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Hot Blood

Title: 열혈장사꾼 / Hot Blood
Chinese Title: 热血商人
Also known as: Passionate Entrepreneur / Hot-Blooded Salesman
Genre: Drama
Episodes: 20
Broadcast Network: KBS2
Broadcast period: 2009-Oct-10 to 2009-Dec-13
Air time: Saturday & Sunday 21:30


Revolves around penniless Ha Ryu who is driven by upward mobility and a thirst for personal success. Here is a man who can do whatever it takes to make money. He dreams of raking in 10 billion won by selling cars. Due to this wild idea, he is deemed crazy by everyone, but is ready to sell even his soul to become a billionaire. “I will make myself fully prepared to take every chance that lies ahead of me!!!”


Park Hae Jin as Ha Ryu (31, car salesman)
Chae Jung Ahn as Kim Jae Hee (31, car saleswoman)
Choi Chul Ho as Kang Seung Joo (32, Hwain Motors manager)
Jo Yoon Hee as Min Da Hae (26, Insurance company worker)

Extended cast

Cha Soo Yun as Sae Yeon (Ha Ryu’s ex-lover)
Han Ye Won as Ji Oh (Da Hae’s roommate & best friend)
Choi Jong Won as Ha Ryu’s father (60)
Jung Young Sook as Ha Ryu’s mother (late 50s)
Song Jae Ho as President Yoo (60, Dae Sang group president)
Kim Gyu Chul as Director Yoon (right-hand man of Dae Sang group president)
Lee Sung Min as Yang Man Chul (late 40s, salesman)
Jo Jin Woong as Lee Soon Gil (Mid 30s, car salesman)
Lee Won Jong as Mae Wang (Early 50s, car dealer)
Kang Jae Sub (강재섭) as Kim Duk Bae (late 30s, Kang Seung Joo’s secretary and driver)
Yun Je Wook
Kwak In Joon as movie director

Production Credits

Original Writing: Park In Kwon (박인권)
Screenwriter: Hong Seung Hyun (홍승현), Yoo Byung Woo (유병우)
Director: Kang Il Soo (강일수)
Producer: Ji Byung Hyun


The drama is an adaptation from a manhwa with the same title.

Episode Ratings

Date Episode Nationwide Seoul
2009-10-10 1 9.5 (13th) 9.4 (13th)
2009-10-11 2 9.6 (16th) 10.2 (13th)
2009-10-17 3 7.8 (<8.7)
2009-10-18 4 11.3 (11th) 11.6 (10th)
2009-10-24 5 9.3 (15th) 9.0 (17th)
2009-10-25 6 10.2 (12th) 10.9 (12th)
2009-10-31 7 8.3 (20th) (<8.6)
2009-11-01 8 10.5 (14th) 10.7 (14th)
2009-11-07 9 9.2 (14th) 9.7 (16th)
2009-11-08 10 11.0 (15th) 11.5 (14th)
2009-11-14 11 7.3 (<8.2)
2009-11-15 12 9.9 (20th) (<10.0)
2009-11-21 13 7.9 (20th) (<8.7)
2009-11-22 14 9.8 (15th) 10.9 (10th)
2009-11-28 15 6.8 (30th) (<8.3)
2009-11-29 16 9.2 (20th) 9.2 (20th)
2009-12-05 17 (<8.9) (<9.6)
2009-12-06 18 8.6 (24th) (<9.3)
2009-12-12 19 7.5 (<7.8)
2009-12-13 20 10.1 (15th) 10.6 (14th)

Source: TNS Media Korea

Official Site

Trailer I & Trailer II


  1. 1 : raz Says:


  2. 2 : arezou Says:

    it seem a good drama with PARK HAE JIN!

  3. 3 : arezou Says:


  4. 4 : siu2 Says:

    Oh…..it looks like an interesting drama, can’t wait to see this!

  5. 5 : Well Says:


  6. 6 : Christy Says:

    Park Hae Jin! Must watch!

