woman like you,and you call yourself a mother even though you think you lost your child at least she adopted one,so the adopted son doesn’t mean anything to her,she is just pretending to be a mother to him,which I think will come back to bit her. for my take she is more evil than Jae Wan father.

    even though she is forgiven at the end but she is really a monster.

  611. 611 : haz Says:

    I agreed with #610, Jae Wan mother is crazier.

    Yes, Mo Ne’s father betrayed her by trusting Lee Jong Goo, but that doesnt mean you can destroy someone else daughter’s live just because you’re mad with the father. nevertheless, what chairman Ah did was not as bad as what the vice chairman did to her live. why go all the trouble to steal everything away from Mo Ne, when the true target is supposed to be Joong Go all along.

  612. 612 : maida Says:

    Women hate the one who betray her love and trust more than anyone else

  613. 613 : Pauline Says:

    What Jae Wan’s mother has gone through made her crazy enough to do such things. 2 men betrayed her. Real life 1 small break up already drives hateness for both party’s . What’s more it’s a DRAMA. Guys out there, when a woman loves you they give everything but when they hate you, they take everything and destroy you. 🙂

  614. 614 : hartsmonster Says:


  615. 615 : say Says:

    I can’t wait to see,when i get home i will have fun day .

  616. 616 : Jenny Says:

    Love ep 26.

  617. 617 : supergirl Says:

    @lourdes, thank you for your opinion. I do love them both very very much! My first ever K-drama was ‘My Girl’ which I watched in September 2011. My Girl is still one of the best ever dramas for me and it got me hooked onto K-dramas until now! So I ship Lee Da Hae and Lee Dong Wook so hard. They are my very first OTP! Oh and my mother has been to Lourdes btw 😀

    @KDcraze, thank you! I have certainly started to consider this drama very very seriously. I haven’t seen secret & incarnation cause it seems too serious for me. Secret had very very good ratings and won some awards I think while Incarnation increased in ratings every week. I haven’t tried this kind of genre/type of dramas yet. Is the type very serious like Innocent Man?

  618. 618 : supergirl Says:

    @say , Gu Family Book was HORRIBLE! Absolutely horrible! My poor Bae Suji 🙁 This is why I’m not a fan of Lee Seung Gi. My drama ‘my gf is a gumiho’ also sucked! I can’t say anything about Incarnation though. Thank you for your opinion 🙂

  619. 619 : Verra92 Says:

    Ep.26 so beautiful, nice, jjang, daebak. like it.

  620. 620 : fragile Says:

    Me too, dont like the young actors of nowadays.. For ex.. My love from another star i wish if the male lead was another more mature actor so I can watch the drama.. No offense to actor fans.. But i really cant digest this type of pairing.. Meanwhile im enjoying watching hotel king.

  621. 621 : say Says:

    this episode has all the right ingredient on it,for a long time I have not seen real kiss in Korean dramas,i joy this episode so much,I like the way he took care of business like as the mafias do looking through the window was very good acting,good job writer.

    the last seen where he was running after the car,he could have hold himself,hold back not overwhelmed with emotion, he can only sit back to think how he can help to undo the damage that has already been done,his mother is not innocent also his father they were both monsters,whose aim is to take revenge on people that did nothing wrong to them.no matter what anger one may feel toward other person just remember that person is not God.

  622. 622 : DORIE Says:

    this is a reunion of Lee Da Hae and Lee Dong Wook following their romantic pair in My Girl. I started loving both of them and been watching their dramas.

  623. 623 : traceykim Says:

    @supergirl: aaaaw.. Secret is 2nd great drama i’ve ever watched in 2013, 1st is actually Master’s Sun 😀 u hv to watch Secret if you like melodrama. the storyline is awesome. i do love it a lots.

    i have no watching eps 25-26.. may be this week i will watch it ^^
    thank you for so many review, guys. and am happy coz the rating’s up! yay! ^^ HK fighting!

  624. 624 : Ita Masita Says:

    Good drama… donghae couple keep fighting

  625. 625 : tigerb Says:

    some truths should be revealed as soon as learned to parties affected to avoid worse things to happen.

  626. 626 : KDCraze Says:

    Just finished watching episode 26, great episode. Kissing scene between LDH and LDW is great. All the secret is revealed now. Let’s see next week how they are going to solve the problem now. Omo poor Jae Wan. If the ending is good Hotel King will be in my top 10 list drama of 2014.
    @Supergirl #617, Yes, Hotel King, Incarnation Of Money, Secret and Innocent Man is all the same type serious melodrama, mystery and romance. I love all of them they have great story and great acting but in the kissing dept, I think Hotel King and Secret is the best.

  627. 627 : maida Says:

    @621 say
    He is not now the calculating CJW he is the eleven years old hyun woo .and thanks to AMN he became emotional and can pour out his feeling

  628. 628 : DanniGirl Says:

    Ah Mo Ne loves Jae Wan, she wanted to spare him the pain of finding out his mother is Baek Mi Nyeo. The problem with that is, it doesn’t make sense.

    The news that his mother is alive though out to get him, would conceivably heal some of Jae Won’s hurt. Mo Ne might reason that Baek Mi Nyeo would also stop hurting Jae Wan, so telling him would be the right thing to do. But no, she does nothing about it. Why?

    Is she just a air-head bimbo or had she another agenda?

  629. 629 : maida Says:

    He was happy after visiting his mother grave .it would be a trauma knowing that evil person who might killed former chairman and tried to kill him with cold blood is his
    mother .she was trying to prevent him from calling police then try to figure out how to tell him.thats what i think

  630. 630 : Racy Says:

    Ep 26 is superrrrrr sweetttt, donghae chemistry is DAEBAK! This drama is sooo intense, always can’t wait for the next episode, worth to watch! ❤️❤️❤️

  631. 631 : se Says:

    ep 27 beli na wa!

  632. 632 : putriwanti Says:

    Hotel king daebak! Donghae couple daebak!

