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Feast of the Gods

Title: 신들의 만찬 / Feast of the Gods
Chinese Title: 神的晚餐
Genre: romance, comedy
Episodes: 32
Broadcast network: MBC
Broadcast period: 2012-Feb-04 to 2012-May-20
Air time: Saturday & Sunday 21:50


A drama about Korean cuisine.

Set within the backdrop of a traditional royal cuisine restaurant named Arirang, “Feast of the Gods” depicts how two women grow as chefs through competitions with each other.


Main Cast

Sung Yu Ri as Go Joon Young
Jung Min Ah as Joon Young (teen)
Lee Ye Sun as Joon Young (child)
Joo Sang Wook as Choi Jae Ha
Lee Sang Woo as Kim Do Yoon
Lee Do Hyun as Do Yoon (child)
Seo Hyun Jin as Ha In Joo / Song Yeon Woo
Joo Da young as Ha In Joo (teen)
Park Min Ha as Yeon Woo (child)

Supporting Cast

Jun In Hwa as Sung Do Hee
Kim Bo Yun as Baek Seol Hee
Jung Hye Sun as Sun Noh In
Seo Yi Sook as No Young Shim
Jung Dong Hwan as Ha Young Bum
Park Sang Myun as Im Do Shik
Oh Na Ra as Oh Soo Jin
Kim Young Moo as Han Min Shik
Son Hwa Ryung as Kim Shin Young
Park Jung Min as Jang Mi So
Sean Richard as Daniel
Song Min Jung as Jung Da Woon
Edward Kwon as Chef Kwon
Uhm Hyo Sup as Ko Jae Chul
Jin Tae Hyun as Ha In Woo
Jun Joon Hyuk as In Woo (child)
Yeon Min Ji as Jane
Shin Goo (Cameo)
Lee Il Hwa as In Joo’s mother (Cameo)
Choi Jae Sup as Joo Hyun Moo
Choi Sung Jae

Production Credits

Director: Lee Dong Yoon
Screenwriter: Jo Eun Jeong

Episode Ratings

Date Episode Nationwide Seoul
2012-02-04 1 12.9 (5th) 15.3 (3rd)
2012-02-05 2 12.3 (11th) 15.0 (7th)
2012-02-11 3 13.3 (6th) 16.5 (2nd)
2012-02-12 4 13.1 (9th) 16.6 (5th)
2012-02-18 5 14.8 (6th) 17.4 (5th)
2012-02-19 6 13.3 (8th) 16.5 (7th)
2012-02-25 7 15.1 (5th) 17.7 (3rd)
2012-02-26 8 14.3 (8th) 16.4 (6th)
2012-03-03 9 13.9 (4th) 16.8 (3rd)
2012-03-04 10 12.8 (10th) 14.8 (8th)
2012-03-10 11 15.5 (3rd) 18.5 (3rd)
2012-03-11 12 14.4 (8th) 16.8 (6th)
2012-03-17 13 16.9 (3rd) 19.8 (2nd)
2012-03-18 14 14.5 (6th) 18.5 (5th)
2012-03-24 15 17.4 (3rd) 21.2 (2nd)
2012-03-25 16 15.0 (7th) 18.9 (6th)
2012-03-31 17 14.0 (4th) 17.1 (3rd)
2012-04-01 18 13.5 (6th) 15.4 (5th)
2012-04-07 19 15.2 (3rd) 19.1 (2nd)
2012-04-08 20 15.4 (6th) 19.0 (5th)
2012-04-14 21 17.3 (2nd) 20.2 (2nd)
2012-04-15 22 15.8 (5th) 19.1 (3rd)
2012-04-21 23 16.0 (4th) 18.8 (3rd)
2012-04-22 24 17.3 (4th) 20.1 (4th)
2012-04-28 25 17.0 (2nd) 20.1 (2nd)
2012-04-29 26 15.6 (4th) 18.3 (3rd)
2012-05-05 27 16.7 (2nd) 20.7 (2nd)
2012-05-06 28 17.4 (3rd) 20.4 (3rd)
2012-05-12 29 17.2 (2nd) 20.8 (2nd)
2012-05-13 30 17.9 (3rd) 21.8 (3rd)
2012-05-19 31 17.8 (2nd) 20.4 (2nd)
2012-05-20 32 18.3 (3rd) 21.9 (3rd)

Source: TNmS Media Korea



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  1. 1 : soussou Says:

    sung yuri <3 <3 <3

  2. 2 : miyako Says:

    sung yuri i wait your acting ,, i love you :*

  3. 3 : via Says:

    I wish her drama this time will be alot better than the last one “Romance Town” I fell asleep watching her last drama, so boring.. I am one of her fans too,and I love to see her acting but I think without a great script and a great story line everything will become useless. So I really hope I can enjoy her drama this time. FIGHTING Sung Yuri!!! and Joo Sang wook and Lee Sang woo too..

  4. 4 : Anny Says:

    I like this drama when I see the cover and I read the synopsis..
    I hope it will be a good drama.. 🙂
    Fighting, hwaiting..!!!!!

  5. 5 : michell Says:

    I want to watch this drama, I dont really like the drama previously sung yuri “romance town” is very boring and not good actor also,I hope this drama is getting better

  6. 6 : Mystisith Says:

    A drama about cuisine plus 2 handsome men to feed the eyes ? How am i supposed to lose weight ? Can’t wait !

  7. 7 : Thara Says:

    So, Joo Sang Wook is the main actor? YAY !!! 🙂 I love him to be the one who got paired with Sung Yuri.

  8. 8 : Duchess Says:

    Great, love Song Yuri, Ju Sang Wook and Lee Sang Woo. Sounds interesting. Will surely give this a chance 🙂

  9. 9 : oak Says:

    Joo sang wook ‎​ ♥_♥

  10. 10 : audrey Says:

    sung yuri ,, i love you ,, great actress

  11. 11 : gerald s. Says:

    looks like a good plot and story. could hardly wait to watch..

  12. 12 : Grace Says:

    Yeh, joo sang wook…I really like him. So charming when he smiles. Hope he is the main lead with sung yuri. Can’t wait!

  13. 13 : Sony Says:

    SUNG Yuri, you’re back.
    Cheer up!

  14. 14 : Feast of the gods « Gmtn96's Blog Says:

    […] SR: http://www.koreandrama.org/?p=13898 Share this:TwitterFacebookLike this:LikeBe the first to like this post. […]

  15. 15 : OK OK OK Says:

    Ep 1 & 2 (after watch ep2) at least I can digest the story better.. 🙂

    Jun In Hwa as Seong Do Hee is expert in Cooking. She has a young daughter Ha In Joo who was drowned in an outing with whole family in a ship – who is supposed to be Sun Yu Ri. But Sung Yu Ri drown at the age of 4/5 and grows up as Go Joon Young bc the one who save her did not return to her biological parent.

    There is another little girl on board the ship (whose mother committed suicide bc got tumour / cancer – can’t rem) . Jun In Hwa’s husband took her in and treat her as her own daughter… Thinking that their own daughter Sung Yu Ri has drown & will never come back. Therefore actress Joo Da young grows up as Ha In Joo in a much comfortable life compare to Sung Yu Ri who need to struggle for her livelihood bc her “father” always drunk & loves to gamble. Sung Yu Ri also good in cooking….

    Joo Sang Wook as Choi Jae Ha – he is the little boy who is good friend of Sung Yu Ri (b4 the drowning) and also carry her on his back in the garden in Ep 1…..

  16. 16 : yoon Says:

    sung yuri first time watch her drama romance town like her so much
    will specially search her drama to watch

  17. 17 : liana Says:

    sung yuri .. love youuuu ..

  18. 18 : Juliyana Says:

    Lee Sang Woo? This wil be more romantic drama. I like Yu Ri.

  19. 19 : marmar Says:

    I watched the first 2 Episodes!! and it’s Prettyyyyyy Gooooood Drama!!
    i swear god i didn’t intend to watch it but i gave it a chance .. ended up LOVEING IT ^^
    i like Dramas that Has Such Stories =) .. quite reminds me of Baker King Kim Takgu .. Specially that actress Jun In Hwa is here in this drama!~~

    gonna wait for the 3,4 episodes to be subbed to watch it ..! Hardly Waiting ohh

    u guys give it a chance i think the story will improve alot and will be more interesting ^^

    FIGHTING <3 and Sung Yuri Unnie FIGHTING =) =)

  20. 20 : OK OK OK Says:

    All the adult casts will appear early part of Episode 3 … 🙂

  21. 21 : OK OK OK Says:

    Sung Yu Ri has a crush on Joo Sang Wook not knowing he has gf….

    Ep 5 will be very nice…. ha ha 🙂

  22. 22 : Lovemoon Says:

    I enjoy this drama so far. (watching all 4 EP). I agreed with Mystisith (@ comment 6) it can’t go wrong picking this drama to watch. Just watching how they prepare, cook and decorate food to the table. It will easily pick up something to learn and experience ourself at home for sure.
    I like 2 main leading handsome actors and Yu Ri. Not Seo Hyun Jin yet. Will have to give her a few Ep. before ruling her out.
    Already seeing chemistry on the 2 leads (Sang Wook and Yu Ri) even though Sang Wook is currently bf of Seo Hyun Jin (no sweet moments from these 2 –judged from the screen when the bf is coming home from a long business trip) Maybe there are more reasons for both of them not showing any sweet moments together even though they are as bf and gf because he thinks she is Yu Ri (the orig. young childhood friend) Can’t wait for Ep 5.

  23. 23 : Lily228 Says:

    I am a fan of Song Yu Ri, I hv watch 4 Eps and am glad this is a good drama.

    Bc i was quiet disappointed with the others that you have acted bc the scripts weren’t interesting at all.

    I like your cast in this Feast of Gods. Fighting…. 🙂

  24. 24 : yoRoseberry Says:

    watch this because of sung yuri…
    she still the same pretty and cute..

    nice drama try to watch

  25. 25 : Gie Says:

    Can’t wait for the next episode. Song Yu Ri is so pretty. I first noticed her when I watched the Snow Queen. I hope she makes another drama with handsome oppa Hyun Bin.

  26. 26 : niken Says:

    My Lovely Sung Yu Ri unnie i miss u..she look very beautiful..lope u forever <3l

  27. 27 : elysiaray Says:

    Is joo sang wok the male lead??

  28. 28 : drama freak Says:

    is this nice???

  29. 29 : OK OK OK Says:

    @ drama freak – 28

    I hv watched till ep 6 — so far so GOOD 🙂

  30. 30 : OK OK OK Says:

    @ 22 – Lovemoon

    Hi, we meet here again. Did you finish watching SPARKLING by Kim Hyun Joo. I stop at Ep 50 bc find the rest 51 to 54 redundant – too long winded. 🙁

    I would like to recommend ‘LIGHTS & SHADOWS’ by Ahn Jae Wook to u. 50 Ep. So far I hv watched to the latest ep 26. I find it very exciting. Too bad English sub is very slow where chinese sub is up to date. Do give a try.
    No regrets ! 🙂
    Another nice one is Shut up Flower Boy Band and the best is MOON EMBRACES THE SUN BY CHARMING KIM SOO HYUN & PRETTY HAN GA IN

  31. 31 : TAVAI Says:

    i love this drama its fantastic its very very good

  32. 32 : heather Says:

    I love Joo sang Wook.He is such a great actor .I love this drama too
    JSW Fighting!

  33. 33 : OK OK OK Says:

    ep 7

    Hee hee. JSW starts to like Sung Yu Ri — Kind of 😉
    Yes i agree, Joo Sang Wook is a great actor – very natural. Sung Yu Ri too.
    The 2nd male lead – Lee Sang Woo – also good

  34. 34 : OK OK OK Says:

    🙂 happy

    🙁 sad

    😉 wink

  35. 35 : Mic Says:

    I like this drama, but the ratings are all over the place.

  36. 36 : susi Says:

    I like this drama so much…

  37. 37 : OK OK OK Says:

    Ep 8
    Wow, I like ep 8 last 10 mins when Sung Yu Ri & Ha In Joo hv the cooking competition n In Joo’s mum – Jung In Hwa has a gd idea how to ask her employees, cooks to judge them with fairness. hehehehehehe 😉

    huuuu huuuuu, hv to wait another wk for ep 9 & 10 — so long

  38. 38 : yoRoseberry Says:

    so many episodes, there still have a long way to go..
    this drama is awesome

  39. 39 : kwass Says:

    Lee Sang Woo, your acting always take my breath away !!
    2nd lead actor are getting better scripts for us
    to be entertained. No stereotype script for 2nd lead script
    like the same scripts written for the 1st lead actor… boring…
    I lo.o.ove his groovy wacky, creative, colorful caravan.
    can I sleep in your caravan LSW ?

  40. 40 : iammee Says:

    i like how the story is developing. since i love foods and i enjoy cooking, the story is quite interesting to me. sung yuri is one of my favorite actress

  41. 41 : Lovemoon Says:

    Can’t have enough of this drama. Can’t wait until Sat.
    Hooray!!! Jae Ha totally did not in love w/ In Joo. I will cheer for Jae Ha & Joon Young. Can’t wait for next ep to have Jae Ha confession w/ Joon Young.

    Look like everything goes well with Joon Young. Do Yoon starts to have feeling for Joon Young too. I feel sorry for In Joo working so hard to get where she is right now and being taking away everything from love, family, and even career. That is too much, isn’t it? I can see Seo Hyun Jin being a sweet girl but not sure she can’t act evil character later.

    The cooking competition at the end of EP 8 did give me some ideas for my cooking tofu. Love it.

  42. 42 : Lovemoon Says:

    @30–OK OK OK: Nice to chit chat with you again.
    Of course, I love SPARKLING so much. Can’t wait to watch Lee Yoo-ri in Yellow Boot.
    ‘LIGHTS & SHADOWS’ –didn’t start it yet. Not sure why. I notice you recommend this one highly. I will watch soon.
    Shut up Flower Boy Band–start it for up to 2 ep but didn’t continue. I guess I am not existing about music and young kids drama.
    MOON EMBRACES THE SUN–didn’t start right away but notice there are a lot of good comments on this one. Finally decide to watch and finish all 14 ep in 3 days. Can’t stop. It is so good. Continually waiting for each week.

  43. 43 : OK OK OK Says:

    @ 42 Lovemoon

    I thought you will definitely watch The Moon that Embraces the Sun bc now is ep 16 and its already hit 46.1% 😛

    I am chasing METS too. Looking forward to ep 17 and the rest… haha

  44. 44 : OK OK OK Says:

    @ Lovemoon

    You feel sorry for In Joo? I don’t bc Sung Yu Ri child’s life is suffering bc her adopted father is a gambler and drinker who can’t take care of her well and most of the time she has to fend for herself about her living expenses. That is my opinion.
    While In Joo live comfortably though she mind is not at rest bc want to show her best. If she is humble, I pity her. But she is so stuck up with her colleagues…. and not spending time with her bf In Ha. 😛

    I wonder where Sung Yu Ri (Joon Young) real FATHER who went to search for her after that phone call.

  45. 45 : Lovemoon Says:

    This is the same subject that we discussed who the good or bad girl between Lee Yoo-ri & Kim Hyun Joo while watching the Sparkling. At least Yoo-ri in Sparkling she got her identity back but she is greedy herself and being a bad girl. She wants everything from Hyun Joo even want to steal her lover. Now, same subject on this drama w/ a little different. In Joo has nothing if she left. Of course, it didn’t belong to her orig. but she had no choice being adapted when she was a kid. Growing up to have the responsibility and the expectation of everybody whether she likes it or not. In Joo was in a worst situation. No money, no love, no parents (hope her real dad looking for her). So far, she didn’t have anybody truely on her side. Sad thing is that Joon Young didn’t have to do anything everything goes her way. Luck is on her side. Hopefully, the future ep. may change or surprise us. Some events will happen so In Joo can accept and leave the rich family before hurting somebody. Currently she tried to protect her position, her lover…

  46. 46 : OK OK OK Says:

    I quote yr sentence – Sad thing is that Joon Young didn’t have to do anything everything goes her way. Luck is on her side. ????

    Aigoooo, you didn;t see how she struggle with her living in her fishing village?

    And now, she was being bullied by her colleagues and In Joo’s mum treat her like dirt & liar.

    When Joon Young’s foster dad called In Joo’s father, In Joo purposely hurt herself to prevent them from meeting….

    I enjoy the show here more is bc Sung Yu Ri is sweet & Pretty and the 2 guys are more pleasing than the lead guy in Sparking — hehehehe 🙂

  47. 47 : OK OK OK Says:

    @ Lovemoon

    Yes, u r right. After you said, I then recall the similarity. ha ha
    Msg 46, forgot to put yr name. Mian 😉

  48. 48 : Kwass Says:

    I knew it ! that kim doo hyun is a well known chef and the foreign chef that is wearing the mask on screen shown earlier my guess is him, kim doo hyun.

    I am so glad his character is so interesting than the lead actor’s character really KDH a namja macho chef !!

    We know he will not get the girl but we are havingan enjoyable evening watching Lee Sang Woo as a macho chef !.

  49. 49 : Jennie Says:

    Started and finished watching all 8 episodes of this drama yesterday because I liked both the main leads but to my surprise, I’m beginning to like the second lead character, Kim Do Hyun more. He provided the twist and the excitement to the drama and I like the fact that at least our dear heroine has another person to fall back on. Joo SW’s character is so similar to that of Thornbirds that I was getting bored and wondered why he took on this similar role in Feast of Gods. Hope his role will undergo changes later on in this drama. Song Yuri as usual is so cute!

  50. 50 : jangerr Says:

    @ Jennie

    Thought I’m the only one feeling this way. I find Joo SW’s character here too similar to that in Thornbirds that I can’t really like his character… Every time he appears, it’s Thornbirds all over again. Maybe it’s his acting too. Though he’s quite dashing, his acting seems a bit wooden… You see him in one show, you see him in every show… His expressions, his gestures, his acting seem the same in every show.

  51. 51 : dramaluv Says:

    I like J. Young. Despite the fact that she had a hard life, she keeps a positive attitude. Is smart & is trying to follow her dream. She is not trying to steal anything from In Joo. In Joo knows she’s not the bio-child of the family so now she’s trying too hard. She probably would be happier being a dancer. She even used manipulation as a teen to prevent the disclosure. I don’t think she cares for Jae Ha. It will be interesting to see how that develops. Do Yoon’s story will be interesting too. Now that daddy came back into the story, his reaction to J. Young will be something to watch. This drama is getting good.

  52. 52 : Jennie Says:

    Ep 9- Oh wow, so many things happened in this episode. they finally made the sauce, her father comes back, Kim DH has opened up to her and the In Joo impersonator has revealed her bad side and also the real In Joo may finally have some memories of what happened. Waiting for Ep 9 to be uploaded. p.S. I think I like Do Hyun more and prefer him to pair up with real In Joo 🙂

  53. 53 : OK OK OK Says:

    Ep 9
    Joo Sang Wook confess to Sung Yu Ri that his heart did wave after hearing Yu Ri’s love confession.
    I didn’t know Joo Sang Wook also got musical talent – he can play the drum very well. 🙂

  54. 54 : Mystisith Says:

    Just started yesterday and marathoned till ep 7. Better than what i expected. For me, it’s like a blend of Pasta and Fermentation Family : 2 shows i enjoyed immensely. All the cast is convincing, and the story is not too much into melo. And it’s filmed in Jeju, with lot of beautiful hanoks (korean traditional houses).

  55. 55 : sakura706 Says:

    Great drama! enjoyed every episode so far, can’t wait for the rest to come out.

  56. 56 : dramaluv Says:

    I agree, Pasta was the first kdrama I saw and FF is excellent. Though here at Feast I’m rooting for JY-JH couple. Tho I like the DY character too.

  57. 57 : Kwass Says:

    The script writer is teasing us and also appeasing us a little with the 2nd lead actor LSW’s character, to let us sap-up a little for the one sided OTP
    because the childhood bond and love had already been established much earlier with the OTP .

    I do enjoy all the MASKY SEXY CHEF’s behaviour towards joo kung and I am letting myself enjoy all the funny moments which I know the 2nd lead actor will never get the girl, no matter how hard he tried but LSW really make us swoon, handsome, sexy macho 30 year old asian foreign chef.

    Strange KDH mother did not have the “animal instinct” towards her own son’s achievements.

  58. 58 : Jennie Says:

    Episode 10 – Gosh, I love the last scene..swoon..so unexpected but oh so sweet. Confirmed I ship DY and JY definitely. Into the tenth episode already and still confused over who the leading man is? Shows how great this script is. Game on, PDnim but I pray that you will not disappoint. DY..fighting!

  59. 59 : dramaluv Says:

    Interesting development but I’m in favor of the JY-JH couple. After all he’s listed 2nd in the credits. IJ is evil & he deserves better.

  60. 60 : JJ Says:

    Strongly recommended it… nice story and the acting so far so goods… luv the 2nd lead actor….he suppose to get the lead actress…

  61. 61 : dramaluv Says:

    That’s interesting wonder if the whole synopsis is out. Cause I haven’t read that. There’s alot still to happen in this drama.

  62. 62 : dramaluv Says:

    So where is the Real In Joo’s brother/huyung. He would have known that this one is the fake. Why is he not in the story?

  63. 63 : Jennie Says:

    @dramaluv (61) Good question..where’s the hyung? I have forgotten all about him. As to who gets the girl, guess that’ll keep us guessing longer. After all there are 32 episodes. Confusion as to who the lead is because in one other website, the synopsis given was on the story of Do Hyun. Do Hyun’s character is interesting because of his angst regarding his brother and his secret about being Haemil whereas JH is only just a guy who is torn between the two girls. Either way, am enjoying this and looking forward to next episode!

  64. 64 : OK OK OK Says:

    @ 63 Jennie

    Joo Sang Wook the leading man will get the girl bc he is Choi Jae Ha, whom he knows Sung Yu Ri since young. I also don’t mind the 2nd lead guy Lee Sang Woo bc he got the looks, money and he is an upright man too. 🙂

  65. 65 : bigbang fan Says:

    I LOVE THIS DRAMA! I like Joo Sang Wook and Lee Sang Woo <3 <3 Anw, what actually happened to Do Yoon's brother? Did he die because of Do Yoon? @[email protected]

  66. 66 : Jennie Says:

    @OK OK OK I like both the men too but I like Do hyun’s character because it’s more interesting. Yes, agree with you very likely that Yuri will end up with Joo SW but maybe the scriptwriter will give us something different from the norm. I’m sure I have seen a couple of Kdramas that show that they don’t always end up together with their first love 😉

  67. 67 : Jennie Says:

    @bigbang fan No, the brother did not die because of Do Hyun. I think the brother has some health issues, some kind of handicap or disability that he has to be kept in the house. In Episode 9, DH told JY that his brother couldn’t come out to play and wanted his brother to be free in mind and body etc.

  68. 68 : Jennie Says:

    @bigbang fan Oops, correct tense there should be ‘had health issues’ and ‘had to be kept in the house etc’, in case you get idea that brother’s still alive 😉 Sorry.

  69. 69 : drama freak Says:

    addicted…nice nice nice…better than i expected…marathon for 8 eps today =)

  70. 70 : dramaluv Says:

    From reading about this drama alot of ppl are raving about Lee Sang Woo. I get being a fan of an actor. It’s pretty much all they have to say about it. Too bad, just join his fan club and watch all of his dramas. I hope the writer stays true to their story and doesn’t revolve it around 1 actor.

  71. 71 : Jennie Says:

    Lee SW is getting all the attention because his character is more interesting than JSW. The drama is already in its 10th episode but JSW’s character has nothing to show, except for being the loyal bf of In Joo. Unless the PD does a 360 deg turn on his character, LSW’s character will continue to gather support from viewers, unless his role too changes to being the bad guy who will betray JY. We are rooting for Do Hyun, the character and not Lee Sang Woo the actor.

  72. 72 : Kwass Says:

    Oh yes the scriptwriter will definitely change his (KDY) character
    distance PLOT from the lead plot to something suddenly out off the blue 365 degree change from before remember 2nd lead actor role ?,

    but I am looking forward for the next epi. when kim doo yoon the masky french cuisine 5 star chef (Haemil) appear in swimming trunk
    (sexy, remember “don’t hesitate” ?) at the pool !.

  73. 73 : Jennie Says:

    @Kwass Well, mistake on my part, maybe not 360 but 180 but hehe yes, looking forward to that too. Definitely getting ready to swoon and drool 😉

  74. 74 : UEE Says:

    i watch joo sang wook at running man ep 54/53..im not sire..he’s very cute although he’s old..he’s so handsome & cute! love him!!

  75. 75 : widad Says:

    The lead actress can be a little more colder against her.Thats fun to watch

  76. 76 : widad Says:

    I mean actor

  77. 77 : Mindy Says:

    I think the chemistry between Kim Do Yoon and Goo Jon Yung has more depth and flavor than between Jae Ha and Jun Yung. Jae Ha looks too mature for the easygoing personality of Jun Yung. Just because they were childhood friends does’nt mean they have to end up in the finale. The redemption value of this story is that Do Yoon and Jon Yung should end up as lovers in the next episodes because it’d be more thrilling to watch an out-of-the-ordinary couple with a love-hate relationship to succeed. What;s with the obssession of Korean scriptwriters having long lost childhood friends ending up together. It’s become so boring, monotonous and soooooo predictable. Have more imagination will you?

  78. 78 : jessiel Says:

    Seriously, what happens to the ratings on sundays? What’s the competition on the timeslot?

  79. 79 : Kwass Says:

    As we came to watch the main character(lady) is now distance away from kim doo yoon although at time they are presence together and surely yoon woo is blackmailing haemil’s identity and now you see more of OTP became more obvious in the next episode starting to hold hands and the girl is smiling widely and happily to the main lead male character.

    But Haemil is still an interesting person to watch although he will not the girl. Fighting Haemil !! Ratings higher now !

  80. 80 : Kwass Says:

    sorry get the girl, but the chef scarf is something right !!

  81. 81 : yikachin Says:

    Ratings have dropped because the script is now predictable as with all Korean dramas as what Mindy said. Childhood friends are friends and not lovers. They do not grow up to be lovers. That is the reality. People and hence love changes along the way. In today’s mad world, there is no time to look back. Your world moves around the people around you. Jun Yung has grown up in totally different environment, she cannot have the same character or emotions when she was the protected princess. Her needs and thoughts changed. Korean script writers should realize this. There is no challenge to the drama if all they do is only love one person. So, if you never met anyone in your childhood, your chances for eternal love is zero.

  82. 82 : Jennie Says:

    Episode 11 was great. Love how both the guys have fallen for our gurl. JY was so cute and smart in this episode. We now know the girl has some spunk in her and she’ll be able to defend herself well when the time comes. Meanwhile JH although has come clean, I still prefer JY and DY pairing. And the pool scene was ah swoon swoon. Wished they had a longer scene with them two at the pool. Still waiting for full subs for Ep 12, only 70% done at Viki!! I like how the script is teasing us with the romance so early in the drama. Keeps me very interested to know how the characters will develop with so many more eps to go.
    Yeah, am interested to know too what’s showing on other channels at the same time on Sunday. Ratings always dip on Sundays.

  83. 83 : Rex Says:

    Please put details of visiting chefs in Episodes 10 & 11:
    ‘Jamie Sean’, ‘from the USA’, played by Richard Wilson (New Zealand)
    ‘Cecile Claudel’, ‘from France’, played by Joe Dante (Canada)

  84. 84 : admin Says:

    @Rex (83),

    Do the official site/other site have these detail? Please show us. Thanks.

  85. 85 : sangjhoon Says:

    i guess i wasn’t paying too much attention watching first episode but isn’t it that joo sang wook & song yu ri are brother/sister? i’m kinda confused now that i’m on epis 4 in this drama, i guess i’m trying to say i want them to be b/f g/f but if they’re long lost siblings that’s not possible. the synopsis wherever i looked online isn’t saying much except the competition of two women chef! it’s so vague!

  86. 86 : Kwass Says:

    @sangjhoon, go to wiki for info.
    joon young’s brother lives in america.
    Jae ha is interested in yoen woo but now is in love with
    jon young.
    kim do yoon is in love with joon young.

    Next episode – 13

    kim do yoon get to meet joo young’s “adopted” father at the food warehouse, another surprise twist to the drama !.

  87. 87 : ViKa Says:

    it takes longer time to have ep 11&12 subbed,chaebal… i love Kim Do Yoon and Goo Jon Yung to be together. i agree with Mindy, its getting a boring thing to make childhood friende ending up together

  88. 88 : Evana Says:

    Passion, dynamic, fantastic ! from daniel, having a crush on haemil?.
    KDY is allergic to mushroom that is why he critcise the bibimbap,
    to excuse him from eating it, did you noticed he cut it into smaller pieces ?. Very smart chef but still he fell sick.
    Someone sabotage him, who else, that woman who came with the ever ready needle.

  89. 89 : OK OK OK Says:

    I find the lead actor Joo Sang Wook kind of haggard in this drama.

    As for 2nd lead – Kim Do Yoon, I thought his brother already died when he is a little boy and there is a niche for him. That is why Do Yoon is angry and cannot forgive his mum till now. 🙂

  90. 90 : sangjhoon Says:

    @kwaas many thanks – i’m just luvng this drama & still baffled that it’s not getting the acknowledgement it deserves! yeah after watching a few more epis or parts i now am catching up with it that they’re not brod/sister woah what a relief coz i want them to be together! LOL thnx a lot for your feedback!

    i hope this gets higher ratings than it has now coz i’m really surprised how low the numbers are however i highly recommend this to anyone out there who hasn’t seen this! i must admit when i read the synopsis i had to think twice but as i watch every episode these days i get glued to this drama – no offense to fans of fermented family but this one is far more better than that drama which i didn’t bother to finish! Joo sang wook the lead is just so cute & funny in his role here compared to his previous characters like in thorn birds though i liked him there too but i luv his acting here – he’s showing his other side (funny that is) that i’m sure some of you haven’t seen! Also he’s one of K actors who for some time now has always been in the second lead & this drama i’m glad he’s the lead! i’ll be back again coz i’m now on epis 10 & can hardly wait to see it!

  91. 91 : sangjhoon Says:

    i also luv the scenes between ja hae, joon young and kim do yoon, i’m not liking the fake daughter, she’s becoming out of hand! 🙂

  92. 92 : jessiel Says:

    I want Joon young to end up with do yoon

  93. 93 : Jennie Says:

    Glad that ratings are picking up-around 19% for Ep 13. Still shipping JY/DY and I’m getting really angry and annoyed with the grandma, the mother and the fake In Joo. I hope the father will quickly discover the connection between JY’s dad and her soon. I just love looking at DY’s facial expressions!

  94. 94 : tc Says:

    @Jennie-93 /82

    Hi Jennie, just join the Feast of Gods wagon after Salaryman and METs and I am so surprised at how good the show is which is not reflective in its rating. I initially watched the show because of the food theme and JSW. However, LSW is so hot and I am now torn between the two guys. I am so invested in the tripartite relationships. Your comment on the pool scene reminds me of how we drooled over PSH’s abs in TPM – we should recommend this drama to KDaddict. Who knows she may fall for LSW?

  95. 95 : tc Says:

    @Sangjhoon- 90

    I agree with your views that this drama is better than Fermentation Family. Although I like the cinematography and the wide variety of kimchi in FF, I find the drama too slow and draggy and I stopped half way. The romantic theme here is more exciting as the writer has stacked up two equally matched guys fighting for a beautiful girl and JY has wonderful chemistry with both guys although I am more drawn to LSW.

    There is 1 thing in common between this drama and FF. Although both dramas are focusing on food, I can hardly see any packed scene of patrons eating and tucking away at their food!

  96. 96 : Mystisith Says:

    @ tc: I’m quite sure KDaddict would like this show… Hi hi hi! Come here darling… We have candy. “evil laugh”.
    I have just seen eps 13 & 14 raw, and i still like that drama to pieces: It’s LSW’s character who shines in those: His smile is infectious. I just love both guys, and i will be happy for the one to win the girl’s heart. I just don’t want to see the looser sad too much. And anyway, still 18 eps to go: A lot of things can and will happen.

  97. 97 : Kwass Says:

    Almost half way through this drama definitely the OTP is already eatablished from the writer, recalling all the episodes on kim doo yoon, the flashback was always from kim do yoon but not from joon young’s mind – no room for attachments on her part.

    The kissing scene just go hanging in the air, no follow-up because she was drunk. A few more scenarios that just go by without any physical contact like, when buying the abalone, the plumbing scene, the pool scene, the situations could be done hilarious but sorry it can’t happen – 2nd lead ?.

    Where else from jae ha’s scenes, lots of physical contacts although no kissing scene yet, writer keeping that for the next few episodes to come.
    Even jae ha’sscene click with her adopted father.

    But, kim do yoon/haemil always jolt my weekend siesta !.
    Oh ! he is a “stiller and always make my heart flutter and beat faster then normal rate !!.

    Feltfor feelings for not being able to show joon young or tell her his thoughts or feelings towards her. Fighting KDY/ HAEMIL !!.

    Wow they are exchange gifts !. Hoping to see the bracelet on his wrist !
    Will the writer write that scene ?.

  98. 98 : kdfan Says:

    @ Kwass: thanks for some insights to explain possibilities for joonyoung to end up with doyoon. but i still hope hope hope that she will fall for him … i love leesangwoo!

  99. 99 : Jennie Says:

    @tc & @Mystisith Hi so glad you’re watching this too. Yes, my weekends are never the same again after I started watching this and I just love watching every single one of DY/JY’s scenes. I still believe that there’s hope for DY, and the writer is definitely driving me nuts week after week hoping to see more of that toothy smirk face and more of that kiss. Yess, we are not even half way yet so anything can happen. I only hope it doesn’t break my heart, like how Mystisith describes it. I don’t even mind if DY doesnt end up with JY but I’d really hate it if he ends up with IJ (she’s pitiful yes, but cant bring myself to like her). I like Joo SW but his character here is boring. He may have the sweetest scenes with JY but they don’t give me the thrill that DY does, even with him just being undecided whether to call/msg or not to JY. I just love his facial expressions. I think, no I’m sure I love him more than Park SH in TPM 😉
    Back to the drama (sorry got carried away there for a moment), there’s speculation elsewhere that IJ and JY may be half sisters and I think they are. What say you both?
    @KDaddict Hello, are you with us? This drama will definitely make you drool, whether for the food or the guys or just the abs, your choice 🙂
    @kwass Yes, that bracelet is going to play an important role here later on, for sure!

  100. 100 : Kwass Says:


    If I recalled the earlier episode, the doctor had an affair with a woman and the woman who wanted to jump ship (yeon woo’s mother) they don’t look alike. I am just wondering where is KDY’s father ?.

    Yoen woo could not make KDY laugh, so I don’t think he can even like her ,
    but as you know 2nd lead, if the writer tend to mess up with
    KDY’s character then we will start to shake our heads and
    saying tsk. tsk. tsk. !

  101. 101 : KDaddict Says:

    Hi gals, tc, Mysti n Jennie,
    I just read tc’s comment on METS telling me to come over. @tc, left u a comment on METS.

    Ya, Lee SW is an old flame of mine, since First Wives Club. But then he appeared in I believe in Love. That title scared me off straight away. So melo, so pathethic! Even his abs couldn’t lure me into it. Therefore @Jennie, I’m not that into meat, u hear?

    JooSW was fine in Paradise Ranch. Thorn Birds was a horrid show that i quit in a hurry, like 20 mins sharp. I like Sung Yuri a lot in Prince’s first love. She looks way diff w short hair in the poster above.
    Will be happy to see all 3 of them again in this show.

    After METS ended, I’ve been watching Hello Franceska, n FantasyCouple. Plus I need a Fairy. I’m in the mood for sth wacky and fun. They fit the bill.
    Is this one good?

  102. 102 : tc Says:


    This is my crack drama currently due to the second lead syndrome. I have never watched any of LSW’s dramas before and I am mesmerized by his acting in this drama and started to root for him .

    Since you enjoyed FF, thought you may also like this one since it focus on Korean fine cuisine and is more fast paced . The drama has identity switch plot between Song Yu Ri’s character, JY and with the female antagonist during childhood and both are fighting for love and career. Unfortunate there are not many funny or wacky scenes. The childhood scenes are limited to only 2 episodes . Although LSW is playing the second lead, I am more drawn to his character as it has more depth and layered plus “drooling” over his abs in ep 11!

  103. 103 : Jennie Says:

    @Kwass I went back to Episode 1 to double check. From the pics, can’t really tell if it was Yeon Woo’s mum that dad was having an affair with. According to dad, she used to work in a bar, then Yeon Woo also asked her mum how come she didn’t have to dance today. So that’s a big question mark, guess we’ll just have to see how it goes. That’s the interesting thing about this drama, there are so many angles to take and so many more eps to go. Just keeps us glued to the show 😉
    @KDaddict Hi, I’ll let tc tell you whether it’s good or how good the drama is. She does it best 🙂 Don’t know if you remember LSW in his speedo in First Wives Club but you’ll def get one similar scene here. Ya ya I hear you but he’s totally hot here (his acting not his body)! As for JSW he’s the best in Giant and I hear he’s great in Ten too (which I’m planning to watch once I get hold of DVD). His character is quite similar to that in Thornbirds and PR and that’s why LSW is getting most of the attention. Sung Yuri is great as usual in all her dramas as she has very good chemistry with her co stars. Love her most in Hong Gil Dong and Snow Queen!

  104. 104 : Jennie Says:

    @tc Oops, guess you sent yours at the same time as I was typing 😉

  105. 105 : iammee Says:

    It’s a great drama but i have to wait at least a week or more for the eng subs to come out, i just wish i can understand korean so i can watch the new episodes

  106. 106 : KDaddict Says:

    @tc, Jennie,
    Thanks for the clue in.
    @tc, LeeSW was cute n hot in First Wives Club. I like that show a lot. I like the women in it. Good strong earthy women. They r rare in KDs. Chk it out some time. JooSW keeps playing these dead fish chars. Ryu Jin goes thru such a period too. Poor chaps.
    Yeon Woo? Sb is called Yeon Woo in this show too? I sure hope her acting is better here.
    I like what you’ve both said. Let’s c if I can catch up with you by next week. 😉

  107. 107 : KDaddict Says:

    I’m reading all the comments.
    yakichin’s comment #81 is funny n to the point. In these KDs where they stay true to their “first love” dating back to their childhoods, if you didn’t meet anyone in your childhood, your chances for love r zero.
    Hahaha! I’ve often had that thought while watching KDs that stress their VERY early association. :):):)

  108. 108 : Mic Says:

    I hate hate hate they keep having these gorgeous and devoted second male leads, who from the beginning are bound to be heart broken, then they made us sit through the whole heart broken process just to torture us!!못 살아야 진짜!

  109. 109 : KDaddict Says:

    That’s a horrifying ep 1!
    What parents would demand a divorce, or cut her wrists while traveling on a ship with small children?! And what mother would bring a child on a cruise to abandon her there, while she commits suicide? I know that’s to set up the the switch, but it is still scary as heck.
    But the little girl playing Song Yeon Woo is a gt little actress, at all of 5 yrs old!

  110. 110 : Mic Says:


    You are right. To me, the two moms are the most annoying characters in the whole drama. Probably it’s just me, but I am a mom, so anybody who puts anything (career, husband, whatever) before their children are not acceptable to me.

  111. 111 : sangjhoon Says:

    @tc yeah Ff & FOG sure got one thing in common when it comes to food but i still think the way the production released the synopsis is too vague…it wasn’t attractive at all to us viewers like i said earlier i almost didn’t watch this but i like the two actors myself plus song yuri otherwise i wld’ve regrets later on if i missed watching this one!

    also i was happy to see JY’s biological father resurfaced, i thought he died or something but now that he’s back the case of his missing daughter would finally be out in the open! i’m really hating the fake JY more than ever! I knew it the character hamil (ooopps i think i don’t want to be a spoiler here) i rather not say anything re this. 🙂

    to sum it up this drama is soooo addictive, glad that after watching bach vegetables that i got something to keep busy again plus the operation proposal w/c i’m also following!

    nice to meet you all here & i’ll make sure i can join in the conversation next time. I can hardly wait to see the next epis which is 11 right?

  112. 112 : Mic Says:


    Hi, just reading some old postings, just wondering, are you watching Can Love Become Money? That is a funny show. It’s my top favorite for now.

  113. 113 : tc Says:


    Plus another bad mum, Do Yoon’s mum who put her career first and left the kids alone in the house!

    The male lead for Can Love Become Money is Han Ga In’s husband, Yun Joon Hoon right? I will check this drama out once there are more subbed episodes. Sounds interesting and funny.

  114. 114 : Charlie Says:

    I made two attempts to watch this, but couldn’t pass the 2nd episode.

  115. 115 : Mystisith Says:

    @ Charlie: That’s the key with those melos full of unpalatable makjang. Skip the first 2 eps and start with the third! 🙂 Nothing new with the birth secrets and crazy mums of all kind. And honestly i don’t think anyone here watches this drama for that. Love triangle with 3 interesting characters, food, hanoks and hanboks, good music: That’s why i came here, and that’s why i stay. Crazy background story can go down the drain…

  116. 116 : Mic Says:


    Yes, check out Can Love Become Money, it’s funny and has some Protect The Boss feel. 🙂

  117. 117 : Mic Says:

    @Mystisith @Charlie

    I agreed with Mystisith. Charlie, you can skip the first two episodes and go straight to when the kids are all grown up. It’s not hard to figure out what happened before even you skip the first two episodes.

  118. 118 : snsdjjang Says:

    i watch up to ep 8….this drama is better than i expected…
    first i watch it bcoz of joo sang wook & sung yuri, and got surprised to see lee sang woo here too…
    btw, can someone help me…maybe i did miss something while watching….
    i was wondering why did Ji yoon died?on 1st ep, that kid looks like he is scared of his hyung…so what happen to him?

  119. 119 : Jennie Says:

    A big helloooo to everybody. Great to see this thread suddenly becoming so busy ♥♥♥
    @snsdjjang Ji Yoon died because he was a sick child. According to Do Yoon who told JY later, his brother couldnt even go out of the house to play. You’ll see this in next two episodes I think where he talks about his brother. The brother died because he did not receive medical help quickly and that’s why DY blamed his mum for the brother’s death.
    @tc I saw a bit of Can Love Become Money cos of our hottie vampire but sad to say, cant find any sites with subs. I was watching from Viki but the thread was suspended due to copyrights issue. From what I have seen, the vamp has become more suave and I like the setting and the pace. Hope we get subbed episodes soon.
    @ Mic Hi ‘wave’. You’re watching this too 😀
    @jangger Was reading backwards and saw your comment at #50. Sorry I missed it. Yes, JSW’s acting has not progressed anywhere. Gets to a point now that I can’t laugh at his “jokes” nor like him acting cute in this drama anymore. If he’s indeed the lead, I hope the script makes some drastic changes quickly and add some spice to his character. Can you imagine a 30year old man still getting beaten up with a cane by his grandma? Sigh!

  120. 120 : Mic Says:


    Hi Jennie “waving back”! Glad to see you. Yes, I am watching everything, not really, but close. Haha!
    JSW’s character is really boring here. For some reason, his expressions and particularly his eyes look off. Can’t really describe it though. But he was great in Special Affairs Team TEN if you have a chance to watch it.

  121. 121 : tc Says:


    Agree with your views on JSW. I first noticed him in 1 Mum n 3 Dads where he even outshined the 3 male leads and had so good chemistry with Eugene. He was great in Giant but I was disappointed with his performance in Thornbirds and Paradise Ranch. In this drama, there is no depth to his character and quite boring. That’s why LSW who is playing a more complex character is stealing the limelight from him as the drama progresses. Who knows, although it is quite rare for second lead to get the girl but it has happened before ie Queen of Reversal and Perfect Neighbours. So I am keeping my fingers crossed that there is still a chance for DY/JY ship since there are 18 episodes more to go.

  122. 122 : Kwass Says:

    Hi everyone,

    Just a thought from me, could you imagine if the two rivals become
    mother -in- laws, more hilarious and funny, don’t you think so ?.

    Their mothers had been bickering since their internship days as chef
    and if their child do fall in love what a joyful grandparents they will be doting on their future grandchilren !.

    KDY and JY will have blissful life – bringing their parents closer to them.

    One grandma – a very spunky fashionista !
    The other one in traditional hanbook !.

  123. 123 : KDaddict Says:

    Let me ask a stupid Qn, as I’m only on ep 1:
    Why r you all saying that LeeSW is the 2nd lead? If his is the more complex, interesting char?
    After what Mysti n Mic said, I’ll go straight to ep 3 tonight.
    My oh my, with this, Can Love becm $, etc. n tmr is 3.21, all the new shows r starting, what r we gonna do???

  124. 124 : Mindy Says:

    I think there is flameable chemistry between Goo Joon Young and Kim Do Yoon. Seems like Joon yoon is starting to notice Do Yoon’s presence in life except that they are building up the heat yet of the story. I hope that this time second lead ends up with female first lead. Who knows fake In Joo might still end up as the real In Joo’s sister in the end. You never what the twists the scriptwriters are cooking up in this particular drama. But they should be more imaginative than that, and make the story more extra ordinary by making the two female moms who are arch enemies previously still end up as in-laws through the union of Kim Do Yoon and Go Joon Young. That would put some redemption in their previous misleading presumptions of each other.

  125. 125 : Jennie Says:

    @KDaddict Briefly, some synopsis described JSW as the leading man while an earlier released synopsis said LSW was the lead. To add fuel, netizens who saw the news conference described JSW as the lead because he was seated next to the female lead. Most assumed JSW as the lead because he has higher profile/his name appears first etc and from the earlier episodes, all scenes pointed JSW as the male lead as he ‘fulfilled’ all the criterias of a typical Kdrama lead-childhood buddies, piggyback rides, promises etc. The confusion began when LSW came into the scene with his irresistible smile, speedo, the stolen kiss, him being Haemil etc hence the confusion and the great divide 😀
    @Kwass & @ Mindy I actually like the idea of those two ‘frienemies’ being in laws. There will be so much fun. And if In Joo is really JY’s half sister, it’ll be good too cos she really is a very pitiful character but I don’t want her to end up with DY if really JH is the lead 🙁

  126. 126 : KDaddict Says:

    @Jennie, Thx. Now I’ve to work hard to catch up, in order to see why all of you like this drama so much, cos it doesn’t seem so exciting on the surface, or even at the outset.

  127. 127 : Mic Says:


    Hi KDaddict, JSW is the main lead alright. There was an interview of the four and JSW and SYR were in the spotlight, LSW had a little conversation, and the SHJ didn’t get a chance to speak at all. I felt so sorry for her. I think the setup was that the three characters all have secrets and complicated childhood and JSW is the only one who is “clean” and perfect. Unfortunately, that makes his character boring compared to others.

  128. 128 : KDaddict Says:

    So, can somebody pls tell me: have the girls been switched back yet, up till ep 14?

    I find Baek Seol Hee insufferable. She was the one who messed w her opponent’s bucket of fish, n she has the gall to come back to demand a re-match? Failing that, she produces a fake book of traditional recipes. And what she did to her young sons was horrific. Isn’t it against the law to leave young children alone?
    Go Joon Young is an upbeat person n a tough survivor. She’ll be fine whatever life throws her way.
    Song Yeon Woo/fake In Joo may have a more affluent life, but hers is a private hell fr which only truth can release her.

    Thx. I see. It wondered abt their leading man status bc to me, both guys r abt the same in terms of their status in the industry, with similar no. of years, dramas n films under their belts; so neither one seems to have an obvious advantage or lead over the other. I guess JSW has had a leading role in TBs, while LSW doesn’t have a real leading role as yet. The shows that he has been in r mostly group shows, family dramas.
    Both guys have noticeably aged n have lost some luster since their dramas fr 3 years back. Sigh….

  129. 129 : KDaddict Says:

    Pls bear w me, 2 more Qn’s:
    Who on earth is Haemil? U guys mention it, but I don’t see anyone by that name in the show!
    Are the guys liking Joon Young yet? When do the guys fall for her (which eps)?

    I haven’t seen: Can Love becm $. I’ve been watching I need a fairy, which is fantastic; Hello Franceska–hilarious; Fantasy Couple–entertaining! Don’t think there is time for it once the new batch of shows start tmr! Later. Today, I’m up to ep 6 of this one!

  130. 130 : Mystisith Says:

    I found someone who recaps this drama (and screecaps too). She’s at ep 12 by now.

  131. 131 : Jennie Says:

    @KDaddict Haemil is Do Yoon’s secret identity. He’s a famous chef in America who wears a mask in public but he comes back to Korea and works as a kitchen helper in Arirang. He wants to torment his mum as he blames his mum for his brother’s death. In the beginning, no one knows about his double identity, not even his mum. Jae Ha and JY liked each other early in the show when they met as adults but Jae Ha was already with fake In Joo. Confession episode? Probably 10/11? Do Yoon’s affection for JY are revealed around Ep 9, I think. Most happening episodes are between Ep 9 – 12, I guess.
    P.S I love Couple of Fantasy. Han Ye Seul was fantastic and I fell in love with her in this drama 😀

  132. 132 : Mic Says:


    Hi, I didn’t really go through all the postings, but at one glance, I saw part of your posting so I want to quickly post an answer. Baek didn’t fake the recipe book. She was cheated by someone. She really believed that’s the really book so she followed the book to make the sauce and came out to be totally wrong. Please someone correct me if I am wrong.

  133. 133 : KDaddict Says:

    Thx for explaining.
    I get a sense of deja vu w this show: The identity switch happened in Sparkling. The famous chef/expert (w hidden identity?) fr overseas happened in another show; which is it now???

    My Qn in #128 is a stupid Qn. Of course the girls haven’t been switched back yet. That’d be the end of the series!

    I like Fantasy Couple, really fun show. Find Han Ye Seul v pretty, but her acting exaggerated. Perhaps that’s to give the show a cartoon-like quality.

  134. 134 : KDaddict Says:

    TQ for setting me straight on that. Henceforth, I don’t have to dislike Baek so much. Maybe there is still a chance she’ll turn out to be not a witch!

    What’s you guys’ take on fake In Joo?

  135. 135 : Mic Says:


    I dislike Baek, she put her competitiveness and self-esteem before the welfare of her children. She wanted to win 20 years ago and she is still acting the same now. She wants her son to go back overseas because she is worried he might jeopardize her plan for revenge. She is not a mother material.

