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Blood 05

Title: 블러드 / Blood
Chinese Title: 吸血鬼医生
Genre: Medical, Fantasy, Romance
Episodes: 20
Broadcast network: KBS2
Broadcast period: 2015-Feb-16 to 2015-Apr-21
Air time: Monday & Tuesday 22:00


Park Ji Sang (Ahn Jae Hyun) is a doctor specializing in “hepato-pancreato-biliary” surgery in the best cancer research hospital in the country. He is also a vampire. Despite seeming cold and unfeeling, Ji Sang masks his soft heart and inner pain and yearns for closeness with people. He believes very strongly in the sanctity of human life, and suppresses his thirst for blood to treat terminally ill patients and save lives.

Among his colleagues is Yoo Ri Ta (Koo Hye Sun), a hotshot physician who entered medical school at the age of 17 and is also the niece of the chaebol group chairman who owns the hospital. Ri Ta is highly capable but snooty and prideful, yet Ji Sang finds himself falling for her. He also gets drawn into a conflict between good and evil as he encounters Lee Jae Wook (Ji Jin Hee), a two-faced hospital chief who gains everyone’s trust with his gentle demeanor, but inwardly harbors a dangerous ambition for power and a talent for cruelty.


Main Cast

Ahn Jae Hyun as Park Ji Sang
Baek Seung Hwan as Ji Sang (young)
Koo Hye Sun as Yoo Ri Ta
Jung Chan Bi as Yoo Ri Ta (young)
Ji Jin Hee as Lee Jae Wook

People around Ji Sang

Jung Hae in as as Joo Hyun Woo (Ji Sang’s friend)
Ryu Soo Young as Park Hyun Seo
Park Joo Mi as Han Sun Young

People Around Ri Ta

Kim Gap Soo as Yoo Suk Joo (Ri Ta’s uncle)
Son Sook as Sylvia Ahn
Jung Hye Sung as Choi Soo Eun (Ri Ta’s friend)
Jin Kyung as Choi Kyung In

People Around Jae Wook

Park Tae In as Suh Hye Ri
Kwon Hyun Sang as Nam Chul Hoon
Lee Ji Hoon as J


Son Soo Hyun as Min Ga Yun
Kim Yoo Suk as Jung Ji Tae
Jo Jae Yoon as Woo Il Nam
Jung Suk Yong as Lee Ho Yong
Jung Hwan as Gerrard Kim
Ji Chan as Do Sung
Kang Sung Min as Joo In Ho
Park Joon Myun as Lee Young Joo
Kang Ui Sik as Lee Sung Gyun
Ki Se Hyung as black man
Kang Dae Hyun as Son Young Gi
Jung Hee Tae as Choi Woo Sik
Kim Bo Kyung as Choi Woo Sik’s wife
Yoo Eun Mi as Choi Soo Yeon
Park Joon Mok as Kim Sang Gyu
Hong Hwa Ri as Lee Na Jung
Mi Ram as Jang Yoo Jin
Kim Ji Hoon as Kang Jung Min
Nam Myung Ryul as Jung Han Soo (cameo)
Jun Bum Soo as Kim Byeong Soo

Production Credits

Production Company: IOK Media
Producer: Jo Woong, Yoon Jae Hyuk
Director: Ki Min Soo
Screenwriter: Park Jae Bum


– Director Ki Min Soo and Screenwriter Park Jae Bum were previously collaboration in 2013 KBS drama “Good Doctor“.

Jung Il Woo & Yoo Yun Suk were both offered for the lead male role, but turned down the offer due to the scheduling.

Episode Ratings

    Nationwide Seoul Nationwide Seoul
2015-02-16 1 5.3 6.0 5.2 6.0
2015-02-17 2 4.9 (<8.1) 4.7 5.1
2015-02-23 3 6.1 (<8.5) 6.0 6.2
2015-02-24 4 5.8 (<7.7) 5.5 5.6
2015-03-02 5 4.6 (<8.5) 4.1 4.0
2015-03-03 6 5.5 (<8.0) 5.4 5.4
2015-03-09 7 4.4 (<8.3) 4.4 5.2
2015-03-10 8 4.4 (<8.0) 4.5 4.8
2015-03-16 9 4.6 (<9.3) 4.3 4.3
2015-03-17 10 5.1 (<7.5) 5.6 5.4
2015-03-23 11 4.4 (<9.1) 3.8 3.1
2015-03-24 12 4.9 (<8.2) 4.5 3.6
2015-03-30 13 4.8 (<9.4) 4.2 4.3
2015-03-31 14 5.6 6.4 5.3 5.0
2015-04-06 15 5.3 5.5 4.4 4.6
2015-04-07 16 5.3 (<7.1) 5.0 5.2
2015-04-13 17 5.3 (<9.3) 3.8 (<7.8)
2015-04-14 18 5.3 (<8.2) 4.4 (<7.4)
2015-04-20 19 6.4 (<8.6) 4.7 (<7.6)
2015-04-21 20 5.4 (<6.9) 5.0 (<6.6)

Sources: TNmS Media Korea & AGB Nielsen Korea

*** Different between TNmS Media Korea & AGB Nielson – Here


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6 Minutes Preview

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  1. 1 : Upekshya Says:

    Ah I am soooo happy to see Ahn Jae Hyun again. Must be a good drama. Waiting for release!!!!

  2. 2 : ina-given Says:

    Wow..ahn jae hyun .. He’s the main male actor in this drama.. I can’t wait this drama fighting oppa!!