  633. 633 : torri Says:

    Well all I can say is this writer is just fantastic, the actors are excellent in their various rolls and to think that the director was changed at the early ep of the show due to the request of the writer and yet the drama still brings out the best, is just great ‘ep 26 is just what every romantic koream drama should love like if they going play romantic they might as well copy from this two leads , because to two just complement each other so well and I have never wish for real life romance between two actors like I wish for this two to date in real life because other than the romance the playful ness they had on the couch on ep 26 will tell u they are good friends and very comfortable around each other , but back to reality hotel king is officially one of my best dramas and I wonder what my weekend will be now without the show in 6 weeks ,

  634. 634 : smiling Says:

    Donghae couple you are the best!, Hotel King castsfighting! very good drama ever! Looking forward for the extension of this drama, if not, that this couple will have another drama together!…

  635. 635 : reindeer song Says:

    DannyGirl, my thought exactly. Is she a BIMBO! What is her agenda, no matter who tries to help her she does not comply, she starts acting like a little kid, its very annoying. How can she protect anyone , the slightest bruise…oh it hurts. Maybe she has something up her asleve, please lets see it NOW.

  636. 636 : esraa galal Says:

    I love the 26 ep the events was so interesting i’m waiting new ep

  637. 637 : maida Says:

    AMN once told to SCK she has nothing to offer to CJA as she has , on ep.26 she was talking to herself wondering how to protect him , she was crying with loman compaining she has nothing to do .but for CJW she indeed protect him from himself by being by his side by giving him a reason to live by makes him try the taste of being loved …AMN character is nt the irony and strong type , she is ordinary girl who is so emotional and trasparent who is trying to learn to be strong to face life and protect what precious to her , she is calculating sly wise one

  638. 638 : maida Says:

    She is n’t calcualating sly wise one

  639. 639 : hny Jo Says:

    watching all of this…makes me think the title of this drama should be ‘ everlasting wound’, for jaden….how come his life so painfull..omg!

  640. 640 : hny Jo Says:

    AMN…in this drama all she done just like a sugar or candy for the show looks sweet, but its okay I enjoy the romance scene here to relaxxxxxx…;))

  641. 641 : maida Says:

    I love AMN character .may be she seems hopless and i don’t think so but is her type has to be represented in drama , not all women are sly and strong and can handle everything they face.although she is not like smart Cha soo an or the strong sly SCK but she was able to soften the tough heart of CJW and make him a new person .she only has a heart love and care for everyone
    I am so biased to her 😉

  642. 642 : MC Says:

    This is the best drama I’ve seen in a long time. There are others I am watching and like alot, but this one has so many twists and turns. Everything seems to going right and BOOM here comes another hit. The chemistry between the lead characters is fantastic. Great writer! Looking forward to their next drama. Can they top this one! Super cast and directing. Only a few episodes left. Really hate to see this one end, yet looking forward to how it will end. Thanks to all the cast and crew, writer, producer and director for an award winning drama. If it doesn’t win an award it will be a shame. Don’t overlook this drama!!!!!

  643. 643 : Crystal Says:

    It is one the best drama ever for me! The storyline is great as there are alot of twists and turns!! love it!!!! LDW and LDH chemistry are awesome!!!!!! <3 can't wait for next episodes 🙂

  644. 644 : Crystal Says:

    For me I think that A Mo Ne character is charming 🙂 cute and pure girl that can help Jae Wan come out from his suffering life having someone to love <3

  645. 645 : quinn Says:

    I was a fan of lee da hae in mygirl. Her acting was so great..but here, it seems a bit fake .. you can do much better than that unni… 🙂

  646. 646 : naysa Says:

    love the chemist in ep.26! best scene ever of MN and JW!
    im lovin both of them to be real<3333

  647. 647 : traceykim Says:

    i like Wang Ji Hye so much when she was in Protect The Boss as Kim Na Young, paired with Kim Jaejoong. She’s so adorable and sweet. and i also love she paired with Kim Jaejoong.
    and when i watched eps 25, she got a drink with Loman Lee, suddenly i thougt : if she will pairing with Loman Lee that’s not bad yeah 😀 Lol! it just my thought, guys.

  648. 648 : na jinju Says:

    I love how this drama is going. I love CJW and AMN and the whole story. I just hope it doesn’t end like Bad Guy (나쁜 남자)…

  649. 649 : ZOGONG COUPLE Says:

    lee da hae fucking bitch

  650. 650 : hyw Says:

    i think this drama is really good than doctor stranger. Firstly DS is really nervous between ep 1 to 6 but later it is so boring. Hotel King doesn’t like as DS . HK is so interesting until now….

  651. 651 : nina Says:

    Its becomin too interesting as in how cjw is finding out ol the truths bout himself o his life…the romance btw Amn & Cjw is sooo adorable…jus cant wait to c the nex episode…

  652. 652 : koreandramabase Says:

    I love the story, and looking forward for GOOD Ending 😀 Writer-Nim please make a good ending for cha jae wan & ah mo ne 🙂

  653. 653 : Lucy Applestone Says:

    I can’t believe how low the ratings are. This is the BEST drama ever and I have seen a LOT of them. Also, there aren’t any good ones right now, so in my mind, this one is the best. It should have points up in the twenties, even thirties. What are these Kireans thinking about??

  654. 654 : tiffanylovely Says:

    yes! ive been watching lots of korean drama, this is the best, havent skip even a second, the ratings should be higher than this!

  655. 655 : ren Says:

    yeah i agree with you…so far this is the best of all currently shown korean drama …second is fated to love you….the rating should be number 1 or number 2….actually it is brilliantly written and the lead stars are totally amazingly beautiful pair lee dae hae and lee dong wook…

  656. 656 : janet Says:

    so sad this drama will end soon… though there is another great drama like married without dating…. fated to love you and trot lovers… i really hope that donghae will make another drama soon… romantic comedy drama i wish….

