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High Society

High Society 03

Title: 상류사회 / High Society
Chinese Title: 上流社會
Previously Known as: Chaebol’s Daughter / True Romance
Genre: Family, Romance
Episodes: 16
Broadcast network: SBS
Broadcast period: 2015-June-08 to 2015-July-28
Air time: Monday & Tuesday 22:00


Jang Yoon Ha (UEE) is the youngest daughter of a chaebol family, but she longs to find a man who will love her and not her wealth. So she goes to work at a food market and pretends that she comes from a poor background.

Meanwhile, Yoon Ha’s manager is Choi Joon Ki (Sung Joon), a man who is determined to succeed to leave his destitute upbringing behind him. He even begins to think that marrying a well-connected woman will finally give him the lifestyle he desperately seeks. In her job, Yoon Ha makes fast friends with her co-worker, Lee Ji Yi (Im Ji Yun), and also meets Yoo Chang Soo (Park Hyung shik), the heir to the mall conglomerate where the food market is located. Chang Soo is very accustomed to his well-to-do lifestyle and enjoys having women fawn all over him because of his wealth. That’s why he is intrigued by Yoon Ha’s complete lack of interest in him. Will Yoon Ha be able to find true love, or will she learn that money and love can’t be separated as easily as she had hoped? (Viki.com)


Main Cast

UEE as Jang Yoon Ha
Sung Joon as Choi Joon Ki
Kim Hyun Bin as Joon Ki (young)
Park Hyung shik as Yoo Chang Soo
Im Ji Yun as Lee Ji Yi

Jang Yoon Ha’s Family

Yoon Joo Sang as Jang Won Sik (Yoon Ha’s father)
Goo Doo Shim as Min Hye Soo (Yoon Ha’s mother)
Lee Sang Woo as Jang Kyung Joon (Yoon Ha’ elder brother)
Yoon Ji Hye as Jang Ye Won (Yoon Ha’s oldest sister)
Yoo So Young as Jang So Hyun (Yoon Ha’s second older sister)


Bang Eun Hee as Kim Seo Ra
Nam Myung Ryul as Choi Young Ho
Yang Hee Kyung as Lee Min Sook
Choi Yong Min as Director Hong
Jung Kyung Soon as Chang Soo’s mother
Seol Ji Yoon as Section Chief Kim
Jung Sung Yoon as Yoo Min Soo
Kim Dong Gyun as employee of Yumin department store
Lee Seung Hyung as Director Song
Lee Moon Jung as Lee Min Jung
Kwon Soo Hyun as Lee Tae Gun
Kim Ik Tae


Park Jung Soo as food market customer (ep.1)
Kim Mi Ryeo as food market customer (ep.2)

Production Credits

Production Company: HB Entertainment (HB 엔터테인먼트)
Producer: Han Jung Hwan
Director: Choi Hyung Hun
ScriptWriter: Ha Myung Hee


Moon Geun Young and Park Seo Joon were previously offered the lead roles, but declined the offers after that.

– Early title was “재벌의 딸 / Chaebol’s Daughter” and then changed to “트루 로맨스 / True Romance”. Now, The Title is using “상류사회 / High Society”.


2015 SBS Drama Awards:New Star Awards – Park Hyung Sik (High Society)
2015 SBS Drama Awards:New Star Awards – Im Ji Yeon (High Society)
2015 SBS Drama Awards: Excellence Actor (Mini Series): Park Hyung Sik (High Society)
2015 Korea Drama Festival Award – New Actress: Im Ji yeon (High Society)

Episode Ratings

    Nationwide Seoul Nationwide Seoul
2015-06-08 1 6.7 7.6 7.3 (20th) 7.7 (18th)
2015-06-09 2 6.9 8.4 (17th) 7.0 (20th) 7.6 (18th)
2015-06-15 3 6.7 8.8 (18th) 7.7 (18th) 9.1 (15th)
2015-06-16 4 6.9 8.8 (15th) 8.2 (16th) 9.9 (10th)
2015-06-22 5 7.6 (19th) 9.5 (13th) 9.1 (12th) 10.4 (7th)
2015-06-23 6 7.8 (19th) 10.2 (10th) 9.8 (8th) 11.3 (6th)
2015-06-29 7 7.1 8.2 (18th) 9.1 (13th) 10.9 (5th)
2015-06-30 8 7.6 (20th) 9.4 (15th) 8.9 (17th) 9.8 (11th)
2015-07-06 9 7.3 9.3 (14th) 9.4 (12th) 10.9 (5th)
2015-07-07 10 7.0 9.3 (12th) 9.2 (12th) 10.2 (6th)
2015-07-13 11 7.3 9.6 (14th) 9.4 (13th) 10.5 (8th)
2015-07-14 12 7.8 (16th) 10.5 (7th) 9.6 (9th) 10.4 (5th)
2015-07-20 13 7.4 9.1 (14th) 9.5 (13th) 10.7 (8th)
2015-07-21 14 8.3 (16th) 10.3 (11th) 9.8 (12th) 10.7 (7th)
2015-07-27 15 8.4 (13th) 10.2 (9th) 9.7 (11th) 10.7 (9th)
2015-07-28 16 8.7 (14th) 11.2 (7th) 10.1 (9th) 11.1 (5th)

Sources: TNmS Media Korea & AGB Nielsen Korea

*** Different between TNmS Media Korea & AGB Nielson – Here


High Society Poster1 High Society Poster2 High Society Poster3

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  1. 1 : Vanessa Says:

    Hmmmm sounds likes it might be a good love story hmm 🙂

  2. 2 : bitbit Says:

    this `will be a nice love story

  3. 3 : RunawayRyuki Says:

    Sung Joon oppa….. 😍😘😍

  4. 4 : donidonita Says:

    I’m waiting for this drama… sung joon be a lead male… can’t wait for his acting and be a couple with UEE… daebaaakkk… fightiiing

  5. 5 : lamia24 Says:

    i think i will give it a try because it seems a good love story

  6. 6 : ikram Says:

    Love all uee drama.can’t wait to see her here☺

  7. 7 : damn Says:

    smell a very huge flop drama..

  8. 8 : Sandy 2 Says:

    I was excited to see that Sung Joon was going to be in a new drama. I was extremely disappointed to see that the lead female was Uee. Sorry but her acting is not up to par–at least it wasn’t in her last drama. I may have to give this one a pass. Sorry Sung Joon.

  9. 9 : amira Says:

    i don’t like the lead actor but i am goibg to watch it because of uee

  10. 10 : rr Says:

    another drama for uee this year.

  11. 11 : drama lover Says:

    its got better synopsis unlike producer’

  12. 12 : lauren Says:

    i like to fine Uee and sung joon together, hope t a good drama.ciayoo

  13. 13 : lauren Says:

    horee Uee and sung joon together

  14. 14 : Kdramarocks Says:

    Finally! Main rich girl and main poor guy in a drama.

  15. 15 : choi Says:

    Is the lead male actor sung joon? I like him but i ‘d love if the lead male is hyung sik

  16. 16 : minimai Says:

    Sung joon…xixixii…must watch…

  17. 17 : okta fitri yanti Says:

    sung joon kove you …

  18. 18 : raionkisaki Says:

    I am definitely gonna watch this drama.
    I love UEE.
    And also a fan of Sung Joon and Park Hyung Shik.
    Will have a tough time cheering them.

  19. 19 : High Society Says:

    It here, High Society channel on Youtube, Watch to Update High Society Ep 1 https://youtu.be/11FDugMidf4

  20. 20 : kim nC Says:

    Hate Uee, not watching

  21. 21 : annie Says:

    Me too not a fan of Uee. will not waste my time watching.

  22. 22 : hiravee Says:

    Uninterested at all to watch the drama. I love sung joon but dislike the female lead of this drama. Who is the girl? is she famous?

  23. 23 : bigeye Says:

    i cant wait for new drama bec i love korea lot very much

  24. 24 : amira Says:

    i watch this drama only because of uee ,i don’t know about the other cast because all i know is tha uee is the best actress ever

  25. 25 : amira Says:

    @hiravee she’s the best actress ever,she’s a member of afterschool one of the famous kpop girl group,all her drama are overrrated ,also she was in many variety show like barefootfreind and running man

  26. 26 : nana Says:

    uee fighting love you and your the best

  27. 27 : ikram Says:

    uee fighting

  28. 28 : Hidden Identity Ep 1 hightlight Says:

    Wow, Hidden Identity Ep 1 hightlight https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4BTxuHNVjdc

  29. 29 : Adeul Says:

    I wonder if this is loosely drawing from the Hollywood movie of the same name? That movie was awful and with as much cheap as tinsel town can muster. The only “nice” in it was Grace Kelly.

  30. 30 : Carmarie Says:

    I watched the first episode of High Society and I enjoyed it. I am looking forward to the next episode.

  31. 31 : Carmarie Says:

    Kim Nc & hirvee,

    Freedom of speech is great, but knowing what to say and not to say is even better. Along with freedom of speech comes responsibility. One of those responsibilities is to mindful of others feelings and not blatantly attack others, especially when you do not know them personally.

    If you have an opinion about a person’s body of work, then by all means express that opinion. If you do not like a drama for whatever reason, by all means express that opinion. If you do not like a character, the direction of the drama or the writing, please express your opinion, but to say you hate someone, you can keep that opinion to yourself. The freedom to keep some thoughts to yourself is divine.

    I am now getting off my soap box.

    I am looking forward to this drama and I hope that I am entertained by the characters, script, and direction of the drama.