    While I also dislike the fake In Joo because all the bad intentions she has, I can understand how insecure she must feel living in a lie her whole life. Her mom loves her thinking she is somebody else. Her father takes her in for the sake of his wife and he is still pursuing to find his real daughter. His brother knows the whole truth and just hates her guts. The fake In Joo doesn’t know where her real mother is (dead seemingly), and has nobody to depend on. Her struggle to protect what she has now is understandable in my opinion.

  136. 136 : Kwass Says:

    Hi there !

    I like baek sol’s competitive drive, if not doo hae will go crazy with her life, DH leading a miserable life, not in love with her husband who play hanky panky on her and is not there for her until he came back recently.

    DH is a secretive person, don’t confide with others except grandma
    not even her “daughter” IJ, she don’t know how to relief her frustrations and only showing it by washing her laundry-
    where is the washing machine ! her focus is working hard for ARIRANG.

    Baek sol is seeking another round of competion with DH.
    Baek sol owns Sanarae – successful fusion dine restaurant. Now I am wondering where she gets all the new recipes for her restaurant –
    unknowingly from HAEMIL/KDY ?

  137. 137 : KDaddict Says:

    All the short, vague synopses don’t tell us anything. I think this show is about:
    2 girls, 2 women and the bad blood between them, and their intertwined fates. 1 girl is a cooking savant w a sunny personality; she has nothing to lose n everything to gain. The other girl lives a life that is a lie; it is all she can do to keep her house of cards from falling down. The 2 women r both pathological in their competitiveness, putting their ego before all else. 1 woman is cold n repressed, thus driving her husband away; the other is driven by her ambition for something that isn’t hers in the first place. 2 guys are present to provide support and rivalry between the 2 girls.

    Up till ep 8, I find the 2 guys boring bc one is bland as milk, while the other is silent, n carries a big chip on his shoulders (against his mom). They don’t yet have their own story; maybe Do Yoon will later, but Jae Ha never will, and that’s why he is boring viewers to tears. But it is strange that the leading male char has no story of his own!

    TQ. I stayed up late to watch this. A few more eps later, at ep 8, I see your pts abt Baek n Fake In Joo. I agree w both assessments.

    This story is full of holes, likely deliberately; or maybe it is my viewing that is full of holes, cos I’m not yet all caught up:
    1. They sent fake In Joo overseas soon after they found her. Why? She was so young. Did she go to Japan? What was that for?
    2. Where is her brother? He is not at home or in Seoul.
    3. Jae Ha obviously has a job. What is it? Is he employed at Arirang?
    4. In Joo’s father had an affair that threatened their marriage n destroyed their normal family life. It just went away after they lost the real In Joo? He seems to be a nice n kind man. If I were married to Do Hee, I’d have an affair too, a whole string of them!

  138. 138 : KDaddict Says:

    This thing is driving me slightly bonkers, bc all the chars r so deeply flawed, n all the relationships r fraught w trouble. It is sought of like an American soap opera, just Without the sex n incest!

  139. 139 : Jennie Says:

    @KDaddict Ah, I think you should try to slow down and enjoy the story instead of trying to watch it all in a hurry 😉 The drama has plenty of loopholes I agree but I always try not to look too closely at the faults but just enjoy the story. Answers to your questions:
    1. Fake In Joo was sent overseas asap so that no one who knows her as a kid (eg grandma) would know it’s really not her
    2. Brother was sent overseas by the Father because he knows the truth and until now, the Father has not allowed him to return.
    3.Jae Ha is a civil servant in the PR dept.
    4.When the Father demanded for divorce he told Mum to beg him to stay. She did but he refused. Then she tried to commit suicide and then In Joo went missing. So he stayed.
    Hope that helps.

  140. 140 : KDaddict Says:

    I’m just marathoning, sth we all do, no?
    To be honest, I’m not enjoying the story, n it is Not bc I’m marathoning. I don’t miss a thing even when I marathon. It drives me nuts bc it doesn’t ring true to me. I knew the answers u gave in #139, (except for no. 3), but none of it makes sense to me, so I thought there was more to it. Apparently not. That’s why I say it feels like an American soap opera, in which ppl act out of a warped sense of logic to protect or further their agenda.

  141. 141 : Charlie Says:

    Mystisith 115, Mic 117,
    Thanks for the clarification. I’ll give it a third try staring from the 3rd episode 😉 and will let you know how it goes.

  142. 142 : tc Says:


    Yes, the drama does have making elements with switch identity, backstory for 3 out 4 main leads and the underdog tone which spur the audience to root for JY. It does have flaws like how easily the fake In Joo step into the shoes of real In Joo without anyone realizing the switch. Granted that she was sent away to America with her brother and only came back to Korea when she was 16 but don’t tell me, she had to stay away without ever coming back once during the teen years especially when the mum misses her so much and could not bear to lose her. Find it hard to accept that the mum will let her stay for so long in America for 12 years!

    Anyway, like Jennie, I also choose to let the flaws slide and watch the drama solely for its good parts especially the love rivalry between JH and DY for JY. In ep 14 though, it’s quite clear to viewers that the writer is pairing up JY with JH via her confession. Hope there will be a twist to the romance line in subsequent episodes. Otherwise, there will be no more excitement to watch this drama.

  143. 143 : tc Says:


    Oops, I mean “makjang” elements but the computer changed the word automatically.

  144. 144 : KDaddict Says:

    Hi, it’s crazy how the computer, being too smart, keeps changing our words into sth that it knows in the English language! 🙂
    I’m all caught up at ep 14 now! Stayed up late 3 Ns, n now have panda eyes to show for it! 😉
    The chars in this show inhabit an “alternative universe” of their own fabrication fr the beginning. Therefore normal rules of human behavior no longer apply. Their logic is internally consistent within that universe, but doesn’t go down easy for us who live outside. Their parenting, their obsession, their deception, not only to others, but to themselves, make quite blind.
    It’s a bit torturous to watch poor Joon Young keeps getting the short end of the stick thru life. I think I’d keep going “Oh Shit!” every time she gets kicked in her stomach. So instead of following this week by week, I should probably wait a bit, so that I can get to the good parts, where she gets treated well, more quickly! 😉

  145. 145 : KDaddict Says:

    Hi, I just watched the finale of Shut up, FBB. It is fantastical! This got to be the most satisfying finale of all times, on par with Secret Garden! N u know I’m fanatical abt SEGA! So that’s the highest recommendation. Take a look at it.

  146. 146 : Kwass Says:

    The two lead actors keep changing new clothes but the other two 2nd lead
    had less than 2 in each episode.

    But even if KDY attire looks dowdy but still with scanty clothes he still looks dynamite !. Oh! baby face !

  147. 147 : tc Says:


    Yes, will check it out. Hope it is as good as Dream High1.

  148. 148 : KDaddict Says:

    It is BETTER than DH1. I promise.

  149. 149 : Mic Says:


    Sorry this has nothing to do with the drama but I couldn’t help to reply when I saw you mentioned the computer changing the words. I once sent an email to my son’s teacher, Mrs. Kang, without knowing the computer changed it to Mrs. Kangaroo!!! I wanted to dig a hole and buried my head in there when I found out!!! lol!

  150. 150 : KDaddict Says:

    I have similar experiences! Who looks at the screen when typing, right? N it changes the words, esp. romanization of Korean words every time! “Ba chim” becomes “Bar chime”, etc. etc. If you don’t catch it, u r embarrassed; if u catch it, u have to go back n change each word! You son’s teacher, being Asian, should understand the problem. No need to dig a hole! 🙂
    Have u watched Shut Up, FBB? It is fantastic!

  151. 151 : Jennie Says:

    @Mic Ohh that was so funny 😀 Mrs Kangaroo indeed! Was she forgiving? Hope she didn’t give your son a hard time after that 😉

  152. 152 : Mic Says:

    @KDaddict and @Jennie,

    Haha! Thank God she was okay with it, I guess you need to be patient when you are dealing with those little ones! 🙂 But now I am careful about this auto correct feature on computer.

    I haven’t watched SUFBB yet. I will when I have a chance. So many dramas so little time. 😉

  153. 153 : KDaddict Says:

    Question abt that Recipe Book:

    In ep 5, Joon Young went in for a shower; In Joo looked in JY’s bag n saw the Heavenly Recipe Book. Next thing I know abt it was when Grandma threw it to Doo Hee to tell her that one was fake, n one was not.
    What happened in between? Was it shown on screen that Joon Young gave it to Grandma? Did In Joo take it to give to Grandma???

  154. 154 : KDaddict Says:

    You know what I think? I think Joon Young is going to end up with Do Yoon! She is being v mean to him, which is so out of char for her. She is nice to everyone to a fault. She is not nice to him, she is not neutral to him. She is reacting to him like a 9 year old to a crush! So there is hope for poor love-sick Do Yoon yet!

  155. 155 : Mystisith Says:

    @ KDa: I have the same feeling. Too much aggressiveness in her attitude to be honest. And she keeps trying avoiding him. We all know what it means. He he… How can i be so delighted in this back and forth game? It’s just so fun to see a character fighting/denying his attraction. It’s like watching a bomb, waiting for the explosion. 🙂

  156. 156 : kdfan Says:

    @KDaddict 154: I really hope so. I keep looking for clues every time JY & DY is together. I love the stare he gave her in the car. I was praying he won’t confess .. haha how funny he turned it around. Ahhh .. those eyes .. if the end up together in the end, I shall endure their long fight and enjoy the explosion!

  157. 157 : KDaddict Says:

    @Mysti n kdfan,
    There r 18 more eps to go! The ID switch alone can’t sustain the momentum for 18 eps, right? It’d be too boring if that’s all. Jae Ha n JY r already together. There is no angst in that relationship. So the angst has to come fr Another relationship. So, that’s where my bet lies.

    But can anyone answer my Qn in #153 please?

    I’m back to watch Fantasy Couple. No angst, all funny! Just watching Han Ye Seul the fashionista extraordinaire wearing oversized country bumpkin clothes is good for a laugh for 2 eps!!!

  158. 158 : Mic Says:

    I sure hope you gals/guys are all right about JY and DY! I so so wanted them to be together. Although I think the reason JY is avoiding DY now is out of embarrassment because he kissed her when she was drunk.

    Nothing happened to my knowledge. IJ just found out JY had the recipe book, that’s it. She didn’t take it or switch it. She just gradually discovers how promising JY is as a chef and a real threat to her “throne”.

  159. 159 : KDaddict Says:

    Then next thing we know, Grandma somehow has that Recipe book in her possession, n throw it, together w the fake one, at Do Hee??? Strange, isn’t it?

  160. 160 : Mic Says:


    My understanding was JY gave the recipe book to JH. Remember how she stole it from the old man and gave it to JH at the beginning. After she was given the book, she probably gave it to JH. It wasn’t played out on screen though.

  161. 161 : KDaddict Says:

    Joon Young had a crush on Jae Ha. So she stole the REcipe book w the intention of giving it to Jae Ha, but she didn’t get a chance to. It was put under the under in the kitchen, She went back to retrieve it, n tool it to In Joo’s house when she had to take a shower there. In Joo saw it in JY’s bag. Nothing more was shown of the book until it resurfaced when Grandma threw it at Do Hee.
    I thought I missed something. Guess not then if you didn’t see the transfer either!! Stupid big hole!
    These non-sequiturs drive me nuts!

  162. 162 : Mic Says:


    My memory was JY stole the recipe book, gave it to JH but he refused to take it because it was stolen and inappropriate. Then JY returned it to grandpa and the old man told her to have it. Then again she took it with her to Seoul. Yes, it wasn’t played out on screen, but I just assumed now it’s ‘legal’, she just gave it to JH and his grandma since it was her intention to do so to begin with.
    I might have missed something though since it’s a while ago.

  163. 163 : Mic Says:

    One thing to add, Grandma knew the book from President Baek was fake, that’s why she sent JH to the island to fetch the real one.
    The old Grandpa called her to tell her that when the recipe book first surfaced.

  164. 164 : KDaddict Says:

    @Mic, Thx. I kept going back to look for the transfer of the book! Crazy-making! I guess w that stuff in the bkgd, we’r supposed to jump over the gap. Thx for laying that doubt to rest. Have a nice weekend!

  165. 165 : sangjhoon Says:

    @mic – the fake in joo stole it while she’s taking a shower but one thing i don’t u/stand is didn’t joon young realize it’s been taken from her bag or was it replaced by a fake recipe book, since we recall seeing this fake in joo going to that room with the 2 recipe books encased in that glass! i’m just confused now. 🙂

  166. 166 : sangjhoon Says:

    i think this story as it unfolds before our eyes, joon young & JH are meant to be together whether some of you like it or not! i’m sorry but i’m really rooting for JH & Joon young, maybe because i like the actor Joo sang wook i don’t know but i don’t mean to say i don’t like lee sang, i like him also as an actor but like i said this story i think is really meant to have JH & JY ending up together! they’re cute & have a chemistry, haemil is quite strange & so consumed with his revenge for his mother that albeit he likes joon young he’s much into his quest to get to his mother! also, why is he wasting his time in arirang where he could be doing his own business as a well known french chef? silly as it may seem but it’s still meaningless if you’ll ask me! overall this drama is really addictive & the more you see one episode, the more you want more!
    nice to hear & read some of your interesting views & i hope i can join in again next time! 🙂

  167. 167 : sangjhoon Says:

    happy to see the ratings are doing well compared to some weeks or episodes ago! i luv reading your views/comments here, very interesting and it’s just as addictive as the drama itself 🙂

    hello to you all until nxt time, i got to watch epi 14 now. 🙂 LOL it’s almost bedtime but i’ll endure!

  168. 168 : kdfan Says:

    @sangjhoon – many a times k drama tend to follow the ‘fated relationship’ route, so you may be right. but there are some who deviate like recently baker kimtakgu, i was aghast when eugene married joowon. since we r not even half way to the end, i’d say it’s still a 50-50 chance.

  169. 169 : KDaddict Says:

    Help!!! Anyone! Re: #153, #160, #165

    Really? In Joo went to the room where the two recipe books are encased? She went with the real book in hand, which hat she took fr Joon Young’s bag? I didn’t catch that.

  170. 170 : Mic Says:

    @sangjhoon @ KDaddict

    I am all confused myself as well! Haha! Really, IJ took the book? But didn’t she put it back? I know for sure she didn’t give it to grandma. The two books in the case were the book one and fake book two. No? That tells you how much attention I paid while watching kdramas….none! Sorry about the confusion, KDaddict!

  171. 171 : Kwass Says:


    Now we are being shoved with Jae Hae’s repeated interest in joon young and doing everything for her including pleasing his future father -in-law. He is touching and grabbing her with her approval-no shrugging or refrain on her part.

    We know KDY’s character is interesting when acted by LSW so the scriptwriter is toying with our emotions to keep on watching the drama and we do want to know what will happen to KDY. We know that this drama is the couple jy and jh but I think the scriptwriter didn’t anticipate that LSW did bring out the character so well of KDY VERY CONVINCINGLY that I am going to find out how the writer is going to write a twist plot for KDY.
    Haemil/KDY has quite a few allergies, I HOPE NO ONE WILL POISON HIM..

    I really enjoy watching him cooking half cross legged on the old bench just like in a village scene – very carefree and relaxing and

    oh ! my ice cream melt watching him cooking !.

  172. 172 : Mic Says:

    Gotta say I’m getting reluctant to watch this. On one hand since I’ve watched it this far, I want to know how it ends; on the other, the plot is turning so cliche I hate to sit through the whole thing. Wish I could just fast forward to the end. Maybe I’ll get info from you guys and watch after it finish airing.

  173. 173 : Mystisith Says:

    LOL. You guys make me laugh while trying to understand the all story of the recipe book! It’s amazing how much i DON’T care a damn about that plot… The same thing happened when i watched Spy Myung Wol: There was that background story about Four Ancient Books or whatever, and all i thought was: Who cares? This is just an excuse story line to give a job for older actors and some seriousness / depth to the drama (a plain romcom, what a shame!). I can never connect with that part of the dramas cause it’s obvious and fabricated at the same time. It just gives me headaches.

  174. 174 : Mic Says:


    Totally agreed!

  175. 175 : iammee Says:

    Whoever she will end up to in the end, it will be allright with me. the two guys are extemely charming, they do have their own qualities and they play their character well. i have to commend sung yuri for this, she really is a great choice for this drama, she acts naturally and spontaneously.

  176. 176 : KDaddict Says:

    Of course the plot is just a device to set up certain things. But when there r gapping holes, it leaves the audience feeling “WTF”. It is a defect, whether u care abt it or not.
    I’m Not trying to “understand” what happened w the recipe book. There is nothing to understand per se. I want to know IF there was indeed a gap there. I’m a meticulous person. 😉

  177. 177 : Mic Says:

    I found gaps everywhere too, in all dramas, not just kdramas, but I usually focus on the part I am most interested, and just overlook the details. That said, I admire KDaddict’s drama critic quality! 🙂

  178. 178 : KDaddict Says:

    The fun of watching a drama together is to have a camaraderie. It is not nice to laugh at sb.

  179. 179 : Mic Says:


    KDaddict, are you talking about me? No no, I wasn’t being sarcastic, I meant it sincerely. I don’t have that kind of concentration when I watch a drama, and I fast forward a lot to those parts that I am interested in. So I always admire how you can dissect the whole drama with details. I apologize if my comments cause any misunderstandings. I always enjoy reading your comments. No way I would laugh at you! Hmm…still trying to figure out what I said that caused the misunderstanding, but I am really sorry about that!

  180. 180 : Mystisith Says:

    @KDa: I hope you didn’t feel bad with what i said on previous page. It wasn’t meant to hurt you. If i did, i’m sorry!
    Being meticulous is a good thing! And plot holes are a defect indeed. But some dramas just can’t give more to their audience, and you have to accept them for what they are: Imperfect creations of the mind, and very pretty ones at that. One drama that got me completely nuts was Take Care of us Captain, because i know the world they were using. Once i decided to watch it as a badly written drama (which it is), i could “enjoy” and make fun of it: My gosh, some dramas beg you to make fun of them, and not for the good reasons: Fashion King is one of them in the recent ones… The sad truth is that the number of good script writers in drama land is limited. 🙁
    @ KDa and mic: Do you know Maddino’s blog, who does satiric and parody recaps? It’s hilarious. And perfect to relax your frustration and stress about dramas.

  181. 181 : Kwass Says:

    Hi there !

    Epi 16

    Oh ! that’s fast, the engagement panji is on her finger now, so the couple is very on now ! I wonder will it last with KDY/HAEMIL still around the block !

    Jae Hae seems to inhale loudly when he is excited with joon young
    (or is it JSW’s habit of breathing ?) and the finger is always pointing to nowhere. I laugh loudly when KDY just drove off leaving JH gasping for words.

    So now that the herbal plant will be the future plot twist,
    will Baek Sol be going through another loss of her only son ?.
    I hope KDY/Haemil will not be left dying at the end of this drama.

    The identity of the real IJ is still being brewed by the scripwritwer !

  182. 182 : Mic Says:


    Thanks for the info. I will check out that blog. Indeed some dramas just left you speechless (not in a good way) but you are right, they give us “another” type of entertainment! Take Care of us Captain was a bad script, and I am surprised you mentioned Fashion King because I found that odd after watching 2 episodes. But I will continue to watch because I want to get to the part where they become successful. 🙂


    Thanks for the recap. I am going to rely on this board for this drama until it completes. So many thanks for keeping me up to date.

  183. 183 : Kwass Says:

    @mic 182,

    I forgot to write 2 things :

    If I am not wrong because I am watching raw, earlier part of the episode 16 while sending JY, KDY CONFESSED to JY that he really like her very much !!nd also another scene JY REPLY to HAEMIL’s email !

    The other plot the scriptwriter is filling the gap closer between Yeon woo and KDY plot , more encounters among them which I don’t like that twist, not convincing enough because all along KDY did not like YW from the very beginning of the drama.

  184. 184 : Mic Says:


    Thanks Kwass! KDY confessed! wow! That will be interesting from now on. I don’t think I like the YW and KDY line either. Still so many episodes left I guess they need to fill it up with some dramas. 🙂 Thanks again for the update!

  185. 185 : dramaluv Says:

    KDY is just a plain rude guy. Grabbing, driving off, etc. He hardly ever smiles. So far…not enough nice from him. He learned from the
    best. Looks like he may join forces with her.

    YW & KDY seem like a good fit to me. Sometimes loves starts with pity & neediness. I see it here. Yay!

    JH & JY match from the beginning. Puppy luv, even not knowing her true ID he’s attracted.

    No cursing please (we can understand the abbreviations too & they’re not a nice read…keep it dignified)

  186. 186 : Jennie Says:

    @dramaluv(185) Just curious as I don’t see it on this thread but you said “No cursing please (we can understand the abbreviations too & they’re not a nice read…keep it dignified)”. I thought everyone’s been very nice n courteous.

  187. 187 : Kwass Says:

    @Mic – 184

    Sorry, I took another look at the cooking scene, oh actually doo yoon is wearing the bracelet but he is hiding it from joon young, and he brought a bouquet of flowers for HER !

    But, the herbal plant is still bugging me, maybe it is for their next cooking competion.

  188. 188 : Ole7198 Says:

    Interesting drama all about korea food…I like KDY & JY, I hope they will ends up to be together.

  189. 189 : uniqueshop4u Says:

    I wish KDY will end up with GJY instead of CJH because KDY characters in this drama is so cold, meticulous and stiff so it will help to loose him up with GJY who is really opposite from him. Hopefully, the Director and Writer will change the story line so these two (KDY & GJY) will end up together as the popularity as a second male lead become a main one 😉
    It was happen before 🙂

  190. 190 : drama freak Says:

    i like Kim Do Yun…..hopefully he can pair up with the main actress here….i think they look good together and it will be much more interesting if they are together =D

  191. 191 : OK OK OK Says:

    @ 189 uniqueshop4u

    It happened before? Wow! Which drama? I would love to watch too.

    Yes, Kim Do Yun suits GJY. He looks much younger, manly and more energetic. Let Joo Sang Wook pair with some other …… he he he….

    Director & scriptwriter – headache now at our request 😉

  192. 192 : Mic Says:


    Thanks thanks Kwass! I hope I didn’t make you go back to the drama to get the details for me. You shouldn’t have, but it’s very much appreciated!!! 🙂

  193. 193 : TAVAI Says:

    love the drama the best i watch so far good work and fighting

  194. 194 : Vita Kim Says:

    JoonYoung + JaeHa..
    InJoo + DoYoon..

  195. 195 : Vita Kim Says:

    InJoo + DoYoon.. <3

  196. 196 : chen Says:

    i love joo sang wook’s kim chi raddish. he is a great actor. also he made an perfect lover role in drama giant.

  197. 197 : Ndi_79 Says:

    i want KDY together with JY

  198. 198 : KDaddict Says:

    No Mic, I wasn’t referring to you. No worry.
    Apology accepted.

    I hardly ever fast fwd, n I watch for every detail in every darn KD that I watch. I’m a jigsaw puzzle player (for real), n need things to make sense. It’s just irritating to me when sth doesn’t. (On the other hand, I love fantasies n sci-fi. So soul-swapping, fairies, n time travel r some of my fav themes.)

  199. 199 : KDaddict Says:

    Did you watch this thing closely? Can you take a look at #153 on the previous page, n see if you can answer my Qn?

  200. 200 : tc Says:

    @OK OK OK- 191

    In Queen of Reversal and Perfect Neighbour where the Second Lead ( coincidentally played by same guy, Park Si Hoo) won the heroine over from the male lead.

    I can see from the comments here that majority of viewers are shipping JY with DY/Haemil. At Ep 16 which is mid point of the drama, the writer has clearly plotted the romance line to be JY/JH and giving indication of drawing IJ with DY. I don’t like this latest twist and would prefer for DY to remain steadfast in his love towards JY even though they may not end up together.

    In Kdrama, the audience usually get a clear indication of the real couple via kiss scene between the OTP. However, in this drama, JH/JH did not even kiss after JH gave JY the ring whilst JY already shared a kiss with DY earlier
    when she was drunk.

    JY did not like DY but is in awe of Haemil as can be seen from her eagerness to response to Haemil’s email in JH’s presence. One wonders what would be her reaction if she realizes that DY and Haemil are the same person?

  201. 201 : tc Says:

    Hi KDaddict, just drop by at this thread today after a week away from my PC and missed out your earlier query. Went back to see your question in 153 on recipe book and would like to share my views with you.

    Yes, agree with you that there is a gap between IJ discovering the real book in JY’s bag and the scene whereby the Grandma took out the recipe book. When IJ saw the real book in JY’s bag, she did not take it but instead she went to the place where they kept the 2 books and mumbled to herself that the displayed book was actually a fake and she realized then why JY was accepted as candidate to compete with her as Airang’s successor when JY did not have the experience.

    When Grandma took out the real recipe book, viewers are supposed to interpret that JY eventually have given it to her as instructed by the old Man whom had actually asked JY to go to Airang with the book and work there. Viewers are also supposed to comprehend that IJ did not bother to steal the book from JY since she was informed by Grandma earlier that there was a specific reason why she allowed JY to compete against IJ and would have realized the real reason when she saw the book in JY’s bag.

    I thought I had skipped 1 part of this scene and even rewind to the beginning when I watched the said ep but obviously there was a gap here.

  202. 202 : Mystisith Says:

    @ KDaddict: I’m happy that we cleared the air, because really i wasn’t trying to belittle you. I should have phrased it in a different way. I missed you on this thread! This proves that different viewers have different experiences when watching dramas. And it shows we don’t watch them with the same expectations and goals in the first place.
    As others, I’m also puzzled by the cautious courtship of JH toward JH. Seriously, you propose to a girl whereas you didn’t even kissed her yet? He must be the most idealistic romantic guy in the world, or else he has the maturity of a little boy having his first crush. Or 3rd possibility, it’s not sincere, and he’s just manipulating her. And there, i’m not going to be nice with you my friend…

  203. 203 : Mic Says:

    @KDaddict-198 🙂

  204. 204 : Kwass Says:

    Hi everyone,

    My thoughts about the panji,

    I think JH rashly is trying to” secure” his love for JY, remember when DY ask him to bring JY back to Arirang and he said I will take care of it but DY said you have to prepare an “umbrella” for her before things get worst, because
    DY know about his mom and yeon woo’s scheming for arirang. He is also feeling jealous quite often seeing DY meeting JY.

    About JH,

    firstly he did not tell YW’s parent that he has broke-up with their daughter although there was no formal engagement (I think it is a mutual understanding among grandma and DH.)

    I don’t understand JY could just easily accept the ring without even asking him about his OR her plans because she is still learning to be arirang’s chef.

    She is like a baby sheep following a BLUR bull !. He didn’t have the curiosity to find out who is HAEMIL and how did tthe co. engaged H/DY to be one of the panel judges and he got no initiative to probe further from Haemil’s manager, he leave it to his subordinate to do the job!. urgh….

    Funny thing is JH click very well with his future father in-law who is a scoundrel.

  205. 205 : Jennie Says:

    @KDaddict Heehee must confess that I didnt pay much attention to the recipe book. I just assume that JY still has the recipe book with her. Grandpa told grandma that JY had every right to the book and I assume that grandma then knew that the other recipe was a fake after her meeting with grandpa wow that’s a lot if assumption lol. I am making things worst, aren’t I, (@tc & @mic 😀 )? But obviously the recipe doesn’t have much significance since no mention was made. I must also admit that I watch this drama becos of DY n JY’s ‘love story’. Am going to abandon it the moment they pair up the fake IJ with DY. I rather he ends up with Jane if he can’t have JY.

  206. 206 : Mic Says:


    Who is Jane? hehe! I’ve already abandoned ship until I know what happen to the couples. It’s weird I like all the leads individually, yet I can’t bear to watch it now they are altogether. Same thing with Syndrome. Something’s wrong with me!

  207. 207 : Jennie Says:

    #205 Sorry lots errors there but the share box that appears in the dialogue box is such a hindrance on my IPhone that I can’t read what I am typing!

    @Mic Jane is Haemil’s partner (or Manager) from abroad 🙂 Yeah, I thought I liked all the leads too when I started but JH is getting on my nerves, so I can’t say I like Joo Sang Wook now 🙁

  208. 208 : Jennie Says:

    @kwass It has never occurred to me that JH gave the panji to JY because he wanted to “secure” things with her and due to the reasons you gave. Yeah, I guess so. He also wanted to assure her that despite his grandma’s objections, he wasn’t giving up on her. That scene actually dashed all hopes of mine for a DY/JY ending cos he said something about how their persistence will help them get their way etc etc. But I am still holding tight the ship cos of the bracelet, JY’s reaction when DY told her he liked her, the kiss JY and DY shared compared to the peck on JH’s cheek and the fact that JH still has not revealed that he knew about IJ being responsible for Haemil’s poisoning.

  209. 209 : Kwass Says:


    Something else cross my mind,

    I think the scriptwriter is making JH into a hero when he will be the one to find out the identity of JY through his slip-of the tongue drunk future father in law who is temp. or perm. staying at his house.

    Yes I do agree with your views, and about their persistence will get them to where they………..

    Ha Ha !! lets hope the koreans ask for changes to the script plot !.

  210. 210 : OK OK OK Says:

    @ 200 tc

    Thanks for the info. Oh Yes, I did watch Perfect Neighbour and was hoping that Bae Doo Na and Park Shi Hoo will end up together and it did bc PSH is a charming loving boss and she is the secretary – how romantic…

    Where as Queen Reversal – I didn’t watch. Seeing the actors name, I recall something – don’t know is it correct. Is it Park Shi Hoo got sickness something like that and cld not win her heart at 1st bc I thought my sis was not happy and angry with Kim Nam Joo – don’t know abt what…. Really can’t rem….. hahaha
    Too busy so have to choose a drama which I will really enjoy – less stressful type. Really envy you all can watch most of the dramas. 😀

    Wow, suddenly I feel that this page got so many writers…. hee hee

  211. 211 : seattlebabe Says:

    Interesting how detailed our eyes are . There are technical flaws and imperfections in executions of the scriptwriter’s intentions though my mind kinda glossed over it (or corrected it/assumed the logical sequences)to get ahead of the story. The recipe book is actually a pivotal part of JY’s coming to Arirang .

    JY ad DY has more skinship and close body language than JH and JY even at the point of giving her the ring.The ring was too soon ? Yes,I think so, too. A true mark of possessiveness specially that he saw DY is clearly interested. What if JY did not make that early confession,would he have fallen for her? Though there were scenes he was trying to salvage IJ’s position in Arirang by talking to JY to leave . Which made IJ more pathetic .

    While DY fell for JY because she broke through his walls .Wow really pathetic males and their egos.

    JY will emerge the winner (of course) whether she goes left (Sanarae) or right (Arirang ).

    I can understand why mama Baek is behaving like the empress whether avenging, offending using all machineries and resources available to her after all her company is private. But Arirang ? Arirang is state institution but the characters there behave as if it was their personal kingdom -such dysfunctional peoples . Well I guess it happens in real life , too where nepotism rules , old boy network connects one no matter what grandma says she is wary of what people will say.

    Did JH for all the years did not give any ring to the fake IJ ?

  212. 212 : Jennie Says:

    @seattlebabe Ans to your last question: Obviously not! He was with her their entire childhood, thinking himself in love with her. The moment he learnt of her “trickery” he dropped her like a sack of potatoes, just days after telling her of his so called everlasting love. That’s why he is such a scumbag to me. And the way he cuddles up to JY’s adopted father makes my blood boil and it disturbs me very much why JY can accept him so readily, cutting fake In Joo off so easily from his life! DY on the other hand is sweet. He cares and protects her from afar and the last scene when he called Jane to make JY smile was so sweet and romantic. Ahhhh, we better have a DY/JY ending!!!

  213. 213 : OK OK OK Says:

    Wow, very confusing. All the DY, JY, IJ, JH. I hv to scroll back & forth who u all talking about that I gave up. hee hee.

    Still prefer to type names like Joon Young, Jae Ha, Do Yoon. 😀 since their abbreviations are quite alike…..

  214. 214 : Jennie Says:

    @OK OK OK Sorry about that but I too get confused because not only do they sound the same, they also practically use the same names in different dramas and I get confuse all the time eg Yeon Woo in METS and here and Jae Ha here and in K2H etc 😀

  215. 215 : Kwass Says:

    Hi everyone,

    I still think that there could be a 2nd poisoning to happen but I don’t know who will be the target this time, remember the herbal plant
    yeon woo/in joo asked info. from the herbal pharmacy ?.

    And also the last epi 16, baek sol asked doo yoon did you take your medicine, you seems to be stronger, you can live longer…..

  216. 216 : OK OK OK Says:

    @ Jennie

    I agree with you. I have been telling myself long ago. Not only the drama title sounds alike. The actors name also same same…. hee hee.
    But I am less confuse bc i know which drama page i m in.
    I still prefer to call their stars name instead of the role’s name they play. But if something bad happen to the character they play, then I will prefer to use the “role” name instead. 😀

  217. 217 : OK OK OK Says:

    1 more, the real name for these 2 actors also sounds alike. confuse confuse confuse…… haha *>**
    Joo Sang Wook as Choi Jae Ha
    Lee Sang Woo as Kim Do Yoon 😀

  218. 218 : foreverfeb Says:

    I love this drama… I hope that Joon Young and Do Yoon will be partner at the end since they have chemistry than Choi Jae Ha… i’m hoping…

  219. 219 : Mic Says:

    I have to say I have so much fun reading all the recaps and bits and pieces of the Q&A about the episodes, so much more than watching the episodes themselves! I might not be going back to watch the actual drama after it finished since this is more satisfying. 🙂

  220. 220 : KDaddict Says:

    Thank you, thank you, my friend! I didn’t ask u specifically cos I knew u weren’t here. Glad u r back. You’ve explained it well. Finally I can leave that puzzle behind n move on. I was banging my head against the wall, NOT becos the damn Recipe book was impt, I knew it wasn’t, but it just bothered me when I thought there was sth that was shown that I didn’t get.
    Sure, we watch shows differently. Like Mic says, I watch for Everything when I’m watching, or I abandon ship altogether. My husband says I do everything w equal laser-like focus, whether it is called for or not.
    Thx for answering.
    The bunch of us r all watching several shows at once. It’s impossible to remember what all the initials stand for. I don’t ever remember except when I’m obsessing over a show!

    It seems that we’r all losing steaming chasing after this show at mid-point. That’s why cooking shows aren’t my fav. The food looks v nice n all that, but it isn’t sth that stirs our emotions. If anything, it drags down the pace of the drama. A nice-guy leading man is detrimental, and a main couple who love each other and all is well w them is just lethal! Mic is right, the comments r more fun than the show! I’ll go back to the show 4 weeks later to check its ending.

  221. 221 : KDaddict Says:

    It’s no joke that these are dysfunctional people, from the v beginning! Ep 1 scared the hell out of me, for the way these adults behaved! With small children around them! Out at sea to boot! Who cuts their wrists lying on the sofa, with small children sleeping in the next room? While everyone is on a ship! From there on, anything goes!
    The 2 chefs r nuts! If anyone is a scum bag, the foster father is a scum bag. In Joo insists on living in a house of cards. Her “mother” can’t tell a lie fr the truth even if her life depended on it. Dysfunctional? You reckon?

    It is becos of that “They are fated to be together” thinking that Jae He behaves like that. Supposedly, he recognizes JY to be the real In Joo at some subconscious level, b4 anyone else does, b4 he can verbalize it. That’s why he drops fake In Joo like a sake of potatoes, n behaves like that towards JY’s foster father. It’s sort of like the two guys in METS, who recognized Wol as Yeon Woo, cos their fates were intertwined. I think that’s the general idea!

  222. 222 : OK OK OK Says:

    Real husband and wife 😀

    http://star.koreandrama.org/?p=4716 Kim Bo Yun
    http://star.koreandrama.org/?p=1092 Jun No Min (Jeon Noh Min)

  223. 223 : KDaddict Says:

    Regarding that couple OK3 mentioned in #222:
    She is one fine-looking middle aged woman, and he is one good-looking ajussi!

  224. 224 : Mic Says:


    Wow, 9 years apart!

  225. 225 : Mic Says:

    @222 Sadly, not anymore


  226. 226 : Jennie Says:

    Ep 17- Why is Do Yoon getting all the most romantic scenes in the drama if he is not getting the girl in the end? Why are all the new songs only being played with scenes between DY and JY if he is not the main lead? The scriptwriter is doing such a wonderful job in leading us all and confusing us. And in the preview, we are getting a back hug from Do Yoon 😀 It’ll be so great if JY follows DY back to America!

  227. 227 : KDaddict Says:

    @225, Holy Moly, that good-feeling bubble bursted in a gt big hurry! Too bad that financial strain had to be the cause of their divorce, with 3 children caught in the middle!
    My cousin married a guy 13 years her junior. Unfortunately, it ended in divorce. But she was happy while it lasted.

  228. 228 : KDaddict Says:

    BTW, I still don’t believe that Jae Ha will get the girl in the end. What a lame leading male character he is! No mystery, no problems, no excitement!

  229. 229 : acemaverick Says:

    OMG! i started watchin because i thought it ended. and i realized it was 32 ep by lookin at this site. omg. no wonder epi 16 din look like the end. signz.

  230. 230 : OK OK OK Says:

    @ 225 Mic

    That was fast news from you. 😛
    So sad. No money = No honey….
    Wow, they have 3 children but they only married in 2003. So I wonder how old are their children or is this their 1st marriage.

  231. 231 : Prinna Says:

    Hopefully Kim Do Yoon and Go Joon Young together in the end. I like Kim Do Yoon better and hope that he is the lead actor. I think that Kim Do Yoon look more handsome and attractive than Choi Jae Ha. His character match Go Joon Young. Ha In Joo is really evil because if you are real cook, you respect the food. You don’t put poison in the food. She is such a low class person for a cook!!! Choi Jae Ha is a weak man and match with the evil B!

  232. 232 : Mic Says:

    @KDaddict @ OK3

    I feel sad for their children too. But if they can let money come between a relationship, that relationship is probably not strong. Relationship is hard!

  233. 233 : KDaddict Says:

    What is it they say are the most common causes of strife in a marriage? Money, sex and argument over the children. Money is the no. 1 cause of marital problems. In our materialistic society today, what marriage can survive the strain of money woes?
    10 years 3 children later, the romance is gone. What’s left is duty. Probably not enough to carry a marriage with financial difficulties.
    A much older n wiser friend once told me: The secret of a happy marriage is give n take–give 90% and take 10%! I think we balk even at a 60 to 40 split!

  234. 234 : KDaddict Says:

    I’m only watching 4 dramas right now. K2Hs, RTP, I need a fairy, Can love become $. A light schedule. I’m keeping to my NewYr Resolution to watch Less KD! 😉

    BTW, I notice that most of us r Not watching Love Rain.

  235. 235 : Mic Says:


    You are right. I tried to keep commenting on a relationship minimal. You don’t want me to get started! haha!


    Love Rain is so very boring at the beginning. The 70s setting is just not my cup of tea. I think when it comes to the part of the present days, it will get better because the main leads will have very different personalities. It’s just too dragging and slow and almost painful to watch right now. For me, that is. Totally personal opinion. 🙂

  236. 236 : Jennie Says:

    @KDaddict & Mic I am watching Love Rain and I actually like it very much. Mic is right about the slower pace and def it will get better when they come to present day. I thought the 70s setting in the drama was beautiful and I love the OST. With Winter Sonata, the director gave us the symbolic walk along the path with the tall trees and a tale of warm love, the virginal snow and cold winter. Love Rain too has its fair share of symbolism, if not more. The rain, the props and the colours all play a role. Heehhe, I really like the drama so far but I shan’t bore you guys with my ramblings. Short to say, Love Rain is like a painting that I take my time savouring and so far, JGS and Yoona are doing pretty well with their acting (esp the body language) to hold my interest and am actually looking forward to seeing them as the children of the doomed pair.
    Back to this, the back hug, before and after just made my day and after all these super duper romancing, I don’t see how our dear scriptwriter has the heart to actually make JY reject DY at the end. She’ll make all DY supporters hate her if she goes ahead with the fated and destined OTP story 😉

  237. 237 : OK OK OK Says:

    Finished watching Ep 18. Do Yoon hug Joon Young in the kitchen n hold her both hands to help her practice cutting the veg bc her hands are numb. Later hug her again when she cries. This time – no resistance. So Do Yoon got Chance already. I think maybe she alr accepted him or fell in love with him but don’t know herself. hee hee 😀

    @ KDaddict —– Presently I m watching

    1) Lights & Shadows – Now ratings No. 1 for Mon & Tues
    2) K2Hearts
    3) Rooftop prince
    4) Fashion King
    5) Dummy mommmy – Kim Hyun Joo is a smart career woman
    6) Love Rains
    7) Can Money bc love….
    8) Feast of the Kings
    9) Indomitable Daughter in Law – by Chae Rim’s younger brother.

    Wow, I didn’t know I watched so many dramas…. 😉

  238. 238 : OK OK OK Says:

    @ 227 KDaddict

    Age is not a main factor. I hv know so many couples, even their hubby is older than them, also end up Divorce & women older than the hubby still remain happily married …. 🙂

    But I like the trend now. Younger Men, older women. Who says only Man prefer younger woman. Older woman also prefers younger Man. hee hee 🙂

  239. 239 : KDaddict Says:

    @OK3 – 238,
    I didn’t say age is a main factor. I should know. My husband is 5 years younger, n we get along swimmingly, as long as he doesn’t butt in when I’m watching KD. 🙂
    Actually I said Money is the main cause of marital strife (acc to most surveys).

  240. 240 : KDaddict Says:

    When I go to the Love Rain thread n see the same 2 to 3 ppl singing its praises endlessly, that worries me. 🙂

    I thought u didn’t like JGS. It’s surprising that u r watching LR, n even quite taken w it.

    You r watching NINE KDs at once, n u say u envy us for watching KDs all the time. That’s the black kettle envying the pan being gray! Hahaha.

  241. 241 : Mic Says:


    I agreed, the scenery and colorful settings are beautiful and you can feel the message the PD is trying to send. Unfortunately, I am not a big fan of the 70s, not just this drama, I feel the same for any drama set in the 70s. And the subtleness between the two leads just made me want to scream, “you have something to say, say it!” Hehehe! 🙂

  242. 242 : OK OK OK Says:

    @ 239 KDaddict

    How sweet. Yr hubby 5 yrs younger than you. Wow, you really know how to attract ha. Its a true fact : NO MONEY = NO HONEY. There are many marriage on the rocks bc of this main reason. he he.

    I thought u all people watch more than me bc I thought I keep seeing the name appearing here and there. haha 😛

    I watch Love Rain mainly the reason is JGS (a very gd actor to me). I don’t fancy the lady bc her previous drama – she didn’t act well. This time round will see how & decide whether to stop or not…..

  243. 243 : Jennie Says:

    @KDaddict Nope, you thought wrong. I like JGS especially in his role as the Prince in Hong Gil Dong. In fact I don’t think I’ve missed any of his work except the movie with Kim Ha Nuel, You’re My Pet which I haven’t seen. Otherwise he’s alright as an actor to me and he’s good to look at too!
    @Mic Get what you mean. You just need plenty of patience when it comes to dramas of this era and earlier but that’s why I love the classics. I find them so much more romantic and I prefer them to the “Me Tarzan, You Jane and heroine gets dragged and then swung from tree to tree” type of story (you know, act first then talk later kind) 😀

  244. 244 : KDaddict Says:

    I feel that the classics were gt for the time in which they appeared, i.e. 10 years ago. KD has changed a lot since then. I guess u either like that throw back to an earlier time and pace, or you don’t.
    I watched the first few mins of LR, n could swear I was watching Summer Scent. Rainy day on an ivy clad campus. Remember that “conversation” abt the rain the first time they met, it being “fox’s rain”, or “the tiger is getting a wife” depending on the region of Korea they were fr? I found it sweet back then, but personally, I find it has lost its allure after edgy shows like SEGA, Shut Up! FBB, n Salaryman, n I Need a Fairy.

    My hubby is an “enabler”, in the jargon of the counseling business. He “enables” my KD addiction by finding, streaming n loading everything for me. He hooks up a computer specifically to our plasma tv, so I can watch KD on a big screen. He loads up diff shows on our 4 computers, 2 on Windows, 2 on Mac, so that I can walk fr room to room n watch diff shows. I never have any idea where he is streaming fr. When I asked, he says: Oh, u don’t need to worry your pretty little head abt it! So he’s a keeper!

  245. 245 : OK OK OK Says:

    @ KDaddict

    You – Good Life!!! 😀

  246. 246 : tc Says:


    We have something in common! My hubby did the same task. He downloaded all my Kdramas into my computer and IPad so that I can watch the drama anywhere I want . I have to admit that I am not so savvy when comes to IT and luckily I have him to download for me. He never watched KDrama but due to the fact that he needs to check the quality as well as whether the drama is properly subbed, he ends up being a KDrama fan as well especially sageuk!

    Sorry I recommend this drama to you. The show is full of holes and flaws with latest one in ep 17 whereby In Joo can easily get into Sanareng’s training unit and poisoned Joon Young’s flour! How can the security be so lax! However, when I am about to give up on this drama, the writer threw in more skinship moments between Do Yoon and Joon Young and confuse us further. I like DY’s display of unselfish love towards Joon Young where he even gave the hospital’s address to Jae Ha.

  247. 247 : Mic Says:

    @KDaddict and @tc

    Wow, your husbands are keepers for sure! I so envy you! Mine is completely opposite! He has to ask me everything when it comes to using the computer and iDevices. Though he can take care of the hardware part. 🙂

  248. 248 : KDaddict Says:

    Hi gals,
    Actually I’d rather he teach me to fish, than give me the fish each time. This way, I have to stay on his good side. You know I need to watch the latest ep pronto. If he doesn’t arrange it for me, I die! I think this is his little ploy to keep me under control. Cos I can be difficult w him. Now I’m a pussy cat! No free lunch la! 😀

  249. 249 : KDaddict Says:

    Hee hee, now we r even. I got u to watch METS n it was a mess in the middle. U got me to watch this, n it also is a mess half way. But I forgive u everything including future trespasses if any, for explaining to me so well the missing link of the Recipe book betwn the time it was in her bag n when Granny got it. You have no idea how it stressed me out! I need to chill on my KD habit, really.
    Good thing I’m going away for 2.5 weeks — to Japan for the cherry blossoms. I’ve to leave behind RTP n K2Hs for 2-3 weeks. Don’t know if I can actually do it! Nail-biting time!

  250. 250 : KDaddict Says:

    My husband doesn’t ever watch any KD. He has a computerized roster of the shows that I’m watching, n when each new ep will appear. He loads them mechanically, n couldn’t care less if I’m crying my heart out or laughing like a maniac!
    But he walked by one night when METS was on, he saw HanGI on screen n said: Woo, that woman has no expression at all! n walked away.

  251. 251 : sangjhoon Says:

    @ OK OK OK good to see you here too=, i’m only on epi 17 & based fr some postings here most are rooting for DY — don’t kill me but altho i like DY or haemil or Lee as an actor i think JH is more suitable for joon young & i also happen to like JSW as an actor since thorn birds; guys give him a chance some says why he’s the lead? why not, he’s a good actor & a veteran compared to Lee, you may think Lee is handsomer but JSW is very charming & i must admit i wasn’t a fan before my best friend is & first time i saw him in 3 Dads/ 1 Mom i wasn’t attracted to him at all but like some other actors you seem to grow with them so to speak as you watch them in a series & it did just that when i watched him in Thorn Birds & from then on followed his other previous projects! I like his character here too it’s more upbeat – that side of him i hvnt seen in TB but i really like him as JH!

    RE DY sure enough he’s also magnetic if i can use this term but he’s not full of life in this drama, always so serious & i sure hope that you all u/stand JSW is the lead here & u know how it is w/Kdramas, the lead character mostly ends up with the lead character!

    interesting drama & i’m addicted to this one after seeing the Ojak Brods w/c ended a few wks ago. 🙂

  252. 252 : sangjhoon Says:

    one more think looking at the ratings here, it seems this drama isn’t so popular compared to others that’s airing right now? i wondered, are the viewers tired of this kind of cooking genre? or i still think the synopsis isn’t so captivating, no mention of any romance whatsoever, i myself thought of not watching this at first but seeing how it’s progressing i think ppl shld watch this coz it’s worth their while!

  253. 253 : sangjhoon Says:

    ooops that shld read ‘thing’ not think —- sorry i was in a hurry 🙂

  254. 254 : tc Says:


    I know how you feel. When my hubby is traveling, I can only watch the dramas online and am frustrated with the buffering at times. He tried to teach me to do it myself but I keep forgetting all the instructions and give up. Hence, I have to be nice to him and give in sometimes so that he can feed my KDrama addiction!

    Wow, Sakura season, the best time to visit Japan! Hope you will have a good break and how I envy you! Have been wishing to visit Japan during this time of year but never get the chance due to workload.

  255. 255 : tc Says:


    I also like JSW, the actor and had been following his dramas since Giant. I started watching this drama due to him and Yu Ri and was shipping them from onset. I have never seen Lee Sang Woo before this drama.

    However, as the show progresses, Lee Sang Woo’s charms and magnetism drawn me in and I find myself switching camp which is rare coz I like JSW as the main lead from day one! I find the chemistry between Yu Ri and him better than Yu Ri and JSW. In addiction, JSW’s character in this show is so dull whilst Sang Woo is portraying a complex character with so many hidden layers that attracts audience to him.

