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Title: 신들의 만찬 / Feast of the Gods
Chinese Title: 神的晚餐
Genre: romance, comedy
Episodes: 32
Broadcast network: MBC
Broadcast period: 2012-Feb-04 to 2012-May-20
Air time: Saturday & Sunday 21:50


A drama about Korean cuisine.

Set within the backdrop of a traditional royal cuisine restaurant named Arirang, “Feast of the Gods” depicts how two women grow as chefs through competitions with each other.


Main Cast

Sung Yu Ri as Go Joon Young
Jung Min Ah as Joon Young (teen)
Lee Ye Sun as Joon Young (child)
Joo Sang Wook as Choi Jae Ha
Lee Sang Woo as Kim Do Yoon
Lee Do Hyun as Do Yoon (child)
Seo Hyun Jin as Ha In Joo / Song Yeon Woo
Joo Da young as Ha In Joo (teen)
Park Min Ha as Yeon Woo (child)

Supporting Cast

Jun In Hwa as Sung Do Hee
Kim Bo Yun as Baek Seol Hee
Jung Hye Sun as Sun Noh In
Seo Yi Sook as No Young Shim
Jung Dong Hwan as Ha Young Bum
Park Sang Myun as Im Do Shik
Oh Na Ra as Oh Soo Jin
Kim Young Moo as Han Min Shik
Son Hwa Ryung as Kim Shin Young
Park Jung Min as Jang Mi So
Sean Richard as Daniel
Song Min Jung as Jung Da Woon
Edward Kwon as Chef Kwon
Uhm Hyo Sup as Ko Jae Chul
Jin Tae Hyun as Ha In Woo
Jun Joon Hyuk as In Woo (child)
Lee Min Ji as Jane
Shin Goo (Cameo)
Lee Il Hwa as In Joo’s mother (Cameo)
Choi Jae Sup as Joo Hyun Moo
Choi Sung Jae

Production Credits

Director: Lee Dong Yoon
Screenwriter: Jo Eun Jeong

Episode Ratings

Date Episode Nationwide Seoul
2012-02-04 1 12.9 (5th) 15.3 (3rd)
2012-02-05 2 12.3 (11th) 15.0 (7th)
2012-02-11 3 13.3 (6th) 16.5 (2nd)
2012-02-12 4 13.1 (9th) 16.6 (5th)
2012-02-18 5 14.8 (6th) 17.4 (5th)
2012-02-19 6 13.3 (8th) 16.5 (7th)
2012-02-25 7 15.1 (5th) 17.7 (3rd)
2012-02-26 8 14.3 (8th) 16.4 (6th)
2012-03-03 9 13.9 (4th) 16.8 (3rd)
2012-03-04 10 12.8 (10th) 14.8 (8th)
2012-03-10 11 15.5 (3rd) 18.5 (3rd)
2012-03-11 12 14.4 (8th) 16.8 (6th)
2012-03-17 13 16.9 (3rd) 19.8 (2nd)
2012-03-18 14 14.5 (6th) 18.5 (5th)
2012-03-24 15 17.4 (3rd) 21.2 (2nd)
2012-03-25 16 15.0 (7th) 18.9 (6th)
2012-03-31 17 14.0 (4th) 17.1 (3rd)
2012-04-01 18 13.5 (6th) 15.4 (5th)
2012-04-07 19 15.2 (3rd) 19.1 (2nd)
2012-04-08 20 15.4 (6th) 19.0 (5th)
2012-04-14 21 17.3 (2nd) 20.2 (2nd)
2012-04-15 22 15.8 (5th) 19.1 (3rd)
2012-04-21 23 16.0 (4th) 18.8 (3rd)
2012-04-22 24 17.3 (4th) 20.1 (4th)
2012-04-28 25 17.0 (2nd) 20.1 (2nd)
2012-04-29 26 15.6 (4th) 18.3 (3rd)
2012-05-05 27 16.7 (2nd) 20.7 (2nd)
2012-05-06 28 17.4 (3rd) 20.4 (3rd)
2012-05-12 29 17.2 (2nd) 20.8 (2nd)
2012-05-13 30 17.9 (3rd) 21.8 (3rd)
2012-05-19 31 17.8 (2nd) 20.4 (2nd)
2012-05-20 32 18.3 (3rd) 21.9 (3rd)