  657. 657 : torri Says:

    All I did was cry trough out ep 28 I mean the writer is really really had me in tears how much can chajeawon handle I mean the guy is just too pitifully I mean after all the things he had to face did he need ti be beaten to deatg as well , well I guess I will have to see what happens next to the writer u are perfect and to chajaewon I hope lots of awards for this show because u lovely sir deserve every single award coming for this roll , y have show us a side of you we have not seen before and have done a good job at the roll too will vote for u all the way

  658. 658 : maida Says:

    @torri .tottally agree , LDW was perfect in that show and indeed deserve many many rewards
    regarding ep.28 still waiting for sub, but i already watched the last 15 min “raw”it was woow 🙁 hopefully we get a happy end

  659. 659 : traceykim Says:

    yess! the rating’s up up up up!

  660. 660 : naysa Says:

    its all teary on both ep 27 & 28. i cant stand how JW could face this such thing on his life? so much pain he’d been through of. pls i dont want him being hurt again in the next chap, please let it be a good ending with MN and live life happily together. pls pls pls how pathetically JW lifes be if he still hurted by those evil LJG who never cared abt his own son! i just cantㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

  661. 661 : dorie Says:

    The best so far this 2014. Lee Da Hae has improved a lot as an actress, and Lee Dong Wok, oh boy, you are good. Everyone is so good. Kim Hae Sok of course. Now I understand why the director and writer had a conflict and they have to change the director at the last episodes.

  662. 662 : Ar Says:

    This drama is addicting, the story, the actors and actresses, the chemistry, they’re all great. This is one of the best drama that I’ve ever watch, sadly it’s coming to an end, I don’t know how can I get through whenever the drama is over. Hotel King FIGHTING!

  663. 663 : AY Says:

    For me too , it’s the best drama I’ve ever watched , and I’m so disappointed from the low ratings .
    Also I’m afraid that after the last accident Cha Jae Won maybe lose his memory or something like this .
    And there’s something I want to ask about ;
    Have lee Jung Gu taken the paper which he force Beak Mi Yeon to stamp ?
    If that’s true he will absolutely take off the hotel .

  664. 664 : Arahenrya Says:

    I just starting watch these drama..totally i into it even only in ep 1..gonna watch till end

  665. 665 : traceykim Says:

    oh no.. i have not watching eps 27-28 🙁
    cha jae wan got an accident? oh gosh.. why?

  666. 666 : hny Jo Says:

    oww I thought the drama will end after he know his mom…i didnt see the eps table..hmm this a long drama..so great the writer have lot idea to develop the story ;))

  667. 667 : KDCraze Says:

    Just finished watching episode 28, Lee Joong Gu is such a cruel man how could he do that to his son. Writer, please give us happy ending for AMN and Jae Wan after so much suffering. Hotel King Fighting !!!!!!!

  668. 668 : nitta Says:

    Somebody please kill lee joong gu! I need ep 29 now!!

  669. 669 : Jade Orchid Says:

    Finally the rating is up as the story is unfolded. All the actors are doing so well with their roles. And of course the main characters LDW and LDH …They are so adorable. Keep up with the good works everyone.

  670. 670 : mutee Says:

    OMG i hope it’s going to end happily *tear

  671. 671 : Henny Says:

    i like them both… this good drama…i like the story… can’t wait for in the end i hope happy for CJW and AMN

  672. 672 : Henny Says:

    i like this drama so much…i hope happy ending

  673. 673 : Maather Says:

    This is the best drama, i’m from Kuwait and I’ll wait to see the drama Korean and the next day subtitles in English

  674. 674 : dongsae Says:

    drama soo GOOD!!! 2 Thumbs UP!!!

  675. 675 : Sapphire Says:

    Love this drama! LDW and LDH have the most amazing chemistry on and off screen! They are definitely the best couple in kdramaland❤️ Hope that they win the best couple award this year for MBC awards!! Donghae couple fighting ! Hotel king fighting!!

  676. 676 : youyang kim Says:

    This is the worst korean drama in history. I am embarrassed to say this is korean drama displayed to the world to watch.

  677. 677 : Verra92 Says:

    youyang kim… @ but This is the best drama for me. I’m proud of HK

  678. 678 : Racy Says:

    this is one of the best drama i have ever watch 😀 I enjoy watching every single second in every episode and I always wanted more, people might have different perception but this is really worth to watch! 😀

  679. 679 : maida Says:

    @yougand 767
    dont be ,it has its own fan internationally , go see soompi , mydramalist .i can tell you have to embarassed of many other dramas but not HK
    HK is makjang has its unrealistic moments , flaw moments and sometimes get boring but overall it is a good one with best performance and its character development is awesome

  680. 680 : Lea Says:

    LOVE HK!!! Definetely one of the BEST dramas ever!!! The writer did a great job & all the characters are amazing. Love the storyline and everything that it offers!!! Lee Dong Wook is such a GREAT actor.

  681. 681 : torri Says:

    @youyang kim say:
    Where did you drop from ? Y call this drama the worst Korean drama y ever seen then i guess u have a problem with recognizing good things and quality .but then again only a few people have a good eye for good things which y comment above show u are not one of those with good eyes for good things, nothing personal by way , have said that since this its not to u taste my advice is stop watching the show then
    NOW to the fans who can recognize a good show ep 29 was pretty amazing too I like how the writer kind of easy the tension from last week and make this ep all about cgw sick mum and how he trys to get close to her even when she cant recognize him cant wait for tomorrow hotel king fighting !!!!!!!!!!!

  682. 682 : haf Says:

    why everyone always insult Lee Dahae…I think she multitalent ..Song Ji Hyo…she’s not suitable to carry the character like LDH…..Thats why producer get LDH ….. s=dont babling your mouth insult my fav actress…So many people hate her plastic surgery, why ?,,,Mind your own bussiness….

