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Fly Dragon

Title: 날아라 개천용/ Fly Dragon
Also Known as: Fly from Rags to Riches / Delayed Justice
Genres: Legal
Episodes: 40
Broadcast network: SBS
Broadcast period: 2020-Oct-30 to 2021-Jan-23
Air time: Friday & Saturday 22:00


This drama is about a lawyer and a reporter team-up to fight for those who have been falsely accused by the judicial system.


Main Cast

Kwon Sang Woo as Park Tae Yong
– Yoo Joon Seo (유준서) as Tae Yong (child)
Park Sang Hoon as Tae Yong (teen)
Bae Sung Woo -> Jung Woo Sung as Park Sam Soo
Kim Tae Yool as Sam Soo (child)
Kim Joo Hyun as Lee Yoo Kyung
Jung Woong In as Jang Yoon Suk

People around the main cast

Kim Eung Soo as Kang Chul Woo (the Mayor of Seoul)
Jo Sung Ha as Jo Ki Soo (chancellor)
Kim Gab Soo as Kim Hyung Choon (Former Prosecutor General/Former Minister of Justice)
Lee Won Jong as Han Sang Man (former detective)
Ahn Si Ha as Hwang Min Kyung (lawyer)
Park Ji Il as Kim Byung Dae (Daeseok Law Firm Advisor)
Lee Soon Won as Kim Kwi Hyun (IT developer)
Kim Hye Hwa as Lee Jin Shil (Park Sam Soo’s inmate)
Kim Yoon Kyung as Kang Chae Eun (chairman of Seungwoon Academy)
Cha Soon Bae as Moon Joo Hyung
Sa Hyun Jin as Shim Bo Hyun
Jo Sung Joon (조성준) as Park Tae Sung (Tae Yong’s brother)
Seo Yoon Hyuk as Tae Sung (child)
Yook So Young (육소영) as Park Sun Min (Tae Yong’s sister)

Case of The Trio at Daeun Supermarket, Samjung-si

Ha Kyung (하경) as Kang Sang Hyun
Jung Hee Min (정희민) as Choi Jae Pil
Yoon Joo Bin (윤주빈) as Im Soo Chul
Kwon Dong Ho (권동호) as Lee Chul Kyu
Eo Sung Wook (어성욱) as Kim Won Bok
Kim Kyoon Ha (김균하) as Jo Duk Jong
Jo Jae Ryong as Jang Hae Yul
Ji Nam Hyuk as Oh Jae Soo (chief of Samjung PD)
Kwon Min Suk (곽민석) as Heo Jae Young (judge)
Kim Young Ae (김영애) as Choi Young Sook

Murder case of Truck Driver, Ohsung-si

Ji Tae Yang (지태양) as Kim Doo Shik
– Jung Him Chan (정힘찬) as Doo Shik (young)
Yoon Jung Il as Lee Jae Sung
Lee Chul Min as Ahn Young Kwon
Jang Kyuk Soo (장격수) as Bae Seung Geun (Chief Criminal Investigator of Ohsung PD)
Nam Jin Bok (남진복) as Bong Joon Suk (The Cyber Investigator of National Police Agency)
Park Gun (박건) as Yoon Hee Sung (prosecutor)
Shin Mi Young (신미영) as Kim Doo Shik’s mother
Kim Gun Woo as Kim Young Joon (Kim Doo Shik’s son)
Jun Jin Ki as Tak Jae Hyung

Other cases

Chae Won Bin as Jung Myung Hee
Dong Bang Woo as Oh Jae Duk
Choi Kyo Shik (최교식) as Jung Myung Hee’s father


Hwang Suk Jung as Yoo Shi Ja (Park Sam Soo’s mother)
Jo Hee Bong as ex-deputy director
Jung Young Sook as Jung Myung Hee’s grandmother
Lee Han Wie as Lee Jin Shil’s father

Production Credits

Production Companies: Studio S, Studio&NEW
Director: Kwak Jung Hwan
Screenwriter: Park Sang Kyu


On December 12, 2020, Bae Sung Woo was dismissed from the cast because of a DUI incident. He was replaced by Jung Woo Sung.

Episode Ratings

    Nationwide Seoul Nationwide Seoul
2020-10-30 1 - - 4.6 5.4 (19th)
2020-10-30 2 4.8 - 5.2 (19th) 6.0 (16th)
2020-10-31 3 - - 4.7 -
2020-10-31 4 5.3 - 6.7 (12th) 7.3 (11th)
2020-11-06 5 - - 4.3 -
2020-11-06 6 5.0 - 5.4 (18th) 5.8 (17th)
2020-11-07 7 - - 4.1 -
2020-11-07 8 6.3 - 5.6 (17th) 6.0 (12th)
2020-11-13 9 - - 4.1 -
2020-11-13 10 - - 5.9 (15th) 6.2 (12th)
2020-11-14 x x x x x
2020-11-14 x x x x x
2020-11-20 11 - - 4.5 -
2020-11-20 12 5.0 - 5.1 (20th) 5.1 (20th)
2020-11-21 13 - - 4.5 -
2020-11-21 14 6.0 - 6.7 (13th) 6.8 (13th)
2020-11-27 15 - - 4.6 -
2020-11-27 16 - - 5.4 (19th) 5.6 (20th)
2020-11-28 17 - - 4.8 -
2020-11-28 18 5.9 - 6.7 (14th) 6.5 (15th)
2020-12-04 19 - - 4.7 -
2020-12-04 20 5.0 - 6.6 (14th) 6.6 (13th)
2020-12-05 21 - - 4.7 -
2020-12-05 22 - - 6.1 (15th) 6.5 (12th)
2020-12-12 23 - - 3.9 -
2020-12-12 24 - - 5.0 -
2021-01-01 25 - - 5.3 -
2021-01-01 26 - - 5.8 -
2021-01-02 27 - - 3.5 -
2021-01-02 28 - - 4.6 -
2021-01-08 29 - - 4.5 -
2021-01-08 30 - - 5.2 -
2021-01-09 31 - - 4.3 -
2021-01-09 32 - - 5.4 -
2021-01-15 33 - - 4.7 -
2021-01-15 34 6.5 - 5.6 (18th) 5.6 (17th)
2021-01-16 35 - - 4.5 -
2021-01-16 36 - - 5.5 -
2021-01-22 37 - - 4.7 5.3 (18th)
2021-01-22 38 5.1 - 5.4 (18th) 6.1 (14th)
2021-01-23 39 - - -  
2021-01-23 40 - - 6.2 (18th) 6.8 (12th)

