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Healer 04

Title: 힐러 / Healer
Chinese Title: 治愈者
Genre: Romance, Comedy, Action, Thriller
Episodes: 20
Broadcast network: KBS2
Broadcast period: 2014-Dec-08 to 2015-Feb-10
Air time: Monday & Tuesday 22:00


Kim Moon Ho (Yoo Ji Tae) is a popular reporter at major broadcasting company. One day, he learns the truth of a case that took place in the past. He intentionally approaches people who are related to the case and helps them. While doing so, he agonizes over the truth and beliefs.

Meanwhile, with the help of Kim Moon Ho, internet reporter Chae Young Shin (Park Min Young) and Seo Jung Hoo (Ji Chang Wook), known as “Healer,” grow into real reporters.


Main Cast

Ji Chang Wook as Seo Jung Hoo / Healer
Park Shi Jin as Seo Jung Hoo (young)
Go Woo Rim as Seo Jung Hoo (child)
Yoo Ji Tae as Kim Moon Ho
Kim Seung Chan as Kim Moon Ho (young)
Park Min Young as Chae Young Shin
Kim So Yun as Chae Young Shin (young)
Shin Soo Yun as Chae Young Shin (child)

People around Seo Jung Hoo

Kim Mi Kyung as Jo Min Ja
Oh Kwang Rok as Ki Young Jae
Choi Dong Goo as Ki Young Jae (young)
Tae Mi as Kang Dae Yong
Ji Il Joo as Seo Joon Suk
Jung Kyu Soo as Seo Joon Seok (Jung Hoo’s father)
Lee Kyung Shim as Jung Hoo’s mother
Song Ji In as Jung Hoo’s mother (young)

People around Chae Young Shin

Park Sang Myun as Chae Chi Soo (Young Shin’s step father)
Park Won Sang as Jang Byung Se
Woo Hyun as Chul Min
Oh Jong Hyuk as Oh Gil Han

People around Kim Moon Ho

Park Sang Won as Kim Moon Sik (Moon Ho’s older brother)
Son Seung Won as Kim Moon Shik (young)
Do Ji Won as Choi Myung Hee
Jung Hye In as Choi Myung Hee (young)
Woo Hee Jin as Kang Min Jae
Jang Sung Bum as Lee Jong Soo


Jo Han Chul as Yoon Dong Won
Park Sang Wook as Bae Sang Soo
Jo Young Jin as Kim Ui Chan
Choi Jong Won as Moon Sik’s boss
Kim Ri Na as Joo Yeon Hee
Park Ji So


Lee Moon Shik as Ko Sung Chul (ep.1-2)
Wang Bit Na as Oh Sun Jung (ep.1-2)
Nam Hee Suk as Designer Michelle (ep.9)
Jung Hae Kyun as Hwang Jae Guk
Jun Hye Bin as Kim Jae Yoon (ep 20)

Production Credits

Production Company: KIMJONGHAK Production
Chief Producer: Bae Kyung Soo
Producer: Mo Wan Il, Yoon Jae Hyuk
Director: Lee Jung Sub, Kim Jin Woo
Screenwriter: Song Ji Na


2015 koreandrama.org Awards : The Best Korean Drama of 2015
2014 KBS Drama Awards – Best Couple Awards: Ji Chang Wook and Park Min Young (Healer)
2014 KBS Drama Awards – Popularity Actor: Ji Chang Wook (Healer)
2014 KBS Drama Awards – Excellence Actress (Medium Series): Park Min Young (Healer)

Episode Ratings

    Nationwide Seoul Nationwide Seoul
2014-12-08 1 6.9 7.5 7.8 8.3
2014-12-09 2 7.6 8.8 (18th) 7.9 8.4
2014-12-15 3 5.7 6.3 7.2 7.8
2014-12-16 4 5.9 6.4 7.4 8.0
2014-12-22 5 7.0 7.4 8.8 (19th) 9.8 (15th)
2014-12-23 6 7.1 7.6 7.7 (20th) 8.0
2014-12-29 7 6.9 7.8 7.8 8.9 (16th)
2014-12-30 8 8.4 9.4 (17th) 8.6 (19th) 9.2 (17th)
2015-01-05 9 7.6 7.8 8.2 8.9
2015-01-06 10 8.2 9.5 (18th) 9.2 (17th) 10.0 (14th)
2015-01-12 11 7.4 8.8 9.4 (15th) 10.8 (10th)
2015-01-13 12 8.7 10.1 (17th) 9.1 (18th) 9.8 (14th)
2015-01-19 13 9.0 (18th) 9.7 (17th) 10.3 (14th) 11.3 (8th)
2015-01-20 14 9.4 (20th) 10.6 (12th) 9.7 (16th) 10.4 (13th)
2015-01-26 15 7.7 (<9.4) 8.7 (20th) 9.2 (16th)
2015-01-27 16 8.5 9.6 (18th) 8.9 (20th) 9.2 (19th)
2015-02-02 17 7.1 (<8.8) 8.5 9.3 (19th)
2015-02-03 18 7.3 8.4 (20th) 9.1 (19th) 9.6 (15th)
2015-02-09 19 6.9 (<9.3) 7.9 (<8.6)
2015-02-10 20 (<8.2) 8.6 (19th) 9.0 (18th) 9.1 (16th)

Sources: TNmS Media Korea & AGB Nielsen Korea

*** Different between TNmS Media Korea & AGB Nielson – Here


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  1. 1 : shiro Says:

    I’ll wait for watching this drama.

  2. 2 : nana Says:

    omo! ji chang wook!!! m gonna watch this..

  3. 3 : praize...from Nigeria Says:

    you just have to give it to these koreans, yes they are really upbeat with their different story lines…THE HEALER, is going to be a great drama…i am looking forward to it…Ji Chan Wook, got me hooked to him right after Empress Ki…Cheers!

  4. 4 : Sandra Says:

    Oh My God Ji Chang wook 🙂 Togon

  5. 5 : Arpa mei Says:

    I great you ji Chang wook
    Impress ki .love you so much

  6. 6 : pink Says:

    hahahah! empress ki fanatics 😉

  7. 7 : aron Says:

    I” m gonna watch this..

  8. 8 : MissLeeAngel22 Says:

    Ji Chang Wook and Park Min Young loo so great together ~~ Just watching the teaser .. you already smell the CHEMISTRY between them !! Can’t wait to watch them together <333 HEALER Fightinggg !!!

  9. 9 : MissLeeAngel22 Says:

    Ji Chang Wook and Park Min Young <333

  10. 10 : dhi kra Says:

    I can’t wait to watch it ji Chang wook u r #1

  11. 11 : mariana Says:

    Very nice cast! I think that will be a very interesting story! Good luck!

  12. 12 : rairamegumi Says:

    even do not really like the female lead…I think I’ll watch this drama because of ji chang wook….hope the story will be great…

  13. 13 : Birddybuddy Says:

    Ohmooooooo can’t wait for this drama 😘😂😄

  14. 14 : uggie Says:

    Yeaaa……….Ji Chang Wook….. I hope this drama not bored n have an interes story….

  15. 15 : Zia Says:

    Glad that ‘Healer’ page updated on this website. Park Min Young fighting! and I feel the chemistry between main leads. One of the most anticipated drama of mine

  16. 16 : STEFFI Says:

    Healer? Albularyo dating sakin nun hahahaha

  17. 17 : tigerb Says:

    looking forward to december’s line up. hopefully, a good series.

  18. 18 : PMY Fan Says:

    Fighting! first and second teaser look fantastic. Love the cast, love PMY

  19. 19 : JICHANGWOOK LOVER Says:

    Healer coming soon!i will watch this because of jichangwook,im so inlove with him after watching Empress Ki.he’s a very good actor indeed.JICHANG WOOK FIGHTING!

  20. 20 : aminat Says:

    park min young fighting

  21. 21 : putri ilfi Says:

    Ji chang wook Oppaaa :*

  22. 22 : MO Says:

    i can’t wait . JCW fighting !

  23. 23 : tintinrelos Says:

    before, it was doctors overload.. now, reporters??? “even the most beautiful song can get tiring if you listen to it everyday”. . . I’ll give it a try because of JCW.

  24. 24 : Park Min Young Fan Says:


  25. 25 : Sura Says:

    I really love both of them. Nice cast!

  26. 26 : LJS Says:

    Well JI CHANG WOOK looks like lee min ho. XD haha :)) So will watch this too

  27. 27 : terazhang Says:

    Ji chang wook!!! Ji Chang Wook!!! Ji Chang Wook!!!

  28. 28 : ji chang wook Says:

    ji chang wook oppa saranghe im so happy^^

  29. 29 : queens Says:

    wow.. love both of them..
    Pali..pali.. airing can not wait for December coming

  30. 30 : NY Says:

    i wish that this drama will be good JCW fighting!

  31. 31 : aron Says:

    The press conference on 4th Dec I can’t wait .Fighting !

  32. 32 : KDCraze Says:

    I definitely will watch this. I like all the cast Ji Chang Wook, Park Min Young and Yoo Ji Tae all good actors.

  33. 33 : uggie Says:

    @LJS :
    Yes the same think with you…. after i see some photos Ji Chang Wook, he’s look like Lee Min Ho….

  34. 34 : uggie Says:

    KBS2 have many good drama and good actor : The King’s Face ( Seo In Guk ), Healer ( Ji Chang Wook ) and will be coming Spy ( Kim Jaejong JYJ )

  35. 35 : nathalia Says:

    agree!! he looks like min ho..<3

  36. 36 : Blossom Says:

    All cast and crew Fighting. Looking forward. Sounds promising!

  37. 37 : Random Walker Says:

    I am waiting for ‘Healer’ to see Yoo Ji Tae

  38. 38 : Aroma Says:

    oh god i thought that was Jaejoong until i read the description lmao. I cant get over how twinlike they look <3 Ji changwook! ji changwook! ji changwook!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  39. 39 : MO Says:

    I can’t wait to see it fighting !

  40. 40 : htayapril Says:

    Ji Chang Wook !!!!!!!

  41. 41 : SONGJIHYO Says:

    Yes, he looks like Lee Min Ho. LOL. <3

  42. 42 : Viki Says:

    Viki got license for the drama. Congratulations!

  43. 43 : MoMo Says:

    Ji Chang Wook is really cute…

  44. 44 : Fighting Says:

    Press Con is tomorrow, Dec 4th, can’t wait.

  45. 45 : Zia Says:

    Several days to go to see the first episode. Meanwhile, we are going to have juicy photos from Press Con.

  46. 46 : naysa Says:

    the story line sounds really good. cant so much waitttt for monday arghhhhh<3
    changwook oppa fightinggggggggg :*

  47. 47 : Press Con Says:

    All of them were beautiful today! Fighting! waiting for Mon-Tue to see the 1st ep

  48. 48 : nice guy Says:

    i love ji chang wook and Park Min Young
    i am look forwarding to this drama

  49. 49 : maknaee Says:

    it’s airing tonight!

  50. 50 : boo Says:

    sooooo excited!!!!!!

  51. 51 : Khalish Says:

    i hope this drama as good as i expected.

  52. 52 : didi Says:

    I can’t wait for JCW’s drama!!!

  53. 53 : NMS Says:

    the 1st ep is amazing i can’t wait 4 the next ep fighting !

  54. 54 : rairamegumi Says:

    the rating is low due to the previous drama which got very low rating…(feel bad coz of joo Won is great actor)…but I think the rating will rise…cross finger…

  55. 55 : tigerb Says:

    waiting for english subs somewhere! cantabile affected this series rating? tsk, tsk!

  56. 56 : JI CHANG WOOK ILU Says:

    When will the eng subs finally come on some website. tired of waiting and refreshing 🙁

  57. 57 : mirella Says:

    Ilove Ji Wook!Figthing,oppa!

  58. 58 : annete Says:


  59. 59 : mimi Says:


  60. 60 : aron Says:

    i finally watched with sub it is amazing i hope the rating goes up fighting!

  61. 61 : Kim Says:

    I love it i love the script ,director , and the cast especially Jcw fighting!

  62. 62 : Judelyn Falcunitin Says:

    I hope this will be a good drama til the end,,,very nice start for this drama..very exciting,,,it has little similarities to city hunter i think

  63. 63 : kar Says:

    this is sooooo good!!!

  64. 64 : Dong Says:

    it’s good, very exciting and interesting. I like the ajumma, hahahaha

  65. 65 : sunni Says:

    Ilike Ji Wook!Drama -perfect!Figthing!

  66. 66 : jaykwon Says:

    Did ParkMinYoung Fixes her nose again? Lol! Her nose has become different compare to her last drama. It’s like she added some at the bridge and at the tip of her nose. I don’t know if it’s just me or her nose really looks different now. 😉

  67. 67 : tigerb Says:

    i read so many comments about celebrities having plastic surgery. if the procedure improves the celebrity’s personality, that’s fine, whatever makes him happy, or helps him get a good job/work/project, that’s even better. but the thing is, if the celebrity is an actor, does the plastic surgery improvement make him/her a better actor?

  68. 68 : da fan Says:

    good show so far. hope the writer keeps up the good work. as for plastic surgery, does it really matter or doesn’t it ? actually, would you really be attracted to the show if the actor or actress did not look good? Probably a minute chance. But if they throw in hot dashing guys or attractive girls it would probably hold more weight. So, of course the film industry would encourage their actors to make themselves presentable to the audience. So, just enjoy the shows with an open mind and focus on the acting instead. Your favorite personality may just done some touch ups??

  69. 69 : tigerb Says:

    @da fan: i read you. am already used to watching very good looking actors (m/f) in korean dramas, with a few of whom have poor acting ability. i usually look at thrilling/ intriguing/interesting/fresh plots to watch and drop those boring/common/annoying character ones, so it does not matter to me how the actors look like. i may have watched certain actors’ work (who happen to be very good looking) including their past work not because of the actors’ looks but because of how they play their roles – some superb, some satisfying, some so-so! As to this series, it’s doing great so far, hopefully no unnecessary scenes will be injected just to lengthen the number of episodes. cheers!

  70. 70 : hunter Says:

    this drama is very interesting..i will enjoy this drama until the end…no matter actress doing plastic surgery or not..past is past…look for the future and think positive as korean dramaholic…

  71. 71 : melinalee99 Says:

    the history similiar with city hunter i think..
    good drama. recommended (y)
    ji chang wook so sexy in here !!!

  72. 72 : MINTARA Says:


  73. 73 : [email protected] Says:

    this drama was good so far for me..many secrets from the past will slowly reveal..i already watch the ep.4 and its daebek…!!!! i think i already know who is the real love team here…hehe..chae young shin(park min young) and the healer(ji chang wook)..they were destined to meet again..^_^ you must watch it..

  74. 74 : jaykwon Says:

    @da fan & @tigerb So are you saying that PMY not beautiful enough, that’s why she nneds a surgery? Lol! I think PMY Face few dramas ago what really endowed me to be her fan. Her Cuteness was really something, but with her recent surgery she just looks like on the path of Kang hye jeong. Lol

  75. 75 : da fan Says:

    dear jaykwon pls don’t get offended. Just an opinion with no hidden agenda. You can like or dislike whomever you choose. Truly most appearance are changeable through great makeup… plastic surgery or whatever (even hairdo). Most characters you watch these past few years have evolved. Some changed their facial looks some their anatomy etc. Some documentaries even showed how people with height problems go through painful lengths of cutting up their bones…rejoined and etc. whilst others just wear unreasonably high heels. As for PMY I certainly agree that some roles she had made her shine whilst some don’t. The writers determine the characters actually. So sit back and enjoy this drama when the going is still interesting.

  76. 76 : Birddybuddy Says:

    My favorite drama right now lol Healer Daebak 👍😂😘💑❤️

  77. 77 : tigerb Says:

    @jaykwon: I did not say that pmy is not beautiful. she is, and if there were changes in how she looked from ‘glory jane’ to ‘city hunter’ to ‘a new leaf’ and now this series (the dramas I’ve watched that she starred in), I cannot tell, and I don’t discern to see the difference(s) of how she looks like, if any. Like I said, it’s not important how the actor looks, what is important is how he/she plays the role. What I was trying to say in my previous comment was that being beautiful is not necessary to be a good actor. I’ve watched more non-korean made movies and not all of those non-korean actors are good looking. in fact, some have pock marked faces, or some have facial features that they become character actors, and they are very good in their trade. I’ve read comments of how koreans (not just celebrities) are so into plastic surgery. I repeat, if doing so makes those people happy, that’s fine, that is their prerogative. If improvement of looks get them better job/work/project, that’s even better!
    as to your comment of comparing her to kang hye jeong, i don’t know anything about khj. at this writing i’m trying to remember if i ever watched a k-drama she was in. i’m outside s.korea, so i don’t know much.

  78. 78 : da fan Says:

    tigerb : Have you seen Sungkyunkwan Scandal? PMY did one of her best roles there. The drama turned out quite well with not so bad ratings. KHJ is singer Tablo’s wife and I don’t see any resemblance between the two girls. On the other hand, I think KHJ looks more like Nicholas Tze”s ex Cecelia.

  79. 79 : belinda Says:

    ever since its okay its love and my love from another star, I haven’t found any dramas equal to them. Now I just found it in Healer. Ji Chang Wook!! He’s not a healer, he’s a killer with his look!! Oh My God he’s really good looking. His character is also a really cool one. The OST is also incredibly good. I hope these good points of this drama will last till the end of the drama. I hope this drama won’t dissapoint me. At last, I found a drama that suits my desire.