  32. 32 : hiravee Says:

    @amira: Hem,, I am sorry Amira, I don’t follow korean reality show development only korean drama or korean movie. I love the drama which is roled by senior generations such as kim sun ah, han yo jo, park shin hye, park min yok, lee yo won, Kim So-yeon (I need romance 3), may be I’m getting old so I need th drama which can bring emotional feeling while watching the drama. I support sung joon for his latest drama but not to watch…..hehehe

  33. 33 : OK OK OK Says:

    EP 1 after watching – it really capture my interest. – no boring moment so far.
    Sung Joon in Jacket suit is very very suave…… 😛

  34. 34 : OK OK OK Says:

    UEE is getting prettier and prettier. In fact all the leads are acting well.
    Don’t like UEE supermarket close girlfriend who is interested in Sung Joon.
    Trying to act cute but not cute. kind of scary….. ha ha

  35. 35 : Jefri Says:

    amira- what do you mean by ‘all her dramas are overrated’, do you know the meaning of overrated? In fact the drama, Okajgyo Brothers was very popular and received good ratings and won multiple awards at the Beaksang Arts Awards in 2012 and KBS Drama Awards in 2011 and again in 2013 at the MBC Drama Awards for the Excellence Actress award for her drama, Golden Rainbow. She was even nominated for the popular actress award recently at the Beaksang Arts Award in 2015 for Hogu’s Love!

    damn- It’s only the first episode and you are so certain it’s gonna be a flop! Such a pity coz you didn’t give it a chance. Go watch other dramas you like and let others like myself who are fans of the main stars enjoy this new exciting drama.

  36. 36 : Jefri Says:

    Sandy 2, Kim nC, annie, hiravee-
    I agree with Carmarie that you should not hurt other people’s feelings and it’s better to keep your hurtful opinion to yourselves. Obviously you are not her fan but be mindful of what you say coz there are others who disagree with you. Please respect the feelings of others.
    It’s best you don’t watch and let others like myself enjoy it and there is no need for you to leave those hurtful comments. There is no reason to hate a particular actress especially if you don’t know her personally but I sincerely hope it’s not just pure jealousy. She works real hard to be where she is now. Furthermore, she is merely following the script and the success of a drama doesn’t depend on one person only. I thoroughly enjoyed the first episode and looking forward to the next.

  37. 37 : ikram Says:

    the 1 and 2 ep were great can’t wait for te next monday .the cast is so good in their act

  38. 38 : Adeul Says:

    Is it Sung Joon and UEE the main couple in this drama?

  39. 39 : b Says:

    I enjoy watching this drama i love the actor but i dont know why i prefer uee with hyung sik

  40. 40 : Hannah Says:

    For those who said they didn’t wanna watch this drama because of UEE, you guys are missing a great drama (just saying). I don’t favor UEE, but I don’t have any problem with her acting.

    Watched 2 episodes of this drama, I already love this drama! I like most of the characters except for Yoon Ha’s supermarket friend. She looks like she will become Yoon Ha’s rival in the future.

    I agree with @b, I prefer UEE with Hyung Sik too!

    And I hope Lee Sang Woo oppa’s character will stay the same. Warm and gentle. I love how he’s being protective towards Yoon Ha. 🙂

  41. 41 : 상류사회 high society engsub full Says:

    상류사회 high society engsub full

  42. 42 : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1kxTGTxbjKA&index=7&list=PLL9Db_-5NHfAuxPE0bOwCA7CjnC17-nmz Says:

    상류사회 high society engsub full Episode 2 Here

  43. 43 : OK OK OK Says:

    writer nim
    please, even if UEE end up with Sung Joon in the end, please DO NOT pair up Park Hyung shik as Yoo Chang Soo with Im Ji Yun as Lee Ji Yi.

    In this drama, Im Ji Yun is not adorable at all. 🙁

  44. 44 : fuzzzy Says:

    i like the tandem of uee and hyung shik more ;))

  45. 45 : Adeul Says:

    I agree. Is it the directing, the script or the acting? Too afraid to say its the acting in case I “offend”. The chemistry is not really happening between the couples. I like the two male leads more than the actresses.

  46. 46 : samsam Says:

    I like the carisma between the lead actor .uee acting is baebak

  47. 47 : Carmarie Says:


    If you feel it is the acting, I don’t see a problem with expressing that opinion. It is when someone says…I hate this person or that person. Once it is framed that way, then they are not talking about the director, writer, or the person’s acting abilities, they are talking about the person.

    Example: I would never say that I hate you because I do not know you to hate you; however, I can disagree with your point of view and say so and why I disagree. We never have to see eye to eye; however, we can be mindful of how we express our disagreements. I would not want to write something that would be personally hurting to you or anyone else.

    I happen to agree with you that after watching episode two I do not see the chemistry between either couple; however, I can see the chemistry developing between UEE’s and Sung Joon’s characters, but I cannot see Park Hyung Shik and Im Ji Yun characters together unless the writers change the script. Yoo Chang Soo might be drawn to Lee Ji Yi initially; however, I cannot see him falling for her. Not having money is not her problem, it is that she does not have anything to offer him. When Choi Joon Ki asks her why she thinks the market is loosing money, she said something to the effect that she does not think about those things. Really, it is your livelihood, why would you not have an opinion on why the market is loosing money or what could be done to make it better. As I said before, LJI has nothing to offer YCS.

  48. 48 : freedomdemon Says:

    난 시놉시스에 매료되었다!!!!! (*v *)
    또한 주요 배우 (성준)과 여배우 (유이), 내가 가장 좋아하는 배우!!!!! (~v ~)
    수 있다면, 그것은 일상에서 해제 될 수 있음을 기원합니다!!!!! (Ov O)

    I was fascinated by the synopsis!!!!! (^. ^)
    Also, the main actors (Sung Joon) and actress (Yui), my favorite actors!!!!! (@v @)
    If you can, I pray that it may be released in everyday!!!!! (**o **)

  49. 49 : sheli Says:

    UEE is a member of a kpop group ”after school”.
    i liked her dramas ”you’re beautiful” but she’s not leading lady there.
    and ”golden rainbow”.
    this year she has 2 dramas. this one ”high society” and ”ho goo’s love”.
    all her dramas are good and also the ratings are good but this one is not.

  50. 50 : sheli Says:

    I think you’re a beginner just watching korean drama.
    because you don’t know UEE dramas.

  51. 51 : OK OK OK Says:

    i am so shock.
    My friend told me that Im Ji Yun is the leading actress in korean R rated movie Obsessed acting opposite Song Seung Hun which I have watched but I could not recognize her here. In Obsessed she is a “quiet” lady.

    Here, she is a little “loud” which makes me uncomfortable to watch.

  52. 52 : Lila Says:

    I made an effort and I saw the first two episodes for the lead actors’ sake because I like SJ and PHS, but I stop here. The two lead actresses leave me cold and another plot full of cliches about chaebols world, no thank you, I’ve seen something like this many times in many dramas, it’s just “the same Mary with another hat”.

  53. 53 : say hello Says:

    next ep please..

  54. 54 : Just Star Says:

    For Ji Yun:
    Jujur aja, aku berharap dia memberikan yg terbaik. Pasti banyak orang yg berpikir, dari film Obsessed dia mungkin mendapat pencitraan yg buruk. Tetapi, dia menerima sebuah naskah tidak sembarangan. Dia memiliki cukup keberanian dalam berakting di Obsessed. Skrng dia ada di High Society, gk ada salahnya dia bermain di sini. Dia juga masih belajar, belum tentu kita bisa berakting seperti dia. Pasti dia berusaha keras, agar peran dia mainkan dapat diterima orang2. Pendapatku sendiri, aku akan terus update tentang drama ini, siapa pun pemerannya. Karena setiap orang bisa berubah lebih baik.

    For High Society :
    Aku suka jalan ceritanya, aku berharap sesuatu yg tidak terduga bersifat positif muncul dari drama ini. Please banget, aku berharap drama tidak melenceng pada episode seterusnya, dan menyenangkan. High Society Yezzz !!!!

  55. 55 : ikram Says:

    good drama love the lead actress and her friend ;they are cute together

  56. 56 : OK OK OK Says:

    Yoo Chang Soo (Park Hyung shik) is the youngest among the 4 leads.
    He still have the boyish look though he try to act mature.

    UEE & Sung Joon – very matching here as Sung Joon has a more mature outlook and personality – though he is young too. 😛

    MONEY IS POWER !!!!!

  57. 57 : Sunny Says:

    I think the story is good. The actors’ portrayal on their roles are enough. There’s a little bit of over emersion on the 2nd girl. I am not sure though why the writers made her to overly confident. But, we’ll see.

    I am more interested though as to why the mother of Yoon Ha believed more in superstition than believing in her ability to become a better mother to her children. I’d like to see this part of the story unfold further. Yoon Ha’s mother in this drama is a great actress. I like as well how they filled the roles of Yoon Ha’s family. It makes you wonder if you’d really want to be as rich as them (as seen on the portrayed family characters of this drama).

    Overall, this is a very interesting story. I believe though that the love story is more just the skin of the drama. Can’t wait to see the whole story to be told. Note, as mentioned earlier, the actors’ portrayal are just as needed to develop the story. I hope everyone can be objective as most of the others who are liking this drama. 🙂

  58. 58 : Sunny Says:

    Just a comment to the writers, I think it’s not realistic for a part-timer to rent her own place in such area. Lee Ji Yi’s role mentioned that she saved money for the deposit but how will she maintain the rent? Well, unless you are working full-time. Maybe, you can change the employee term to “contractual”, one how has not been confirmed yet as a regular employee. Part-timers only work a maximum of 6 hours a day. Not really sure though as to how employment procedures are done in Korea. But in the general concept, if you are a part-timer, wouldn’t it be more acceptable and realistic if you are actually renting a room or sharing an apartment with 2 or three people specially if you are working a sales person in a grocery/commodity store. This will add more sense based on the cost of living analysis for Seoul metropolitan.