  256. 256 : KDaddict Says:

    I am Not “rooting” for DY. I sure agree that DY has a poor personality. I wouldn’t pick such a person for a bf. What I’ve been saying is said fr an understanding of the need of the story: Fr a narrative pt of view, it looks like the story needs to have a major trick up its sleeve in order to go on for another 16 eps. And that major trick is most likely to be a change of bf for JY, irrespective of whether we like DY or JH better. Also fr a narrative pt of view, JH is a v boring char, in that he has no issues, no past, no problems, hence no growth, no change. Viewers can’t care abt such bland chars. That’s the nature of psychology.
    Quite separate fr the matter of the story, n the male characters, let’s talk abt the 2 main actors. I like them both. In terms of acting, I don’t find JSW’s acting any better even if u say he has more years of acting than LSW. It’s half pound of one n 8 oz of the other. JSW has taken several roles that require little of him besides being gentlemanly. I see him repeating this role n honestly it is not most exciting. It is good when he takes a wider range of roles to stretch his acting muscles, like in TEN. LSW’s acting is fine as far as it goes, but nothing to write home abt. tc has made a terrific pt abt his char in this drama being more complex n layered. But that is not why I think he’ll get the girl. Only it is a clue that the writer puts more emphasis on his char than on JH’s.
    As for looks, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Some will find this guy more handsome; some the other. That’s meaningless. And is irrelevant to who I “suspect” will get the girl at the end.

  257. 257 : KDaddict Says:

    It’d be misrepresentation to say I’m entirely a pussy cat; more accurately, I’m too pre-occupied w watching KDs to bother w him! Bad wife!
    I love going to Japan during Sakura season n in the fall during the change of colors. If one of these years you can make it in April or Oct, let me know. I might meet u two there n show u around. Been there many times.

  258. 258 : Jennie Says:

    @Sangjoon Most viewers here and on other sites started watching this show because we liked the Song Yuri and Joo Sang Wook pairing but it’s just as @tc said, we all jumped ship because Lee Sang Woo’s character was more interesting.To me, his role here is so similar to Thornbirds and I actually disliked him in Thornbirds. He was indecisive, non committal and he began both dramas falling in love with the wrong girl. I actually gave up Thornbirds midway because the whole drama was disastrous for me. But I liked and rooted for him in Giant and Paradise Ranch. As I’m typing this, it suddenly dawned on me that there is a similarity between Thornbirds and FoTGs. In Thornbirds, the female lead was in doubt cos she had less screen time and story than the second lead and the leading man was not in love with her at first plus all the kissing scenes were done with the second female lead first! Aren’t they all happening in this drama too except that it’s happening to the male lead instead?
    @tc & KDaddict You guys like to be treated as Queens huh? My hubby buys and sets up gadgets for me but I do all the rest myself. Don’t know about you guys, but I like the independence of handling these “priceless gadgets” myself (priceless because I can’t do without them). I also do not have the patience nor the luxury to wait for someone to do things for me especially from my hubby who travels often.

  259. 259 : KDaddict Says:

    That’s my point: Service has its price.
    But no, I don’t have to wait for him to load my KDs. He makes sure he gets them ready for me soonest if he doesn’t want me to bite his head off. 🙂

  260. 260 : sangjhoon Says:

    @tc, kaddict, jennie — thanks guys for your feedback – i guess i’m just consumed & focused on JSW that i felt oblivious of his character compared to DY in this drama, well you all made sense however i just think the opposite in my assessment of DY & JH characters here, i know we all are entitled to our own opinion & this is just a drama but i was thinking the opposite, like JSW in this drama seems frivolous compared to the other roles he’d played before & don’t get me wrong i also like Lee esp his char in a thousand days’ promise but i thought he was quite dull in this drama, i like the concept of the PD having his mysterious dual side if you will – that of haemil but i still find JH’s char more enjoyable:) I agree that there shld be some twists as this drama progresses and if some of you think that JH won’t end up with joon young or the PD might resort to a temp break-up of the two since his grandma was against their relationship it might happen but then at the end i think JH will still get the girl! Insofar as the story goes i think it’s bound to happen!

    It’s great to have this board for discussion on what viewers like us think and thank you all for your input & for sharing your views, etc.
    It’s an interesting drama & i really find myself hooked on this one just like other kdramas needless to say! see you next time and thanks for allowing me to join in your group! 🙂

  261. 261 : sherly Says:

    sung yuri and lee sang woo gud couple …

  262. 262 : sangjhoon Says:

    @sherly — yeah i agree! 🙂 i hope they get best couple for this drama:)

  263. 263 : hhn Says:

    @sangjhoon – I am with you about JH and I think he will end up with JY too. JSW had been so intense in all of his previous projects until the Running Man. OMG – who knew he was that funny. :)) FOTG is a showcase of all of his acting skills. You can find his signature HAHAHA laugh, his intense/painful look, his sweetness, etc., through the first half of this drama. I already knew from the start that his relationship with JY would not be an easy one. I hope to see him fight for his love in the second half. Can’t wait to see what’s next in the story.

  264. 264 : sangjhoon Says:

    @hhn – glad to hear that we also share same views & i also can see the two being together at the very end of this series cause whether some viewers like it or not, JSW is the lead chara here & much as i also like Lee as an actor this drama is geared to these two JH & GY! I know isn’t he funny in this drama series? that side of him which i/we never saw from his previous projects, i was really so surprised that he has that hidden (funny) side of him, he cracks me a lot, like u said his intense/painful look, sweetness and yeah his signature hahahaha laughter was truly amazing, he’s just adorable! i wasn’t really expecting him to be this funny & frivolous at times, so cute!

    i must admit & i’ve said it some postings ago here that i wasn’t a big fan of JSW before but this drama just hit me with a ton of brick hahaha! my frnd is crazy about him & when she talks about JSW (first time in 3 dads 1 mom) i wasn’t really tickled pink so to speak but i tried to be a good listener coz i got a whole bunch of K actors on my list but he wasn’t there at that time, but now i think i can relate more to my frnd when we talk about JSW!! is he or was he in Running Man? oh oh i hv to watch it then, pls tell me if it

    i’m now on epi 17 if i cont tonight & i hope i’m not spoiling it for you guys but the grandma is now against the JH/JY relationship i just don’t get it! me too i can’t wait to see what’s gonna happen next!

    till nxt time

  265. 265 : hhn Says:

    @sangjhoon – You heart is gonna break if you see JH’s face at the end of ep. 18. As mush as I like DY and his love for JY, I still love JH to be with JY. You should watch Running Man eps. 76 and 77 to see the funny/light side of JSW. I first saw him in The Thorn Birds, then because of him, I went to watch Giant, TEN, and now FOTG. :))) His acting in TEN was amazing. He is top on my list of fav. K-actors now. :))))

  266. 266 : sangjhoon Says:

    @hhn – oh no really? i can’t wait to see that epis then! me too i love JH to be with JY…OK i’ll surely watch ep 76/77 of running man, i saw him first in 3 dads & 1 mom but it was just a brief scene he had in there then nxt i saw was my wife got married a movie with son ye jin but again it’s a small role but thorn birds also did it for me to like him more! i tried watching giant but most epis were no longer avail online so maybe i’ll try Ten but when i saw part 1 with the bloody scene, i kinda felt set-off to continue hahaha, hv u seen paradise ranch? i hvnt & also kimchi radished cude something i also wld like to see if i get a chance!
    me too he’s one of my top fav K actors! 🙂 he’s not what u may call very handsome but he’s got the IT factor ! see u all here again! where are the others? hahaha

  267. 267 : sangjhoon Says:

    ooopps typo there i just noticed after clicking submit, shd read cube not cude 🙁

  268. 268 : Mic Says:


    Sorry for butting in…
    JSW was very cute in Radish Cubes. You might hate him in Paradise Ranch though, I know I did, briefly. 🙂

  269. 269 : Jennie Says:

    @sangjhoon & hhn We aren’t butting in cos we are giving you guys the chance to let out all you pentup emotions re JSW kekeke. Seriously I agree with you guys about him being a good actor and I’ve always liked him except now in his role as JH, there is Haemil whom I find more attractive
    😉 But JSW was hilarious in Running Man – you’ve got to watch this if you are truly a fan. Plus Happy Together 3 Ep 185, together with the other 3 leads of Thornbirds.
    @Mic I was rooting for JSW in PR so 🙁 .

  270. 270 : hhn Says:

    Lolzzz …. sorry Jennie and all! We didn’t mean to annoy you guys with our love for JH/JSW. Please butt in. We love to read your comments. 🙂

  271. 271 : sangjhoon Says:

    hahaha yes i second that hhn, it’s good to read other comments and see who else love JSW or JH hahaha

    @jennie & mic plz butt in, it’s cool we can talk & engage in conversation such as this drama & the actors! 🙂 actually i’m the one who feels i’m butting in you guys coz i think you all have been frequent posters re this drama, not sure about hhn but i think when u feel u like a drama u can’t help but express your emotions whatsoever!

    thnx guys i’ll look into PR, RM and KRC & HT soon right now i’m watching epi 18 but it’s frustrating how slow it loads on my compu, speedy joe at DC is one of my fave mirrors but i’m watching on another site & my comp isn’t picking it up fast enough so i thot of visiting here!

    hhn…JSW fighting hahaha

  272. 272 : Hani - Malaysia Says:

    Hi Sangjhoon,

    I happen to like JSW also in Giant kdrama but in FOTG his acting seems faking all the way. The way he laughs and movement just don’t get along. His feeling for JY also seems fake, whenever JH with JY I don’t feel vibe love between them.

    DH on the other hand is so cool whenever he is with JY, the love just on the air. Even without a word the way how DH looks at JY is enough to say he love her.

    Honestly is the ending DH is not with JY, it is pointless.

  273. 273 : sangjhoon Says:

    @Hani-Malaysia – i hvnt seen him in Giant coz most of th epis i chkd were no longer avail but i’m going to continue search for it one of these days! anyway a lot of comments here like yours are rooting for DY & JY and like u said there’s no vibe in their love but i thought the opposite i thought when JY is with JH i feel a strong love exuding from him 🙂 well, we hv to wait and no matter how much you guys root for JY & DY this drama obviously has been set for JH & JY! in this drama DY is second lead and most kdramas the lead gets the girl!

    nice talking to you

  274. 274 : sangjhoon Says:

    @hhn & all……i’m looking at epi 76 of RM & laughing already, esp with the 4 guys who’s supposed to be killers. can i ask you if this epis is quite the latest or i’m just behind watching this funny series? thnx for sharing it w/me or i wldn’t hv known JSW was in this, i like JJH too since Jewel in the Palace drama!

  275. 275 : OK OK OK Says:

    @ 251 sangjhoon

    Nice to see you here. 🙂
    Talking ahout Joo Sang Wook. Actually his character/role here is not so “sharp/strong” here. Which ever actor hv that kind of role will def loose out.

    Any actor, with good looks, good acting and and a clear mind character will definitely SHINES. I enjoy watching JSW in Radish Cube with Park Shin Hye.

    Infact, in thorn birds, JSW role kind of “frickle minded” . Infact in that drama, I wish that the lead lady end up with the 2nd male lead Seo Do Young who is also gd looking, kind, rich & knows what he wants and where he is heading….
    Will watch running man, if got the time. someone mention 54/55/56 but msg from hhn @265 says its ep 76 & 77. So JSW appear many times.

  276. 276 : Jennie Says:

    @sangjhoon (274) The latest episode for Running Man is 87 so yes, the one which JSW appeared in is an earlier episode. RM is one reality/variety show that I never miss, along with Strong Heart and Happy Together. I also love watching reruns of Xman 😀

  277. 277 : Hani - Malaysia Says:

    I agreed 100% with OK OK OK, in thorn birds, JSW role not as good as he was in Giant. I also wish the lead female in Thorn birds end-up with 2nd male lead.

    Seriously JSW doesn’t deserve to be 1st lead because he is not shining at all as Lead Male in FOTG. He actually not very good in lovey dovey character, to bad the PD’s FOTG chosen wrong actor.

    Believe me, the rating will be down and down if DH is not end-up with JY because of viewers here or other website is cheering this pair to be together.

  278. 278 : hhn Says:

    @OK OK OK – oh I didn’t know JSW was in eps 54/55/56 too. I will check it out. Thanks. 🙂

    @sangjhoon – I only watched eps 76/77 cuz of JSW. Jennie said the latest was ep. 87 already. 🙂

  279. 279 : OK OK OK Says:

    @ 278 hhn 😛

    Sorry, Correction !!!
    The episode should be what mention below which i copy and paste what UEE says in Page 3:

    UEE Says:
    March 11th, 2012 at 7:13 pm

    i watch joo sang wook at running man ep 54/53..im not sire..he’s very cute although he’s old..he’s so handsome & cute! love him!!

  280. 280 : sangjhoon Says:

    @OK OK OK same here, nice to see u again! i guess we can blame it on the scriptwriters if an actor’s role wasn’t sharp or as interesting as their prev projects, i hvnt seen Kimchi but i will surely put it on my radar nxt time! Oh i luv Seo do young as well since spring waltz drama, call me crazy but everytime i watch a kdrama with a new face i seem to like them & follow their prev projects & he’s one of my top K actors!

    yeah i started RM last night while waiting to load the epis of FOTG & i enjoyed 76 pt 1 already, it’s quite funny! i’m only on part 2 if i cont so hopefully we’ll see a lot of JSW there, and thnx again to hhn for sharing those episodes, i just wished i cld watch on another site where it’s fast like speedy joe but it’s not one of the mirrors on that site.

  281. 281 : sangjhoon Says:

    @Jennie — thnx for the feedback, and i think i’ll be hooked on RM from now on, one of my email buddies did mention this show a few mos. ago but i didn’t hv time to continue altho i saw epi 1 but not sure if this one with JSW is part of that! i also am a fan of HT and i recall seeing some of Xman also.

  282. 282 : sangjhoon Says:

    @Hani — i still hv to see giant drama, but i can’t find a site that still has it some of sites i chkd were already taken off. It’s too bad if the ratings will go down i hope not but i guess there are more ppl rooting for Lee sang coz he’s a lot younger than JSW just a thought or u guys cld be right his char isn’t as stronger but then again blame it on the PD. I’m sorry don’t mind me i’m just kinda overlooked these things maybe bcoz of my fondness of JSW hahaha.

    @OK OK OK so that means JSW was also on 53/54? thnx to you all! i’ll make note of it. hehehe UEE says JSW is old – is 33 yrs old considered old? woah 🙂

  283. 283 : sangjhoon Says:

    @hhn yeah but i wonder if JSW is seen all the way on epi 87?

  284. 284 : hhn Says:

    @OK OK OK: Thank you for the corrected info. 🙂

    @sangjhoon: No, I don’t think so. He was a guest star in eps. 76 and 77. You gotta watch ep. 77 to hear his signature HAHAHA laugh. 🙂

    Can you watch Viki or Dramafever? Both Giant and FOTG are available on those sites.

  285. 285 : sangjhoon Says:

    hi hhn — i did try DC but only a few epis are avail so i hvnt tried viki for giant but if i’m not mistaken the other day i tried it i got no results fr that site however i’m right now watching FOTG thru viki site but like i said it’s at a snail pace, one part takes me about 1/2 hr to load i guess i blame it on my server! 🙁

    oh so he’s not on epi 87 then….it’s ok maybe 76/77 we’ll see more of him plus UEE says 53/54 too right?

    yeah thanks also OK OK OK

  286. 286 : sangjhoon Says:

    guys i just thought about this scenario: ok since most of you here favors DY for JY and you think that JSW’s role or acting here is quite lame or not strong, let’s say for the sake of argument or conversation that Lee sang is the lead & the 2nd lead is another k actor (not JSW) do you suppose the chara JH would weigh differently if you put Lee sang woo as JH? What i’m getting at is (and not to say i’m defending JSW) it’s i guess the role or char that may not make any difference & not the actor itself so who’s to blame but the script or pd or the story revolving around JH just a thought! I may be wrong but i’d luv to hear from you my friends/chingoos! 🙂

  287. 287 : hhn Says:

    Yes, I will check out RM eps 53/54 tonight. :))

    I watched Giant through Dramafever not long ago and all the eps were available. Viki is going through a transittion I think. I just checked the page this morning and still trying to figure all the things on the new page out. It’s confusing and the video is running a little bit slow but still fine on my computer.

  288. 288 : OK OK OK Says:

    @ sangjhoon

    You know why i said an actor’s role in a show is very important besides his good acting. It will make him shine or the opposites.

    eg Lee Bum Soo – why he is so popular. Bc the role he played – mostly dynamic or strong character or to his favour but I never like to see him act. (he don’t attracts me) ha ha. That’s why I didn’t watch The GIANT though I know got great handsome stars like Kim Soo Hyun, Yeo Gin Goo & Joo Sang Wook.
    I know LBS through the drama – ON AIR. I watched bc of Park Yong Ha, Kim Ha Neul & Song Yun Ah. 🙂

  289. 289 : sangjhoon Says:

    @hhn — i’ll chk d/f then coz i’m anxiouis why giant was very popular when it was airing! i know viki isn’t what it used to be, i kinda miss their old version, this new concept is totally confusing & very slow at least for me!
    yeah same here i’ll chk out RM 53/54 🙂

    @OK OK OK — sure i know what you’re saying but again it’s the role he’s asked to play & i think and i may be wrong, that’s how the chara is in this drama, i’m not sure now if i’m making sense hahaha
    oh LBS i’m not a big fan of his either but saw part of OA likewise bcoz of late Park yong & Haneul, and there you go he became popular on his role he played that’s what i’m trying to say here, i think no matter how good an actor or lousy actor, if the chara they’re asked to play got a strong projection to us viewers then they can demonstrate their best but you see JH’s chara is such and if i may say so DY’s chara i find it not full of life as opposed to JH as being frivolous & sometimes naive esp in front of his grandma! thnx thnx guys for sharing your thoughts!

    see u soon

  290. 290 : Jennie Says:

    @sangjhoon Viki’s change made me all confused. I actually refreshed cos I thought I was misdirected there to Viki on the go. Then I started reading and realised they made changes. They were still the old Viki when I went there this morning!!
    In reply to your scenario, I think if LSW were the lead, in JSW’s role, we would still find him boring as JaeHa and we’d still be cheering for the second lead. Why? For the same reasons why many of us are supporting DoYoon. Do Yoon/Haemil is more interesting, mysterious and romantic. The issue here is I have nothing against JSW the actor. I like him except his character as Jae Ha is so uninspiring and so badly written. He is just Jaeha whose grandma is the grand Master Chef of Arirang and that’s it. He’s just a normal guy – so boring unlike your typical KD male lead who is smart, goodlooking, super rich, brilliant etc whereas Do Yoon has more story to tell, he’s the mysterious Haemil, the issue with his mum, his brother etc. We are moving towards Ep 19 already and Jaeha still doesn’t shine. He has yet to have a kissing scene nor a back hug. All the official OST mvs feature Do Yoon/JY and heck, even DY’s van got more attention. Oh dear, oh dear, I am digressing already – sorry I got carried away. Answer to your question – we will still root for Do Yoon whether LSW is the lead or not 😀

  291. 291 : OK OK OK Says:

    @ Jennie

    I always like the way you explain things. Very in detail and right to the point – most of the times… he he 😛

    Yes, if a change of lead JSW became Do Yoon, then maybe we will support Do Yoon provided the actor don’t change to Lee Bum Soo. I won’t be pick him anyway – be it right or left….. ha ha…

  292. 292 : sangjhoon Says:

    @Jennie — thnx guys for your quick feedback, after all we’re entitled to our opinion & well said i agree with OK OK OK….you explained it very well in detail – so i’m u/standing that no matter who the actor the issue is still JH’s char – gotcha guys! let’s wait till he gets to kiss the girl and fingers crossed he shines hahaha i’m sorry girls, i am so with JSW that i tend to overlook the flaws in this drama, after all to be fair yeah it’s his role and not him, he’s just following what’s on the script & his PD.

    @ OK OK OK — woah u really don’t like LBS, neither do i hahaha

  293. 293 : hhn Says:

    LOL @OK OK OK … Poor Lee Bum Soo! But i have to agree with you. No matter how good his acting is, I still can’t find him attractive. When I watched Giant, I only had my eyes for JSW though LBS was awsome too. 🙂

  294. 294 : sangjhoon Says:

    @Jennie – i forgot about what u said about viki, indeed i’m at a loss when i go there these days, i really liked their old viki page for some reason it was easier to look or browse for some stuff unlike these days! in that case they’ve modified it again coz the old viki i spoke about was from when they were just starting! it’s been a while since i stopped watching viki & believe it or not i’m just back bcoz of FOTG drama coz the other site doesn’t hv the subs yet altho their mirror w/c is speedy joe is excellent, really fast! with the way my comp works on viki it takes me about 1/2 hour or more to load the vid and it can be frustrating!

  295. 295 : Mic Says:


    Yes, me too! I was rooting for him in PR but how could he just left the female lead like that? Going back to his wife! Such irresponsible! Hahaha!


    I am not a frequent posters, I just butt in from time to time! Hehehe! The more the merrier, I guess. 🙂

  296. 296 : sangjhoon Says:

    @Mic hahaha ok i agree the more the merrier hahaha i’m just into this drama so much that i thought i’d luv to join and express my thoughts about it & oh boy did i get an earful eh? hahaha i like you guys already! thnx for sharing & i’ll be here till the drama wraps up! i still hv to look at PR so i can relate to you guys! but there’s too many dramas & so little time 🙁

  297. 297 : Hani - Malaysia Says:

    Hi Sangjhoon,

    If you observe carefully in FOTG, JSW is really faking, the way he laugh was not sincere at all. Example one scene episode 16 I think, where he saw his nanny came to his looking at JY’s father, once he entered the house he was not immediately shocked by the arrival of his mom although he looks at them after a few seconds he suddenly became clumsy (faking on it), took of his shoes and run to them. I can’t get it at all, he is obviously faking and his acting not real in FOTG. Perhaps he knew so many viewers are cheering for DY and JY and left him behind alone affecting his acting skill.

    I still believe if LSW were lead, he could carry the acting just as good as his is in 2nd lead now. There are many kdramas where 1st lead female end-up with 2nd hero, like chuno and many more. Anything is possible in Kdrama.

    Have you ever watch kdrama BRAIN, try to watch that drama, best drama ever so far for this year to me, the 1st lead acting was superb, you can’t compare him at all with JSW.

  298. 298 : Jennie Says:

    @sanjhoon @ OK3 Thanks guys @Mic ‘Wave wave” Lee Bum Soo? He’s like you all say, not attractive but he does deliver the goods and his acting is better than most. In Giant, I skipped a lot of his scenes and instead watched JSW’s scenes. I liked his story there a lot. Back to Lee BS, he recently starred in History of Salaryman/ Salaryman. I would like to recommend this great drama over PR as it’s a fantastic one. If you don’t like LBS, never mind and pay more attention to the second lead then , Jung Hyu Woon, the guy in Dr Champ, Romance Town and Loving you a thousand times. I’ve it a try when you have nothing better to watch.
    @Hani-Malaysia I found Brain pretty exciting towards the middle but I soon got tired with the hero’s super overkill acting towards the end. I didn’t really enjoy his treatment on a lot of things especially the girl he is supposed to love but that’s my personal feelings. It was average for me – not enough romance. I am a sucker for romance stories, you see 🙂

  299. 299 : Jennie Says:

    @sangjhoon Viki is heaven sent when it comes to subbing. When TMETS was showing, they would have it partially subbed 2 hours later. With K2H and FoTG and coming soon Love Rain they have it ready the very next day when I switch on my gadgets! Best part of it is I love their Viki on the Go – best app for me who goes around a lot 🙂 I use speedy joe a lot too 😀 With your love for dramas, haha maybe you should invest in a speedier network provider, then you get to watch without having to wait. I usually watch it on the Internet and do not save.

  300. 300 : sangjhoon Says:

    woah girls, this board is one of the most interesting board ever hahaha
    i just dunno where to start so i’ll do it in order of numbers ok? hahaha

    @hani malaysia – as i said before i may hv overlooked some of JSW’s flaws in acting as you clearly described how he was on epi 16, i may hv to sort of re-watch it nxt time and see what you meant by that! oh i hope he’s not fully aware of how many viewers are rooting for DY & JY, that’ll hurt him big time! No i hvnt tried watching brain altho i like the actress choi won something i’m kinda tired of medical dramas that’s why and not only that i’m afraid to look at those bloody scenes in the OR hahaha i’m chicken when it comes to those things! but thnx for mentioning it! they said Syndrome is also good and i also like the actor there from innocent steps hence i peeked at part 1 but then again it’s another medical drama so i may cross this one fr the list of must watch hahaha.

  301. 301 : sangjhoon Says:

    @Jennie – i quite agree with you cause i’ve seen LBS in his movie with Kwon sang woo in More than Blue & he was ok but i’m not also a big fan though he’s a good actor all right! i happen to like Jyung hyu won since that drama women in the sun then loving you a thousand times, dr champ of course but i didn’t really finish romance town for some reason!

    @Jennie re viki – yeah i agree again it’s heaven sent coz they’re the fastest in subbing! i used to watch a lot from there until when they hv been asking for those plug-ins & at that time my compu was very old unlike now but yeah i got to get a better server hahaha but it’s ok cause mostly speedy joe does it for me, i can live with it, it’s bearable! oh i’m really liking Love Rain but i saw first part of K2H but i’m not sure if i wanna continue tho i luv both the actors! i’ve been following Operation Proposal – it’s a cute one too but with FOTG this is no 1 in my agenda for now, but while waiting for subs of say FOTG i resort to OP or LR which i’m not sure if it’s subbed already in DC.

  302. 302 : sangjhoon Says:

    guys i just finished watching epi 18 & woah JH saw the two of them in the kitchen in an awkward position as he may perceived it to be – i can’t wait for the nxt epis!

    now time to watch Love Rain hahaha

  303. 303 : Jennie Says:

    @sangjhoon Yay, that’s good news that you like Love Rain too! I love it though the thread on the LR site is pretty slow and quiet. I go elsewhere for my fix on this drama 😉 Wanted to watch OP when it started but never got round to it as the reviews were not exactly great but I do like Seung Ho. I saw the Japanese version and I liked it. K2H is getting some fantastic reviews but I am taking my time watching that,meaning watch it only when I feel like it. Other than my favourites Rooftop Prince and Love Rain, I am also following The Equator Man (which is pretty good) and Fashion King (which is as confusing as this one if not worse). On and off I’m also watching Can Love Become Money. So I actually have a drama a day to catch up with and that’s happiness!!
    As for the kitchen scene in FoTG, it’s awkward alright but happiness for me. Everybody’s dying to know JY’s reaction and what JH will do!! To tell you the truth, I believe that JH will get JY in the end but the inner me hope that there will be a twist- sorry hehehe

  304. 304 : sangjhoon Says:

    @Jennie — yeah i luv LR & will cont as soon as i get around to it, K2H doesn’t seem to entice me as much, OP is cute but hvnt cont’d with that yet coz of being caught up with FOTG which seems to be no. 1 in my drama agenda, then i started Giant last night & oh i’m liking this already, i thot it wasn’t avail anymore but i found it, won’t mention here coz someone might be reading this & go there & ask them to cancel it for licensing of sorts so hahaha! gosh there are so many new ones like the titles u mentioned here i think CLBM i’ll try to take a peek, TEM i’ll keep that in mind ummhhh FK i’m not sure about that hahaha.

    yeah i can’t wait for epi 19 of FOTG, i wondered too what JH’s reaction will be in nxt epi hahaha it’s ok no need to say sorry if u your inner u hopes to hv a twist in this story! hahaha we’re just here as spectators & nothing we can do if the story got a twist to your or my liking! aja aja fighting!

    see you all nxt time & hv a grt day everyone

  305. 305 : Jennie Says:

    @sangjhoon I noticed that you didn’t mention The Rooftop Prince? Aren’t you watching that? If you aren’t, drop everything else you are thinking of starting and start watching! Everybody else is watching. Go to that thread and read the comments. I am Micky’s No.1 ahjumma fan, trust me when I say that it will tickle your funny bones to the max!

  306. 306 : sangjhoon Says:

    hahaha LOL i did see the first epi 1 pt 1 but i just thot of it as confusing, i also am a big fan of micky since his drama S. Scandal or something hahaha but ok i’ll look at it again! thnx for your recomm! there’s just too many new ones & i’m just overwhelmed – right now am enjoying LR & i hop there & on to Giant also while waiting for FOTG subs! how about K2H how’r u liking it? it doesn’t seem to tickle my fancy for some reason though i like HJW & LSG! 🙂

  307. 307 : sangjhoon Says:

    oopps sorry #306 is meant for you Jennie! 🙂

  308. 308 : Jennie Says:

    @sangjhoon Hi, be a little more patient with RTP in the first episode, my dear and pay special attention. May be a bit confusing but they really need to give you the background and the plot first before they can begin the crazy but super tale. Trust me, I don’t think I’ve seen any negative comments/reviews re this drama. In Episode 5, I had tears of laughter and tears of sadness from one scene to the next until I couldn’t tell whether they were really tears of laughter or sadness myself – the tears just came coming down. So quickly give it a shot and do a marathon over the weekend to catch up and we can discuss the wonders of Micky and gang on that thread together with the rest of us. See you there 😀
    With K2H, I am a little behind but it’s pretty good. The first two eps – I didn’t really enjoy because I thought it was too dark and I didn’t like the Club M scenes at all. I like Lee SG alot because of Strong Heart and 2D1N, not so much as an actor/singer but he’s alright. Ha JW-she’s very good but then again, she’s not my favorite actress. How shall I put it for K2H? Very good cast, extremely well written script and characters with lots of depth but my heart is with ♥♥♥RTP and Micky♥♥♥

  309. 309 : sangjhoon Says:

    @Jennie, hello again fellow boardmate shall i call us here as such? hahaha

    OK buddy (as Yoo jin wld utter in really really like you if u’v seen that one)i’ll surely go back to RTP as soon as i got LR updated since i’m only on epi 3! then i joggle with Giant too while waiting for FOTG. I luv Micky too mind you so i’ll give it another shot! ok i’ll let u know once i get around to it so we can go to that RTP board since this is entirely for our FOTG but i guess admin won’t mind! 🙂
    Re K2H, yeah i also hv seen first part or two can’t recall and i just can’t seem to find chem betwn LSG & HJW but i may be wrong! i’ll try to watch it again nxt time! i got my hands full with these kdramas that i get mixed with which one shall i do first LOL!

    where’s our other boardmates here being absent? hahaha talk to u all later, back to my LR watching plus Giant! 🙂

  310. 310 : OK OK OK Says:

    @ sangjhoon

    King 2 hearts by Ha Ji Won & Lee Seung Gi – vvvv very nice. 😀

  311. 311 : sangjhoon Says:

    @OK OK OK hello another boardmate, howdy? ok i’ll continue with that too coz something turned me off watching first few parts it didn’t seem realistic but i’ll give it another chance! hahaha right now i’m hooked with LR but i’ll multi-watch! what else is new right when it comes to kdramas! i think i’m quite behind watching K2H but i’ll surely put it in my agenda of must watch! see u all again soon! back to LR 🙂

  312. 312 : PAMELA Says:

    please somebody tell me where i can watch the kdrama in wat website plese. Im a big fan of these two actor LEE SANG WOO, JANG SANG WOOK

  313. 313 : hhn Says:

    @Pamela: You can watch this drama at viki.com. Enjoy! 🙂

  314. 314 : hhn Says:

    Can’t wait until tomorrow. The preview of ep. 19 shows JY returing the ring back to JH. Hic …. I hope my heart is not going to break again tomorrow. 🙁

  315. 315 : Jennie Says:

    @Pamela If you can’t get Viki, you can watch it from dramacrazy. Not sure about wat website although sometimes you can access certain dramas from wat through dramacrazy 🙂
    @hhn Don’t worry. We’ll be here to mend your broken heart 😀 😀 😀

  316. 316 : KDaddict Says:

    I don’t think “JHa is the guy whose granny is the master chef of Arirang”. If he was, he and JY would be first cousins. Is it allowed for them to marry?

    More than that, I seem to remember in one of the v early eps that Granny said sth (1 sentence) abt JH that suggested he wasn’t a blood relative. Who knows, in the end, he might turn out to be sb who has some birth secret or lost parents or sth. It’s rare that a KD would give us a leading man w absolutely no secret, no mystery like that.

  317. 317 : Jennie Says:

    @KDaddict As far as I know, Jae Ha and JoonYoung are not blood-related at all. They were childhood playmates only. Did granny really say that? Then we are going to have a DY and JY ending after all? Yippee. Did anybody else get that conversation? Must go back and watch!!

  318. 318 : Jennie Says:

    @KDaddict Was just thinking (am so excied about this) – that’s why granny is so against JY and JH together? It makes so much more sense than her saying that she wants JY to be in Arirang!!

  319. 319 : KDaddict Says:

    If JH’s granny is the head chef of Arirang, then he n JY would be blood relatives. Since they aren’t, so he couldn’t be granny’s real grandson. There was definitely a scene when the leads were children (JH around 7) when granny said sth off-handedly to Do Hee abt JH (in one short sentence) which suggested to me he wasn’t of her own blood. A sneaky way to drop a hint. If u so much as blink, u miss it.
    Then when they finally reveal JH’s backgd, they can replay that scene in a flashback, n say, Oh, but we told you so.

  320. 320 : Anabella Says:

    DO YOOOOOOOOOOOOOOON N JY all the waaaaaay!!
    people whats wrong with u all :s u all r just being loyal to Ja hae for his previous dramas just watch this without being biased. The chemistry btw do yoon n JY in un-resistible, i keep watching them over n over again. However, btw JY and JH i just skip them n don’t watch them

  321. 321 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    just starting watch this drama from eps 1 to 8 in a row.. till my eyes hurt hehe.. but it was pay-off, i was hooked 😉 hope i can finish watching it since feast of god has 32 eps..woah! love joo sang wook, his acting always make me swoon like he did on kimcheed radish cube, queen seonduk, thorn bird and giant but i don’t like him in paradise ranch and that’s fool.

  322. 322 : sangjhoon Says:

    hello guys, if i can join in, i don’t think JH & JY are blood related, the story won’t go that way i suppose, unless JH is also adopted by granny? we may never know! i guess i’m still hung up with JH & JY tandem sorry! hahaha don’t kill me i know most of you favors JY & DY so may the best man wins! 🙂 till nxt episode! this is getting really exciting!

  323. 323 : hhn Says:

    Yeahhh may the best man wins …. I am still with JH/JY to the end. Can’t wait for tomorrow ep. Have a great weekend everyone! 🙂

  324. 324 : kdfan Says:

    i too feel the screen chemistry between JY & DY is so strong, and i’m fast forwarding JY & JH’s scenes :P. have there been dramas where second leads win the girls? so far DY has done a lot for JY and all she has said in the end was im sorry. it’s quite clear it’s staying a one-sided love 🙁 chances are slim for JY/DY so i do agree there must be a birth secret for JH. However, it still seems to be a weaker development compare to DY and his secret haemil character.

    there are sooo many good dramas showing at the same time. i’m watching 5 currently. and trying to keep up reading all your comments. good thing i work from home but it’s still crazy, i hv to top up my eye mask supply!

  325. 325 : sangjhoon Says:

    @taraluvjj & @ hhn …same here, luv joo sang wook ever since thorn birds, etc. now i’m also watching him in giant! i also peeked at paradise ranch & didn’t even continue with that one! JH/JY all the way! 🙂 peace!

  326. 326 : julie Says:

    Do yoon is soooo hot <3 _ <3
    writers plz let DY and JY be together in the end, don't break my baby's heart X( I love the way he looks @ JY, n how he is always there 4 her, n it'll really be nice when JY really identity revealed that she is Doo hee daughter, the two moms reaction will be funny hehe

  327. 327 : PAMELA Says:

    i cant wait what will if they found out the real identity of each oth DY & JY i hope they ended up togethr, pls let the both of thm,

  328. 328 : Mic Says:

    I followed my decision not to watch since episode 13, but I have been reading the recaps. I just read a detail recap of episode 18 from a different site, like I have been mumbling here on different boards, the PDs always create a perfect, I mean perfect – handsome, successful, devoted – second male lead to drive us viewers crazy!!! lol!

  329. 329 : Tamara Says:

    I want DY and JY to end up 2gether!!
    it is so unfair!! especially for DY!! what is his fault to feel all the pain n heart ache bcz of JY. All the time, attention, and his heart whom he gave to JY then she goes to JH!!
    Honestly, i started watching it keeping on mind that JH is the male lead. However, after seeing DY scenes with JY, n all the chemistry they have 2gether, i moved to their side. JH and JY doesn’t seem like they r lovers @ all!!

  330. 330 : Sam Says:

    I want Doo yoon to be with joon young X( *cross fingers*
    i hope that the PDs are seeing what i c, as well as other fans of do yoon, n how perfect the scenes r btw DY and JY compared to JY and JH. Moreover, their lives resemble each other of all the pain and sadness they suffered growing up, so they will understand one another perfectly.
    Do yooooooooooooooon fighting!!

  331. 331 : keket Says:

    I also skip every JY/JH’s scene, because I think, JY / DY is the most perfect to end FOTG, DY is the best, I see the chemistri between JY / DY

  332. 332 : Jennie Says:

    @Mic I think it’s safe to come back on board to watch now. I have been reading the recaps on the weekend’s episodes and it looks like a happy happy week for DY/JY (and happier ending too). Seems like they have lots of touching moments- there will be one where they will be kneading dough together too —hmmm, don’t you think its sooo romantic?ROTFL…Am going to start watching now. If I see anything juicy, I’ll let you know.

    @sangjhoon Hi “wave wave” 😉

  333. 333 : bee Says:


  334. 334 : OK OK OK Says:

    Ep 18

    Wow, now Joon Young, Choi Jae Ha & Kim Do Yoon – all know whose Joon Young biological parents. 😀

  335. 335 : Nina ;) Says:

    with all the sadness, loneliness, and pain do yoon’s character suffered, he smiles when he see’s JY happy. so she is the one who makes him smile, he deserves happiness. DY character is what i dream of how my bf should be, he got all the things i wish 4: 1) gentle eyes 2) care about my happiness 3) help me when am down or lost 4) wipe my tears when am depressed or sad 5) mature n knows what is best 4 me 2 do 6) HE IS FREAKINNESH HANDSOME!! XD so what do i wish 4 more 😉
    lol me 2 i skip JY and JH scenes they r soooo boring
    n yea didn’t u guys notice the rating increases 4 the next episode whenever the scene of the previous episode has a nice scene of DY and JY such as at the end of episode 18, episode 19 ranked 2nd in seoul!!
    Do yoon all the way!!

  336. 336 : OK OK OK Says:

    ep 18

    1st time i like Joon Young’s foster father. Take $$$$$ from Kim Do Yoon’s mum. Very smart. He left a phone msg to tell JY that the Doctor is her Aboji. ha ha ha 😀

  337. 337 : OK OK OK Says:

    oops sorry, my mistake.
    Massage 334 & 336 is the latest episode 20. (not 18)

  338. 338 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    hi..wave-wave, girl how manny drama you watch a day?cz i’ve seen every comment of yours in almost every drama 🙂
    me too i’m rooting for joon young & jae hae, dunno i want their happines till end
    if you like joo sang wook, try to watch kimcheed radish cubed-i know this drama rather boring but i find joo sang wook & park shin hye pairing is cute..

  339. 339 : Jennie Says:

    Hi all: Just finished watching Ep 19 & 20 and I was kind of disappointed. I guess my imagination worked overtime after reading all the recaps. Frankly, I think our dear dear DY isn’t going to win the girl after all. JY was supposed to give back the ring but ring was never returned. Now we have JY and JH know the truth and that makes their bond even tighter. I don’t think JY will give him up now. But what will happen to poor DY? Should JY accept his offer to fight InJoo and BH together, does it mean that they are just going to remain as friends? I get the feeling that DY has more or less given up waiting for JY to love him. I think he has accepted the fact that she will never love him but he still wants to protect her because he cares. I am also very frustrated with Do Hee, BH and granny. All the seniors are selfish and are using JY only. I find DH and the granny such snobs and I feel sorry for JY that in the end they will accept her only because she is the real In Joo. Sometimes I cheer for BH because she fights for JY and is cute with DY but sometimes I hate her for using JY to get Arirang. A lot of bloopers too in these two episodes. JY can sometimes use her hand but when it’s convenient, she can use the hand (like holding her handphone and running while looking for her dad). And what happened to the cute playdoh doll which DY made for her? They never showed that she got the doll 🙁 For once, I hope I am wrong in saying all those above kekeke 😀

  340. 340 : Jennie Says:

    @taraLuvJJ Hi gal, you watching this too? I am watching Rooftop Prince (my #1 ♥♥♥), Love Rain, The Equator Man, Fashion King and K2H, plus this. When I can I watch Can Love Become Money – that’s all. I’m sure there are others watching more KDs than I am lol.

  341. 341 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    @Jennie, yes but not everyweek.. i’ll wait a couples eps then i watching those eps in rows..i did that with all my fave k.drama.. haha me too, rooftop prince is #1 playlist 😀

  342. 342 : Mic Says:


    Thanks for the heads up, Jennie! I have made peace with myself about who’s getting the girl. After watching this one episode, 18, I think, when DY went to give JH the address of the hospital, and JH refused to take it because of his pride. There you have DY who was selfless, just wanted to make JY happy, and there you have JH who claimed that he loves and cares about JY but refused to take the address just because it came from DY. It’s obvious who I’d pick, who cares who JY is going to pick! ROFL!!!

  343. 343 : Mic Says:


    Oh, I forgot to say, since you are a big big fan of MIcky :-), you should follow him on twitter. Or have you already? He posts photos all the time.

  344. 344 : Jennie Says:

    @Mic Haha I follow all of JYJ members (Micky’s group) on twitter. I’m also with a fan site where I get about 20 emails a day concerning news about them lol. As for Do Yoon, guess you have to wait in line, definitely bf material. I mean who wouldn’t want him -great body, he helps you to cut and knead, he has a nice caravan, he cooks and best of all, he makes you cute playdoh dollies 😉

  345. 345 : sangjhoon Says:

    @338 taraluv —- yeah i started watching kimchi the other day & hope to continue! thnx for telling me about it as like the others here who shared what they know of other projs jsw was in to!
    i also finished RM epi 76&77 and enjoyed it it’s so good & funny!

    i’m about to finish epi 19 of this drama & sometimes i feel like hitting JY’s head, when her bio mother saw them in the kitchen with this evil fake injoo, she cldn’t defend herself so well but rather she left & just said it wasn’t her blah blah, also DY’s mother is also in cahoot with this fake injoo so much so that she’s using her money to let JY’s father leave! i dunno if i’m the only one frustrated with this epi but we’ll see if epi 20 gets more interesting!

    talk to u again all & hv a good day

  346. 346 : Mic Says:


    You are a die-hard Micky fan! lol!

    Yea, I will wait in line patiently. He is worth the wait! 🙂

  347. 347 : Nina ;) Says:

    i’ve created this poll
    vote to whom u want the male lead to be =D i want to c the majority opinion


  348. 348 : Nina ;) Says:

    Your vote can make a difference
    i’ll find a way to send it to the people in charge 🙁 i hope i can manage, if you know a way tell me X(

  349. 349 : Mic Says:


    Done! 🙂

  350. 350 : sangjhoon Says:

    @Jennie sorry i didn’t see ur waving at me there hahaha hi hi wave wave to u & all here!

    @hhn & taraluv – yeah we’re rooting for JH/JY all the way, no matter how many are rooting for DY/JY, don’t get me wrong i luv DY or haemil and as an actor, but i think this drama is for JH/JY hahaha

  351. 351 : hhn Says:

    Hello to all ….

    @sangjhoon and all JH/JY shippers: keep your faith as I think it’s time for JH to stand up now. He doesn’t have to worry about the people he thought they got hurt because of him anymore. He can be free as bird (just like DY) to go after JY now. I am so looking foward to the upcoming eps. May the best man win …. :-)))

    @Jennie: eps. 19-20 weren’t too bad for me. JH was stubborn. He didn’t take the ring back. He told JY that he didn’t come to the hospital so the ring is still in her possession. Hahaha …. Love it! Thanks for being there for me though! :))))

  352. 352 : sangjhoon Says:

    @hhn yeah we’re a small number of JH/JY compared to DY/JY shippers however we’ll stay positive, and yeah i think he’s slowly but surely getting the msg that if doesn’t stay firm in this love triangle chances are he may lose his girl but i’ve said this before & i’d say it again, i firmly believe this story is leaning towards JY/JH pairing if you will so no matter how some of our friends here are rooting for a DY/JY ending up together may not happen! Yes yes may the best man win! 🙂

    about epi 19, i quite agree, JH didn’t take the ring i was happy with his decision on that & just pretend he says he was never there! hahaha na du me too, luvd it!

    i can’t wait to see epi 20 tonight — who’s also following Love Rain i know i think Jennie does but i’m waiting for the subs & i’m also hooked on this one; i’ll also cont with K2H & RP but i’m right now overwhelmed! kekeke

  353. 353 : Mic Says:


    Hi, I have no problem believing JH/JY is the designated pair here. It will be very surprising for DY/JY to happen at the end. If it does, the writer is daring. JH/JY together, DY goes back to UK sounds like a reasonable ending to me. 🙂

  354. 354 : Jennie Says:

    @sangjhoon Ok, no need to rub it in 😀 we know you will get your happy ending \(0__0)/ Hey, I watched Love Rain live last night and it was super duper. Love both the characters in 2012-totally different from the 70’s. How come you don’t visit the thread there? Just wondering 😉

  355. 355 : sangjhoon Says:

    @mic — wave wave and to all yeah it seems that’s gonna be the ultimate in this drama 🙂 i’m sure DY will be back though!

    @ Jennie hahaha wave wave to u also….LOL @ _ @ happy ending it will be…hopefully! hahaha Oh LR is it subbed already? Yeah i think 70s was OK too but i’ll see what’s in store for 2012, i know the preview got JGS’s hair changed and so does Younha….woah i can’t wait, i’m actually joggling in 3 diff programs right now Giant, RM and FOTG helpppppppppp:)

    btw i’m on pt of epi 19 & i just have to vent my frustration with that fake Injoo at the hosp scene where she dropped the necklace or pendant with her child photo & all of a sudden this fake injoo got in the way again wahhhh i hate her to da max! can someone pls take her to a deserted island to end JY’s misery? i’m so glad tho that the adoptive father confessed about her bio father! i can’t wait to finish this portion tonight, so girls, see u later! 😉
    on to continue watching!!!

  356. 356 : sangjhoon Says:

    @Jennie — i always forget to go to that LR board but i’ll make sure i post there too so see you there as well! thnx for reminding me! 🙂

  357. 357 : swingfire912 Says:

    This drama really good , u better watch it

  358. 358 : sangjhoon Says:

    guys epi 20 pt 6 made me cry with JY when she cldn’t show herself to her father/mother & while hiding came out & called her ‘ooma’ oh that scene was so touching! i’m really liking this drama more & more i can’t wait for the nxt one! 🙂

    hello to u all! 🙂

  359. 359 : sangjhoon Says:

    me here again can’t help but say this & no offense to DY fans, but one thing i find really odd about the DY charac and am annoyed with it sometimes, DY almost always emerges from nowhere in front of JY! i think that’s a bit too much! just venting here, i luv DY or LSW it’s the script that sometimes goes over the top re his chara!

  360. 360 : Jennie Says:

    @sangjhoon Haha depends how you look at it my friend. You find it irritating that DY is around whenever JY needs him but we love him for doing it and we always ask, where the heck is JH? Shouldn’t he be there for JY? task task, JH has too much pride for his own good when JY was in the hospital. See, the writer wants DY to be the knight in shining armor and not JH..hehe

  361. 361 : sangjhoon Says:

    @Jennie hahaha OK my friend – but it’s just out of the blue sometimes when he shows up! i know JH shld be there but blame it on the script or PD 🙁

    for hhn, taraluJJ and others who admire JSW here’s a link fr hancinema of his fan mtg in Japan and thot of sharing w/you all!


  362. 362 : Jennie Says:

    @sangjhoon Ahem…choco pies for his fans? Isn’t’t that junk food and a little bit on the stingy side? I’d rather have a signed picture of him than that! 🙂

  363. 363 : Mic Says:

    @sangjhoon and Jennie,

    Hi gals, well, DY has no real job there than to “stalk” JY! So he is there all the time! ROFL!!!

  364. 364 : sangjhoon Says:

    @Jennie –heheh choco pies must be popular cause of kdramas so who knows? i luv c. pies once in a while i know i know it’s not something we hv to eat like u said junk food – i’d also rather hv his photo! 🙂

  365. 365 : sangjhoon Says:

    @Mic — hehehe LOL he’s a cute stalker! hahaha mind u i think he shld open his own French resto & hire JY or have her join in the resto business rather than overseeing her every move! he’s obsessed with her & sad it’s a one-sided love! 😉

  366. 366 : hhn Says:

    LOLzz … Can I have JSW’s choco pie, please???? I love Choco Pie and if it was from JSW … even more yummy!!!

    @sangjhoon – Thank you so much for the link. Love it! :))

  367. 367 : sangjhoon Says:

    @hhn — u’r more than welcome! hahaha yeah anything coming fr him right? we won’t mind be it choco pies etc esp if it’s his signed autograph 🙂 I am just happy to share it with you here whether some are not really a big fan of his! 😉

    how’d u guys like last epi? any wild guess if JY is going to run away with him or not? hahaha i hope not, coz she’s for our JH! 😉 i’m quite happy that JY now is aware of who her real bio parents are! i kinda feel sorry for her adoptive father cause after all his flaws, i feel he truly loves his adoptive daughter! isn’t he hilarious how he dotes on JH? hahaha calling him son in law already! he doesn’t seem to like DY hahaha

  368. 368 : tc Says:


    No, I don’t think JY and DY will run away coz that would mean that there is no closure for all the characters – no punishment for IJ, no reunion for JY with her parents, JY’s return to Airang and more importantly to you and other JH/JY’s shippers is that they will not end up together? I think DY purposely wanted to rile up JY’s Emotiobs so that she will not give up And fight In Joo.

    By Ep 20, it is quite clear that JY and JH will end up together despite the fact that the writer is deliberately creating false impression by having more skinships and romantic moments between JY and DY. Although DY has tirelessly demonstrated his love and caring, JY has never shown or confess
    that she love him in return. I feel so bad for DY coz he has given so much including giving the hospital’s address to JH and also called him when JY went missing from hospital. Just wish the writer can stop tormenting DY and allow him to move on with his life without more sacrifices.

  369. 369 : tc Says:

    One thing that riled me up in this show is that how easily In Joo can get away with her crime especially when she even confessed directly to JY that she was the one that caused the paralysis in JY’s hand. JY just confronted her and ended up been accused by her real mum that she tried to hurt In Joo instead?