  683. 683 : Chantelle Says:

    Wow Youyang! I want to know what is your standards of best is like. I AM sure that HK is not one of the best drama ever??
    I guess you standard is below all of our standards here on this site.
    Just loves this drama. The romance is so perfect that it got the audience all hooked.

  684. 684 : pearly Says:

    Great drama! It has all the ingredients of a fun drama to watch – suspense, love, fun moments, latest fashion and a fantastic cast to begin with. I can’t imagine anyone else but LDW and LDH in these roles. Love the veteran actors too! Too good a drama to be missed. I will be suffering from HK withdrawal symptoms when it ends its run next week.

  685. 685 : putriwanti Says:

    Good drama! Good story! Good artists! Good chemistry! Hotel king is daebak!!!

  686. 686 : KDCraze Says:

    Don’t bother about the people who makes bad comments about this drama. This drama has great story, suspense, mystery and romantic all in one. The leads LDW and LDH also have great chemistry. Just look at the rating is getting higher and higher. It shows that it is a good drama. I just hope for a great ending to make it one of the best drama 2014. Hotel King Fighting !!!

  687. 687 : fragile Says:

    It is one of a million drama.. I already missing it.. Its not time wasting at all. Hotel king fighting

  688. 688 : cuity17 Says:

    Haven’t watched this, but frm all the comments here above… I knew it, it’s a good drama… waiting so bad this drama end, so I can marathon watch this eps by eps til the end… 😀

  689. 689 : Dave Says:

    Since hotel king about to finish i recone you guy watch joseaon gunman by lee jin ki 😉

  690. 690 : geegee Says:

    sorry.. But im going to rewatch again it when it ends hahaha

  691. 691 : reindeer song Says:

    Ah come on people this drama is not the worst. It has suspense and good acting, my only drawback was Monet, her childish antics still give me agita, but all in all it was well acted. Do you want me to name off the worst dramas? well it willtake to long…ending of 2013 continuing into 2014 had many BAD dramas, thought the writer was trying new avenue they still did not come up to snuff, good storyline truly egregious ending.

  692. 692 : KDCraze Says:

    @Dave 690, I’ve watched Joseon Gunman also. Lee Jun Ki is great. It’s a good historical drama but the story isn’t the best so far. At the moment my favourite drama currently aired are: Come! Jang Bo Ri, Wonderful Days, Hotel King, Joseon Gunman and Fated To Love You.
    If Hotel King can finished the rating in no 3 or 4 is good enough because it’s hard to beat Wonderful Days and Come! Jang Bo Ri which aired the same day Sat & Sun.

  693. 693 : traceykim Says:

    @youyang: maybe u dislike melodrama, babe 😉

  694. 694 : reindeer song Says:

    I am on episode 13, when is Monet going to grow up and start thinking for herself? Will her character ever matures, always depandable on other people. She does no work all she does is feign over Jaewan, walk around in pretty frocks,but again that is all KDramas is about, all the women sit at desk inventing ways to hurt others or just sublimely stupid, then demand respect from other, when they are as dumb as a box of rocks!

  695. 695 : rachel Says:

    When i started watching this on line I do love the story and of course the great acting of the two main characters. I fell in love in every scene that the story shows through the strong, intensity, and truthfulness of the main characters love. I also appreciate how all the scenes are greatly made to make the show beautiful.

  696. 696 : Ar Says:

    I don’t know what should I do after Hotel King ends……this drama is soooo beautiful, my weekend would be sooo empty 🙁

  697. 697 : Hannah Says:

    I know what Roman Lee did is a bad thing, but I’m actually glad that he stepped in and took an action on his own. Jung Gu has lived long enough, and he never knew how to repent. Jae Wan may never win over him because he’s his father, but old man, you surely had mistaken Roman Lee. After all, he was a gangster once. You did bad things to his mom, you’re gonna pay worse.

    And for the first time, I find Roman Lee sexy!

  698. 698 : Piqueek Says:

    I disagree. Roman Lee did the right thing. If the old geezer dies and none of it went through the judicial system, it saves the taxpayer thousands.

    Like you said, he doesn’t know the meaning of repentance, which means he’s a psychopath who will wreak havoc on the lives of so many if he had to just to keep his rich life style.

  699. 699 : Lime Says:

    @youyang,if u dislike the drama y waste ur time here bcz this is probably for the HK lovers.bt i can tell u have a very bad standard of judging k-drama

  700. 700 : aljan Says:

    I never comment on any drama before. but seriously don’t waste your time, the acting is really bad, i mean literally what you called over-acting and the plot is just ugly and so unrealistic.

  701. 701 : ren Says:

    this is one of the best drama, excellent writing…so far ..I seen all currently shown drama on their 1st to 2nd episodes..all of them was boring except hotel king from the beginning , you will be curious and excited..very intense drama with adorable love story of lee dae hae and lee dong wook…they both acted well as if they are lovers…so lovable and beautiful couple..you can feel their love to each other..sweet and so romantic..and the story is awesome…

  702. 702 : missrose Says:

    When i first read the synopsis, I didnt like it but decided to watch because of LDW, as i have seen him in many dramas before, but after the very first episode, i knew already i have fallen in love with it.. its completely an interesting drama.. wish they can make more like this story instead of some alien from space like stories

  703. 703 : Miley Says:

    I love this drama! Very compelling and the love story of the two lead characters are so awesome to watch. Lee Dong Wook and Lee Da Hae are the best love team I ‘ve have ever watched in any Kdramas ,followed by Jang Hyuk and Jang Nara. Their chemistry are so great ! Wished this won’t be the last time they would be paired. They let look so real and so good as screen lovers.i ship them as couple of the year!

  704. 704 : Patricia Says:

    This drama has it all – comedy, twist and turn, and finality. It is all rounded and the story is not boring at all. Way to go!

  705. 705 : Youyang Kim Says:

    I love all most of all the Lee Dae Hae’s melo and comedy dramas like, Miss Riply,Chuno,Hello Miss,My Girl,Iris 2,Green Rose. I am still her fan but I am not watching on this one.