    I’m sensing that the writers were trying to avoid more characters to be in the story or plot. But hope you’ll reconsider and make the progress more realistic. Thanks!

  59. 59 : Hannah Says:

    It has been more than 10 hours since ep 3 had released on TV in korea, but I still cannot find any websites that has eng sub. It’s not fair!

  60. 60 : Hannah Says:

    Finally got the chance to watch ep 3.

    I don’t know what went wrong: the script, the acting or the actors themselves, but I rather feel weird and awkward seeing the second leads’ relationship. Maybe it’s something to do with chemistry. There are a lot korean dramas out there that portray a second gen chaebol with a common girl, but just in this drama, I don’t find them suitable for each other at all. I feel like Yoon Ha has more chemistry with Chang Soo, I like their conversation together at the rooftop.

    I respect that Lee Ji Yi’s character is pure and honest, considering how she’s willing to give up Joon Ki for Yoon Ha, but other than that, her character is more of weird and overreacting, not cute at all.

    Apart from all mix-up couples, I am more interested to know about Yoon Ha’s family. How’d her father turn up like that? Why does Yoon Ha’s mother believe the superstitious about Yoon Ha and her father? Why do all Yoon Ha’s siblings ignore her except her brother?

    So far the best relationship I’ve seen in this drama is between Yoon Ha and her brother, Kyung Joon. I hope writer-nim won’t kill him or turn him into antagonist.

  61. 61 : Carmarie Says:

    I watched episode three and think that this is a good drama; so far. I am also interested in Yoon Ha’s family’s background. I love the relationship between Yon Ha and her brother and I hope the writers also explore the relationship between Jang Kwung Joon and his older sister. Although I am not sold on a solid relationship between Lee Ji Yi and Yoo Chang Soo, I can see him being intrigued by her. Perhaps LJY would be more believable if we knew more about her background.

  62. 62 : ikram Says:

    exited for ep 5.ep 5 was sad,why did they kill the only support of uee ,her kind brother 🙁

  63. 63 : Sunny Says:

    @Ikram, there were hints of Yoon Ha’s brother being killed in the drama. It’s sort of sad but I think this is were Yoon Ha’s character will start its real spirit.

    It would be nicer though if Yoon Ha’s brother stays for a few more episodes or if the death scene will be hanging showing some hopes of him returning at the later part of the story.

  64. 64 : Sunny Says:

    It’s too tragic to end that mysterious character. I’m hoping that the writers will reconsider or do something to keep Yoon Ha’s brother’s character stay longer in the series.

  65. 65 : OK OK OK Says:

    i guess UEE’s brother did not die, someone else.
    Did UEE’s eldest sis plan it????

    Writer Nim
    Please has more air time of UEE & Sung Joon please….. 😛

  66. 66 : rairamegumi Says:


    lee sang woo’s character will be died????

    I like lsw, and lil bit disappointed if his character died…

    I’ll watch this drama after finale ep…and see if this drama is worth to watch

  67. 67 : Hannah Says:

    I cried my heart out when Yoon Ha’s crying because of her brother’s death. Kyung Joon’s warm and gentle, I hate it when good character’s dead. I wish to see more of LSW in this drama. Why writer-nim why??!

    I’m confused with Joon Ki’s character. Oh god, you’re a man who is hard to predict. I wonder up until now, he sincerely likes Yoon Ha or he just wants a high position in Tae Jin’s group since the chairman only has daughters right now and there’s high chance that Yoon Ha’s brother left her something since they’re closed.

    Remember when Kyung Joon gave Yoon Ha a key and said if anything happens to him, open it. Oh God, he knew he’s going to die soon or something bad is going to happen to him, that’s why he asked Yoon Ha to cancel their trip together. Poor Kyung Joon, my heart goes out to you.

  68. 68 : i love korean drama Says:

    Wow, i’m watching high society with english episode 3 and 4 on youtube
    it here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MlIvdM4RRHs&list=PLL9Db_-5NHfAuxPE0bOwCA7CjnC17-nmz enjoy.

  69. 69 : Carmarie Says:

    Episode 4 made me so sad and very exited to see episode 5.
    I do not know if Joon Ki really likes Yoon Ha or not. As “Hannah says,” said Joon Ki’s character is hard to read. I think when Jang Yoon Ha connected with his mother and treated her kindly, it softened Choi Joon Ki’s feelings towards her. Joon Ki may be falling in love with her, but do not know it yet. The fact that she confessed who she is and why she was working as a part-timer, also helped move their relationship to another level. I think Joon Ki’s main motivation for sticking with Yoon Ha will ultimately, not be her money but to keep Yoo Chang Soo from marrying her. By the way, nice kiss at the end of episode 4.

    I think that I will be watching this show until the end. I just hope the writers do not go off the cliff at about episode nine.

  70. 70 : telfqueeni Says:

    why just 16 episode ? why not 20 or 21 or 24? i cant wait to see episode 5!!!! xx

  71. 71 : era Says:

    I love this drama. The relationship between 4 main leads is a little bit complicated. Especially joon ki-chang soo, interesting, when chang soo trust joon ki and treat him like his own brother, but joon ki towards chang soo is different..
    Joon ki- yoon ha, i believe joon ki didnt love yoon ha 100%. Yes there is symphaty, but not love. IMO 🙂
    Yoon ha -Lee ji yi, when the time comes that ji yi know yoon ha true life, wow im curious
    Chang soo- Lee ji yi, i think the chemistry better and geting better in recent episodes.. just wanna know how their love relationship will work out well…

  72. 72 : Dy.K Says:

    I stop right at ep 4, nearly stop at ep 2 but thought to give 2 more eps a chance. Sorry to say but the story dull and boring like the title…

  73. 73 : hydepy Says:

    Well,,I’m sure many will hate Joon Ki after ep 4, but I’m definitely love the storyline! This is where reality is accurately portrayed in a drama. Joon Ki’s character is realistic, kinda remind me of Kang Ma Roo and Seo Eun Gi relationship where the woman is madly in love while the man is using her for ‘a’ purpose. It’s fun to wait for Joon Ki to fall in love with Yoon Ha truly. I bet Yoon Ha will know that he’s using her right before Joon Ki finally realize his feeling towards her ToT.. I think the main reason Joon Ki date her is to climb for higher position so that he could assure that he’s in better or at least in the same position with Chang Soo. He’s been under pressure being the shadow of his chaebol friend for years till it makes him dying to be able to outshine his friend, poor Joon Ki ;(

  74. 74 : Adeul Says:

    The relationships don’t quite click in this drama but I commend Sung Joon for breathing life into an otherwise dull part. And Yang Hee Kyung who plays Joon Ki’s mum, for a great performance. She and Park Hyung Shik (Joon Ki’s friend Chang So) were in “What About My Family”.

  75. 75 : mml Says:

    I have finished watching episode 1 to episode 4 and realised that Jang Yoon Ha came from a rich family and the only person loves and cares about her is her elder brother Jang Kyung Joon and don’t you think that someone plot it and lead to the death of Kyung Joon ? And with the death of Kyung Joon, his youngest sister will take over the work role of Kyung Joon, I think this is the time whereby Yoon Ha will discover the ugly sight of her family fighting over the wealth and power. Although,Joon Ki maybe of some motive reasons in getting closer relationships with Yoon Ha, it maybe a situation whereby, Yoon Ha will also need help from Joon Ki, that is in helping Yoon Ha to assist the business of the company and also to find out the truth of the death of her brother Kyung Joon.

    I hope that, Yoon Ha will find her true and sincere love and that’s the main objective to attract viewers to continue to like to watch this drama.

  76. 76 : Cheq navarro Says:

    After watching the first 4 episodes, I couldn’t help but be overly excited for this drama to shoot the rest of the remaining 12 episodes. The last scene of episode 4 between Sung Joon & Uee was electric. The acting was superb that I was deeply moved. I watched the scene 3 times. This drama will get attention after that 4th episode. I don’t know the lead actress but she is attractive, has great sex appeal, and is a good actress. The male lead is the same, and his voice is sexy. I’m loving their tandem and their chemistry! I’m in love again because of this drama. I’m surely looking forward to the next episodes.

  77. 77 : era Says:

    Totally agreed with @hydepy…
    Joon ki character similar to Kang Maroo in Nice Guy
    Storyline too.. similar to nice guy. But High Society also showing us how tragic chaebol life is, even a mother could hate her own daughter, even a noona could be an enemy to her dongsaeng…

  78. 78 : era Says:

    I do not think that the character of Yoon Ha’s mother was excessive and too crazy. Because in my country, a lot of mothers killed their children even the problem is not too serious… 🙁
    Especially about mystical things like believing fortune teller/shaman… for us in the country that some people still believe, would have been greatly affect their lives, even though they are rich people, like chaebol in korea

  79. 79 : Carmarie Says:


    I agree with you that this drama shows how tragic Chaebol can life be, but not only Chaebol life, but the lives of the rich and famous in general. While money solves the day to day problems, it cannot buy happiness, love or peace. We can see from dramas and real life that if you do not view having money in the right prospective, it will make you hate, destroy and even kill your brother, sister, mother, or father. For some obtaining and retaining wealth is all encompassing and they will do anything to get it and keep it. Being wealthy is very nice; however, with that wealth one can never forget what is important…family, love, friendship and empathy for your fellow man.