  3. 3 : joaN Says:

    Can’t wait to see Ku Hye Sun again… Even though I’m little bit scared, it’s okay for me..

  4. 4 : Elizabeth Says:

    So excited at the same time scared coz it’s a different character for GHS and from what I heard the writer and the director are the best… We have faith in you GHS…. And we hope for Vey High Ratings!!!

  5. 5 : christmas Says:

    This must be a exited drama.

  6. 6 : Z Says:

    Koo love you ..
    can’t wait for BLOOD

  7. 7 : Gayu Says:

    Unnie!! Koo! Soo pretty and rocking in white gown! Ahn Jaehyun perfect for avampire! Fighting for Blood! Cant wait for Feb 16th!!

  8. 8 : Nisha Says:

    Omo…ahn jae hyun and jung hae in ^^

  9. 9 : dinaz Says:

    Hyesunnieeee ahhhh my angel 🙂 so glad to see u again after angel eyes..
    just cant wait for Feb16th..Jae hyun and hyesun will make an awesome couple for sure..Blood fighting!!

  10. 10 : dinaz Says:

    first teaser link..

    link to the official teaser

    superexcited to watch this.. 🙂 🙂

  11. 11 : youMYoppa Says:

    OMG ! I can’t wait.. I like this kind of genre.. Especially, the casts member,, Ahn Jae Hyun.. OMG OMG !!

  12. 12 : shanzy Says:

    OMG this dramas seems so awesome.. its official trailer just hooked me still figure it out either i am hypnotize by Ahn jae blue eyes or his blood sucking lips… unnie koo will definitely going to rock and desperately waiting for her trailer… hard to wait for 16feb 🙂

  13. 13 : nami Says:

    omg !!!! cant wait….

  14. 14 : OH RI JIN Says:


  15. 15 : Chincha? Says:

    My reaction when I see this = JAW DROP, DROOLS.
    2015 why you so good to me? ♥ Hahaha

  16. 16 : jane Says:

    Loved Loved it <3 Ahn and Koo <3

  17. 17 : Ham Says:

    looks good.

  18. 18 : fiendr Says:


  19. 19 : Sam Says:

    Goo Hye Sun my love…

  20. 20 : Sharon Says:

    It will be intresting to see a Vampire as a doctor. How In heavens name will he be able to handle it. A hospital is full of blood coming and going, so this will be quite intresting.

    Will he be trying to save his life, or his patients?

  21. 21 : Kim Says:

    Looking forward to see GHS. I love her in Angel Eyes.

  22. 22 : Gayu Says:

    2nd official teaser


    YouTube link


    Credits to the owner

  23. 23 : dinaz Says:

    Second teaser looks even more promising..hyesun looks really beautiful in the white gown..cant wait for Feb16 hope this drama will do very well 🙂
    @Sharon hi chingu long time no see 🙂 🙂 glad to see u here,hope more chingus join in soon 🙂

  24. 24 : JandiHyeon Says:

    honestly AJH looks like LMH… In other words He and Ms. KHS will be perfect together 🙂 .. I miss Jun Pyo and Jan Di

  25. 25 : Ling Lie Says:

    I’m really hope that Park Shin Hye could playing together with Ahn Jae Hyun, because i think they’ll match together since Jambangee portrait season. I think it will be nice to seeing them together after Lee Jong Suk. ^.^v

  26. 26 : linglychan Says:

    I’m really hope that Park Shin Hye could playing together with Ahn Jae Hyun, because i think they’ll look match together since Jambangee portrait season. I think it will be nice to seeing them together after Lee Jong Suk. ^.^v

  27. 27 : Tina Says:

    second teaser seal the deal for me now no matter what i will watch this drama super excited

  28. 28 : victoria Says:

    koo hye sun is a talented,her acting is good and this drama is interesting.koo hye sun fighting !!!

  29. 29 : Linda Says:

    Goo Hye Sun is so pretty she looks like a doll 🙂 Blood fighting

  30. 30 : dinaz Says:

    Third teaser out feat.Ji jin hee 🙂 ji jin hee fans must be happy..


  31. 31 : Rinz Says:

    will watch this, but need to wait till it end because I don’t want to frustrate myself waiting every week,hahaha Ahn Jae Hyun Fighting! <3

  32. 32 : Shin Se Gi Says:

    Wtf cooooool

  33. 33 : bloody Says:

    Teaser 2 totally unexpected version 🙂 The drama is getting more interesting 🙂 Blood fighting! Koo unnie nomu nomu yeppoyo 🙂 Cany wait for feb 16th 🙂

  34. 34 : Janice Woo Says:

    And they picked someone who looks like a kid to play the part? He’s not even good looking in my estimation, looks too girly for my taste

  35. 35 : Bella Says:


  36. 36 : park jun sung Says:

    wait since i m not yet watch the trailer, anybody know who s the cople here. ahn jae with koo hye sun, or koo hye sun with ji jin hee?

    aiiish, its the second drama, koo hye sun n ji jin hee reunite again.
    hffft this handsome ahjussi, i really miss him in romcom.