    People should watch the new ones like “Fated to Love You” korean version, its the best.

  706. 706 : traceykim Says:

    DAE-BAKK! i juz finished eps 28..
    and how lucky Baek Mi Nyeo! she has 2 GREAT, HANDSOME, COOL n PERFECT sons! i do love Cha Jae Wan n Roman Lee. Both of him is the best SON in dramaland.

  707. 707 : torri Says:


  708. 708 : reindeer song Says:

    ALJAN! Koreans are known to over act, or as we say chewing the scenery. It stems from poor acting,.Generally speaking, the best acting is externally subtle, fo rme when I see the over acting in a drama I usually think oh it’s comedic, then I realize its a drama. So no fear lets enjoy the drama for what it is.

  709. 709 : maida Says:

    i dont get your comment , let paraphrase and correct me if i am wrong.u seem disappointed on korean actor skills in general rule and Of course HK .but why u make urself to watch ?! how u enjoy what u think is over the top and comedian

  710. 710 : Cherries4 Says:

    Hello everyone! Check out this awesome MV made by fans! 🙂
    Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cK6fCOgHKfQ&feature=youtu.be

    Seriously, watching this makes me excited for ChaMo couple! Enjoy! 🙂

  711. 711 : reindeer song Says:

    MAIDA, if you do not know then ask! I watch dramas they are entertaining, they have very good actors and very, very bad actors. Why are you Korean? Do you feel offended? I say it to any actor from any country. Read the trails and see for yourself, I am not the only person who says that. KOREANS tends to over act simple!!!! So what did you not understand?

  712. 712 : tan Says:

    Overall dis drama is good. i lyk suspense…how story goes, and linked wid different incidents. But only the drawback is, mone character. Her character Shld be strong, as she has to save hotel bt she end up in crying and dependent on cha jae wan. it is sometimes very iritating.

  713. 713 : maida Says:

    thank for sharing , it was awesome

  714. 714 : traceykim Says:

    @CHERRIES4: WOW! that’s a nice video. i like it so much.

  715. 715 : lumi Says:

    This drama is interesting from the first ep you’ ll never get bored with it.. I love it and im sad its gonna end this week..there is no drama,from what showing now, can take its place.

  716. 716 : Theresia Simanjuntak Says:

    Sad it’s going to finish. Hope I can see another kdrama by LDW & LDH. Or perhaps, they decide to become a real couple. Obsessed with them! 😀

    Time to seek another interesting kdrama….

  717. 717 : zainab Says:

    I live in UAE , and I’m crazy about this drama, I loved it all the actors are amazing , especially the main characters, the hero is so cold however he is just perfect, his romantic role is sweet can’t describe, keep up the good work, Ramadan Kareem 😃

  718. 718 : Racy Says:

    This drama rooocckks!!! Love the ending, love the story, love the lead actor and actress! This is just beyond perfection! I hope the two main lead (LDW and LDH) will have a project together again! Their chemistry is daebak! That was the best chemistry of a couple in K-Drama! IMO, there’s no other couple that have the same chem as them, no onw can beat their chem on and off screen! They feels and looks real! I LOVE HOTEL KING! Thanksss for a really good drama, I’m really enjoying every episode of this drama! 😀

  719. 719 : Charmaine Says:

    This drama is awesome!! Love LDW and LDH so much!! Their chemistry is the best!!! Definitely the best couple in kdramaland!! Hope that they can become a couple in real life too!! Hoping for another project for the both of them , preferably a rom-com;)) Donghae couple fighting!!

  720. 720 : KDCraze Says:

    Wow the last episode is beautiful. Perfect and beautiful ending. One of the best drama 2014 beside My Love From Another Star. Love the chemistry between LDW and LDH. The kissing scenes in this drama is just perfect. All the dresses worn by LDH is beautiful as well. Well written story, have melodrama, suspense, mystery and romance. Thanks for making such a good drama. I’m really really enjoyed this drama.

  721. 721 : lenywong Says:

    The last episode was very beautiful…but it could be more beautiful if LDW no doubt about their feeling toward each other…. Mo ne already said that he could treat her even better in the future… still he refused……but in the end they are married anyway……..ha ha ha …..
    nonetheless it was the best drama in year 2014…..the acting, script, CHEMISTRY>>>WOW>>>>WOW>>>>Daebak……love to see you two have another drama again in the mean time …not in the next 10 years like LDH said in her twitter….hi hi hi…. looking forward for other good drama….
    Le Da Hae fighthing and sarang hae

  722. 722 : tess Says:

    another series again for these two.love themsince my girl…….perfect couple………..

  723. 723 : Jenny Says:

    Love this drama and the main couple.

  724. 724 : maida Says:

    what i am supposed to say ? i loved this drama very much .i already have withdrawal symptoms .i found all other dramas boring
    @lenywong.he never doubt about his love to AMN , he has been feelung guilty that his father who at his last moment of life told him i loved , thank you couldn’t be able to save him .that father killed AMN father So he is sorrow and don’t want her to suffer with him .u kniw he has been feeling guilty for killing gangster for 20 years.u know though he had to separate from ceil and AMN but AMN should n’t let him leave for so long he never was able to make it without her so he had a collapse and keeps secrets again

  725. 725 : tigerb Says:

    in like many k.dramas i’ve watched, the parents past issues make up the convoluted confusion in the lives of the current characters. answers needed to be revealed, and they were, gradually, making the following episodes’ pace slower towards the end. i read somewhere that some viewers prefer to watch a wedding at the end of a romantic drama, so the ending here is to many hearts delight. but i think if it were in real life, the hotel king should have stuck to his original decision not to marry the chairman. there would always be a chance in their married life that the chairman could bring up the ugly past involving her father, the hotel king and the chairman’s father, causing unbearable heartaches and eventual ugly results. it was worth watching ldw act in this series.