    I also do not understand why Grandma is so supportive of JH/In Joo but oppose JH’s relationship with JY since she also cares for JY and has high regards of her cooking skills. If she opposes their relationship because she wanted JY to be the successor of Airang, then what about the current situation when all indications are pointing towards In Joo as the successor?

  370. 370 : Jennie Says:

    @tc Agree with you. Now that the PD has more or less decided on the pairing he should allow DY to go his own way and seek his own happiness. What happened to Haemil? I find that the PD should have made good use of Haemil like make JY fall in love with him, they can fight, compete with each other then fall in love, then overcome both mothers objections etc- that would be so interesting I think. JH would still be in love with InJoo and she will compete with JY for Arirang. Ah well, in my day dreams maybe 🙂

  371. 371 : sangjhoon Says:

    @tc 368 — i thought so too that JY won’t run away with DY cause there’s a purpose that PD won’t allow that to happen and i agree w/you & well said my friend, that if that’s the scenario of her running away with him, what’s left of this story? right? JY won’t hv a chance to go head to head with that wicked fake IJ; the reunion of JY with her parents & what will happen with her relationship with JH….agree again, the writer is trying to sway our thoughts i guess in believing that there’s a chance of JY falling for DY, but i believe if haemil happens to be a diff person other than DY, JY might hv a change of heart or was she just a simple admirer of haemil bcoz of his cooking prowess? this story gets better each time & it makes us viewers clamor for more!

    You also said about how IJ gets away with her crime & i must say almost all the charades she’d demonstrated throughout this drama, and of late like you said she caused JY’s hand to be paralyzed and i think JY is either too nice or naive or simply afraid to retaliate? JY didn’t even tell a soul that IJ was the culprit in that latest incident!

    Re grandma i also wondered why she favors IJ/JH relationship than JH/JY since she seems to like JY so much, cld it be becoz she came from a different background but little did grandma knows that she’s the real IJ!!

  372. 372 : sangjhoon Says:

    @Jennnie — hahaha in your drms eh? won’t it be nice if JY really falls for haemil not knowing he’s also DY? i think from what we saw fr JY’s reaction towards haemil that she’s quite attracted to him, cld be as i said earlier bcoz of his cooking skills and won’t it be cool if say the writer wld hv JY fall for haemil and then reveals his true identity of him being DY himself? 🙂 wld she still fall for him? LOL we’re really getting deep into this drama aren’t we? hahaha

  373. 373 : Jennie Says:

    @sangjhoon The writer did such a good job in creating the mysterious Haemil and I can’t understand why she did not make full use of this character. Maybe she’s keeping the idea for another drama 😉 Grandma is a snob because she thinks InJoo has a better family background and is perfect for her grandson. She’s also supposedly to be the daughter of her favourite disciple. At the same time, she recognises and accepts JY professionally and wants her to take over Arirang because of her talent but she does not accept her personally because her background is unknown. Look at her she treats JY’s adopted dad. She totally belittles him all the time. When she does find out the truth about JY being the real In Joo and accepts her, won’t it make her a hypocrite?

  374. 374 : sangjhoon Says:

    to Admin: pls post some photos related to this drama so our friends here can share! many thanks!


    guys u may hv seen some of these photos of press con of FOTG! 🙂

  375. 375 : sangjhoon Says:

    @Jennie….it’s obvious that grandma is just using JY from day one! we all remember how she went to Udo (is that the right name of where JY was raised? something like that) to recruit her simply bcoz of this infamous ‘sauce’ that they seemingly have been fighting for? I agree how wld she feel let alone react if the truth will be in the open that JY is the real IJ and what wld grandma do to IJ if ever? She’s absolutely looking down on JY as well as her adoptv father, i kinda dislike that of grandma! We’ve all been familiar with other kdramas where the family opposes their children’s future hubby/wife whatever the case maybe by looking at their educ b/grnd, rich/poor, middle class etc. and grandma is no exception! that’s sad and this is seemingly the prob when it comes to the Love Dept. being poor or not well educated hinders their relationship!

    i agree w/you in that if g/ma finds out about the real IJ, she’d feel like a hypocrite and at the same time would feel bad about herself!

    right now i’m watching Giant hahaha i’m late i know coz this was what 2 yrs ago but at that time i had many dramas to cover and the length of it just sets me off but since JSW is in it, i’ll persevere! hahaha 🙂 LOL if he only knew! hahaha

  376. 376 : Jennie Says:

    @sangjhoon When I was watching Giant, I was really hooked on JSW’s character and his love story. I can’t remember the names anymore but I watched Giant and continued watching it only because I wanted to know what happened to him and the girl. It was Giant that made me a fan of JSW and that was when I started watching his dramas but sadly, Thornbirds which followed was really disappointing. Btw, have you seen Can You Hear My Heart played by the same girl (I can’t remember her name but it’s Hwang Jung Eum or something like that, sorry) together with Kim Joo Won? Very very nice drama.

  377. 377 : sangjhoon Says:

    @Jennie…. you know i’m itching to jump to the epis where they’re grown & see JSW already hahaha but i think i’ll wait patiently coz these first few parts are also good and exciting! i think he’s this 2nd son who’s gone through a lot too taking care of his baby sisters! it’s heart wrenching how the story is unfolding right now & i regret not watching this drama sooner or at least when it was still hot & airing at that time!
    Re TB, yeah the storyline was good at first but somewhere along the line it just got out of hand! i still hv to see kimchi radished cube w/c i started but Giant got me hooked to da max 🙂 hahaha
    Re CYHMH yes i’ve watched it while airing & am also a fan of Kim jae won since the drama with Yoojin called Wonderful Life if u hvnt seen this one tho it’s an old one, you’re missing something:) I’m also not sure about her name the actress fr Can You HMH and i think she’s got a new drama too can’t recall the title! thnx for asking me & if you hv some more titles we can share & it’s possible some i hvnt seen! BTW hv you seen smile dong hae with another cutie Ji sang wook in it? this drama is v good too & addictive just like the one recently Ojakgyo Brothers w/c i’m sure you & a lot of our frnds here have seen already!

    let me cont now with Giant & back later! 🙂 wave wave to u all

  378. 378 : hhn Says:

    @sangjhoon and Jennie – I agree that JSW’s character in TB wasn’t really convicing, but I was glad he still ended up with the lead actress. And the most important thing was that I was completely hooked by JSW as an actor … hahahah … I thought I had a crush on him lolzzz….. I went to search for his projects and found Giant. I was hesitated cuz of the 60 eps drama but decided to watch anyway. Jennie was right – JSW was absolutely amazing in Giant. And he’s not the second son, sangjhoon. I don’t want to be a spoiler to you so keep watching hehehhe …. We can talk more as you watch it … Have a great day everyone!

  379. 379 : sangjhoon Says:

    @hhn…wave wave first to you & all here!

    rightfully so that our JSW ended up with the lead chara…hahaha me too i’m completely taken or zapped by his charisma, he’s not what we can say very very handsome compared to other K actors but he’s got that killer smile & like u said while i’ve been following Running Man his signature ‘hahahahaha’ it’s so infectious that you get to do hahahaha with him while watching! i also for that reason as i said earlier was set off with the long epis of Giant hence it’s part of the reason i didn’t watch at that time & my old comp won’t load that fast anyway, plus there were quite a few that i was following at that time, don’t ask me i can’t recall now but i know when we went to Korea for a vac i saw some posters all over the place so it must be really pop at that time plus one of my frnds also was the first one who’s got smitten by him up until now she tells me JSW is her no. 1 hahahaha i guess the more the merrier!

    woah he’s not the 2nd son as i thot? now i’m a bit baffled coz the eldest is this young actor (i like him too from will it snow for xmas) and this kid who shines the shoes is his brod did i miss something? no u can spoil it i wanna know hahahaha! i was in the verge to jumping to the epis where JSW appears but i dunno which epis yet it may be a while i guess before he shows up in this drama? anyway you too have a grt day & to all here!

  380. 380 : sangjhoon Says:

    TO ADMIN: just to follow up on my request re posting photos related to this drama here please. I apprec it v much!

    from #374 posting from me thnx again! have a grt day

    @sangjhoon from admin – just want to inform you that we didn’t upload all the photo as requested into this page.

  381. 381 : Jennie Says:

    @sangjhoon My, you still have a looonnng way to go for Giant 😉 JSW is really not the second son. In fact he’s the bad guy’s son and therein lies the conflict, the dilemma and the angst of his love story. With which girl? Not the lead (at first maybe) but with the sister of the two brothers. Love them over the main couple and most romantic! If you are enjoying the two brothers acting, do you know that they were both in TMETS? Silly question, I am sure you know, they’re both hot property now 😀 😀 As for drama recommendations, I can tell you plenty but I’ll recommend you one with stars you are familiar with since you are watching Giant. More than half of the Giant cast appear in this drama (except JSW) and it’s a great drama which you will enjoy from start to finish, even the epilogues are crazy. The title is History of the Salaryman/Salaryman. I think I have recommended this to you before? Not sure but give it a try someday.

  382. 382 : sangjhoon Says:

    @Jennie, hahaha yeah i still hv a long way to go & thnx for the feedback, all the while i’m watching this drama i thought JSW was one of the brothers when they grow up; interesting how the drama flows & there are many sad scenes…this is good timing to watch this while i await FOTG to be subbed as well as LR! I’ve been hooked on kdramas almost 4 yrs now so i’m quite familiar with the actors and this young 2nd son was also in Warrior Baek dong soo which when he grew up he played Ji chang wook another crush of mine hahaha ev.time i see a new face in a drama i get zapped by their charisma, don’t mind me! hahaha
    I still hv to see TMETS though it’s another long drama! really? most of them from Giants are in that drama too? woah interesting, i’ll surely put that in queue of must watch!
    i think u did mention about SM, and this is also a popular one with high ratings i guess! I’m also enjoying Lights & Shadows & our friend Ok Ok Ok is also following that & she’s good in highlighting the episodes since it’s still not subbed but she watches it u/stand what’s going on! I’m also a big fan of ahn jae wook it seems i have a penchant for the name ‘Wook’ LOL hahaha Joo sang wook, Ji chang wook, ahn jae wook! I’m the wook girl! hahaha actually my no. 1 K actor right now is Kim ji hoon since seeing him in Stars Falling from the Sky, too bad he’s still in the military but i guess he’ll be discharged this year! Did u by any chance see that drama SFFTS? i luvd it and also another Wook was in that drama Shin dong wook hahaha see i’m the wook girl! ROFL 🙂

  383. 383 : hhn Says:

    Hahahahah …. You are really a Wook girl, sangjhoon! That’s so funny! Isn’t Wook a popular Korean first name? I noticed many Korean actors with that name too. 🙂

    You still have long way to go before you can see JSW in Giant. But don’t skip the childhood part. You need to understand the background to love the grow up part. You will love JSW even more after watching this series. 🙂

  384. 384 : Jennie Says:

    @sangjhoon Haha the Wook girl? You should use it as your user name but I understand how this username was created 😉 So you’re a big fan of Kim jhoon, huh? SFDFTS – it was okay. The kids actually won me over instead! I prefer Kim JH in Love Marriage. He was cute there with the lead actress. Ji Chang Wook- ohh, he totally won me over in Warrior BDS with that long hair of his but I was rooting for Yoo Seung Ho instead. I liked the drama right up till the masters died and I hated the ending and I hated how he ended up with the expressionless and wooden girl!!!I intend to watch his other drama, Bachelor’s Veg Store when I can find the time. Have you seen it? Ohh, you’re still a newbie, then. I have been watching KDs for 10 years or more, I think. My first crush was with Ahn Jae Wook in one of those medical dramas. Back then he was so young and so goodlooking but sad to say, I’m over him now. He has gotten older whereas I am going for a younger man now – MICKY hahaha!

  385. 385 : Jennie Says:

    @hhn What are your favourite dramas and any favourite actor/actress?

  386. 386 : hhn Says:

    @Jennie … I am like a freshman and you are like a last year graduate student when it comes to K-dramas. LOL. I saw all the dramas you listed above and except Giant, I haven’t watched any on the list. LOL. I used to watch a lot, then stopped for a long time. I just recently came back and tried to catch up with all the great dramas out there … but too many great ones and too little time, you know. My fav. should be: Jewel in Palace; Stairs Way to Heaven; Autumn in my Heart; IRIS. LOLzz … You could tell how up to date I am with that list. I recently finished the Thorn Birds; Giant; East of Eden and now watching FOTG. This is the first time ever I am watching a drama when it’s still being broadcasted and the waiting time is really killing me … Blame it all on JSW … ahhahah … It’s all his fault! I tend to fall for whoever is the male lead of the drama I am watching. JSW is top on my list now. Others are: Lee Byung Hun; Song Hye Kyo; Lee Young Ae; Song Seung Hun … lolzz … all the old names huh? :-)))

  387. 387 : sangjhoon Says:

    frist of Admin: i u/stand many thanks anyway!

  388. 388 : sangjhoon Says:

    @hhn….yeah i’m a wook girl LOL…exactly there are quite a few with those names — like Jennie said i cld use it as username hahaha cool! I know there’s few more episodes more hours i need to spend and woah i sure hope i can finish this Giant in due time! hahaha thnx for your advice, i sure wld not skip their childhood parts, now i can see what you gals told me that’s he’s not the 2nd son i meant JSW rather he’s the son of that bad guy!

  389. 389 : sangjhoon Says:

    @Jennie — yeah i guess u gave me a grt idea, i may still use it as my username some place else hahaha Wookgal or something like that! Woah you’re a veteran kdrama watcher/fan for 10 yrs? hahaha good for you, so maybe this time you know the Kor lang better by hearing or whatever? i’m doing self-study of the lang where i can read/write but still a long way to u/stand & speak with fluency fingers crossed! hahaha

    Yeah KJH was likable in L&M, i actually saw him first in Flowers for My Life or Loving You where i didn’t even notice him till SFFTS 🙂 then after that i searched for his prev projs & had to watch one of them w/o subs called How Much Love oh this one was good too! i’m also a huge fan of AJW what just bcoz he’s older now you dumped him? hahaha me too i’m for the younger ones mind you like Ji chang wook, Yoo seong ho (btw i’m liking him in O. Proposal) anyway, to go back to my first k actor it would be from Lovers in Paris since this was the v first kdrama i got hooked into, i had no clue who the actors were at that time but i was impressed with Park shin yang & Lee dong gun so i’d say they were my first at that time but sadly also not anymore, i still like PSY and JDG & they’re still on my list right now but these new faces like your Micky make me lean towards the younger ones hahaha & not too young like JSW! After LIP i watched Stairway to Heaven & this time fell for Kwon sang woo hence the username sang came from his name hahaha that a Kor friend of mine teased me about it & suggested i used ‘sang’ as one of my u. name & i guess i just hung on to it till he got married & so i’m not too interested in KSW anymore hahaha LOL! then there are more added to those names & of late KJH as my no. 1, 🙂
    I think i know which AJW med drama you mentioned, i also watched part of it on YT but i liked him also in Goodbye My Love, and Match made in heaven, of course first time i saw him in A Star in My Heart that drama of his made me like him & i must admit up to now I’m a huge fan so you can say i hvnt dumped him he’s still one of the stars in my heart! hahaha LOL I’m also following his latest Lights & Shadows but as frustrating as it has been it’s not subbed but Ok Ok OK one of our frnds here are so good in updating what’s going on with this drama so it’s like seeing it & u/standing it through her!

    Re Bach Veg, yeah i watched it as it was being aired & it was different & interesting altho w/o giving away too much since u hvnt seen it, it shld’ve been extended bcoz a lot of viewers (incldg myself) thought it was rushed in the end!

    on to hhhn now.

  390. 390 : sangjhoon Says:

    @hhn — hahaha you’re a freshman & Jennie must have an MA already like in master’s degree in kdramas! i’d say i’m almost graduating since i started 4 yrs ago! hahaha
    woah i luv Lee byung in Iris, mind you i wasn’t a fan from his prev projs but Iris did it for me, luv SSH too when i saw him in Aut Tale, we seem to hv similar list, Song hye koo, and i like Kim tae hee too, speaking of whom did u guys see Boku 2 99 a Jap/Kor production? oh i luv this one & even bought the DVD hahaha! you know i also like some of the older ones like Ji jin hee, Ryu Jin, Kim seong woo….i can’t explain why these guys are soooooooooooo likable, and not only they’re good actors but most of them even sings, plays the piano, multi-talented!

  391. 391 : hhn Says:

    sangjhoon …. speaking of Kwon Sang Woo in Stairway to Heaven, he was my one time celebrity crush too … until I saw JSW … hahahaha … I didn’t even finish his latest drama (Daemul). LOL. He is done now. I don’t want to mess with married man. LOL.

  392. 392 : sangjhoon Says:

    @hhn…hahaha LOL same here after seeing him in that drama STH i fell for him as one of my crushes & that was for a while mind you, i think i’ve seen most of his dramas afterwards like the movie Love so Divine, and incidentally i didn’t even finish daemul hahaha same here! i didn’t even watch him in cinderella man, poor thing after his marriage we dumped him hahaha i also wldn’t wanna mess with married guys hahah LOL! Yes yes JSW is the hottest with both of us right now hahaha!

  393. 393 : Jennie Says:

    @sangjhoon & hhn I guess all of us were fans of Kwon Sang Woo at one time or other. I liked him so much in Stairway to Heaven that I watched it at least 3 times I think. Just loved how he loved the female lead back then. My crush on him was so big at that time that when I was in Seoul, I looked high and low for the pendant in the drama and when I saw a huge poster advertisement of KSW at the bus stop, I made sure I took a picture of us together hahaha. Anyway, I quickly fell out of love with him when I saw him in Cinderella Man and Bad Love (he got “older” and other hotter and younger guys came along 😉 ) You both ARE old souls, aren’t you? Either that or you both are fiercely loyal heheehe. I mean the stars you both mentioned are like the veterans in KD classics 😉 My crush on them vanished a long time ago.But I still like Song HK and Autumn in My Heart remains one of my all time favourites. Right now, the only K actor I see is Micky lol. Plenty of other attractive and super cool guys of course but Micky has been my numero uno for quite some time now 😀

  394. 394 : sangjhoon Says:

    @Jennie & hhn ….hahaha i know i was for a while a KSW fan, watched STH a few times myself & cried ev.time i watched it hahaha crazy me eh? Incidentally i lost interest when he got married, like what hhn said earlier, we don’t wanna mess up with married men! hahaha i didn’t even look at cind man & didn’t finish daemul! i did watch him though in the movie called something with Blue hahaha i forgot exactly! I guess u can say we’re loyal right hhn, i don’t really care if they’re late 30s or 40s as long as they’re still attractive hahaha but yeah likewise, i hv eyes for these young k actors these days, micky to name a few & ji chang w & yong seo hyun, and many more younger ones 🙂 but am still enamored with Song seung heon, since Autumn drama! Really u had to take a photo beside the poster, much like i did when i was in Seoul at that time i had a crush of Yoon sang hyun since his Queen of H. days but i also after seeing some other younger ones kinda tired of him & the apple of my eyes now is KJH! hahaha

    hehehe yeah i guess we’re both old souls hhn ?I luv Song H too among the K actresses mind you! i like kim ha neul, kim tae hee also!

    hv a grt w/end ev.one — i’m still a long way to see JSW in Giant 🙁 u know what they say patience is a virtue & that’s so right!

    talk more later

  395. 395 : hhn Says:

    @Jennie & @sangjhoon:

    Jennie – Did you really take picture with the poster? hahaha … you silly girl … lolzz … but I guest we’re all silly when we had such crushes for K-actors. You made me curious and I had to google to see who Micky was … lolzz … I will have to check out one of his dramas to see if I will fall for him. I still love those veteran actors/actresses but no more crush …. my ideal bf in K-drama Land right now is JSW. His killer smile and sad puppy eyes just kill me everytime I see him on screen…. lolzzz …. I guess i will get over him once he gets married …. just like what I did with KSW … LOL.

    Sat is almost here … hope we will have another great FOTG moment this weekend. Have a wonderful weekend everyone! 🙂

  396. 396 : sangjhoon Says:

    @Jennie & hhn…..i can believe that she took that photo cause that’s exactly what i did when we went to Seoul also with YSH & KSW in the face shop or another brand i can’t recall,my sis also posed with Lee byeung h by the myeondong district shopping, and i can related to being that silly when you did that Jennie LOLzzz is right!
    hhn you mean u hvnt seen Micky’s face just yet? i liked him first in S Scandal drama & his music with the JJY something group. likewise i’m also hvng a crush on JSW & his hahahaha signature laughs in RM…yeah me too when he gets married we’ll probab dump him too hahaha

    you guys hv a grt w/end too & yeah i can’t wait for another FOTG! that makes our day or w/end

  397. 397 : sangjhoon Says:

    @hhn & Jennie….i’m on epi 8&9 where they’re all grown now & i’m seeing JSW hahaha made my evening girls! ok i hv to conti with Giant & just wanna let u know happy to see him at last! 🙂

  398. 398 : hhn Says:

    @sangjhoon: hahahahah …. You make me remember how happy I was seeing JSW when he first appeared in Giant. Keep going girl …. He will not disappoint you in this series for sure. Enjoy! 🙂

  399. 399 : Jennie Says:

    @hhn & sangjhoon LOL, when I think about it, was really silly but I just had to take the pic with KSW. It was a huge advert. for a mobile and he was smiling ever so sweetly. The people at the bus stop (poster was there) probably thought I was nuts but to me it was like an opportunity of a lifetime then haha. Talk about being silly, I even have a pic at Nami Island in autumn where we sort of enacted the famous scene in Winter Sonata. Pity it wasn’t winter then but I was travelling with a bunch of crazy people and we just wanted to have fun hahaha!
    @hhn You didn’t know who Micky was? Hehe..sorry that I took for granted that everybody knows about him or at least heard of him. His K name is Park Yoochun and he used to be with a group called DBSK/TVXQ/Tohoshinki but they have split and now he is with two other members of the same group call JYJ (Jaejoong/Yoochu/Junsu). Jaejoong was in Protect the Boss, Micky was in Sungyungkwan Scandal, Miss Ripley and now The Rooftop Prince and Junsu is more on broadway shows but he did a cameo in Scent of a Woman. Have you seen any of these dramas? They are pretty recent and hugely popular. Hope you guys will try to watch The Rooftop Prince which is showing now. It’ll be fun if we can chat like this over that thread.
    @sangjhoon Bet you must be enjoying Giant now, now that JSW as appeared, huh? Don’t get too engrossed. The better parts have yet to come and you’ll soon be glued to your seat. Don’t forget to eat ok 😀

  400. 400 : Jennie Says:

    @sangjhoon & hhn Sorry for some spelling errors at #399. Somehow certain letters just disappear(?) 😀 Looking forward to this weekend’s episodes. I read that there will be a makeover for JY and she looks super. I think she’ll soon be working together with Haemil but not sure yet. Suddenly everybody the other side is so excited that JY/DY pairing will come true but I don’t trust them until I see for myself. Don’t want to put up my hopes only to be disappointed again. Going with the flow and back to whoever she ends up with, he’s still a hottie 😀 😀 😀

  401. 401 : sangjhoon Says:

    @hhn hahaha i know what you mean by that and i’m thrilled now to see our guy! don’t forget girls, i’m a Wook gal! hahaha i’m sure he won’t disappoint me so i’ll probab be watching most evening till my eyes dropped! hahaha

  402. 402 : sangjhoon Says:

    @Jennie & hhn …. first of no worries if we mispeall something here as long as we can u/stand the msg in it 🙂 i can relate to that when u took a photo beside his huge poster, been there, done that – what’s embarrassing on my part when i took mine with Yoon sang hyun was it was inside the busy/crowded subway in Seoul & it was rush hours, so while my sis was adjusting her cam i was telling her to hurry up pls cause a throng of ppl were coming down the steps at that time but i guess she clicked the cam on time but i’m sure those ppl were thinking woah another nut case hahaha! like u said it was a chance of a lifetime! i also had a photo hugging Bae yong joon’s life-sized statue at Nami Is. hahaha and yeah we took some photos where they had their so-called First Kiss in Winter Sonata! Wasn’t that Island amazing? I must say WS will always be one of my Kdrama favorites of all time!

    i’m also surprised that hhn here doesn’t even know how Micky looks like hahaha he sings well too, I luv those three JYJ, Junsu is also a kind-hearted young man who built a school somewhere in Africa! i liked Jung in PTB and yeah Micky in S. Scandal

    me too i’m looking f/ward to seeing FOTG & woah really JY got a makeover of sorts? i kinda suspect it’s gonna happen since fr the start she’s been dressing simply since she’s supposed to hv come fr small island but i can’t wait to see her! well that’s what’s ev.body is hoping for that JY/DY or Haemil will end up together but hhn & taraluv here we all think it shld be with our JSW hahahaha

    ok girls i hv to conti with Giant…so see later 🙂

  403. 403 : Jennie Says:

    @sangjhoon & hhn There are a lot more fans out there who do the most outrageous things. No I am not talking about the saseang (stalker fans) but the ordinary fans. I have recently witnessed at the E’tude shop a teenager pulling a banner (about 2/3 feet long) that was hung up on display promoting lip gloss, I think. The pics were of the group Shinee. She did it in a matter of seconds and walked off before the staff even noticed. Another time I’ve seen girls asking staff when they were going to dispose of life sized cutouts of Kim Hyun Jong from the The Face Shop! So compared to them, I think sangjhoon and I were pretty decent hahaha!

  404. 404 : jelly Says:


  405. 405 : Jennie Says:

    @jelly Right below the pictures here you will see OST and the word “here”. Just click on the blue print and it will bring you to the download link. Enjoy:-D

  406. 406 : iammee Says:

    I just finished watching episode 21. She did return the ring to Jae Ha, I hope that the gesture will pave way for her to appreciate Kim Doo Hyun, that in the coming episodes that she may develop feelings for him. I feel sad that whenever Kom Do Hyun cooks for her something unforseen events may crop up and she would not be a able to have a taste of it, I hope that in the coming episodes she will be able to have a taste of what Kin Doo Hyun will cook for her and eventually fer for him

  407. 407 : Charlie Says:

    I started to watch this drama and is only up to ep 10. Although i didn’t like the first couple of eps but it turned out to be a pleasent surprise.
    The only problem is watching it makes me eat more. 😉 very thing they made looks so good. The two leading men are equally delirious.
    I don’t know how it is developing, but I like LSW better than JSW.

  408. 408 : sangjhoon Says:

    @Jennie & hhn….hahaha ok i think i’ll agree with you on that, we’re pretty decent compared to those ppl who took the banner as if they own them! LOL can u imagine if we see these K actors in the flesh? i think i’ll be dumbfounded or i might just faint! kidding! hehehe I miss going to Myeongdong do you Jennie? Korea is such a happy place like it doesn’t seem to sleep! 🙂

  409. 409 : sangjhoon Says:

    @Jennie & hhn…i’m on this epis where our JSW kissed jeongyon ? & she was thinking she’s had a nightmare hahaha woah & the shower scene woot woot! @[email protected] ok ok i’ll behave! see u later

  410. 410 : ام عقاب Says:

    الدراما حلوه

  411. 411 : hhn Says:

    sangjhoon: hahahha … I remember that sence … hahahha woot woot … he was just gorgeous … don’t u think?

    Have you guys seen today’s ep.? JSW was absolutely great! It’s a sad ep. for JH/JY, but I loved it.

  412. 412 : Jennie Says:

    @sangjhoon &hhn Don’t we all love shower scenes in KDs? They are always so welcomed and JSW is one worth watching hehehe! I have been back to S Korea a few times after that first visit to go shopping. Most of the time we wait till autumn and winter cos we like the cold. We go there to shop at those super huge wholesale marts and we love the food. Ep 21 was rather sad. for the first time in the drama, I actually sympathized with JH and for a while there, I really thought she would accept him. But hey girls, although I ship DY, at this stage, even though she has given JH back the ring, I think she still cares for him. so you girls still can hope! I read that early on in the drama, MBC actually did a poll to see which pairing the viewers wanted and guess who won? DY and JY of course but MBC said that the results of the poll will not determine the outcome of the drama 🙁 Looking forward to watching tonight’s episode. They all look so good in the preview 😀

  413. 413 : Jennie Says:

    @iammee Yes, me too. She has missed his cooking twice already but you never know, they say third time will be lucky and JY will finally eat what he has made. Haha, it was funny when DY said that people have to line up to eat his food 😉 Up till now, I wondered what happened to the playdoh he made for her?

  414. 414 : sangjhoon Says:

    @Jennie&hhn….wait jamkaman, there’s already FOTG? wahhhh i got to see it i don’t wanna know yet what happened but i’m stuck with Giant!
    yeah u’d been back since? i wanna go back this yr but i had to go somewhere so maybe hope nxt year! i luv the myeongdong dist, nandaemun, but dongdaemun is too overwhelming for me we got lost looking for this lady selling roasted sweet potatoes hahaha! isn’t it so great to shop there? and food cruising was one of our faves hahaha
    anyway back to JSW, yeah the shower scene u recall eh? woah he was showing off his what do they call it 6 packs or 8 packs whatever, gorgeous hahaha woot woot
    i’m gonna watch FOTG tmrw coz i’m really inching up with the epis of Giant now & i think another marathon watching!
    I think JY will still end up with JH, wanna make a bet girls? hahaha
    ok talk to you all later! i can’t wait to cont with Giant! 🙂

  415. 415 : hawaii Says:

    so difficult to watch online. 🙁

  416. 416 : Jennie Says:

    @Charlie Hi, good to see you here too.Welcome, at least I have another LSW supporter 🙂

  417. 417 : KDaddict Says:

    Why did she give back the ring? Was it an engagement ring? She is breaking up w him? But is not yet interested in DY?

  418. 418 : Lily228 Says:

    @416 Jennie
    Hi, please count me in, I am a great supporter of LSW here bcos of his personality 🙂 I am still very hopeful and wish that JY & LSW end up together happy ever after. Heeheehee……. 🙂 🙂

  419. 419 : Pamela Says:

    Can u add me also pls, i already fin. ep 10, im kdrama addict also

  420. 420 : sangjhoon Says:

    @Jennie, Lily228, hhn,pamela, all here — yeyyyy our LSW fans are seemingly growing! welcome Lily, yeah right now i’m joggling to watch FOTG & Giant, i’m just waking up now & can’t wait to see both while the other one is loading hahaha I’m teary now as Miju & gangmo finally reunite at the steps of that 31st bldg (i think now 63 bldg right Jennie)?

    @hawaii try & try some sites you’ll be able to find one eventually!

    @pamela – do u mean you’re also to be added to JSW fan? the more the merrier!

    talk soon guys

  421. 421 : Charlie Says:

    Hi. Jennie, good to see you here too.
    I didn’t do anything but watch this drama yesterday whole day and was able to catch up to ep 21. I’m amazed by myself. Now I love is drama and become LJW’s fan. This is his first drama for me. He’s so handsome, even he’s already 32.
    I think JY gave back the ring to JH is a right thing to do. She definitely wants to get her parents back. But i think it’s wrong it she gets IJ’s boyfriend too, they have dated for 10 years, after all. If JH can abandon IJ, someone so close familywise and dated 10 years, what would happen to JY in 10 years down the road. He simply is not trustworthy. Besides there is DY who loves her, and she’s already physically attracted to him and emotionally depending on him, without knowing he is Haemil. I want to see them together in the end. 🙂
    It’s good to see Korean food is marrying western food to make it not only tasty but also presentable – fusion food. To make Korean food accepted worldwide, such innovation is necessary. Although I like it in its original form.

  422. 422 : sangjhoon Says:

    hello ev.one jennie, hhn, pamela, charlie (ur a JSW fan too, the more the merrier) & others yeyyyyy i’m also into his Giant drama so i joggle with FOTG & G!! can’t seem to do anything with these dramas 🙁

    still on epi21 & JY really riled me to the max, why give back the ring again to JH? this is 2nd time tho the 1st time he gave it back! she’s getting v v stubborn! i’m so feeling sorry for our guy JH!

  423. 423 : hhn Says:

    Sangjhoon … It’s ok that JY gave The ring back to JH. She still loves him very much. These two love birds will be together at the end once the mess has been cleaned. I don’t see the loveline b/w JY and DY. Sorry DY but I think JY’s heart is for JH.

    Speaking of JSW, how did you like his acting in this ep (21), sangjhoon? I love it! JSW is best when he’s in pain. It’s killing me seeing him crying at the end of ep. 21. I just love this guy! 🙂

  424. 424 : sangjhoon Says:

    hi hhn….we kinda knew that – JY is meant to be with JH & oh u asked me about his acting in epi 21 woah i’m flabbergasted my frnd, the tears streaming down his cheeks, i felt like wiping it for him & say JH don’t despair your JSW girls are here for you! hahaha i’m crazy i know! seriously, JSW’s acting in that scene was just outstanding, what more can we say eh? gosh he was so convincing, that’s our MAN! SORRY DY your turn will come in your nxt lead drama but this one is for our JSW! hahaha
    yeah i luvd it too hhn, same here his expression when he’s in pain just projects to us viewers/fans that he’s into the chara he’s playing! i’m falling for him more/more hahaha! nadu me too i just love JSW! 🙂
    i think epi 21 isn’t 100% subbed eh? i’m only on part 1 coz i joggled fr this drama to Giant oh the latter made me cry in scenes of the siblings’ reunion! fantastic drama! talk more later!

  425. 425 : sangjhoon Says:

    Jennie, hhn, taraluv, pamela, lily and if i miss someone excuse me but this link fr YT is about our JSW in case u hvnt stumbled upon this one, he’s too adorable! enjoy!

  426. 426 : hhn Says:

    Sangjhoon – hahahahah …. I know exactly how you felt seeing JSW when his eyes were full of tears. I know we are crazy, but I just can’t help myself … LOLzzz ….

    Thanks for the link. I’ve seen it before but don’t mind to watch it again. I told you before … I can’t never get enough of JSW. 🙂

    I am glad you r enjoying Giant. Not only it’s a fantastic drama, you also get to see the best out of JSW as an actor. He won best couple with the actress in 2010 for this drama. 🙂

  427. 427 : Jennie Says:

    @sangjhoon & hhn Oh you two can ogle at JSW all day and all night long, huh? Ep 21 was totally frustrating for me in a way that I want to strangle Jae Ha (not JSW the man okay so don’t bash me 😉 ). He was so mean to Do Yoon, now that he has lost the girl (whether temporary or not), he has switched tactics and taking it out on Do Yoon. If I were DY, I’d give him a punch or two in the face for talking down on him all the time. He’s so rude and so mean!!!! But hey, DY was ever so sweet and when they had a meal together, isn’t he the gallant one? Jae Ha never treats JY so well before. Honestly speaking, if you get to choose either one of him as a bf or husband, which one would you choose? The old folks have always advised that it’s better to choose someone who loves you more than you love him, hahaha.
    @Charlie Oh wow you must have broken all records in your marathon. I think most of us marathon-ed this drama too but of course we didn’t have to catch up as many episodes like you did. Congrats hehe. Yeah, so glad you are on DY’s side and yes, they are a match in heaven and fusion food is definitely the in thing. Arirang won’t last another day if they were to continue with their age old menus, wonderful they may be.
    @Lily & Pamela Yay, more supporters. Please continue in giving us your opinion. You both can see how @sangjhoon and @hhn are so united in defending Jae Ha 😉 I need all the help I can 😀 You never know, maybe the writer herself (but I think I read somewhere the writer is a man?!) is in love with DY, so there’s still hope. We still have enough episodes to go for JY to fall in love with DY.

  428. 428 : Jennie Says:

    #427 I meant Ep 22 and not Ep 21 😉

  429. 429 : sangjhoon Says:

    @hhn….yeah i can u/stand how you’d been so enamored with JSW & need i say more? hahaha you’r e most welcome for the link! oh im sure most of u must’ve seen that YT link but just in case i thought of sharing it! woah wasn’t he adorable? so down to earth kinda guy eh? his mom seems to dote on him i’m sure!

    woah i’m truly enjoying Giant and love a couple of songs there & miju can she ever sing i was v impressed with her voice! i’m now seeing the two always running into each other & i can’t wait to see how their love will develop! 🙂 JSW rocks! hehehe

  430. 430 : sangjhoon Says:

    @Jennie – LOL i know hhn & i can oogle JSW to da max and we can’t seem to get over him! hehehe
    well i’ve been doing Giant marathon after watching first part of FOTG epi 21 & some gaps in subs i thoughtof waiting so i hvnt finished epi 21 till now, i got hooked on Giant hahaha! well u guys can still hope for a JY/DY love affair but i hv a strong hunch it’s not gonna happen, the writer is just trying to deceive us – yeah we won’t bash u – we’ll consider JH (not JSW) hahaha in this particular issue!
    yeah hhn & i are JH’s defenders aren’t we hhn? hahaha

    gotta see more of Giant guys so see u nxt time!

  431. 431 : OK OK OK Says:

    @ sangjihoon & hnn

    I have watched my very 1st RUNNING MAN starring Joo Sang Wook, Ji Jin Hee, Kim Seung Soo & Lee Chun Hee – very fun & nice.

    Now the chances quite high for Do Yoon will win Joon Young in the end.
    1) When Joon Young hesitating to tell Sung Do Hee she is the real In Joo, Jae Ha did not encourage her or help her to say it out…. this shows that he is not on her side even though he gives the excuses that In joo’s mum hv lost her memory.
    2) Joon Young return the ring to Jae Ha. 😀

  432. 432 : kdfan Says:

    @OK OK OK

    Thanks for the tiny glimmer of hope for DY/JY. I have not watched ep 21 yet. the ep 20 cliffhanger was giving me a heart attack but i am forcing myself to wait for the subs.

  433. 433 : kdfan Says:

    i was also just thinking that so far the encounters between DY and JY have been more meaningful compare to that of JH and JY. The tiffs, the touching moments at DY’s brother’s grave and the many times DY came to JY’s rescue .. compare to JH, the writer has been giving him scenes with JY that are not as touching and they somehow got into a relationship a bit too easily. maybe i’m getting biased .. but somehow that’s the impression i m getting that it’s going to be DY in the end.

  434. 434 : ok Says:

    no DY… i want Jh and JY

  435. 435 : OK OK OK Says:

    @ 432 kdfan

    You’re most welcome. Pls note, Single name under “ok” is not my comments. diff person.
    kamsa hamnida (pp call me OK OK OK or OK3) 😀

  436. 436 : magicaselly Says:

    It’s quite make me feel frustrated because JY didn’t realize DY’s love of her.. Every scene when DY through out his cooking food for JY or neglect him because of JH, I feel tears in my heart ^ ^ (poor DY… keep fighting!!!) there’s will be a moment when JY realize who’s her truly man and hero…. that time will come surely 😉

  437. 437 : Jennie Says:

    @magicalselly yay, fingers crossed that time will surely come.
    @sangjhoon, hhn and all Other than who gets the girl in the end, what really really bugs me in Episode 22 is the people at Arirang. Why are they such snobs and so unrealistic? If they had been doing so well, they would have been able to keep Arirang afloat but they are not, that’s why they need other investors. If it’s some other investor and not Sanarae to the rescue, will they still be so objectionable? Firing is the norm when new management comes in especially if it’s to cutdown expenditure or if staff is not performing and it’s not as if they are firing and making changes for no reason at all. Of course BH has her own reasons but that’s just another matter. in Joo’s mum acting as if she owns the place annoys me, the granny too and so does fake In Joo. Who is she to even make a pip? She should just cower somewhere in shame! I wish the writer will just quickly skip all these unneccessary scenes and give us more Haemil/ Joon Young or DY/JY scenes, whether they are having cooking demonstrations or fighting or just making out 😀
    @sangjhoon So glad to know that you are enjoying Giant. Told ya, that you’ll soon be glued to the drama, didn’t I? When you have finished marathoning Giant, you really should watch Salaryman. The plot is similar and you’ll soon be cheering for the second lead couple too. Difference between the two is only that Salaryman is funnier and more whacky. You’ll also see lots of familiar faces from Giant!

  438. 438 : hhn Says:

    @Jennie: I agree with you re: the people at Arirang. I tried to think this is K-drama land, but still … it just doesn’t make sense … :-))) I want more of JH and JY sweet moments (sorry DY: I don’t dislike you, I just prefer JH and JY’s lovestory) … lolzz …. They need a real kiss here … jk ….

    Have a great day all! 🙂

  439. 439 : sangjhoon Says:

    @OK OK OK…yeah this was my first time too watching RM only bcoz of JSW hahaha i luv JJH too & the other two actors i can’t recall their names only their faces hahaha it’s really funny & addictive too! am enjoying it but had to take a brk coz i’m joggling with these two dramas FOTG & Giant! however i sure will cont with RM as soon as FOTG awaits eng subs! 🙂

  440. 440 : sangjhoon Says:

    @Jennie – yeah many thnx for recommending it & had to stay up late watching it woah i dunno i can’t seem to stop! hahaha OK i’ll try salaryman coz i also heard a lot about it!

    @Jenni&hhn yeah i’m almost through with epi 22 pt 5 skips eng subs so i was a bit frustrated esp when pres baek was talking to JH all they had was the word ‘yes’ i’ll cont later! i agree with you guys why is arirang staff gave JY a cold shoulder? but u know guys i think JH is right, being JY as rep of sunarae wld hurt her parents but i guess she’s also bitter & resentful coz of this fake injoo!
    @hhn, i second that — i prefer the JY/JH romance & yeah kissu kissu will be great to see! i just luv the expresson on JH’s face or our JSW when he gets upset hahaha even in Giant drama when he gets angry his nostrils kinda moves hahaha so cute! i agre again i don’t dislike DY but he’s not the MAN for JY, i dunno but i can’t get too attracted to DY or Lee sorry 😉 hahaha

  441. 441 : hhn Says:

    Sangjhoon – JH knows JY best … that she is the most sensitive, but strong and stubborn person … He sent her a text the night b4 JY came to Arirang that coming there might hurt her deeper than she thought and he would not be there for her. He was making sure she’s well prepared for the face-off. He knew her well that he stopped DY and let her deal with the lay-off issue on her own. I am sure he has his own plan as he knows JY will need help later on. Can’t wait to see what’s next in the storyline …

  442. 442 : hhn Says:

    sangjhoon … Hahahah … I can’t help but LOL … you even noticed his nostrils when he got mad … hahahah … you crazy girl! But I love it! :)) Thank you for being such a wonderful fan of JSW. The guy is handsome, sweet … he is gorgeous but can be deadly when gets mad … that’s JSW! :-)))

  443. 443 : sangjhoon Says:

    @hhn — yes my frnd JH absolutely knows JY best, after all they grew up together before the separation from her bio parents! I noticed he did send her a txt msg but i luv his honesty telling her of circumstances she yet have to face in yielding to DY’s selfish mom! I’m almost certain JH will come to her rescue – me too i can’t wait for this w/end’s sub, mind you i hvnt finished i still hv part 6 to cont later!

    @hhn hahaha LOL i know that’s how much we like JSW, we cover every little corner on his face hahaha poor guy if he only knew there’s a crazy girl like me he might seek a bodyguard from now on! hahaha Yup yup yup he’s handsome, sweet, adorable, down to earth, gentleman, gorgeous like u said & we might ran out of adjectives to describe him and agree again when he gets mad can be deadly & his nostrils move hahaha! did u notice how his young photo on that YT link i shared w/you guys? so young i cld hardly recognized him, but already u can figure he’s gonna be handsome when he matures like right now!

    Jennie will surely teas both of us again that we always oogle at JSW! In Giant he’s also gorgeous! i still hv to see Kimchi radished cube but there’s not enuf time ladies! ciao for now! Go JH/JY JSW fans out there!

  444. 444 : sangjhoon Says:

    Jennie, hhn, Ok Ok Ok & all – hv u guys seen special affairs 10 with JSW? this may have been before FOTG & i looked at first epi & i know the genre is kinda like CSI so am not too keen in seeing ‘pim’ or blood 🙂 so i may just look again just to see his face hahaha

  445. 445 : hhn Says:

    sangjhoon … you will love him to death in TEN … yeah it’s aired right before FOTG. There are only 10 eps so give it a try …. remember it’s a criminal thriller so no romance invloved. JSW’s acting was also amazing therein. I am sure you will love it!

  446. 446 : sangjhoon Says:

    @ok yeah hhn & i and others want JH/JY!!! that’s what’s gonna happen here so whether majority of ppl are for DY/JY mian mian it’s JH/JY 🙂

  447. 447 : sangjhoon Says:

    hhn….i’ll surely look at it since it’s only 10 epis, too bad no rom involved but it’s ok i’ll bear with it and you know i want to see accidental couple where he was in it too plus chun ja’s happy something hahaha i forget now! i’m gonna hv a JSW marathon in betwn Giant, RM & FOTG hahaha thnx for recommending!

  448. 448 : sangjhoon Says:

    Guys here’s the link fr YT behind the scenes where JSW seemed v playful with song yu ri! 🙂

  449. 449 : ام عقاب Says:

    الدراما تينن وكل شيء والبطلة ابدعت والطباخة العجوز بعد

  450. 450 : uniqueshop4u Says:

    Hopefully the writer will change the story line that Go Joon Young will end up with Kim Do Yoon…grrrr…omo…omo gorgeous Kim Do Yoon <3

  451. 451 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    @sangjhoon, hhn, jennie
    hi.. hi.. girls, nice to see u again..
    speaking FOTG, i’m so left behind, now i just on eps 10.. to much drama to watch heehee, beside this i’m watching love rain, rooftop prince and equator man.. and just finishing watching protect the boss *again 😉 oh i love jaejoong so much*
    yeah you must watch TEN too, i know it’s not rom-com drama but it’s nice to see different kind of JSW..
    so you’ve not watching chunja’s happy event yet..?! i forget about the storyline but i remember there was JSW shirt-off moment scene hahaha..

  452. 452 : sangjhoon Says:

    @taraLuvJJ, hhn, Jennie et al — good to see u hear again tara! i can relate to you on multi watching kdramas, that’s what i’ve been doing these past few wks with our JSW hahaha i also just finished epi 22 pt 6 & i wasn’t too thrilled with JY’s stance re firing some of the Arirang staff, i hope she doesn’t continue to be a tyrant & go head to head with her bio mom!
    i heard so much about equator man & there’s a nice ost that i d/lded recently but still hvn’t looked at it, i am lagging on LR, RP and dunno if i shld cont with K2H either! oh i did luv jaejoong also in PTB!

    @taraLuvJJ….i am planning to watch our JSW in TEN and this was also recommended by one of our sangwook gals here hhn & Jennie i guess or OK OK OK oh excuse me girls if i’m getting absend minded now since i’ve been so consumed watching Giant hahaha! my goal is to finish G by nxt week hahaha! i think we shld call ourselves here among us Sangwook Gals hahaha! i luv the miju & minwoo love affair, they’re so cute together better than the gangmo/jeongyun romance! so cute when miju when they’re on the bus she just put the gum haphazardly into his mouth LOL so cute when he seemed to appreciate it! i still hv a long way to go & can’t wait! NO i tried to see chunja’s but not avail and even w/o subs i can’t seem to find it! where did u watch it? woah i luv that JSW shirt off moment scene hahaha, he also got a shower scene was it in G or FTOG? i’m just confused with so many kdramas i’ve been following now hahaha

  453. 453 : sangjhoon Says:


    sangwook gals – if in case u hvnt seen the link above cr DB feast your eyes ok? 🙂

  454. 454 : Elmar Says:

    This drama is very nice, I love it…..

  455. 455 : Micc Says:

    I am watching eps 21 and I am very puzzled! Can someone please kindly explain to me why JH and JY have to separate? What’s with this he couldn’t be in love two In Joo concept? I don’t understand! This drama used to be interesting. . . .

  456. 456 : Charlie Says:

    @Micc 455,
    This drama is still interesting. I think it’s more interesting than before, to see
    Mom and daughter fight. 😉
    If I were JY, I’d definitely get back together with my parents to enjoy all the love that have been missing in my earlier life, but I would not want IJ’s formal boyfriend. That would be like JY step into IJ’s shoes completely. That’s no fun. Also technically, IJ is JY’s sister. Although they are not related by blood and didn’t grow up together, but IJ has been raised by JY’s birth parents for past 23 years. You don’t date your sister’s formal boyfriend. Although they seems to be enemies now, but they’ll come around to be sisters in the end. Besides there is DY. JY will fall in love with DY, or maybe she already had. 🙂

  457. 457 : sangjhoon Says:

    @Charlie — i agree with you this drama gets more interesting each episode! I also think JY shld reveal to her parents she’s the real Injoo as you said to enjoy the love she’d missed all those years! I think if JY fall for DY only bcoz she sees haemil in him otherwise she wld hv already done so in previous epis! i think JY likes haemil or at least was v impressed with him for his cooking skills!

    @Micc455 – i myself was baffled with that stance when JY broke up with JH! I really felt sorry for JH 🙁

  458. 458 : OK OK OK Says:

    @ sangjihoon

    TEN is nice bc your JSW got strong character with brains – bc he cracks many crimes. Too bad – only 10 episodes which we find very very short. Not shiok.

  459. 459 : sangjhoon Says:

    @Ok Ok Ok

    hahaha my JSW i like how u phrased it my frnd! yeah i surely will queue that proj in my long list of JSW’s must see dramas! too bad it’s short like you said at least they shld’ve extended it, even at Dramabeans she’s recapping it & i think a lot of ppl are liking that drama too! oh i’m so liking Giant, his acting in this drama was good! i luv the miju/minwoo love affair no wonder they won best couple in 2010!

    btw OK OK OK hv u been uptodate with our other guy AJW in Lights & Shadows? i stopped for a while coz of Giant & FOTG but i’ll continue for sure!

    where’s our other FOTG girls here? missing you Jennie, hhn, taraluv and all!

    i hv to continue watching now Giant! 🙂

  460. 460 : hhn Says:

    Sangjhoon – I am here here. :-)))) Come to soompi FOTG’s thread and join JH/JY shippers. LOL. We are rooting for our beloved JSW there. LOL.