  80. 80 : tigerb Says:

    @da fan: yes, thank you for reminding me. i did watch skks and pmy did a very good job there. as to khj, or cecelia, am sorry i really don’t know them. i confess that i get confused with korean actor names, and can only remember those names of whom i’ve seen often in dramas. most times i come to this web site to put a face to a name! i can’t even tell if a name is for a male or female actor until i check this web site.
    by the way, do you know if the ‘healer’ actor does his own stunts? if so, i’m impressed. this is the second drama i’ve watched him.

  81. 81 : tigerb Says:

    this is getting better! the media trying to control politics? or, is it the other way around? let’s see how this develops.

  82. 82 : olieinzoo Says:

    i love this drama so far. very interesting story, but why the ratings doesn’t improved at all!

  83. 83 : olieinzoo Says:

    Very interesting drama, good cast, good story. But why the ratings doesn’t improved at all

  84. 84 : tigerb Says:

    @olieinzoo: i think because at the same time slot pinocchio is being telecast, and there is romance brewing in that series. i’ve noticed that korean audience likes romance, and that series started many weeks before ‘healter’ so the audience probably kind of stuck to it. it’s a good drama too.

  85. 85 : tigerb Says:

    …..started many weeks before ‘healer’……

  86. 86 : uggie Says:

    Why Healer and The King’s Face have a law rating ?

  87. 87 : Pooh Says:

    WOOOOOW THIS DRAMA IS SO NICEEEEE. I didnt expect to like it that much but wow the plot just drew me in!!! Really interesting <33 Will continue watching it~

  88. 88 : Lysa Says:

    Interesting…looking forward eps 5. CJW fighting!

  89. 89 : rory Says:

    I don’t think so he did himself..I actually quite like & enjoy this drama except those stunt scenes..This is only my opinion, coz i really hope there will be less action scenes in the next eps..or please be more realistic so I won’t cringe and drop!
    about ratings, there’s nothing to do with Pinocchio coz that series airing on Wed & Thurs while this one airing on Mon & Tues..BTW, good luck Healer! Looking forward to the next eps 😉

  90. 90 : Ha Ri Ni Says:

    wooow lol………My favourite drama right now……I love ji chang wook…oppa…I love the Chemistry in this drama….I ‘m dying waiting for ep 5.

  91. 91 : hunter Says:

    Rating is just a number..what important is quality of this drama and i really enjoyed and cant wait for next ep…..healer “DEABAK”…

  92. 92 : xxchlen_ Says:

    I love the chemistery chang wook oppa with park min young in this drama….i want to ship this couple!!!!!❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  93. 93 : Dong Says:

    Niceeee. Enjoying this very much.

  94. 94 : tigerb Says:

    @rory: so you watch this too! ohhhh, dummy me! i was checking on a drama and i thought it was ‘pinocchio’ in competition with this. SORRY, fellas! my mistake! i hurriedly write this post as i need to go out. see you rory!

  95. 95 : rory Says:

    hehehe..yes, currently watching Healer also love the shameless Shin Ha Kyun in Mr.Back[I love him! he rocks his role!], the soooooo dramatic Pinocchio and just checked ep.1 of Punch today! I’m shocked coz the plot was sooooo fast..I might follow this one too 😉

  96. 96 : eny Says:

    this drama has interesting story, i check some popular drama in lost interest but unexpected attracted to unpopular drama n keep wanna see the next episode.
    Healer, punch,valid love n greatest marriage is surprisingly interesting with fresh story

  97. 97 : Zia Says:

    Watched 4 eps in a raw. Very good drama, interesting, entertaining and romantic. whoever looking for a drama to watch, go for this one. You will be absolutely hooked.

  98. 98 : Love it Says:

    So good, keep up a wonderful work. Many thanks for everyone who is working on it. Enjoying each character and the story in general. Ratings are increased for ep 8 and I am pretty sure it will keep raising as long as they continue the great job.

  99. 99 : olieinzoo Says:

    yes! this drama well deserved to increase rating..worth watching

  100. 100 : Lee Min Ho Says:

    I don’t like PMY’s acting. It doesn’t look natural for me. It’s somewhat OA and full of aegyo. But she’s pretty. 😉

  101. 101 : JANE Says:

    me too .. like the way she looks at the sky like ”the weather is nice” hahaha xD not my type of actress. I prefer lee bo young & jeon ji hyun.

  102. 102 : Mariana Says:

    It is very interesting. Big thanks to writer and producer. Actors and actresses are doing a superb job.

  103. 103 : myhero Says:

    my favo drama–it’s so awsome!!

  104. 104 : tigerb Says:

    @Lee Min Ho #100: am curious. what does ‘aegyo’ mean?
    i think OA is ‘over acting’.

  105. 105 : nuuurrreeyynajjj Says:

    Great drama^_^..

  106. 106 : RunawayRyuki Says:


  107. 107 : aron Says:


  108. 108 : kez Says:

    I really love,love this like totally love this drama.

    First, Chang Wook and Mi Kyung are in this drama, my favouritesss and they are totally winning brownie points from me. Second Min Young is starting to impress me with her acting.

    I like the way things are turning out in this drama and i’m so ready to go all the way with this drama. Keep up the good work guys!!!

  109. 109 : kez Says:

    By the way whats with the ratings? this deserves higher ratings!!!

  110. 110 : lamia24 Says:

    this drama is the bestt drama i ever watched ,i dont know why the rating is so low. it worths the highest rating

  111. 111 : Ashley Says:

    Just finished watching the 6th ep with subs and it is very good drama. Interesting to see how three main leads are going to work together. Also, waiting for revelation of some truth from the past. So much excited to see the next episodes.

  112. 112 : TIRA Says:

    I like this drama with my favorite main cast drama. It is another awesome drama! Great writer, producer and actors and actress.

  113. 113 : tigerb Says:

    what i understand from this website is that they measure the top programs from 2:00 to 2:00 (today to the next day – i wasn’t sure if am or pm) and the ratings are for the programs of that 24-hour period. so the morning programs can possibly get higher ratings (maybe) as there are more to watch than the late night programs. i don’t know what is considered prime time in s.korea. i misunderstood in the past. in my mind competition should be telecasts between tv stations in the same time slot. ergo, to me ratings are useless, as they have been in the past, being an outsider.

  114. 114 : tigerb Says:

    ep. 6: the powers that be! this is the second drama i’ve watched that there is a group of people who seem to be controlling who will be in political/governmental positions. there’s always a ‘behind the scene’ agenda. interesting!

  115. 115 : Pooh Says:

    This drama is too good omg i always cant wait for the next ep TTTTTT y’all have to watch itttt

  116. 116 : Ageezzyy Says:

    this is the best drama I ever watched! Gash, this drama deserves lots of awards and ratings! THUMBS UP FOR THE CAST,PRODUCERS AND DIRECTOR! good job guys ^_^

  117. 117 : Ageezzyy Says:

    @jaykwon: she used to PS because she got accident when she was young. Her nose was hit that’s why, she needs to fixed it through PS. She just lose pounds for this drama that’s why some people think.. again that she used PS. (sorry for my english) sigh.

  118. 118 : ImanHajunSe Says:

    the best drama of this year amazzzzzzzzzzzzzing <3

  119. 119 : biteshori Says:

    This drama is going to be one of my favourite

  120. 120 : nlana Says:

    This drama is Daebakkk !!!

  121. 121 : hunter Says:

    HEALER DEABAK!!!!! i almost watching 5th time every episode…..am i addicted right now…its drama awesome……

  122. 122 : MissD Says:

    not a bad story, good action , but why the rating so low :'((

  123. 123 : superwoman Says:

    Dramas like pinnochio, healer, has low ratings in korea.. In my opinion maybe :
    Bcoz korean people boring with the leads
    Bcoz korean people don’t like reporter story

    Xoxo.. Just imo 🙂
    Korean people have a different taste, not like us. Maybe for them, actress like park min young or maybe park shin hye too often appears on drama..

  124. 124 : Birddybuddy Says:

    Monday @ Tuesday plessss come quickly …cheableeeeeeee 👍😭😤❤️

  125. 125 : Dong Says:

    Addicted addicted to this drama and in love with the leads

  126. 126 : amaal Says:

    why the delayed in translation every week

  127. 127 : amaal Says:

    why the low rating ,i a realy love this drama

  128. 128 : Maria Says:

    I love this drama.. a great plot and well packed story of various genre.. waiting for eng sub each week is painful for me.. hope this show will get more recognition and rating improvement

  129. 129 : biteshori Says:

    Love this drama very much there should be high rating for this drama

  130. 130 : nezirada Says:

    I love this drama!Ji Wook-WOW!

  131. 131 : aron Says:

    I love this drama so much fighting !

  132. 132 : NovieAgassi Says:

    I like this drama so much,,, but why rating it’s so low??? I hope rating this drama up high,,, fighting

  133. 133 : esther yurita Says:

    I love this drama….Ji Chang Wook so cute ….fighting…

  134. 134 : vishawjeet Says:

    this show is pretty good and should have high ratings

  135. 135 : stela Says:

    This drama is nice and refreshing. Looking forward to more episodes.

  136. 136 : vanchz88 Says:

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    I like this drama,i love Ji Wook!Figthing!

  138. 138 : silvan dr Says:


  139. 139 : sasa Says:

    Love all the casts here! Especially healer’s character. sometimes can be cool, silly, and sweet. Hope the rating will be higher for the rest episodes. This drama deserves it!

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    again we have to suffer with no eng sub till now

  141. 141 : Ashley Says:

    First kiss scene was so sweet and touching. I can’t express it with words. The drama is so lovely written. I am sure many people are enjoying it. wishing all the best to everyone who is working on it

  142. 142 : mml Says:

    I really love to watch this drama. I enjoy watching it , sometimes funny and sometimes a very action drama.

  143. 143 : Dong Says:

    loving this drama so much!

    A Happy New Year to the entire Healer crew and thank you for this fantastic drama, of course to anyone reading this.

  144. 144 : slovakira Says:


  145. 145 : J Says:

    They didn’t do a very good job with the posters. I think it failed to attract people, when the drama is pretty good so far.

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  149. 149 : mimi Says:

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  150. 150 : Adeul Says:

    Fwhoa! Daebak!

  151. 151 : Adeul Says:

    Superman and Lois Lane yea?

  152. 152 : annmasae Says:

    Hope more people watch this show.
    It has everything – action, romance, great acting.
    Very highly recommended.

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    Can’t wait fot the next episode. Love the characters. Great storyline…

  154. 154 : Wendy Says:

    It is a never boring topic – hero and beauty

  155. 155 : Needle Says:

    Love this drama so much. All three of the main casts are my favourite, especially Ji Chang Wook!

  156. 156 : denxel Says:

    congrats pmy & jcw, won the best couple! I love the chemistry between the two of you! i’ll support this drama till last episode kk

  157. 157 : tigerb Says:

    ep. 8: who/what exactly is the ‘elder’/barrista? why his interest in controlling politics/the government?

  158. 158 : Pooh Says:


  159. 159 : Birddybuddy Says:

    Love this drama sOöö much ..Healer fighting 👍😆😘😂 can’t wait till next week ep lol

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    I wonder why the ratings for this drama is so low? It’s sooooo good 🙂 Any idea about the ratings? Plus, the cast members even won awards for this drama….Lovin’ it!

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    Wooow…I don’t know this drama really hooked me right after ep 1. I like the storyline and I think PMY got a suitable role this time. I’ve never watched JCW before, because I never watched drama that has more than 40 eps. I think this guy is really awesome. He is better than LMH when he played City Hunter with PMY. Sorry I didn’t bash LMH, I’m his diehard fan too. But, playing similar role JCW has different charm that suits this kind of role better.
    I hope this drama can have better ratings in the future and writernim..please do a great job. I like the pace, complexity, the mixture of genres, the humor and the action scenes, too. It’s fun to watch! Having fun while watching drama is one of my motives to keep unfolding the story layer by layer.

  164. 164 : VANIA Says:


  165. 165 : Ashley Says:

    So happy for ‘Healer’ Team. The drama released just 8 eps but they already won Best couple award, Park Min young won Excellent Actress award and Ji chank Wook won Popular Actor award. you guys are the best. wish you all the best in New Year

  166. 166 : AprilKim Says:

    I love this drama. JCW is perfect as the Healer. Park Min Young is as cute and lovely as ever. Keep up the good work Healer Team!

  167. 167 : piet Says:

    Hope so the rating be on the increase. Good plot & creative story idea, 2 thumbs up for writer & teams.
    I thought, I to be fans Ji Chank Wook after watching this drama.

  168. 168 : Lysa Says:

    This drama reminds me of “Iris 1”, a story of love, revenge and friendship is very balanced. Good Work…

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  170. 170 : Pattyco Says:

    I really love this drama. From episode 1 to 8 its getting more exciting and thrilling. No boring scenes. I’m starting to love JCW great acting and you’ll really love him for being so cool and warm actor. Hurray for HEALER TEAM.

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    can’t move on from this serial…..

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    oh please,,please high rating!!!
    what can i do to make it higher??

  174. 174 : Pattyco Says:

    I’m also wondering why the rating is so low. It’s should be rated NUMBER 1.

  175. 175 : Lauryn Says:

    Agree 🙂 This drama should be leading in terms of ratings….HEALER GOOOO

  176. 176 : Ryn Says:

    Anyone know where to find the OST for this drama? Is OST (part 3) released already?

  177. 177 : salma mhdh Says:

    did she have a plastic surgery!!! she’s a bit changed

  178. 178 : Ashley Says:

    @Ryn I don’t think so, there is only OST 1 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D4D-EYMiedY
    and OST 2 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lJJlkMDgPvM

    I’ve heard that the rest is going to be released in January

  179. 179 : suti Says:

    i started watching it when it already aired ep.6 and it turned to be great to watch… pmy and yjt are familiar to me but it’s my first time watching jcw, and i think his acting is good, so i may try his other drama after healer finish.
    korean actor/actress are known with plastic surgery, but i think that’s okay… i see it as a ‘totality’ in doing their job.
    it really is not easy become an artist, when they look ugly people will insult them, when they look pretty people would offendly say ‘ahh that’s plastic surgery..’
    people demand an actor/actress to look pretty, pretty face, great body, etc but it takes sacrifice and a LOT of really hardwork to look that great… so, lets appreciate 🙂

  180. 180 : Lysa Says:

    If you wanna watch JCW’s other drama, i recommended “Empress Ki” & “Bachelor Vegetable Store”, that’re reallu good drama…

  181. 181 : ji Says:

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    If you wanna watch JCW’s other drama, i recommended “Empress Ki” , warrior Beak Dong Soo ” ,and” ,kara secret love “

  182. 182 : denxel Says:

    ji chang wook always give the best chemistry with his partner in drama. no doubt that he won the best couple with park minyoung. Love them and hope more people watching this drama. You’ll be hooked with the cool&sweet jcw!

  183. 183 : [email protected] Says:

    I like this couple, but why the ratings is low? So, disappointed….

  184. 184 : suti Says:

    @Lysa and @ji
    thanks for the info…

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  186. 186 : Yeonhee Says:

    Any idea why the ratings are so low? So sad….

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  188. 188 : min Says:

    THIS DRAMA IS SOOOO GOOD AND I’M ADDICTED♥♥♥♥ fighting for the writer and crews and thanks for choosing my jichangwook to be the lead! Bcs he rocks it

  189. 189 : Fallfall09 Says:

    Just try reading the recap, you will be already hooked in! Certainly… AS Ia am now, wanting for another 24 hours to get the photos

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  191. 191 : Dong Says:

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  192. 192 : Blossom Says:

    Yeeeey, it’s Monday. Healer cast and crew fighting! We love you. and big thanks for the writer, Pd, cast and crew for making this drama. Enjoying it so much and getting so much positivity out of it

  193. 193 : Big fan Says:

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  194. 194 : Zizi Says:

    Yeaah finally its monday! Hope that online drama web will upload this drama with the sub as soon as possible bcs usually it took very long to be uploaded with the sub 🙁 fighting healer! The rating will getting higher right?!

  195. 195 : Yeonhee Says:

    Beautiful Drama. Great cast and awesome acting! One of the best I’ve watched so far. The OSTs are beautiful as well <3 GOOO HEALER

  196. 196 : Andy Says:

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  197. 197 : birsen Says:


  198. 198 : nushka Says:

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  200. 200 : Ashley Says:

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    This is very good drama n it’s worth watching. I’ve been hooked with handsome actor like kim soohyun and joinsung but never been so addicted like this with jichangwook! I think his charm bewitches me! Always support him& healer! Rating doesnt matter,peoole who watching know the quality of this drama 😀

  202. 202 : Lea Says:

    LOVE this drama…so addicting & it just gets better with every episode!!! The story is great & love the 2 main leads. Ji Chang Wook is a great actor and such a HOTTIE!!!

  203. 203 : Elle Says:

    Ji Chang Wook, why are you so hot? Uggggh. The best ongoing drama!