  37. 37 : dinaz Says:

    Teaser 4 link


  38. 38 : Gayu Says:

    Official stills of Ahn JaeHyun and Goo Hyesun meeting


    Source article link: http://mosen.mt.co.kr/article/G1110067075

  39. 39 : park jun sung Says:

    aigooo… ji jin hee is so handsome very much. really handsome ahjussi. with those age, he still look so charismatic. aaaaaa if its possible i hope he end up with goo hye sun in this drama. cz actually ahn jae hyun didnt match so far if he relationed to ghs. like teenage with his aunt

  40. 40 : els Says:

    Finally ahn Jae Hyun become the main actor. Can’t wait to see your acting. Go hye Sun, I’ve waited you to play drama again, and now here you are. come on, show me how cool this drama gonna be.

  41. 41 : Gearevasya Says:

    I’m really hope that jung il woo could playing together with goo hye sun, because i think they’ll look match together… I think it will be nice to seeing them together Humm

  42. 42 : esther Says:

    Gak sabar nunggunya ….

  43. 43 : iammee Says:

    I guess I have to pass watching this because the lead actress is not my fave.

  44. 44 : jinci Says:

    wow Ahn Jae Hyun is now the leading man!!!!

    i will watch this.

  45. 45 : Von Says:

    The only reason i watching this show is because GHS. Girl you are so pretty love you..how i wish you know guy like me exist who are crazy about you.

  46. 46 : sonia Says:

    AhnGoo couple love the name all the best!!!

  47. 47 : Gayu Says:

    Official site updated new stills and posters


  48. 48 : farah Says:

    Ahn Jae Hyun so cute😱😍i will support this drama very well😘

  49. 49 : cici Says:

    Actually AJH was born in 87 and same age with my bro. AJH & GHS gap are 3 years…i admit that they are a BEAUTY FACED…their age seem like not matched with their face right..even AJH was act as a high schooler in MLFTS (CSY’ brother).

  50. 50 : Gayu Says:

    Teaser 5



  51. 51 : hiravee Says:

    finally I can found the teaser on youtube… after watching the teaser on youtube, in my opinion the drama had story line combination between warm bodies and twilight.

  52. 52 : Anony Says:

    I wish they would cast a different girl….don’t hate but she’s really annoying….life there’s no life in her…she never looks happy….don’t hate its my opinion and I have a right to it…..

  53. 53 : Lmfao Says:

    The picture shows anothe DID VAMPIRE hahaha jjoke loveyouuu jaehyunaaa😍

  54. 54 : dongrim Says:

    wuih keren, ditungguin loh

  55. 55 : david Says:

    Goo hye sun you are simply best. Glad to see you in this drama Blood fighting

  56. 56 : sara Says:

    Medical drama is not my favorite genre but for koo hye sun i going to watch love you unnie <3

  57. 57 : Foufa Says:

    Goo hye sun looks pretty and cute…cant wait 😀

  58. 58 : Rahmatu Says:

    can’t wait to watch

  59. 59 : dinaz Says:

    Teaser 6 link 🙂

  60. 60 : chelsea Says:

    Koo hye sun unnie and ahn jae hyun oppa!!❤💙
    Very excited!!!!! Hope for high ratings! 🙂

  61. 61 : MayaF Says:

    Can’t wait to watch.. Very interesting..

  62. 62 : MayaF Says:

    I Can’t wait to watch.. Very interesting drama

  63. 63 : Amnaa Says:

    rEALLLY EXCITEDDD. i love the leads, i hope jaehyun does well in this drama 🙂

  64. 64 : Foufa Says:

    the long teaser is amazing…this drama is daebak <3

  65. 65 : dinaz Says:

    The long trailer is just too wowww..Can’t wait for Monday we have been waiting for this day since December hyesun, can’t wait to see you angel 🙂
    And jae hyun is amazing in the long trailer, he is hard working and looks smashing as the sexy vampire.Ahn goo couple and team blood fighting!!

  66. 66 : dinaz Says:

    Here’s the long trailer link enjoy 🙂

  67. 67 : lee hye ae Says:

    Although I’m not a fan of vampire-themed shows, I find this drama interesting. I also want to see if there will be good chemistry between Ahn jae hyun and Ku hye sun. ^^

  68. 68 : Lidia Says:

    I’m gonna watch this drama because the first episodes are filming in my country, ROMANIA hehe I’m so proud of it 🙂

  69. 69 : Juana love Says:

    waiting ooooh

  70. 70 : kim Says:

    Who ever has a negative comments about GHS, it just shows of the jealousy. I bet their favorites are not as talented as GHS. So just shut up . They are not belonged to this blog

  71. 71 : 12i Says:

    very interesting drama…GHS fighting unnie !!

  72. 72 : Aprilia Says:

    Cant waiiiiiit for ahn jae hyun>< Semangaaaat oppa!!!!!!

  73. 73 : yuni Says:

    have to watch this drama coz koo hye sun…love her act..always

  74. 74 : Killer Says:

    Ku hye sun Fighting!!!! we support you.. your perfect in this drama

  75. 75 : perez Says:

    fingers crossed

  76. 76 : Koo Hye Sun loverssss Says:

    i love Koo Hye Sun….n who dont like just shut ur txt no ned to txt here….or never view about her drama…simple right…? she’s an actress n you…?? just nothing.. 🙂

  77. 77 : PM Says:

    If you watched all of the drama that KHS played, you will amaze because she improve so much in acting. She is very talented and her act is match with her role.

  78. 78 : Dlcne Says:

    Wow what an impressive 1st episode.quite similar to Twilight. Looking forward

  79. 79 : Killer Says:


  80. 80 : Ruicchi Says:

    Add English Subtitle pleaseeeeee 🙁
    Ahn Jae Hyun oppa :*

  81. 81 : rrr Says:

    wow blood!