    Giant was a fantastic drama. I told you, you’d love JSW more after watching that series. Everyone loved the love story b/w MW and MJ and rooted for them. :-)))

    Back to FOTG – I know many people are rooting for DY and JY but I am not. I see JH’s love and passion for JY in this drama is not anything different than MW’s love and passion for MJ in Giant. Just like MW, JH may not the perfect guy in the world, but his love for JY is almost perfect. I can’t wait for this weekend’s eps. Have a great day everyone! 🙂

  461. 461 : Micc Says:

    @Charlie @sangjhoon

    Thank you! I think you gals are right, the fight between mother and daughter is getting interesting, and both JH and DY are more involved in JY’s life now because of this scheme. Still shipping DY and JY but can’t wait to see what comes next.

    Wonder why IJ’s brother still not showing up. Is he ever going to show??

  462. 462 : hhn Says:

    Micc, sangjhoon and all – The preview for ep. 23 is out. IJ’s brother is returing back to Korea in ep. 23. Looks like JH is going to tell him JY is his real sister. Will be interesting to see his reaction and if he will join JH, DY, and JY to bring JY back to her place.

  463. 463 : Charlie Says:

    @sangjhoon 457,
    Haemil definitely attracts JY. When JY aw responding to H’s email, she didn’t pay slightest attention to JH. She’s also physically attracted by DY, it showed in her reaction when they had close encounter. Also the scene that after JY found out the problem with her hand, in the kitchen, DY was losing her both hands and hugging her from behind, was so hot and emotional. Imagine JY finds out DY and H are in fact the same person?!
    Maybe JSW was intended to be the leading man to get JY at the beginning of this drama, but they two are more like brother and sister than lover. The game table has hanged. There definitely more chemistry between DY and JY. And storywise, to me, it will be also a right direction.

  464. 464 : Charlie Says:

    IJ’s brother is the only witness that his dad switched her sister with another girl. Well, of cause, DNA testing can prove the same.
    IJ’s mom is so stupid and crazy, I wouldn’t want her to be my mom. I like her dad though, he is a sweet gentle dad.

  465. 465 : sangjhoon Says:

    @hhn first welcome back — ok wave wave at you & all …. bogoshipo to u & others! oh i think i’m more in deep love for our JSW hahaha ok i’ll go see u at soompi i think i hv to sign up right? when i get home then! i can’t wait hahaha coz i know i got a pw there sometime ago! woah he’s amazing in Giant, i really enjoy the scenes betwn him & miju, woah their intimacy was artistic i luvd the kiss scenes hahaha – he seems like a good kisser hahaha don’t mind me i’m crazier than ever that’s why! yeah now i u/stand why i saw some postings on Giant board they luvd the miju/minwoo love affair! that drama’s highlight for me wld be the miju/minwoo relationship! i luv his chara as minwoo coz we see his 2 sides, the good & the somewhat bad cause he’s driven by his wicked dad, his soft side is when he’s with miju he’s totally a different person & his love for her is insurmountable – no wonder they won the best couple that year! i’m so glued LOL! my goal is to finish it by nxt week! imagine 60 epis, i’ve been doing marathon!

    re FOTG: i second that my friend, JH’s luv for JY in this drama seems reminiscent of his luv for miju in Giant! we’re JY/JH all the way! 🙂 i also can’t wait for nxt epis this w/end! see u again hhn & i’ll go to soompi when i got the time! also be a shipper on JSW board here on star koreandrama, that board needs us ok? see u there too!

  466. 466 : sangjhoon Says:

    @Micc, u r welcome and yes i think JY’s fight with her mother is getting really intense! hhn & i are still rooting for JH/JY love affair 🙂

  467. 467 : sangjhoon Says:

    @Charlie We’ve all seen & noticed how JY got attracted to Haemil in past epis but I still believe that if she finds out the real Haemil is DY himself I think she’s gonna feel ambivalent! JY from the start didn’t seem to like DY and we still hv to see how this drama progresses, hhn & others incldg myself still believe that JH/JY’s love is deeper than what others perceived! 🙂

  468. 468 : hhn Says:

    sangjhoon – Hahaha … you cracked me up everytime I read your post. JSW is definitely a good kisser. LOL. Remember how he kissed the second lead actress in The Thorn Birds??? … hahaha … I loved all the scenes b/w him and MJ in Giant too. Gosh … you won’t find such bf in real life, you know. LOL. Yeah u will need a pw to post on Soompi. OK I remember JSW page here also … ahhahha … I can’t believe I am everywhere that involved JSW. They have a JSW’s thread in Soompi too. LOL. Blame it on him. I love JSW!!! :)))

  469. 469 : sangjhoon Says:

    @hhn #462 Oh that’ll be interesting to see! I think someone mentioned here was it Charlie that the only witness to the switch of injoon that fateful night on the ship was her brother & am almost certain JH will tell him of this latest twist in their family since he’s been gone! Girl I can’t wait! 😉

    hv a grt day to you & all see u later

  470. 470 : sangjhoon Says:

    @hhn hahahaha do i crack you LOL i had to rewound that part where he first kissed her so sweet hahaha then the 2nd time around when she went to his place & he got beaten to the pulp by his wicked dad Jo — it’s been 4 yrs to this epis i watched and obviously he doesn’t know yet about their baby who shld be about 4 yrs old now! nadu me too i luv all the scenes of miju/minwoo, their scenes brks the monotony of their fight for than manbo construc etc. not implying i was bored with certain scenes coz this drama doesn’t seem to have any of those (boring scenes) but just to see how swt these two love birds are and the naivete of miju puts a smile on my face! Unfortunately, u r right we can’t find that b/f in real life we hv to clone JSW or minwoo or JH hahaha LOL BTW remember his shower scene? he must be v modest, he showered with his shirt on! hahaha wahhhhh

    Oh TB drama who cld forget that kiss scene hahaha — yeah he seems like a gud kisser, hahaha! i also am all over this board fr Giant to JSW, if u hv more to say about Giant let’s talk on that board from this wonderful site hahaha i nvr get tired talking about our JSW! hahaha OK i’ll try soompi later!

  471. 471 : sangjhoon Says:

    @hhn, i meant to tell u he’s got FB also which i don’t have FB yet! he’s got lots of photos there too by a fan i guess! 🙂

  472. 472 : hhn Says:

    sangjhoon: I don’t think he has fb. Those are all fan pages. But he does have twitter. See you on soompi! Have a great day! 🙂

  473. 473 : sangjhoon Says:

    @hhn you’re right it cld be from fans! i’ll follow him on twitter then hahaha! i post a msg on his board for you saying i’m waiting for you there hahaha Ok see on soompi if i can find my pw & username since it’s been a while, i may hv to sign up again!
    You too have a great day! 🙂

  474. 474 : Kpopchicken Says:

    Wondering if I should watch this 🙂 I’m already watching Immortal Classic and Strongest Kpop Survival (Which is a must, by the way, for you Kdrama watchers). And I started a bit of Fashion King and Rooftop Prince and I’m waiting for Running Man with JYP to come out, of course…So I’m quite booked. And the fact that I need to study for my upcoming tests…Maybe I should? Or no? [In deep thinking process]. XD

  475. 475 : OK OK OK Says:

    474 Kpopchicken

    You should study for your test 1st but will you listen to our advice??? 😀
    Good grade, better future. Earn more $ buy more K dramas to watch. he he he.

  476. 476 : sangjhoon Says:

    @kpopchicken — I agree with OK OK OK…..studies are more important at this point cause kdramas cld easily be distracting for you & as you know very addictive! 🙂

  477. 477 : Micc Says:


    Thanks for the update! Finally, we can see the brother! Look forward to the next episode! All the misunderstanding towards JY is killing me! 🙂

  478. 478 : sangjhoon Says:

    @hhn…. I didn’t hv a chance to chk soompi yet since I got glued on Giant LOL but I will make sure I’ll do that soon! See u there at that point! 🙂
    have a grt w/end everyboy!

    where’s Jennie these days? 🙂

  479. 479 : ام عقاب Says:

    اليوم الحلقة اليديدة صح مستنيناه

  480. 480 : Charlie Says:

    Ep 23:
    LSW is so handsome. Watching him is a pleasure. DY and JY look so good together. Hope DY’s pursuing will be succeeded.

  481. 481 : swift Says:

    looks like DY and JY will end up together, but since is a long running drama (32 eps), there will be alot of conflict, challenges, back stabbing in the process untill the end of the drama

  482. 482 : YeJin Says:

    Finally Jane is back plus JY brother… the climax of this drama is on their way now… im excited for the next 9 episodes.

    DY and JY all the way!!!

  483. 483 : sangjhoon Says:

    @hhn, i had to reg anew at soompi but still hvnt time to search for JSW forum, my UN is hibiscus23 what’s yours there the same i assume ‘hhn’???
    talk to u soon 🙂

    hello to u & ev.body here!

  484. 484 : hhn Says:

    Sangjhoon – I sent u a pm in Soompi. Check it out! 🙂

  485. 485 : lmk Says:

    very very good kdrama

  486. 486 : Micc Says:

    Don’t want to get my hopes up too early. Keeping my fingers crossed!!!

  487. 487 : Jennie Says:

    @sangjhoon Hi “wave” “wave” Bet you missed me huh? I had to be away on some urgent matters in Germany but am back now. I missed you guys pretty much eventhough I’ve been reading this thread and other threads as well when I had the time. Heeheee, from what I’ve been reading, looks like it’s gonna be a happy happy ending FOR ME! Just wanted to say “hi” first before I start my marathon to catch up with my one week’s worth of dramas that I missed last week. Be back real soon 😀

  488. 488 : sangjhoon Says:

    @hhn….ok i’ll chk it out, just too busy with Giant hahaha that woojo kid is so cute & he makes me cry in one of the scenes! tell u more nxt time! i’m almost done hahaha marathon with Giant!

    @Jennie….yeah we sure missed u and welcome back frnd! i’m sure u will hv time to catch up, i hvnt chkd if FOTG has been uplded & subbed? i’m almost done with Giant! u’r going to marathon watch too i’m sure!:)

    talk to you all, now back to watching Giant, i luv the miju/minwoo love story! hahaha

  489. 489 : Jennie Says:

    Episode 23

    Quote: “She’s the woman I love. Next time if you want to trouble her, get my permission first” Unquote

    Kekekekeke ♥♥♥ Do Yoon, fighting!!!

  490. 490 : sangjhoon Says:

    @hhn — i tried to log in on soompi it kept saying error, u must’ve seen my account to be able to leave a msg right? i dunno what’s going on anyway!

    @Jennie – wow u’v seen epi 23 already? u’r ahead of me, i’m bz with Giant LOL! sorry but i hv to say JH fighting! hahaha kekekeke

  491. 491 : kdfan Says:

    can’t wait to see jane back. I think some doses of jealousy will get JY come running to DY 😉

  492. 492 : sangjhoon Says:

    just started watching the latest epis & now on part 5, nice to see JY gets to see her brod who didn’t even recognize her (of course)! JY seems to be changing her personality in these last few episodes & i can u/stand that but i like the JY before who’s humble & urban-like young lady, i hope she doesn’t turn to be like the fake Injoo! I think DY is an obsessed young man who practically is a stalker! Still rooting for JH all the way, right sangwook gals? 🙂 aja aja

  493. 493 : Jennie Says:

    Episode 24:
    I love Jane. I think she is just what we need now to help make JY aware of her feelings for DY. Heehee, she was so jealous about seeing Jane in DY’s house. I really like Jane and it would be just super if she meets up with In Woo and they fall in love with each other! Quote DY to JY: I love you like crazy. Let’s get married. Unquote. I just got the shivers listening to him say that 😀

  494. 494 : Jennie Says:

    @sangjhoon DY- a stalker? Don’t be sad, friend. No, he’s always around her cos he has telepathy 😉 Didn’t you hear him tell JY why he knows exactly where to find her? Oh, maybe that was in Ep 24 and you haven’t seen that part yet. Anyway, blame it on JH! He’s always one step behind DY. Maybe you should give him a push eh? 😀

  495. 495 : hhn Says:

    Jannie and sangjhoon – LOL … Jannie, it’s good to have u back. We missed u! 🙂

    If there was such a perfect man in this world, it would be a combination of JH and DY – sigh. JH and DY, each has what the other doesn’t. It will go down to JY who will have to make her call on the man she loves. I prefer JH for her so here I am rooting for JH and JY. :)))

    The cook-off is extremely hard for JY emotionally. I understand DY’s motive to help JY, but he doesnt understand the real emotions JY is going through (cuz he doesnt have a good relationship with his Mom, therefore he doesnt really know – cant not blame him on this). However, JH knows … he feels JY’s emotions and begs her to stop. He knows this is too much for her. I could feel his pain when he looked after JY (walking home after seeing her brother). It’s good that they pulled JH in to help JY and DY. he cannot be close to JY cuz he’s an Arirang inspector right now … but his tips for her will be helpful. Cant wait for next weekend already! :))

    Oh, I love IW. Love the moments b/w him and JH. :-)))

  496. 496 : swift Says:

    i would like to recommend everyone to watch Kpop Extreme Survival, it is a idol based drama, the songs are good and the storyline is somewhat lightwarming plus some cheeky scenarios

  497. 497 : sangjhoon Says:

    @Jennie & hhn…i’m only epis 24 since as u both know i got glued on Giant drama hahaha LOL OK me & hhn are as always rooting for JH/JY 🙂 i agree with you the combination of JH/DY where u said each has one where the other doesn’t….i think you guys rooting for JY/DY will be in for a surprise, JH will end up with JY right hhn? hahaha LOL Don’t get me wrong LSW is tall dark handsome but he’s still not my type hahaha i still luv JSW sorry LSW fans! don’t hate me hahaha!

    i hvnt seen that part where it’s the cooking competition that you both spoke about so i’ll come back later to give u my f/back! 🙂

  498. 498 : sangjhoon Says:

    @hhn….i still hv a hard time logging in at soompi i dunno the prob! but as soon as i am successful, i’ll post something there!

  499. 499 : sangjhoon Says:

    @Jennie — ok i won’t be sad….but the PD makes it look like he’s emerging fr nowhere hence i get annoyed with that when they make him look like a stalker, almost like a ghost or a shadow hahaha LOL fighting!

  500. 500 : Suin Says:

    Am I blurred or what? Do I have bad eyesight. In my opinion, Lee Sang Woo has bigger portion of acting in Feast of Gods, much more than Joo Sang Wook. He kept popping out whenever I watched the drama…

  501. 501 : hhn Says:

    hahahha … songjhoon #499

    Yeah I am rooting for JH/JY all the way. If JY decided to go with DY, I’d be broken heart for JH … but that’s okay, time will heal everything … he can come to me if he needs a shoulder to lean on … LOL.

    The cook-off is coming up prob. this weekend. You will know what I meant when u finish ep 24.

    I already found your acct. name in soompi. There was a pm there waiting for u. It’s kind of slow loading the site, but once u r in, u should be fine. Let me know if u still have troubles. Thanks.

  502. 502 : sangjhoon Says:

    @hhn….thnx frnd! yeah we’re both rooting for our JH hahaha listen he’s got my shoulder too so it’s better to have both of us when JY decides to leave him for DY! LOL hahaha Oh i see ok the cook-off is coming & i’m on epi 24 so i’ll let u know then.

    re soompi: it’s so strange i know i got there the day i reg/d but now i can’t get on again! i’ll let u know & thanks too! we shld visit JSW’s board here too, that board seems lonely hahaha

  503. 503 : sangjhoon Says:

    @hhn i finally got through to soompi, i posted there already! i luvd the photos of JSW in that forum! LOL feast our eyes if you will! i also responded to your msg! thnx again see you there

  504. 504 : tc Says:


    Yes, LSW seems to have more screen time in ep 23 and 24 than JSW especially with JY. The writer is deliberately confusing the audience again with mixed portrayal of emotions from JY towards DY. In one scene, JY was clearly telling DY that despite DY been the most generous and warm person that she has ever met, there is still a line drawn between them and she will not cross over. However, in another scene, JY was feeling jealous about Jane’s relationship with DY and was relieved when DY came over to explain his platonic relationship with Jane.

    I like the way DY show his love towards JY. He loved her quietly and unselfishly all this while and stepped back to give JH many chances since he knows that JY loved JH and not him. However, when JY broke up with JH, like Jennie mentioned in 489, he did not hesitate to declare his feelings and his quote on protecting the woman he loves is so awesome ! There is still a tiny hope for DY/JY shippers and I am sure the writer will drag the suspense all the way to end of drama to keep the audience’s interest alive to continue watching the show.

  505. 505 : Jennie Says:

    @tc Heehee I just love reading your comments. They are so random and always right to the point 😀 As for JY’s feelings, I honestly feel JY will come to love DY in the end. She has just broken off things with JH and the writer is probably taking time to develop her part in slowly coming to appreciate and falling for DY. She can’t just fall out of love with JH and fall immediately into DY’s arms. It’ll be so fake then.
    @hhn & sangjhoon OK, we’ll exercise more patience and see who wins okay? Seriously, JSW is the better actor and naturally better looking of course. But as JH, I don’t like his character and I’d hate if a guy I love keep secrets from me (even if it’s for my own good) and I’d totally hate it if he still look out for his ex-girlfriend. I’d feel betrayed. JY must be a saint/angel if she can forget all these and take back JH. Btw, I also post at Soompi too but not often. So I’d drop a line when I go there. You will know it’s me when you see me hahaha. How far gone are you with Giant? Should be ending soon?

  506. 506 : sangjhoon Says:

    @Jennie hi hi hi wave wave howdy to u hhn & everyone here! LOL i’m almost done with Giant i can’t believe it, i had a marathon watching over the w/end i just cldn’t get away fr my compu – glued if you will!
    Ok re JH or JSW chara i agree i wldn’t want my b/f to keep pimil or secret/s fr me however if it’s for my sake i think being in love w/him i will probab be forgiving & understanding out of oblivion! hahaha i dunno am i making sense or i’m just oblivious of JH’s charac? Also i noticed there’s not much air time for our dear JSW these last two episodes & i was sad about it 🙁
    OK they say patience is a virtue so i’ll exercise that as you suggested but hhn & myself think JH JY love story will prevail! hahaha peace everyone!
    OK will see u on soompi then! i luvd the photos JSW got in there!
    Back to Giant – i hope it’s a happy ending for Miju & Minwoo & i wondered now after 5 yrs that their son’s gone, i’m sure he shld be 9 yrs old by this time but no sight yet of Wooju who is super cute in this drama! I’ll be finished by tonight for sure! I’m feeling some kind of withdrawal syndrome now so i may hv to look for the DVD hahaha don’t mind me i’m just crazy for JSW that’s why! see you all later!

  507. 507 : sangjhoon Says:

    @hhn, Jennie & sangwook fans on this board, i’m looking at 10 while Giant is still loading & i’m liking it already! woah sangwook ssi is quite good & tough in his role as a detective!

    thnx u guys for recommending this one!

    have a grt day to you all! see u soon!

  508. 508 : sangjhoon Says:

    @500 Suin —- same here that’s why i said he seems like an obsessed stalker, blame it on PD….this reminds me of that villain actress forgot her name in that drama smile, dong hae, almost every time she emerges and it was kinda annoying! These 2 last episodes were like that again & JSW didn’t have much air time!

  509. 509 : bigbang fan Says:

    oh my goodness, i really love this drama.. i hope JY will end up with DY

  510. 510 : JgBallesteros Says:

    when is the next episode [ep25] ?????

  511. 511 : sangjhoon Says:

    JH/JY all the way!

  512. 512 : hhn Says:

    Sangjhoon – check ur message in soompi. Thanks.

  513. 513 : Micc Says:

    Watching the two boys playing ball in episode 25, I start to understand why I don’t care about the plot at all! 🙂

  514. 514 : iammee Says:

    I’m really getting really disappointed as to how the story is going between joon yeong and do yoon but i am still keeping my hopes up that they still will end up together in the end Now I am starting to see the character of Jae Ha as somewhat annoying. Watching episode 25 especially while Lee Sang Woo was playing football really made fell so attracted to him. Yes, he was just playing his character as doo yoon but he’s so awesome! I hope that he will be given a starring role for another drama, I would like to see him being loved and cared for in another drama.

  515. 515 : Micc Says:

    It’s so cute DY kept trying to cook for JY. Good she finally ate his cooking.

  516. 516 : kdfan Says:

    i was wondering too if DY had to throw away his cooking yet again! so happy she ate it altho she was too sad to enjoy it. wasn’t there a part in preview where DY wiped JY’s tears? didnt see it in the episode though. i m finally feeling some real progress for DY/JY. I think she was looking DY at the bench when instead JH showed up. has she started missing DY now?

  517. 517 : Micc Says:

    Yea, I feel the same. I feel like though JH still have unresolved feelings, JY has completely gotten over him. DY fighting! 🙂

  518. 518 : sangjhoon Says:

    @hhn — just finished the epis 25/26 — can’t wait for nxt one! JH/JY fighting!:) OK i’ll chk it out on soompi! thnx sorry i’m lagging in there coz bz watching Kimcheed radish hahaha i’m loving this one too with our JSW!
    see you then & hello also to all Jennie, OK OK OK, taraluv see you guys nxt time

  519. 519 : sangjhoon Says:

    @hhn…i replied to your msg on soompi, pls chk it out whn u get a chance! hv a grt day – thnx also! see you there ok?

  520. 520 : tc Says:


    Do check out Don’t Hesitate – LSW was the main lead and he look as good as in FoG. There was even a scene of him in swimming trunk! You will like his romantic character in the show which ended happily as well.

  521. 521 : Charlie Says:

    I think in the end, JY’s mom will make up with DY’s mom and JY & DY will be together, they’ll become a one big happy family.

  522. 522 : Charlie Says:

    Yes. I also think LSW is great. I also just finished watching Don’t Hesitate. He’s so handsome and attractive. I hope I’ll see him a lot in rest of this drama and in a new drama as a clearly defined lead. He deserves it.

  523. 523 : dt Says:

    I have a feeling that DY will threaten his mom, if she release the information about jy mom to the press, he will release about his mom how his brother die………….because he loves JY and does not want his mom to hurt JY and her mother.

  524. 524 : Charlie Says:

    Well, I think DY will use his love to warm his mom up to makes her become a better person, and over come all the hatred built between his mom and JY’s mom. DY’s mom may appear as a not so nice person, but she is his mom after all. How could he threat his mom.

  525. 525 : jessiel Says:


    I had to check if the clothes in the preview match the ones shown in episode 26. That scene was the moment I was looking forward to watch. Then, with only 5 minutes left before the episode ended, I knew they’re never gonna show it

  526. 526 : kdfan Says:


    I checked the clothes too!
    I was looking forward to that scene for JY’s reaction which may clue us in to whether she will develop more feelings for DY. Wonder why it was not shown. I hope they will keep it as a flashback later on since JY has now pushed DY away unwillingly due to his mom.

  527. 527 : iammee Says:

    @tc says:

    thank u for introducing that drama to me. i haven’t heard of it.

  528. 528 : tc Says:

    Just noticed that DY’s apartment is the same one used by Park Si Hoo in QOR. There is similarity in both shows where the second male lead outshines the main lead and has more screen time and romantic moments with female lead.

    Does anyone realize that DY actually get more screen time at the football match? He started playing first before JH joined the game and he was better looking and behaved more naturally as compared to JH who playing in his suit throughout!

    In Ep 26, we are getting some clues on final pairing. JY voluntarily looked for DY in his apartment when she was down and wanted to qive up. She also broke up with him to protect him from been caught in Arirang fight with his mum. The best clue of her feelings towards DY was when she stared longingly at the bench which she had earlier sat together with DY.

    JH actually defended fake IJ when she was scolded by In Woo at the bar! JH only had 2 short scenes with JY in entire ep 26 and JY did not look sad and eager to see him at both times. My hope of DY/JY pairing is building up despite the break!

    On In Woo and Jane, hope the writer will pair them off. Both will match each other in terms of personality and have been staying overseas most of times.

  529. 529 : Jennie Says:

    @tc I was hoping that we’d be able to see some abs esp LSW’s during the volley/football match but ugh, he only unbuttoned his shirt. Yeah, definitely with you there with regards to JY slowly but surely falling for DY but I hope we get to see more of them together in the remaining episodes. I don’t want them to be apart for too long!! In Woo and Jane will definitely make a wonderful match and it’s funny that most of us connected them two eventhough they both have no dealings with each other nor have they met. Do you call this chemistry or fate? Heehee..maybe they both are so similar in so many ways and they both remind us of them both when we see one of them 😀 As for JH, I think he knows that he has lost the battle, from his expressions in several instances when he saw both JY and DY together. Yippee for DY 😀

  530. 530 : Jennie Says:

    Has anyone noticed how in the beginning both JH and JY will have matching colours in their outfits but in the last two episodes, we have both DY and JY in matching colours instead? They both look so good together. Btw, JH was such a jerk when he hit In Woo. Was uncalled for-just shows how much he is on fake In Joo’s side and how undeserving he is of JY!
    @kdfan and jessie Yes, so disappointed that the scene was not shown. Hope there will be a flashback of this scene somehow too 😀

  531. 531 : KD Says:

    I agreed with everything that TC said. In addition JY needs to break to with DY in order for her to realises her feeling for DY as DY had been by her side almost daily since she’d got her hand injuries (she knew but wasn’t sure).

    I think they will end up together in the end, JY will not go back to JH because her feeling for him has shipped to DY since she spent more time with DY. It’s been slow but it will be her true love. Also after she found out that DY is Haemil and recalled on what Jane told her Haemil wants to give up cooking for his lover and Haemil ate that mushroom dish she made; with all those add up she realized he did all those just for her. On top of that JY and fake IJ practically are sisters.

    I don’t think LSW is the second lead in this drama, he only appeared in 1-2 episodes later than JW guy. The first half JW had a little but more screen times because of his relationship with SYR but then the 2nc half belongs to LSW.

    since waiting for this show, I rewatched: “don’t hesitate”, “one fine day” and “the snow queen”, I especially love SYR in “the snow queen” when her character was a rich spoil girl; very natural from how she yelled at others to caring for others.

    well, can’t wait to see #27 preview as well as the rest of the episodes. Thanks wiki team for the sub.

  532. 532 : KD Says:

    Jennie, I noticed the matching outfits too; not just once though

    TC: when JY looking at the bench other way home, she actually hoping that DY is there waiting for her like he did

  533. 533 : Jennie Says:

    @KD I hope with the “break-up”, DY is going to make use of his identity as Haemil to bring her closer to him. I love him as Haemil and it’ll be fun to see Haemil together with JY. As Haemil, DY will also perhaps be able to mend ties between himself and his mother, and his mother with DH. That’ll definitely be a super finale if it goes this way 😀

  534. 534 : KD Says:

    @Jennie: oh yah and when JH asked JY at the bench if she’s waiting for someone???? He knew she wasn’t waiting waiting for him. Also we didn’t see JY has many flashbacks of her relationship with JH.

    sorry but JH annoys me, my first drama with him but am not impressed at all; from his fake laughs with JY adopted father in the hospital to pushing JY to marry him (and hurt by punching the tree shinning with his grandma and warning DY to stay away from JY). He acted and tried to be a protector to JY and blaming DY for hurting JY; he’s all about talking but no action….. Childish!!!!

  535. 535 : KD Says:

    @Jennie: lets all hoping for it and I can’t wait to see how JY reacts after finding out DY is Haemil and for those people at Arirang including his mother whose has been looking down on him…. And JH too lol

  536. 536 : kdfan Says:

    @Jennie: yes i noticed the matching outfits at least twice. i was wondering if it was intentional. i noticed more skinship too, like when JY and DY watching the guys playing ball, she pulled his arm instead of just asking him to go. And the hand grab from the arirang chef, DY was sooo cool.

    @tc 528: i was thinking the same too. then the part came when JY’s girlfriend (can’t remember her name) called both JH & JY to drop by her boutique to try pair them up again. sigh .. is the writer still indecisive. this is killing me.

  537. 537 : Jennie Says:

    @KD JH shippers must be dying to tear out a piece of your flesh by now heehee. I especially got annoyed in two scenes. One was when DY was busy preparing ingredients to cook for JY who was coming over, I was grinning myself silly with the happy music in the background but pop, all of a sudden my bubble burst when JH scene came and In Joo called him in the car. What a killjoy that was! In another scene, JY was missing DY at the bench and out pops JH with that box of chocolate and saying crazier things like “I know you are stupid..blah blah, nothing like a box of candy that will make you happy blah blah”. Even JY gave him a look of ridicule. What girl likes to be called stupid and what girl would think that having a sweet will make her forget all her troubles?! Sigh! If the writer knows what’s good for her, she’d better bring on Haemil 😀

  538. 538 : Jennie Says:

    @KD Yes, the extra skinship scenes definitely is pointing us to the direction we want the wrtiter to take! Pity the wiping of tears scene at DY’s place was taken out. It’ll definitely confirm all our uncertainties and that’s probably why they decide they want us to keep watching and torture us some more!
    @tc wow your memory is fantastic. If not, you must have seen QoR many times to remember the place? Heehee, I wonder if PSH has any new dramas coming up?

  539. 539 : KD Says:

    @Jennie: totally agreed with you……. I was hoping when JY sat down at the bench it was DY not JH,he’s trying every tricks to get JY attention but JY replied was “don’t do it again”

  540. 540 : tc Says:


    Me too! So disappointed that LSW did not take off his shirt not only at the match but during the shower scene as well! I also can’t wait for his identity as Haemil to be revealed to all especially to his mum who has looked down at him all this while. Let’s pray that the writer will have mercy on us ( JY/DY shippers) and give us more romantic moments between this couple over the remaining 6 episodes.

    I remember the apartment coz I had watched QORs several times because of PSH and came across the same apartment in Hooray for Love recently.

  541. 541 : tc Says:

    @KD -532

    Yes, JY was hoping DY will be waiting for her at the bench and not JH. This is the most obvious sign of her feelings towards DY coz there was no memory of JH been there with her in earlier.

    The writer is deliberately throwing in the chocolate scene and boutique scene with JH to confuse the audience and keeps up the suspense of final pairing with JY. So frustrated and I feel like strangling the writer for been so indecisive!

  542. 542 : tc Says:


    Sorry, in last line of first para, I mean in earlier episodes. Typed too fast!

  543. 543 : ام عقاب Says:

    المسلسل حلو مره يجنن

  544. 544 : KD Says:

    @TC: that’s why this drama is so addictive and of course LSW & SYR

  545. 545 : sangjhoon Says:

    @537 Jennie — hi again hahaha LOL u made me smile with your comment about the box of chocolates – long time no see here! i can’t wait for nxt epis & can’t believe it’s almost ending! gonna miss watching this for sure! aja aja kekeke

  546. 546 : Jennie Says:

    @ sangjhoon Hi 🙂 Thought you were too busy at S. ogling at JSW to come here anymore heehee. Seems that drama will slow down a bit after this. Saw the previews for next 2 episodes and looks like DH is still pleading “insanity” to cover her guilt. Really disappointing. I was hoping we’d be able to move on to rivalry between DH and BS, more JH/JY/DY/Haemil relationships etc 🙁

  547. 547 : Charlie Says:

    @tc 528,
    I agree with your analysis. Very precise.

    I also hoped LSW would show his gorgeous abs, but no luck, just one button unbuttoned?! 😉

  548. 548 : Charlie Says:

    If you like LSW, you may like Ji Hyun Woo. His new drama Queen Inhyun’s Man is actually pretty good. Recommend you gals to watch it.

  549. 549 : KD Says:

    @Jennie: wow you saw the preview for the next 2 episodes already??? I am with you bout DH’s insanity, too much screaming and I had to fast forward those scenes. I’m hoping to see more of JY&DY scenes; their reaction since JY told DY not to stay by her side.

  550. 550 : Jennie Says:

    @KD Yep, I read the translated previews on the Soompi site. It’s going to be a miserable time for DY too because of his mum. I hope JY will stay by his side like he had done for her in the past.
    @Charlie Thanks for the recommendation. I like Ji Hyun Woo too. Problem is I am also watching RTP, LR, EqM, Fas.King and lagging behind is K2H so was thinking to watch that later. Also Ina is not exactly leading actress material. Is she any good in this? Synopsis was interesting though. As for LSW’s abs, totally wasted that we didn’t get anything more but I guess it’s because the drama is shown during “family viewing” hours? 🙁

  551. 551 : tc Says:


    Yes, I like Ji Hyun Woo in Becoming a Billionaire but somehow was disappointed with his role in Thousand Kisses ( drop the drama half way). I do intent to watch Queen Inhyun when there are more episodes been aired. Just too frustrated to wait for new episodes each week, already stretching my neck to wait for FoTG,RTP and K2H! Hence, I will drop by at that thread to see your feedback first and if it’s good all the way, will definitely check out the drama.

  552. 552 : Charlie Says:

    @tc & Jennie,
    I’m also following up on the other three you guys are watching. But I started QIM anyway and find it’s less frustrating, more pleasant. With JHW, you don’t really need a A-list actress, as long as she’s sweet and cute. In Na is just doing fine. When I was watching Secret Garden, I thought she was great.
    When you are bored, try QIM. If you like JHW, you’ll be hooked by ep3. The first two eps may give you some motion sickness 😉

  553. 553 : Micc Says:

    Wow, cat fight 보다 dog fight seems more interesting! JH and DY! 🙂

  554. 554 : Charlie Says:

    @Micc 553,
    Root for DY. 😉
    I got so tired of JY’s crazy mom. She’s been getting too much screen time.

  555. 555 : kdfan Says:

    The plot move a little sluggishly in ep 27 but finally JY seems to be heading towards DY’s direction 🙂 showdown btwn DY & JH tonight. Cant wait to watch the outcome. DY fighting!

  556. 556 : Micc Says:


    Yes, I am DY all the day! I like JSW too but LSW is irresistible here! 🙂

  557. 557 : KD Says:

    from the last 2 episodes (27 & 28), I believe JY&DY will be together in the end. The way JY looks at JH isn’t the same as when she looks at DY.

  558. 558 : Micc Says:

    I meant all the way @556!

  559. 559 : KD Says:

    same here, I have been rooting for JY/DY from the beginning. Never saw JSW’s works before and somehow I just can’t connect with him; not his fan!!!

  560. 560 : kdfan Says:

    watched 27 & 28 raw not understanding much but i m also thinking it’s going to be DY slowly but surely winning JY over. JY hesitated every time JH pulled her away, JY texting DY, JY visiting DY’s bro & leaving the note. gosh .. it took 2 episodes to drag these. the writer is a sadist. hv to wait another 6 days and only 4 eps left. that’s too little time to watch our DY/JY confess, date & get married!

  561. 561 : KD Says:

    @kdfan: I too watched 28 raw but I kind of watching the way JY acts…. The hot n spicy team at wiki is subbing ep 28 right now.

  562. 562 : KD Says:

    also think think its the way kdrama does…. Dragging so much at the beginning then rushing in the end

  563. 563 : kdfan Says:

    @KD: yes i agree many kdrama’s plot fizzles out towards the end, maybe thats why a second romance had to fill in since its 32 eps. luckily we have superhottie leesangwoo, otherwise i might have given up. i m also very curious how in the end the families will accept DY/JY since the moms have such long standing feud

    sorry JSW fans. he’s a great actor and super cool. but whenever he is next to LSW i just can’t control where my eyes are looking 😎

  564. 564 : KD Says:

    @kdfan: 100% agreed with you; without LSW and SYR paring couple I could have dropped this drama long ago lol…. My thought is JY/DY go to England so JY can learn more about cooking. Do you remember in ep 15 when DY asked JY if she wants to go overseas and learn from more experience chefs

  565. 565 : kdfan Says:

    @KD: yes i remember and i hv been having the same thot that JY/DY will leave for England together too! that would be the only solution for everyone. i am hoping for a grand wedding b4 they leave 😀

  566. 566 : Jennie Says:

    Bawl..I want to see the next episode! I’ve never “hated” any scriptwriters before but this one really really kill me, especially with all the cliffhangers! The next episode JY had better go off with DY or else, I’m gonna pull all the hair off the writer’s head!!! All said, I feel a lot of sympathy for the fake In Joo despite all the evil that she has done. If she apologises and admits her mistake, I think I can overlook all her insecurities and hope that she will remain in the family. I hope she doesnt go and make another mistake by going over to BS’s side though.

  567. 567 : Charlie Says:

    To me, this 30 ep drama should be compressed to 24. There are haven’t been much going on. JY’s crazy mom still is not willing go accept her. If I were JY, I’d run off with DY and forget about the crazy birth parents. 😉
    I like DY making JY dolls. They are cute. JY will be impressed when she sees them.

  568. 568 : Charlie Says:

    Typo. There haven’t been…

  569. 569 : KD Says:

    @Jennie: totally agreed with you, I rewatched the entire drama and in ep 11 there was a scene where the fake IJ taught JY how to cook and I think that could be a happy ending for the family. I dislike the father very much, if he treated the fake IJ well all these years she probable won’t behaves like this.. Seriously I don’t blame her at all.
    Another alternative is JY and DY leave for England as in ep 15 DY asked if she wants to go abroad and study diff culunaries. Since JY had been apart from her family for so long, being recognized by them is good enough though.
    I am very upsetting with the writer for dragging this as kdfan said, also I think next ep DY will finally confests to DY. And I can’t wait to see JY’s reaction after finding out DY is Haemil as she told JH that she admires Haemil’s courage and his dedication to his lover; its actually HER….

  570. 570 : KD Says:

    @Charlie: yes I fast forward all of the parent’s scenes, just can’t watch them and the mom has been given lots of scene times. It should has been more focusing on JY/DY relationship perhaps for the next 4 eps… I am crossing my fingers!!!!

  571. 571 : KD Says:

    @KDFAN: we can’t be too greedy lol…just knowing that they will be together in the end is good enough for me… Btw: no one will show up for their wedding except Jane and JY’s friend lol

  572. 572 : Jennie Says:

    Am I the only one who sees the behaviour of DH in a different light? Fro what I can see, I thought she deliberately ignore JY at first because she overheard fake In Joo telling JY that she was going to make things difficult if JY insists on making trouble for her? Then when the relationship was exposed to the media, she did her best to protect both daughters cos she didn’t think it was fair to fake In Joo to abandon her (which I agree that fake In Joo didn’t ask to be In Joo in the first place and she was too young then). She didn’t want JY to be the Master Chef of Arirang because fake In Joo spent for time training there and was more familiar with the business (which I think it’s also fair). In short, although DH’s scenes are tedious, but I don’t see her as a villian here.
    @KD I like your alternative that both DY and JY go off to England together and built their own fusion Arirang perhaps and make lots of babies. I think this way it’s best for everyone and in your face, grandma! I really dislike how she changes her opinion of JY overnight!

  573. 573 : KD Says:

    I am with you all the way Jennie, regarding to DH, in the end fake IJ has been her daughter for the past 22 years, they can’t just abandon their child like that; they didn’t give birth to her but the raised her. I don’t understand why can’t everyone accept both IJ and JY at the same time. And the grandma as well, she kicked JY out and now IJ…

  574. 574 : Micc Says:


    I am with you. I think DH was worried that the fake IJ might hurt JY out of jealousy again so she really wanted to give IJ Arirang to settle the whole thing. And of course DH also cared about IJ, she was her daughter for 22 years!

  575. 575 : KDaddict Says:

    Do the parents now know that JY is their real daughter?

    You guys are so funny. When I read your posts, u r All complaining, rather bitterly, but r still all watching faithfully! Hehe.

  576. 576 : KD Says:

    @KDaddict: yes they are
    fyi: this is the first time I’ve ever made comments on any website lol… This drama is driving me crazy cuz of LSW/SYR pairing… Will def buy this drama when it becomes available on DVD

  577. 577 : tc Says:


    Yes, JY’s mum was the last to know and she publicly acknowledged this fact. However, after watching ep 27-28, I was quite pissed and upset with her mum. Although I understand her rationale of not abandoning the fake In Joo once she realized that JY was actually her real daughter, she overdid the protection part by ignoring JY. The mother/ daughter reunion scene that I was desperately waiting to watch felt like anti climax as JY practically had to beg her mum to look at her once and even after that request, her mum kept on stirring the taufu and ignored her plea until her task is done. Her mum did not even felt the hardship and suffering that JY had endured for the last 20 over years to ask JY to move in with them. She was more worried about keeping the fake In Joo happy! Honestly, if I were JY, I will be very disappointed and will not forgive her mum easily.

  578. 578 : KD Says:

    @tc: I skipped lots of the mom’s scenes cuz I couldn’t handle her creaming but after reading Jennie’s post (572), I made sense and I understand her action toward JY

  579. 579 : tc Says:

    Despite my frustration with the plot line on JY’s relationship with her mum, I am happy to see clear signs of JY’s feelings towards DY in the last two episodes. She started to miss him and even took the trouble to look for him at his brother’s graveyard. Best of all, it was the intense gaze that she gave DY at the cliffhanger which convinced me of her feelings towards DY.

    It was so wonderful to see DY started his attacks against his mum via Haemil’s identity and I believe his true identity will be revealed in next episode. Can’t wait to see JY’s reaction when she finds out and please PDnim, let the remaining four episodes to focus on the romance between JY/DY and I would have preferred for JY to go overseas with DY instead of ending up as Arirang’s successor. Some of Arirang’s staff deserve to be sacked with their lack of professionalism and subordination! How can the Sous Chef got away with hitting JY without apologizing and face disciplinary action?

  580. 580 : KD Says:

    @tc: totally agreed with you, even when JH pulls JY, she looks at DY before walking away and the ending with all 3 together her eyes had betrayed her

  581. 581 : KD Says:

    oh yah and how happy she was when she saw DY name on her phone caller id

  582. 582 : Charlie Says:

    The feeling JY had toward DY had been very clearly shown even in a few eps back. that’s the driving force for me to continue to watch this drama.
    JY’s mom’s attitude toward IJ and JY is a bit of odd for me. If she had loved and treated IJ as does she now, IJ wouldn’t be so twisted and insecure. I think the drama is trying to show JY’s mom couldn’t accept JY at once, but the process has been rather painfully long. It would be more easier even for an animal mom to apprehend the meaning of protecting her offspring, but apparently it is too difficult for JY’s mom to understand. “blood is thicker than water” proved not so true to her. I don’t think the parents should push IJ away just because she is not related by blood, after all they have raised her for past 22 years. But the mom should definitely not push JY away. I think JY is more hurt now than ever.

  583. 583 : Charlie Says:

    I don’t understand why in Korean culture, the grownup kids still live with their parents, even the adopted ones wouldn’t leave. Another show called Twinkle something also touched similar issue. But in that show, the real daughter was portrayed a nasty girl, and the fake one was nice one. They were both trying to stick to the parents. I didn’t finish that one, don’t know how they settled at the end.

  584. 584 : KD Says:

    @Charlie: I noticed JY caring for DY but the past 2 episodes chavez me confirmation, sometimes we don’t know what the writer will do next.
    I can’t stand watching JY’s family from the parents, fake IJ and the brother; too heavy, too much crying and screaming. I think they’re overacting themselves.
    #583: it’s Asian culture in general as a Vietnamese that’s how our culture is.

  585. 585 : KD Says:

    Can someone tell me what you think of the reason why DY made those dolls for JY? Perhaps, he will be leaving and leaves those dolls with her and won’t come back in a year or two?

  586. 586 : KD Says:

    I don’t think JY won’t accept DY til ep 32 because she will wait for Pres Baek blessing. She knows how hurtful DY is right now and he needs to settle things with his mom first then his mom will give them her blessing.

  587. 587 : KDaddict Says:

    @tc, KD,
    Thanks for the update.
    I definitely love LSW, n like JSW n SYR. Jennie wants to pull the hair out of the writer. I want to pull my hair out while watching this. To protect my hair, I stopped. Will come back to watch the ending. And judging fr all your comments, I did the right thing.
    You guys have have fun being masochistic! Hee hee!

  588. 588 : kdfan Says:

    @KDaddict: Yes, all the worms are out of the can where the daughters are concerned. Yes we complained and whined and then keep refreshing the sites awaiting the raw upload. these DY vs JH eps r making us bonkers.

    @Jennie: I agree that all those lengthy scenes to explain DH’s intention to protect both daughters are necessary for both IJ & JY to be accepted and able to carry on their lives as a whole family. There is no way DH can disregard IJ after raising her all these years. It’s believable for DH to choose IJ to be her successor based on merit since a person’s principal should remain regardless. But the DH’s recognition of JY as her birth daughter somehow took a back seat. I can’t help but feel some disappointment on behalf of JY. 4 eps is still rather lengthy. i wonder what else will fill it up.

    @KD: I am also dying to see JY’s reaction when she finds out about Haemil. And DY mom’s reaction, in fact all the arirang staff’s reaction. perhaps DY will be the saviour for arirang. our DY redeeming himself ultimately .. hee hee

  589. 589 : Jennie Says:

    @kdfan Agree with you that DH shouldn’t just push aside JY’s needs and feelings in consideration of In Joo’s feelings but you know how this PDnim likes to torment us and we fall for her tricks week after week. She definitely gets the prize for being able to frustrate viewers the most! Like you, I cannot wait for DY aka Haemil to reveal himself and shock everyone espcially JH and BS to their bones. I hope we get to see a close up view of these two people’s reaction LOL

  590. 590 : KD Says:

    @kdfan: absolutely since everyone has been looking down on DY and repeatedly calling him the youngest in Arirang’s kitchen especially the head chef and JH….
    do you feel JY may feels betrayed against DY for hiding his identity since she has been trusting him so much but he didn’t trust her enough to tell her he’s Haemil

  591. 591 : KD Says:

    last comment was for Jennie to CIS I have the same thought as you are

  592. 592 : kdfan Says:

    @KD: that’s what i feel will fill up 4 eps. highly possible the writer may separate JY & DY again when haemil’s secret is out. that’s probably the play on the words that JY has said to DY at least twice, once while jogging and next in the note – that she believes in him.

  593. 593 : Jennie Says:

    @ kdfan and KD I think this is what I am afraid of the most – that Haemil’s identity will jeopardise their relationship, which is so fragile. But I hope that it will go the other way – that JY trust DY enough and believe in him enough to let this go, that he was only helping her. After all he hid his identity not because of her but because of his mum and in the end, he is using Haemil to take his mum down, because of what she did to reveal JY’s real identity. I think JY should be happy and grateful to Haemil/DY and not blame him. Anyway, we don’t really have time for that, only 4 episodes left. Even if the writer use this, she can only keep them apart for maybe 1 episode?

  594. 594 : kdfan Says:

    @ Jennie: yes i think if there is a separation it will be shortlived. would have been better if DY/JY got together earlier and then enough time for a separation? but i think the writer knows the angst from DY vs JH kill us more than a DY/JY separation.

  595. 595 : KD Says:

    @Jennie and kdfan: I hope to see JY flashback regarding to Haemil; Haemil/DY ate the mushroom, the emails and had put his career aside: are all because of her and will forgive him. So far, JY thinks DY helped her because he dislike his mother but once his identity revealed, she realized that everything that DY has done is to protect her because DY doesn’t needs JY to help him with the revenge on his mom; he can get it done alone.

    JH has got to go away in the next ep, I can’t recall if he has ever done anything for JY; it’s getting annoying as he’s been acting like he’s the one who stays with JY through out her battle with IJ and Pres. Baek and when Arirang almost being closed; he’s all talk but no action but still try to compete but DY. You have already lost to DY without going to war buddy.

    I want to see DY/JY go on date (just once) because they have not done so

  596. 596 : Jennie Says:

    @KD Yes, we need to see those two go on a date! Not at the bench and not at the trees (although with all the lights, it’s pretty romantic esp when it lights up one by one but sooo spooky) but somewhere else. I don’t mind if we see them both preparing a meal together at his place though 😀 . And what happens to all the dolls that he made? We still don’t know what happened to the first one and he haven’t given her the ones he made recently either. Maybe he’s going to use it for their wedding cake LOL

  597. 597 : KD Says:

    @Jennie: the first doll DY gave JY is at her house right now, I saw it a few eps back and again on ep 27 but this time JY had it in her hand instead of JH timer that he gave her wgich confirmed me that JY has gotten over JH completely.

  598. 598 : tc Says:


    Yes, the writer indeed gave us a clear sign about JY’s feelings towards DY when JY was seen holding the first doll whilst the timer that JH gave her was positioned a distance away at the table. This means that she must be thinking of DY instead of JH.

    Hope to see DY giving JY the remaining dolls as I could not recall the earlier scene whereby DY gave the first doll to her. Must be at the hospital. Also hope to see the reappearance of H bracelet that JY gave to Haemil.

  599. 599 : KD Says:

    @tc: yes DY left the doll on the hospital nightstand while JY was sleeping but no scene where she actually took it with her til I saw it at her desk on a later ep

  600. 600 : Jennie Says:

    @KD & tc Really, wow, you guys are so observant. How did I miss that? I only remember seeing JH holding the coin which she gave him. Talking about JH, I was really pissed off when he started whistling that song. Luckily JY was more concerned about DY 😀

  601. 601 : Jennie Says:

    @tc Forget to mention that the bracelet has already made its appearance. I remember seeing DY with it.

  602. 602 : KD Says:

    @Jennie: I watch every JY/DY scene twice; alright I admit: more than twice lol…

    Yes, DY wore the bracelet while making the dolls at his house; maybe he’s wearing it right now but we’re unable to see it since he has been wearing jacket.

    This is the only drama I am watching now since nothing really interest me; I am going to miss LSW and miss chatting with you guys once the drama is over. Hoping that LSW or SYR have another drama soon or maybe when Lee Jin Wook drama is out; I really am enjoy watching LJW.

  603. 603 : KD Says:

    @Jennie: yes I felt the same about the whistling… Come on she was 4-5 years old back then and he wasn’t that much older than him. He keeps on talking like they were adults and in love with each other before. Same goes for IW, he talks like he has known JH and JY all his lives; he left home when he was young and just returned.

  604. 604 : Jennie Says:

    @KD You watch their scenes more than once? LOL, you really are into this two!! Am surprised to see you say that nothing interest you now. I mean there are so many good dramas showing right now. How can you resist the charms of hunks like Micky, Lee Seung Gi, Yoo Ah In, Jang Geun Suk etc ? I am watching so many dramas these days and I just added Queen Inhyun’s Man yesterday 😉 I’d recommend either Equator Man or Love Rain since you seem to enjoy romance. They are the best right now!