  204. 204 : Carmen Says:

    (healer ost)
    It’s a beautiful feeling
    What we got deep inside
    We got a flame that will last forever
    Together you and I
    Such a rush of emotions
    There’s no way we can push it
    Away ‘Cuz they’ll never tear our love apart
    Our bond will never break
    Do you believe in the power of ever lasting love
    We can make it if we stay together
    Our love is just enough
    Promise me this forever we’ll always stay this way
    We can start at the end of time and do it all again

    “oh my love I’m all yours
    And there will never be another one ‘cause I’m Eternally yours
    My heart’s a flame and it’s burning in your name
    Even through the sands of time
    My love will always grow and
    I won’t let go”

    No matter if you’re near or far
    Our bond will never break promise me this forever
    We’ll always stay this way
    We can start at the end of time
    And do it all again

    “oh my love I’m all yours
    And there will never be another one ‘cause I’m Eternally yours
    My heart’s a flame and it’s burning in your name
    Even through the sands of time
    My love will always grow and
    I won’t let go”

    And there will never be another one ‘cause I’m Eternally yours
    My heart’s a flame such a rush of emotions
    Even through the sands of time
    My love will always grow My Eternal Love.

  205. 205 : piet Says:

    good job ‘healer drama team’. creative & good story plot. i’s so unique story, salute 4 writer!!! creative !!!!
    Bcs this drama, i be ji chang wook’s fans.

  206. 206 : gelatolover Says:

    Hehehe…I just finished watching ep 10 without eng sub…I can’t wait. I’m sure I’ll watch it again tomorrow when the sub has done :).
    This episode has so much feelings for the OTP…yiipee!
    I hope that the rating will keep increasing. Why is it so low? Is it because of other dramas in the same time slot?
    I like this story better. It has different feeling when you watch it.

  207. 207 : Dong Says:

    me too, can’t wait for the subbed, watched ep10 raw. Definitely will watch the subbed when it’s out

    This drama is soooooo awesome, words can’t really describe,

  208. 208 : m SHIN Says:

    WOW jcw ‘S ACTING IN THE THE LAST SCENE in ep 10 WAS Excellent .i don’t know what with this drama it makes me impatient till next monday i wasn’t like that before.

  209. 209 : amaal Says:

    again with late translation

  210. 210 : sarahhzj Says:

    ahhhhh! obsessed with this drama! JCW is bae and the chemistry between him and PMY is so beautiful <3 I hope that the ratings will go up for the remaining episodes.

  211. 211 : erry Says:

    wowwww ep 10 is daebak! i like park bong soo’s confession to youngshin. she doesnt know, the one that she wait is actually him! Bong-soo is healer, youngshin-ah keke. cant wait for the next episode huhu monday come faster pleaseeee

  212. 212 : Mayra Says:

    Oh my goodness, I am in love with this drama!!!!! I haven’t felt this way in a long time. I am so happy I made the decision to watch Healer. Talk about the chemistry between the main leads, Beautiful, sweet and sexy. I especially applaud Ji Chang Wook for his magnificent acting in this drama. I can feel his love and he’s is doing a wonderful job in playing both roles, Jung Hoo and Healer. Oh how I love those sweet moments between Chang Wook and Min Young, they are perfect for each other. Especially at the end of episode 9, I was in love with their makeover. They looked perfect, and the way he offered her his elbow, oh god. I love every second they spend together. Especially when they open up deep conversation about healer and Min young’s unrequited love. Man, I have never written a long comment for any of the dramas except this one. If you are debating on whether to watch Healer or not, Let me suggest this: WATCH IT!!!!! I definitely recommend this drama to everyone. It’s something new and exciting. Every episode has it’s own surprises and developments. Looking forward to the upcoming episodes.

  213. 213 : Daphne Says:

    I love Healer!!! But drama websites always sub it 1 day late and the HD version comes out late too… I hope someone subs the eps faster. I’m starting to love this drama more than Pinocchio!

  214. 214 : queen Says:

    @erry i like that scene too! Poor bong soo… haha.
    anyway the ending is superb! Why there’s no preview of ep 11 🙁

  215. 215 : gina Says:

    Sooo in love with this drama.. can’t wait for the next episodes~

  216. 216 : fIo Says:

    daebak.. I just watched ep.10, it’s awarted to watch.. love this drama.

  217. 217 : tigerb Says:

    i like this series but what turns me off, sometimes, is the canned background music. actually, not only in this series but in many k.dramas i’ve watched. since i don’t understand the language by listening, it’s peevish to hear the bad bgm. i wish it would improve because appropriate bgm improves the scene and the effect it should have. just saying, now it’s off my head!

  218. 218 : dee Says:

    good drama

  219. 219 : VANIA Says:


  220. 220 : Aiko Says:

    I think 20 ep isnt enough to see jcw. His acting skill is improved a lot. Its like he plays for 3 character in this drama and im in love with these character. I like pmy in healer more than city hunter. I think she gets the feeling and has beautiful chemistry with jcw. Fighting healer team❤️

  221. 221 : NovaKarlina Says:

    Really love this drama.. Ji Chang Woom is awesomely sexy kyaaaaa

  222. 222 : Lin Says:

    Michael learns to rock as ost rocks tis drama. daebak!!!

  223. 223 : may Says:

    You are right. 20ep just not enough, JCW acting has improved tremendously and better chemistry between leads in this drama.

    Ohhh, where are you Monday, pls come faster

    Healer team, thank you very much, it’s such a pleasure watching this drama. exciting, sweet and funny. Am enjoying this drama a lot.

  224. 224 : healer Says:

    i loooovvvveeee alot this drama….i addicted right now….i love jcw and pmy….i cant wait for next eps….monday come faster please…opps..i love yoo ji tae oppa as well…mom please i fall in love with this drama…this is first drama i fall in love…

  225. 225 : VANIA Says:

    Realy love ‘””Healer”!Ji Wook-perfect!

  226. 226 : lia Says:

    Ok let me tell you!
    I’ve watched a lot of drama. But it’s my first time to watch the drama without engsub(raw) Or even I’m willing to watch via live streaming. usually i always wait till the engsub release. BUT IT’S NOT FOR HEALER!!! I can’t wait even for a single moment. CRAZY! yeah i can’t handel my life #lol why this drama make me like this! Every ending in the last episode,make me unable to stop thinking about that!

  227. 227 : sami Says:

    Me too,Lia..i can’t wait for next episode..

  228. 228 : Sirichan K? Says:

    This series is the best in my opinion, the actors are matched, action drama with romance. I do not know how to make the film but I like the way of telling stories, the emotional that can brought the audiences to buy the reason and happy tear. The scence the camera view is professional. Healer is the woman ‘s dream man. Fighting.

  229. 229 : ZeroHealer Says:

    I really love this drama .. Healer jjaanng ..
    But while i was reading the actors names on the list i just saw that jung kyu soo plays the older role of joon ho’s (healers) father… But that man is the right hand of the old man who ordered to kill chae young shin …. So i am confused a little with this .. If thats really the case this drama will get seriously interesting

  230. 230 : ZeroHealer Says:

    Ou …and that would mean that joon ho’s father is not dead ?! .. Thats confusing right now… Aigooo

  231. 231 : Jcwpmy Says:

    @zerohealer I confused too but maybe typo? Keke. Or maybe he’s not the right hand man bcs the photo is bit different.

    Cant waiiiiit for monday :(( this drama is really addicting and i love the casts here. Minja character is so funny-yet smart. Bongsoo’s character remind me the silly and cute Emperor which played by jcw in empress ki. I love the chemistry between jcw and pmy, but JiJi couple is my first otp.
    However, this drama is one of the best project in jcw’s carier. Fighting healer team. People must watch healer!

  232. 232 : mark Says:

    so good drama,,,im really hooked right now…one of the best drama ever if this will continue the way it satrted,,awesome

  233. 233 : healerjjang Says:

    Just watched the preview of ep 11, omoooooooo heart-throbbing guy Healer prepare a romantic ‘blind’ date for chae youngshin, love itttt ♥ usually i hate monday, but now, i really want monday come faster

  234. 234 : Soon Anni Says:

    oh wht’s going on with this rating i can’t understant :p His first personality, and his body, are going to heal me (because he’s going to look like Healer, get it?)

    Oh. My. God. I am crushing on Healer so bad. Ji Chang Wook’s character is hot, charming, hot, funny, hot, and he pretty much plays a good guy the whole time — no snobby dude who learns to be sweet after 8 episodes; he is sweet pretty much right away. He’s just lonely and unable to share his feelings because, hello, secret identity.

  235. 235 : cutehergal Says:

    Omggg… Ji Chang Wook is my hottie… he’s so good in this and can’t wait till the next one plays… Fighting!!!!!!

  236. 236 : [email protected] Says:

    Tomorrow is the daaaaaay! EVERYBODY, Please support Healer. Ji chang wook really does his best in this drama. That action scene were must be hard for you oppaa T.T Love this drama, writer-nim, i hope high expectation for the rest episode, hwaiting!

  237. 237 : DramaLover Says:

    Yessss this is monday! Time to watch ‘monday couple’ jcw& pmy. Love them both. Cute and sweet

  238. 238 : aron Says:

    finally monday thak god

  239. 239 : Dong Says:

    Yes!!!!! It’s Monday, so exicited

  240. 240 : healer Says:

    Today is their first date….can’t wait…

  241. 241 : changmin shipper Says:

    Aaa cant wait, unfortunately i must wait till tomorrow, hope the subs released faster, i dont want to see the spoiler before watch it with the subs TT

  242. 242 : Dong Says:

    can’t wait for the subbed, watched raw, JCW is so cool, PMY is so cute

  243. 243 : Ashley Says:

    Watched raw, ep 11 is awesome

  244. 244 : Ashley Says:

    Healer is #1 in its time slot, hope it will get higher than 10 percent in the next ep. Ep 11 is great

  245. 245 : bongsookie Says:

    Uwoooo hope the rating for tonight is getting higher! I must watch it live 😀 ep 11 beyond expectation, hope they will dating in normal ways just like other couples… and somehow its funny to see yeongshin ignored by bongsook…

  246. 246 : MICKAI Says:


  247. 247 : Ullzang Noona Says:

    jangnan aniya… Healer jaeguek ya,JAEGUK!!! superb drama, superb cast… love ya Ji Chang Wook. ChangMin couple hwaiting!!!

  248. 248 : Angelo Says:

    The perfect dama!Figthing!

  249. 249 : ays Says:

    That’s right cant wait for sub drama. I wish people will immediately upload sub drama

  250. 250 : lamia24 Says:

    the best korean drama i ever watched. keep going healer team, fighting<3<3<3

  251. 251 : aron Says:

    omg ep 12 is Daebakkkkkkkkk fighting!

  252. 252 : Tayba Says:

    I finally started watching Healer. Now I understand why the ratings are not high. This appears to be an intelligently written drama. It takes some concentration to follow the events and characters. It does not attract the crowd that likes the typical predictable drama where you can guess all the secrets and plot by the end of the second episode.

  253. 253 : mi Says:

    Best drama everrrrrrrr

  254. 254 : goodboy Says:

    Iris was somehow like this,better than this,but the rating was higher the healer.maybe the ajummas holding the remote dont find to drama to be their cup of tea.as u can see,many focus on weekend dramas.many new drama with different plot couldnt break 10%.i think the ajummas are looking for the typical poor girl fan inlove with cheabol romcom

  255. 255 : healer Says:

    I think this drama will famous over the world…outside korea…like sungkungkwan the ratings also quite not interesting but the drama was famous and got award from us…

  256. 256 : Support healer team Says:

    I dont care about the rating, this drama is one of my favorite thriller-romance drama after king2hearts. Jcw acting skill is flawless, make me who dont like to watch saeguk drama finally watch Empress ki bcs of him. And i love pmy here. But i think healer has the right portion, it can be serious but understable, it can be romantic, and sometimes funny.

    Anw ep 12 is WOW

  257. 257 : Support healer team Says:

    *understandable i mean :’D

    @healer 255 : i agree with you! Healer is popular and the most commented drama in dramabeans and dramabay if i’m not wrong 🙂

  258. 258 : healer Says:

    @support healer team 256,257 : i agree with you..i checked in dramabeans the comments achived over 3000++ plus other episode 1000++…wow its amazing….

  259. 259 : Su Says:

    wahhhhhhhhh… daebakk!! I really really really can’t wait for the next episode.

  260. 260 : Trista Says:

    I already finish episode 12 about 2x . This drama really awesome. The ending of episode 12, make me curious with what will happen with both of them. I also wonder who are helping healer and also about CYS, will she knows that PBS is actually healer. Wow. I’m really exciting for the next one. Hoping the good one. 😀

  261. 261 : Chillsss Says:


  262. 262 : Kaddict Says:

    Supeb drama 🙂

    if you have watch lots of korean drama and would like to prove it,interact and gist about it then join us here on facebook an interactive and entertaining group where WE TALK ALL ABOUT KOREAN DRAMA! :)https://m.facebook.com/groups/1541633016075605?_e_pi_=7%2CPAGE_ID10%2C8289804497&refid=13

  263. 263 : NovaKarlina Says:

    Healer is one of the best drama ever since i became a kdrama-watcher in this 10 years.
    ohmaigoodness.. Healer deserved higher rating than this.
    i’m so highly apreciate your hard-working Writer-nim and PD-nim..
    All actor is awesome especially JI CHANG WOOK..
    Oppa~ya.. you’re more than a good actor.
    you’re brilliant !

  264. 264 : girlie Says:

    best best best drama ever,its very refreshing and very interesting plot .

  265. 265 : Rose Says:

    Did any of you see on You Tube some of the video’s of how some of the scenes were done. It is interesting to see how it all comes together.

    Great show – I love it. Great acting by all.

  266. 266 : Teena Says:

    Awsomeeee… really waiting for ep 12…. pleazzzzzzz

  267. 267 : Lysa Says:

    Anyone… please share trailer eps 13 if you get it, oke…

  268. 268 : flo Says:

    omg…..why oh why there’s no preview…… im excited and hope yeongshin can save healer/bongsook *crybaby* i love Minja ahjumma! without you healer will be nothing…. this is the most addicting drama. im in love with changwook oppa. why so hot and cute at the same time >.<

  269. 269 : Birddybuddy Says:

    Monday plssss come fasterrrrrrr 🙏 cheableeeeeeee 😆😂

  270. 270 : gelatolover Says:

    Kkyyaaaaaa I haven’t had a chance to watch ep 11-12 yet..my schedule doesn’t permit. I have to be patient to watch it on Friday night. But I still have time to read comments in some threads about Healer. Healer is making a buzz in other threads as well like dramabay, dramabeans…they even made in depth analysis about the story and what happened to the characters through their recaps.
    I’m happy to join the crowd to support Healer 😉
    Jcw, pmy, yjt and all the production team….fighting!

  271. 271 : sara-healer Says:

    i love this drama. is one of the best drama . Healer deserved higher rating than this.

  272. 272 : Healer Says:

    Figthing!The perfect drama!

  273. 273 : Ashley Says:

    Healer drama is the best!

  274. 274 : 123jjang Says:

    I cant understand, i think there’s no reason for not watching this drama. It has interesting storyline, great writer, and fab casts… I dont know how boring my life if this drama ended

  275. 275 : Chris Says:

    this is a good drama plot and i wonder why the rating is low….maybe most of them prefer the family drama. anyway, hope the rating will go up!

  276. 276 : Healer 힐러 [2014] | My Drama Links Says:

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  277. 277 : tigerb Says:

    eps. 11 & 12 make my day!!!!

  278. 278 : ivory Says:

    oh no… i cant watch another drama because everytime i look at the male lead i remember ji chang wook and start comparing them… i think i’m really bewitched. Ji chang wook oppa, you pushed away all my crush, hyunbin n kim so hyun… sorry oppadeul :'(

  279. 279 : Dong Says:

    Oh why are you still not here yet, Monday …

  280. 280 : Sam Says:

    This drama is EXCELLENT for this year Thr actor n actress are top notch acting!

  281. 281 : Angel05 Says:

    ADDICTED drama ever!!!💖👍

  282. 282 : Healer Says:

    Everyone please share if you find the preview of ep 13 :”

  283. 283 : Healer ep 13preview Says:

    It’s already out, you can check youtube… But theres no sub

  284. 284 : violet.viol Says:

    Addicted to healer…gosh…

  285. 285 : Lysa Says:

    Preview eps 13 wow…
    cant wait…………………………………..

  286. 286 : corncob Says:

    An intelligent , well written and well produced Korean drama I’ve come across for a long, long time. Finally, a breath of fresh air.

  287. 287 : lia Says:

    I just checked in dramabeans the comments achived over 4000++ HEALER SO DAEBAKKKK!!!!

    Healer episode 13 preview is out. youtube.com/watch?v=boRg7F4HEGc
    it looks like youngshin does find boongsoo and takes him to the Hospital. Moon ho tells healer abt the oppenent they have to fight against. YS seems to be teasing him (?) Or maybe wants boongsoo to confess abt his real identity *just my opinion*. YS said: ” I’ll wait, although i’ll wait. I’m still really angry(?)”
    Whoaa this will be epic. Will YS find out healer’s real identity??! Can’t wait!!

