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Everybody says Kungdari

Title: 모두 다 쿵따리 / Everybody says Kungdari
Genre: Family, Comedy
Episodes: 99 (120-21)
Broadcast network: MBC
Broadcast period: 2019-July-16 to 2019-Nov-29
Air time: Monday to Friday 07:50


This drama is about a Korean adoptee who returns to his birthplace, Kungddari Village, and struggles to settle there.


Main Cast

Park Si Eun as Song Bo Mi
Kim Ho Jin as Han Su Ho
Seo Hye Jin as Lee Na Bi
Kang Suk Jung as Mung Jan Su
Lee Bo Hee as Jo Sun Ja
Lee Se Hee as Jo Sun Ja (young)

People around Song Bo Mi

Choi Ji Won as Song Da Soon (Ha Nam’s daughter)
Kim Tae Yool as Song Da Shik (Ha Nam’s son)
Seo Sung Kwang as Song Ha Nam
Lee Jang Yoo (이장유) as Song Jang Koo

People around Han Soo Ho

Myung Ji Yun as Seo Woo Sun
Choi Soo Rin as Jo Bok Ja
Park Chan Kook (박찬국) as Nam Sang Han
Kim Hae Won (김해원) as Nam Da Woon
Jung Woo Hyuk (정우혁) as Jason Lee

Kungdari people

Kim Nan Hee
Jung Kyu Soo as Ko Joong Sup


Shin Shin Ae as Mrs. Hong
Park Hye Jin as Seo Woo Seon
Kim Seung Hwan as Jung Seob’s relative (ep.9)

Production Credit

Director: Kim Heung Dong
Assistant Directors: Kim Jin Hyung, Lee Ji Min, Ryu Seung Hoe
Screenwriter: Kim Ji Hyun


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  1. 1 : Moonstar Says:

    Is any one watching this drama???

    Is it any good??

  2. 2 : Pargavi Selvaraj Says:

    Yeah. Its really nice to watch this drama. It says about the village.

  3. 3 : Moonstar Says:

    It finally started airing in the Chicago area September 19, 2019 at 8:15 p.m in the evening. Not sure if it was airing in the morning in the Chicago area or not??\

  4. 4 : Ryan Says:

    I am up to Ep 12 — is some what confusing. It appears the writer is not revealing everything. Who is Bo Mi’s father??? What did Bo Mi see that Jo-Soon wanted to get rid of her and still wants to get rid of her?

    The lady who keeps aggravating Jo Bok-Ja is Dong -Choon’s mother. Who is Dong-Choon? I don’t see any name in the actor’s listing of a Dong-Choon!!!!

  5. 5 : arizonafan Says:

    I have seen Park Si Eun in several dramas, but in this drama she doesn’t seem up to par with her acting.

    I can’t stand Na Bi screaming all the time and her bratty attitude.

    Is Song Ha-Nam the father of Da-Sik and Da-Soon?

    In EP. 16, he went to Jo Soon-Ja for money from a car accident. Who Jo Soon driving the car??? Or someone else?? Sometimes the words go by too fast and can’t catch them all.

    Jo Bok-Ja and Nam Sang-Han are two idiots. When are the local people going to connect the dots and notice these two idiots are the ones behind Bo Mi’s problems. The cops just happen to show up when Bo Mi is mixing the weed killer for the trees. Duh – how stupid. No one wondered how they came at that time or were they called by some one??? And Bo Mi better wake up. The 2 cops that came to arrest her did not have a warrant and she hands over her phone to them, etc. I never would have done that.

  6. 6 : NY Says:

    This drama has a very low rating on Asian Wiki. The writer needs to do a better job than that. Personally, the writer portrays a person living In The US as an idiot. I dont think the writer has met somebody who grew up in the US. By watching so many dramas, the character of the lead actress is more like Korean personality.

    She is an american. She spent 10 years in prison and got DEPORTED for grand thief. WOW. Writer, please come up with a different story.

    American cars doesnt have camera as korean be showing in their dramas. I dont see it often. May be uber or lyft drivers.

  7. 7 : USA Says:

    This is very confusing slow-moving turtle speed drama that I stopped watching. Think the writer meant the drama to be complex with twists & turns to keep audience engaged, but the delivery put me to sleep. Horrible. Saw several episodes trying to follow, but it was too frustrating. Perhaps it should have been a 16 or 32 episode drama!

  8. 8 : Moonstar Says:

    I am at Ep. 24

    Where is the grandmother? I have only seen her in one episode I believe.

    Does the grandmother of Bo Mi live with the witch Soon-Ja?? She is never at breakfast, dinner, etc.

    Da-Sik gave Soo-Ho the info sheet on Bo Mi missing that his grandfather wanted her to have, and SH and he just put it in his pocket and now hes hiding it from her. Wonder how many episodes it will take for Bo Mi to find out the truth about Soon-Ja?

  9. 9 : Sun Flower Says:

    Bo Mi is so stupid. She trusts the wrong people. The evil witch Joon Ha and Jang So. When is she going to wake up that every move she makes, Joon Ha all of a sudden turns up.

    I was surprised the writer had the grandfather pass away. He kind of was a breath of air in this show. Lee Jang-Yoo did a good job with his acting.

    The grandmother thinks she is so smart. She has seen Bo Mi several times, and does not have a clue who she is.