Sources: TNmS Media Korea & AGB Nielsen Korea


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  1. 1 : dinopie Says:

    Sounds like the standard run of the mill drama. Its OK. My kind of drama. Also I just like the two main actors.

    Broadcast network is SBS. Should be screening over herewhere I am. Wish so. Hope so. Will it?

  2. 2 : Pocahontas11 Says:

    Excited, My first favorite K-actor Kwon Sang Woo since Stairway To Heaven. Love u Idol..

  3. 3 : dinopie Says:

    As I had expected, it is a warm fuzzy “sweet” drama.

    Though journalist Park Sam Su and Lawyer Park Tae Yong appear the rough and tumble types, actually they are the salt of the earth. The very kind of people we would trust with our life. Hard to come across such people nowadays.

    Episode 1 and 2 are just introductions to the characters in the story, plus telling the backstory as to how this pair decided to team up to fight the corruptions in the private and government sectors.

    Look forward to watch coming episodes.

  4. 4 : N.O Says:

    Great Korean drama, down-to-earth storyline, with the good guys fighting for justice for the poor & oppresssed!

  5. 5 : N.O Says:

    Dinopie, you really should be a professional film critic, your in-depth insight is amazing!

  6. 6 : N.O Says:

    I also love Kwon Sang Woo in gripping but Accidental Detective? Part 3 please!! The baby & his brother are always such an adorable touch to the story-line!

  7. 7 : N.O Says:

    The great legendary Sung Dong-Il in The Acccidental Detective makes the movie a great one too!

  8. 8 : N.O Says:

    Bae Sung Woo & the dashing charismatic legendary Jo Sung Ha are so adorable & great actors too!

  9. 9 : N.O Says:

    Please have a really twisted Serial-murder gripping Storyline too, for this drama! Imagine these two adorable heroes solving them!

  10. 10 : N.O Says:

    I love that the legendary Lee Won Jong & beautiful Ahn Si Ha are also now on board with the good guys team! This drama is really intelligent and compassionate stuff whilst also being a thriller!

  11. 11 : N.O Says:

    Correction: I mean, the beautiful & strong Sa Hyun Jin on the good guys team

  12. 12 : DK Says:

    Too bad that this drama “lost” the lead character.

  13. 13 : In Ahn Says:

    It is terrible to see Bae Sung Woo’s stupid overacting. The same goes to Kwon San Woo too. Screen writer needs more creative ways to make the characters plausible.

  14. 14 : dinopie Says:

    I saw news report regarding Bae Sung Woo’s DUI case. I believe if he were removed from the Drama entirely, then his punishment is too hash. Its cuz then not only is he punished, but those who are connected to him and the Drama itsself.

    Yes, a DUI is an irresponsible behaviour and I do not condone it. But to punish an offender by removing his “rice bowl” is a harsh offence. It is a worse offence then the DUI. Why the need to create an offence, to counter already an offence (DUI)? No need to.

    In order to teach or punish an offender I am sure there is a constructive and holistic way to achieve this aim. Example – how about commiting the offender to do community work in the Accidents And Emergency/Trauma Dept of a hospital for a period 90 days. There they work at ground level as cleaners or in admissions where they get to witness first hand the devastation of what traffic accidents could do. Offenders would not forget their horrific experience. If they should forget and repeat DUI offending .. then this calls for a total forfeiture of vehicle and driving licence (2 years minimum)? But do not take away their “rice bowl”.

  15. 15 : Peejay Says:

    I think the reason why the rating has dropped is that for the past weeks, instead of endings finishing of with the good guys outwitting the bad guys, the bad guys prevail in the endings. The reason why I liked the drama was the nice twist of thinking the good guys will loose, they find ways to win over the bad guys. It’s not a feel good drama anymore…

  16. 16 : Cheorin Says:

    #14 — “. . . do not take away their “rice bowl”.
    Great point. Another good point you made re: removing the actor from the drama brings the DUI to the fore thereby damage the drama.

    We the audience understand we are being entertained. A drama is NOT real life. So, why bring the dirty underwear of the actor to the fore FFS and ruin the story telling process.

    And, I’m not a fan of the actors in this drama. I was interested in the story. However, reading the previous comment turned me off watching to the end.

  17. 17 : David Says:

    Wow — A DUI and you are out of the drama!!!! He didn’t kill any one.

    He could do community service for several months or more. I am sure they could have found a different way to handle his DUI. No wonder these Korean actors/actresses commit suicide. They look cross eyed and they are condemned.

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