  726. 726 : mitch Says:

    …masterpiece indeed! a big round of applause to the actors, directors, scriptwriter, staff and crew of HOTEL KING! this kdrama is perfect! all the episodes were worth watching! this will be added to my favorite kdrama. kudos!

  727. 727 : lumi Says:

    This feeling of emptiness after hotel king… nothing more can say.. im just sad very sad

  728. 728 : Carmarie Says:

    I loved Hotel King and it has become one of my favorite Kdramas. I liked the fact that they actually talked to each other. Although Mo Nae was soft and tender she was resolute in her love for Cha Jae Won. Mo Nae had a quite strength. It is not always the up-in-your-face person that has the strength, it is the one that sticks it out until the end.
    I am glad that the mother came back to herself; however, she had softened. Although she tried to be as hard-nosed as she was before, she could not control her grandsons – so funny. I only wish they would have showed Roman Lee at the end. Overall, Hotel King was a great drama with fantastic acting, wow chemistry between LDW and LDH, and excellent writing and directing. Kudos to the entire Hotel King cast. There should be some awards at the end of the year! I am now looking for another drama to replace this one. I like Marriage before Dating, but it is not in the class as Hotel King.

  729. 729 : naysa Says:

    i love this drama so much T.T im always waiting for each eps. on every sat and sunday. but today no more hotelking and im a bit sad T.T
    im in love with the chemist of DH and DW bring to us. their chemistry is much SUPERBBB than ever. i wont found any couple besides themT.T
    i miss MN and JW too<3 Hotel King part 2 pleaseeeee~^^ hope i can see these two couples be on screen again for the 3rd time! i beg u to the producer who would like to put them again in dramas! im waiting a good news! <333333

  730. 730 : dhini Says:

    i love you ……lee dong wook

  731. 731 : twaeli Says:

    Overall i like this drama. Acting was realli awesome THUMBS UP!!! 🙂 romance was so cute and so different from other Korean dramaz.
    But, the suspense in this drama regarding chairman’s death, Beak Mi Yeon’s past, what happened to them was not clearly portrayed. I m bit disappointed that the writer not clearly communicated what exactly happened in the chairman’s office during his death, what exactly Lee Joong Ko did to chairman.
    As from the very first episode the hype was so much created regarding the revenging story of hotel, that it seems lyk everything will be cleared till the last episodes. But the story just end by showing 1 small scene on the other part (lyk baek mi nyeo enters in chairman rum after that incident happened and so).

  732. 732 : puan fathim Says:

    I very like this drama..10 star i give this drama..thumb up!!!…

  733. 733 : maida Says:

    I like HK and I missed it very much

  734. 734 : Momo Says:

    This drama wasn’t that great. It was poorly written especially towards the end of the series. There were several good episode streaks but unfortunately, it didn’t suffice. If it weren’t for the cast, ratings would have probably went down by a lot.

    I watched this series because of the reunion between Lee Da Hae & Lee Dong Wook, and I think they had a better chemistry in “My Girl”.

  735. 735 : Racy Says:

    I missed HK soooooo much 🙁 my weekend feels so empty 🙁 this drama is really good to watch!

  736. 736 : Johana Says:

    Really a great drama… must to watch… 2 thumb up for LDW & LDH…
    Hope i can see LDW in his new drama…. already missed him for now….

  737. 737 : minniebell Says:

    Lee Dongwook and Lee Dahae did great job in this drama. Their chemistry are the best! I missed Cha Jae Wan and Ah Mo Ne!!

  738. 738 : Hannah Says:

    I know it’s been a few weeks since this drama ended. But seriously, my weekends have never felt so empty before. I really miss the feeling of waiting for the weekend so that I can watch this drama. I don’t care what others say that this drama is too draggy, I still love it. 32 eps are worth watching. Dong Wook oppa, I miss you so much. ChaMo couple, fighting! 🙂

  739. 739 : maida Says:

    same feeling chinguo 🙂

  740. 740 : Dolly Says:

    Lee Da Hae talks about a bed scene that she had with Lee Dong Wook

  741. 741 : Dolly Says:

    Sorry – I see the website didn’t open — so I just copied it. It was from an interview – I think it was from Entertainment News

    Lee Da Hae talked about a bed scene that she had with Lee Dong Wook.

    On August 3rd, actress Lee Da Hae, who recently finished casting in MBC drama ‘Hotel King,’ appeared on MBC ‘Section TV’ for an interview.

    During the interview, the reporter asked Lee Da Hae about the bed scene that she had with Lee Dong Wook, and Lee Da Hae said, “The director told us to do it as our will.”

    Lee Da Hae went on, “I was a bit worried, so I went to Dong Wook, but he was just kept playing game with his cellphone. As I started talking about it, he just told me that he will handle it well.”

    Lee Da Hae also said, “I hoped he would speak something more than that, but he really did well when the actual shooting began. I think things went very smooth because we knew each other very well.”

    /Reporting by Jeong Ju-Ri [email protected]

  742. 742 : cuity17 Says:

    Fell bad… Knowing that I’ve finished watched this hiks..hiks.. This drama is awesome…. ,the story line…ck..ck..ck.. The writernim, I wonder where did u get all these characters n ideas (2 thumbs up) n build them as a good story… Beyond my imagination ha..ha..ha.. Just wondering,, if there is someone has the same story with cha je wan’s character here on this earth??? Poor of him/her…ha..ha..I.like the most of this drama bcoz the background is about hotelier.. Good acting for old actor/actress LDH n KHS, hate you a lot Mr. LDH..ha..ha..ha you are a good actor, you so perfect potray LJG… Love seeing LDW character here so cool..and LDH as well… All episode its good not boring at all, esp start eps 26 to 32. huuufff tomorrow…my day will not b the same anymore without HK…:D, and the goodside…its the first time that my hubby accompanying me watched K-drama . thaks darliiiing ha..ha..ha.. :D. HK fightiiiiing!!!