  288. 288 : Mary of Bethany Says:

    been to Dramabean sites to indulge myself in the comments… the loads of soulful and hungry comments… and did that which i never once did in ten over years of kdrama addictions. i am not a “teen” so, yes, i watched more than 10 years of k drama.. yes, i been addicted to SeoDong Ballad, Ijimae, Bridal Mask, also the huge success My Love from the star… but were NEVER FELT THE NEEDS TO JOIN TWITTER, or any fanclub… or even read DRAMABEAN as my daily “homework”..
    no.. HEALER did that which is forbidden to me.. “set my heart aflame”. … hahaha… “and i dont know how to run away”… (sob),,, its not about Jichangwook actually, watched his BaeDongso, and Vegetable Bachelor Boys, Hero, … not once was i mesmerized… till Healer. and i did that which was impossible against my “nature”.. goosh..i joint followed Twitter Healer fan, using fake name… oosp. till feb9 cometh when the last ep cometh..meanwhile, i will dwelt in this, and indulge …

  289. 289 : claudia Says:

    on youtube it is on english , you have to clickk on cc button
    but still isn’t 13 ep is just trailer
    addicted to this drama

  290. 290 : daebak Says:

    OMG… don’t know why so addicted with this drama. i watch 2-3 times every episode…. every second in this drama is greaaat. And i’m crazy for those heart-fluttering moments. I love ji chang wook oppa since empress ki, his acting is perfect in that drama. i watched him in bachelor vegetable store but i only thought that he’s handsome actor. But I love him more in Healer bcs his character is much stronger and cooler than in empress ki hihihi… But i dont care anymore, i just love him and he prove that he’s not only handsome, but he’s excellent actor!

  291. 291 : piet Says:

    I hope this drama will happy ending for “Healer’/Seo Jung Hoo, Moon Ho & Oh Ji Han/Chae Young Shin. Good story!!! 2 thombs up to writers team!!!
    Pleeeaaaasssse, Happy ending for 3 mean cast…..

  292. 292 : ML Says:

    The reason why I can’t wait for Monday! I love you Healer!

  293. 293 : Rose Says:

    I saw this interview on Entertainment Weekly tonight.

    Actor Ji Chang Wook has opened up about the challenges of shooting action scenes for his latest drama, “Healer.”

    On the January 3 broadcast of KBS2TV’s “Entertainment Relay,” the star made an appearance in the New Year’s corner ‘Stars that will shine in 2015.’ During the interview, Ji Chang Wook revealed that hanging from wires and jumping off high places is not as simple as it looks, and that the action scenes truly challenge his mental toughness. He said, “Honestly, it is scary. Before jumping, various thoughts run through my mind. What if the cord snaps, how much would I get hurt if I fell down…” “However, it’s fine because I received my payment. And I also have my acting double Kyung Sub…” the actor thanked his stuntman and evoked laughter with the playful comment.

    On You Tube you can see him when he is hanging on the rope and the crew are bringing him up and down with the rope. I mentioned this in a posting earlier. There is also a nice interview of him after he finished Empress Ki. He looks really adorable in that interview. I first saw him in Empress Ki…. I thought he was good in that drama also. He looked so tall in that drama.

  294. 294 : Elise Says:

    @rose 293 i watched that interview too and he’s so adorable! Jcw really playful and nice guy…. I love his honesty and funny attitude. He gave me deep impression so i wont forget him easily bcs he’s good actor. His acting can be compared with another high-talented actor.

    Healer is the real addiction *singing exo’s overdose*

  295. 295 : Birddybuddy Says:

    Yayyyy finàlly tmrw is Mondayyyyy 👍😆 Healer Daebak and Addicted dràma èver 😘😂

  296. 296 : Oreo Says:

    A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! The drama is just amazingggg

  297. 297 : Dong Says:

    So very addictive, this drama,

    And it’s almost Monday :=)

  298. 298 : NMS Says:

    today is monday healer fighting!

  299. 299 : chibimithachan Says:

    Healer is awesome, I cant wait for the next episode !!! Love ji chang wook ♥♥♥

  300. 300 : pbs Says:

    Hurraaay healer time! Hope everyone watch healer tonight and tomorrow, so the rating will go up, seriously this show is worth watching

  301. 301 : Hannah Says:

    It’s been a while since the last time I got korean drama fever. Great drama to start the year 2015. I’m addicted!!

  302. 302 : salma mhdh Says:

    it’s really really really a very very vey nice drama <3

  303. 303 : jichangwook-park minyoung Says:

    Cant waiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit,,,,,,,, will youngshin find bongsook’s real identity??? Omooo the preview..

  304. 304 : Nita Says:

    love this love this

  305. 305 : tuttika Says:

    I hope the drama doesn’t end with 20 episode’s, it would be a pitty.
    I love this drama, the actor Ji Chang Wook plays so well I just love watching him bit by bit through every episode. I love this drama, the plot and the cast.
    Fighting!!!! 😊😊😊😊

  306. 306 : aron Says:

    oh ahjumma what are you going to do after what happened to healer’s master
    can’t wait for tomorrow fighting !

  307. 307 : salma mhdh Says:

    oh my gooood i can’t stop reviewing the way chang wook acts! he is really into the role!! he’s so talented and so manly!! i am so much impressed by this drama

  308. 308 : healer Says:

    Oh goshhhhh i watched raw version of ep 14 and woww….. i dont know how many times i say “This is one of the best episode”… i think every episodes are great and perfect… 20 episode is not enough please. I need to see jichangwook more… because his dramas usually have more than 20 ep, like empress ki, smile donghae, and warrior baek..
    anyway the ending of ep 14 is so sweet…. i love healer couple <3

  309. 309 : Dong Says:

    how to wait till next Monday???

    Oh I am so in love with this drama,

  310. 310 : sjh Says:

    OMG! next week!!! I need ep 15 immediately!

  311. 311 : omikosan Says:

    i love this drama!Ji Woo the best!

  312. 312 : VERENI Says:


  313. 313 : Soon Anni Says:

    what’s going on with this rating oh my god i can’t beleive

  314. 314 : oshkosh Says:

    Whew! How romantic!
    Major roller coaster emotions!

  315. 315 : KDrama Says:

    The rating doesnt make sense,right?! This drama deserved for better rating, jaebal 🙁 Many international fans love and addicted to healer. im super addicted, esp with jcw! His acting is flawless, perfect fit with his character. Never get boring bcs every episodes are unpredictable but great. Healer is one of the best kdrama

    @oshkosh i agree with you! Watching healer = riding roller coaster. Crying, laughing, angry, giggling, fluttering, so many emotions created haha

  316. 316 : just sally Says:

    daebak ! i really love this drama, good line story. And, kissing scene, omo.. daebak! daebak!

  317. 317 : cindy Says:

    Ji Chang Wook lured me in again to korean drama. If it wasn’t him in this drama, I have doubt I will be back as a Korean drama lover again, ever. He is a really great actor with gorgeous face and body. He has awakened my dramaholics soul. I have been a Korean drama fan for 7 years (since I was a junior high school) but recently I felt that no drama could lure me in again. Then, Healer came and made me crazy again to Korean drama. The ratings really annoy me. I know that everyone has different taste, but I think this drama is a drama that most people could love while watching it. Ji Chang Wook, Yoo Ji Tae, and the other actors and actresses are daebak. The OST, Eternal Love, becomes my favorite of all time.

  318. 318 : Dammy Says:

    can a good Samaritan pleaaaaase narrate in summary what happened in episode 13 & 14, i live in Nigeria and am unable to watch it now and i am so in love with this drama, please!!!!!!!

  319. 319 : Pooh Says:

    i just finished watching ep 14 and ohmygod it was so good (as always). i srsly dont understand why the ratings are low but everything about this drama is just perfect – the actors, storyline, EVERYTHINGG!! It’s my first time to watch ji chang wook in a drama and whoa i didnt expect him to this good and omg he’s so handsome too!!! HE REALLY FITS THE CHARACTER!! And park min young is really good too, ever since :’) great cast great story must watch!! Can’t wait for next week again omg

  320. 320 : Pooh Says:

    and btw i love the osts too <333 they are just beautiful esp eternal love!!!!

  321. 321 : Reca Says:

    This incredible drama to be enjoyed Because I was not interested to see the response of its rating, but after watching it, I could not wait for the next episode.. Goodluck my handsome healer :*

  322. 322 : Mercy Caballero Says:

    SARANGHAE , JI CHANG WOOK ” HEALER”, PLEASE EXTEND THE EPISODES,! 20 epi is too short! MAKE IT LIKE ” EMPRESS KI” So addicted to park bong soo!

  323. 323 : donna Says:

    @dammy: you can check the website “dramabeans.com”, they have nice recaps there. and not only that, dramabeans make their recap of healer faster than the uploaders of dramafire and other sites.

  324. 324 : Hanna Says:

    Ive been watching healer, kill me heal me, and hyde jekyl. These 3 dramas are my favorite watching list now. However, still healer is ultimate addiction… I hope it doesnt end with 20 eps only. If healer ended, i’ll hate monday again 🙁 please i think i cant move on from jichangwook

  325. 325 : Fatima Tuz Zahra Says:

    Great drama… Healer…the best character!!

  326. 326 : Asu428 Says:

    Love Healer!!! Best Korean drama.

  327. 327 : dramafreak Says:

    OMG! I love this drama!! WHY Ji Chang Wook so HOT!!!!

  328. 328 : Ashley Says:

    Ep 15 preview is out, can’t wait to see the episode. It is soooo good

  329. 329 : april evelyn Says:

    i love the story, i love Ji Chang Wook & Park Minyoung, they were good together on screen… i hope they do more dramas again… they have chemistry on screen… kinikilig ako pag pinapanuod ko yung moment nila together… haisttt… Godbless always!!!

  330. 330 : Dlcne Says:

    Ep 15 preview

  331. 331 : cheonsaaa Says:

    jjang drama!

  332. 332 : Dong Says:

    awwwww, the smile on Jung Hoo’s face when Chae Young Shin called him by his real name, I’m meltinggggg

  333. 333 : Dong Says:

    @Dicne #330
    Thanks for the link

  334. 334 : habibi Says:

    omg preview for ep 15 is killing me, dear monday come quickly

  335. 335 : quina Says:

    Wow good job healer team, i think they shooted ep 15 on thursday and friday and the preview has already out yesterday… tomorrow come faster please!!! Writernim, director-nim, how about extend the episode… bcoz i’m so in love with this drama.. though there’s another drama which are good also, but i think jichangwook is the best male lead for now..,i know im a bit bias hahaha

  336. 336 : healerjjang Says:

    the most awaiting drama in every weeks…even the previews… I love monday more than weekend because of this.
    Junghoo-ya~ i hope you really buy inhabited island and live happily with yeongshin, with 2 kids, and pets like your teacher’s wish

  337. 337 : maknaee Says:

    today is Mondaaaay ~~~ ayay kkk

  338. 338 : Hanna Says:

    Mondaaay is healer day! I hope bongsook character wont disappear 🙁 poor bong sook but anyway love to see young shin finally know his real name. Can’t wait for the subs!!!

  339. 339 : jinny Says:

    It’s too funny that i cancel any tasks in Monday & Tuesday to be free in these days oh what ‘s with this drama it drives me crazy .

  340. 340 : jcw0507 Says:

    MONDAY IS COMIN’!! Healerholic let’s watch live streaming! Kkkk CAN’T WAIT ANYMORE TO SEE LOVEY-DOVEY SCENE… Best best best chemistry ever

  341. 341 : Song Ji Hyo Says:

    I hate that girl’s face. She’s a sly

  342. 342 : Lmfao Says:

    Or you hate all plastics about her face? Hahaha. I don’t like her acting, so oa. Not natural. But Ji Chang Wook pulled it so well.

  343. 343 : Lee Min Ho Says:

    I stopped watching this after episode 2. Idk I felt bored. Just dropping by here to see some good reviews. But i’m not satisfied with the ratings. I prefer Kill Me Heal Me.

  344. 344 : Dlcne Says:

    @341,342,343 lol why going tru all this. I knw u since last year( one person with difference names)let me remember ur other names like jack, john…. No wander u like KMHM.DID man get lost no one need u here

  345. 345 : healerfreak Says:

    @341, 342, 343 i dont know why all of this comment suddenly came up, within 5 minutes…its possible that you’re the same person. We all have personal preference, so you better shut up and just watch your favorite drama! i love both healer and KHMH, no bash at all! You hate park min young’s face? Oh God so what?! No one care about that… We love to see her acting, not only her face. Don’t care about plastic surgery. Are you sure you’re better than her?!

    Sorry, i’m bit pissed off… *peace*

  346. 346 : mayin Says:

    @341, 342, 343

    Noted you dont like the female lead, to each his own.

    For me, and many others I believe, the female lead acting is pretty good. I love their kissing scenes, no limp arm, no wide eyed as if in a state of shock. Love how she confessed to her adopted father that it wont do if Bong Soo leaves, her silly dance with adopted dad

  347. 347 : Dong Says:

    gonna watch NOW!!!!!

  348. 348 : Ashley Says:

    OMG watched ep 15 live. Can the drama be that exciting?! I was literally smiling/ laughing during the whole episode. This couple knows how to act. It felt as if they are real married couple. Thank you everyone involved in making this beautiful drama.

  349. 349 : Big fan Says:

    Wow!!! This is the best drama! What a great episode…15…
    PMY and JCW make a gorgeous and utterly believable couple!!! With YJT …they make a beautiful threesome that will fight against the “Elder” and his evil people.

    I also love “ajum-ma”….. actually the whole cast is incredible. What a treat it is to have such an engaging and exciting drama that entertain and completely absorb so many of us.

  350. 350 : litle Says:

    The best drama!Ilove this couple!

  351. 351 : Wowww Says:

    I only saw the screencapture of ep 15 in instagram and I REALLY NEED TO WATCH it with the sub!! I don’t want to see the spoiler but it too much kills me! Waiting for the subs is the most thing I hate.
    For those people who don’t like healer,, oh mannn maybe you just like drama about poor girl and rich man ckckck, our taste is diff, healer is in another class sorry

  352. 352 : nora Says:

    Best drama i love this couple the best..

  353. 353 : maknaee Says:

    this drama is so underrated -_____- Healer fightingggg

  354. 354 : suti Says:

    watching korean dramas and movies really is a fun way to learn the language, i don’t understand every single sentences they’re talking but i do understand the story and what they are talking about… so sometimes watching it raw also (urgently) necessary hahahaha…
    finish watching ep.15 … wow best episode so far… all thumbs up!! 🙂

  355. 355 : Defi Says:

    Drama Korea yang gw tonton dan sll gua tunggu adalah HEALER !!!
    Taebak !!! great drama !!! drama yang keren,yang sukses banget dapet feel nya sumpah….sangat KEREN banget ini drama…

  356. 356 : shen Says:

    Sure is hilarious! The clown and the crowd !!

    341, 342 and 343 you should have realized by now that you cannot get away with your childish pranks. Viewers here are sharp and smart, not pushovers, except for you. Haha hehe !

  357. 357 : shen Says:

    Don’t know whether plastic surgery is partly responsible, but I dare say Park Min Young sure is a pretty girl. I personally believe that she’s a natural beauty. Plastic surgery is not responsible. Just look at her fine physique and bone structure (face and body frame). It’s hard to change these.

  358. 358 : shen Says:

    Healer sure is Healer! He doesn’t walk. He swaggers!

  359. 359 : Lmfao Says:

    Why you guys so affected? Just close your eyes if you don’t wanna see my comment. 😉 Hahaha

  360. 360 : mayin Says:

    Ahhhh, ep15 is awesome. Bong Soo did a 180° turn, fighter to clingy man, all soft n buttery.

    It is so sweet watching the leads together.

    Thank you Healer team, for making together such an awesome drama

  361. 361 : gelatolover Says:

    Yeepee….so far so good. I like the development of the story until ep 15. can’t wait for the next episodes….
    For the haters….just don’t waste your time to post comment….
    shoo..shoo…shoo…i’ll kick you out…ugh..ugh…

  362. 362 : sue Says:

    aahhh…. ep 15 deabakkkk…
    i rewatch over and over and over…
    JCW and PMY so cute together.
    Bong soo ya, bong soo ya,, bong soo yaa…

  363. 363 : litle Says:

    This is my favorite drama!Figthing!

  364. 364 : melinalee99 Says:


  365. 365 : agnesia Says:

    Daebaak!!! Awesome… ep 15 makes my hearts flutters xoxo
    Ji chang wook soooo cooooolll :B
    Please add some romance scene more between this couple, sooooo sweeeeettt…..

  366. 366 : JustRozy Says:

    Whoa, what’s going on? Why isn’t this #1 ? It is the most terrific drama I’ve seen since Secret Garden and Faith. Fantastic acting, script, cinematography. Please, please, may the complete excellence of this drama be rewarded!

  367. 367 : Hannah Says:

    Ep 15 is way too cute. I smiled most of the time watching it.

  368. 368 : wah Says:

    i love this drama too… what a lovely couple.. why is so underrated, this is good drama..

  369. 369 : mrs ji Says:

    @359 Lmfao

    You are pitiful. Still on “emotional crutches” and lashing out, grandpa!

    Viewers are not here to raise your heckles. At any time, there is no need for your bad behavior. Just join in the fun in a friendly way. No need to rile viewers with obnoxious and hateful remarks.

    As you can see, wwe are simply enjoying a friendly, meaningful and fun filled exchange here and would like it to continue to be so.

    Should you find it hard to do so, it is obvious then that you are at the wrong online site?

    Have a nice day, grandpa !

  370. 370 : cuity7 Says:

    hwaaa..i just feel that i’v seen this drama already by reading all your comments here guys..but i didn’t ..;D lol, waiting this drama ended soon eagerly….. ker..ke..ke.. so i can watch this completely with sub…keep posting your comments guys..in details!! ha..ha..ha..