    I watched episode 5 and the couples were very cute. I am wondering though, what happened to the key Yoon Ha’s brother gave to her in case something happened to him? I know she put in on the desk, but did she pick it up again? Where is the key and what does it open?

  80. 80 : Carmarie Says:

    Choi Joon Ki may be using Jang Yoon Ha, to get the prestige that he craves; however, I think that Yoon Ha is going to need Joon Ki at her back if she is going to be successful in taking over her family’s businesses. I think that together they can go against her oldest sister and win. If the writers don’t fall of the cliff this should be a very interesting drama.

  81. 81 : Kwon Says:

    hello every one

  82. 82 : Kwon Says:

    eo 16 : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lr32peS6hkM

  83. 83 : OK OK OK Says:

    ep 6 – this episode kind of bored to me – a bit slow

    Cant stand Lee Ji Yi’s character (2nd Lead F)
    can’t stand the conversation when Lee Ji Yi tells UEE Yoon Ha :

    Just remember that I am the one that let you have Sung Joon (1st lead M).
    You have the good guy and I have the bad guy Chang Soo (2nd lead).

    My Q : What if you don’t let UEE have Sung Joon, then you think SJ will fall in love with you?
    Why you say Chang Soo is a bad guy. Did he cheat you? Did he beat you?
    He brings you to eat good food, buy nice clothes during dating.
    You accepted to go dating even he told you marriage is not in the list & you are old enough to make your own decision.

  84. 84 : OK OK OK Says:

    EP 6
    IMO – UEE is so stupid wanting to leave her super rich family and be independent. Didn’t know what real hard life is……. which his father intended to take it back when she says she will be leaving. wait till she has no cars, no house, no credit cards, no money, low pay job – though you have great back bones – wait till you face reality ….

  85. 85 : beb9525 Says:

    best drama n good match couple..

    every week cant wait to c new eps.

    Thank you

  86. 86 : Hannah Says:

    Why do I feel like Yoon Ha is better off with Chang Soo rather than Joon Gi? (Sorry to Joon Gi’s fan!) Watching the preview of ep 7, Joon Gi’s ex-gf is telling Chang Soo that Joon Gi only dates chaebol’s daughter. I really hope that somehow in any ways, Chang Soo will protect Yoon Ha, maybe in a friendly way. I’d like to see more of their friendship.

    And I’m a lil bit frustrated with Yoon Ha’s characters. I agreed with #84, she only feels like she can live without her family because she has car, credit card and allowances from her dad. I’m not sure if she can survives if her dad cuts everything. I’m sure she will rebel if her dad’s gonna do something with her relationship with Joon Gi, but I hope she will realize that she’s wrong. But can’t blame her though, she’s young and knows nothing about the real world.

    I really hope that at some point in this drama, she will wake up from her dream and acknowledges how cruel the real world is. I want her character to be strong as what her mom’s afraid she would be. Can’t wait to see the strong side of her, instead of being stupidly in love with someone who she barely knew and trusted him way too fast.

  87. 87 : Carmarie Says:

    OK OK OK, 83:

    I can understand your point of view about JYH wanting to leave her rich family; however, this is a girl whose mother does not treat her well, the only person in her family that showed her love was her brother and now he is gone. She is an intelligent girl who knows several languages, and has studied abroad, being a part-time worker is not the only job she can get. Don’t forget JYH has purchased stock in her family’s empire; therefore, as long as they make money she will have some extra income. Her father told her that she will not have use of the credit cards, car and other amenities that comes with being apart of her family. She stated that for all the years of abuse (paraphrasing) that she was entitled to keep what she has. If she can keep the car and the houses, she can make it on her own. I do agree with you that it would be hard for her living in the “real” world. Perhaps that is not a bad thing, she will learn how those without wealth live. Right now she envies CJK because he grew up in a loving family. To JYH being loved is more important than money. Living in the “real” world will put that in perspective; one needs to balance love, family and wealth.

  88. 88 : Carmarie Says:

    I know everyone will disagree with me, but I have a different take on the relationship between JYH and CJK.

    From the beginning CJK knew that JYH was a chaebol’s daughter; however, he did not approach her. CJK had disdain for her because she was working as a part-timer but did not need the money. He felt she was taking a job from someone, who actually needed a job. CJK did not pursue JYH, it was JYH that confessed that she liked him. Choi Joon Ki has such a deep down dislike for Yoo Chang Soo; therefore, when JYH confessed her feelings for him, he saw it as an opportunity to achieve his dreams of becoming powerful. It is not the wealth as most seem to think, it is the power he that seeks. Although, YCS considers himself to be CJK’s friend, and I believe that he genuinely likes CJK; however, he does not hesitate to let him know “his place.” It is my thought that Chang Soo thinks he will eventually marry Yoon Ha. He can love Ji Yi, but he will marry within his class, most likely JY. That is why CJK kept their relationship a secret, because he can somehow marry Yoon Ha, that will be the ultimate coup and he will finally be on equal footing with CJK. He is using Yoon Ha, but I also think Joon Ki already likes Yoon Ha because she is not the typical stuck-up rich girl. She gets along with and respects his mother and his mother likes her. I can also see that when he does something unsavory to Yoon Ha, it bothers him, he may not know it yet, but he is falling quickly. Unlike others, I think that this relationship is going to be beneficial to both of them and each can inspire the other to grow and flourish. I am looking forward to seeing how their relationship change and grow. Joon Ki will offer the help and support Yoon Ha needs to take the company out of her sisters’ greedy, murderous hands.

  89. 89 : cassie Says:

    One good drama. I like the leads Uee and Sun Joon looks good together. Plot predictable but entertaining

  90. 90 : Tasnia Says:

    Some people don’t really seem to like the second lead couple, but I actually love them! They’re so cute and I feel like they have a better chemistry than the main lead. Although Lee Ji Yi maybe be loud and everything, I don’t know, it suits her character. Also in episode 6, how Changsoo seems to do everything Ji Yi says is so CUTE. I just can’t get over how adorable they are…The leads look really good together and I hope Joon Ki feels the same as Yoon Ha does. This is all my opinion so don’t criticize me or anything 🙂

  91. 91 : Jessie Says:

    I like the second lead! Lot of people do! You’re not the only one. Their chemistry is super adorable!

  92. 92 : Chaebol Says:

    Changsoo + JiYi FOREVER

  93. 93 : samsam Says:

    Me too i like the lead actress and actor they are hot

  94. 94 : changsoo Says:

    I can’t get over changsoo and JiYi..<3

  95. 95 : OK OK OK Says:

    i like the 2nd lead male since he acted in his previous drama because he is a good actor and he is cute
    but don’t like the 2nd female in this drama. ha ha.

  96. 96 : cheonsaaa Says:

    the story/plot is nice but production and acting sucks, the drama looked like it was produced in 2005, just stating my opinion

  97. 97 : changsoo Says:

    Idk I feel like the second female lead is pretty good. I haven’t really seen her act, this is my first time ever seeing her. According to what her role is and how she’s supposed to act fits perfectly in my opinion. I couldn’t think of another actress to fit her role. And of course ChangJi couple is just so cute!

  98. 98 : Yumi Agus Says:

    Accidently watched this drama and can’t stop to love it. The drama plot is so good, yeah! Uee and Sun Yoon are so matching couple in this drama. I love the facial reactions of Sun Yoon, he looks so cool and cunning at the same times.
    Wish he really loves Yoon Ha and helps her to be a happy person but don’t use her over the wealth she got. Money can’t buy happiness.
    About the second lead couple, their chemistry is cute but it is so annoying, keep praising Jiyi is so pretty as she isn’t at all. Look like the producer try to promote this actress. I don’t like her looks at all, there many newcomers better than her looks and her acting skills isn’t that great too, every actions of her is so annoying and childish, can’t impressed me to like her.
    That’s my opinions, ok. Cheers! Anyway, I love this drama’s plot very much. Really want to see what happen to Yoon Ha and Joon Ki in the end, will Yoon Ha get her warmth loves from her dysfunctional family and is it her elder brother, Gyeong Yoon still alive?

  99. 99 : Yumi Agus Says:

    This drama is my top favourites drama among all the K-dramas airing now.

  100. 100 : Narla Says:

    At first, I thought this drama is a comedian about rich girl fall for poor sincerity boy but I was wrong. This drama is meaningful and quite sad to know about high society life isn’t that glam as everyone thought.
    Yoonha is the Achilles heel to her family, how bad her sisters and parent treated her except her elder brother? In here, I feel her mother is crazy. She so favouritism to her only son, lacks of responsibility as mother to her family until her husband got a mistress, rushing her daughters to get married. Elder daughter married unhappily, getting divorce soon. Making her children hated each other, just see her elder daughter getting so mad with her brother to terminate her position in the company and her younger sister, not respect of Yoon Ha. Always get into fights and arguments.
    I love both main lead couple and 2nd couple ‘s lovelines. Didn’t know that 2nd main actress was Lim Ji Jeon who acted in ‘Obsessed’ movie with Song Seung Hoon? As mentioned by @Yumi Agus, why the producer try to promote her so much in this drama by saying her was so pretty because of that movie, she looked so sexy and attractive, so much different from this drama? I can’t recognise her too after saw some comments from viewers. I agreed, she don’t look cute at all, very skinny and older than her ages.