  82. 82 : Hyuk Jewel Says:

    It is gonna be my favorite korean drama.I always fall into vampires. Now it is turn for Jae Hyun. Ahn Jae Hyun Fighting!!

  83. 83 : vdhrp Says:

    Poor Ku Hye Sun, On netizenbuzz Korean netizens and international Kdrama viewers already giving her so much criticism. they say she’s a really bad actress 🙁

    1. [+487, -28] Normally having a pretty face makes up for your lack of acting somewhat but she doesn’t just suck, she really sucks. At least Kim Tae Hee or Lee Yeon Hee show traces of effort but Goo Hye Sun doesn’t even look like she cares. Sure she tries a lot of different things but her roots are in acting so she should focus on that.

    2. [+463, -8] So Geum Jandi became a doctor

    3. [+357, -11] Checked out the YouTube video after reading this article. Yeah, she definitely needs to work harder.

    4. [+42, -3] There’s nothing about her as a celebrity that draws you in. Women like Han Ye Seul or Shin Min Ah make you want to watch them more and more but she’s just… so hard to communicate with, it’s frustrating. It’s like she’s acting in her own world. I bet that’s how she is in real life… lives in her own bubble and disregards everyone else.

    5. [+40, -2] Both the leads are a miscast. Having to go from watching Ji Chang Wook and Park Min Young to these two just drops the drama quality to child’s play.

    6. [+35, -1] Hopeless leads

    7. [+32, -3] She can’t even do her main job right but she’s always meddling in other things. I laughed when she said the first floor of her house was a gallery. What an artist she is~ when in real life she’s just a crappy actor cosplaying as a 4-dimensional person.

    8. [+31, -1] Her voice is so bad… Her acting’s not only awkward but the change in her tone makes it even worse.

    9. [+31, -2] I don’t get why she does that with her voice

    10. [+29, -1] I can feel the crappy acting from the pictures alone

  84. 84 : moonsy Says:

    Goo hye sun, you are the best!!
    The haters are your BIG fans, they are jealous cozz they cannot be like you LOL, cannot reach your ‘high class’ buahahahahaahaha
    I love this drama, cool and full action!
    Cant wait for the next episode…. BLOOD fighting!!

  85. 85 : 12i Says:

    Ow these haters dont have anything important in their lives …GHS makes them really crasy …hhhhhh good job unnie <3

  86. 86 : beone Says:

    this drama is daebak 😀

  87. 87 : KSE Says:

    oh well at least hye sun got fanbase cuz the general audience and non-fans constantly say she’s a horrible actress after all these years. the haters aren’t her fans at all…problem is they can’t forget her bad acting in boys over flowers (one of the most watched Kdramas). in korea, they do not respect her like the high class actresses.

  88. 88 : Jae Hoon Says:

    I do not quite like Go Hye Sun. I tried watching her on Take Care of Us Captain and The Musical, but after 2 or 3 episodes, I just quit. I really cant bare the way she acts. But then, since Ahn Jae Hyun is the main lead here, I will try to watch this. I just hope GHS does not ruin it for me. I was hoping though that they could have pick a younger actress to play the main female lead. I feel like GHS is to old if paired with AJH. Its looks like a teenager and his aunt being paired together. GHS is a better match to Ji Jin Hee than to AJH, I think.

  89. 89 : lili Says:

    ku hye sun was amazing.
    I liked a couple of blood korean drama
    Hye Sun always best offers
    The actress is impressive

  90. 90 : rrr Says:

    have a great acting koo hye sun !!! i liked the way you act and you so talented and popular.please teach AJH how to act to make make a better story and have a good rating…!!!

  91. 91 : rrr Says:

    happy chinese new year

  92. 92 : MayaF Says:

    I hope Kang So Ra or Moon Chae Won for lead female actress.. But still hope for the next eps will be good story..

  93. 93 : lidia Says:

    this is so frustrating they film in ROMANIA but they saying they are in GERMANY and the speak ROMANIAN language what the heck :((

  94. 94 : jolene Says:

    wah i watch this drama i like very much

  95. 95 : Mariana Says:

    I totally agree with you 93 Lidia, they filmed in ROMANIA !

  96. 96 : park jun sung Says:

    nonton drama ini kig berasa kayak nonton GGS versi korea ya? vampir serigala kejar2an di hutan, trs ada org2 geje sebangsa vampir yang ngejar2 main lead… aigoo
    but, the story more interesting than hyde jeckyll n I

  97. 97 : park jun sung Says:

    unfortunatelly why in this drama KHS is paired with AJY not ji jin hee.. hhhh AJY is too young…

  98. 98 : nami Says:

    well… i just wanna say that AJH need more practice… his act just so awkward..
    i really like GHS in angel eyes..
    still looking forward for this….

  99. 99 : aa Says:

    @ are you a director? ƗƗɑƗƗɑ

    @mayaF : although I’m not fan of AJH or GHS, but I think GHS was match for this role.

    @Park Jun Sung: hidup elu banyak bacot bray, makanya jangan kebanyakan nnton GGS. Klo pengen cerita sekarep dewek bikin aja film sendiri. Repot.

  100. 100 : K Says:

    The drama is soo amazing! Love it! I love everything about it..GHS is totally different here and i love her so much..Uri Vampires AJH and JJH are too hot..I dont care about ratings..I thoroughly enjoyed the drama ♡♡ Ep 3 come soon..