  371. 371 : NovaKarlina Says:

    HEALER is such a MASTERPIECE..
    ONLY 4 more episodes left???
    HEALER team, Writer Song, Ji Chang Wook oppa and whole cast fighting!!!
    You all are incredible awesome!
    Thankyou for ruined my life *mmuaahh*

  372. 372 : angel Says:

    I think healer is very popular, but what happened wih the rating?! I think many international fans love this show. This drama has the best quality with excellent casts (esp incredibly handsome & gorgeous Ji oppa *cough*), interesting storyline, experienced writer and director, omo this should be MEGAHIT DRAMA! I love all the characters and every scenes. Minja ajumma, you are my favorite here! Your best character ever in drama. Yoo jitae acting is grand,without doubt, he knew what to choose for his comeback. Park minyoung fit her character and i think she gives her best here. And jichangwook? Omo. Can’t describe him anymore

  373. 373 : tigerb Says:

    ‘punch’ and ‘shine or go crazy’ are direct time slot competitions to ‘healer’ and their ratings are doing better. s. koreans just have different preferences than those outside of their country! i enjoy those dramas too, like i do ‘healer’. outsiders of s.k. cannot do anything about s.k. ratings, so let’s just enjoy what we can! cheers!

  374. 374 : healerjjang Says:

    @tigerb 373 : i agree with you…as an international fan i disappointed with the rating, but i believe that i’m not the only one who love healer… ji chang wook is such fenomenal now, i’m happy many people recognize him as a good actor, not only handsome..

    For me healer is one of the best drama since i became k-drama lover 10 years ago..
    Goodluck healer team. The rest episodes must be more daebak!

  375. 375 : tigerb Says:

    @healerjjang 374: i must confess that among the three dramas of the same time slot, i watch ‘healer’ first, maybe because it has a ‘western’ feel to it, which of course is very familiar, plus i find ji chang wook a very good actor. i first noticed him in ’empress ki’, and now watching him here and his past work. four more episodes and am hoping healer can clear his father’s name and punish the ‘elder’ and kim moon sik. enjoy!

  376. 376 : victoriq Says:

    this is the best drama!many internacional fans love “Healer!

  377. 377 : Hannah Says:

    I hope Young Shin won’t accuse Jung Hoo for murder! OMOOOOO

  378. 378 : May Says:

    Warning ! You will be facing a poor fan’s feels if you are reading this!!!!
    Andwaeeeeeeeeeeee I can’t believe they took my ep 16 like that!! it ended so fast!! I need my healer !!! I need him!!! I need my damn preview at least!! I will have to wait ill next week??! are you crazyyyyy??! So much suspense !!! Not forgetting the JongShin moments <3 <3 <3 Omg omg omg!!! I love both of them <3 w <3 They are adorable!! Aigooooo My feels are uncontainable and undescribable right now!!! I really wish I had someone who would look at me the way he looks at her <3 ANd That kiss!! I haven't loved any couple they way I did with this two <3 a lot of chemistry !!! I haven't been waiting and anticipating for a kiss scene and actually liking it as much as I did with these two!! I mean I liked the kisses in Pinocchio but these are speciaaaal!!!!!!!!!!! way too special!! It's different from any other drama!! AS much the other dramas are cool and everything the kiss scenes didn't really attract me as it did with healer <3 I need my healer now!!!!
    Not mentioning that ji freaking chang wook made me curse for the first time over a drama!!! damn!! You really have gotten into me in a weird new way!!!! I mean I haven't cursed over Lee jong suk , kim soo hyun , soong jong ki nor Kim woo bin!!!!!!!! All these years I kept it together!! You ruined everything!!! Ji chang wook , you ruined standards for all future boyfriends on the planet Just because of the way you looked at her in healer !! aaaaaaghhhhhh My poor heart can't handle this!!!! HE IS REALLY A HEALER <3


  379. 379 : Carmen Says:

    How can Ji An believe that bad men?….does she knows he is really mean?…She needs to protect the Healer

  380. 380 : menchie Says:

    deabak!!!!awesome story!!!! the actors and actress are really good… they have a strong chemistry….looking forward for the next episodes!!!!

  381. 381 : Linda Says:

    Healer is amazing. Great story, great cast and Ji Chang Wook is gorgeous and intense. Can give enough accolades to this drama. It’s the best!

  382. 382 : Janice Woo Says:

    I can’t believe the low ratings for this drama. This drama is exceptional!

  383. 383 : tigerb Says:

    @May 378: i enjoyed reading your post. am sure many a girl felt the same way you do watching ‘healer’. my suggestion? re-watch past episodes while waiting for monday!

  384. 384 : piet Says:

    @ May (378) : I felt the same feeling with you about healer. Damn JCW!!!

  385. 385 : suti Says:

    @may 378 : what a comment… i laugh reading it and completely understand how you feel
    i’m holding myself to watch JUST until episode 15, THEN when all episodes are completed then i will DEFINITELY watch it all episodes 16-20 continuesly…. that way i can live my life normally without damn-curiosity of “what happen next…?”
    i stop at ep.15 because this episode is just soooooooooooo good… okay, i’ll be patiently waiting until it completes all episodes 🙂

  386. 386 : Pooh Says:

    I just finished ep 15 omg the feeeeeels cannot be contained!!!!! THEY MAKE SUCH A BEAUTIFUL AND ADORABLE COUPLE I SWEAR <333 and the story still keeps getting better even though it's gonna end soon 🙁 🙁 great actors + great story + great ost!! i srsly dont get why the ratings are low i mean wow people are srsly missing out if they dont watch this drama :c

  387. 387 : sneha oinam Says:

    This is the best drama i ve ever watch specially i like ji chang wook acting i think its the best drama since its ji chang wook

  388. 388 : sneha oinam Says:

    This is the best drama😀👍 i ve ever watch specially i like ji chang wook acting i think its the best drama since its ji chang wook
    I ve watch upto epi 16 & m curios of next epi since it ll be a tough epi ll bong sook become murderer again ?What ll happen between bong sook n jian oh😰

  389. 389 : menma Says:

    @may 378 :i totally agree with you.ji chang wook and park min young’s chemistry is stunning. in my opinion healer is one of the best kdramas which portrays all genres really well.but ji chang wook’s extraordinary acting shouldn’t lead us to forget how wonderful park min young’s acting is.

  390. 390 : Wowww Says:

    @may 378: i know what you feel! Jichangwook’s virus affects me really bad and Im fangirling while watching this drama!! I want to meet a hot healer like hom, where can i find one? Kkk. Healer gives me different feel from other drama and i don’t know what the reason. It’s just too good, and just perfectly suits my taste, i love action-romance genres.

  391. 391 : LAV Says:

    I hereby seconded that Park min-young and Ji chang wook for their “Best Couple Award”. Another drama for them ! more power couple…

  392. 392 : Mary of bethany Says:

    Learn one thing, ratings truly sucks. It’s doesn’t reflect the quality of a fine show. Hollywood movie itself can testify, only worry this will affect morale of TEAM HEALER . You call PUNCH or that mad Ancient drama thing ( jang guk whatever acted in)…better than HEALER? My toes can laugh. yawnnnnn…
    Only thing is, gone my hope for HEALER 2 since rating low.
    But not I single doubt it’s DAEBAK zillions time better than any drama since past few years.

  393. 393 : Mary of bethany Says:

    Praying they will fall in love , Chang Eoin and Min Young in their real life after acting so intensively …best screen COUPLE of all history, past and future.

  394. 394 : Mary of bethany Says:

    Sorry typo error, I mean Chang Wook and Min Young is BEST MATCHING SCREEN COUPLE, hope they really fall in love each other n become real life married couple, my first time really SHIP a couple so much.

  395. 395 : Stenly Says:

    Perfect stori!Figthing,Healer!

  396. 396 : Pooh Says:

    Ep16 was such a cliffhangerr aksldkjals i cant believe it ended like that OTL

  397. 397 : Mayin Says:

    @May #378

    my feelings too exactly

  398. 398 : sahel Says:

    Is it good for watch?

  399. 399 : Ashley Says:

    @sahel it is really good drama to watch and entertain yourself. It has it all, romance, action, thriller, mystery, excellent acting, amazing writing, beautiful directing and editing and of course the most mesmerizing OTP. I love it so much that panning to order director’s cut DVD or Blue ray.

  400. 400 : Tirangue Says:

    O. MY. GOD. I couldn’t sleep well last night because of episode 16. This show is going to KIIIIIILLLLLLLLL me. To much suspense. Why do Shina’ya always seems to doubt Healer? Does she really love him? O Lord!!!! Such a great show. The cast, the chemistry between the leading characters, the story, EVERYTHING!!! Damn, I can’t find words to describe how I feel. I am waiting for the end; but I think it’s going to be the best drama I’ve ever watched.

  401. 401 : Mercy Caballero Says:

    H E A L E R FEVER EVER!!! Ohh, cant get over again ji chang wok!

  402. 402 : NovaKarlina Says:

    HEALER indeedd ruined my life.. ♥_♥
    Ji Vhang Wook is soooo damn sexy kyaaaaaaa

  403. 403 : mayin Says:

    @Sahel #398

    It’s a must watch. The chemistry between the leads is absolutely astounding. Your heart.will keep pounding screaming for more

    The action and suspense will keep you holding your breath

    It’s so addictive that 1 week wait feels like 1 year, oh damn, I am going to be very depressed once thr drama ends

  404. 404 : Kw1234 Says:

    I next ep17, this is killing me. Love HEALER!!!!

  405. 405 : Adektob Says:

    Wow!!..fantastic movie..it just kept getting better…thumb up

  406. 406 : Mayin Says:

    Ep 17 trailer’s out

    can’t wait for Monday

  407. 407 : Snejanka Says:

    I love this drama!Ji Wook very good actor and handsome man!Figthing!

  408. 408 : Jaquine Says:

    Tomorrow tomorrow, jaebal, hope for higher rating and greaaat story for the rest episodes (only 4 ep left T.T)
    I’ll miss this show a lot
    Ji oppa i hope to watch you again in new drama. Or maybe just make healer season two!!!! How sad i am if you really go to military service 🙁 i just really adore him since empress ki for his magnificent acting. And i’m glad he choose healer as his next project bcs it’s great and this drama shows how wonderful his act is. I love park minyoung too, honestly, this is the first time i like her in drama *peace* she cut her hair and became chae youngshin for real. The chemistry is overwhelming!

    P.S : i love to watch kill me heal me too kkkk, those two drama are best dramas to watch in this early 2015!!

  409. 409 : pricillya Says:

    Healer deabak, I can’t watched healer before but yesterday I watched healer From eps 1 until 16…. And I falling In love with changmin couple, too of them so cute, and I think park min young is suitable with ji chang wook than with le min hoo when her in city hunter. And

    I like park min young sing, and dance moments.her voice not bad. She is so funny. And I like ji chang wook too, in this drama his character is so cool, funny when he be kim boo soo, and his so diffrent when he in express ki. He so brave and I like when he fighting…

    And them I think Yo ji te is so charismatic, and cool. I like him
    Can’t wait next eps… Himmne Healer~

  410. 410 : ugly519 Says:

    this drama is so good…why are the rating not any higher? go figure~

  411. 411 : Dlcne Says:

    Ep 17 preview

  412. 412 : ANGEL Says:


  413. 413 : aron Says:

    OMG Ji chang wook ‘s voice is soooooooo good his ost ‘I’ll protect you ‘is amazing i can’t wait for today’s episode fighting !

  414. 414 : MICHELLE Says:

    One of the best Kdrama. PMY and JCW are perfect couple with fantastic chemistry. Not the usual love triangle stuff! Hope those two are dating in real lives since PMY said she would like to get married. What is JCW waiting for??!! Best wishes to both of them

  415. 415 : ludmila Says:

    The best Kdrama !Hiler is my favorite!Ilike Ji Wook-perfect actor!

  416. 416 : NovaKarlina Says:

    Episode 17 was AN AWESOMELY DDAEBAK..
    well.. the rating (still) didn’t made sense at all *sigh*
    as always i can’t help myself to fall in love (more) crazily with HEALER
    and JI CHANG WOOK-ssi..
    Really one of the best drama in planet !
    Healer Team fighting !!!!

  417. 417 : Lysa Says:

    I love it… soooooooo much!!!!
    Eps 18 please………………

  418. 418 : Laila Dos Says:

    Dear Mr. Ji Chang Wook, thank you so much for the last two months. Your Healer made me happy. Really. I think that your acting is perfect. It looks like the whole world can be placed into your eyes but this world is too small for you. It’s like your eyes can express and show any of deep feelings.
    I wish you all the best. I hope somehow you will meet someone who has eyes like yours

    I wish you many and many successful dramas, shows and travellings in your life. Fighting!
    (I hope this message will find the right person)

  419. 419 : vesevese Says:

    I love this drama soo much!Ji Wook my favorite actor!Figthing,oppa!

  420. 420 : mariana Says:

    Wonderful comment, 418 Laila Dos, I totally agree with you! Even more, his acting was perfect in Empress Ki! Bravo, Ji Chang Wook!

  421. 421 : ranazahra Says:

    Healer is amazing. Now i can read how the KBS drama script oftenly done.. I think KBS drama is more into action and revenge story (if u ever watched bridal mask *superb*, shark, innocent man, the princess man, etc) and healer omg…. I loveeee how the couple didn’t have too much pull and back situation and how the romantic scenes beautifully done. Usually, when some scene started to give an upsetting scene like ‘omg please don’t misunderstand him’ or ‘omg don’t go! Stay with him!’ the story will keep dragging that painful scenes from one to two episodes. But here! When those scenes started to appear, it didn’t drag like usual! If there is some ‘ah don’t misunderstand him!’ the next scene will be like what we wanted! They really didn’t misundertand each other and keep their trust and always have an unusual lovey dovey scenes that stole our heart in different way! Healerrrrrr soooo good! JCW is sooo handsome and his sexy gaze…. Melted me like a marshmallow…

  422. 422 : Silva Says:

    The same for me too the best reply I ever read Thanks Laila…
    I like this drama, I don’t care for the rating.
    About Ji Chang Wook his acting was super I cried yesterday with him in ep.14. I saw him first in Smile Dong Hae..
    The same for Park Min Young shes very talented, I loved here in S. Scandal & in Glory Gane..Wish you all more success in everything you do..

  423. 423 : sleeplessnseattlekdcrazy Says:

    JI CHANG WOOK has such expressive eyes! His love scenes in this drama are never awkward! His charisma is overflowing! I’ve never seen such charisma in a Korean actor! He’s such a great actor!

  424. 424 : vesevese Says:

    My favorite-Ji Wook!Good job,oppa!Healer the best!

  425. 425 : Soo Says:


  426. 426 : Adektob Says:

    Park Min Young father and his brother kills me..I thought Seo Jung Hoo is about to get d beating of his life..still laughing

  427. 427 : changwookfan Says:

    One of the best drama I’ve ever seen. No words could describe my love for this drama. The actors are awesome. OMG ji chang wook. He’s one damn gorgeous and talented man. Yoo ji tae is also really daebak. Park min young is also good in this drama.

  428. 428 : Lysa Says:

    Aaaah….it’s killing me…
    this drama so thrilling, can’t wait eps 19
    Monday, please…!!!!

  429. 429 : Mary Says:

    I can’t believe this drama will end next week. I really enjoyed the suspense, the romance and the comedy. It was nice looking forward to every Monday and Tuesday just to watch this drama. The actors have done a great job, especially Ji Chang Wok. I loved him in Empress Ki and honestly I watched this drama because of him and I am so glad I made that decision. Definitely worth my time. I am so looking forward as to how the writer will end this drama, but at the same time, I am upset that it will end. Really hoped they would extend it. Either ways, Healer is certainly on my top 5 list of best dramas. Thank you to all the Healer crew for producing a great drama!

  430. 430 : stanimir Says:

    The best drama!Figthing!

  431. 431 : bubble Says:

    Ji Chang Wook… <3

  432. 432 : Blossom Says:

    Dear everyone
    HAVE YOU GUYS HEARD? that Song Ji Na, our Healer writer has kindly accepted our soon-to-be-finished international fans project to be put on her website?! WOOT WOOT WOOT!

    We want to show her and all casts and all crews that Healer is LOVED LOVED LOVED by international fans, so the Project Organizer has set up a survey, just to ask you where you’re from. Without asking your name whatsoever! Just type your country and you’re done! easy peasy!

    Here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1neuHB0Unak4t2mgHmvoWxqprmlNIPSqkrwfuFDv-qXs/viewform

    Please help us!! KAMSAHAMIDAAAAAAAAA!!

    Your soompi sisters

    PS: you’re also welcomed to join the project, submit your messages, vid, fanart, ANYTHING! here the info https://twitter.com/HealerKdrama/status/562762585477775360/photo/1

  433. 433 : ana lee Says:

    This is the best drama for me…once you started watching it you cant wait for the next episode plus all the lead actors are excellent in portraying their characters especially healer super versatile in acting with amazing super handsome face…Saranghae ji changwook ❤

  434. 434 : Adektob Says:

    Fantastic drama,great acting from every cast and a thumb up to the writer…every episode worth waiting for.

  435. 435 : fio Says:

    oh myyyyy,, can’t wait for next episod. love their acting. the writer’s really excellent.

  436. 436 : Cindy Says:

    What’s the title of the English theme song?

  437. 437 : Khalish Says:

    The title is “Eternal Love” by MLTR

  438. 438 : Florence Dj Says:

    OMG, I LOVE THIS DRAMA. I don’t care about rating. THE BEST DRAMA!! Can’ t wait ep 19.

  439. 439 : unima Says:

    Bravo, Song Ji Na! Amazing story, love your work since Eyes of Dawn. Bravo, Healer’s team!