  743. 743 : cuity17 Says:

    Hwaaww. LDW has a new drama “IRON MAN”, on KBS2 will be airing on sept…exciting!! Hope will “cure” my day, coz already missed him so much ha..ha..ha.. (Jumping n rolling) 🙂

  744. 744 : Jenny Says:

    Love this drama. Lee dong wook and lee da hae – the best couple ever.

  745. 745 : jennifer Says:

    I hope to see all the actors again but not writers nor the director. Thank u for actors doing their best with disappointing scripts. The leading actor and actress are the best.

  746. 746 : engellyn Says:

    i love lee da hae and lee dong wook .. the first time i saw them in my girl .. i was attracted by them because they have a chemistry . i hope there will be another korean drama that they will be the lead role.

  747. 747 : engellyn Says:

    guys we need to support their team ..LEE DONG WOOK AND LEE DA HAE 🙂 😀

  748. 748 : deb Says:

    5 stars for this drama. Lee dong wook and Lee da hae hope can see you both again in one frame.

  749. 749 : Jenny Says:

    I love this Kdrama very very much..The lead actor & actress are excellent. Hope to see Lee Dong Wook and Lee Da Hae again in another drama. They have a very good chemistry together.. More better if they can be a real couple…

  750. 750 : engellyn Says:

    i miss there chemistry.._Lee Da Hae and Lee Dong Wook .. i hope that both of them there will be another korean drama that will air here in the Philippines because i miss there loveteam.

  751. 751 : Weena Says:

    Im still watching each episode over and over again.. and the feelings are still the same, sooo inlove with Donghae.. This is the best Korean Drama for me.. I hope there will another DongHae Drama.. Best actor for Lee Dong Wook!!

  752. 752 : cecil Says:

    that’s why i am sooo in love with you lee dong wook!!!

  753. 753 : cecil Says:

    marry me pls pls pls

  754. 754 : Autumn Grace Says:

    Two thumbs up really to the lead casts of the KD as well as to the brilliant people behind the scene. This is really a work of art. Applause to all the episodes especially in Ep. 27, OMG that was fantastic. LDW is really a superb actor. More projects to come! Sarang Hae LDW!

  755. 755 : choopatiu Says:

    I’ve watched Lee Dae Hae since her My girl days a few years back n the extreme changes in her physical appearance bothers me a little,i just don’t understand why such a good actress will go to the extreme to make herself look totally different from what she really looks like,a little improvement here n there maybe but not a total change,what is “BEAUTIFUL” to these people?

  756. 756 : Autumn Grace Says:

    A beautiful and satisfying ending is really a plus. 🙂 Well done!

  757. 757 : Jenny Says:

    I agree with you Weena.. HK is the bestest Kdrama, I love Donghae very much. Praying that they can be a real couple.. they are perfect for each other. Fighting Donghae couple!!

  758. 758 : Baby Says:

    Best drama 2014!!! Lee Dong Wook and Lee Dae Hae act really well here. Their chemistry is really good. Love everything about this drama. Great story! Keep watching this drama over and over again but still not bored at all. I hope Hotel King will win a lot of awards – such as best drama 2014 and best actor for my love Lee Dong Wook. I love Lee Dong Wook performance here. For all of you who didn’t watch this drama yet, don’t ever hesitate, just watch it as soon as possible and you won’t ever regret it because it’s really really good! Love this drama!

  759. 759 : rubylyl Says:

    where can i download koreandrama with english sub?

  760. 760 : rea Says:

    I’m still on eps 30. This drama is great..

  761. 761 : Rose Says:

    I like Song Chae Kyung and Soo Ann. I like the roles they play. Both are sophisticated and handle their selves well.

    Monet acts like a child at times – I don’t think it is cute or becoming.

    Ms. Baek is excellent – as you never know what is on her mind.

  762. 762 : LWin Says:

    I bought DVD of this drama. Spending 3 days of watching this is totally satisfied. Lee Dong Wook and Lee Da Hae are so adorable together. Strong story line, good acting of all cast. As @Baby says this is one of the best drama of 2014.

  763. 763 : Eliza Says:

    HOTEL KING the best drama for me.
    From ep.1 to ep.32 wow superb I really like it. The story is nice & wonderful.
    The cast was amazing, they are so good.
    Lee dong wook & lee da hae forever,
    More drama & movies to come.

  764. 764 : Juana love Says:

    best drama ever…..

  765. 765 : winter Says:

    LDW and LDH both are super actor and actress, best drama ever

  766. 766 : tina Says:

    Actor Lee dongwook is sooooo~ handsome, I love in with him and his drama hotelking^-^I think Lee dongwook is the best actor.

  767. 767 : 流年 Says:


  768. 768 : xia li Says:

    I love lee dong wook and lee da hae. Hope they become the real cp .

  769. 769 : Bi Yin Says:

    I love Hotel King…and love Cuople Dong.Hae soooooo much!

  770. 770 : Yaofang Says:

    이동욱, 이다해, 최고!hotelking 최고!

  771. 771 : little gal Says:

    luv u @ ms. baek u re so gud even in marriage without dating
    thumbs up for Ah no ne and G.M.

  772. 772 : shiny Says:


  773. 773 : winter Says:


  774. 774 : shiny Says:

    李多海,李东旭不愧是大韩民国演技最棒的情侣,收视率有没有大发并不能说明什么,hotel king 在中国接近四亿的点击量足以证明这部剧的优秀

  775. 775 : shiny Says:

    it’s the best drama in korea in2014

  776. 776 : shiny Says:

    fighting !!!

  777. 777 : summer Says:


  778. 778 : snow Says:

    fighting,i love lee dong wook and lee dae hae

  779. 779 : lirongxiong Says:

    donghai cp fighting

  780. 780 : chuqinghouyu Says:

    donghai CP fighting

  781. 781 : 芊芊木朵 Says:


  782. 782 : June Li Says:

    Really hope to see donghae couple in the ceremony!!