  101. 101 : Juana love Says:

    i loveeeeee Blood…….

  102. 102 : park jun sung Says:

    what the hell u talking about, HAH???!!!
    AM I SAID THAT THIS DRAMA IS BAD OR SOMETHING,???? i just said that the story remind me abt ggs, i not said that this drama is bad. STUPID, read my comment again, i said that this drama at least “Interesting”…

  103. 103 : Hyuk Jewel Says:

    Fighting Ahn Jae Hyun and Koo Hye Sun!!Haters gonna hate.I Like both of you and love this drama. 🙂

  104. 104 : Lysa Says:

    Agree with you guys…
    till now, i think its interesting…

  105. 105 : sara Says:

    thanks God my mind is not weak who get influences by other or just followed the crowd and i am glad i give it a try it not bad the way people exaggerating it although there are few things like action scenes where need to improve otherwise story is interesting and i love that Pervy robot LUVY aww he so cute hehe hope will play a role of cupid in love life of pjs and yrt

  106. 106 : Rachna Says:

    I really like this drama waiting for other epoisdes….. Fighting

  107. 107 : dinaz Says:

    Love Blood watched both the raw and subbed version,its fun to watch the raw and keep guessing then watch it subbed and realise ok so this was it..i dont ususally watch raw but anything for hyesun 🙂
    Loved ep1&2 loved the beautiful vampire couple and their beautiful son Jason/Ji sang,it was sad to see their sad ending,the dad sacrificing his life so that he wouldnt infect others as planned by jae wook and the mom asking her young son to burn her down 🙁 🙁 they were more human like in that aspect.the young ji sang played his role very well,and jae hyun did well too unlike how many people predicted him to be robotic he did very well as a newcomer,he is very handsome and tall and the role suits him well..
    Hyesun was amazing it was nice to see her in a different role,arrogant,bratty full of self confidence love Yoo ri ta i dont care what haters has to say i loved her role and i am glad she accepted it 🙂
    Hope the episodes keep getting better and better and ratings increase too..
    Team Blood fighting!!

  108. 108 : Lmfao Says:

    Im still looking for more episodes! Fighting TEAM BLOOD!

  109. 109 : vatu Says:

    damn. koalas playground, that blogger really hates Ku Hye Sun..Calling her really bad actress, insulting her looks, insulting her desperate attempts to try other stuff….and most of the commentors say nothing but negative harsh things about KHS & calling her one of the worst actresses…damn

  110. 110 : beone Says:

    I love this drama…thank god I didn’t influenced by the haters comments …I dont see anything wrong with this drama…although 2eps were aired ..I like it

  111. 111 : Edward Says:


  112. 112 : luminalg Says:

    wow the story interesting i love ghs her charter something new to ghs she’s talented

  113. 113 : park mi ra Says:

    the first episode not so interesting. But second episode make me want to watch the next episode. but I think koo hye sun doesn’t suit this character or mybe she not warm yet

  114. 114 : amy Says:

    The drama itself has good storyline..but they choose wrong actress, no offence..her acting so awful…and its really annoying to watch a drama with awkward act from the actress..i like her in bbf..but thats it..her other projects are gone wrong

  115. 115 : Carmel1 Says:

    This very is very interesting. Well made and nice story line. Excellent acting by Ku Hye Sun and Ahn Jae Hyun.

  116. 116 : Dara Says:

    Loved it my mind just got stuck with it and keep on making theories that why LJW need PJS blood why Yoo Rita change her name and where her parents now are they dead or still alive … so interesting drama and likes koo hye sun acting style although its my her second drama but she impress me her attitude shows that although apparently she rude and cold but deep in side her heart she is still child like and i love leads cute fight.. one of best drama… to people i must say try it without pre judging you will like it…

  117. 117 : JAA Says:

    I cant wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  118. 118 : devcbf Says:


    *sigh, IDKWTS

  119. 119 : a fan Says:

    I like it …it’s a good drama..GHS acting is good…the first I read those negative articles about her acting I though it’s really very bad but then when I watched it.. it’s OK …That’s the character Of YRT “arrogant” …anyway Blood fighting <3

  120. 120 : Bloodfan Says:

    Its pretty okay drama will continue to warch 😀😀😀

  121. 121 : luminalg Says:

    ep.3 tonight don’t forget

  122. 122 : luminalg Says:

    i wish they get high rating make it in a rank support this drama be positive don’t be nega,to the busher and hater give a chance to the lead star make them to shine. pls be on top least top 3 watch make it double digit i pray for buddah buddha pls…

  123. 123 : K Says:

    Admin, I wish you remove the negative articles with harsh comments like from koala, netizenbuzz which people are commenting here.The drama is so good..I hope people dont get diverted by negative comments and miss a good drama..

  124. 124 : luminalg Says:

    you’re right admin remove the negative comment.to hater whatever mistake of ghs in her past drama past i past move on.

  125. 125 : luminalg Says:

    in case of khs give her chance to shine i believe she can do it.she is a good actress she can prove over the past year in remember bof she got nomination in atv it means she is one of best in asia in her last drama she also nominated in top ex.award and excellence award. you think she is bad actress? and to ajh give him a chance.

  126. 126 : Expert Says:

    #109 & 118 koala again hahahahahaha……..