  440. 440 : Alaa Says:

    nice drama I like it 😊😊😊😊😊

  441. 441 : Cc Says:

    JCW oppa, I like to listen to your OST ” I’ll protect you”… Such a talented actor and singer. PMY and YJT, I like you guys too. “Healer” fighting!!

  442. 442 : Dlcne Says:

    Ep 19 preview

  443. 443 : M3110 Says:

    I love it! A very nice serious and beautiful story

  444. 444 : cindy Says:

    perfection is one word to describe this awesome drama

  445. 445 : clang Says:

    feel sad almost 2 episode it’ll finally end, could’nt able to move on, since i’d watch this drama, i didn’t get interested in any other drama..omo! omo!.omo!
    Ji chang wook’ s popularity in china is alarming…daebak!!!

  446. 446 : sjh Says:

    So sad that it’s ending:)

  447. 447 : shin... Says:

    ahhh! ahjumma, kim moo ho, chae young shin, seo jung ho! reunion….

  448. 448 : nao Says:

    excited and sad….tomorrow’s last ep….oh nooooo!…..

  449. 449 : alex Says:

    The best drama!Saranheo!!!!!!!

  450. 450 : lamar Says:

    Tomorrow-finish!No!Ilove healer!!!!

  451. 451 : Lysa Says:

    Wow…end of scene eps 19 is cool.
    So sad this drama will end but still hope happy ending ^_^

  452. 452 : ABC Says:

    writer nim SONG JI NA kahmsamida
    for a beautiful story and cast’s.

  453. 453 : sue Says:

    missing JCW and PMY already..
    i think i will continuously see this drama repeatedly
    cant wait for the last episode…

  454. 454 : tigerb Says:

    end of ep 19 looks like the four of them were going to travel – may be to sjh’s paradise island? would be nice, but first put the bad people to jail!

  455. 455 : galfrend Says:

    Healer is way to beautiful and entertanin to miss, talking abt d rom-com, suspence, triller OMG! Its go awesome and d casts ar d best!
    Thumb up to writer-nim and PD-nim, its such a great job. Ji chang wook am watching u from now on!

  456. 456 : Mayet Labong Says:

    I really do like to watch Ji Chang Wook, he”s really good, he can bring the best in whoever he is with in the scene…

  457. 457 : Phamz Says:

    Thanks healer and all the cast for this amazing drama…I’m done watching ep 20 w/o sub..Waiting for sub title tommorow..Miss u changmin couple…I will miss this drama very nice ending…Ji chang wook and Park min young more2x blessing to come in your career..Always fighting♡♡♡

  458. 458 : sahel Says:

    Veryyyyyyyyyyy good and beautiful drama thanks so much but I do not care about rating this drama was so good I m waiting for nest drama of ji Chang wook

  459. 459 : mariana Says:

    Perfect drama! Hey guys why isn’t Healer in the Most Shared Drama in KoreanDrama.org (Top 30), because I saw that Hyde, Jekyll and I (SBS) is on? Which are the criteria to go in this top? Sorry for Hyun Bin, I like him a lot in Secret Garden but now Healer is clearly better than Hyde, Jekyll and I !!!

  460. 460 : kiik Says:

    Mariana this is the criteria to go in the top!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How do you determine the ‘most shared drama’ list ?
    – We determine the ‘most shared drama’ list based on the total shared of each drama in Facebook, Twitter & G+. For example, ‘City Hunter’ have total shared of 7.2k from facebook & 124 from Twitter & 56 from Google Plus.

  461. 461 : mariana Says:

    Ok, thank you very much Kiik!

  462. 462 : dee Says:

    i wiil miss u changmin couple…
    wait your new project
    your acting is great don’t worry with the rating…FIGHTING OPPA..

  463. 463 : fio Says:

    woooooowwwwwww.. daebak.. it’s worth to watch.. wwooooowwww. speechless..

  464. 464 : vhoynx Says:

    Love everything about this drama
    Gonna rewatch from ep1

    Screw ratings… Healer is one of the best.

  465. 465 : tigerb Says:

    what more can i say when everything positive is already said by the people above? it’s a great series, i never had a doubt otherwise, it’s really, really, really worth watching!!! i can’t remember ever saying anything about romance of the leading actors of the dramas i’ve watched in the past, but this time, yes! an excellent pair! cheers to a very good production!!! ahh, i will not forget to give credit to the ‘ahjumma’ – she never fails in a role given to her.

  466. 466 : Carmen Says:

    This is one of the BEST drama I have watched this year, from the start to end was really, really good…..I will re-watch later on, they did a good job incorporating the past with the present…great Job….That was the PERFECT end….Congrats to all for a job well done…..

  467. 467 : MissLeeAngel22 Says:

    Awww .. I’m really crying !! Why does it have to end ?? I already miss my ChangMin Couple and Healer team also ~ I will never forget this drama .. I don’t know how I will start my next Mon-Tue without them :'( Thanks for the great CHEMISTRY Ji Chang Wook and Park Min Young ^_^ Hoping to see you both in the same drama again ~ Congratulations Healer Team !!! You’ll stay in our hearts <333

  468. 468 : nosweep Says:

    Excellent drama! Every episode was exciting. The story was fast paced with never a dull moment. It’s my all time favourite K drama – it overtook my previous all time favourite (Rooftop Prince, whose ending was disappointing). Healer ended well. JCW and PMY had great chemistry and that made their romance the sweetest ever. Let’s vote it the Best Drama for 2015!

  469. 469 : mayin Says:

    My Mondays and Tuesdays will not be the same now.

    Healer team, you are awesome. No words can describe how much I love this drama. Congratulations!!

  470. 470 : mi chan Says:

    indeed! this will become the best korean drama, main actor Ji chang wooks musical is “those days” are packed of stars.

  471. 471 : omega Says:

    The best korean drama!!!!!!

  472. 472 : May Says:

    Again Sorry guys but this is kinda my space to evacute my feelings! :

    srsly!!! This is a drama or what?? I just can’t specify it!! It doesn’t obey to the drama rules yet it doesn’t oby to the reality rules either!! THIS DRAMA MADE ME SPEECHLESS ! WORDLESS! To its last minute it remained INTRESTING unlike other dramas o it’s last minute it remained mystirious and ambgious!! this drama beat me!!! I used to know the events before it happened but in this one I couldn’t !! I used to be very upset and angry and bored when I don’t know what’s going to happen yet in this oneI don’t know but I feel intrested and attracted to finish to next eps!! The twist in the last episode when I know that Seo jong Hoo was just acting ,, that was a nice unexpected touch that made me feel stupid!!! This is not a drama!! The storyline is very well written!! I just feel sorry to you’re beautiful since it was my ultimate favorite drama for so many years because healer just won it!! I ..I ..I have so many mixed feelings right now! One of them is happiness , sadness , shock …shock because of the twist made in ep 20 by Healer!!! this drama turned my life upside down I just don’t know how will I continue ! I’ m certainely going through an aftermath now !SONG JI NA you got me as a fan now! JUST WOW. I can’t get enough of it!! I really don’t want it to end!! It became a great part of my life! Usually witter-nims prepare us for the end and I don’t end up with such feelings but Song ji Na didn’t! How is it possible?? No more BongShin no more JongAhn no more Healer no more action???? I have a life but healer just made it different!

    I simply got HEALERated.

  473. 473 : Maira Says:

    This is unacceptable!!! I can’t live without this drama. My Monday and Tuesday will be boring from now on. It’s been such a great journey watching Healer. I enjoyed every second of it. Every episode had a unique feature that was new to me and I enjoyed it all. The action was amazing, the romance was heart warming and the acting was phenomenal. I loved it all. I am so looking forward to watch Chang Wok’s next project. He surprised me in empress ki and made me fall for him in this drama. Man, he is one fine charming man. Honestly, this is my favorite drama at the moment and it will take a while to get over. I will just have to watch the whole drama again. Anyways, I would like to thank every person that contributed to this drama, whether it was online subbing or working on the set of Healer. A special thank you to the writer and all the actors especially Ji Chang Wok and Park min young. They filmed a great romance that was very natural and loving. I applaud everyone for their hard work. Thank you again for making us viewers enjoy our time watching this amazing work, Healer!!!

  474. 474 : J O J O Says:

    oh! the last time i felt this kind of feeling while watching KDrama was slave hunter, and yet now it surpass its superbness.
    Healer??? what s going on? oh come on?otoke?
    just watched KBS EW show, i guess the musical “Those Days ” will be this year’s hit… because of healer Ji Chang Wook

  475. 475 : aysha Says:

    Best drama ever.😊😊😊

  476. 476 : Defi Says:

    goodbye healer 🙁

  477. 477 : xincha Says:

    HEALER one of the best korean drama i’ve ever watch, looks similar to city hunter, but still there is a difference maybe the story itself or the way the actors acts esp ji chang wook, you are so talented.

  478. 478 : Josephine Directo Says:

    Looking forward for the sequel of this HEALER. Wonderful story and great actors too.My salute to the director and the script writers. More power to you all.God bless you all.

  479. 479 : Jamila Says:

    i hope you will make a movie out of this. great chemistry of the lead actors.

  480. 480 : Healer Fan Says:


  481. 481 : atikk Says:

    goodgye hEaler ahh T_T
    Healer is the best action movie that i have been seen. We get action, romance, comey in this film. Ahhh,, i hope can see Ji Chang Wook again in action or romance drama/movie

  482. 482 : fans Says:

    This drama really unexpectedly great drama!! I must admit the cover image really doesn’t look interesting, but luckily I read the comments and start watching it. It will become one of the best drama in 2015!

  483. 483 : Mello Says:

    Awesome dramaaa!!!! Need Healer Season 2, Pleeeease!

  484. 484 : Healer Fan Says:

    first, i thought this drama was bad because the rating. When I read the comments they said this drama was so good. So I watched it. And you know, Healer drama totally AWESOOOME!!!

  485. 485 : xxl Says:

    The best korean drama!Ji Wook -perfect actor!

  486. 486 : Laila Dos Says:

    I’ve heard that the Healer’s writer – Song Ji Na has posted answers to 50 questions about Healer. The answers make clear and undestandable many parts of Healer series.
    Has anyone seen it? Please help to find it. I am sooooo curious.

    Please let us know if you find something.

  487. 487 : miki Says:

    What’s wrong with these ratings this drama is so good why the low rating i expected high ratings because i thought this drama was popular

  488. 488 : Jaquine Says:

    Omg!!!!!! My healer please don’t go awaaaay! I will miss you every monday 🙁 the rating doesn’t make sense! I would vote this drama 11/10 kkk. I need to see the sequel… Or just make it into movie please…

  489. 489 : sahel Says:

    I think healer is very better than city hunter

  490. 490 : nzul Says:

    What word that can describe this drama yah, whoa. It’s totally awesome. Great plot, great actors and actresses, great team. I got everything at once everytime i watch every episode, and unlike another romance drama, the bond, and the chemistry between the leading actor and actress just to sweet to be true, and no kidding that the love line is great with no need to be sad all the time.

  491. 491 : DramFan Says:

    I’m currently watching this drama. Wow!! Really in to it. Good and interesting story line.
    And lead actors and actress.. just wow!! Healer is so damn good looking. While watching the drama I fell for him even without realizing it. Because in the beginning I didn’t thought that I would fell for him even though I thought he’s cute.
    And the famous reporter wow. I can’t chose between those two men right now!! :/
    Park Min Young is really adorable in this drama. It’s hard not to love her character. And of course she’s playing it well.

    I will soon add a comment after finishing this drama!! 😀 😉

  492. 492 : lidia Says:

    Healer is the Best Korean Drama Ever…Love You So Much Ji Chang Wook 🙂

  493. 493 : dasyang Says:

    Daebak!!!! …I’m gonna miss this drama…especially couple park min young and ji Chang wook..great couple..how I wish both of you will become couple in real life..your chemistry to each other is something there’s a meaning …:-) 🙂 🙂 love u both

  494. 494 : Tina Says:

    I liked this drama! The script is bright, rich and the best!

    Ji Chang Wook`s eyes always says much more than his words! Indeed, he personalized so many different roles with the excellent mark! And it was professionally done!
    Park Min Young was amazing too: interesting, sincere and kind but also just girl who helped others with enthusiasm. Chae Young Shin is her best role among all her filmography.
    Before I have never heard anything about Yoo Ji Tae. And it is sad, cause he is great actor! In the role of repporter Kim Moon Ho you want to believe and help him…

    Also there is exciting OST: songs and instrumental music. But especially are Ji Chang Wook`s “I Will Protect You” and “Eternal Love” by Michael Learns To Rock.

  495. 495 : FlorenceDj Says:

    Sedih nya sudah selesai. I miss Healer. The best korean drama T. T

  496. 496 : JCW Says:

    Wonderful story! I’ve become a huge fan of Ji Chang Wook because of this drama. What’s special about JCW’s acting is that all the emotions he’s acting out can all be seen through his eyes. He’s an actor who really needs more recognition. Of course, Park Min Young was also great in this drama. I really like it when she sings random songs in the early episodes of the drama

  497. 497 : Tirangue Says:

    Good drama till the end! For me, Ji Chang Wook really is a big part of its success. All my wishes of good luck to him!

  498. 498 : Carmen Says:


  499. 499 : Tina Says:

    Vote for “Healer”:

  500. 500 : Rozmary Says:

    It is of course not better than City hunter, but good, very good, lack of good action, but strong romance.

  501. 501 : Serena Says:

    Just started watching. Very promising. An intelligent drama.

  502. 502 : kitkat Says:

    Ji Chang Wook is a BORN ACTOR. A natural. And his eyes are so expressive too. Wow !

    Not to mention the chemistry between Ji Chang Wook and Park Min Young. Their chemistry sure hit it off right from day one of the shoot to all the way through the drama. What a good and powerful feeling for us viewers to watch and feel. Blows me away!

    On the whole, the whole HEALER TEAM deserves our CONGRATULATIONS !!!! Every team member seems to have given not 100%, but 500% to make this drama explosive and memorable in every way.


    This is one drama that I would recommend to anyone looking to watch a Korean class (1) drama.

  503. 503 : belle Says:

    I just saw a comment on one site stating this drama has a weak storyline and bad acting and chemistry from the leads. and there are quite few ones that said they didn’t want to watch it because they thought that the mediocre ratings would represent the qualities of the drama itself. Oh for God’s sake. I know that they just stated their opinions and I have no rights to bash them. But I just want to tell all the readers of this site that this drama is a masterpiece for me. don’t hesitate to watch it just because others say something or the mediocre ratings because you will regret not watching this drama. ji chang wook’s acting here is really daebak like he did in Empress Ki. not only him but most of the casts. great storyline that is smart and will make you think as a smart one.

  504. 504 : Soo Says:

    I love this drama. Pls watch if you haven’t. You will never regret. best of the best so far for me.

  505. 505 : ery chris Says:

    At first i dont have wish to watch this HEALER. Because of much of bad comment i have feeling that this is a bad drama. BUT after i give it a try…each episode is getting better and make me curious about next episode. I THINK the lead actor n actress has a good chemistry so far..it s cute fun romance and action.. all in one package..it has similar type with Cityhunter but this drama has more romance i think…
    You must try to watch this movie guys..and u willnot sorry for sure..goodjob

  506. 506 : Pooh Says:

    I swear healer is one of the best dramas i’ve ever watched??? It’s a like movie made into a series?! The storyline, acting, actors, actresses, ost, EVERYTHING WAS JUST ON POINT. I wasnt supposed to watch this drama but i tried it anyway because i found the main guy handsome (cough ji chang wook) and i also knew park minyoung was gonna slay whatever role given to her. AND GUESS WHAT? I completely fell in love with it. There wasn’t a single episode i found boring. NONE AT ALL. Every episode was filled with action, romance, comedy, suspense!! 🙂 I hope people won’t just decide not to watch this drama bec of the low ratings because youre surely missing out on such a great great GREAT drama!!! Kudos to everyone who made this drama happen 🙂

  507. 507 : Lotus Says:

    Please make the sequel of Healer, I’m still not satisfied to see it ended already. I still wanna see JCW acting, so cute and smart.

  508. 508 : k1234 Says:

    Vote for “Healer”:
    vote for “Best Korean Drama Actors”

  509. 509 : nosweep Says:

    This is an excellent drama! I don’t understand why the rating is so low and it is not even listed in the top dramas to watch in this site. How come??? I also don’t understand why some people don’t like it or find it mediocre. Is it because they don’t understand the story? Well those of us who have been watching Kdramas for many years can attest to this being one of the best dramas ever! The story is exciting and thrilling and the love story is the sweetest! JCW & PMY have fantastic chemistry. Their acting makes their relationship so natural. The whole cast in fact did a wonderful job. This is my all time favourite drama and should be the Best Drama of 2015.

  510. 510 : Rose Says:

    Drama Style: Ji Chang Wook’s Sophisticated AllSaints Jacket In ‘Healer’

  511. 511 : lanna Says:

    what an AMAZING drama….. GREAT storyline and an AWESOME cast. I don’t understand why the ratings is so low….. but don’t JUDGE it by the rating. You will get addictive when you watch it. . . it’s realy WORTH to watch…..