  605. 605 : KD Says:

    @Jennie: maybe when I am completely over this drama then I will try those that you recommended. My problem is I must into both male and female leads in order for me to spend the time watching it. Just googled the names, they are too clean and young looking for me lol; I am more into an older generation Korean actors (30’ish): LSW, LJW, PSH…

  606. 606 : Charlie Says:

    Wow. You gals love this drama much more than I do. You noticed so many little details. Now I feel I need to rewind ant watch it again.

    If you love romance, I recommend Queen Inhyun’s Man.

    JY and JH’s “old fling”, can’t be even considered as puppy love. Who would have attraction to opposite sex at age 4 or 5? It would be more like an old brother and a sister. So use that as the foundation of their live relationship was pathetic. you need to have physical attraction first. 🙂 that’s what have started first between JY and DY. so no doubt, they should be together.

  607. 607 : KD Says:

    @Charlie: lol….. This is the first drama that I am very addicted to and even joined this discussion board…. and am enjoying discussing it with you all!

    JY attracted to DY the first time she met him and even peeped inside his van and look for his whereabout. She also attracted to Haemil and even ignored JH when she received the email from Haemil; she felt connected to Haemil cos he’s DY. She had a crush for JH and that was it. JH has been playing the “childhood song” card to get sympathy from JY. He thinks he still in the race and said “I won’t let u go”; hey buddy she dumped u remember??? If she goes with JH in the next ep, I will drop it.

    Thanks to Charlie n Jennie for your recommendations, I will try Queen Inhyun’s man when it’s finished airing. The bf will b/b in town the end of this week therefore I won’t have much free time like I am having right now lol.

  608. 608 : kdfan Says:

    it’s very clever of the writer to bring back the dolls. thx all for jogging my memory, i recall now DY left the doll by the bed in the hospital. as for the bracelet, last i saw DY took it off when he was in the car and put it in the compartment next to him. i was hoping JY will somehow discover the bracelet by opening the compartment but DY has since changed to a different car in these recent eps. i m sure the bracelet will resurface soon.

    @KD i too am quite particular with the leads, if i like them i m more into the drama, or else i’ll just watch without thinking much of it. i am watching all others like Jennie, the latest addition being QIM which is quite promising. but FOTG is by far the best of the lot and has been for me since TPM. I like LR too but just for the acting, cuteness and beautiful scenes. LR’s plot is uncomplicated, nothing much to talk about. Since FOTG is ending, i too would recommend QIM as the next one for you.

    It’s interesting that you recapped JY has been interested in DY since they first met. Thinking back I think it’s very true. then it’s weird that they set JSW as the main lead, or seemed so from the promos but with LSW getting the girl in the end (no complaints though :D). i just thought that as a second lead, LSW got all the best parts – world-class chef, gorgeous manager, secret identity, mind you he even get to kiss SYR very early on, and how can we forget his awesome bod when he was at the pool. sigh i m going to miss this show when it ends.

  609. 609 : kdfan Says:

    @KD i forgot to add, if u don’t have the time to watch, u can read QIM recap by one of my favourite recappers at dramabeans.com

  610. 610 : Jennie Says:

    @KD, kdfan Oh KD, we’re all making your head spin with our recommendations and you still have to keep your bf company too heehee. However I feel I must come to LR’s defence after reading kdfan’s comment about it. I am very much in love with LR and definitely do not agree with her comment that it’s about just cuteness, acting and beautiful scenes. The acting and beautiful scenery is spot on of course but cuteness? Joon and Hana were both the epitome of cuteness but only for 2 episodes, after that it was all serious stuff. The difference between LR and QIM is that LR is a LOVE STORY and QIM is I suppose a combination of mystery and romance and the latter drama thus has more action. Safe to say, LR is like LOVE STORY, the movie and QIM is like BACK TO THE FUTURE, two totally different genre. Not saying that QIM is bad though, just thought KD might enjoy a simple love story and the leads are two beautiful and talented stars too but if you have the time, just watch both cos both are entertaining. And don’t forget to watch my on-screen hubby Micky in RTP 😀 😀

  611. 611 : kdfan Says:

    @Jennie don’t get me wrong, i do think LR is a great watch, just that it doesn’t make me want to tear my hair out like fotg. my eyes r blurry from tears as i type this bec i m watching ep 13 sob .. sob ..

  612. 612 : Jennie Says:

    @kdfan No worries. But Ep 13 is just sooo sad,huh? Me too, I think the last time I cried in another KD was Autumn in My Heart 🙁

  613. 613 : kdfan Says:

    @Jennie since the PD for LR & AIMH r the same, i had a fleeting thot if they will hv the similar sad ending .. more sob sob ..

  614. 614 : KD Says:

    OMG @ kdfan n Jennie: you guys are so freaking awesome; I had to spent the time looking up what show is LR lol; it’s Love Rain but couldn’t find AIMH on kdrama wiki hahahahaha…. Looking at the casts, I apologize but will pass. I think I had seen the main girl (i think she’s from an all girl band) in one of the drama awhile back; wasn’t impress with her acting at all. Just tried King 2 Heart and stopped before the 1st ep ended. Now you know how picky I am but appreciate your recommendations though.

    Damn I guess I’ll be bored for the next 3 months waiting to see Lee Jin Wook, Gong Yoo and maybe Ryu Si Won dramas… or come back to visit you guys on this page to see what are you watching 🙂

  615. 615 : KD Says:

    @kdfan: like I told Jennie, I watched DY/JY scenes more than twice lol and I paid closely to every details; JY actions towards DY from the beginning to ensure myself that DY and JY will be together in the end in order for me to keep on following the drama. I think I’ve gotten hit by LSW’s wave; couldn’t help but can’t stop looking at him. I noticed from the earlier ep how JY showed interest in DY and started to listen to DY to please him when he pretend to be mad at her even though JY said she dislike DY and in love with JH, JY showed her disappointment when DY said he’s not interested in her. Oh yah and the kiss; JY actually asking for it lol

  616. 616 : KD Says:

    I just don’t believe that LSW is the 2nd lead as kdfan pointed out: secret identity, chef…ect…he has more scenes with SYR than JH. Also JH has no story, i only see him either at Arirang, his work n a bit of his home, never seen him visiting his parents graves or even mention about them; he is just a plain chap with nothing going with his life but so proud of it. JH and JY have no place to call their “place” but DY n JY have 2 which are DY’s bro grave and the bench.

    One thing just came up my mind: did you all notice that JH had no confident in regards of his relationship with JY; he dislike DY from the first time he met DY and jealous whenever he saw DY and JY talking; even with Haemil as well. He had no confident in his girl.

  617. 617 : JYJH Says:

    Excerpt from Soompi forum in Joo Sang Wook Thread –

    Summation on the entire love storyline of Feast of the Gods… It’ simple. Joon Young fell in love with Jae Ha first. Jae Ha fell in love with Joon Young later. Their love was against all odds. They have to play a love masquerade to convince everyone that they fell out of love for each other for the greater good….. Self-sacrifice & sufferings to the end!!!

    The entire horrendous attack on Jae Ha is because the character “Jae Ha” represents nobility…

    Here’s another excerpt from Soompi forum in Joo Sang Wook Thread –

    JH got to be obliterated by the enemy camp. That’s their mission impossible!!! This is like QSD Part Deux in modern times! JSW is Seon Deok in JH’s form… DY is Bidam & BS is Mishil….
    (credit JSW avid fan on soompi)

  618. 618 : KD Says:

    JY showed no sign, emotion that she’s suffering from the break up with JH. On the other hand, she’s regretted, missed and apologized to DY for asking DY to stay away from her; some may think she’s done those things out of pity but you don’t go to that extreme (plus call, text, note) because you feel pity for someone.

  619. 619 : Jennie Says:

    @JYJH Haha, your excerpts made me laugh. I visit Soompi all the time too and I suspect JH’s fans are really grasping at straws now, huh? Maybe it’s a little too soon for DY’s ship to celebrate but if one were to look at the facts and evidence, it really looks as if DY’s ship will win the prize 😀

  620. 620 : Jennie Says:

    @KD Since you seem to like more “seasoned” stars, have you perhaps seen Deep Rooted Tree, Salaryman, Princess Man and Secret Garden? These are quite recent dramas with well established cast and all of them received very good response from Koreans and international viewers as well. I love all of them 😀

  621. 621 : KD Says:

    @Jennie: right on the target J

  622. 622 : KD Says:

    @Jenie: last comment was for 620.

    Yes, I tried Secret Garden and stopped at ep 4
    Salaryman stopped at 1
    Princess Man stopped at 3 or 4 (even though I really like PSH but couldn’t overcome the fact that the princess has to stay with that ugly guy (sorry don’t mean to be rude) so I stopped cuz I wanted the princess to be with PSH.
    I haven’t seen Deep Rooted Tree yet, I will look into it.

    I may try to finish SG and PM at a later time if I have nothing to do 🙂


  623. 623 : KD Says:


    I found the video is funny; esp at 1:18 and 1:45

  624. 624 : kdfan Says:

    @KD: talking about analytical .. u go really in detail! earlier on when it DY was still the underdog, i refused to let my hopes high despite seeing some little hints from JY’s expression. i didnt want to get disappointed. i watched the presscon & saw the promo posters, i still get the impression JSW was marketed as the lead. which made me wary of whether i shud watch fotg in the beginning bec i dislike all the shows i watched where LSW didn’t get the girl. now now .. i think it’s a little far fetched that she was asking for it. she was too tipsy to guess what was coming. but i cheered when he did that teeheehee ..

    i watched all the bts videos. u noticed all the earlier ones are mostly focused on JSW and SYR. now we begin to see some of LSW.

    btw if u r a PSH fan, do continue watching TPM. and oh yes, how can I forget Salaryman. it’s so good, had me laughing so hard. what a superb cast.

  625. 625 : Jennie Says:

    @kdfan Thought I’d answer you here instead of at the LR thread since we are talking about LSW. Yep, the three dramas which he had identical scenes are The First Wives Club, Don’t Hesitate and FoTG. I have seen some of the dramas that he has made but I don’t remember him at all – too minor roles or too long ago I guess. But although he wasn’t the lead in PE, he was smokin hot in PE with Lee Min Jung 😉
    As for main lead in FoTG, I believe it’s the problem created when they promoted the drama. Some sites promoted JSW as the lead, while others promoted LSW. When the drama started the network did a survey asking viewers in Korea to vote who they prefer JY to pair up with in the end (while at the same time saying that survey won’t affect the results blah blah). I believe DY won the poll 😉

  626. 626 : kdfan Says:

    @ Jennie I don’t think I can handle his PE scene with LMJ, I’d be too jealous. he is already smoking hot by just standing there doing nothing. hmm ok curiosity killed the cat, i will check it out later. oh wow .. am i glad they did the survey ..

  627. 627 : KD Says:

    @kdfan: I too almost drop this drama after the first 2 EPS seeing all the craziness atArirang but gave it a 2nd chance because of LSW/SYR pairing; turned out this is my favorite drama of all time
    @Jennie: agreed with you I didn’t notice LSW til Don’t Hesitate…… And how I missed you, was looking for you all day long…..where is ep29 preview lol

  628. 628 : tc Says:


    U should restart SG and TPM as both are really awesome dramas. PSH was smoking hot especially with his long hair after he came back from exile for revenge ( I think in ep 13 onwards) and ended up with MCW. Perhaps you should check out ep 14 first and I am confident that you will want to continue watching TPM.

  629. 629 : Cara Says:

    Dear Readers,

    I hope all of you are enjoying reading this thread! I am happy to know that many of JSW fans are loyal, have been loyal since day 1 and will continue to support JSW…

    Our actor JSW is the man to follow! He doesn’t pick on his projects for frivolous reason. He knew a character can give rise to controversy since he started acting. In the current situation, it is the internet medium that people misuse to achieve selfish agenda!!!

    Only a handful of serious viewers are watching FotG in its entirety because they are after the story! Most DY viewers are after skinship and kissing scenes for all the wrong reasons! Misconduct was glorified heavily in the forum!!! Irrationality pushed them to bash & trash on JH/JSW, on the writer and on the fans who are rooting JSW and FotG!!! This is absolutely a personal attack!!!

    In the end, it will bring down the entire FotG ship because of their selfish acts!!! The moment their idol is down, don’t expect any assistance from these fans! They will jump ship just like they jump JSW ship when the goings get tough!!!

    JSW loyalist

  630. 630 : Jennie Says:

    @Cara #629 Are you serious? I hope not but just in case, to keep your sanity, I suggest you go for a nice walk in the park or have a game of tennis with a loved one, instead of just refreshing the key on the computer. You need to come back to reality – JSW wouldn’t even know that you have jumped ship or not, nor will he ever. Just saying 😀

  631. 631 : KDaddict Says:

    Of all the comments on this site, that one is most scary.
    It’s scary for its off-base seriousness. It gives a glimpse into a mind that works very differently from most. A cold streak goes down my spine. Shudder.
    Please get help n get better.

  632. 632 : KD Says:

    @Cara: hahahaaa I thought I was in a wrong website. You must be kidding me Cara. I’ll keep it shor t because you don’t seem to be in the right stage of mind: pls do as Jennie has stated and don’t forget a hot shower too…………..

    btw: thanks everyone for your recommendations, greatly appreciated!!!!

  633. 633 : kdfan Says:

    come on, get seriously serious now. i have utmost respect for both JSW & LSW’s acting abilities. but they are not going to give 2 hoots if I gave a kidney for either one.

  634. 634 : Jennie Says:

    @kdfan #633 ROTFL :-))

  635. 635 : Micc Says:

    A very frightening word comes to mind, the one starts with a T. I guess that’s how certain groups of people could be trained because of how their minds work. It is scary indeed.

    @kdfan-633 Agreed with Jennie, ROFL! 🙂

  636. 636 : KD Says:

    here is the link for the next 2 eps written preview:


  637. 637 : KD Says:

    @Jennie: the preview is as what we expected, I think its testing JY feelings for DY

  638. 638 : Jennie Says:

    @KD Thanks for the link. Jeez, I was hoping that the writer wouldn’t take this route. Don’t you just hate it sometimes when you guess something correctly but hope that it won’t happen but it does? Ouch, this writer-nim is so unoriginal! JY better not take the longest time to come round!

  639. 639 : KD Says:

    @Jennie: yup…. I was hoping DY tells JY that he is Haemil at the bench in ep 29 before reveals it to the public; out of respect if you know what I mean. I guess the writer still toying with our emotion but at the same time, there are 4 eps left, let JY be mad at DY for 1 ep then they’ll leave together for England in ep 32. I think its the best for everyone. As of right now, JY is jobless; she can’t work for both Arirang and Swansea then what else is she going to do. She and DY can come back to Korea and visit JY’s family and Pres.Baek at time to time. It would be very uncomfortable for everyone if JY decided to be with JH which means she must give up her family to be with JH; JH isn’t worth for her to do that. JY had given him up when she was still in love/crush with him and even before she has any feeling s for DY.. JY is felling guilty toward IJ therefore she will not choose JH and her feeling for him has ended long ago.

    did you noticeable preview did not mention JH at all? I wonder its because JY goes with DY at the beginning of ep 29, now the story focus on Haemil/JY/presBaek and JY making up with IJ. I hope JH won’t show up in 30 when DY mads at DY, he doesn’t wantsto go away

  640. 640 : KD Says:

    correction: my stupid touchpad auto correction….. Not Swansea but Saenara (not sure how to spell it)

  641. 641 : kdfan Says:

    @KD i hv been looking thru the viki page but couldnt find the written preview. do u mind pointing it out to me?

  642. 642 : KD Says:

    kdfan: pls check #636; I posted the link

  643. 643 : kdfan Says:

    @KD aarr..silly me, i didn’t scroll low enough, thx!

  644. 644 : Micc Says:


    If you follow the link of KD’s and scroll all the way down, you will see it.

  645. 645 : kdfan Says:

    @Jennie & KD: sounds like we will hv the dating scenes in 29, don’t u think? i too had higher expectation of the writer but then since it’s the last stretch and with us seasoned kd followers (ahem..) i guess it’s not too hard to guess. so if separation it is then pls give us the sweetest make-up scene ever since i can be 98% sure now that it is inevitable DY & JY will be together in the end

  646. 646 : KD Says:

    kdfan: here it is just in case


  647. 647 : KD Says:

    Yaaahooo!!! Dating episode; I want to see DY asks DY out on a day and they both dressing up to impress each other; acting like they first met and having a crush with each other.

    I think us gals can replace those writers since we have such a strong vision and imagination in making up this lovely couple lol

  648. 648 : KD Says:

    grammars correction and typing too fast…. Pls forgive me…

  649. 649 : kdfan Says:

    @KD actually, bearing in mind DY’s mood isn’t that great with what his mom did, i dare not expect much. sorry to spoil the anticipation, but i sure hope we hv dress-up time coming too! I think u r right for the remaining eps the love line will focus on DY/JY. whereas JH will still be on his investigation into Sanarae to bring down DY’s mom. how about another ending version where DY/YJ are not planning on leaving but eventually both will take over their mom’s positions in each of the restaurant..

  650. 650 : Jennie Says:

    @kdfan, KD, Micc Running a bit late already, still have to check out what happened with LG with F4 still, so will be quick. I hope they will stay in Korea, maybe not with Arirang or Sanarae but both. If they do get together, their parents would have made up. Arirang will probably go to In Joo and both Haemil & JY will have their fusion food in Sanarae. As for the date, I want to see them go shopping, JY cooks for DY for once, they’ll have a little romantic two step dance at the brother’s memorial place, then have a super passionate kiss that will beat a week’s worth of dramas’ competitors away (LR, Equator Man, K2H, FK and RTP). If I can think of anything more, I’ll come back again heehee 😀

  651. 651 : kdfan Says:

    whoa .. imagination running wild. instead of JY cooking for DY, i actually wud like to see them cook together. the ratings hv not been updated and i m really curious

    btw, i remember i saw a fanmade clip (or was it the actual show, dont remember) of the part where JY injured her hand and DY helped her mixing the flour to make dough, and right then out came the song Unchained Melody from Ghost. had me LOL, they actually likened the hand-scene to Patrick Swayze/Demi Moore’s claytime. clever clever ..

  652. 652 : bibimbappp Says:

    the long awaited preview for ep 29

    link here

  653. 653 : Jennie Says:

    @bibimbappp “Squeal squeal squeal” TQ, you’re a life saver. From the preview, does it look like there’s going to be another smooch or not? JY looked pretty pleased, so I hope it is but what about the scene with DY looking from the outside window with the puppy eyes? He isn’t leaving her, is he?
    @kdfan I remember the dough scene. When I read about it I was so excited but when I saw the actual scene, I was disappointed cos it was too brief and the “feel” wasn’t enough. The writer has some brilliant romantic ideas but somehow it always merely flicker and not burn!

  654. 654 : KD Says:

    @bibimbappp: thank you for the link.

    I am hoping this is the end of he family drama.. Its has been dragging for so long.

    I have been wondering why IJ hasn’t exposes DY’s identity yet? Does she has something in mind?

    I am so happy to see DY is finally confess to JY..

    I too wish DY and JY to stay in Korea but that IJ doesn’t seems to let go and still jealous of the parent’s love for JY; doesn’t make sense because she isn’t a kid anymore, you only fight for your parent’s attention when you’re a kid. But again, Pres Baek will comes to her senses and accept JY and DY can peacefully stay in Korea otherwise we might have a sequel and I don’t mind seeing another LSW/SYR pairing; now I wish this drama is a 50 eps drama with the rest of these eps only focus on DY/JY married life and cooking, that would be awesome don’t you think??? Now I really am dreaming lol

    @kdfan: DY’s smoke hasn’t been great but I am sure he can still let us see his killer smile when he’s with JY.

    @Henri: girl I think you’ve got your wish granted; seems like there will be a kiss in Ep 29

  655. 655 : KD Says:

    typo: DY’s mood…..

  656. 656 : KD Says:

    damn another auto correction.

    last paragraph was meant to Jennie


  657. 657 : DEB Says:

    Luks like DY gets rejected again, Damn! how many times does a guy get rejected in one life time by the same girl? Anyway every thing seems bleak right about now with J Y’s indecisiveness. The overall plot of the drama depicts situations possible situations in life and the best way everyone in that situation would av reacted to them. Although I can agree with writer on most of his ideas i guess everything comes down to who we are and where we come from. As an aspiring writer i hope to write something that is as perfect as what Jo Eun-jeong the script writer has done. Thanks for the show

  658. 658 : KD Says:

    here is the translation for ep 29 preview:


  659. 659 : DEB Says:

    OOPs so many typo’s but the preview for ep 29 is out on dailymotion

  660. 660 : DEB Says:


  661. 661 : KD Says:

    deb: I don’t think JY rejects DY’s kiss, and I don’t think we will see the kiss until ep 30/31 as we were waiting 2 eps for the end of ep 28 scene…. Its just for the rating.

  662. 662 : KD Says:

    @kdfan: I saw the rating somewhere a few days ago and its great, I think in the 19-20%….. 2nd and 3rd place

  663. 663 : kdfan Says:

    @Jennie: the dough scene at an early stage when the writer was still limbo-ing btwn JH & DY. it was just enough to tease the audience dats y too short.

    @KD: 1 min my hopes got high, next it dived. so i watched the preview & repeated the last scene several times. i think … it’s a home run! if i m wrong, i’d be cursing for a week. think they will do another ‘cut’ on us like the wipe-tear scene? by the way, don’t they look prettily dressed up. it’s a date!

  664. 664 : KD Says:

    @kdfan: yes you are absolutely right about the dough scene, DY was still the underdog.. The last scene must be when DY/JY returning from their first date, and they do look pretty and great together. I too hope the producer won’t cut the kiss scene like they did with the wipe tear scene; I wd be very mad too.

    I think we will be seeing some flashbacks from JY in the upcoming 2-3 eps when she’s mad at DY and hope that wipe tear scene reappears again. I don’t think she will be mad at DY for long after finding out he’s Haemil, because she’s finally realized how much DY has done for her from being DY himself (healing hand, she might not be able to cook again without him….) to being Haemil (eating the dish she made knowing that he could die from it, withdrawn the lawsuit, cooking on tv…..). I think after all these,now its time for JY to chase after DY

  665. 665 : Jennie Says:

    @KD, kdfan, DEB Thanks for all the links and info. This is the best line ever:

    From DY to JY : From now on you come to me too, I won’t leave even if you push me away.

    And she’d better not push him away. It’s just another 24 hours more to go before I can see this scene 😀 And the kiss, I hope it will be shown but I am so happy to see the dolls. Really lovely pictures – yay, it’s a date alright!

  666. 666 : KD Says:

    @Jennie and kdfan: just watched the preview again, I noticed JY has the same shirt at her friend’s shop and then with DY at the bench; and as the same for DJ…. I guess no date yet.

  667. 667 : KD Says:

    @Jennie: remember at one time when DY drank those beers for JY and he said “this time I’ll go to you and don’t you push me away” and now the new line…. Gotta love it!!!

  668. 668 : kdfan Says:

    @KD: oh nooooo … i want my date tomorrow …

  669. 669 : Jennie Says:

    @KD, kdfan Was looking for a song when I stumbled upon this video. Since we are reminiscing our couple’s scenes, this video is perfect to help us remember all the sweet moments (not that you guys need it since you watch more than once but I do heehee):


    They are so cute, especially LSW, can’t help but smile when he smiles lol

  670. 670 : DEB Says:

    I wonder how DY got JY from Arirang without punching somebody{ coughs JH}. If the writer was going to let JY and JH end up together she should not av allowed JY to make up with DY. It would av been a clean break but then again we wouldn’t be here if there was no conflict in the show now would we?

  671. 671 : Cara Says:

    Feast of the Gods will become a classic if and only if Joon Young ends up with Jae Ha. Otherwise, the entire drama doesn’t make sense at all. Serious viewers will not take it any other way since we follow the storyline from the beginning. There is no reason for Joon Young to have it with anyone else but Jae Ha. Love is Love for Joon Young & Jae Ha…

  672. 672 : KD Says:

    @Jennie: thank you, I am so addicted to this couple (as you have already knew) to the point that am at the salon getting my hair dine; while waiting in the dryer, couldn’t help but checking on you gals and played he song u posted lol… What am I going to so when this show is over. I tried a few different dramas but couldn’t move forward cuz I can’t look at anyone but LSW right now. I need to get over this guy asap lol..

  673. 673 : KD Says:

    @Jennie,kdfan: happened to see this one too…wow, there are so many fan made videos for DY/JY…

  674. 674 : KD Says:

    OMG, not again…..someone is being delusional here

  675. 675 : Jennie Says:

    @KD Haha, I hope the hairdresser didn’t take any peeks at what you were watching cos she’d get hooked and forget about your hair lol. Very well made video, thanks. I love keeping some of these mvs on my phone because I love watching them over and over again. I have more than 200 of them on my phone!
    @Cara Doesn’t matter if the drama becomes a classic or not. We are just enjoying the drama, flaws and all. Then we move on to their other works, if any. This is one of JSW’s worst character but it doesn’t mean he doesn’t move on and we’d still watch his and LSW, SYR’s new dramas. JSW did very well in Giant and Ten and he will definitely do better if he chooses well for his next drama. Good luck- may the best man win and for me, as well as KD and kdfan (if I may speak on their behalf) the best man in FoTG is Do Yoon 🙂
    @sangjhoon What on earth has happened to you? Haven’t heard from you? Are you by any chance too upset with us DY’s supporters? Hope not. Miss you.

  676. 676 : kdfan Says:

    @Jennie thx for sharing the video. I hv probably searched all LSW videos in youtube in my current craze over fotg. His toothy smile always lift up my spirit sigh.

    @KD there is no way u can get over LSW. M telling u based on experience 🙂

    @cara i wud love to support yr theory but my heart is not listening to me. In fact i just realised i can’t find my heart, i temporarily gave it to LSW..

  677. 677 : Jennie Says:

    @kdfan O girl, you just killed me with your last comment ROFL

  678. 678 : KD Says:

    @Jennie: I hid in the corner watching these videos lol

    @kdfan: I love LSW more after seeing this video (attached below), he’s actually spending times giving autograph to each and every person ; damn he’s so perfect from being an actor to real life; so humble


    do you find his voice is so sexy???? I can’t stop but keep on rewinding the scene where he called JY and ask her where she’s at after visiting his brother’s graven the same as in ep 26 when JY told him to leave her alone….

    kdfan: now I believe you; it would be very difficult for me to get over this “hot cake”

  679. 679 : KD Says:

    @Jennie: how do you save those clips on your phone? I am a dummy when it comes to tech. All I can do is carrying my tablet n google or looking into my history searched, taking to much times….

  680. 680 : kdfan Says:

    @KD ooh i love his voice..but his singing i saw at youtube was so bad. I think he faked the singing. I like his eyes the best, look very gentle.

  681. 681 : Jennie Says:

    @KD I’m using an Ipad and Iphone so your mobile may be different, but shouldn’t be cos I know Apple will have one extra step to do than other mobiles. I install the Real player onto my computer then it will automatically appear whenever there are any videos eg from YT. All I have to do is download, then convert it from ITunes then to my Apple gadget and voila! I have it on my Ipad/Iphone. With other smartphones, I think as long as its compatible you just do a direct download without having to convert from Itunes. Goodluck! PS I can’t access the video link you gave. Has it been removed?
    @kdfan I remember watching him sing but I can’t remember where but I think he can’t sing at all. Well, he can’t have everything, can he? Aftter all God is fair, he has everything else! 😀 Another few hours more to Ep 29!

  682. 682 : swift Says:

    can the dolls be eaten??? was it made out of plastecine or flour/ fondant??? anyone ever received that kind of gift from guys???

  683. 683 : KD Says:

    @Jennie: thanks for the info, I am using an iPhone but never signed up for iTunes account. I switched to an HP touchpad cuz I couldn’t watch dramas on the go with IPad. Now think of it, I think I can just download stuffs into my desktop computer and transfer them over.

    just woke up and still looking for 29 raw to watch, not available yet.

  684. 684 : kdfan Says:

    @KD i can’t access the video either, it says not found

    @swift if a guy like LSW gave me dolls like those the last thing i wud do is eat them 🙂

  685. 685 : KD Says:

    @kdfan: just saw the raw, dang waited 6.5 days=9,360 minutes but for less than 10 minutes of viewing… Didn’t understand a word but from what I had seen, JY rejected JH completely and gals you’ve got your wish granted….. Now waiting to see the sub later today

  686. 686 : KD Says:

    I didn’t hear DY says “sorry to JY” when he was watching her from the outside at her friend’s shop

    at least DY has finally confess to JY and said he loves her

    I saw JH with JY again in the kitchen in the preview…. Man this guy just wouldn’t go away. I saw the adopted father too…. Perhaps JH asked him to come helps him get back with JY… I hope not….

  687. 687 : DEB Says:

    ep 29 up now at dramastyle.com

  688. 688 : kdfan Says:

    @KD m watching it now. apart from guessing fr expressions & the few words we understand i find a new way to enjoy raw is to make up the script as we want it to be hahah. what is find sad is what supposed to be joy and celebration of finding long lost loved ones turned out to be such sad events bec of one immature selfish person. it’s so one dimensional of fake IJ’s character. but i guess they hv to make fake IJ the bad person to create more tension with so little time left. i was hoping fake IJ will hv more confidence living outside the shadow of IJ, believe in her talent and focus on the competition. with her bitterness still strong, to me it seems as though the story has already set its mind on JY to be the next arirang master fr beginning.

    what i like most about DY is that from the beginning he always gives JY space. he is most sensitive to her emotion. he knows when he should joke and when he should leave her alone. its kinda cool how he delivers those last sentence and just leave. just another writer’s trick to swoon the female audience. darn .. it works on me all the time!

    @KD we r lucky to get 10 mins. so little time left and still so many more knots to untie

  689. 689 : kdfan Says:

    @KD sorry i stopped abruptly, i passed out the last 1 minute of the show .. swoon swoon giddy giddy .. I GOT MY HOME RUN! TWICE!

  690. 690 : KD Says:

    @kdfan: you’re so right on about fake IJ living in the shadow of JY. Seems like JH starting to care more for her. If he didn’t leave her and stay by her side, she wouldn’t be like this. Her family didn’t love her then the man whom she’s been loving for 10 years dropped her so easily, she has lost all confident and will do everything to hold on to what she believes is hers.

    I like what you stated about DY as well. He always does a little thing to bring a little smile on JY’s face and surprises her. Ahhhhh and the shoe scene.

    do you noticed that both DY and JY did not have the music on even though they had the headset on lol..

    ep 31 is when DY begging for forgiveness from JY. Why it has to be him; for once I want to see its the other way around.

  691. 691 : KD Says:

    @kdfan: 689; I am sure you have been viewing it none stop lol

  692. 692 : KD Says:

    and I want to see her reaction after that kiss lol, seems like she didn’t kick him and calls him “a perverted psycho” like she did in ep 11 and hope DY doesn’t say its an “accident” again lol…. I think she kicks him in ep 30 because of the kiss. Come on girl, you’ve got to kiss LSW 3 times in this drama already, maybe there will be another passionate kiss JY gives DY in the end, that would make up for everything DY had done/given her.

  693. 693 : kdfan Says:

    @KD the shoe scene was so cute, i like the way DY’s character always has this cheekiness. u r spot on that JH leaving fake IJ contributed greatly to her insecurities. if i were IJ i wud not be touched in fact may even resent the way he is trying to help now.

  694. 694 : KD Says:

    @kdfan: what I don’t really understand is why both JY and IJ wanted to stay with this crazy family and Arirang so much, what’s so great about this family anyway. IJ: from what I see this family doesn’t love you (and you know that), why stay with them and being hurtful from it ; just go elsewhere start a new life and be a better and happier person.. JY: you have found your family and having so much pains from it. You do not need to stay by their side, you were fine without them for the past 22 years, just come visit them from time to time is good enough.

    now I am hoping that JH will take IJ and move far away; at least gives her a little hope in happiness again.. They were in a relationship for 10 years; she even had the passcode for his apartment, it wasn’t a one sided love. He was cruel to her. JH is a good person but his thinking, action and decision making made him into a not so good person (am being gentle with word here).

    just another 7.8 more days, we will be getting all of our questions answer, 15 weeks long…

  695. 695 : ام عقاب Says:

    احلا مسلسل في الدنيا روعه روعه

  696. 696 : Micc Says:


    I didn’t really read all the comments but just happened to see your converting files to play on iPad. You know, you don’t really have to, go get AVPlayerHD and you can play all the movie files without converting, the other option is GoodPlayer. Converting into mp4 is time consuming and the file size is very big. Using the apps you just have to drag and drop in iTunes and sync or sync wirelessly. I used to do the conversion too but now is much easier and faster.

  697. 697 : Thara Says:

    JH-JY pairing ♥♥♥

  698. 698 : KDaddict Says:

    I’ve never seen a KD in which the female lead could have gone w either male leads for such a long portion of the show, 28 out of 32 eps. Both male leads r equally matched in physical attributes n char attractiveness. Maybe this is one way of hooking viewing interest: to pique our curiosity, n to get 2 ships going till the end! It is effective fr the drama’s pt of view, but frustrating for viewers!

  699. 699 : mbria Says:

    interest: to pique our curiosity, n to get 2 ships going till the end! It is effective fr the drama’s pt of view, but frustrating for

  700. 700 : KD Says:

    @kdfan: very well said kdfan….. Even though the story gets boring and annoying (family drama) to me as hell but I’ve managed to stay with it til the end. One minute I thought JY is in love with DY and the next she seems to still lingering to JH. Kudos to writer for confused/frustrated/tortured viewer like us. Am about to drop this drama but then I thought the writer has been toying with my emotion for 15 weeks already, I’ll let it be for another week…..

  701. 701 : kdfan Says:

    @KD 700 i think u meant KDaddict, not me. Yes well said KDaddict, til yesterday the writer was still flogging this dead horse. Its annoying when we already know at this point JH cant possibly end up with JY. It got us hooked for umpteen eps but now the hook is DY/JY which we not getting enough off.

    @KD i guess u want JH to get back with fake IJ bec there is nobody else who could save her. But i think it wud make JH’s character worse bec how cud he easily change his love then and again. He shud remain as a brother figure to both girls. I feel IW scarred fake IJ the most with the way he treated her. I dont like him at all.

  702. 702 : liana Says:

    To anyone who has iphone/itouch/ipad, you guys can download the app called “viki” on iTunes which is free. They have really dedicated subbers and the videos are really clear. FOTG raw ep would be out a few hours after the broadcast and subs would be complete not long after that.

  703. 703 : kdfan Says:

    Nice ratings. I think every time they up DY’s chances with JY, the rating increases.

  704. 704 : Jennie Says:

    @Micc Many thanks for the info. Definitely will give it a try, if it means less work 😀
    @liana Yes that’s how I’ve been watching this and K2H but I understand that it’s not available to everyone as it depends on which part of the world you’re in.
    @kdfan & KD I still haven’t seen the latest but I read the recaps from Soompi and I know, we’ve got a bonus too! Can’t wait for some free time till I can watch! 🙁

  705. 705 : tc Says:


    Share the same view with you on why JY should continue to stay on with the family when the mum seems to be more concerned about fake IJ’s welfare than her own daughter as shown during the family dinner. If the mum did not run out to stop JY, I would not have forgiven her.

    However, just like KDfan, don’t think it is a good idea for JH to go back to fake IJ. It would means that his feelings towards JY are so shallow which will make his character even worse off since he fell for JY despite having 10 years relationship with fake IJ.

    Like how DY was giving JY space yet protecting her from afar when she asked to be left alone by the two men during the first 10 minutes of ep 29 . Can see that JH was desperately trying to cling to her. When she rejected his hand and also pushed the timer away, it is a clear sign that JY already
    chooses DY in her heart. Wow, whether it is a goodbye kiss from DY or not, I am not complaining since we are so deprived of seeing JY responding to DY positively.

  706. 706 : kdfan Says:

    @tc come to think of it DY must be expecting the worse of his showdown with mom which was why he gave the dolls n the kisses that night. He also said i m sorry to JY knowing she will be hurt when he reveals himself tomorrow. Fake IJ may hv revealed to President Baek that haemil is actually DY. And this may hv given Pres Baek time to plan a counter attack against haemil. If she succeeds, haemil will suffer a big blow. Rather than be angry with DY, perhaps JY will comfort him instead. DY said he is really tired, he needs JY to come to him from now on. JY, pls confirm yr feelings soon. DY needs to recharge!

  707. 707 : KDaddict Says:

    “I feel IW scarred IJ the most….”. Who is IW?

  708. 708 : kdfan Says:

    @KDaddict IW is real IJ’s elder good-for-nothing brother. He knew fake IJ is fake bec he was old enough to realise that when dad brought back fake IJ. So he treated fake IJ terribly since day one.

  709. 709 : KDaddict Says:

    Ah yes, I know IJ’s real brother, but have not seen him on screen except on that fateful night in ep 1, n so don’t remember his name. So he grows up to be good for nothing! Well, DH raised 2 warped children then.
    This show takes the opposite tag of Twinkle Twinkle, in which the mom completely n immediately ditches the v good daughter she has raised n loved for 28 years to embrace the biological daughter who was switched at birth, now greedy n impatient to reclaim her rightful place. Either tag leaves the audience w dropped jaw!

  710. 710 : kdfan Says:

    @KDaddict i hated the mom in twinkle twinkle.its ridiculous any mom would do that. the mom in fotg is just too weak. She had one breakdown after another whenever it comes to family crisis. But funnily she seems to manage arirang with much firmer attitude and decisiveness. She is trying to please both daugters but ended up making everyone more unhappy.

  711. 711 : tc Says:


    Yes, I also think that DY already expected the worst when his identity is revealed. Can’t blame the poor guy for feeling tired – he has been doing the giving and chasing since onset and we are already at tail end of the series.
    I expect the writer to use disclosure of Haemil identity as the last plot in remaining 3 episodes to create the last angst between JY and DY before the drama wraps up, hopefully with happy ending for the couple.

    I was hoping for a romance between IW and Jane. Guess no time left to develop this love plot line since there are only 3 episodes left. Also noticed that JH has been sidelined now since he has so little screen time and only appeared for the first 10 minutes of ep 29.

  712. 712 : KD Says:

    @kdfan: am with you, I dislike IW’s character very much, I skipped all of his scenes; just can’t look at him and I think he’s over in those sad scenes. The rating, the reason JY hasn’t chosen DY is because of the rating; their relationship is the only reason we stay with the drama .

    I do have a mixed feeling @ JH getting back to IJ but I thought he could be the only person to save her right now. From the preview, IJ told JH that he doesn’t like her, she needs someone to keep her in check. Its so unreal for me to see someone who would throw away a 10 years relationship that easily. I guess I feel a bit related to her cuz I myself having an 8 years long relationship and I don’t think i/my bf one day just end our relationship cuz we felt for someone else. Maybe JH temporary falling for JY cuz he found that old feeling in her.

    I still don’t understand why DY didn’t reveal his identity to JY at the bench clearly knowing he could loose her because if it (I guess it’s for the rating again).

    sometimes I just feel like I wanted to snap at JY to remind her to treat DY better, like kdfan stated when DY told JY that she needs to come to him now cuz he’s tired, he’s tiring of chasing after her. I would like to see DY being tougher with JY otherwise she won’t treasure him and taking him for granted.

    @tc: am glad to have you to agree with me on the scene where JY pushed JH’s timer away, watching her having the flashback of JH giving her that timer, for a minute I was afraid she might still having feeling and eventually getting back with him.. And when he’s desperately trying to cling on to JY, this guy just wouldn’t go away. I want JY to tell him that it is really over between them cuz I see he’s with her again in ep 30.

  713. 713 : KD Says:

    @tc:at first I thought IW can be with Jane but I changed my mind, I think Jane and chef Kwon can be a couple after seeing he served her foods don’t you think. She can be his manager now since Haemil is “dead” as we see in 30 preview

  714. 714 : Micc Says:


    Definitely give it a try! It’s so much easier and faster! Plus both work with softsub files, you life will be so much simpler!

    AVPlayerHD is hands down the best all around player. It plays almost all formats, AVI, MP4, RMVB, MKV, anything. On rare occasions, it might have problem with some files and whenever that happens, I found Good Player works with those files. So I have them both. AVI files show beautifully on Good Player! Well, you have to try it to know what I am talking about. Usually what file format do you have before you convert to mp4 for iOS?

    I know I could go on and on with this, but I too was converting files before, and when I needed to convert a whole drama, it took me overnight! And took up a lot of space, even though I have a 64G iPad. Now it’s just a few clicks! 🙂

  715. 715 : kdfan Says:

    @tc & KD: it was worth a thot having a love line btwn IW & Jane around the time he was back in Korea to spice things up. too bad the show did not go this path. but IW is such a bum, jobless, moneyless and sings badly. urgh .. Jane deserves better. in the beginning i was afraid Jane was harboring feelings for haemil. luckily it wasnt the case.

    @KD i agree JH broke off with IJ too quickly, i did not believe it was realistic too. i think it was likely the show has already had a second romance or the 2 guys over JY storyline in mind. so they had to quickly get JH together with JY then break them up to get to the parts when they started driving us nuts. it worked for me though coz when they broke up was when i started getting more interested in the show.

    i feel bad for JH who keeps trying to win JY back but getting pushed further and further away. apart from breaking off with IJ, JH is really a nice guy. but still every time he goes after JY, i tense up because i fear the 2% chance of the show springing a surprise on us even when its nearing the end.

  716. 716 : Jennie Says:

    @Micc I checked out the AVPlayerHD and it looks interesting. Did not have time to read up much about it although I noticed that there were some hiccups with some users. Most of my files are AVI before conversion but if this apps makes my life easier, and since it worked for you, I’ll definitely give it a try. Will keep you informed. Thanks a million 😀

  717. 717 : kdfan Says:

    @Jennie still haven’t watch yet? pali pali .. ep 30 is up!

  718. 718 : seattlebabe Says:

    I think its good IJ will finally prove her worth as chef at Sanarae instead of doing one upmanship with JY at Arirang.

    Now is she going to do what happened before with BS bidding her to go back to Arirang to finally deliver her last attempt to destroy it ? This is the last chance for IJ’s redemption to stop that cycle . She should use that chance instead to shine on her own . I think she will do that specially after her confrontation with JH. And most probably ,JH will see her again for her true self.

    As far as our OTP :DY-JY is concerned ,they should do their own food show now. Its going to be a novelty -Lovers , but better as husband and wife. Maybe later with their kids . “Family that cooks together last forever”-how about that Ms Writer ?

  719. 719 : seattlebabe Says:

    Also if the writer wants she can do some time skip for DY and YJ to bring their kids to the two grandmas to keep them busy and stop quarelling. Then they all watch on TV the two having their shows .

  720. 720 : KD Says:

    @seattlebabe: seriously I was thinking of IJ works at Sanarae and JY at Arirang so there will be no more fighting.. I guess like myself you want a sequel just about DY/JY as a family with kids huh….

    @kdfan: its surprised me as well when Jennie said she hasn’t seen ep 29 yet lol

    my heart was beating so fast even before Haemil removes his mask. So far this is the only ep that worth the time waiting for it, I didn’t have to skip that much

  721. 721 : kdfan Says:

    @KD: what a heart thumping episode. DY recharged! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  722. 722 : Jennie Says:

    @KD & kdfan Whew, finally caught up with you guys. Have been thinking about the drama the whole day but just couldn’t watch it. Alas, weelll, that was one good kiss, and a daebak second kiss and after reading Ep 30, I’m grinning like one who just won the lottery (even though I was mad as ****when Man.City scored in the last couple of mins haha but JY/DY more than made up for it 😉 ). Can’t wait for the subs now!! One question, I read earlier about In Woo being the bad guy. Why? I don’t see him as the bad guy at all. I thought his reactions are only normal. After all you can’t force him to like someone whom he knows for certain isn’t his sister? Why should he just accept her blindly? And it wasn’t as if he did anything evil to her? I would dislike InJoo too if I was banished by my father to another country for years just because! Or did I miss something? Must confess I fast forwarded most of DH scenes cos I got tired with her “considerations” and “misconsiderations”.
    @seatlebabe I really like your idea about the fake InJoo using the opportunity to redeem herself. Then we don’t have to see her and JH in the final episode. I want to see more and much more of DY/Haemil & JY and them making babies and all. Their kids are going to be such beautiful kids 😀

  723. 723 : kdfan Says:

    @Jennie its a hectic weekend, mother’s day n all but nothing comes btwn me n the last 4 eps. glad u caught up! I dislike IW partly bec he bums around and partly bec what IJ said abt him is true that she was just 5 yrs old, hardly able to understand her situation then to decide what she should do. If IW hated her at that point it’s understandable but 22 yrs after, he still treated her the same way. he could have persuaded IJ to reveal the truth better than taunting and belittling her.

    maybe those dolls r DY’s hint of the little DY and little JY he has been thinking of. hope we get to see real ones in the show 🙂

  724. 724 : janice Says:

    Jennie is absolutely right about In Woo. She didn’t miss anything. In Woo was VERY close to his sister. His parents forced another child to take his sister’s place. There is no way he was going to accept it. Then the parents sent him away. That is abandonment. He not only lost his sister, he lost his parents too. As the fake IJ grew up, they catered to her insecurities by never allowing IW to come home. He represented the truth of what had happened and none of them wanted to face the truth. So, how can he be the bad guy?

    More DY/JY==I LOVE it!!!!!

  725. 725 : kdfan Says:

    subs r out. gosh it’s so fast!

  726. 726 : seattlebabe Says:

    If IW bullied a 5 years old then , let us remember he was also a little kid then. Kids see the truth as @ Janice said .They do not like to tell and live a lie until they were told to do so.That is what IW resented the most . He too suffered with that family secret.

    The drama played out a lot of childhood dramas -but individuals have different takes on what they have had in their lives. JY wasn’t miserable with her own pitiful childhood. She grew up loving her “father”. She did not blame anyone. In fact she used her lacking resources and love to go on and survive .She knew that if life threw her lemons she made lemonade -that is why she had a happy and fighting disposition though in a positive way. I saw DY on the same survival mode as JY -he proved himself as Haemil though there was revenge in his mind,I think his heart yearned for his mother recognizing him for what he is one day.

    Btw,DY’s adopted name Haemil means the “clear blue sky after the rain”. His name signify something good will happen to him after the storm had passed away . Of course I see JY weathering that storm with him.

  727. 727 : KD Says:

    @Jennie and Janice: I felt the same regarding to IW, kdfan thank you, you took the words right out of my mouth 🙂

    @Jennie: didn’t watch the game, I dislike Man City too especially that Balotelli guy. Am a huge Barca fan, I got laughed at after telling people the only sport I watch is soccer cuz soccer isn’t popular in the States.

  728. 728 : KD Says:

    IJ is being selfish for not accepting JY.

  729. 729 : Micc Says:

    If most of your files are AVI, Good Player is really good. The resolution came out beautifully!

    For those who type on an iPhone and was bothered by the sidebar, swipe to the right and you will get the whole screen for typing.

  730. 730 : jolia Says:

    after the storm had passed away . Of course I see JY weathering that storm with him.

  731. 731 : Jennie Says:

    @KD Haha, at least someone knew what I was rambling about. Didn’t watch the game but my husband was, so I had half a ear on the tv and the other half on my drama cos I thought my team Man U had a chance of winning the title. Drats! Ohhhh, I could cheerfully strangle the fake In Joo. She should be so thankful that the family still accepts her despite everything instead of being such a pain. I want to sympathize with her but she makes it difficult. I actually have mixed feelings about JH getting back together with InJoo. I thought it was nice gesture of In Joo to return the ring to grandma. After all I don’t think she ever had any real feelings for him. If she did, she should have told him about her situation instead of letting him believe that she was the real InJoo. As for JH, he would be fickle if he goes back to her again so soon.

  732. 732 : Jennie Says:

    @KD Haha, at least someone knew what I was rambling about. Didn’t watch the game but my husband was, so I had half a ear on the tv and the other half on my drama cos I thought my team Man U had a chance of winning the title. I like Barca too. Drats! Ohhhh, I could cheerfully strangle the fake In Joo. She should be so thankful that the family still accepts her despite everything instead of being such a pain. I want to sympathize with her but she makes it difficult. I actually have mixed feelings about JH getting back together with InJoo. I thought it was nice gesture of In Joo to return the ring to grandma. After all I don’t think she ever had any real feelings for him. If she did, she should have told him about her situation instead of letting him go on believing that she was the real InJoo without feeling guilty. As for JH, he would be fickle if he goes back to her again so soon. And the grandma- she’s one person whom I really dislike. She thinks she’s right all the time. First grandma that I dislike in a KD! Ok, subs are out so back to watching 🙂
    P.S. Thanks for the tip on the Share Box. At least now I don’t have to shrink the page to see what I’ve typed 🙂

  733. 733 : Jennie Says:

    Sorry about the double post. Accidenally hit the submt button and thought I managed to stop it in time. Apparently not as it appeared later. The PS is for Micc. 🙂

  734. 734 : Jennie Says:

    I wish :

    1. When DY asked JY to kick him after the kiss, I wish JY would have kissed him instead.
    2. To see them both on the white satin bed (where DY text JY) in the final episode.
    3. That JY would have recognised DY from the bracelet before he removed the mask. That would have been so much dramatic.

    I also wish that there will be less In Joo. Jae Ha and family scenes in the next two episodes. I just want to see JY and Do Yoon only!

  735. 735 : KD Says:

    @Jennie:hahaha believe it or not you’re the first female (outside family memeber) I talked soccer with lol….
    am with you, I dislike the grandma for being such a selfish person.
    after this ep with sub here are my thoughts:

    I love it when DY asked JY to kick him for kissing her again and closed his eyes, how can you kick such an adorable face. I have never seen a man who looks so good wearing white pants.

    I wish JY after finding out Haemil is DY even though she’s in title to be mad at DY but with the flashbacks she had, she could have said thank you and being more appreciated for everything that DY has done for him. I forgave her after she went to DY’s apt and comforted him when he needed the most. I was hoping JY gives DY a huge big hug though.

    oh Pres. Baek, why don’t you just admit your fault and move on with your only son to be a family again.

    JH: still don’t understand him at all. Didn’t JY rejected him but still doesn’t want to give it up. Its so difficult for me to watch him still calling JY’s adopted father “FATHER”; don’t you you understand the word NO??? I was so glad hearing JY telling him that she doesn’t to in debt to him anymore.. It was so childish for him to yell at DY that he and JY were together.