  783. 783 : cielito Says:

    anciosa de empezar a ver este nuevo drama

  784. 784 : lheidinred27 Says:

    i love hotel king..
    saranghae lee dong wook and lee da hae!…:)

  785. 785 : dreamer Says:

    fighting! Hotel King great…….

  786. 786 : Mickey Boon Says:

    This’s the best of the best drama series.I love love love all everything.I love Lee Dong Wook. He’s the best actor.I love the greatest heart of Cha Jae Won.Wow…That’s great.

  787. 787 : Luckygirl Says:

    One of my fave drama ever. Very dramatic and great plot. Actors were just fantastic. And I’ve discovered amazing actor Lee Dong Wook.

  788. 788 : kidandldx Says:

    I love Lee dong wool, fighting my idol!

  789. 789 : kidandldx Says:

    I love Lee dong wook, fighting my idol!

  790. 790 : Cathy Says:

    Please vote to Hotel king is getting 5 place and kee ping vote end in the day..keeping fighting vote and vote etc….

  791. 791 : Hang Says:

    I love Lee Dong Wook

  792. 792 : Tích Đỗ Says:

    Love Lee Dong wook and lee dae hae :333

  793. 793 : Sandara Says:

    Lee dong wook and lee da hae the best couple! Fighting !! Hotel King Jjang!

  794. 794 : hotel king Says:

    very good!

  795. 795 : sandstorm#1 Says:

    the best should win

  796. 796 : eufralyn Says:

    Voting for lee dong wook and lee da hae as best couple

  797. 797 : Verra92 Says:

    re-watch HK… Really Miss DongHae Couple


  798. 798 : Fungirl Says:

    Currently I’m watching Chinese/Taiwan drama Loving never forgetting (LNF). I just can’t help to compare it with Korean drama for eg Hotel King. In HK, whenever a rich girl wears clothes, From head to toe, she always immaculate and beautiful, complete with whatever assessories that she carry. It does reflect her rich status. However in LNF the girls are poorly dress. The way the rich girl dress, always tacky (low budget?), except in one party scene, the costume are alright. Seems that the rich is very stingy and does not know how to dress up. This rich girl always wear her white boot in almost every scene and her dress is cheap looking and gaudy. The heroine…. Hmmm granted, while is is poor, she keep wearing the same clothes in many scenes. It ok and in fact it’s good. But when she is now married to a rich guy, the way her dressing is still tacky, that I cannot comprehend!. It’ ridiculous that she even wear the same nighties every night. Few scenes show that she does not even get her hair wash for days!. Funny the guys actually are always dress up and some time overdressed too, while the girls are looking like coming from wetmarket? To make it worse, the acting are mostly wooden! Dear producer and director of Chinese drama, do something about the prop, don’t be too stingy with the budget. And the Chinese government wonder while they cannot sell their drama unlike the Korean. This is one of the reason!. Many youngsters in Asia like to buy everything Korean because what they see in the drama is always beautiful. Korean can sell clothes, jewellery etc to others because they market it well in the drama. I don’t want to buy any clothes resemble the actress in LNF at all. But the story is good though, in fact I would say among the best in 2014.

  799. 799 : Theresia Simanjuntak Says:

    I dont understand why Hotel King didnt win any awards on MBC Drama Awards 2014 yesterday. For me, HK is the best kdrama from MBC this year!

  800. 800 : melania Says:

    i really love this drama.. watching this drama relief our stress..best drama from MBC and best couple…their chemistry is so daebak..

  801. 801 : Woro Prawesti R Says:

    Jalan ceritanya bagus n chemistrinya dapat

  802. 802 : Carmarie Says:

    @ Theresia Simanjuntak

    I could not agree with you more. HK was one of the best dramas last year. It should have won some awards. I cannot understand it.

  803. 803 : Daisy Vega Says:

    Great drama! I especially loved the scene where Cha JaeWan’s brother, Lee JuHan, realizes CJW is his long lost brother. Also loved how the lead couple LDW & LDH just got each other. There’s great chemistry between them. A fabulous cast and everyone did a terrific job. This drama is worth watching! 🙂

  804. 804 : Red Bird Says:

    WOW great ,awesome drama (y) love lee dong wook and lee da hae….such beautiful story

  805. 805 : Hotel King Ep 9 | Best Google For Good night Says:

    […] Hotel King » Korean Drama – » Hotel King » Korean Drama Synopsis, Details, Cast and other info of all Korean Drama TV Series […]

  806. 806 : Honey4rmNigeria Says:

    I don’t know why u pple bother urself abt pple’s personal issue….. u hv also at 1 point in ur life wished u can change things about ur body bt d way we approach it are different….. So don’t judge…. anyways we are enjoying d melodrama here in Nigeria… I love Da hae’s acting she is quite good….especially when she chuckles… also love her patner.. Lee..dw… fighting..!!!! as Koreans say

  807. 807 : Mystry Pick Up Artist - pua Says:

    […] Hotel King » Korean Drama – » Hotel King » Korean Drama Synopsis, Details, Cast and other info of all Korean Drama TV Series […]

  808. 808 : merry.goo Says:

    Bosan dehh. Ceritanya sama aja. Stereotype. Bisa di teka. Ceritanya pon slow. Ngak suspen.

  809. 809 : 【94 i 配角 ❤ 】扒开衣服原来这么壯!不输孔刘的《鬼怪》阴间使者-李东旭 - Juksi Malaysia Says:

    […] 圖片來源:koreandrama […]

  810. 810 : Mana Says:

    I watch this drama now!really love it

  811. 811 : Throwback Thursday: real as K-drama fiction goes – thecolorofred Says:

    […] of Kim Hae Sook, whose Hitler-ish character as training manager of Hotel Ciel in the K-drama series Hotel King that starred my favorites Lee Dong Wook and Lee Da Hae was a novelty, who played the sacrificing […]

  812. 812 : reny laura mc Says:

    they should be couple in real.. the played twice and they always good.. and lee da he .. she’s the best … love this drama

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