  512. 512 : DramFan Says:

    WOW!! Deabak!! What an AMAZING drama. Before start watching the drama I didn’t even read the synopsis, I just started watching it. Because I saw all the good comments about this drama. And I found it very interesting from the begging.
    This drama is so amazing. Cast, story and ost.. WOW!!
    Ji Chang Wook you are really handsome. The most handsome Korean actor I even seen.
    Park Min Yong of course you are always been a sweet and a good actress. Your acting is simply awesome in this drama.
    Ji Chang Wooks is an awesome actor. Hope to see he’s more in drama like this. He didn’t want to talk to act. Simple his expressions says it all.

    Healer team congratulations on your awesome work. Thank you for bringing us such an awesome drama. This drama will always be one of the best Korean dramas I ever watched. Thank you!!
    Indeed on of the BEST KOREAN DRAMAS EVER!! 🙂 🙂

  513. 513 : vhelle Says:

    Love it💕💞💖

  514. 514 : tigerb Says:

    so many comments why this series has a low rating in s.k. tv. and i’ve been wondering why. if there is a s.korean reading the above comments, i would appreciate it very much what is his/her take and a speculation as to why.

  515. 515 : Tina Says:

    I wish Healer`s actors would be invited to Running man.
    If Chang Wook, Min Young, Yoo Ji Tae, Kim Mi Kyung (ajumma) and Jo Han Chul (detective Yoon Dong Won) appeared together in this show it would be amazing!
    It could be like an additional episode of the drama…

  516. 516 : anonymous Says:

    wow…i read most of the comments and can i just say…i love u guys….the people who support healer…….thank you so much!!! i’m so happy…that this story got lots of love and please still continue to love them….

  517. 517 : uggie Says:

    Tokoh yg diperankan Ji Chang Wook dlm Healer t’masuk gaya”y mirip dgn tokoh yg di perankan oleh Lee Min Ho di City Hunter… Ini menurutku, pasti beda menurut yg lain 🙂

  518. 518 : RunawayRyuki Says:

    Please make the sequel of Healer… I think it would be amazing, i still cant move on from JCW, he is so cute,..

  519. 519 : WSW Says:

    This is a good drama, storyline is good, strong chemistry between the 2 leads and pace is good.

  520. 520 : vhoynx Says:


    Watch it and see for yourself!!!

  521. 521 : wn Says:

    Really love this drama…full of action, romance and sweetness. The main actor and actress had good chemistry between them. Thumbs up for the team. Very well done…love you guys

  522. 522 : lia Says:


  523. 523 : Rose Says:

    I thought Moon Ho had 2 policeman keeping an eye on Chae Young? I just saw Ep. 11 and the last show or 2 I didn’t see the plain clothes men any where. Did Moon Ho cancel them because he thought Healer could keep her safe?

    I found it strange that Chae Young could just walk into Moon Sik’s house without any guards around protecting the house.

    Excellent show.

  524. 524 : sully Says:


  525. 525 : Healer Says:

    The best drama for 2014/15 years!Ji Wook -perfect actor and handsome boy!

  526. 526 : unik Says:

    i dont care about rating in korea, but healer fans in the world say its amazing drama,script,ost,actor,actress,plot,storyline daebak…!!.why very low audience rating?it perfect for me. im very enjoyed this.and its wow…superb!!!!!.love JCW very much since in empress ki,he has beautiful eyes, mesmerize eyes wich explain more than word, good looking too,and talented actor..i support healer best korean drama 2015…

  527. 527 : cuity17 Says:

    finally, in 2 days i completely finish watched healer last night, waawww…!! you know guys, while waiting this drama ended, i enjoy read all your comments here.and feel that ive already watched this as you guys..then after i watched thiss..hwaawwww this drama is soooo amazing..fantastic..
    since i like KD frm 2009 till now, only shining in herittance, bridalmask n secret…plus healer now, that can mess my heart badly, it’s hard to manage my feelingx emotion and my heart..back to normal after watched all these dramas, so funny hah..coz im not teenager n young anymore Ha..ha..ha..otttokeee..?! JCW, im your fans now!! after lee seun gi, joo won n ji sung, need hear a good news frm you (next drama) soon, .Healerrr, miss you much! ahjummaaaa miss you too hah? i like d way you rise yourbhand up bfore your fingers “dance” on the keyboard.. ;D next KMHM, im coming, ..hope it can heal my heart …ha..ha.ha..

  528. 528 : yasmin Says:

    My heartiI love Healer!I miss Ji Wook!

  529. 529 : EMILY Says:


  530. 530 : Ivon Says:

    I love this drama!Ji Wook the great actor!Park Min is very beautiful girl!

  531. 531 : kdrama freak Says:

    Grossly under rated drama. Daebak, i enjoy. JJW and PMY hv chemistry. I always JJW acting. Pity he will be called to army soon. will be awhile before we can watch his drama again….

  532. 532 : Donna of New Mexico Says:

    Love watching it from the beginning to the end. Like the others says who cares about the ratings as long as we the viewers are enjoying and loving it. Excellent drama. Good job and congratulations to everyone in doing this series. Hope you’ll keep doing this kind of action comedy romance drama series. I’ll watch it again. Love it, love it.

  533. 533 : HEALER FANS Says:


  534. 534 : Healer fanatic Says:

    I don’t know that the rating was so bad. But I know, this drama was SUPER AMAZING

  535. 535 : piet Says:

    Wooowwwww……. very smart ending!!!!!!! smart strategy 😉
    unexpected……!!!!! I was so satisfied… 😀
    Thank was to produce this drama.
    thumbs up for Song Ji Na, so creative
    thumbs up for Director (Lee Jung Sub, Kim Jin Woo). Good job….. you make this drama so natural.
    thumbs up for all you guys…..

  536. 536 : hannah Says:

    BEST DRAMA ever!!! <33333 Recommend to everyone and anyone. Great story and cast. The romance is extremely beautiful and will make your heart go fast. I really love this drama. JCW and PMY will definitely make you a fan if you already aren't. Go Go GO, watch it now!

  537. 537 : May Says:

    anyone suffering for aftermath because of this drama??
    Keep sharing please so it becomes one of the most shared dramas!!

  538. 538 : sophie Says:

    Ji Chang Wook sing for Healer OST! And WOW~! His voice! Awesome! 😍 handsome face, great acting, and wonderful voice! What a perfect!
    Well~ I just finished watching this drama. 20episode in 3days.
    Hm~ this drama is really great. One of the best drama in the end of 2014 and in the begining of 2015. But honestly I need more for the ending. I mean it should be more than 20episode. At least to explain how their life after the biggest criminals caught by the police. About Cha Young Shin’s life after met his real mother. About Seo Jung Hoo, about Someday News Or about Kim Moon Sik’s life. Maybe it’s one of the reason why this drama didn’t get the good rating in korea.
    But after all, this drama is awesome! Action drama which is very cool. Romantic love story. a thrilling story and a drama that make us really curious to watch the next episode.
    I love them~~ I love this drama!!! ^^
    If u haven’t watch yet, then u should watch!

  539. 539 : dramafreak Says:

    Attention! Attention!! who has not watch this drama…..go to http://www.dramanet.com.my and type healer….click on it….and go WATCH IT!!! no regrets i am telling u….it is really addictive and i love Ji Chang Wook…his eyes..omg…*faint*

  540. 540 : Sadi Says:

    This drama should be watched by everyone that can possible exist in this world becauae it’s that good. It’s as good as anything. If you love dramas that have romance which makes you so jealous, watch this because you will feel like your life is nothing in comparison to the romance in this drama.

  541. 541 : erychris Says:

    Love this drama soooo much…the first time I watch Ji Chang Wook movie. and I m in love at the first sight definitely:) U are such a great actor. U must watch this drama guys don’t look at the rating. This drama have romance fun cute action complete in one package..love it thanx 4 the ride healer

  542. 542 : Carmen Says:

    There is not good dramas so I am watching this drama twice…. and loving it!!

  543. 543 : seline Says:

    The best korean drama!I love Ji Wook-the perfect actor and singer!

  544. 544 : Qnush Says:

    Ji Cang Wook is my favorite actor and singer!He is perfect healer!

  545. 545 : Olga Says:


  546. 546 : uggie Says:

    I just finished watched this drama…i like this drama very much !! I wacth this drama again and again until I’m boring…:) Yes..Support this drama, for the best drama in this year…

  547. 547 : Nina Says:

    So amazing and so romantic drama

  548. 548 : paoare Says:

    Best drama ever seen since Iris!

  549. 549 : smilly Says:

    I just want to tell you this drama is superb great n amazing!! At the beginning this drama aired I was hesitant to watch it bcoz I am not sure if I will be able to enjoy it. After a long time I did not watch k drama again. The last one drama I watched is angel eyes. I love kdrama but bcoz I am very picky so just a few that made me addicted. But after I read all the comments on this site . I became curious so I behave to try and now I have been three times watched healer n not bored at all. The drama I love before are 1 prcent of anything, hello miss, coffee prince, playfull kiss, ojakyo brother, city hunter, rooftop prince, missing you, school 2013, angel eyes. And now I add one more again.. HEALER!. I dont care about rating , I just love it. But now I feel so sad Healer was ended. What’s the next drama that could make me flutter again?

  550. 550 : Healer fanatic Says:

    Healer JJang!

  551. 551 : Korean Drama Review Healer | Drama and Show Reviews and Recommendations Says:

    […] Healer (2014) 治愈者 […]

  552. 552 : khalif Says:


  553. 553 : Rose Says:

    This was just fantastic. Loved it all and the entire cast. I can’t add anything else as everyone said it all. I saw Ji Chang Wook for the first time in Empress Ki and I thought he was good in that drama and, of course, good looking. But he was excellent in this drama. I like Park Min Young. I have seen her in a few movies.

    Park Sang Won is in Rosy Lovers. He is a nice looking man.

    Congratulations to all the actors – they all were great, and to the entire Production staff – you did a great job, great story line, great acting, well done. It deserves any awards it may receive.

  554. 554 : kimchilee Says:

    After watching Pinocchio..the ONLY drama which i could watch continuously.. there’d be none to watch that will interest me again. Then I started watching Healer.. initially, i thought bah.. just another thriller spy drama .. but it gets into you slowly and surely.. good grief..! I think am going through withdrawal symptoms now.. i need Healer to come to heal my unsatisfied heart that its only 20 episodes and no more Ji Chang Wook to watch.. (he’s enlisting in military service next year!!).. Healer.. what you do to me.. this drama is sooooo good!! Kudos to all the actors, directors and esp the writer for such a good solid piece of drama!

  555. 555 : caelum draco Says:

    I love this drama. Love the chemistry ji chang wook and park min young. min young’s acting has improve a lot. This is one of the best ive watche so far.

  556. 556 : Dev Says:

    I want to be loved by ji chang wook, he so perfect for me

  557. 557 : Olga Says:

    Imiss you,Healer!This is my favorite drama!Ji Wook-perfect actor!

  558. 558 : WesiMadis Says:


  559. 559 : melania Says:

    I watch Healer and addicted to it and now i am officially shipper of Ji Chang Wook..what a nice drama from beginning to the end..

  560. 560 : naisy Says:

    Now i know why Healer fans are going crazy saying this drama is the BEST and is far better than that drama “Pinocchio”. I regretted that i watched this Healer too late i just finished it last night. I can say now, it’s true, this drama is PERFECT! An action Drama with a Heart, ROMANTIC Comedy, all packed in one. The lead actor and actress are both nice to look at, they have great chemistry, seems they are really in love with each other very sincere. PMY, she has a nice smile and when she cries it melts my heart very expressive. And the guy who play uncle Kim Moon No, he did fine, seems very masculine in real life. To the producers thanks for bringing to us this drama and for creating such an amazing one. Again, Perfect!!

  561. 561 : monalisa Says:

    I really loved this drama! I had crush on yoo ji tae!

  562. 562 : devi Says:


  563. 563 : Exotic Says:

    love love loveeeee

  564. 564 : ewi Says:

    i fall in love with this drama & the OST 🙂
    agree with monalisa.i had a crush on Yoo Ji Tae too 😀 he’s really cool & i enjoyed watch him in this drama.
    min ja ahjuma really cool too.love it when she sings What’s Your Name by 4Minute and Some by SoYou & Jungigo for Healer a.k.a Seo Jung Ho.
    this drama is worth to watch, despite the poor rating in SK.

  565. 565 : 김김 Says:

    지창욱 대박..💜

  566. 566 : Slonamy Says:

    Healer daebak!Ji Wook is my favorite!

  567. 567 : citraclass Says:

    super love this drama…i’m now a ji chang wook shipper…love the chemistry bet jang wook and min young hope they can do more projects together. This is the best drama ive seen so far for jang wook. Ive seen Empress Ki but this is the best one for me. Congrats to all the cast!

  568. 568 : jubedoo Says:

    Best drama I’ve seen in a while. Cast was well chosen, script superb. Chemistry between the leads was great. Nice blend of exciting action and a more grown up love story. Don’t miss this one! One of few where a sequel would be welcomed.

  569. 569 : cat90 Says:

    #1drama all time!!!!!!!

  570. 570 : cat90 Says:

    So dam EPIC!

  571. 571 : galfrend Says:

    I was just wondering if i can get a drama like this again fron JCW! Healer-ya!!

  572. 572 : menchie Says:

    Two Thumbs Up! for this drama!!! Amazing cast and amazing story lines…. One of the well-made dramas for 2015…

  573. 573 : fatmasri Says:

    love it…. so in love with them…

  574. 574 : Hahao Says:

    I really love da movie n it touch ma heart

  575. 575 : witika Says:


  576. 576 : kimchilee Says:

    How come this drama doesnt come under the most shared Koreandrama Top 30? This has over 500 shared comments compared to Jekyll, Hyde & Me.. weiyoh?

  577. 577 : sami Says:

    this drama was wonderfull..i miss healer

  578. 578 : astrid Says:

    One of the best drama i’ve seen after Secret Garden. Great chemistry, great casting and great plot. I feel the love between JCW and PMY. PMY acting is so refreshing better than most of the actress in dramas ive seen. This will be on my memorable dramas list. lots of love for all the healer cast and crew.

  579. 579 : Alwine Says:

    Great drama…with romantic OST Eternal Love from Michael Learns To Rock… 😉
    Daebak… 🙂

  580. 580 : Dwi Says:

    love this drama, and unexpected feeling with #JCW <3<3<3

  581. 581 : kdramalover Says:

    i miss this drama so bad….. ahjumma is my favorite character, you’re so funny yet clever. I miss bongsookie aka seo jung hoo, aka healer. Uuw so bad you’re going to army soon 🙁 PD-nim, writer-nim, please consider to make healer season 2 please please please.

  582. 582 : tigerb Says:

    i see there are still positive comments after the series ended more than a month ago. i expect more in the days to come.

    @kimchilee: admin has removed the list of most shared dramas, which i think is a good idea. ‘city hunter’ being on top of the list is not believable to me, however the most sharing method is derived.

  583. 583 : Kimbap lover in CA Says:

    Can I please have the list of soundtrack from Healer.

  584. 584 : Autumn Grace Says:

    I just started watching this KD and I love the lead actors. They are all great together. Nice casting. I’m looking forward to a good ending.

  585. 585 : Autumn Grace Says:

    Finished watching this KD. Great drama. My heart pounds while watching this drama. Super uber beautiful drama. The casts are great. The main character is tremendously beautiful together. Nice story line. One of my favorites ever!!!

  586. 586 : Come Heal Me Says:

    This drama is on my top 5. I put it 2nd after secret garden, following by my love from another star, i hear your voice, and mylovely samsoon.

    to be on my top 10 is coffee prince, sly and single again,emergency couple, my gf is gumiho, and my girl

    next is goong, the greatest love,full house.

  587. 587 : mei Says:

    @come heal me

    yeah, healer is my fav kdarama too..

    have u been watching Kill me heal me? it just become my top 10 kdrama on my heart. beautiful drama, best cast, best acting, funny n thouching..

  588. 588 : Doris Aguirre Says:

    Great chemistry amongs the casts.

  589. 589 : leilani Says:


  590. 590 : Cathy Sanoria Says:

    Great!!! Awesome!!! The best!!! Perfect!!!

  591. 591 : Autumn Grace Says:

    I’m still in this KD. I couldn’t imagine watching it over again after finishing it. :))) Great drama.

  592. 592 : ilhamm Says:

    one of my best kdrama ; i love ji chang wook great handsome actor i just love him

  593. 593 : fira Says:

    love ji chang wook oppa..sharangheooo..:)

  594. 594 : Icha Says:

    Wow…This drama is very interesting. I’ve fallen for you Ji Chang Wook,wk..wk…wk…Two thumbs for all teams.

  595. 595 : Metoo Says:

    Just finished healer 😍😍😍 whoaaa great drama. great storyline. And of course cool and handsome actor jcw. Recommended!!!

  596. 596 : ruby placheta Says:


  597. 597 : Nadege Says:

    I am now retrying to watch Healer. When it was airing, I quit mid the first episode because it did captivate me. However, after reading so many reviews about “healer”, I decided to give it another try this week.

    Again the first episode was not captivating me but I work thru it because with many KDramaa, the first 1-5 episodes can be non captivating and also due to the many positive reviews.

    I am glad I watched past the first episode. For me, The story becomes captivating & intriguing after the first episode. So I would advise you to keep watching if the first episodes do not entice you because after you breeze thru the first couple of episodes, you may like it also.

    I think the synopsis or summary for the drama was not good in describing this drama so the first episode confuse the viewer or appear all over the place or boring to the viewer despite the mystery or the great uses of gadgets!!!!!