    IJ: glad she has comes to her senses and finally just being who she is. I dislike her but having sympathy for her at the same time.

    the family: have no words cuz I skipped them all.

    Jane: I love her, at first I was afraid she’s going to be an evil person but so glad that she’s on DY/JY side and for being a cubic love to this couple

    well, just one more week left and I can’t wait to see the finale

  736. 736 : KD Says:

    @Jennie: you and I have so many wishes for this drama lol…. Great mind thinks the same…..

  737. 737 : KD Says:

    @Jennie: yes , I wish for once JY makes the move; not DY… Poor guy I saw JY has a flashback @ the kiss but then he blew it for revealing his identity, now its the pay back time again for DY.

    Please… Pretty please I want to see DY and JY holding hand wa,king down the road together

  738. 738 : KD Says:

    btw: that was a long kiss a***** I’ve counted @ 25 secs lol

  739. 739 : kdfan Says:

    @KD & Jennie i love all yr wishes n hope they all come true. I wish to add mine which is another 25 second kiss n pls make it a passionate one. The one yesterday was great but for the next one, DY pls dont hold back and JY, it’s time to stake yr claim. Pls demonstrate yr love to DY. U hv only 2 eps left!!

  740. 740 : kdfan Says:

    Looks like we hv another hottie SSH for the new drama replacing fotg. I m not sure if i like his pairing with PMY but i most likely will give it a try.

  741. 741 : swift Says:

    gonna miss this drama once it ends next week, huk huk huk………
    especially gonna miss DY………..

  742. 742 : kdfan Says:

    @swift me too… sob sob

  743. 743 : KD Says:

    @kdfan: what is SSH lol????

  744. 744 : KD Says:

    @kdfan: when I saw the kissing scene I can’t help but thinking of you cuz I know you’re going crazy about it lol…. Like Jennie, I just when JY would be the one who makes the move

  745. 745 : KD Says:

    I was thinking since everyone has seen Haemil’s face and how gorgeous he is; JY its time for you to chase after this man otherwise so many girls are going after him and you have no chance to compete .

    just another wish of mine is another 3 eps where JY chasing after DY for his attention , I wanted her to recognize and treasure this great man and compete for his love even though I love her

  746. 746 : kdfan Says:

    @KD it’s song seung hoon. I think u will like him since u like matured actors. Check him out!

  747. 747 : kdfan Says:

    i like that they brought back JY’s adopted dad. His scenes with JY is always funny and it also brought our JY’s original character which i like. The restaurant scene shows how JH who knows JY from her hometown days is closer to her and able to bring out her natural self. If DY was there he would be more jealous than his slightly jealous expresseion outside the club when JY arrived with JH.

    I m feeling more sympathy for IJ in this episode. I think she is a very promising actress too, i like her drunk scene. And i like her clothes better then JY’s sometimes.

    It’ s no mystery who saved JY from the sea but i wonder how this will impact JY and IJ.

  748. 748 : KD Says:

    ahhh Its the medical drama that scheduled to be aired in June… Yes, am about to take a break from dramaland and hope to see you all in June when Big and I need romance 2 premiered..

    thanks so much to Jennie and kdfan for your recommendations sill check it out

  749. 749 : KD Says:

    @kdafan: am with you about IJ and that’s why I was hoping for her to end up with someone who truly loves her to make her a better person.

    I don’t think we have enough time to firgure out who had saved JY, it would take another 10 eps, and JH would be all over it. I’ve had enough of him; I just want to see a happy ending for DY/JY and myself as well; wasting too much time on this drama already

  750. 750 : swift Says:

    this is one drama that does not give clear indication of whether JY will end up with JY or JH, very frustrating, JY seems to waiver too easily between the two guys

  751. 751 : kdfan Says:

    @KD agree, after torturing us for so many eps, these last 2 should be a tribute to JY n DY but the show is still coming out with new twists. Looks like the writer still wants to squeeze in more drama. If there is a grand wedding, i will forgive the writer 🙂

  752. 752 : Jennie Says:

    @KD & kdfan Whoa, we are really a demanding lot but am glad that the writer has answered some of our wishes lol eg the kiss and the third one was the biggest surprise but we want more, don’t we? We want to see them go on a super romantic date and have a super wedding and a wedding night!!! As for the “mystery”, I thought it was explained by JY’s stepfather that the corpse was found – pretty sure it’s fake In Joo’s mom. Am also pretty confident that JY will decide to give way to In Joo because she felt indebted to In Joo’s mom for saving her. Btw, did anyone see DY moving his eyebrows while he was kissing JY? I wonder what he was thinking then? Probably oh drats, why isn’t she kissing me back lol!

  753. 753 : jeannie ong Says:

    can i download this qvod format and save it??? please inform how to do so
    thanks alot

  754. 754 : Jennie Says:

    @KD There will be more good dramas coming up in the next month or so. Most of us will be around somehow or other. Do say “hi” when you see us. Thank you to you too for sharing your thoughts and I’ve enjoyed our exchanges very much.
    @kdfan Hey I know I’ll see you on other threads lol 😉

    Wait, we still have another week, don’t we? But, I have a weekend trip next week, so not sure if I’ll be able to find time to check out the final episode 🙁 until Monday night, at least 😀 but I’ll definitely log in here to read updates so make sure you guys keep the info coming in okay?

  755. 755 : kdfan Says:

    @Jennie ohh..its a little less exciting if u r not watching the finals with us..tis is like yr football game, its the last match n we want to watch live (well almost live) if DY is going to score another one! No worries will update the thread here but i shall not divulge a lot of details so that u will still enjoy watching it when u r back.

    @KD i shall miss our chats too but do hv a great time with yr bf. Look fwd to u coming back. I will be around but i m not as chatty if i m not into the show. It has to be tearing yr hair out type like fotg. But i love reading others comments.

    Only 1 weekend left. Can hardly wait but at the same time sad that its ending. Btw do u find viki videos resolution a little low sometimes? If i like the episode i hv to rewatch in another channel.

  756. 756 : kdfan Says:

    @Jennie i noticed DY raised his brows too. I think he had naughty thots. he was trying to get a NG to give another go at it teheeheee..

  757. 757 : Jennie Says:

    @kdfan yeah, am a little disappointed too that I can’t be here watching the finale. Otoke? Trip was planned weeks ago and it’s something I cannot not go but am keeping my fingers crossed that I’ll have some personal time to take a couple of peeks 😀 Oh don’t worry, DY will def. get his home run this weekend 😉

  758. 758 : renna Says:

    based on the rating, it should be a good one, am I right guys?

  759. 759 : jolia Says:

    Only 1 weekend left. Can hardly wait but at the same time sad that its ending. Btw do u find viki videos resolution a little low sometimes? If i like the episode i hv to rewatch in another channel.

  760. 760 : kdfan Says:

    @renna since we’ve got our wish for DY/JY ending, it’s going to be a great one for sure!

  761. 761 : Jennie Says:

    @admin #759 jolia is up to her mischief again. She did the same thing a few months back, just copying and pasting others’ comments. Can you please stop this person from doing this? On this thread, she has done it twice this couple of days at #759(copied from #755) & #730 (copying #726). Thanks.

  762. 762 : kdfan Says:

    @Jennie i saw the copy paste posting n i saw sometimes in other threads too. I wonder why they do that??

  763. 763 : tc Says:


    Yes, agree with you that JY’s saviour is likely to be fake IJ’s real mum. I remember that both of them fell into the sea and only the woman corpse was discovered a few days later which turned out to be fake IJ’s mum.

    Luckily the writer did not drag out the angst between JY and DY after Haemil’s identity is disclosed. Good to see JY voluntarily went over to comfort DY. I like the cool way of DY showing his hurt by covering his face with his palm instead of tears running down his check, macho and genuine.

  764. 764 : kdfan Says:

    @Jennie & tc JY has already given in to IJ by saying she will not take her name back. I’m still unsure how knowing her mom saved JY will make IJ accept JY. Won’t IJ feel even bitterer that her mom died bec of JY? I still can find a reason for IJ willingly accept reality unless she ‘wakes up’ herself.

  765. 765 : kdfan Says:

    oops i mean ‘can’t find’

  766. 766 : KD Says:

    @Jennie, kdfan: yes I saw the eyebrows moving too. Its so weird that now both IJ and JY won’t take the “IJ” name after all.

    @kdfan: maybe beating JY at the cooking competition will helps IJ to “wake up” herself. I thought viki videos resolution is great, I only watch dramas either from Viki or YouTube. If I want to rewatch an ep I will watch it through my tv so I can see it better especially that kissing scene and the bench were so romantic

    I did not watch the entire first 2 eps therefore I wasn’t sure about the rescuing, was waiting for the appearing of LSW.

    @Jennie: sure will miss you for unable to watch the last 2 eps with us, but I’ll make sure to check back to read your final thoughts though.

    kdfan: the bf is back in town from visiting his family. He is like a glue and stick with me everyday, don’t even have much time for myself but am grateful cuz after 8 long years together he still finds me attractive lol.. Opposition with JY/DY relationship, am a giver and pleaser in ours 🙂

  767. 767 : KD Says:

    @tc: been wondering @ your whereabouts lol….. Yes glad that JY went to see DY, this girl needs to confess her feeling now.

    DY is famous now after revealing his identity and with his looks, girls are going crazy about him. I want to see JY gets jealous when seeing girls surrounding DY but there isn’t enough time for it,

    btw: I did not see JH’s timer on JY’s desk anymore,

  768. 768 : kima Says:

    I did not watch the entire first 2 eps therefore I wasn’t sure about the rescuing, was waiting for the appearing of LSW.

  769. 769 : lmk Says:

    i dont like JY if she goes to DY.

  770. 770 : kdfan Says:

    @KD wow, after 8 yrs, u must be quite a catch! wishing u 2 many many more 8 yrs! i think the best resolution is dramacrazy.net or dailymotion but they don’t upload as fast as viki. its hard to watch on tv, i hv to compete with family members for it. regarding IJ, i doubt she will beat JY though bec so far she kept losing to JY in cooking mind and skill. i hope the writer won’t fail us with a realistic reason to end the show.

  771. 771 : Jennie Says:

    @kdfan & KD I think dailymotion is the best of the three, resolution wise. I hate all those pop ups in dramacrazy and I prefer viki because it’s the fastest with subs and quality of subs is better. While watching Ep 30, it occurred to me maybe JY might stay with her stepdad and run his restaurant with him but I don’t want that. I want both DY/JY to be working together hand in hand, you know, DY helping JY to knead dough and cutting whatever with his arms around her from the back (like those we have seen previously but this time with loving gazes blah blah), making out on the bench outside, jogging together with headphones etc I want to see more lovey dovey scenes from this two which we have been deprived of in the entire drama.
    @KD same goes for me. 8 years is a short time when you’re in love and have a good relationship. I met my husband when I was 18 and we were together for 7 years before we got married and yeah, I married young and we’re still happily married 😀

  772. 772 : kdfan Says:

    @Jennie i agree. JY clearly has the talent to be a superb chef. it would be wasted for her to stay at stepdad’s shop. I definitely think it’s great if she n haemil became hubby&wifey celebrity chef team!

  773. 773 : liana Says:

    Yay for being popular!

    Scroll up.!

  774. 774 : KD Says:

    @kkdfan and Jennie: 7 years is the breaking point but we’ve managed to make it this far together, lots of understanding and compromissing. Unlike you Jennie (but congrats on ur long lasting married) I’ve never wanted to be a married person lol!!!!!

    yah celebrity chefs is a way to fo for both DY and JY. I just wanted them to stay away from all the craziness of family, Arirang and Sanarae and live a happier live together.

  775. 775 : kdfan Says:

    @KD trust love n understanding is the key, and if married some money helps haha i m a realist. Married life n kids r great for me too Jennie and i’d be as happy staying single like KD too with such attentive bf! Cant believe its only a day since ep 30. Its going to be a looong week!

  776. 776 : nina Says:

    ilove that dram

  777. 777 : yoon Says:

    please the ending joon young must with kim do yoon both of are perfect chief do not with choi jae ha spoil the whole ending

  778. 778 : Jennie Says:

    @kdfan Haha, I like your frankness. Yes, sure comes with its pluses. Don’t mind the extra ‘income’ too and free repair and bugs terminator services 😀 I feel the drag of the hours too, Saturday is such a long long way. Am excited about my trip but can’t help thinking about the drama too. You don’t think the writer is going to make a 360 degree turn and make her go back to JH, do you?

  779. 779 : kdfan Says:

    @Jennie at this point i m 100% sure the writer will not take the risk of being hunted and persecuted by LSW fans! lucky you having 2 exciting things going for the weekend. enjoy!

  780. 780 : Micc Says:

    As much as I wanted DY and JY together, but seeing JH and JY running JY’s father’s restaurant is such a happy and peaceful moment. The three did look good together.

  781. 781 : kdfan Says:

    @Micc yeah they talk so comfortably with each other. JH will always be JY dad’s preferred “son-in-law”. his personality is more sociable whereas DY is an introvert.

  782. 782 : swift Says:

    JY’s adoptive father is currently acting as a villain in Queen Inhyun’s Man.
    Whenever I watch this drama, I keep remembering his character as a villain, vice versa when I see him in Queen Inhyun.

  783. 783 : KD Says:

    @Micc, kdfan, Jennie: yes the restaurant scene worried me a bit but when seeing JY’s expression looking at the newspaper I felt better again. She’s now showing us that she reaching out for DY; it is a happy ending for us. If JY doesn’t end up with DY; I won’t be buying the DVD lol…

    @kdfan, Jennie: yes extra $$$$$ helps too and that’s why kids are out of the picture lol… We want to retire when still young and travel to different continents.

  784. 784 : KD Says:

    @swift: haven’t seen QIM yet but it’s funny how we relate the character from one drama to the other. That’s exactly how I feel about JSW, FOTG is the first time I see him in drama, dislike his character, not his fan and will never watch him again.

  785. 785 : swift Says:

    Predictions –
    1. JY will end up with DY (probably JY wants international exposure and will travel with DY)
    2. IJ will be head chef at Arirang
    3. JH will finally accept that JY prefers DY

  786. 786 : swift Says:

    Talking about buying DVD, here in Malaysia, the korean dramas are abundance but I stopped buying them because the subtitles sucks (the translation to Eng is not the actual dialogue).

  787. 787 : kdfan Says:

    @KD me like u during the restaurant scene. everytime JH appears we get worried and every sec he spends with JY we worry more!

    i stop buying dvds bec i ran out of space to keep them, then i hardly rewatch them. i think when i need to rid of them i will donate to the old folks home.

  788. 788 : swift Says:

    QIM drama you need to watch from the beginning to understand the flow of the story due to the time travelling storyline that involves current time and joseon era. It is not similar to Rooftop Prince which only emphasis on current time.
    Dr Jin drama is also involving time travel storyline but I think this drama will put more emphasis during the Joseon era as it will concentrate on how Dr Jin can adapt to Joseon era medicinal practices.

  789. 789 : Astri Says:

    Based on your conversation guys … i’m expecting a great ending :D. that’ll put my heart a bit at ease.

    I’m up to ep. 25 right now. a bit late in finding such a great drama. will continue watching tomorrow. Time for me to snooze now. Parents meeting awaiting in couple of hours :p

  790. 790 : koreandramadiktus Says:

    why is ha in woo not included in the casts/credits?

  791. 791 : lion Says:

    please the ending joon young must with kim do yoon both of are perfect chief do not with choi jae ha spoil the whole ending


  792. 792 : kdfan Says:

    @Astri it’s not too late yet, just an episode a day n u’ll be with us for the finale!

  793. 793 : fida Says:

    will travel with DY)
    2. IJ will be head chef at Arirang

  794. 794 : Jennie Says:

    @kdfan & KD Me three. Each time JH appears in the earlier episodes , my heart does a dive and I always try to read her expression. Phew, thank goodness I don’t have to do that anymore! But I wonder, did the writer really change her story because of all LSW/DY’s fans out there or is it really her plan from the beginning? If it is the former, JSW must have really regretted taking on the role and lose not only one fan (KD) but many as well, since many of us started to watch the drama because we all liked JSW’s previous dramas. After all, in terms of acting credits and popularity, JSW is the better one, I think. But just his luck or LSW’s luck, I guess in landing the role as DY 😀

  795. 795 : Jennie Says:

    @swift #786 I guess you are buying from the wrong supplier then. Those that you get with poor subtitles are either from China or Taiwan or the supplier himself downloaded himself. If he is a smart supplier, he would have picked from sites with good subs but if he is the type to just make a fast buck and be the first to come out with the dvds, then don’t expect good quality pictures and subs from him as he probably did a translation from Google! There are some really good shops around that provide good subtitles and usually the dvds are out after two weeks immediately after the drama ends in Korea. I buy those that I want to watch but did not follow online all the time. I also have my own collection of dramas that I love very much and never tire of watching over and over again and these I buy the originals, complete with picture postcards and sometimes free gifts (like the teddy bear they gave out in Goong).

  796. 796 : kdfan Says:

    @ Jennie it’s hard to guess bec they always report that kdrama scripts are mostly written just in time. i agree acting wise the impression is JSW carries a little more weight although i personally feel they are equal. LSW is good looking so he pulls in more audience. i do feel the writer had the love-change thot out from the beginning. maybe bec both are equally good and it’s 32 eps it has to be 2 love lines. therefore one seems like the lead in the beginning of the eps, then both get equal weight in the middle when the writer got us tearing our hair out, and finally the other became the lead towards the end. as i hv said before DY’s character and personality is written far more interesting than JH’s mundane civil servant job n boring good oppa role. in think in order for DY to win the girl, he has to have more interesting stories from the beginning to keep the audience hooked and then it’s believable that he is able to win the girl in the end.

  797. 797 : KD Says:

    @Jennie, kdfan: I have been wondering if JSW regretted for taking this role cuz it’s a very poor written character. He did not lose me as a fan cuz I have never seen him in drama before. This is the first and somehow I dislike him from the beginning. I had no idea how popular he is til reading comments stated that the the first reason people watching the drama because of him; hehehehehe maybe I didn’t watch enough drama lol…..

    @Jennie, kdfan: I too not sure if the writer had a change of heart cuz of the poll or it’s her intention from the beginning but I am glad that she did cuz without making DY as an interesting/mysterious character. I (and many other) wouldn’t follow this drama til the end.

    Someone stated that LSW has been getting lots of attention in Korea; it’s interesting cuz I read somewhere that many director/production company recently said it’s somehow any actor whose starring with SYR in a drama suddenly gets popular; they called it “the SYR effect”. I am glad it’s LSW turn cuz I’ve always found him as great actor with charisma and good look.

  798. 798 : KD Says:

    On a side note, is anyone notice that DY’s mom initial is “BS” lol… Watching her hitting DY in his apartment and refused to admit her faults, I really think that she’s really a “BS”.

  799. 799 : kdfan Says:

    @KD i think you dislike JH the character not specifically JSW. but u will never be as hung up over JSW as u would LSW coz we know LSW is just too good looking 🙂 i hv seen JSW’s other dramas, it’s ok. many raves about Ten but I hv no interest to watch it somehow so u can tell i m not that big a fan so i hv no urge to persuade u to watch his other shows. i think JSW fans throwing things at me, was that u cara .. 😛

    with or without SYR effect, LSW has always been on top of my list. btw don’t u think SYR looked sooo sweet when she was kissed by LSW? the short hair really suits her.

    i m already looking fwd to LSW’s next drama. if they say he is getting a lot of attention now, i hope his next role would be even better than fotg. perhaps with one of my fav actress moon chae won!

  800. 800 : KD Says:

    @kdfan: yes….yes….yes…. I can’t get enough of LSW and the kissing scene he had with SYR. I am with you, despite LSW supporting role in the past (except for Don’t Hesitate) he’s on top of my fav list as well and looking forward to his new project. Yes, SYR always has that innocent, angelic looks and perfectly match with LSW style. I do hope to see them in another drama/movie together. They are the first couple that I am really into and can’t get enough of.

    Btw: not sure who Moon Chae Won is, need to google her lol

  801. 801 : kdfan Says:

    @ KD LSW was also lead in The Road Home but it was a family drama, not that interesting. love MCW, last seen in The Princess Man, which was awesome. drama of the year! you should watch TPM if you hv time. you will like the male lead Park Shi Hoo.

  802. 802 : KD Says:

    @swift: per kdfan, Jennie n tc or Charlie recommendation; I did try QIM but after a couple of eps, I lost interest due to the swap between modern and ancient times; I got headache following both. I guess being frustrated from FOTG, I just want something that is easy on the mind and a few laughs.

  803. 803 : KD Says:

    @kdfan: yes just googled her, I do remember her now; I love PSH but as mentioned in previous post, I dropped it cuz I was hoping PSH ends up with princess KH. After checking out all her drama list, it came to my mind that I had dropped all of the dramas that she was in except for take care if the young lady but can’t recall her role. I like her in Shinning Inheritance but dropped the drama cuz I didn’t like the main lead (I love Bae Soo Bin though). In it’s okay daddy’s girl, I really like her but didn’t like the male lead so I dropped it again.

  804. 804 : kdfan Says:

    @KD wow you are really picky with the pairing! i really hope LSW’s next female lead will please you

  805. 805 : KD Says:

    @kdfan: lol and yes it’s true about the pairing that’s why I only watch a couple if dramas per year. Didnt tell you this but being such a LSW fan but only finished 2 of his dramas: Dont Hesitate and now FOTG. His last drama was A thousand days’ promise I didn’t see it cuz I’ve never like Kim Rae Won. I would like to see LSW and Lee Min Jung in a drama together.

  806. 806 : kdfan Says:

    here is a new fotg bts http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EU4amuNSz2U

  807. 807 : swift Says:

    @kdfan & kd
    More often than not, I noticed the dramas that gets alot of attention is due to who the main actors/ actresses are.
    I on the other hand, prefer to watch any drama that are entertaining irregardless of the actors/ actresses.
    Love rain is popular due to the lead guy (i could never get the names of the actors/ actresses, bienne), otherwise I find the Love rain drama very sad and slow.

  808. 808 : Astri Says:

    Whats with korean man hand grasped the ladies?? is it like that as well in real life, or is it just in dramas? Especially JH. He does it way to often on GJY’s hand 🙁

  809. 809 : swift Says:

    These are the characteristics of posessive men. Very dangerous, keep them away far far far away, hahahahhahah…………
    The writers have made it such that JH does not want to let JY go, thus JH will always show he is stronger and will not give up JY

  810. 810 : Jennie Says:

    @kdfan & KD FoTG has made me into a fan of LSW! I never gave him much thought in his other dramas except A Thousand Promises. He wasn’t the lead but he was such a good Oppa to the female lead. I have always loved SYR, not only because of her acting skills but also because my daughter looks very much like her especially the eyes and the nose! Haha, it’s true!! Yes, kdfan, I would love to see LSW in a drama with Moon CW. They’ll look so good together. Do you know that Moon CW rejected the role of PH in Rooftop prince because she didnt want to be in another saguek so soon after Princess’ Man? Sad!

  811. 811 : kdfan Says:

    @swift yes everybody enjoys dramas their own way. it has to be entertaining for sure but for me if i like the actors n actresses i enjoy them so much more. i love salaryman to pieces but i hv no particular liking or dislike for any of the actors n actresses in that drama. so it has to be that good for me to like it for pure entertainment.

    @Jennie i m glad i will see at least 2 familiar names in the next thread for LSW’s drana! wow .. yr little girl is gonna break a lot of hearts! actually i didnt think MCW goes well with Micky .. btw rumor on net says MCW has chosen her next drama with Song Joong ki .. hmm i think its promising. SJK was great in Deep roots.

  812. 812 : KD Says:

    @kdfan, Jennie: am going to finish PM for the third times again just for you gals. Wow, didn’t know there are 24 eps then I have 20 eps to catch up.

  813. 813 : kdfan Says:

    @KD i m so touched. thats 20 hours of yr time just to see what what Jennie n i went thru with TPM. but 4 eps is not enough yet to get the show under yr skin. i really really hope u will love the show. i love the ost too esp Longing.

  814. 814 : KD Says:

    @kdfan: lol…. Watching and skipping at the same time :-).

    @Jennie:there are a few actors I really like, for actresses I am pretty neutral but SYR is my favorite of all and that’s why I am still watching FOTG despite how frustrated am with the writer and dislike the rest of the cast (except for Jane of course)

  815. 815 : seattlebabe Says:

    @KD sorry for butting in by I am always glad to read about SYR ‘s star personality or image -that of innocent , angelic, and may I add looking fragile but actually strong even bratty. She manages to develop chemistry with Korean hunks in their dramas and for some reason , getting paired w/ her boosts their popularity afterwards. I think its already happening to LSW-as he is said to have received many CF offers when FOTG aired .

    It’s sad that the pattern in SK drama land is they don’t go for love teams -so LSW will be paired with others . Well except for kang Jihwan who she had a fantastic chemistry in Hong Gil Dong . In Detective Cha where they are together again is a movie for showing this last week of May.

  816. 816 : KD Says:

    @seattlebabe: pls don’t say sorry, I too love reading other’s comment bout my fave star. I have seen all of SYR’s dramas since prince first love and I am glad that all the guys she’s pairing with are also the one I like (of course LSW is my fav pairing) and that helps makes it more enjoyable for me to watch the show.. I even watched her cable show “launch my life” without sub, its funny and made me like her even more as personality wise. Yes, can’t wait to see her new movie with KJH. Its funny how KJH stated in a recent interview that SYR was really enthusiastic about the kissing scene with him cuz she had never been comfortable with it.

  817. 817 : Jennie Says:

    @KD, Seatlebabe I love SYR in Snow Queen the most. She has that spoilt little rich girl look but I love the fact that she can always act tough. And in HGD, love love her in hanbok. Btw, I suppose you know that she was previously from a famous girl band, Fin KL ? Any of you heard her sing before? My,she’s 31 but she looks 20!

  818. 818 : D E B Says:

    Am i the only one who thinks there is an unexplored chemistry between DY’s character and Jane’s character

  819. 819 : kdfan Says:

    @DEB yes i do feel it.there is definitely positive chemistry bec they are supposed to hv known each other since school days. Of the romantic kind, could hv explored earlier part of the show but the show made them more like buddies instead. To me Jane is like family to DY.

  820. 820 : D E B Says:

    True i wonder if they wud av their own show in future

  821. 821 : kdfan Says:

    I don’t feel that Jane is lead material though.. At least not yet.

  822. 822 : KD Says:

    @Jennie: I agree and would Love Loreto see SYR acts as a rich spoil girl again; Hadassah now you reminded me to watch te snow queen again .. I’d prefer SYR as an actor over a singer though, check this out , http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Do7p4nRPpIE

    @kdfan, D E B: at first I thought the writer was going to make Jane as an evil person but so glad that she’s on our ship and helping DY/JY relationship. And kdfan you’re s right bout Jane isn’t a lead material yet, I can’t find her info but hope she’ll gets popular after this show. I think like a few other actresses, she must came from the states and pursuing a career in Korea.

  823. 823 : KD Says:

    @Jennie: you’re funny bout the age thing, you know what its the ASIAN effect, most Asian looks younger for their age….. My bF and I look like we are in our early 20’s but we are not lol; nobody can really guess my real age; maybe cuz I still act/dress like a teenager…… Sorry am being funny for a minute hahahahah

  824. 824 : seattlebabe Says:

    @Jennie – yes, I know she belonged to that girl band that marked an era in Kpop. She had a duet not long ago with Tim and also launched her solo single with an MV That Person. The dramas used her musical talent having graduated in Post-modern music in college with piano as major.In One Fine Day ,she had a piano recital , in Swallow the Sun she played the cello . I HGD they made her sing acapella .At RT she daqnced Here at FOTG was also singing briefly.

    She could have sung at FOTG with JSW who is also a singer -musician.

  825. 825 : Jennie Says:

    @KD OMG I was just thinking about the age thing, looking at pictures of JDG in A Gentleman’s Dignity and heck, the number of facials and botox they have used must be worth ten and thousands. How can anyone look like that in what, these guys must be in their 40s already! But I have to agree with you that most Asians don’t look their age. Most are older than they look. Heck, most people get surprised when they learn of my age too! I guess it must be because of all the KDs that we watch day and night – we are all 18 year olds at heart and soul..ahem and it reflects on our youthful looks LOL!

  826. 826 : KD Says:

    I ran across this article today, I enjoyed reading it very much so I thought I would like to share it while waiting for the last 2 eps.


    also a very video from youtube.

  827. 827 : Ayumi Says:

    It’s going to Last 2 Episodes,

    Drama after ‘Feast of the Gods’ is ‘Time Slip Dr. Jin’

    More info in http://www.koreandrama.org/?p=18405

  828. 828 : kdfan Says:

    @KD thanks for sharing the article. The chemistry btwn SYR & LSW must be really great that so many are feeling the same. in the bts however I feel SYR is on friendlier terms with JSW. they may hv known each other earlier. but altho she is a little more reserved with LSW, it also mean she is more conscious of herself or him, so i m very sure the chemistry is there off screen too. I read somewhere about JGS not being overly too friendly with Yoona during shoot and he does that when he really likes the person. I always wonder with them spending weeks and weeks filming together and with intimate scenes, can they help not developing real feelings?

    @Jennie & KD the asian effect is generally true for many asians. must be a genetic thing. many ppl thought that i was at least 10 yrs younger too. 2 yrs ago i was checking in at the airport for a work trip and the staff asked if i was a student. heehee .. but a few told me the asian effect only last a few decades, that after 60, we will look much much older than that! oh well, nothing last forever anyway.

  829. 829 : kdfan Says:

    @KD yes thats a really nice video, very focused topic, kisses only haha. i hope there will be one on JY comfort hug

  830. 830 : Jennie Says:

    @KD Thanks for sharing the article and the video. The article is really amusing and I was smiling till the end. Hey, while reading it, I thought, hey, if we had given it more thought, instead of agonising week after week who JY is going to choose, we would have known that JY would end up with DY! She was bickering with DY in early episodes but she was attracted to the very same person in Haemil. She bickers with him because she feels insecure of her feelings, she shows her adoration for Haemil because she feels safe to express herself, as a fan to an idol. I started loving them as a couple as soon as he stole a kiss from her and that is one of my favourite and most memorable stolen kiss in Kdrama! Another day to go and please guys, do give some recaps here over the weekend so that I know what’s happening. Thanks.

  831. 831 : KD Says:

    kdfan: you’re so right about SYR being reserved with LSW, maybe she’s still figuring him out as I have read that LSW is a very shy person, he seems to talk less but more action which is what I have always wanted in a man (that’s how my bf is and am most attractive of). Maybe with SYR personality as humble, down to earth and funny (every interview I saw of her, she has always laughing out loud and I love her laugh so carefree) could help LSW overcome his shyness in real life; don’t you think that would be great..

    kdfan: its so weird that you and I have had a same experience, whenever I am out with a group of friends and ordering alcohol, the waiter/waitress wanted to check id, somehow they always ended up by my side and said they inky check id of the youngest in the group. I had to explain to them that they have checked the wrong person because I am the oldest within the group lol

  832. 832 : KD Says:

    @Jennie: yes JY bickering at DY but she’s so much into him at the same time. As watching the earlier episodes again I noticed that JY worried of how DY thinks about her more than JH; JY asked if DY doesn’t like her to be at Sanarae, wanted to prove to him that she will win at the competition with IJ, In real life, you only worry of how the person you love thinks of you otherwise .

    on the side note: do you notice JY’s tone whenever she calls DY’s name from the beginning? A bit of flirtatious don’t you think????

  833. 833 : kdfan Says:

    @KD & Jennie i noticed all those early signs too like esp bickering is always used in kdramas to bring couples together. and the loveline btwn JH & JY developed too fast & too smoothly which was another sign that it would be shortlived. but bec JSW & LSW r such equal stars & the writer was also playing up the tug-of-war btwn them, so as much as we felt from very early on that it would be DY, we were also very aware that until eps 20+ the writer still have time to make it a JY/JH ending. I think LSW fans really went all out for this.

    i wish the writer would tell how early on it was decided that JY would end up with DY and whether the actors knew. then we could tell in their acting how much SYR and LSW had to restrict emotion to not give away too much clues to the audience.

    i like the way JY calls DY’s name too, everytime! it does sound a little flirtatious but not intentionally. it’s feminine, sexy, comforting. i m sure DY’s heart melts each time she calls him 🙂

    @Jennie fingers crossed that nothing comes between me and ep 31&32. will definitely post some highlights for you.


  834. 834 : kdfan Says:

    @KD & Jennie did u watch Greatest Love where the 2 male leads were also equally good but in that show was clear from beginning that dokkojin will end up with aejung. i like both chaseungwon n yoonkyesang’s role. that was bad bec i wanted dokkojin to get the girl but i felt so sad every time piljoo was heartbroken. btw, rumor mill had it that yoonkyesang n SYR were a couple. in one interview, SYR said she kept writing letters to this guy for few years after they broke up. it was speculated to be YKS. they do look good together.

  835. 835 : KD Says:

    @kdfan: yes I read about SYR confession; they were together for 6 years I think; she’s seems pretty honest in each and every interview and that’s makes me like her even more. No I haven’t seen The Greatest Love yet but just looked up the cast, I might try it soon. I noticed him in Crazy for you and liked his character in that drama but haven’t really following up much. I stopped watching drama for almost 2 years and just strarted again couple of years ago but only finished 2-3 dramas per years that’s why every time you/Jennie mentioned a drama and names of actors, I had to look them up 🙂

  836. 836 : kdfan Says:

    @KD i love dramas that make me laugh hard. I have watched many dramas and i can recall only 3. history of salaryman, greatest love and cityhall. ok kimsamsoon almost. now i feel like watching them again. don’t u think that the last day is always the longest wait?

  837. 837 : belinda Says:

    you that drama is god !!

  838. 838 : Jennie Says:

    @KD & kdfan I love City Hall and I watched it over and over again but not so The Greatest Love. It was good in the first few episodes but I soon got tired of dokojin and his antics. I thought his acting in TGL a bit too exaggerated but I love Gong Hyo Jin there. Kim SamSoon was fun too but My Girl and City Hall still remain among my favourite romantic comedies. There are no previews or whatever to give us an idea of what’s going to happen in the last two episodes. I’m dying to know how it will all end. Some netizens are predicting that DY/JY will have twin babies, not one but two sets!

  839. 839 : kdfan Says:

    @Jennie cityhall is my all time favourite too. I will keep this dvd forever. Lee siyoung had me laughing quite hard in wild romance too. Yes it did cross my mind they may hv twins bec DY himself is a twin! But it would be weird the show go comedic in theend. Btw i m a mom of a set too 🙂

  840. 840 : KD Says:

    @kdfan and Jennie: I don’t think I will ever be able to catch up with you both lol…. I too love drama that can brings smiles on my face that’s why still haven’t finished The Princess Man yet (I was on 18 and stopped for a day now; too heavy for me). Again, haven’t seen City Hall or Kim Sam Soon but I did see My Girl.

    I still have around 27 hours to go, no 31 preview anywhere yet. I don’t think they will release it. I am a bit nervous, it kills me if JY ends up with JH but I dont think the writer will have a change of heart this late don’t you? There might be a boycott if she does lol….

  841. 841 : KD Says:

    wait…. Just found ep 31 preview lol

  842. 842 : kdfan Says:

    @KD no way there will be a change of heart. they will not tarnish SYR’s image by making her falling in and out of love too easily. it will be sweet all the way till the end from now on.

  843. 843 : kdfan Says:

    @KD u r so resourceful .. thx!! dat was a confusing preview. they looked not so friendly in the beginning, then happy the next .. what no more loveydovey scene?? is that what i think going to be DY shower scene .. oh yes please …..

  844. 844 : KD Says:

    @kdfan: otherwise SYR will be writing letter to LSW for 8 years lol…..

  845. 845 : KD Says:

    @kdfan: this drama has turned me into a stalker lol…. Yes it was confusing for me too but seeing them at DY’s place made me happy again until the mom…… No JH again in preview and DY/JY looks so happy…

  846. 846 : kdfan Says:

    @KD haha u so funny. looking happy is a good sign bec 1 ep left to squeeze in our long wishlist!

  847. 847 : swift Says:

    JY will sure end up with DY.
    She only felt pitiful for JH for the compassion he showed to her during the time she was hurt/ lonely. She did not waiver. Her heart is definitely for DY.

  848. 848 : hhn Says:

    Sorry for butting in guys and girls. LOL. Jennie … wave wave … pls don’t get mad at me but I think JY either ends up with nobody or with JH. I could be wrong though hehehe … Just one more day … Have fun at the finale everyone!

  849. 849 : KD Says:

    here is another preview but with sub

  850. 850 : seattlebabe Says:


    I had the same impression -JH-JY coupling was too soon . The relationship was still fragile and then it became part of her being rejected from Arirang and by its almighty inhabitants. Then when everybody wasn’t looking here was DY -slowly inching into her heart-with their quarrels , and all other emotions .The result ? The unfolding of their relationship though not without complications. They became the Romeo and Juliet version of SK drama.

    The writer I think is sadistic. Milking FOTG to the last episode . Yep I was also thinking of a possible airport scenario -but that is already a worn out ending . It might even be grand if JY follows DY to London, then becomes a guest chef in his show as KDY (Haemil is gone )with Jane as accomplice.But JY comes in as mystery lady in a mask. That should make use of the several masks shown in drama.I even remember a picture when JY, I mean SYR tried on the Haemil mask. I hope the writer redeems herself and tries something adventurous and fun towards the end.

    In one forum ,somebody was commenting there is no JH in the ep 31 preview. I think I have the answer – he has quietly enrolled in a culinary school . He might just pop up in the last epi as another bigtime Chef.In their foursome he is the only one not into cooking .Or if he wants to save money, he can just get a crash course from fake dad in his Seoul resto. I’m sure fake dad will just be more than willing to accommodate his favorite ex-future son-in -law

  851. 851 : Charlie Says:

    JY – DY
    The End. 😉

  852. 852 : seattlebabe Says:

    To anybody who cares to respond :

    I am feeling agitated by the happiness of DY-JY playing games (in Kdrama nobody is allowed to be happy unless there is a forthcoming double whammy ) . Also when JY fed DY food it seemed like the “last supper”.

    Sorry ,just ,just feeling uneasy …I saw these happen many times .

    BUT after the rain comes the rainbow .

    Haemil’s name in Korean means ” the clear sky after the rain”.

    Significant much ? Hope so .

  853. 853 : KD Says:

    @seattlebabe: I had the same feeling when JY fed DY food but then the meeting between her and BS I thought maybe because she doesn’t want DY to continue fighting with his mom that’s why she suggested him to leave for England, she doesn’t want to see him hurts. I’ve been frustrated after seeing the preview as well, holding on to my frustration til tomorrow.

    Only 2 eps left but BS still hasn’t comes to her senses yet so am not really sure bout the ending now. As stated in earlier eps, maybe DY will leave for England by himself and comes back for JY in a few years. I just don’t see her leaving Korea/family/Arirang.. JY still hasn’t told DY that she loves him yet, maybe after he left she will realize her feelings and be waiting for him.

  854. 854 : seattlebabe Says:


    I think these previews are all jumbled up -they are not presented in chronological order-to mislead us as we anticipate the ending we were hoping for ? But I hope you are right that JY is merely protecting the fragile psyche of DY with what looks like a reenactment of the old battle.It will be reopening of old unhealed wounds.

    Arirang is one hellhole . JY and DY should get out and go as far away as possible .

  855. 855 : seattlebabe Says:


    Perhaps that is the reason why JY cannot tell DY her feelings because for sure he is not going to leave Korea and her of course.

    But he said he is not leaving her even if she push him away…

    You know its incredible how we are giving flesh and blood to these kdrma characters -now we are entering their minds and hearts,too.

    This is a mother drama that can give birth to other dramas-like the story of Haemil,the story of JH which was never explored at all , the childhood of the three IW,JY and IJ -because we jumped to adolescence then adulthood. Of course the post FOTG for all characters.

  856. 856 : KD Says:

    @seattlebabe: yes in many years watching dramas, this is the only drama that’s effecting me emotionally; DY/JY characters and its because my 2 favorite stars in one drama, I can’t complain but enjoy every moment if I can even though it’s frustrated the hell out of me 🙂

    and yes I thought its weird that no mentioned of JH’s parents, never seen him/grandma speak/ visit their grave even though he’s the lead according to the press conference at the beginning. Ms writer must has changing the story line tremendously during the shoot. I don’t think JSW would accept the role (even though I have no idea how popular he is since this is my first time watching his drama) knowing his character would turn out this way; his character has been left out for the past few episodes and may til the end.

    I really hope they will extend one or two extra episode so we can see more of DY/JY relationship blossoming. I really dislike how they drag at the beginning then rush for the ending.

    its also weird to me that the these production companies don’t wait til wrap up shotting but airing it as it is going. Not sure how other countries do since I don’t pay attention to them.

  857. 857 : seattlebabe Says:

    Responding to you @KD

    I think the dilemma here in this drama is the writer explored a timely topic of motherhood vs career and from there sprung the children’s issues -altho I don’t very much subscribe to these heavy blame on the childhood experiences. My Gosh ,a person has had many adult experiences as well that should count -they should stop with this infantile paralysis.

    I also went to that blog that wrote an article on the chemistry between SYR and LSW , and there was also an article on motherhood.

    Apparently, the writer did not know how to handle the motherhood issue so she was going round and round and as you said dragged the lovelines as well . That’s just too bad , because it left a topic that could make us all sit up and notice. The resolutions if ever they will come at all I bet will be rushed.

    The writer was only after the viewers penchant for shipping out couples but not on the essence of the story. It was a waste, actually that she missed the whole point.

  858. 858 : KD Says:

    @seattlebabe: thanks for pointing out that motherhood article, I missed it …. Very interesting!!!

  859. 859 : KD Says:

    @Jennie: I know that you’re not around….

    @kdfan: where are you??? Wanted to hear your input after watching the preview with English sub lol

    @tc and Charlie too….

  860. 860 : kdfan Says:

    @Charlie wave..u r here too huh

    @ seattlebabe 850 hahaha yr version of JH’s absence is too funny

    @KD i took time off from stalking fotg to enjoy some family time 🙂 after watching the sub i agree the scenes are likely not to be in sequence. I think JY turns cold again bec she doesnt want DY to continue suffering fighting his mom, dats y she asks him to return to england quickly. There is no stopping BS now since she has even disowned DY thinking only of herself. So full of hatred and disillusioned, i think in the end losing the competition will cause her to lose her mind and DY will take mom to England to help her recover. Sob sob i do agree a double whammy is coming. There will be a time jump for all wounds to heals n relationships to be mended. Will DY n JY meet again? Will DY come back to find JY n JH back together? This is not the story i want for my dream finally. I hope my prediction won’t come true.

  861. 861 : kdfan Says:

    Typo.. I mean dream finale not dream finally..

  862. 862 : seattlebabe Says:


    If DY leaves, JH might resort to some commando tactics (uppps , peace JH fans ) . No, I don’t think so . JH is too gentlemanly to do that.I stick to my finale scenario, he becomes a chef,too.

    Maybe JY will enter the convent . Hmmm,that must be a next good role for SYR -she will be a beautiful novice ala Sound of Music .

    How about IJ -she will be employed to infiltrate enemy military camp anyway she had a lot of practices on covert operations vs JY -that will do. She is already an expert on poisoning.

    The two mothers -writer will take care of them also the fathers take them all away . Even IW ?

  863. 863 : Jennie Says:

    @KD, kdfan, seatlebabe Hi “wave, wave” am travelling in the car while hubby drives. Playing FoTG on the stereo and thought I’d take a peek for any info and OMG, you guys are giving me a heart attack and am on the verge of getting my hubby to turn the car around! I can’t miss tonight’s episode!!! Whattt? Last supper? She’s not really giving him the cold shoulder, is she? And I don’t want them to be separated, not now! Panic attack coming on!
    @seattlebabe LOL your different end scenarios had be howling with laughter. It’ll be so great if the writer use at least even one of them – I like the part about JY using a mask -great idea! Yes, agree with you too about the motherhood issue. The drama would have greater depths had the writer explored it further.
    @@hny Hi hi. Okay, if she doesn’t end up with DY, it’s only fair she doesn’t with JH too. It’ll be good if she finally entered a convent as seattlebabe suggests except that the writer will probably be singing for her supper after getting bashed by both shippers!
    @kdfan Wow, you have twins..how wonderful! Do you have identical twins? Girls? How old are they now? How on earth do you manage? Bet you love showing them off,huh?

  864. 864 : seattlebabe Says:

    @Jennie don’t feel anxious, we are now about 5 hours away from the live but raw episode 31 showing at MBC . if you are live in the WestCoast ,USA you can access MBC via ionairTV -just register its free . I can’t say about the other areas . I’m watching MBC right now , just saw the FOTG preview go by .

  865. 865 : seattlebabe Says:

    It is now the irreversible fact of FOTG DY was last seen in the airport with Jane.

    Now where in SK is JY ?

    OTH , there is a picture released showing JH and IJ with a little boy .

    Time skip ?

  866. 866 : belinda Says:

    sung yuti srange

  867. 867 : kdfan Says:

    @seattlebabe DY at the airport? I hope he is just sending Jane off. If he is not leaving with BS i cant think of a reason why he has to leave. We predicted separation but not when we r so close to the end. Why the sudden extra angst..

    @Jennie things r not looking too good with the preview 🙁 very sneaky of the writer to shake things up last minute. my 6 y olds r a pair of boy n girl. No chance to dress them identical to show off haha..

  868. 868 : vero Says:

    SY. And LSW good couple .. Happy ending for both ..

  869. 869 : swift Says:

    possibly your twins are like Mi Nam and Mi Nyu in You’re beautiful.

  870. 870 : KD Says:

    @kdfan: wow not just twin but a boy and a girl that’s even better. I told myself if I ever want to hv kids that’s what I wanted too unfortunately I do not. I am too going to see my mom now but for sure I will not miss today’s ep.

    @seattlebabe: thanks for the ionairtv link, I was able yo register.

    my heart is pounding right now, hope we will have a better picture after watching today’s ep. I’ll stick with my original ending: DY goes to England, JY will be waiting for him with those dolls that he made for her, DY will come back in a year or two, I just don’t want him to leave for too long. I think the writer added those dolls especially the little Yoonie as a memory of DY and to JY to continue with her life while waiting for him.

  871. 871 : belinda Says:

    all , the childhood of the three IW,JY and IJ -because we jumped to adolescence then adulthood. Of course the post FOTG for all characters.

  872. 872 : seattlebabe Says:

    Ep 31 is over -I watched it raw. Wait up to 5-10 hrs Viki will be subbing.

    The sequence of events in today’s episode is not in order in the preview as predicted .

    BS-DY family squabbles rages on. Somebody is intervening.

    Some progress in DY-JY relationship ?

    Surprise move of JH .

    Competition -reenactment of the past /its not over yet !!!

    If there was an airport scene of DY and Jane and JH doing something else (not telling you !) who is JY running after ?

  873. 873 : KD Says:

    @seattlebabe: after watching the raw, here are my thoughts:

    BS has finally comes to her senses now, she and DH will make up in ep 32
    JH is looking for the person who saved JY’s life.
    JY running to look for DY after BS told her that he’s leaving.. Whether she catches him or not; I really hope that she does, if not then it will be my ending: DY will come back within a year or two.. There should be a happy ending for DY/JY, they have been through so much with family dramas, I don’t think the writer will be cruel to both of them..

    we have been through so much for the past few months, just another 24 more hours, I hope my time is well spent though.

  874. 874 : kdfan Says:

    @ jennie dont worry ep 31 is not as dramatic as our overly creative imagination. DY n JY scenes are cute, endearing but still not enough! why does DY still has to leave when he was so upset JY asked him to leave in the beginning. Will hv to wait for subs to know if we will know in this ep. I dont think he will leave, at least not for long. It seems to be a happy ending for sure.

  875. 875 : seattlebabe Says:

    @Kdfan I am also wondering why DY has to leave when JY already said (according to one fast translator)when JY found DY who walked out earlier playing with a kid “Ok ,don’t leave.” DY said “ok ,I won’t leave, take responsibility.”Then he walks on with JY having an expression on her face that says ,”you are still a kid.”

    It seems DY now is having the tantrums while JY is hovering around him like a mother hen. hahhaha .

    It seems JH is into a more serious destination /assignment. He packed 2 suitcases of clothes and looked longingly yet with affection at JY during the competition.

  876. 876 : Zue Says:

    More one episode 😀

  877. 877 : kdfan Says:

    @swift wow quick thinking. I almost forgot the famous twin pair in you’re beautiful. But mine r not identical. They won’t be able to swap clothes n switch roles 🙂

    @Jennie I discovered k dramas when I was too pregnant to walk, spending most time sitting in front of tv channel surfing. U can imagine how crazy my life was after birth juggling work, my twins n drama addiction! No time for joining any threads those days. btw I find this episode a little bland. Will rewatch with subs later. Hopefully understanding it will be more interesting.

  878. 878 : seattlebabe Says:

    I think the reason why BS can’t say sorry about her other son’s death to DY is because she has not forgiven herself. She buried herself in work,even getting successful yet full of revenge because there is that part of her feeling the heavy guilt. She has projected to DS the blame instead of to herself.

  879. 879 : belinda Says:

    later. Hopefully understanding it will be more interesting.

  880. 880 : seattlebabe Says:

    Hey guys -FOTG at Viki is fully subbed since 12:40 pm Pacific time.

    The woman who saved JY is SYW . That will settle things now between all of them. Arirang goes to…

    JH, have a safe and pleasant trip to Europe ! You are a loving brother besides IW to JY.

    Also the last episode “I’m sorry” to DY. Finally from mama dearest.

    Let us see who is now running for the Olympics record breaking feat from Arirang to the Incheon Airport ?

    Last call for departure ! Last call for departure !

    ENJOY !

  881. 881 : seattlebabe Says:

    sorry forget to type in SYW’s mom saved JY from drowning.