  101. 101 : ... Says:

    i don’t seem to really mind JiYi’s character or the actress but its just my opinion. i agree with @changsoo

  102. 102 : OK OK OK Says:

    Yoo So Young as Jang So Hyun (Yoon Ha’s second older sister) – why her voice sounds like an old woman???

  103. 103 : OK OK OK Says:

    ep 7
    1) Sung Joon wooing Uee
    its inappropriate to suspect that he is after her money.
    Who does not want money??? If the girl i love got money its a BONUS.
    It could be Sung Joon ex-girlfriend’s character is not good enough to win his heart even she is rich, he is willing to let go……..

    2) Park Hyung Shik as Yoo Chang Soo – will u have free time to woo a poor girl like Lee Ji Yi if you are not born with silver spoon?

  104. 104 : OK OK OK Says:

    Im Ji Yun as Lee Ji Yi – this drama is very obvious that the writer, producer trying to promote the 2nd female lead.
    1st time seeing 2nd lead airing time is as much as the 1st Female lead UEE.

    Writer nim, please have more air time of Sung Joon & UEE please.
    Would also like to see 2nd male lead, but if he appears, the the 2nd F will also appear…… 🙁

  105. 105 : jane Says:


  106. 106 : Lead Says:

    Isn’t there four main leads?? yea I’m pretty sure they are ALL main leads..

  107. 107 : Lead Says:

    And @jane thanks for posting that! I totally agree!!

  108. 108 : Lead Says:


  109. 109 : Hannah Says:

    After watching ep 7, my perspective towards JY has changed a lil bit. She’s not that annoying anymore.
    Now, I can’t accept JG’s character. I guess I just don’t really like a guy who always keep his expression alone. I understand that even though CS and JG have been best friend for years, but still CS keeps reminding JG about his class, but still I just can’t accept JG’s attitude towards CS. How he stuck on him because he’s a chaebol son. I mean, after all the years being friends, and after all CS has done to him, (of course CS gives him work and position in his father’s company) and trusts him. Is that how you repay someone’s kindness? Though JG’s ex bad-mouthed him, CS still backs him up and says JG is his friend.
    And I know some of you don’t agree with CS’s character, the fact that he loves Ji Yi but doesn’t wanna marry her, but he wants to marry chaebol’s daughter. He liked JY at first, and he wanted to pursue with it. Now that he loves her, he just wanna live at the moment and forget about the future. I feel like CS does wanna make Ji Yi as his wife, but he just can’t. He knows his family will against it and he doesn’t wanna make it harder for Ji Yi. He did mention it to Ji Yi, but she accepted him anyway. So it’s not really CS’s fault. At least he was honest about it.

  110. 110 : Cherie Says:

    Hi all

    I think JG will turn out to be the villian

  111. 111 : icegirl Says:

    UEE’s emotionless face is sooo weird…too much plastic surgery! she looks nothing like her old photos…the storyline isnt so bad but UEE’s acting is! if i stop watching this drama..its all UEE’s fault! lol!

  112. 112 : Teddy Grahams Says:

    Did you all see the ratings dropped so much from position 5 to11? Because the characters of Chang Soo got twisted-up. He supposed to be good-friend with Joon Ki since long-times but suddenly become rival. I don’t get his characters now?

  113. 113 : Hannah Says:

    I don’t know why I’m so happy that Chang Soo told Yoon Ha the truth in the preview ep 4. That girl needs to know about Joon Gi’s intention.

    I’m starting to root the 2nd lead couple and starting to hate JG. The main reason I’m still watching this is because of Chang Soo. I’m now more interested to see his character development.

  114. 114 : Mae Ri Says:

    Finally Sung Joon as a lead actor. I love his acting and voice

  115. 115 : Carmarie Says:


    I looked episodes 7 & 8 my perspective has not changed much. I felt that Chang Soo, liked Joon Ki as his friend but there was always a barrier there that Joon Ki must not cross. Joon Ki said as much in the 8th episode. We also saw that because of Joon Ki, Chang Soo did not get beat-up in school. Chang Soo did not like it because Joon Ki said “you only saw what you wanted to see.” He did not tell Chang Soo about Yoon Ha because he knew what his reaction would be. Deep within Chang Soo thinks that Yoon Ha will someday be his wife and he does not like the fact that she is dating Joon Ki. Chang Soo is an elitist and he thinks that Joon Ki is stepping out of his “place”, furthermore, he feels that Yoon Ha is his.

    I think everyone is forgetting that it was Yoon Ha who pursued Joon Ki and not the other way around. Therefore, before everyone start talking about how he is using her, please remember she made the first move. Now we see that he did not make the first move because Chang Soo was his friend and he knew how he would react. When she confessed her feeling for him, I think he jumped at the opportunity. But to infer that he is only with her because she is a chaebol’s daughter is incorrect, it is BIG bonus, but I also thinks he cares for her and will help her define who she is and solidify her place as the head of her family’s organization.

    I think that Yoon Ha’s father trying to put “fear in Joon Ki is a bad idea. I think it will make him fight as opposed to backing off. We shall see, this drama is getting more interesting. I am glad it is slowly moving away from just the romance between the 2 couples. I am looking forward to a more complex story line.

  116. 116 : Hannah Says:

    I respect your perspective towards Chang Soo and Joon Gi, but I’ve my own point of wiew.
    From what I see, during high school when Joon Gi somehow saved Chang Soo from getting beat-up, Chang Soo felt like he can trust him. CS’s reaction after the fight, you can see that he feels sad and betrayed. But somehow, JG just act like nothing big deal happened, it seems like he didn’t even appreciate their friendship, to me. CS felt like JG was not honest to him and made him felt like JG’s trying to fool him. And what makes the situation worse, when he met JG’s ex-gf, and she revealed to him that JG is calculating everything. That what makes him feel like JG only stays with him not because they’re best friends, but only because he’s a chaebol’s son. As a chaebol’s son, trust is a luxury. It’s so hard to know whether someone is nice to you because they’re sincerely nice or they want to take advantage on you. That’s why he felt so much betrayed when JG lied to him. Plus, when he knew JG’s the one who tipped the article about YH, that’s when CS confirmed that JG is after money and power. I think what CS did was right when he punched JG’s face. Remember when CS humiliated YH? YH’s oppa punched him. I guess if YH’s oppa is around, he would do the same. About JG and YH, yes it was YH who confessed to JG, but to say that it’s just a bonus, I don’t feel that way. He did make research about YH, and I know he’s the kind of nice guy, but he did make a move during the office dinner. Being all nice only to her. And I can see his expression when YH said she wants to be independent. He always tries to somehow persuade YH to go home and reminds her about her background, but he never tries to force YH, he’s doing the whole psychology thing and tipped the reporter to alter YH’s situation about her family.

    I’m not saying thay CS is all right and JG is all wrong. I guess I’m more towards Team Chang Soo (not to be with YH, just the whole friendship fight over power, status and money) I kinda like his character more than Joon Gi’s.

  117. 117 : angelica Says:

    Writernim, pls tell me why you make JG character looks bad and bad day by day ? Pls don’t do that. Coz it is really weird, looking how nice JG parents is, how romantic they are, living peacefully, have good mindset… then how come they have such a bad son like JG?? Its getting weird to me… Plus, I’m sorry to Sung Joon fans, but i feel his act and expression not too good..

    But overall this drama is good and still interesting to watch. Good story, good plot. CS, YH, JY i like all of them. Except JG 🙁

  118. 118 : OK OK OK Says:

    why rich UEE like Sung Joon?? Intelligent, model qualities, Handsome, tall 1.87m, Suave, Manly
    She don’t fall in love just with any man. She is choosy too.
    Why Sung Joon like UEE ?? Pretty, SLIM & S E X Y, Rich, hardworking………
    UEE & Sung Joon – ALL THE WAY………… 😛

  119. 119 : era Says:

    I’m not happy with eps 8..

  120. 120 : Carmarie Says:


    I appreciate your opinion, and I even agree with some of your points of view. However, I will hold my comments until after Episode 10. Right now the only camp I am in is Yoon Ha’s. I am rooting for her to come out on top. I think ultimately she can do it with Joon Ki.

    As for Chang Soo and Joon Ki, real friends will fight. The fact that they are friends is amazing considering the Korean culture. It is a Cast society and Chang Soo, although he cares for Joon Ki, still considers him in a lower class. Perhaps in the beginning Joon Ki, did not see it or Chang Soo’s elitist attitude did not bother him; however, it is starting to. I have seen at least three instances where Chang Soo, put Joon Ki in his “place.” I am still routing for the two of them, that they will put aside their difference and become true trusting friends. It is nice when men bond.

  121. 121 : Carmarie Says:


    I appreciate your opinion, and I even agree with some of your points of view. That is what I like about this forum, we can differ in our opinions. I will hold any further comments about Yoon Ha and Joon Ki until after Episode 10. Right now the only camp I am in is Yoon Ha’s. She has had a rotten childhood and I am rooting for her to come out on top. I think ultimately she can do it with Joon Ki. He has a hunger, good or bad, for power and position. Yoon Ha needs someone at her back to help her win against her sister, because her sister fights dirty.

    As for Chang Soo and Joon Ki, real friends will fight. The fact that they are friends is amazing considering the Korean culture. It is a Cast society and Chang Soo, although he cares for Joon Ki, still considers him in a lower class. Perhaps in the beginning Joon Ki, did not see it or Chang Soo’s elitist attitude did not bother him; however, it is starting to. I have seen at least three instances where Chang Soo, put Joon Ki in his “place.” I am still routing for the two of them, that they will put aside their difference and become true trusting friends. It is nice when men bond.