  598. 598 : kdramalover Says:

    I miss this show…
    Jichangwook oppa, please comeback with new drama :”

  599. 599 : Rose Says:

    News on Ji Chang —

    Ji Chang Wook Will Appear On An Upcoming Episode Of ‘Happy Camp’

    kdramastars.com · 10 days ago

    Ji Chang Wook continues to demonstrate his popularity in China. The 27-year-old actor recently strengthened his …

    Ji Chang Wook To Hold His First Asia Tour

    Yahoo Singapore Entertainment · 6 days ago

    [by Woorim Ahn] Actor Ji Chang Wook will hold his first Asia tour. Through drama ‘Healer’, he received lots of love from …

  600. 600 : Rose Says:

    There are several articles and photos of Ji Chang on this website —


    Actor Ji Chang Wook is on his way to taking over Asia as reps from his agency revealed that the actor will be embarking on his first ever Asia fan meeting tour …

  601. 601 : Ghummy Says:

    Very nice drama but i think the ending had very simple end,overall very recommeded!

  602. 602 : batchoy Says:

    Best drama “kill me heal me” , second best drama ” the healer” hoping these two drama will win many awards.

  603. 603 : kenzobella Says:

    it’s the nice one, just the ending was very simple

  604. 604 : che Says:

    i love JCW… i love his gaze… i love his being tough… i love his being cool… i’m in love with JCW…

  605. 605 : Rose Says:

    I tried to copy the below title as there is a photo of Ji Chang-Wook, but it would not let me so I just copied the article.

    Ji Chang-wook’s birthday party event sold out within one minute Read more at: http://tr.im/ABNxu

    Actor Ji Chang-wook has proved his skyrocketing popularity. The tickets for his birthday party event scheduled on July 25th were sold out within one minute. The ticketing was open at 8 PM on July 2nd and all seats literally disappeared in the blink of an eye. His fans who could not obtain the tickets have clamored about their lost opportunity to attend the event. Ji Chang-wook’s previous event, his Asia fan meeting tour, ‘THIS IS JCW’ in Japan also had been sold out in 10 minutes. All of these have proved how hot his popularity is domestically and globally. Especially when this event is the first venue for him to meet his domestic fans officially, it has been garnering heated attention. How he would communicate with his fans on the stage is drawing much attention at this moment. A staff from Ji Chang-wook’s agency said, “Ji Chang-wook also cannot hide his excitement with the heated fan reaction. We are making even more vigorous efforts to pay off so much support from fans”. Ji Chang-wook’s birthday party along with his fans will take place at 6 PM on July 25th in Woori Capital Art Hall in Olympic Park. Read more at: http://tr.im/ABNxu

  606. 606 : Rose Says:


    If you clip on the highlighted website – it will bring you to the article and his photos. Enjoy – he is so cute.

  607. 607 : YANI Says:

    the best Ji Chang Wook..

  608. 608 : mamen Says:

    too bad that i have to say that the ending of this Drama is out of my expectation… it is kind of insipid… there are many things left to be unknown… what’s those personal video in the last episode for? what happen to kim moon sik? he’s crazy.. then what? that’s it? what the hell is happening with the old man? isn’t he still mysterious as fuck? what the “farmer” mean to be? what the fuck they do? what’s up with the bacterial things in the end? it just feels like the story is being forced to go inside the storyline!! So sorry that i say it…. this drama’s ending ain’t a stir…

  609. 609 : Syunga Says:

    To #608..,,

    You got lots of questions… Are u reading a subtitle or what??… How come most of the viewers got it in just 1 watch??… I think you have to go over on that episode and activate your comprehension…. Or maybe yet, start from ep 1, cause everything was explained in every episode.. Gezzzz….

    Cheers to smart healer fans!!!😄

  610. 610 : LY Says:

    One of the best Korean dramas that I have ever watched. Li Chang Wook was awesome and so handsome.

  611. 611 : Look'z Says:

    Kudos!!!!!!!!! The healer is a great film I ever watch. Korean film is such interesting movie. looking forward to see your new film.

  612. 612 : Betty Says:

    this film was the best film ever that I have seen from the beginning to the end loved it and love the co actors ♥♡

  613. 613 : james tay Says:

    Ji Chang Wook and Park Min Young look good together.
    Love scene in Korean drama used to be conservative, with their clothes on and do it under the blanket. If it shows in the movie…they would be really HOT!

  614. 614 : Lya Says:

    Ji Chang Wook is one of my favorite actor and this drama is dae bak, is the best drama I have ever seen in my life and I know what I’m saying because I saw over 130 K-Dramas 😀

  615. 615 : Rose Says:

    For you Ji Chang Wook fans — this is from K-Drama Star News —

    According to Chinese media reports, Ji Chang Wook has been cast in a Chinese-Korean drama that could be his last project before he enters the military. On October 2, Chinese media reported the casting of the Hallyu star, whose popularity increased exponentially after his starring role in “Healer.”

    “My Male God” will begin filming in October, in locations throughout Shanghai and Korea. The bulk of the shooting will be done in China, with three months spent in Shanghai and one in Korea.

    His co-star, Tiffany Tang, recently appeared opposite Rain in the romantic comedy, “Diamond Lover.” She is cast as the female lead in “My Male God” and will serve as his lover in the drama.

  616. 616 : Bahar Says:

    I loved this drama and I suggest watching it to all strong and great Korean drama lovers. Ji Chang Wook is extraordinary in acting and he is handsome and cool as well.

  617. 617 : Beckie Wormely Says:

    Hi, I’m thinking of having breast augmentation surgery. My question is about going under muscle as I am very active meaning that I like to keep fit. Does anyone have any ideas? I have not seen the surgeon as I am still not quite ready for the procedure. Thanks

  618. 618 : clara Says:

    Chang wook oppa….saranghae….

  619. 619 : Vivi A Lubis Says:

    lovely couple.. the chemistry so strong…
    n good drama…

  620. 620 : admaliah202923 Says:

    just recently finished the series . . . super KUDOS to everyone who made this series. from the writer, director, actors & even sounds/music did very well it seems that everything & everyone are in their proper places.
    on screen chemistry of the 3 lead actors are very strong esp. PMY & JCW & kissing screens are artistically & decently done. i just wonder why ratings aren’t really that pleasing? hope someone can answer me.

    for future audience of this series . . . enjoy watching.

  621. 621 : jcwcm Says:


  622. 622 : jcwcm Says:

    I like healer very much. it can give me a lot of positive energy. ji chang wook plays the healer. it’s a wonderful game with puminying

  623. 623 : 郝子猫 Says:


  624. 624 : Mega Theresia Says:

    all just too perfect!! #BestKoreanDrama2015 @JiChangWook

  625. 625 : Veronica_withJcw Says:

    It’s very excellent!!! I deeply enjoy it .

  626. 626 : Veronica_withJcw Says:

    Healer是我看韩剧这么多你最喜欢的一部了kkk 真的非常棒 编剧、导演、演员 还有整个剧组都好棒^_^ 非常感谢在去年冬天带给我们观众这么温馨 治愈的一部韩剧 也祝愿池昌旭 朴敏英两位演员越来越好~

  627. 627 : Elsie Says:

    Excellent story line and brilliant acting from the casts especially Ji Chang Wook.

  628. 628 : Tường Vi Says:

    this is the most great movie 😊 i love Ji Chang wook oppa 😍

  629. 629 : Vicky Says:

    Healer is the best Korea drama I have ever seen.

  630. 630 : Bảo Bối Says:

    Ji Chang Wook oppa ♡♡♡ fighting !! Love you !! Park Min Young, you’re beautiful.

  631. 631 : jcwcm Says:

    这部剧出现在我的生命里 我永远都会记得在我的19岁有一部治愈了我的healer

  632. 632 : Veronica_withJcw Says:

    Healer is the best Korea drama I have ever seen. I enjoy it very much!!!

  633. 633 : Thuy Says:


  634. 634 : dina nurniati Says:

    Up to now I can’t move on from healer..pmy n jcw is perfect couple..miss them so much…..❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  635. 635 : LiQuinn Says:

    Oh God this is the best drama ever I swear.

  636. 636 : Rin-Muzlee820 Says:

    ❤Meet healer Meet the miracle called Ji Chang Wook.Shine!
    ❤He is my healer angel!

  637. 637 : Amah Says:

    I love this drama..
    I feel this drama so romantic

  638. 638 : OK OK OK Says:

    since there are so many good comments and its number 1 for the voting for now, i will watch in near future…. 🙂

  639. 639 : Rosalie Amore Says:

    This drama is so awesome.. I just love Ji Chang Wook his performance is superb.. and other cast member also.. I wish there will be another Healer 🙂 <3 <3 Saranghae my prince <3

  640. 640 : Ji woo Says:

    I love healer!!!!!!! The best of best drama!!!♡♡

  641. 641 : Lenny gan Says:

    I love this series & i love ji chang wook…fighting Jcw😻💓💜💖

  642. 642 : Jie Says:

    It’s a really great drama, I love those romantic scene! And ji chang wook, definitely my ideal type! He played the role very well, I’m very happy that there are so many fans love him.

  643. 643 : Surmai Says:

    This drama has set up a while new standard for korean dramas! It is the best of all the dramas I have seen (≧∇≦)/
    Ji chang wook oppa ..I love you <3
    The plot, actors and acting are just perfect 👌

  644. 644 : Surmai Says:

    This drama has set up a whole new standard for korean dramas! It is the best of all the dramas I have seen (≧∇≦)/
    Ji chang wook oppa ..I love you <3
    The plot, actors and acting are just perfect 👌

  645. 645 : lled leusab Says:

    Jcw is the best, he is a versatile actor. After watching so many kdrama, empress ki and healer is the most remarkable.and i even joined a fansclub which i dont used to do because of that.. he’s so amazing.

  646. 646 : Rosalie Amore Says:

    I just couldn’t get over watching Healer.. I probably watched it 50 times.. my gosh Oppa JCW is so awesome.. I just love him so much.. he is so adorable and lovable person.. Saranghae Oppa.. all the best..~_~

  647. 647 : maknaee Says:

    no.1 in the voting? no wonder, this is an amazing dramas :’D

  648. 648 : Rosalie Amore Says:

    Oppa Ji Chang Wook is an awesome actor.. You’re the best.. Healer is the best..

  649. 649 : Nika Says:

    My Best Drama!!! This was really different!!! I never can forget this drama😍 It was just amazing!!! And Ji Chang Wook and his smile❤❤❤

  650. 650 : zella Says:

    So cute ji chang wook 😘😘
    Love you oppa 😘😍

  651. 651 : jellangraini Says:

    Love with this couple JCW n PMY in HEALER 😘😘
    Daebak !!😍 favorite couple so cute n very romance 😊😊
    I think veryvery love you JCW oppa😘😘😍😍
    The best koreandrama 👍👌💞💞

  652. 652 : suhyeon Says:

    Healer is the best of best drama. I love Healer.

  653. 653 : angel toledo Says:

    Healer is the best drama…
    JCW, really the best…
    best couple…
    hope there’s part 2 of this…20 episodes is not enough….

  654. 654 : angel toledo Says:

    Healer is the best, JCW deserves to be the best actor and hopefully there’s more episode coming…

  655. 655 : Tina Says:

    Vote for Healer:

  656. 656 : RR Says:

    so handsome JCW

  657. 657 : rhegiene Says:

    best drama ever……

  658. 658 : kalyana tantri Says:

    i love this drama sooo…please vote healer here… http://www.koreandrama.org/the-best-korean-drama-of-2015/

  659. 659 : rp08 Says:

    Oooh,, Park Min Young, I always like your acting in your drama, not only your beauty and cuteness, but your acting makes me falling in love with you. I am waiting for your next drama…..

  660. 660 : Sunmzy Says:

    Very intresting movie that u must watch to the end

  661. 661 : Labyu Says:

    Perfect.. Excellent…. Awesome… Classic masterpiece!!!… Worth rewatching over and over again…. Cheers to all romantic people out there!!!

  662. 662 : Nicole Says:

    Highly recommended!

    At first I was still hesitating to watch this, but after watching it I instantly fell in love with the show. Great storyline and cast. Hope that there will be a season 2. Indeed the best korean drama of 2015!

    Daebak!! ^^

  663. 663 : Autumn Says:

    Does anyone know how to get the English subtitles to work on DramaFever? They won’t work for me.

  664. 664 : CityHunter Says:

    This is a copy or imitation of city hunter wtf. Same female lead and the lead actor looks like lee min ho and slightly same story

  665. 665 : Veronica_withJcw Says:

    No, the upstairs friend I don’t agree with you!!! Do you really watch the TV play in details??? To be honest, I have watched the city hunter in 2010, so I knew clearly what it talked about. Conversely, the two plays are not of the same type. The former is mainly about revenge ,and its keynote is very heavy and oppressive, while healer is very healing and sweet, it makes audiences feel warm and happy. So, in any case, please don’t just take it as a substitute, healer has its features, there are so many people love it.

  666. 666 : cys Says:

    Say what??!! Similar to City Hunter??!! Well, don’t compare silver (City Hunter) to a diamond (Healer)…….

    Dang, I fell asleep in the middle on watching City HUnter, PMY might be there but her acting is like an anime…. But she’s much much better in City HUnter… Story??.. Completely different, especially the acting in Healer is awesome!!… Action stunts wise, Healer is way much better!!

  667. 667 : tigerb Says:

    i agree that this series gets to be this web site’s best korean drama in 2015. i totally enjoyed it – meaning i look forward to continuing episodes each week!

    no, someone has to watch ‘city hunter’ and ‘healer’ again and make objective comparisons, because ‘healer’ did not imitate ‘city hunter’ story line. although i liked a few of the actors in ‘city hunter’, if i were the producer/director, i would not hire most of the supporting actors, plus there was poor directing in a lot of scenes.

  668. 668 : Tina Says:

    Пересмотрела Хилера еще раз, ровно через год!
    Очень нравится сюжет! И музыка великолепная! И игра всех актеров

  669. 669 : feane Says:

    lol, what? Ji Chang Wook looks like Lee Min Ho? I there I thought I was the one who needs glasses. To say they look the same is as if you’re saying every asian person looks like the other. Ji Chang Wook looks way different from Lee Min Ho. And JCW looks way better than him.

    I enjoyed City Hunter back then but Healer is alot better in quality, story and acting.

  670. 670 : waniya iqbal Says:

    ah healer healer and healer …this show is worth to watch ….what a chemistry and great acting by the main leads …love u both ji chang wook and park min young

  671. 671 : MIMI Says:

    i don’t know what to say about this drama I’ve watched so many dramas but this is the best of aaaaaaaaall. and talk about the couple in this woooooow its like they are heaven made …….. am speechless,,,, TEAM HEALER( JCW N PMY) i loooove u both

  672. 672 : JB Says:

    I’ve watched it 3 time I still can’t get enough of this drama…im sooooo in love with their character.

  673. 673 : ... Says:

    Will their be a season 2 or next chapter for this?

  674. 674 : Zsarn Angel Banacia Says:

    I hope you win your ideal k- drama healer

  675. 675 : halah Says:

    Mediocre show. No wonder the rating was that bad.

  676. 676 : pj Says:

    a very good drama.not boring.finished it in just 2 days

  677. 677 : Silver City Acting Drama – LastBro Says:

    […] Healer […]

  678. 678 : HEALER – OH MY KDRAMA Says:

    […] Meanwhile, with the help of Kim Moon Ho, internet reporter Chae Young Shin (Park Min Young) and Seo Jung Hoo (Ji Chang Wook), known as “Healer,” grow into real reporters. (source) […]

  679. 679 : hazel song Says:

    My first realization after watching the drama is this: Why didn’t I watch it sooner and discover how wonderful it is? I was watching other dramas at the time and if not for my younger sibling’s interest in it, I wouldn’t have watched it myself. Now, here I am, unable to move on to other dramas because of Healer. ^^

    I’m not really fond of watching action dramas and the last one I watched was City hunter, which was mostly due to Lee min ho’s popularity. Some people tend to compare Healer with City hunter, saying that these dramas have some similarities, but I beg to disagree. Personally, I think Healer was so much better than City hunter in many aspects.

    There are just many things to love about Healer. First, the use of less-cliche events in the story, which leads to more exciting episodes. Second, the balance of different emotions and genres in each episode, which keeps the pace of the story interesting. Also, all the characters played their roles very well, making them very believable. Not to forget is the undeniable chemistry between Ji chang wook and Park min young. Their acting was so natural and it left me hoping for them to date in real life. This drama is both JCW’s and PMY’S best so far. Healer’s OST is also among my favorites.

    This drama is truly for keeps and I’ll be surely re-watching and enjoying it up to my heart’s content. :))))

  680. 680 : iammee Says:

    i regret not having watched it before but thanks to kdrama website that i was able to realize after watching online that this is one of best dramas ever produced.i can’t help myself being mesmerized by jcw goodlooks and now i find myself finding the other dramas that he made. I am sure that he will more succesful in his carreer. He does not have the looks but he can also acts well.

  681. 681 : ella Says:

    Healer is the Best K-Drama Ever !!! JCW is one of my favorite korean actor since Hero. Ji Chang Wook is a very good actor, very beautiful man and the best in fighting scenes. I’m so pissed to know that he’s gonna enlist the army
    😭 😭 😭

  682. 682 : Taq Says:

    Very good drama…. I like it very much 😍😍. Can’t stop watching it…. Finish all the episode less than 3 days….

  683. 683 : Amy Says:

    Why the rating is suck? Everyone kept praising it like it’s the greatest hit drama off of all times but the rating show the other way around.

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