Source: TNmS Media Korea


2012 MBC Drama Awards: Golden Actress Acting Awards, Jun In Hwa
2012 MBC Drama Awards: Excellence Actress Awards (Soap Opera): Seo Hyun Jin (Feast of the Gods)
2012 MBC Drama Awards: Excellence Actor Awards (Special Production): Lee Sang Woo (Feast of the Gods)
2012 MBC Drama Awards: Top Excellence Actress Awards (Special Production): Sung Yu Ri (Feast of the Gods)


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1,028 Responses to “Feast of the Gods”

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  1. 1001
    JYJ love Says:

    The plot was slow and the conflict was continuous. Haha! But I do really like it, it’s getting more interesting in every episode. I am currently on episode 11. On the Haemil part! Hahahaha. =))

  2. 1002
    dinna Says:

    Missin Haemil…..i love kim do yoon n Goo june young…,,,,missin them…,

  3. 1003
    ULF Says:

    i love this drama,,this drama have different ending story i ever seen. i love haemil,,i love kim do yoon n go jun young..thanks for the writer!!!

  4. 1004
    limitzi Says:

    i like it when jun yeong started to fight back but how can that fake in ju get away with all the bad things that she has done just like that, she should be punished somehow.. jun yeong and do yun are so lovely together !

  5. 1005
    lou8 Says:

    just buy dvd you will like him more in the drama the first wife club

  6. 1006
    Kim Yujin Says:

    i really like this drama!!! thanks to actors for their good acting!!

  7. 1007
    jang mi na Says:

    i love it and i love you haemil…
    i love cooking and i hope someday i could go to korea and taste all your kind of cuisine, the golden paste and the meat broth of Arirang..

    i hope to meet lee sang won in the near future…

    i love the story, it keeps you guessing what will the outcome, and whom the who will end up to…it’s not the typical telenovela wherein from the start of the story you already know what will happen next…

    it’s just that i hoped jong young got her original position at Arirang not the fake in ju, i hoped that the fake in ju got bad karma because of what she did to in ju..

    i don’t like much of its ending, BITIN kasi..i wished gim do yoon and the original in ju had been married..

    but anyway, what matters is all the characters had learned so many lessons…to forgive and let not greed overcome you…

  8. 1008
    blue9berry Says:

    so far best korean drama in 2012!!!

  9. 1009
    tita Says:

    I had not finished watching this drama, still at episode 15, but I really curious about the ending, so I start to search in many korean drama site, and I’m glad that I found this site! I have read the comments and from those comments, I’m verry happy tht the story will end w/ DY-JY couple! I love both of them! They are so cute and match each other! Eventhough, I’m not see it yet, but at least I can watch every single episode w/o worry :p
    I also have my own comments for JH..I think what happened to JH-JY before is a crush..same like the feeling happened at JH-fake IJ. Anyway, JH is a good character and gentleman!
    That’s all my comments, I’m not a big fan of korean drama, but I think this drama succesfully make me become the new member of korean drama now! 😀

  10. 1010
    ohohlalayoyo Says:

    I Just watch episode 1 to 4 and i think it’s good drama so far , thanks for your comment so that i chose to watch this drama, but it worth to watch !!!!

  11. 1011
    yuni Says:

    Really like this drama..the acting is very good

  12. 1012
    peyutnduy Says:

    i like JH but i could guess from the beginning that he won’t be with JY ^_^

  13. 1013
    CH Says:

    disappointing. … some parts illogical. .. not much on Korean cuisine. ..

  14. 1014
    ance Says:

    i want to start this drama…hope it has a good ending coz i saw many comments that it was great.

  15. 1015
    June Says:

    Really addicted to this drama Jun Yeong and Kim Doo Yun is such a sweet couple in dis drama..cant wait for them to act again as a couple in another drama in 2013..a credit to the scriptwriter and the director of this drama

  16. 1016
    annie88 Says:


  17. 1017
    lusy Says:

    I just want to say,many thank’s to the writer’s Director main actor and actress.I’ve was really like this drama.exspecialy the main actor Kim Do Yoo,his caracter it’s great Just LOve him so much.

  18. 1018
    Koreannoona Says:

    Haemillllll….!! Cook for me pleaseeeee…..
    I can tell his character in this drama is pretty similiar with his real life – man with a few word but action more haha.. So cool !!!! Madly in love with Lee Sang Woo @.@
    And you always nice whatever you are wearing, it fits you sooooo goood…. Aaawww..