  882. 882 : Jennie Says:

    Hi everyone, thanks for all the highlights and I just excused myself to the furthest corner of the room to do this. Just couldn’t resist! Hah I sincerely hope that JY will follow DY! My heart stopped for a while there while reading all the comments. I was confused and thought JY was going after JH who was all packed and ready to leave!! Am going to watch for sure later, even if I have to go without any sleep!
    @kdfan You are one lucky woman with the pair of twins! Everybody’s dream to have twins and one of each at that!! Any secret formula for that? Haha, just joking. I don’t think I want anymore kids. My life is just going the way I want now, if not better 😉

  883. 883 : kdfan Says:

    @Jennie I stll haven’t the time to watch the subs episode yet. No scenes fr our wishlist so m in no hurry. I really hope tonight final will be dedicated to JY n DY fans. What .. no more little Joon n little Hana? 🙂 I had wanted only 1 so m very glad n lucky!

  884. 884 : seattlebabe Says:


    I hope we all realize that JH is also going to Europe /DY is going to London -now who is JY running to ? Are we still the cliffhangers to the last second of that drama ?

    On the other hand, perhaps the writer wants to escape the wrath of any of the shipping JH-JY / DY-JY that she will leave FOTG open ended, have the foursome board the plane . And we do our own ending any way we want it.

  885. 885 : KD Says:

    NO…NO….NO…. I truly believe in ‘you don’t know what you’ve got til its gone….. JY has been hiding her true feelings toward DY because of BS, since BS and DY made up, she wants her son to be happy thats why she told JY that DoYoon/Haemil left just to reassure JY’s feeling…. There’s no way that JY ends ul with no one…. Seriously if she does its the most stupidest kdrama of all time and ms writer will have no job from now on… Huge strike from west coast America to south korea

  886. 886 : KD Says:

    damn writer just wanted to pour more oil into burning flame……

  887. 887 : kdfan Says:

    @KD totally agree! JY has to be running after DY. It’s DY that she has been spending time with. She comforted, cooked n played with him. She has done nothing for JH that’s worth running after. If BS has finally repented. It must be a white lie to help her son get his love.

  888. 888 : belinda Says:

    Question? Do you expect to get Sung Yu Ri Prize MBC Drama Awards: Top Excellence Award – Actress or MBC Drama Awards: Daesang (Grand Prize)?

  889. 889 : kdfan Says:

    @KD Dont u think DY’s sense of humor is so cute. A little cruel n dorky, but cute. Like the joke about the lunch box. Btw that rice really look like a panda to me, what skull?? Ithink u r right that IJ will win the competition. When she was cooking with BS, she was already different than before. Thats why DY said JY needs to go abroad n learn from a master. The master has to be haemil!

  890. 890 : Jennie Says:

    @kdfan I will only have a little Joonie and Hana if someone can guarantee me that it’ll be a pair of fraternal twins, otherwise, no thank you. Kids are just old enough now for me to enjoy some personal time. Don’t think I want to lose that freedom now haha!
    @KD Yep, I believe that JY has already proven that she loves DY and I really believe that she’ll be with him in the end. Maybe she followed him back to England, then they come back with their pair of twins to visit JH & IJ who are then married with a little boy 😀
    @seatlebabe Oh drats, I will never forgive the writer if she (or he? I think I read somewhere that it’s a he) gives us an open ended final like that. That means she’s taking the easy way out trying to please everybody. Another couple of hours to go. Rushed through my dressing time to come here. Hopefully I can steal some time from dinner party to catch some live action or read some highlights from here 🙂

  891. 891 : kdfan Says:

    Few more mins left..so excited

  892. 892 : kdfan Says:

    JY didnt make it to the airport sob..sob.. Both guys left. Time jump! Couldnt they meet up again earlier? Or at least call each other on the phone?? Nope everybody was just too busy. Fihally finally they meet again. Is that it?! Its the ending that we want but where are the fireworks!

  893. 893 : kdfan Says:

    @seattlebabe thanks for the live link u sent earlier. its the first time i watched live. the resolution is good. i m surprised there is no ad break in between like cable dramas.

    DY cooked for JY again, and she didnt eat again. too much food was wasted in this show. can’t think of anybody else except LSW who can make cooking look so cool. no wonder haemil has so many fans.

    the ending for JH was disappointing, almost insignificant. I think IJ probably has almost the best ending, or at least the happiest.

    overall it was an ok ending and everything was wrapped up quite nicely.

  894. 894 : KD Says:

    @ everyone: phew, I can relax now……..I just wanted to say thanks to everyone especially kdfan, Jennie, seattlebabe, tc, Charlie for giving me such a great time with this drama. This is my first time joining any social thread and I had a wonderful time in here. Well, I will come back when Big airs and hope to see you there. In the meantime, take care of yourself, god bless you and your family….. and enjoy whatever you’re watching right now; I am taking a break from dramaland since nothing interest me at this moment.

    P.S. Please keep in mind, the next time when you see “CVP” that would be me lol, I’ve decided to go with my real name initial, I -do feel that we are friends here 🙂

  895. 895 : kdfan Says:

    @KD same here. i had a great time on this thread. hope to see u on the Big thread, and definitely on the next LSW drama thread right? i hope i remember CVP, if not pls call me out if u see me. take care!

  896. 896 : Jennie Says:

    @CVP,kdfan,seatlebabe & everybody else Went to Soompi for highlights and hahaha, everybody’s cursing the writer for such a poor ending!! Not a single kiss and after a year? Sooo disappointing but am happy that JY and DY end up together anyway! Was so hoping to see them cooking together and having twins sigh! Can’t wait to see it anyway.. Thank you so much gals for all the fantastic writing and for sharing your thoughts and most of all for sharing your weekends with me. Hope to see everybody on other threads soon. Take care, all (•,_•,)

  897. 897 : RE Says:

    Glad it all ends well for all esp JY & DY..

  898. 898 : kdfan Says:

    @Jennie it was a boring happy ending. the journey was fun though and it was great sharing the journey with all of u. see u around!

  899. 899 : KD Says:

    sorry I can’t believe I misspelled my initial it should be “CVL”… Cya!!!!!!

  900. 900 : CVL Says:


  901. 901 : CVL Says:

    I couldn’t help but to come back again and finish what I had started…

    well, after watching the ep with sub, the ending is just fine for me; am talking about DY/JY ending cuz I don’t really care bout the rest of the ppl there. Out of curiosity when Jennie mentioned bout Soompi so I went to that thread and saw a lot of people are upsetting about the ending, I think it could be they haven’t seen the ep with sub yet. JY did the right thing for letting DY goes after seeing how much the world loves to watch him cook, she didn’t want his career ended because of her, its time for her to give back to DY for everything that he had done for her. I am glad seeing JY back to her own self again and lives a happier life, Arirang isn’t a place for her from the beginning with. Of course I wish there was a big hug at the end but overall I am happy with the result.

    btw: did anyone notice JSW wasn’t in the picture with the production crew at the end or maybe I missed it.

  902. 902 : Micc Says:

    Fun while it lasted. 🙂
    See you gals in a different thread!

  903. 903 : iammee Says:

    I am so happy that JY/DY ended up together. The ending is good but it could have been better it they did it romantically. I will surely miss Lee Sang Woo, i hope he could do another drama soon.

  904. 904 : kdfan Says:

    @CVL. I was hoping to read yr comments by DY/JY but u seemed to be rushing off so u xidnt want to hold y back. I would hv done the same thing in JY’s shoes. Altho DY did it all for his bro, he worked so hard for it, it would be wasted to throw it all away. It was nor that JY didnt want to leave with DY either. She didn’t say no to him just that she can’t leave a family she just found. They knew their feelings but they knew its not the right time. It was a realistic ending. A kiss would hv made it a perfect ten.

  905. 905 : kdfan Says:

    Sorry for the typo CVL, typing on my phone. But I think u get what I was saying.

  906. 906 : dramaluv Says:

    This is so incredibly predictable, any opposing viewpoints blocked out at other sites and I’m talking about viki. I’m a long time member of this website but as of today, without posting any opinions.. BLOCKED OUT!
    Here it is.

    Fake in Joo given a pass throughout this drama…a person capable of poisoning ppl 2xs. Once with the mushroom incident of DY and the second time with the paralyzation of JY. This idiot IJ is given a pass. She’s even coddled at the end of this drama…really…come on i would rather have seen her to be taken away in handcuffs. But no…she still works feeding the unsuspecting patrons. WOW.

    Dy…The guy was dull, no personality rude to ppl who even liked him. Case in point, when the Arirang female worker looked at his bro’s pic and COMPLIMENTED on it. He snatched it from her hands. He punched the guy who was upset about his lies of being BH’s son…nice…..? Additionally, he feeds ppl with his (mask) vindictive angry nature would I want to eat his food even with his mask which he lied about to his GREAT BIG LOVE JY / UH BIG NO> Additionally, he was rude to her bro/IW…he wouldn’t let her talk to her long lost bro until she told him to leave them alone……YUCK…
    I don’t like him..whatever. I guess the big lug DY (ugly lips guy) won…good for him or should I give this clueless JY congratulations? UH not really. Send him and a few others to she psyche ward… they need it, they’re beggin for it…Momma/DH,..Daddies/Doc, fake Dad..etc. What a contrived fake drama.
    Jae Ha….Run for your life…these are crazy ppl.

  907. 907 : kdfan Says:

    @dramaluv speaking on behalf of my drama buddies CVL & Jennie, we here respect all comments for or against. i like yr perspective of the show bec it enlightened me how other viewers see it but which I totally didnt see throughout 32 eps except for the IJ part you mentioned. I’m glad I don’t feel as strongly as you. This is my best LSW drama. You are right DY was rude but aren’t all people at some points? He reacted honestly to situations and that was his personality. He had never told anyone he was a nice guy. I would have chosen DY a million times over and over boring JH. Life is short, it’s guys like DY that make it sweet. Peace.

  908. 908 : seattlebabe Says:

    I like the idea of a drama that has no tight closure – leaving some space for our imaginations and interpretations. The ending is quite mature , JY and DY taking care of their careers for their own future . When they met again Love is there I saw it in their eyes and the kind of smile they gave each other.

    I prefer that they didn’t have those scenes in Kdrama where actors make out fervently in public places. Hehheeh hey, they need their love bench and their spot overlooking the city. My God, the time when they met was just past lunch time. If they met late afternoon or near night time,then that could be a romantic time. I think JY gave DY a kick to jump start their relationship . You know like jump starting rusty machines and long time unused cars. She is also testing how well he will respond to her kick. That signals getting back to old habits , familiarity again .

    I did not expect DY to have a close relationship right away with his mother specially they resolved their issues through their blogs . Facebook and Twitter would have been better.

    JH is okey to finally disappear , I mean find a position/job that will improve his standing in the office. If he remained near Arirang it will be a continuing conflict of interest for him.he also needs a break.

    JY is better off outside of Arirang -I’m glad it was just an imaginary place. And she should remain as JY as she is happy that way.

    DY knew what JY had been doing while he was in England. JY was always looking at her celphone expecting him to call or text when she found out he was back in Korea.

  909. 909 : seattlebabe Says:

    To continue – I’m unhappy with the way the drama rewarded all the bad behavior of In Joo/SYW. There was no remorse on her past behavior of premeditated misdeeds. She was arrogant towards JY to the very end . Can you imagine if she knew that her mother saved JY.

    What is this drama’s message blood is not thicker than water as in the case of JY-DH , but it is in the case of DY-BS.

    How difficult should be your situation for anybody to say you’ve suffered a lot ? Compare the growing up years of IJ and JY . IJ grew up with a twisted mind that she ought to get everything and still not be satisfied. JY grew up to be giving and happy and did not expect much from life that it even made her resourceful.

  910. 910 : loyalfan_1 Says:

    It’s sad Feast of Gods ended. Just can’t wait to watch Detective Cha. This movie is gonna explode all the theatres with laughter and fun. YuRi, your fans are waiting for your next project after Feast of Gods. Please come back with more dramas and movies.

  911. 911 : CVL Says:

    @kdafn #904: I sincerely apologies, I didn’t mean to rush out like that. Agreed with you as always I recalled when JY told DY that she can tell that he loves cooking even though he did it for his brother. In real life you don’t excelled in thing that you do unless you’re a natural for it. I was glad that she can see through him which proven to us that she’s truly care for DY.

    @kdfan: thank you for defending us (Jennie and I) and I am sorry you had to respond to crazy fans like dramaluv and cara, they had turn something fun into a ????? I can’t find a word to describe it right now. Like you said life to too short so enjoy every each and every moment that we can…..

    btw: its only been a day and I missed you already, couldn’t help but checking this thread after my dinner date with the bF… It became a part of my life now.

  912. 912 : kdfan Says:

    @CVL no need to say sorry. after all life is so much more than k dramas. totally understand the time out, me too actually hv not been on these threads for some time b4 fotg. m sure u keep checking back bec fotg is so dear to yr heart. i m missing our obsessive comments abt DY/JY already 🙂 glad to find buddies here to talk about my drama addiction bec i hv no friends at home to share my interest. the only one is my mother in law, can u believe it! but she only watches those on tv not the ones only available on the net.

    @seattlebabe i like yr analysis. i think the show also tells us the nature of a person doesn’t change no matter the circumstances. as much as IJ has repented from her evil ways, she is by nature or nurture lacking self esteem, easily jealous and insecure. JY clearly has high EQ and an optimist. Mom DH saw that in both and therefore spent more time consoling the insecure IJ but offering mostly comforting glances to JY whom she feels would know in her heart why mom treats them differently.

  913. 913 : laraffinee Says:

    32 episodes ….to come to a sloppy, stupid ending! The script writer spit out a pathetic finale. The story line was always a bit shaky….but I believed it would come to a well thought out conclusion. Wrong. I will not waste my time watching anything that Jo Eun-Jeong writes again.

  914. 914 : KDaddict Says:

    The show has ended; this thread will die or die down. So perhaps I can say this now, without disrupting your viewing pleasure:
    The parents in this show are all v poor parents. They, including the grandmother, seem to value their cooking, their business more than their children.
    The things that happen in ep 1 were atrocious. DH’s personality to me was suspect fr ep 1, bc she cut her wrist “on the sofa in the living room”, w 2 small children in the next room while on hi seas. It’s inevitable that the children will see it n be traumatized. I have serious problems w a drama that centers on such a bunch of unstable, unhealthy chars. Truth be told, I think of this show as: Escape fr the Asylum”.
    As for IJ: well, we understand her insecurity n all, but the writer never made me feel for her. All she wants is to cling onto EVERYthing that doesn’t belong to her in the 1st place. N DH continues to be her enabler.
    DY is not rude on occasion. He is anti-social. Of course that’s bc of the death of his brother at such a young age n the grudge he holds against his mom. I Super Love LSW, but found it hard to root for sb like DY to get the girl. I mean, I wouldn’t want him for a bf, or for any of my friends, even when he looks like LSW. I don’t think for a min. that this is LSW’s best work to date. 1st wives’ club, tho a group show, highlights him much better, no to mention that it is a better show.

    I think that viewers like @caca n @dramaluv, owing to a language barrier, call it the way they see it, without preamble or semantics. The wording may be blunt, but how the other half views the show isn’t meant to insult those who love it.

  915. 915 : Astri Says:

    Officially in love with Lee Sang Woo 😀 and Sang Yu Ri is so pretty .. Can’t wait for her next drama “Detective Cha”

    It conclude nicely though it could ended with a better scene between JY and DY. I’ll surely miss this drama a lot.

    But hey lets move onto the next drama … ^__^. So, what shall I watch …

  916. 916 : kdfan Says:

    @Astri Queen Inhyun’s Man is really a gem, half way through n not too late to start if u havent ..

  917. 917 : Astri Says:

    Thank you @kdfan :*

  918. 918 : seattlebabe Says:

    I still haven’ t wean myself from FOTG. I became very loyal to it -first I did so for a drama.

    JY did not get anything from her family. She is right as she said to her mom she came back for nothing. I hope even with disappointment she will have learn something. If only they spent more scenes on her doing work outside of Arirang but still on Korean food.

    When she worked in Arirang ,she did not wear the traditional clothes though shorter like IJ but wore the attire of a modern chef. Perhaps that represented the correction of some flaws of tradition in the light of present day needs. the writer started something important again but failed to follow up and develop. Not everything in the past culture is correct that is why we have cultural change.

    Somebody said, she is back to where she started . Maybe a little wiser to the ways of the world. but she is the same -strong, independent ,secure in what she can do without the support of family and the comfort zone (like what IJ wanted to have ).

    I don’t get it when natural talent is pitted vs practice -they are two different things though both complement one another.

    All in all, the drama started me thinking of a lot of things. Perhaps the writer needs to take up courses in the behavioral sciences before even thinking for her next project. Actually, she opened the so called pandora’s box .

  919. 919 : hardiexia Says:

    well,…to bad for the ending,…and im really don’t like it..poor jh..she’s the one that confest first,..then she left him with nothing…very dissapointed..

  920. 920 : CVL Says:

    @seattlebabe: same here, am till haven’t been able to move on with this drama thats why I keep on coming back to read others comments lol….

    @hardiexia: I understand your frustration since you’re a JH fan. Yes, JY confest first but it wasn’t her true love but a huge crush for him. JY grew up in the countryside, JH was the first city guy that she met, he is a nice guy so she thought she loves him. JY’s character isn’t someone who would be falling in and out of love that easily, we saw that when she was waiting for DY. She could have ran to see JH at the airport instead just a short text message she sent him different than what we saw when she found out that DY is leaving. Having a crush for someone doesn’t mean its your true love. I myself had the same experience as I had a huge crush for someone for about 12 long years, I would do anything for him however after my confession, I felt better and rarely think of him since. Now I have been with my bf for 8 years and he is the love of my life.

  921. 921 : hhn Says:

    @KDaddict: Thank you for finally pointing out what’s missing in DY’s character. Same like you, I didn’t want to ruin the mood of DY’s fans so I was rooting for JH/JY without saying any negative things about DY. The guy doesnt have any social skills. To others, he may be cold-hearted, cool but to me, many of his actions cannot be acceptable (taking advantage of a girl and kissing her while she’s drunk; being moody and making his friends at Arirang scared when one of them’s touching his brother’s picture; punching another friend when he’s misunderstood about him and his mother, etc.). He’s mentally unstable and so moody. Thank God he has Jane with him. W/o her, I doubt he’d be succesful as Haemil. Jane takes care of everything, from business to personal stuff (even buying underware) for him. What can he do w/o Jane??? He’s so unti-social and a weirdo. 🙂 I would feel pitful for him, but never bring him home to introduce to my parents. That’s the reality.

  922. 922 : CVL Says:

    @kdfan: I borrowed your quote bout JY’s character in 920 🙂

  923. 923 : CVL Says:

    anti-social doesn’t make you a weirdo. Being yourself wins people’s heart. DY only open up his heart to the one he’s truly care for and he received the greatest love in return because they see a great man in him.

    what about those punches DY received from JH and IW??? Come on let’s be fair now!!!!

  924. 924 : seattlebabe Says:

    I think anti- social people don’t do it without a purpose. Besides the Haemil mask he has another mask, like what is friend Miso said he is like an onion with layers and layers to peel away. He has a vulnerable/trauma side to him though physically he looks strong, his face just smirk it hardly smile and show emotion. His main body language is shrugging his shoulder. when he realize that there is a person (JY) who show understanding of why he pines for his dead brother and made him the father confessor to JY, he slowly turned to be her pillar of support.Didn’t we notice he began to smile more . When the final battle between him and his mother came, it was Jy’s turn to be strong for him.

    This drama is actually on human nature, human emotions, our masks (Do yoon had two -one that you see, one that you feel),our conflicts within ourselves and with others ,the need to have power and the power of ambitions. What do we sacrifice,what do we give up , what is it about life that we approach it many ways ? The temporary nature of everything .

  925. 925 : hhn Says:

    It’s all about personal preferences and speaking about being fair, I think we need to be fair to JH. Please I dont mean to offend anyone here but really – my eyes were rolling reading all the bashing/trashing about JH. If someone was not watching the show and just reading all these comments about JH, he/she would think JH’s an evil.

    As a JH fan, I feel sad seeing him leave but I think it’s aslo good for him to stay away from JY. He’s leaving for JY’s sake. He’s right that to love someone, sometime you have to erase everything about that person out of your mind, just so the person can be at ease. His last text for JY still speaks volume about his love/care and great respect to her … “To my little IJ, if you still cry when I get back, you will be in trouble. To my idol, GJY, fighting!” We will miss you, JH! 🙂

    As a JSW fan, I am very proud of him. He has never failed to impress me with his superb acting skills. From the clumsy JH at the beginning eps., when he’s in Udo to a serious JH, at the later eps., when he is painful in love – JSW has given it all. I hope he will get to shoot TEN, the sequel, soon. Can’t wait! 🙂

  926. 926 : sangjhoon Says:

    @919 i agree with you, they were mean to JH, i hate that JY charac she cldn’t make up her mind, does she consider that first love for JH? she didn’t even bother if he was gone but woah when DY was leaving she cldn’t wait to hail a cab to see him at the airport! likewise i’m disappointed with this charac JY and this whole drama, i wasted 32 hrs – i only watched cause of Joo sang wook and I feel for his role but i’m sure he’ll be OK in the next drama, blame it on the writer! JSW did an outstanding job in this drama!

  927. 927 : sangjhoon Says:

    @925 hhn — well said, we shld give credit where credit is due, JH or JSW did an outstanding job in this drama; he was so it seems been taken just like in the past projects he’s had, however not to stay away fr this topic for one thing, JY’s loss is JH’s gain, he was really a man of honor giving her a space so she can delve more into her personal prob with her long lost family! One thing that i noticed too was that after all these years her parents didn’t really pursue that she comes back with them, it seems she’s back with her adoptive father helping out in his business. Anyway i dislike her charac because of her unpredictability & indecisiveness in that one moment she’s mad with JH who was there for her since they met in Udo & met again in Seoul! I think she should not have started having a relationship with him when later on she’ll just break his heart! Likewise, as Joo sang wook’s fan I think it’s fair to say that whatever role he plays, he never ceased to amaze us (his fans). I’ll support him all the way unconditionally, he deserves to be praised in all he did or does! This is just another drama, it’s time to move on & yeah we look f/ward to seeing JSW in another drama like TEN!

    to some of you who noticed JSW wasn’t in the group photo, you’re right i noticed that after watching the finale, coz i was looking for him & didn’t care about the others there and he’s nowhere in sight! I feel for him & i don’t blame him at all for not joining them! The writer/producers/director have been so unfair to him, this should not have happened but obviously the writer alter the story to give way to DY/JY character! I presume the ending was supposed to be that JH came back & reunites with JY and this DY supposedly was still abroad but it turned out the other way! No offense also to the DY camp we’re merely talking about characters here and not the actor himself!

    In a way glad it’s over! I hope JSW will have to take a good time off before he starts another proj! likewise hhn I can’t wait too 🙂

  928. 928 : dramaluv Says:

    It’s not the end of the world or anything like it.

    My opinion for what it’s worth is that this writer is a coward. They left this thing open ended. No big deal, it’s all fantasy anyway, but what went on here? After the big IJ id reveal this thing went downhill. Common sense went out-the-window. The best case in point is the fake IJ. For goodness sakes this woman put 2 ppl in the hospital for poisoning them. Not even the elders addressed this crime, even glossing over it and rewarded her with cooing & comforting her. And she at the end would still wind up cooking for ppl putting them at risk? This is where Jae Ha should have stepped in and accused her of her crimes, that would have been my ‘gift’ to her…get thee to a psychiatrist.

    The DY/JY issue, look the writer had her confess to JH about how much she loved him to the point of not breathing(?) and then it was all about ‘hurting’ ppl. Well, she sure didn’t mind hurting him at the end. I don’t blame him…get on a plane & get away from this psycho family. Sorry, but DY did not win me over. He was sullen & in a sour mood through this drama. Maybe I can’t blame him for it, but I don’t get the ‘perfection’ His personality was really lacking too. He wasn’t even respectful to In Woo who finally wanted time with his sis & DY would not give them their private moment until JY asked for it, among other things. He snatched his picture from the admiring kitchen worker & would grab & kiss. Whatever, men take note, women like this thing even if the complain (?) There’s alot wrong with this drama including dialog that plain didn’t make any sense.

    The writer here get a ‘fail’ from me.

  929. 929 : hhn Says:

    sangjhoon: Well, I don’t think eveyone is happy with JY character. Even DY fans are not happy with her. She never said she liked DY, even when she was asked by DY’s mother and Jane in the latest eps. It’s always that DY is pitful and DY is hurting, etc. I am not sure if the original plot has been altered, but the ending feel like a forced one to me. IJ can be the Master Chef, but she definitely owes JY an apology for what she has done to her in the past. It wasn’t a convincing ending and the drama was worth watching until ep. 21, after JH and JY broke up.

  930. 930 : seattlebabe Says:

    I also Like JH and JSW the actor who played him.He was able to portray all the emotions required of him. Many viewers get carried away ,even hate the person who is only playing a role. Even SYR ,I’ve read bashing as JY. Now some people are calling her wishy washy as well . These actors are only doing what is required of them .I don’t know about the actress who played IJ-she must have received a lot of flak.

    Anyway,if the actors were loved or hated it was only because they were true to the characters’ traits. Again ,we must go back to the writer/director.

    But I love the acting of DY’s mom-she is conniving, manipulating, obsessive, overly ambitious, plastic character but somehow she shines and attractive .

  931. 931 : KDaddict Says:

    A drama is a success if it gets ppl who like it enough to follow it faithfully n defend it strongly, and ppl who dislike it enough to care to voice their objection. Part of defense may be bc of the actors’ loyal followings, who will support their idols’ drama n char no matter what. Part of it may be bc the story is attractive to some. Ppl will love it have their reasons, n whatever the opposite camp says will not change their minds.
    For me, it is a matter of whether I want to spend 32 hours with these chars. Even when I like LSW, JSW, n SYR, the chars they play, and the chars surrounding them r just too loony for me to enjoy their company for 32 hours. I can only hope LSW n JSW get invited for better projects in future. I’ve been mighty disappointed in their recent outings.

  932. 932 : kdfan Says:

    i m glad i revisited this thread to find whoa!!! what interesting post drama comments. well, if we scrutinise every character and plot for sure there will be good and bad. isnt that the same in real life. there are no standard rules of behaviour, yes there are some social norms. so we can’t say JY has to continue loving JH bec she confessed first or JH doesn’t deserve JY’s love bec he left a 10 yr relationship just like that.

    is DY anti social though? he sometimes demonstrates traits of socially inept and he is definitely an introvert. i googled the definition on socially inept – Unable to judge and improvise interactions with other people in a acceptable or ‘normal’ manner. By a mix of being too keen or plain ignorant the socially inept seem to live in their own world exempt from who they’re talking to.

    but he is no weirdo. and JH is certainly no saint. and vice versa for both.

    i may not love this drama enought o rewatch but i super love LSW’s acting this role in this drama. too bad for JSW, what a waste of talent. for whatever shortfall this writer has, he or she managed to string me along for 32 episodes, yanking my hair along the way. not many dramas did that to me so ..

  933. 933 : hhn Says:

    #929: What I meant was the drama was worth watching until the end of ep. 21, when JH and JY broke up. The last 10 eps. were dragging too much …. And the ending – absolutely disappointing!

  934. 934 : kdfan Says:

    at least there is one thing everyone can agree on – that the ending is absolutely disappointing. although for different reasons …

  935. 935 : hhn Says:

    @kdfans: Yes. I agreed. 🙂

  936. 936 : kdfan Says:

    for DY/JY supporters http://emprezz.com/?p=961

  937. 937 : D E B Says:


  938. 938 : Nc Says:

    Whoa…..whoa…..whoa….. JH/JSW supporters attack…such a bad loser for making rude comments toward other characters; it’s not nice at all. Seriously I saw more of JH supporters making rude comments toward DY character than DY supporters. Be a good sport and thankful for a great drama…. let’s move on people….. It’s supposed to be fun/peaceful not war!!!!

  939. 939 : Jennie Says:

    Wow, so many comments here. Funny that while it started there were only a handful of posters and there seem to be more posters now that the drama has ended. It’s as if a floodgate was open suddenly! But I must agree with #938 @Nc’s comments. It is like all of a sudden we have an attack on DY’s character rather than the unsatisfactory ending that the regular posters were writing about.
    @kdfan, CVL & seatlebabe Who cares what they say about DY? He gets the girl in the end and that’s the most important. Haha!

  940. 940 : kdfan Says:

    @Jennie was wondering where u were…If JH got the girl, it would be the greatest heartbreak in my KD watching history! Do check out the link above. I like some of the writers view of the ending too.

  941. 941 : Charlie Says:

    I don’t like the ending. JY turned out to be a complete looser….
    The only good thing is it finally ended.

  942. 942 : CVL Says:

    @Jennie, kdfan: agree with kdfan; been wondering where were u Jennie….now that I see you both again, I am satisfied…. I will try not to come back to this thread again due to too many comments attacking DY/JY character because JH didn’t get the girl in the end. I understand it’s personal preference but still; we are here to have fun not war and it’s taken the fun out of me. Let’s meet again at “BIG” wil you!!!

    kdfan: thanks for the link…


  943. 943 : Jennie Says:

    @kdfan & CVL Hi, I just got back from my trip this evening and the first thing I did when I got home was to come here. Was surprised with the number of commments but I didn’t read most of them, just glanced through. I hate it when there are folks who just love to pour cold water on everything, and yeah, you said it, definitely takes the fun out of me too. There’s no such thing as a perfect drama for everyone, anyway. See you all in Big. And thanks for the link, kdfan.

  944. 944 : seattlebabe Says:

    @CVL I agree with you ,its just a drama and we are here to express our preferences and interpretations. Nobody should force theirs to ours in as much as wouldn’t do the same to theirs. And I wish the attack do not continue to the actors themselves.

    Anyway, I’ll join you guys in Big and this time from the top! Maybe if there is also a thread on Time slip Dr Jin , I’ll go there,too.

    But I still miss my DY/JY and would you believe I’m also fond of Mother Vengeance.

    Anybody here heard of season 2 without the others ? How about BS as the infamous mother -in-law and the grandmother of two sets of twins ? I can dream.

  945. 945 : seattlebabe Says:

    to continue from above ,the new drama should be titled ” Feast for the Little Gods”

    Thank you for the online company . See you guys,soon !

  946. 946 : belinda Says:

    اروووووووووووووووووووع مسلسل واحلا نهاية

  947. 947 : kdfan Says:

    Agree agree. See u all over at Big n a few others soon..

  948. 948 : seattlebabe Says:

    Yay ! the FOTG people they are back together last May 22 , attended VIP premiere of Runway Cop romantic comedy movie of kang Jihwan and Sung Yuri.

    Follow link


  949. 949 : kdfan Says:

    thanks for sharing. SYR looks lovely. missing Jane ..

  950. 950 : lmk Says:

    i agreed wtih this

    I hate the ending too… this is not I expected to watch ktv…

    so disapointed and made me upset for few days

  951. 951 : ridiculous Says:

    this drama is a shit!!! i couldnt see my jsw oppa getting hurt just like that. what’s the point of him being beside that stupid heroin whenever she’s in problems when in the end, she doesnt even care to look at him. i think the writer is already damaged her brain. i spent many hours watching this in hope jsw and jy finally together. i like dy but still !!! i feel cheated right now. since jy character changed from a bubbly one to a serious one, i started to hate her. now, with her leaving jsw is te foolest thing i’ve ever seen in kdrama..gosh !!

  952. 952 : wenny Says:

    I watched this drama is only because of DY/JY and to have them end together is already very satisfying for me. Overall, I like this drama and will definitely watch it again

  953. 953 : htayapril Says:

    I like this drama .LSW , JSW and SYR are so……o good .I also like jane’s acting

  954. 954 : KDfan Says:

    Good acting from all the cast. But the memorable one I would say come from 2 child actors. The actors are the one who acted as Song yeon woo and Kim do yoon. As Yeon Woo The little girl is so cute and adorable. I feel like hugging her, kissing her over and over. What a talented child. The way she eats, walks, talks and cry… Wow, muuahh! And the boy so evilly cute. The way he speaks and moves his eyes… Another talented child star from Korea. Both are adorable indeed!

  955. 955 : jedi Says:

    It’s okay for me DY & JY ended together, also whether the ended will be JH & JY together. I love both of them. But it’s true, poor JH!!!

  956. 956 : meijiarnella Says:

    i was so satisfied with the ending loveee….
    ending love of the drama is so different with kdrama everr
    wht a pity for joo sang wookk….but he was great actorrrr….sweett smileeee
    in the first time i saw that cover of the moviee….
    i think jsw will be couple with yuu ri in the endddd
    butt…. is nottt
    love ittttt
    lsw coollllllll

  957. 957 : Brian Says:

    Heys ppl! Can anyone tell me the ringtone in episode 4?? The ringtone when d girl is cooking and she was called by the president of the other food company

  958. 958 : jedi Says:

    I wish Sung Yuri and Lee Sang Woo will be a real couple out of screen.

  959. 959 : ToyinA Says:

    Regardless of who ends up with who, this drama is a must watch for those that haven’t seen it! Great drama!

  960. 960 : mind Says:

    Hi everyone! Wahhhhh, missing LSW so much, i want to see him everyday But, I’m sad when the drama Feast of the Gods ended….lol…. I hope that he had a new drama soon!

    #958 (Jedi) I read that in the recent interview with SBS TVcultwo show , LSW announced that SYR is his ideal type of girlfriend,LSW mentioned SYR’s name at around 15:00. I think the question was, “Which female celebrity style or image do you like?” LSW said, “SYR” and the interviewer asked, “You didn’t just say that because you both are in the same drama together now, right?” LSW replied, “No.”(this past February)

  961. 961 : mind Says:

    The link to the interview is below.

  962. 962 : liana Says:

    I love this drama. It ist great that in the end LSW with SYR together.

  963. 963 : jedi Says:

    #960 (mind) : very busy today, just see your posting. Is the interview with English sub? I just hope SYR have ideal type just LSW. 🙂

  964. 964 : jedi Says:

    #963 : I’m mean, SYR has ideal type like LSW. 🙂 🙂

  965. 965 : jedi Says:

    I’m very curious about the ending, is the writer has decided from the beginning that DY & JY ended together or the writer has changed it during the drama?

  966. 966 : jedi Says:

    #961 @mind : oh no, it’s Chinese :(. But thanks anyway for your information.

  967. 967 : Funguy Says:

    I hate the ending. So much fun watching DY and JH together. Real couple. Just don’t understand how the writer wants DY to end together with antisocial JY? To all Korean drama fan, actually it’s quite easy to know who will ends up with whom (just take note, who got the kiss first.. That will become the couple at the end). In this drama DY got her first kiss from JY, and never from JH.

  968. 968 : keket Says:

    Yippiee…finally DY and JY yess

  969. 969 : Jelly Says:

    I think that the writer has changed it during the drama from action of JSW’s loyalist have many comments attacking the writer because the story have change JH didn’t get the girl in the end.

  970. 970 : agebe Says:

    who was casted as ha in woo??

  971. 971 : admin Says:

    Jin Tae Hyun was casted as ha in woo.


  972. 972 : just Says:

    I really hope LSW ended with YR, I hate LSW always become 2nd person in many K drama. but as long the line story good, I dont care anymore who ended with whom. Hopefully LSW become the first choice next time.

  973. 973 : DisappointingEnding! Says:

    what happened to the ending?is there a sequel to this series?it seemed open-ended…in the beginning there was a clear picture of choi hae ha and go joon young being a soulmate but then why weren’t they together in the end?the ending is poorly done, sorry to say…there were episodes which were so dramatic, very dragging…but still i’m waiting for the PART II…:)

  974. 974 : kcp4lsw Says:

    Does anyone know Lee Sang Woo’s next drama? Miss seeing his acting alreay. I visit this site every day even after the show is finished to see anyone has added some news about LSW.

  975. 975 : jedi Says:

    @kcplsw : I finished watch Don’t Hesitate. Good plot, but to slow. LSW so handsome at that drama, also the lead actress LEE TAE IM, soooo gorgeous. Both of them have good acting. Perfect Couple. 🙂

  976. 976 : bani Says:

    I love this drama. It ist great that in the end LSW with SYR together.

  977. 977 : kcp4lsw Says:

    @jedi : Thanks, l’ll look for Don’t Hestitate. Just finished watching 9end2out to catch up other LSW’s drama. I highly recommand 9end2out.

  978. 978 : jedi Says:

    @kcp4lsw: although the drama running slow, it’s worth it to watch. By the way, LSW was the Lead actor in this drama. He soooo handsome. 🙂

  979. 979 : Guest Says:

    Interesting article after Feast of the Gods to see how Korean viewers thought of the love triangle …


  980. 980 : jedi Says:

    @guest (979) : can’t understand Korean, but from google translation, it’s negatives critism regard the ending, it’s correct?

  981. 981 : ayu soheh Says:

    I love this drama and the couple KDY n GJY..so romantic n sweet….i will miss them….

  982. 982 : kcp4lsw Says:

    @Jedi 980; I won’t be too concern about another JSW fan’s comment. This fan made it sound like “all Koreans” are unhappy with drama’s love triangle but the truth is most Koreans are very happy with drama and how it ended. My personal opinion is that JSW’s character, JH had a difficult situation, which many young people in real life may experience. Finding someone better than the one thought to be a soulmate all his life. In this context, JH’s character handled the situation well as he could given the fickle situation. The drama showed sensitivity to JY’s character such fickle minds happens to many young and old. If her first love, JH succeeds then they end up hurting fake InJu and dispointing many people she cares. I appreciated that the writer of this drama showed sensitivity to all not just a few main character pursueing only for their own happiness without consideration of other’s happiness. I think the ending of this drama was actually perfect. Eventhought I was hoping for more passionate ending. JY’s character showed the restrain of her heart after she realized that her heart felt for a person belongs to someone else caused her a painful heart break and with her new love she wants to take it slow, which showed more mature JY. I love this drama -just another Korean’s opinion.

  983. 983 : kcp4lsw Says:

    @Guest 979; Thank you for the link. I miss this drama so much that I was glad to see any news about the drama – even the critism. Just to show you that how challenging it is to make all happy. Please post more new about this drama related stories and share. Again, thank you for sharing.

  984. 984 : kcp4lsw Says:

    Oh, another reason I love this drama’s ending; its underlying message. Winning is not the only desirable end or everything as many beleaves. Sometimes losing is more rewarding in long term end result. JY lost Aryrang challenge and her first love but her overall future is a winner and a happy life with a loving and handsome DY awaits her.
    During this economic challengies and wars going on different global area, I think it is more timly and humainly correct message. PEACE!

  985. 985 : jedi Says:


    I hope there’s no anti-fan for my sweet Lee Sang Woo *…*
    I’m just wondering, why there no hugging or kissing at the ending? Just you said, no passionate ending. Using my words, it’s lacked of sweetness. But of course, this drama was not the typical K-Drama I’ve always watch. I loved you DH & JY. ^…^

    For the fan of JH or JSW, it’s only drama. Take it easy. PEACE. *_____*

  986. 986 : mmtutuy Says:

    First I restrain myself to wacht this, coz I thouth it`s another melo, melodrama, than I gave a try, slowly, slowly the show grab my attention, ah! I could feel the pain of every character, goodies and badies!! Sure, time will hell every scar, but they need to treat their own deep pain first to active own happiness!!!

  987. 987 : ami Says:

    Jujur!!! manusia paling berkarisma di drama ini adalah LSW…
    wow… I Love Him, I’m falling in love with him…
    akting JSW nggak begitu memikat hatiku… masih kurang…
    Tapi LSW, saat dia sedih, aku sedih.. saat dia seneng, aku seneng…
    aku bener2 masuk banget ke dalam perasaannya dia…
    🙂 aku suka drama ini…

  988. 988 : YOON EUN HEY Says:

    aku bener2 masuk banget ke dalam perasaannya dia…
    aku suka drama ini…

  989. 989 : putri Says:

    when i saw the title and knew that it would be Sung Yu Ri who play the role, i said to my self, i must watch it. it’s a nice story, plus, there’s Lee Sang Woo.
    being a cool guy with his ‘real appearance’, LSW plays the character perfectly.
    i love the ending too… GJY & KDY

  990. 990 : Daffa_Khanza Says:

    bagus banget

  991. 991 : tazkia Says:

    yaeeaaayy! i love this drama!! I hope there are series 2! love LSW so muchh :*

  992. 992 : Oppa Says:

    The story had a good start but dragged towards the end. The ending is kind of disappointing. The story could have ended in 20 episodes. Too manu unneccessary scenes.

  993. 993 : June Says:

    apakah ada yang memperhatikan boneka yg diberikan Do Yoon untuk june young… terakhir kali sebelum DY berangkat ke inggris dia memberikan lima boneka ..tapi ketika satu tahun kemudian di mobil JY ada enam boneka…heemm…aku rasa sebenarnya antara DY and JY ada komunikasi selama mereka terpisah satu tahun…..,,,

  994. 994 : Nay Says:

    I love Lee sang woo….so cool and mature, handsome in this drama.chemisrty DY n JY very strong.make this drama very interesting to wacth….. Miss lee sang woo and seung yu ri together again in a drama.

  995. 995 : renna Says:

    @jennie, hhn &sangjjoon : I’m newbie in this web, but I love K drama alot,,it’s so interesting when I keep reading all your conversation here Lol,,actually I know a lot K drama, all of you mentioned, mostly I watched all these K drama. Sorry if my English out off good. Owh and I’m one of JSW and Micky latest fans lol…

  996. 996 : drama ribbon Says:

    luv luv the ending of this drama ….

  997. 997 : kcp Says:

    Just found this link: Lee Sang Woo’s new saguk drama, The Horse Healer.

  998. 998 : Azani Says:

    The most stupid drama.. its shown how korean women can easily change their heart. Its not logic.. after all the sacrifices Jae Ha did for GJY and she just broke his heart like that. So cruel. I suggest the producer do a sequence and let Jae Ha and GJY be together again. And to all LSW fans I like to say face is not everything.

  999. 999 : Juj fanatic Says:

    I thought Jae Ha is the leading man, and it turns out to be Doo Hyun. Haha! So unexpected. But I really like him! So cool =))

  1000. 1000 : htayapril Says:

    I watch this drama because of Joo Sang Wook and I fall in love with Lee Sang Woo.So I watch A thousand Day promise, Don’t Hesitate,Life is beautiful,Searching for Elephant,9 end 2 out, I belive in love and The Road Home within 2 months.I like the most drama is ” Life is Beautiful”
    Now I wait for LSW new drama horse healer but LSW is not lead actor .So sad
    Where can I watch First wife club with Eng sub??????

  1001. 1001 : JYJ love Says:

    The plot was slow and the conflict was continuous. Haha! But I do really like it, it’s getting more interesting in every episode. I am currently on episode 11. On the Haemil part! Hahahaha. =))

  1002. 1002 : dinna Says:

    Missin Haemil…..i love kim do yoon n Goo june young…,,,,missin them…,

  1003. 1003 : ULF Says:

    i love this drama,,this drama have different ending story i ever seen. i love haemil,,i love kim do yoon n go jun young..thanks for the writer!!!

  1004. 1004 : limitzi Says:

    i like it when jun yeong started to fight back but how can that fake in ju get away with all the bad things that she has done just like that, she should be punished somehow.. jun yeong and do yun are so lovely together !

  1005. 1005 : lou8 Says:

    just buy dvd you will like him more in the drama the first wife club

  1006. 1006 : Kim Yujin Says:

    i really like this drama!!! thanks to actors for their good acting!!

  1007. 1007 : jang mi na Says:

    i love it and i love you haemil…
    i love cooking and i hope someday i could go to korea and taste all your kind of cuisine, the golden paste and the meat broth of Arirang..

    i hope to meet lee sang won in the near future…

    i love the story, it keeps you guessing what will the outcome, and whom the who will end up to…it’s not the typical telenovela wherein from the start of the story you already know what will happen next…

    it’s just that i hoped jong young got her original position at Arirang not the fake in ju, i hoped that the fake in ju got bad karma because of what she did to in ju..

    i don’t like much of its ending, BITIN kasi..i wished gim do yoon and the original in ju had been married..

    but anyway, what matters is all the characters had learned so many lessons…to forgive and let not greed overcome you…

  1008. 1008 : blue9berry Says:

    so far best korean drama in 2012!!!

  1009. 1009 : tita Says:

    I had not finished watching this drama, still at episode 15, but I really curious about the ending, so I start to search in many korean drama site, and I’m glad that I found this site! I have read the comments and from those comments, I’m verry happy tht the story will end w/ DY-JY couple! I love both of them! They are so cute and match each other! Eventhough, I’m not see it yet, but at least I can watch every single episode w/o worry :p
    I also have my own comments for JH..I think what happened to JH-JY before is a crush..same like the feeling happened at JH-fake IJ. Anyway, JH is a good character and gentleman!
    That’s all my comments, I’m not a big fan of korean drama, but I think this drama succesfully make me become the new member of korean drama now! 😀

  1010. 1010 : ohohlalayoyo Says:

    I Just watch episode 1 to 4 and i think it’s good drama so far , thanks for your comment so that i chose to watch this drama, but it worth to watch !!!!

  1011. 1011 : yuni Says:

    Really like this drama..the acting is very good

  1012. 1012 : peyutnduy Says:

    i like JH but i could guess from the beginning that he won’t be with JY ^_^

  1013. 1013 : CH Says:

    disappointing. … some parts illogical. .. not much on Korean cuisine. ..

  1014. 1014 : ance Says:

    i want to start this drama…hope it has a good ending coz i saw many comments that it was great.

  1015. 1015 : June Says:

    Really addicted to this drama Jun Yeong and Kim Doo Yun is such a sweet couple in dis drama..cant wait for them to act again as a couple in another drama in 2013..a credit to the scriptwriter and the director of this drama

  1016. 1016 : annie88 Says:


  1017. 1017 : lusy Says:

    I just want to say,many thank’s to the writer’s Director main actor and actress.I’ve was really like this drama.exspecialy the main actor Kim Do Yoo,his caracter it’s great Just LOve him so much.

  1018. 1018 : Koreannoona Says:

    Haemillllll….!! Cook for me pleaseeeee…..
    I can tell his character in this drama is pretty similiar with his real life – man with a few word but action more haha.. So cool !!!! Madly in love with Lee Sang Woo @[email protected]
    And you always nice whatever you are wearing, it fits you sooooo goood…. Aaawww..

    Btw love youe skin colour, it’s nice…means you like outdoor sports huh 😛
    Love you man!! muah muah..

  1019. 1019 : zhian Says:

    and for everyone who want to watch kdrama with long episode


  1020. 1020 : sousou Says:

    One of 2012’s best drama.
    A must seen drama

  1021. 1021 : K_Viewer Says:

    The drama started out a very interesting storyline. I watched every episode with anticipation. But after Ep 20, it drags on and on and on. The mother-real daughter relationship toward the end is just so stupid and illogical. Why can’t a mother give both daughters love and affection at the same time? For Joon Young to accept and let go of her own family is just not believable. Really hated the fake daughter, but pitied her at the same time. Prefer Jae Ha instead of Haemil because JH seemed more real and humorous. Even though I enjoyed the first 20 ep, I felt I wasted time watching the last 10 ep.

  1022. 1022 : cio Says:

    is it a good drama?

  1023. 1023 : nuy..nuy.. Says:

    Good drama, ye .. ye … haemillll finally selected… 🙂

  1024. 1024 : Jae Says:

    Wow, that family is so screwed up. The woman is obsessed with some stupid restaurant and neglects her husband and children. The husband has an affair and wants a divorce then commits fraud after she attempted suicide and their daughter went missing. The girl was so stupid that she was about to let her mother die and wandered off, getting someone killed in the process. As an adult she steals the things that don’t belong to her, with the help of the horrible woman and her equally bias teacher/grandma. The boy blackmailed his father and helped commit fraud. The only victim in this series is the girl who lost her mom because of this bad family and then was forced to take the place of the supposedly dead girl. Being smart and brave as well as scared and alone, the girl took on the role in order to survive and grew up miserable. I hope the whole family pays for all their crimes.
    And the two men must be dumb to have fallen for the same ugly, bad girl (aka the bad family’s real daughter). I guess they figure she’d be easy since she’s stupid.

    Overall, this series is boring. The story started with some potential but now it just sucks. It would have been better if either the child HIJ aka KJY or SHD died. They are the two causes of everyone else’s misery.

    As for future romantic developments, it would be interesting if SYW ended up with either KDY or HIW. KDY had a crappy childhood and pretends to be another person so they are similar except that she can’t be the real her. HIW is good too as they are not real siblings and even though he was mean to her and blackmailed her he still told her a lot about his real sister so she wouldn’t get into trouble. CJH never loved her or even knew her so he’s a definite no-no. Be happy SYW! You’re the only good character in this story!
    Maybe if they used a different actress I would have liked it more or at least not focused KJY. I just don’t like her. I’ve seen her in other series but I don’t like her or the character she plays.

    @ 1021, Exactly. The story started out okay but doesn’t make sense as it goes on. I get that the parents are happy to see their real daughter but they raised the other girl and should know better than to basically throw her out. She’s not an old handbag! These two people are selfish, despicable people that ruined that poor girl’s life. And the real daughter is just a selfish cheat like her parents. Just because a person is smiling and acts nice does not mean they don’t have bad intentions. All three of them are like this.
    This is basically an unrealistic, continually filled with nonsense type of series focused on dumb characters instead of the more developed ones with potential. If you hate your parents or siblings and need another reason why, then you may want to watch it because the parents and siblings in this series are generally horrible.

    I have to rate it as a 1 out of 5 stars. It gets the 1 just because there’s a cute guy or two that shows up (even though they have bad judgment) otherwise it would be a 0 star series. <_<

  1025. 1025 : Feast of the Gods 신들의 만찬 [2012] | My Drama Links Says:

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  1026. 1026 : Choi Yu Jung – P&INsfwnation.com | Nsfwnation.com Says:

    […] » feast of the gods » korean drama – koreandrama.org […]

  1027. 1027 : Jeannette Says:

    I am impressed with the work of the man who plays Jun Yeung’s adoptive father. The man can really make you believe he is a total louse, while at the same time, you sorta like him, That takes some skill. I want to know what his name is, and what other kinds of roles he has played. I don’t even know what his character’s name is in the drama. Please! Somebody tell me! 🙂

  1028. 1028 : Feast of the Gods (2012) Complete - Asiautaf - Asian Online Download Source Says:

    […] Feast of the Gods […]

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