  127. 127 : dinaz Says:

    Dear all please no negativity in this page..let’s just enjoy blood and let her negative opinions stay in her blog itself..
    Nearly half an hour for the live streaming.. What might have happened could he continue with the surgery? There is a latest still in which we can see yoo ri ta,ji sang and luuuvy..I wonder what luuuvy might have told yrt lol haha :))

  128. 128 : OMG Says:

    i can’t barely hold myself, GHS is not improving, on angel eyes i was able to finish it even though there were part that her face is really registering different emotion while acting a scene.

    she is really bad actress in this drama. i am shrinking while watching her then stop watching at the middle of episode 1. I would not even list her face among korean beauties. she may have a sponsor for landing lead role while the likes of Seo ji hye of punch is not landing lead role where acting and beauty is unquestionable

  129. 129 : dinaz Says:

    @OMG ep1? Did u really watch blood? I don’t think so coz hyesun dosent even appear in ep1 don’t know how did u see her..

  130. 130 : Dani Says:

    @OMG Lol i can’t stop my self from laugh at your stupidity and didn’t know either i pity you or mad at you.. Literally you do it on purpose as you hate GHS or you have some medical issue in which you forget things if you not know about your disease yet than ASAP visit to doctor…. why i said this you will get the answer after watching first episode and before commenting do watch the episode i can bet on it you didn’t watch first episode because if you did you would not have commented in this way…
    i get it you hate GHS but at least put your hate with fact so you don’t look like dumb…. i am not saying you to like GHS but at least watch first episode than look at your comment…

  131. 131 : PSH Says:

    @OMG Hhhhhhhhhhh what the hell with u ?? are u Ok !! o.O
    I beleive u didnt watch the 1st ep mdr…..i cant stop laughing …plz dont make comments that make u look stupid..finally with all my respect to u…if u hate GHS ..I think u shouldnt bother urself and watch this drama and do sth else useful for u and stay away 😉

  132. 132 : PSH Says:

    I just finished watching ep3 …it was really good …this one of my best kdrama ever <3

  133. 133 : Dramafan Says:

    Attention Healer fans! Vote for Healer to make it the best drama of the month at:

    Healer is in the second place right now. We need 1400 more votes to be in the first place!

  134. 134 : nikki Says:

    LOLing at “epi1’s” when Ku’s not even there yet oh puhlease! Sorry you cricket..ur a lousy critic! Well, since u r an “acting expert” why not interrogate the director & preach him w/ ur “standards” in acting after all he’s the captain of the ship. Funnier is..u even dare care to categorize her face w/ ur own personal blah blahs?! Talk to my hands! U r way too obvious lol! Why even care to bother yourself duh?! My advice..just don’t mind, stop & leave period, Avoid wrinkles lol.

  135. 135 : Ano Says:

    O M G ! Do I hear a valley girl ????
    In YOUR opinion – she may be a bad actress but at least good or bad – she is getting paid and has a job . You are probably unemployed who lives at home and getting supported by your mommy 😪. Don’t be bitter – you will find a job too one day – sweeping the street – $10 hr

  136. 136 : Ano Says:

    Haters will always hate . The motive is to put Ghs down so their idol whoever it is – will look better. Example -Park shin hye – she is a good actress as long as she doesn’t have a kissing scene . She is probably the worst kisser I have ever seen . It’s like kissing a dead fish . The Only thing you can see is the startled look in her eyes every single time . No emotion whatover .Dont tell me she that innocent – she has a secret boyfriend line most of them do .

  137. 137 : dramakid Says:

    @Ano,nether is Gu hye sun a good kisser.her kissing with lee min ho in BOF was the worst kiss I’ve ever seen in kdrama.Gu hye sun is a bad actress and a worst kisser,but that doesn’t stop me from watching this drama.BTW,PSH kiss did improve in Pinocchio.Gu hye sun is still d same worst actress ever

  138. 138 : K Says:

    Hello dramakid! Did you watch “Angel eyes” ?? Go and check out the kiss scenes of Koo there! She did a very good job!! And kisses from BOF was tonned down because of the director..He doesnt want the school kids kiss like that..Its not Koo’s mistake! LMH was scolded too for opening his mouth during kiss scene and was asked by the director like “Why are you opening your mouth? Just touch her lips”.If you ade going to talk something please know the full story and talk. About PSH i dont want to comment but dont make me to do so! We respect other artists..So dont create a fan war here!

  139. 139 : silent Says:

    why the character of actress is a bit annoying… But it’s still ok because jae Hyun is so perfect with his character.I really love vampire..laugh…..

  140. 140 : sara Says:

    @dranakid as your name suggest and its prove that you are really a KID…. so before pouring out your hate toward GHS go do some homework kid…. BOF kiss was consider as one of best kiss scene i am not saying this because i like GHS alot of polls result proven that.. and if you are not blind enough go watch angel eye sofa kiss again but again it is useless as one who is blinded by heart, by brain and by eyes can never get it as hate rule your mind and your heart….. pity you…. and if you hate GHS this much why bother to wast your quality time on her instead of wasting your time and nourishing hate in your heart go nourish love in your heart by praising your favorite in their posts…
    PS about PSH i don’t want to comment about her although i am great fan of GHS but my ethics not allow be to hate other so i respect PSH also

  141. 141 : malgjac Says:

    I don’t know yet about GHS acting in this drama but i am 90% sure that it is Ri Ta charactera that you find annoying. And if it is like this than GHS is doing good job 🙂 Personally i love her character:) it is something new and fresh in kdrama:)

  142. 142 : sunny Says:

    Aigooo kid.. what happened here??? did you just compare Hyesun unnie and PSH???!!! OMG goo away kid.. Hyesun unnie is more more better than your PSH.. aigooo kiss scenes??!!! Go watch Angel Eyes dear… I know you get mad cos Hyesun unnie more elegant n natural than her and sure her acting too.. not like your PSH who thought she was popular among men, and her acting??? ohhh really look standart for me…
    Mianhae Sunnies I just can’t get enough of her fans.. they keep attacking other artists, telling their PSH always the Best among them, and now they start to compare her with Hyesun unnie..