    Btw love youe skin colour, it’s nice…means you like outdoor sports huh 😛
    Love you man!! muah muah..

  19. 1019
    zhian Says:

    and for everyone who want to watch kdrama with long episode


  20. 1020
    sousou Says:

    One of 2012’s best drama.
    A must seen drama

  21. 1021
    K_Viewer Says:

    The drama started out a very interesting storyline. I watched every episode with anticipation. But after Ep 20, it drags on and on and on. The mother-real daughter relationship toward the end is just so stupid and illogical. Why can’t a mother give both daughters love and affection at the same time? For Joon Young to accept and let go of her own family is just not believable. Really hated the fake daughter, but pitied her at the same time. Prefer Jae Ha instead of Haemil because JH seemed more real and humorous. Even though I enjoyed the first 20 ep, I felt I wasted time watching the last 10 ep.

  22. 1022
    cio Says:

    is it a good drama?

  23. 1023
    nuy..nuy.. Says:

    Good drama, ye .. ye … haemillll finally selected… 🙂

  24. 1024
    Jae Says:

    Wow, that family is so screwed up. The woman is obsessed with some stupid restaurant and neglects her husband and children. The husband has an affair and wants a divorce then commits fraud after she attempted suicide and their daughter went missing. The girl was so stupid that she was about to let her mother die and wandered off, getting someone killed in the process. As an adult she steals the things that don’t belong to her, with the help of the horrible woman and her equally bias teacher/grandma. The boy blackmailed his father and helped commit fraud. The only victim in this series is the girl who lost her mom because of this bad family and then was forced to take the place of the supposedly dead girl. Being smart and brave as well as scared and alone, the girl took on the role in order to survive and grew up miserable. I hope the whole family pays for all their crimes.
    And the two men must be dumb to have fallen for the same ugly, bad girl (aka the bad family’s real daughter). I guess they figure she’d be easy since she’s stupid.

    Overall, this series is boring. The story started with some potential but now it just sucks. It would have been better if either the child HIJ aka KJY or SHD died. They are the two causes of everyone else’s misery.

    As for future romantic developments, it would be interesting if SYW ended up with either KDY or HIW. KDY had a crappy childhood and pretends to be another person so they are similar except that she can’t be the real her. HIW is good too as they are not real siblings and even though he was mean to her and blackmailed her he still told her a lot about his real sister so she wouldn’t get into trouble. CJH never loved her or even knew her so he’s a definite no-no. Be happy SYW! You’re the only good character in this story!
    Maybe if they used a different actress I would have liked it more or at least not focused KJY. I just don’t like her. I’ve seen her in other series but I don’t like her or the character she plays.

    @ 1021, Exactly. The story started out okay but doesn’t make sense as it goes on. I get that the parents are happy to see their real daughter but they raised the other girl and should know better than to basically throw her out. She’s not an old handbag! These two people are selfish, despicable people that ruined that poor girl’s life. And the real daughter is just a selfish cheat like her parents. Just because a person is smiling and acts nice does not mean they don’t have bad intentions. All three of them are like this.
    This is basically an unrealistic, continually filled with nonsense type of series focused on dumb characters instead of the more developed ones with potential. If you hate your parents or siblings and need another reason why, then you may want to watch it because the parents and siblings in this series are generally horrible.

    I have to rate it as a 1 out of 5 stars. It gets the 1 just because there’s a cute guy or two that shows up (even though they have bad judgment) otherwise it would be a 0 star series. <_<

  25. 1025
    Feast of the Gods 신들의 만찬 [2012] | My Drama Links Says:

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  26. 1026
    Choi Yu Jung – P&INsfwnation.com | Nsfwnation.com Says:

    […] » feast of the gods » korean drama – koreandrama.org […]

  27. 1027
    Jeannette Says:

    I am impressed with the work of the man who plays Jun Yeung’s adoptive father. The man can really make you believe he is a total louse, while at the same time, you sorta like him, That takes some skill. I want to know what his name is, and what other kinds of roles he has played. I don’t even know what his character’s name is in the drama. Please! Somebody tell me! 🙂

  28. 1028
    Feast of the Gods (2012) Complete - Asiautaf - Asian Online Download Source Says:

    […] Feast of the Gods […]

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