  122. 122 : Hannah Says:


    I’m also rooting for Yoon Ha to be on the top, it’s about time. YH has always been the black sheep and miserable in her family. I can’t wait to see the strong side of her. The kind of side that her mother is so afraid of. duh. I also believe that she can do it with Joon Ki, but I cannot predict how.

    It might be that Yoon Ha will be mad at Joon Ki for lying, but Joon Ki is already sincerely falling for her, and she is using Joon Ki to support her to bring her on the top (just like Innocent Man/Nice Guy, lol) and they will have love-hate relationship. Or they will just be awesome together and kicking everyone else’s ass.

    lets just wait. 😀

  123. 123 : “High Society” en junio próximo drama coreano (Carteles, Imágenes, Trailers y Video) | Asia V.I.P. Says:

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  125. 125 : Mary Says:

    Yoo Chang-Soo&Jang Yoon-ha: Choi Joon-Ki&Lee Ji-yi

  126. 126 : Hannah Says:

    After watching ep 9, from Joon Gi’s words, I know he’s sincerely falling for Yoon Ha and I’m okay with it but I’m still confused with his face expression. I’m not convinced at all that he’s in love with Yoon Ha.

  127. 127 : OK OK OK Says:

    my guessing on Chang Soo’s feeling.
    Could it be not only he is not happy Joon Ki know before hand that Yoon Ha is rich, Chang Soo is not happy that Joon Ki can wins Yoon Ha’s heart instead of him???
    Choon Soo is a kind of person that needs assurance about his capabilities…. 🙂

  128. 128 : naisy Says:

    Many confusions in this drama, but i am more concern as to who is the main female lead in this drama. The two girls are always together in some scenes. Maybe it is better if you make one girl the villain and the other girl the main female lead.. Quite confusing.. Who is the real female lead of this drama..??? My only opinion.

  129. 129 : naisy Says:

    The voice of Yoon Ha’s youngest sister, it’s like a voice of a MALE, and is very irritating. Sorry. Lol…!

  130. 130 : Adeul Says:

    @OK OK OK
    Im Ji Yun don’t cut the mustard for me either. She looks like someone thrown into the deep end….armature. It’s the director and the editing that made her passable in her movie. Oh …and her lovely perky tits.

    Her lack of acting skills really shows here. Unlike movies there’s less time to work on the scenes in dramas.

  131. 131 : Loong Says:

    I love the second lead couple. They have great chemistry.
    Lee Ji Yi is good in her acting and so PRETTY !!!!!!!

  132. 132 : Loong Says:

    Just can’t get over changsoo and JiYi..they are the sole reason why I watch this movie <3<3<3

  133. 133 : naisy Says:

    Who is the real Main lead here. I think the two girls here are of the same level in terms of roles and exposure. Is it fair? I hope in the next episodes, you give the highlight scenes to the Main lead only, if it is Yoon Ha, you give it to her, so viewers are not confused.

  134. 134 : OK OK OK Says:

    if not for Uee & Sung Joon, I will not watch this drama bc 2nd F lead does not attracts me with her character and looks in this drama.
    anyway, its in the eyes of the beholder. I like Uee & Sung Joon couple more….. 😛

  135. 135 : OK OK OK Says:

    Yoon Ha is the youngest in the family. She has no younger sister. the one with the old voice is her 2nd elder sister.
    I always mistake her looks with their father’s mistress bc of her “old” voice….. 😛

  136. 136 : LOVE Says:

    Love Ji Yi. At start don’t feel like she is pretty. But after a while, slowly notice she has special kind of beauty that so is just so charming, not all Korean actresses have this special feature.

  137. 137 : LOVE Says:

    Love Ji Yi. At start don’t feel like she is pretty. But after a while, slowly notice she has special kind of beauty that so is just so charming.

  138. 138 : LOVE Says:

    Ji Yi !! :):)

  139. 139 : Korean Says:

    Like 2nd male & female.

  140. 140 : naisy Says:

    Yeah sorry, yes 2nd older sister, the voice is annoying, the one with an Old Voice or a male voice.. Lol..!

    And also, about that Ji Yi, i am not against her, she is a good actress but when i first see her in this drama, it bothers me, she looks like a male who is Gay, her face and appearance. Sorry, Forgive me.. my only opinion.

  141. 141 : LOVE Says:

    Ya, it is only your opinion and is not going to change my admiration for her. Both her beauty and acting. 🙂

  142. 142 : naisy Says:

    I think it’s her eyebrows so long and thick, and it does not match her because she is too skinny. At some angle she looks like a Gay. I don’t know really what’s in her face if there’s a part that need to be enhanced or she has too much of it.. Something is wrong. Maybe a beauty expert can say. Anyway, i hope my opinion can do something for the better.. Sorry. But good luck!!

  143. 143 : Hannah Says:

    I just realized why I feel like the main lead couple is boring. It’s because both of them have no facial expression. I’m sorry to Sung Joon’s fans, but in this drama, he looks like a robot. And for UEE, no matter how hard she tries to be happy and cheeky, it doesn’t really show that way.

    But from the preview of ep 11, Yoon Ha seems like she’s ready to fight. Finally, her facial expression convinced me that she’s strong, unlike other facial expressions that she had shown throughout the show.

  144. 144 : samsam Says:

    Uee acting is superbe. Love the lead couple they are hot and their carisma is perfect

  145. 145 : Amira Says:

    Uee acting is so touching and i only watch this drama because of her ☺

  146. 146 : minimai Says:

    Sung joon….handsome…handsome…😍😍😍😍😍

  147. 147 : YuSa Says:

    I love the second lead couple!!! they made me cry :'( please don’t seperate them writernim, jeballllll…

  148. 148 : OK OK OK Says:

    SUNG JOON ROBOT?? – NO !!!

    Sung Joon role in this drama – he is smart. He is a deep thinker. He plans every move. That’s why he has less expression – so that you don’t know what he is up to. 😛

    Re Uee – “And for UEE, no matter how hard she tries to be happy and cheeky, it doesn’t really show that way”

    That is BECAUSE
    UEE’S was brought up in a loveless family especially when she should have at least a mother’s love but didn’t. Get all the blame, beaten & reprimanded etc
    She has full of pain in her heart after so many years of suffering physically & emotionally …….

  149. 149 : Sharon Says:

    This korean drama has finally made it to the 21st century. I must bow to the writer
    Ha Myung Hee for taking korean Drama to the next level.
    The way the characters are out spoken about their feelings and also act upon them caus me to say, wow! It’s about time!
    The spontaneous kissing, the not afraid to show affection left me perturbed in a good way. I am happy that you have taken your vision to the here and now and make the story refreshing to watch.

    To the story, now, YH is going to run that company and kick asses. Especially her older sister’s ass. I think the sister is going to use JG to mess with YH after their break up to get her out of the company.
    CS is going to break up with JY, because he has no backbone to stand alone without his money. Is JY going to get pregnant after this sexual encounter with CS?
    It’s getting a bit hot for all the characters and I can’t wait to see how they are going to resolve these dilemma of trust, love, heartbreak, envy, jealousy, greed, elitism and power.
    What do you guys think of YH’s mother, will she go through the divorce? What did her husband do while she was pregnant with YH that makes her resent her daughter?
    I am staying tuned till the last eps.

  150. 150 : second lead couple Says:

    really hope Changsoo and jiYi get it on and he stays by her side to fight their love together!!

  151. 151 : naisy Says:

    I think i need to stop watching this after Ep 10. Truth is, i am not in favor of Yoon Ha because she seems to be always blank staring at nothing i can not find or feel her emotions in some scenes, BUT i think it is not fair also that the writers and directors obviously are giving much more attention more exposure more unique scenes more likeable romantic ( like that scene raining and about to break up) to the other girl Ji Yi who is i think the 2nd lead. Seems she is the Main lead here not Yoon Ha. I don’t know, made me confused and i don’t like this feeling. Why not make the main female lead shine in this drama? I noticed also that almost all many scenes here, the two girls are always together. I hope you will not regret giving this 2nd lead this chance.. To the one playing the role of Chang Soo who is i think doing a great job, i hope i can catch him again in his future projects.

    One poster here says, if not happy and satisfied, just stop watching. I think that’s the best thing to do. Forgive me i know i have come up with some negative comments, sorry but i need to be honest, the thing is.. I aim for this drama, along with actors and actresses to change for the better. Anyways, still, good luck!!

  152. 152 : MAIN CAST Says:

    Main Cast

    UEE as Jang Yoon Ha
    Sung Joon as Choi Joon Ki
    Park Hyung shik as Yoo Chang Soo
    Im Ji Yun as Lee Ji Yi
    I think people need to open their eyes and understand that there are FOUR MAIN characters.. no second lead necessarily just because two top names are added first. BUT i do agree Uee needs more screen time.. But Honestly just like the others I love Changsoo and JiYi so I wait for their screen time every episode so I don’t really mind. Uee’s parts are boring sadly..BTW i actually hope JiYi gets pregnant so then their will be a twist

  153. 153 : naisy Says:

    I think from the start, Yoon Ha is the main female lead here. But assuming that there are really four leads here, i feel there must equality in exposures. In my opinion, the scenes that are given to that Yoon Ha i am not sure if it is less but sure those are DULL moments. Anyways, there are people here who still enjoy this drama, but me sorry.. i stopped, i have watched ep 10 already. Good luck guys!!