  143. 143 : Chillsss Says:

    i love it… and love all the character in this drama. They deliver it nicely .

  144. 144 : dinaz Says:

    Please friends let’s just discuss about the drama blood, if you ppl don’t like to watch her dramas it’s simple just don’t watch but don’t spoil the fun for others who are enjoying this vampire series..and please don’t mention other actresses and create a fan war here..
    Kissing is not the only thing a good drama needs,but if kisses are mentioned then i have to say she kissed very well in Angel eyes.. Bof being a high school drama dint allow that..

  145. 145 : please Says:

    I really really agree with sunny’s opinion. PLEASE dont compare hyesun with PSH. HYESUN has so many talents so different with PSH . Maybe PSH is beauty and so popular in men eyes but LOOKS her acting skill does not improve at all. Ash.

  146. 146 : torri Says:

    i love the story line so far and this kid Ahn Jae Hyun he is doing a great job, i think it was great casting him in this drama , the kid has this paleness about his skin that fist the role for some one who is a vampire so far am liking it ,

    okay now about the female lead some of u really need to back off from her , she is acting a role giving to her and beside characters develops as times goes by in a drama like this, it just been 3 ep so far the writer is trying to show us this part of her and am sure as the plot develops so will her character in the drama ,that said its just a show watch if like it and if don’t like an actor or actress and not please with their acting then don’t watch


  147. 147 : sara Says:

    please people don’t discuss other actress here and please don’t even compare them together it will only create hatred among two fan group so please… appropriate what is good and spread love not hate….i am GHS fan and will be… but i respect other celeb as well as GHS always spread love by her acts, by her work, so i follow her steps and i not gonna bash any other celeb like their fans come here and do

  148. 148 : GHS fan Says:

    Pls dont discuss other actress …each actress have her fans and we should repect her and them …anyway about the drama I just finished ep 4 it was the best …really so good …enjoy it !! 🙂 🙂

  149. 149 : luminalg Says:

    the drama is very good im exited to watch these drama to my country.very soon.i dont know why many korean did not apreciate these kind of drama what kind of drama you want? may i guess uhmm. rom com w/there fav.kpop idol.even their idol have worst acting go.many kissing scene oh comn these is not your typical antic rom com drama ds med drama what you expect.and also this a tv drama not a movie.movie is take 1to2 hrs but this is tv drama expect a many twist and turn its only 4 ep.there 16 ep left why do judge in 1st ep you watch the entire ep then you can judge.

  150. 150 : jesisca Says:

    PSh is best actress than GSh..evry single shin hye drama get many viewers and good response may be just heirs which get bad commments.. so both of them has their unique ability to perform their acting… if you want to compare,, just be fair guys,, their kiss scene not only best thing which be the best judgement to judge their best actor or not. I love this drama , and i know GSh like Psh in the heirs drama…because of their role in the drama,, everyone judge them too bad,, AJh did his role very well,, may be GSH try to be a new chracterso evryone found her awkward in her acting in blood,, just wait and watch it,, don’t make fan war again please.. thanks guys

  151. 151 : John k Says:

    GhS is annoying as hell. The way she talks is so annoying and disrespectful to others. I watch it in korean and I’m korean, and it’s pissing me off because of her. She thinks she’s the shit because her uncle owns the hospital. She is so stuck up in this drama and she is not likable at all!!

  152. 152 : luminalg Says:

    to the hater you can judge ghs,ajh easily.what kind of person you are?even in trial court they can’t judge someone easily they want to know the whole story..you see ghs,ajh what ever mistake in the past oh commn. im also a fan of kdrama but i will watch the whole drama first b4 i judge.you said ghs is worst kisser are you the one who kiss ghs?how did you know?even her personal life you critisize her?did you know her personaly.your not god.even what kind of life she has. you dont care.i know its your opinion but focuss on the drama not in her personal life.

  153. 153 : K Says:

    @jessica : Please stop mentioning other actors name here..GHS is beyond your comparisons..The truth is PSH gets hallyu Gods as her co-stars..That is why it is like you said..All GHS dramas she played her role is very important ones..Her dramas are female centric..So its mostly she lead the drama..In a country like Korea where female population is more, usually male centric dramas get more ratings ! So just dont compare GHS with PSH..GHS doesnt have only BOF with high ratings..Her dramas like pure in heart, king and I got 30 plus ratings too! Her dramas “The musical” had financial issues because of production team..When angel eyes aired, its ratings started to raise but again, Sewol tragedy happened..She is just not lucky like your actress PSH..Had she picked simpler roles like PSH and acted along with hallyu Gods GHS can also do it..Its nothing for her..Blood is very new type of genre and again koreans dont support AJH as lead for it..Tons of article are against him being the lead though he does his job very well..Just check ep3 and ep4..GHS is very good and its just in ep2 which many felt awkward but actually i dont find it awkward! ! Just stop mentioning PSH or any other actors who are not related to blood! GHS is not the usual person as you think..so if you don’t like her just dont come here and waste your time!