  7. 7 : نونو الشقية Says:

    it looks good drama ….

    i like it ^_*

  8. 8 : lou8 Says:

    i love parh hae jin

  9. 9 : maryuk Says:

    nice work..good blog

  10. 10 : maryuk Says:

    download asian music=>> http://asian-drama-krkr.blogspot.com

  11. 11 : lou8 Says:

    ratings please…………………

  12. 12 : amktsy Says:

    seems to be not bad…
    will start watching once i am free. 🙂

  13. 13 : Jagiy Says:

    Love to see Park Hae Jin in the drama again. It’s a good drama.

  14. 14 : Jagiy Says:

    Love to see Park Hae Jin again in the drama. It’s a good drama.

  15. 15 : mangaman Says:

    Been watching the first few episodes, and something strikes me right away. This KDrama has the look and feel of a Japanese manga comic.

    From the hair styles on the “drop-dead” gorgeous actresses, to the stoic looks of the male characters, the manga influence is so obvious. They even have a Japanese grandfather figure with samurai sword, as well as the car salesmen who look like they came right out of a manga story.

    I suppose this drama was either tailored for the Japan market, or they hope to make a bundle when thay finally sell the broadcast rights to the Japan market. Glad to see it’s one show that doesn’t take itself so serious. Curious to see if the director or writers are into manga.

  16. 16 : mingbaihua Says:

    if the main actress who eventually ends up with ha ryu is not kim jaehee…i will be more than just disappointed with this drama…i dont really like the idea of ha ryu and min daehee considering the fact that kim jaehee is too pretty and cool a character to be wasted as a second actress.
    moral of the story…the drama will suck if kim jaehee and ha ryu dont end up together…and its not just my opinion..all my friends and literally everyone i know think alike.

  17. 17 : eugene Says:

    Yes the drama would be suck if HR and JH not end up together. have you watched ep 14 the ending scene. JH comes and hugs HR and he hugs her back and Dae Hee witness that scene. I love the ending of ep 14.

  18. 18 : lovelyMonster Says:

    I will really really disappoint if HR and JH not end up together.
    At the beginning I watch this drama because of Park Hae Jin.
    But now, I watch this drama because I love HR and JH so much.
    It’s very great if HR ♡ JH have happy ending. Otherwise, I feel that I waste my time to this drama

  19. 19 : efaa Says:

    I want Jaehee end up with Ha Ryu….pleaseeeeee..let it become true.. -_-
    Yes!it will feel that we are wasting our time watching this drama if Ha Ryu not end up with Jaehee..I hope director was good in making a decision..they look good together..

  20. 20 : eugene Says:

    Episode 16. Almost the end of the drama but the relationship between HR and JH still not goes far as i wished even DH and HR already break up. Hopefully, the director will make more than 20 episodes to let HR and JH have time with each other. If JH and HR not be together at the end, this drama is absolutely wasting everyone’s time.

  21. 21 : Me and I Says:

    im also hope ryu and jae hee e together at the end.still my one of my favorite drama

  22. 22 : diehard fan Says:

    Oh yes, I luv the ending of epi 14 and the part where HR went to looked for JH in the country and enjoying the bbq.So sad when Hr told JH that he preferred their relation like they have initially.Would hate the show if both of them din end up together lor. Anyone noe what the ending would be like?

  23. 23 : FLIP. Says:

    eh ? i want Da Hae and Ha Ryu to be togother .

  24. 24 : Kitabui Says:

    So sad 🙁
    Maybe HR and DH will end up together.
    I love HR&JH more.

  25. 25 : funnyghost Says:

    Me too :((
    what reason do I continue… ‘Cause the love sence of Ryu and Dae Hee? No, I isn’t intersted in it initially.
    Thought I like PHJ acting, but I don’t see the chemistry of Ryu and Dae Hee, I just see the Ryu’s eyes always direct toward Jae Hee.

  26. 26 : hong Says:

    The songs sound good though. Any info on the OST?

  27. 27 : sarmina Says:

    i lOvE hOt bLood sO mUcH!
    eVen tHough i dOnt uNderstand thE liNes,,
    bUt thAnKs tO tHe sUbtItLe,,
    iT dOesNt fAil tO mAkE mE cRy iN eVery ePisOde!!
    hOpE tHat iT wIlL aIr iN thE phIliPpinEs sOonEr oR lAter!!!