  10. 10 : Ry Says:

    Why didn’t Soo-Ho show Bo-Mi the picture of Joon Ha and Jason Lee he had on his cell phone when they found Jason Lee???? Soo-Ho confronted Joon Ha about the picture of her and JL, and that was the end of it. Bo-Mi is so stupid, out of all the people Joon Ha is very special to her!!!! Why does she think that, what has she done for her??? Stupid story line

  11. 11 : Sunbeam Says:

    So Jennifer is the person who called the grandmother to say Na Bi was in an accident, and the grandmother covered up the accident. I must have missed something — was Jennifer in the car w/Na Bi?? Or if not, why is she in a comma or whatever in the hospital???? I don’t remember in any of the episodes that said why she is in the hospital. Does any one know??

  12. 12 : Andrew Says:

    Seo Hye-Jin (Na Bi) acts some what similar as she did in Teacher Oh Soo Nam. Her character in this show is similar.

  13. 13 : David Says:

    Bo Mi must live on another planet. She is one stupid chick. She told Jang Soo where the house contract is like a dumb fool she is, she can’t keep her stupid mouth shut, and the next morning, the contract is stolen. Then she asks Jang Soo if he stole it???? Duh…like he would tell the idiot.

    Bo Mi is an idiot if she thinks that Jang Soo is going to help her out with her visa. She probably will wake up at Ep. 120. How could some one be so stupid???

    I like Da-Woon, but he has loony parents. He likes Bo Mi. Wonder if he will end up with Dr. Jin???? She is a character.

  14. 14 : Ryan Says:

    After brainless Bo Mi slapped Han Soo-Ho, he should tell her to go live with your precious witch of a mother. Han is trying to find out the truth of what happened to her and the grandfather, and she is so blind she can’t see the truth. Han thinks Bo Mi is rational and logical??? She is not logical, she is brainless. He is stupid for liking her.

    And why doesn’t Han go tell the grandmother that Bo Mi is her missing granddaughter?????? How stupid is all this?????

  15. 15 : Valentina Says:

    Is there an award at the Awards given out at the end of the year for “Dumbest Female Lead for a Korean Drama???? If so, Bo Mi should get that award.

  16. 16 : Sunbear Says:

    I am now at ep 74.. can’t wait to see what will happen to the evil stepmother. This the nbr one drama I am following closely. Nice drama….

  17. 17 : arizonafan Says:

    Did I miss something???? When did Jennifer die??? I know witch Joon Ha tried to kill her, but I thought she was maintained by the hospital staff??? I have seen every episode, so I must have missed it when she died.

    Didn’t stupid Bo Mi see the video on the laptop w/Joon Ha in the white outfit on the mountain running with the “bag?” Now she wants to run to her mother to ask her “about the bag!!!” will Bo Mi every come to her senses???? So many stupid things happen in this drama, I can’t remember all the details.

    By the time Bo Mi tells her grandmother who she is, the grandmother will be dead.

  18. 18 : Rose Says:

    Han Su Ho needs to get a restraining order against Na Bi. He is sick in the hospital, doesn’t want his daughter to know and she blows the whole situation with the daughter. Doesn’t she understand when he tells her not to see HIS daughter??? Dumb Dumb.

    The other 2 idiots with their heating unit in Dr. Jin’s office…. they listen to everything going on and report back to Joon Sa.

  19. 19 : Teatimemacaron Says:

    I am tired of seeing female lead characters as this stupid as in this drama. Seems like writers intentionally make women lead characters as pathetic and idiotic as they could be. Not only on this drama, but many others…Come on writers, you don’t have to make them genius, but make them not to be extremely stupid!

  20. 20 : Bill garden grove Says:

    I believe they should check DNA of the mayor he’s probably responsible for half the children in Kungdari now the doctor is wearing Paternity clothes

  21. 21 : Esrher Lanuzs Says:

    Omg all the characters seem naive or stupid.

    Jo sung ja can always play them all….

  22. 22 : Valentina Says:

    @ Esrher — how right you are.

    Bo Mi is one stupid person,she tells Jo Sung everything. She never grows up or thinks before she spills the truth to her supposed mother. Unbelievable.

  23. 23 : Sky Light Says:

    Is there no drama scheduled after this one ends???? What is going on with MBC??? No dramas any more early in the evening. There used to be two dramas back to back. Ever since they went on strike, when they came back to work, their dramas were cut. Too bad.

    Ep. 95 and Bo Mi continues to be stupid.

    Looks like they cut the episodes of this drama by 20 episodes. It could have been a good drama if the writer didn’t make Bo Mi so darn stupid.

  24. 24 : Night Watch Says:

    Ep 94 —

    Bo Mi stupid as usual to the end of the show. She tells wicked witch Jo Jung that the police are looking for Na Bi and Jo Jung jumps out of the hospital bed to go look for her Bo Mi never learns to keep her mouth shut and tells Jo Jung every thing. How could a person be continually so stupid.

    And Ha Nam sits in the green car and lets Bo Mi’s car crash into him. He had plenty of time to get out of the car. Like he wanted to be a hero!!!!???? So stupid.

    Jo Jung can out fox every actor/actress in this show. Geez……good thing they cut out 20 episodes.

    Wonder what other dramas this writer has done???

    Lee Bo Hee had beautiful clothes in this drama.

  25. 25 : David Says:

    Ep 96 — Every one continues to be stupid. When Jo had the lighter in her hands to burn the Herb garden, the 3 idiots should have just run out and knocked her down. Give me a break.

    I can’t believe the police don’t put in her jail. Idiot Bo Mi and the rest of the group watch as she walks into the water pretending to be with Driver Jang. This drama is stupid to the end.

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