  154. 154 : Yulee Says:

    naisy, OK, OK, OK, Sharon and those who supported the main leads……..I am here for you all.
    If not because of the lead couple ‘s stories, I don’t think that I will watch this drama and this drama won’t get high viewers.
    Yes, this second lead couple are given so much adorable screens to admire and praise unlike others second lead couples in other K-dramas………I’m so jealous and at the same times so angry. Im Ji Yun in my opinion, she is not so pretty and don’t have the charisma as a superstar but somehow, despite her young ages, she already acted as a sexy nudity in “Obsessed” and “The Treacherous”. She ‘s rock, definitely captured PDnims attentions to make her to the top and replacement for Uhm Jung Hwa.

  155. 155 : Carmarie Says:

    I decided to watch several episodes before weighing in again.

    Episode 11 was a tearjerker. It was beautiful written and executed.
    I also read other forums, and one of the contributors wrote something that made me realize why I like the lead couple over the second couple. Both couples are great; however, I prefer Yoon Ha and Joon Ki. JK and YH have a mature, deep, and subtle relationship. Chang Soo and Ji Yi’s relationship is simple, sweet, and in the moment, because they both know that marriage is not an option. While it is fun to watch at CS and JY, to me it is more rewarding to watch YH and JK’s coupling.
    Those viewers that prefer simple uncomplicated scripts will be drawn to CS and JY. I prefer a more realistic relationship because no matter how much you love each other, fireworks do not always light up the sky when you are together. In many cases, you will feel hurt, disappointment, or have misunderstandings. If Joon Ki was cheating on Yoon Ha, I would say, she should dump him for good and exact revenage. Since he has come clean and has been brutally honest with her, once she has felt sorry for herself and has given him grief, she should take him back. He is her key to finding out what happened to her brother and winning against her sister. If YH loves JK, she should grab him and never let him go. The one thing I love about this couple is that once YH saw the pictures, she talked to JK and asked him the hard questions. Kudos to the writers, normally, in drama-land, the aggrieved party, walks away (or hides) and leaves the other party wondering what happened. I cannot count the many dramas I have set through and hollered at the screen, just talk to them and ask them to explain. To me episode 12 was an interlude before the fight begins between Yoon Ha and her sister. Since the father is incapacitated, I wonder what the mother’s role will be and how his illness will affect the fight between the sisters.
    Good drama, this drama is number 3 on my summer list following “My Love Eun Dong” and “Mask”. Good job all.

  156. 156 : highsocietyepisoide13engsub Says:


  157. 157 : OK OK OK Says:

    ep 11

    I am impressed by Sung Joon’s acting. In the office he explain to YH about his feelings blah blah blah is so touching, & he tears so naturally ….. Filling the stomach is more “realistic” than love. Ha Ha…. 😛

  158. 158 : OK OK OK Says:

    Later if Uee’s father knew how smart Sung Joon is, he will agree to their marriage…….. will he??? He helps to solve Uee’s company’s problem so fast which Uee’s eldest sis couldn’t solve for so long…………

  159. 159 : ahmed Says:

    Truly i thing uee and sung joon need more screen time and i watch this drama because of them

  160. 160 : nana Says:

    I agree with u ahmed i think that the writer is focusing more in the second lead then the first one. It is sad because i like the lead actress and actor

  161. 161 : Hannah Says:

    I love ep 12! Now that both couples broke up, the story focuses more on their friendships. The connection between the 4 main leads is so complex. I just love it.

  162. 162 : Yulee Says:

    After the episode 12, I’m still puzzling what happens to Yoonha ‘s brother and what to do with his disappearances ? Is he intentionally to hide to see how his family cope-up with the business or Yewon hires someone to kill her own brother? Or it is possible he lost of his mind and can’t remember who he was after the accident? Hope Jyeong Joon appear as soon as possible and gives us his answer.

  163. 163 : Yulee Says:

    Episode 12 make me like Joon Ki ‘s characters more. I feel he is so man and cool as what Ji Yi said? He had more deep-thinker than those three actors. I don’t really like Chang Soo’s characters in this drama. It not funny or cute if he always had the feelings with Joon Ki is not comparative to him although he likes Joon Ki as his friend. He so harsh to Joon Ki each time, Joon Ki got credits in the company eg., Chang Soo warned Joon Ki don’t get used of his company connections in his new workplace and before that, he also doesn’t like Joon Ki acts above than him and always respect him in every aspects. I felt he is very immature and insecure.

  164. 164 : chaebol Says:

    Has everyone forgotten the moments with Changsoo and JiYi since they root for Changsoo and Yoonha instead…….CS and JY has THE BEST chemistry..and I’m sure he’s definitely faking that kiss. Also the preview shows how he’s crying and he can’t take that kind of pain anymore…I hope he fights through his love with JY because those precious memories can’t be forgotten.

  165. 165 : High Society (E01) | My reviews Says:

    […] Society [Wikipedia, Asian Wiki, Drama Wiki, Korean Drama] Episode: 01 Aired: June 8th, 2015 Wathced: June 15h, […]

  166. 166 : Hannah Says:

    No matter how much I want the kiss between Chang Soo and Yoon Ha to happen, I know it’s not gonna happen. Hmmm.

  167. 167 : OK OK OK Says:

    i find girls calling Chang Soo oppa is weird. Becoz he has boyish look.

  168. 168 : syhira Says:

    i dont think this drama is a good drama there so bored both the uee and so joon and the story of their family. But the one that i have to watching this drama currently, is chang so and ji yi chemistry in this love story. i just watching the end of their love line.

  169. 169 : bigeye Says:

    i enjoy watch this drama..thank you n i wait for final drama..

  170. 170 : yoyo Says:

    Cant wait for next episode…

  171. 171 : nana Says:

    Can’t wait for the next ep. Jongah couple are so cute also the the second one are good

  172. 172 : Hannah Says:

    Hyung Shik is so awesome in ep 14! Great acting. I feel Chang Soo’s pain. Oh God.

  173. 173 : Jewel 11 Says:

    Can wait for the final episode. I like this cute story specially the second couple. They are like an ice breaker.

  174. 174 : Get-it-right Says:

    No way to like second couple because too common in reality life, nothing excited about.
    Maybe 1% chaebol guys take regular girls to be their partner and the rest will never want it. Lower their status yet regular girls, what benefits given to them exact digging their wallets. Yes, maybe for sex-partner or escort girls will be better. For those whose like second couple, dream-on!

  175. 175 : trea Says:

    Main couple is more realistic than the second couple
    its hard to find a chaebol son like changsoo in this real world hahaha… agreed with you dear @get-it-right
    But i love the chemistry, both, main and second couple theyre so awesomeee. Great job
    Joonki looks more manly and caring.. i just loooove how he seduce and hoping for yoonha’s love and forgiveness
    And i love the moms too. Joonki omma, wish i had mom like her. Omg she is so kind and caring
    For yoonha mom, thx God she back to her sense and gain more power to face her problem and to protect herself and her fams. Love her changes


  176. 176 : Carmarie Says:


    I also like the main couple and I think they portray a more realistic relationship. Joon Ki, although he is ambitious, grew up in a loving home, where his parents instilled certain values in him. He did not just choose someone because they were a Chaebol daughter, he had to like them. He told his ex-girl friend that he liked her. However, when she spoke about his parents in a disrespectful way, he dumped her. Although his approach to Yoon Ha was calculated, I knew that because of her relationship with his mother he was going to fall for her hard. He kept his feelings close to him, as he told his mother, since childhood, however, Yoon Ha, made him open up. I believe that Yoon Ha is the first girl he has ever loved.

    I thought that the writers kept them apart too long. I completely understand why Yoon Ha is acting the way she is, part of it is hurt, but a large part is her pride. Her pride and embarrassment is keeping her from accepting the fact that she wants to be with him. I do like the fact that they talk to each other.

    I know that in the past when I’ve broken up with someone, regardless of who was doing the breaking-up, we talked. Sometimes the conversation lead to us getting back together and other times, it lead to closure on both our parts and we were able to move on and remain civil to each other.

    I also like the relationship between Chang Soo and Ji Yi. Chang Soo is an elitist and as nice as he is, because of his upbringing, he looks down on those who are not in his “class.” Ji Yi and Joon Ki are teaching him about the real world and how the other 99% of the population live. I loved Joon Ki’s statement when Chang Soo asked how it was going at the new company,he stated, it is always the same for a salary-man. Hopefully, love will teach Chang Soo, that the heart knows, no class.

    I love this show and wished it was 20 episodes, I think that they are trying to cram too much into the last two episodes, especially now that we know for sure the brother is living.

    Great show, I love it.

  177. 177 : Kelly H. Says:

    I am so excited about this drama and the story. Both couples lovelines are interesting making me glued to this drama, hope a happy-ending for both of them.

  178. 178 : Cindy Says:

    I like Uee, she is very pretty and I like all her outfits in this drama except her expressions. I think something to do with her eyes, she need to move a bit instead of staring.
    Uee, fighting!

  179. 179 : Ninjha Niggell Says:

    I love this drama wish they add more episodes,hope they focus on the main couple to get them together and hope YH and the older sister will battle with the company and I hope Joon Ki will help YH for the company we are hoping to have a happy ending with the family if the main lead get married.

  180. 180 : Marussi Says:

    this was the best drama i watched so far this 2015 i laughed so hard and cried a lot. I Love UEE! she’s getting more interesting and beautiful. this role suits her very much. i also love the chemistry it totally match, i hope there’s more dramas for UEE. but i prefer to have their (AFTERSCHOOL) comeback first! T.T been waiting for almost 3years. 🙁

  181. 181 : ikram Says:

    i love ep 14 it was so good for jongah couple and uee acting was the best

  182. 182 : Hani Says:

    i like love story ji yi & chang soo… make me cry… they acting so good..

