Chae Jung An

Chae Jung An, born in Busan, South Korea as Jang Jung An, is a Korean actress and singer.

As a child, she was fond of music and wanted to become an actress. During her school days, she was often seen on the stage with her classmates.
She completed her degree from Dongguk University in Theatre and Film. She had won the Johnson & Johnson’s Clean Face Contest as a teenager and that was a stepping stone to her career in films and television. As a result, she landed a role in the MBC serial, ‘Three Guys and Three Girls’ in 1996 while she was still in university.

Chae began her career as a singer and actress simultaneously. Her debut studio album ‘Cruel’ became an instant hit in 1998, for which she was awarded the New Artist Award at the 10th Seoul Music Awards. It did not take long for Chae to make her mark in the South Korean show business and get recognized as a talented actress with great potential. In 2001, she played the lead role in the television serial ‘Mi-na’ which was aired on KBS2. She exhibited her acting and singing skills in the role of an incapacitated singer.

Chae Jung An married a marketing company board member in 2005 but got divorced a year and a half later. Unlike many South Korean actresses who lost popularity after their divorce, she made her post-divorce comeback with a lead role in the serial ‘Coffee Prince’.

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Chae Jung An Facts

Native Name: 채정안

Birth Name: Jung Ahn Chae

Nationality:  Korean

Birth Date: September 9, 1977

Gender: Female

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