  28. 28 : ehaminnie Says:

    love hot blood so much!!! i love Da Hae and Ha Ryu!!
    hope dey end up together^.^

  29. 29 : Kitabui Says:

    Haryu and Da Hae will end up toghether 🙁
    I finally watch the latest ep.
    Jae Hee ended up alone >.

  30. 30 : paul Says:

    I want jae hee and ryu but is ok if not…hot blood is very good drama dont judge the the drama base on rating alone he he korean drama is so good!

  31. 31 : Arai Says:

    Is this drama good?i’ll try to watch…

  32. 32 : mingbaihua Says:

    its definite NOT ok if jae hee and ha ryu dont end up together!!!
    i want them together.
    dae hee character is pretty lame and blank.
    the drama is good but pairing is not!

  33. 33 : kdramaLova Says:

    seriously!! ha ryu and dae hee end up together… poor jae hee 🙁 i wanted jae hee nd ha ryu to end up together :(((( i dnt wnt to wtch this drama anymore..

  34. 34 : chantrea Says:

    It is a inspire movie. Like to watch it so much. I think it’s good that Ra Hye Da Hae be together. Like those couple 🙂

  35. 35 : Laftis Says:

    Question: In esp. 4 how could Kang Seung Joo drove his car with a hand break on. Wonder if anybody can move their car while having the hand break on like he does hehehe:)

  36. 36 : LP Says:

    whole drama with English sub @ http://www.dlaznmovies.com/2010/02/hot-blood.html

  37. 37 : FURIOUS JANE Says:


  38. 38 : GIGI Says:

    i love so mush this drama

  39. 39 : Park hae jin fans Says:

    i really didn’t like MDH, she is very2 ugly,,
    Jae Hee more beautiful than MDH,,
    Uhrggg,, 🙁

  40. 40 : mutiara Says:

    it’s interesting, i’m gonna watch this… 😀

  41. 41 : sang hee Says:

    i just started watching this drama & i’m liking it, like other kdramas this one is also addictive! i like ha ryu i think he’s determined and a very honest guy!

  42. 42 : ardhan Says:

    i wanna see this, it seems interesting

  43. 43 : nining Says:

    i feel upset of this drama,, hmm 🙁

  44. 44 : mel Says:

    i wanna watch this.. looks like so interesting..

  45. 45 : ade Says:

    i like korean drama…

    i wanna watch this.. ^^

  46. 46 : nining Says:

    i love korean drama..

  47. 47 : haejin-yoonhee lover Says:

    HAEJIN-YOONHEE LOOKS SOOO LOVEABLE. THEY MUST GET TOGETHER IN REAL. I’M VERY PLEASURE TO THIS COUPLE. <33 HAEJIN IS PRINCE AND YOONHEE IS PRINCESS!! I'M SUPPORT HAE-YOON'S LOVE! you must watch this drama guys, this drama give you so many lesson 🙂 since this story complicated but it's fine. i love this korean drama

  48. 48 : toh quan ming Says:

    when is this korean drama dvd to be released?

  49. 49 : ptsh836 Says:

    @Furious Jane (#37): did we get this disc fr the same dealer?? the subtitles did me in; had me brains in a jumble trying to decipher what nice elephant (how siang), the room tt grows (hui chang), calculate (suan leh) all literal & direct translations fr the chinese subs presumably done by experts in china…i was so tortured mentally i wanted to throw the whole disc into the rubbish bin…but park hae jin (ha ryu) saved me with that handsome face of his n his superb acting…never really got to finish this drama….a pity really otherwise the story seems fresh n interesting.

  50. 50 : Amanda Says:

    I like HOT BLOOD. I like ha ryu and jae hee so much.

  51. 51 : casper Says:

    i like dahae with ryu….

  52. 52 : zarima Says:

    it has a good ending… worth watching 😛

  53. 53 : sttears Says:

    I love it, and i love the Haryu and Dahae pairing despite what anyone says! It was already predictable that Jaehee would end up alone because she wad in for the competition of car selling against seungjo

  54. 54 : Hower J. Says:

    [email protected]

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