  183. 183 : yoyo Says:

    Finally Monday, can’t wait for last 2 episodes. Changsoo-Jiyi Fighting!!

  184. 184 : Yuni lestari Says:

    What a beautiful drama!!😘
    I recomended this drama for you, so cool
    I like sung joon oppa, so handsome😘😍😘😍

  185. 185 : High Society (E02) | My reviews Says:

    […] Society [Wikipedia, Asian Wiki, Drama Wiki, Korean Drama] Episode: 02 Aired: June 9th, 2015 Watched: June 15th, […]

  186. 186 : Silverswan Says:

    So far ok drama for me, I still think “Mask” & “My Love Eun Dong” were the best drama this year.
    This one average for me 🙂

  187. 187 : OK OK OK Says:

    i just don’t believe this drama can end at ep 16 – the wrap up will be very rush 🙁

  188. 188 : Rozmary Says:

    2 Silverswan try Oh my Ghost 😉

  189. 189 : nana Says:

    16 ep is too short for such a good drama. Uee and sung joon 😍

  190. 190 : ahmed Says:

    Love this drama it was one of my favorite one for 2015 .uee acting is so good .love all the 2 couples here

  191. 191 : loves_cake_matcha Says:

    love so much this drama too,but I’m so sad I think that this drama until 20 eps.. but today this drama is ended.. I love JoonKi and YoonHa couple so much…. hwaitinnggg SBS for new drama!!!

  192. 192 : kpopfan Says:

    watch with chinese sub at 888drama.com !!

  193. 193 : novi Says:

    I like this couple
    I hope this in real happen
    Many lessons in the drama
    Power of money

  194. 194 : Ek Says:

    Is it happy ending drama?

  195. 195 : Nancy Says:

    This is a romantic drama even the end is not really good,,,I watch other drama so romantic when I watched from the beginning how broken the family are from parents to children I thought they add more episodes so they can have a happy ending with the family get back together but I guess the writer is not a family member.I like the main leads they so good together hope Uee and Jung Sung will cast in another drama they got chemistry so sad they end like that without them getting married thats why I like the writer’s of the Indian drama they will get married in the end the main lead and happy end?

  196. 196 : Carmarie Says:

    I was a little disappointed with the ending, but I knew that I would be because too many times, K-drama endings are rushed. To do this drama and the characters justice, this series should have been 20 episodes. I was sorely disappointed with most of the writing for episodes, 13-15. I loved Chang So drunk scenes, and the scenes with Ji Yi, but I thought Yoon Hi was made to look childish and petty, which did not align with her earlier character. So much wasted time. I have one question: why did the mistress have to appear in the last episode? Once she was paid off to disappear, we should not have seen her again.

    It would have been nice had the last two episodes concentrated on a wedding and wedding night for Chang So and Ji Yi and a grand elegant proposal (maybe with the help of her brother), and night together (showing them waking up together in the morning) for Joon Ki and Yoon Hi. Then the last scene with the cookout would have great, with Joon Ki and Yoon Hi suggesting that they will set their wedding date after Ji Yi has her baby.

    If High Society had ended as I described, I am sure its fans would have approved. This drama was my third place choice for this summer, but I am replacing it with “I Remember.” I thought the writer lost the essence of the drama from episodes 13 through 15 and cramming everything, but the kitchen sink into the last episode was too rushed and it showed. Therefore, what was a great drama ended up being a nice drama.

  197. 197 : chaebol Says:

    @Carmarie I AGREE!!!!! They should have shown JiYi and Changsoo’s wedding and the interactions between changsoo’s parents and JiYi to show they had approved of her well. Also they should have shown the baby later and Changsoo holding their baby and trying to feed him/her milk….honestly i was depressed after they showed this rushed ending..:(((

  198. 198 : ahmed Says:

    16 ep is not enough. The story of the drama was good but too short it must be 20 ep or more. Love all the couple soecialy the joongah couple. Generaly it is worth to watch and it was good

  199. 199 : ikram Says:

    Love this drama only because of uee and as usual she never disapointed me as an actrees her acting was superb. Love this drama but i wish it was a little longer

  200. 200 : samsam Says:

    One of my favorite drama for 2015 .and love uee and sung joon interaction

  201. 201 : Hedo Says:

    It was worth to watch .love all the cast and the 2 couples

  202. 202 : Hannah Says:

    Good ending. I would give this drama 3.5/5 stars. It’s a good drama, but not exceptional one.

  203. 203 : OK OK OK Says:

    oh my ghost – considered high ratings for paid tv – nice drama

  204. 204 : High Society (E03) | My reviews Says:

    […] Society [Wikipedia, Asian Wiki, Drama Wiki, Korean Drama] Episode: 03 Aired: June 15th, 2015 Watched: June 16h, […]

  205. 205 : ira kiat Says:

    I love this drama tp sejujurnya sdikit kecewa dgn endingnya….happy ending tp berasa flat bgt endingnya, mungkin ekspetasiku yg terlalu tinggi tuk bang sung joon n uee acting, berasa sgala hal digantung, jln crita oppa kyung joon jga digantung
    Pdhal aq sdh berharap klo uee akan berjln dipelaminan n bang sung joon mengendong anak2 mrka 😷😷😷😷

  206. 206 : Daisy Vega Says:

    I expected this drama, HIGH SOCIETY, to be sort of like a continuation of HEIRS because of the chaebol heirs & the commoners. However, I feel it needed a few more episodes in order to give “viewers” a better developed climax and a sense of closure. While we got a “happy ending” it felt like I was just dropped there. But what can I say; I did enjoy the drama and I do recommend it. Very good cast and acting.

  207. 207 : Ayme Says:

    Love this drama especialy uee and sung joon couple

  208. 208 : Bici Says:

    Love this drama, love hyung sik, his body are addorable, make me want to hug him#upsss #LOL
    Uee cute in every condition 😀

  209. 209 : High Society (E04) | My reviews Says:

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  210. 210 : Ahlan Says:

    Love love love this drama and all the cast especialy jang yoon ah (uee) she’s adorable ans her acting is so touching

  211. 211 : ikram Says:

    i enjoying this drama it was goog

  212. 212 : haha Says:

    my best drama ever and uee acting was superb

  213. 213 : jiji Says:

    i love the 4 couples especialy uee and sung jun .it wasworth to watch

  214. 214 : High Society (E05) | My reviews Says:

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  215. 215 : lamia Says:

    nice drama and uee is a such perfect actress

  216. 216 : salwa Says:

    uee you were amazing and i watch this drama only because of you

  217. 217 : maryouma Says:

    @salwa me too ,love uee acting she’s so good

  218. 218 : High Society (E06) | My reviews Says:

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  219. 219 : manou Says:

    love love looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooove high society

  220. 220 : ikram Says:

    uee you are the best,and high society is so good

  221. 221 : krisnalyn Says:

    i really like this drama,
    i love the story.

  222. 222 : Ahlan Says:

    High society is so good love it

  223. 223 : High Society (E07) | My reviews Says:

    […] Society [Wikipedia, Asian Wiki, Drama Wiki, Korean Drama] Episode: 07 Aired: June 29th, 2015 Watched: July 2nd, […]

  224. 224 : ikram Says:

    uee you was so perfect in this drama

  225. 225 : Ahlan Says:

    Pretty good drama

  226. 226 : High Society (E08) | My reviews Says:

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  227. 227 : soizic Says:

    nice drama

  228. 228 : High Society (E09) | My reviews Says:

    […] Society [Wikipedia, Asian Wiki, Drama Wiki, Korean Drama] Episode: 09 Aired: July 6th, 2015 Watched: July 7th, […]

  229. 229 : sasa Says:

    uee you are the best actress love her acting

  230. 230 : t huat Says:

    Love the drama but came to the conclusion that Uee cannot act. Very pretty with beautiful eyes but unfortunately very wooden in her acting

  231. 231 : High Society (E10) | My reviews Says:

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  232. 232 : Ahlan Says:

    Love this drama and uee acting is so pretty good

  233. 233 : High Society (E11) | My reviews Says:

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    […] Society [Wikipedia, Asian Wiki, Drama Wiki, Korean Drama] Episode: 16 Aired: July 28th, 2015 Watched: September 30th, 2015 Overall […]

  239. 239 : Bread Says:

    Sung Joon acting sucks, there is no chemistry between the lead actor and actress.

  240. 240 : chezy Says:

    Yeayyyy! Just finished watch this drama yesterday🙆 fyi, sungjoon make me melted. Uee’s acting is good enough. I like lim jiyeon’s acting she is so cute, ughh im in love and park hyung sik’s act is cute tooㅋㅋㅋ im cry when uee found out that she was tricked by sungjoon😭

  241. 241 : ikraaan Says:

    uee acting is good but i don’t like the lead actor he is so cold no emotion in his acting

  242. 242 : yasmin Says:

    uee your acting is great love you

  243. 243 : rose rachael Says:

    Chang soo and ji yi had real chemistry. Nice drama

  244. 244 : dmira Says:

    uee truly become a great actress thumb up

  245. 245 : -Autumn- Says:

    I download and deleted this drama previously because I thought it was boring. Then I came across the fan made MV of Chang Soo and Ji Yi, I was hooked to their romance and chemistry in the drama. So I went to download the whole episodes again and glad that I have watched it. It was a nice drama especially the scenes between Chang soo and Ji Yi. Love the couple! And I even googled up Park Hyung Sik. He is a cute guy.

  246. 246 : Alwine Says:

    Agree with t huat…😄 that U Ee cannot act…😑

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