  154. 154 : nikki Says:

    LOL..You mean Yoo Ri Ta??! So to speak, GHS really nailed her character as the arrogant, prideful & bratty Yoo Ri Ta coz obviously u r very much affected haha! Good job GHS! peace yo!

  155. 155 : luminalg Says:

    K youre right she cant compare gsh to psh is not part of blood.every actor have different in attaking the role and also.those who saying that ghs is annoying and disrespectful its only a role.youre not understand the role ghs role is arrogant and cold are you under what is meaning of that word.are expect to be cheerful and lovely.the role of ghs is new for her.if i know youre are you hook to the show.

  156. 156 : park jun sung Says:

    aigoooo why people keep mentioning abt GHS poor act or somethings else, is it important????!!! so far i watch this drama, i dont care how her acting skill is bad or what, i watch her acting is ordinary, not annoying or as what u said, the focus is how the story goes, okee???!!!
    the way how you all critic cast skill is THE ONE ANNOYING…. huh jinjjaaa

  157. 157 : Nadege Says:

    Why can he not sense Dr handsome-evil is a vampire? It driving me crazy!!!

    Also this incarnation of vampirism, can vampires have children or was did his mother become a vampire when she pregnant????

    Loving it so far!!!!

  158. 158 : luminalg Says:

    the drama is running where its supposed to be may be there’s some flaws and its only the begging some drama start in juicy story but before its end you can predict it already this one is still have more to go and we never know what gonna happen if you dont like it stop complaining and dont watch it.

  159. 159 : Nadege Says:

    I like KHS she is different from most female leads! Her characters portrayals are not your usual cutesy, ditsy, followers, or have the “aegyo” that tend to dominate many Korean actresses portrayal of their character. Her GHS’ character are normally feisty, not ditsy, think for themselves, has atake charge air about her while being feminine at the same time!!! That is a breath of fresh air when compare to many other actresses’ characters!!!

    I like either portrayals but actresses that plays (fiesty, smart, lite or no aegyo, take charge not follewers or helpless, etc…) characters as KHS does are far & between. I put her in the same category as Choi Kang Hee; the actress in “protect the boss” & now airing “heart to heart”. I like CKH’s acting & characters choices also. IMHO

    Aha Jae Hyun is also doing a good job with his character!!!!!

  160. 160 : luminalg Says:

    im excited to watch every week what happen if yoo rita know who is ji sang is.if she accept the fact that ji sang is a vampire?who can they protect each other?and what is the secret behind the character of kim gap soo if he also a vampire?whats really happen to the parents of yoo rita? why she become an arrogant and cold?i think there a secret behind his true identity.how about the nun?who is she?what happen if immortal and mortal become one?the forbidden love of yoo rita and ji sang?lol im so excited for upcoming ep.

  161. 161 : nami Says:

    AJH act is getting better… cant wait seeing loveline between PJS and YRT…

  162. 162 : luuvy Says:

    Wow !! Ep 4 is really great …GHS did a great job …AJH too …hhh RISANG couple is cute and funny…cant wait for the next ep <3

  163. 163 : kdrama fan Says:

    I watch this because I like KHS and JJH….I hope he become the lead actor…but i don’t care as long he acts in ths drama perfectly…I love ths drama too much…JJH so handsome when he grabs his follower neck so cool…BLOOD Daebak!!!

  164. 164 : Tippa Says:

    Ep4 is really wonderful. This the best scene i had watched. I dont care about the ratings as long as i enjoy this drama. Ahn jaehyun fighting!

  165. 165 : Juana love Says:

    Blood fighting!!!!!

  166. 166 : sunita Says:

    deabak!!i will always support ku hye sun
    unnie.she is a great actress jst love her acting.unnie fighting<3saranghaeo.blood awsome drama<3 im jst enjoying it.it has remove my stressful life hehe:-):-):-):-)

  167. 167 : JAA Says:

    I cant wait for EP5 T^T OMGEEE ITs Super duper FUN!

  168. 168 : jesisca Says:

    Everyone who like their actress or actors..it’s common to hear and receive bad comment for their actor’s acting,, this industry or world industry gave everyone to deliver free judgement.. so don’t say anything like you know what is the best or not.. we are viewers who just deliver our comment.. we always appreciate what our idols did,,
    i love GSh but when we didn’t like one of her actings,, it’s common to fans said it’s not good..It would make her to improve,,
    I LOVE blood since some people said its strange to look for changing of GSh’s role..
    So don’t say if we waste time if we delivered bad or good comments..it’s free to say anything if you like or dislike despite of critical points for drama industry in korea..
    Blood fighting

  169. 169 : park jun sung Says:

    @kdrama fan
    waaa same with me, i also watch this drama bcoz JJH… really hope that JJH being main lead actor, but unfortunately not, cz i think QJH is too young for GHS, n GHS and JJH ever paired in drama take care of us captain. its reunite of them. yeah im with u, JJH is totally cool ahjussi

  170. 170 : jess Says:

    love this drama 0</

  171. 171 : brittany Says:

    I really enjoy the show iam an american and i do watch it in korean cause that is the only way to watch it . I love it the story line is wondeful just got done watching episode 3 so excited for episode 4….i also love the attitude of the characters its amazing how good they are acting its way beter than american dramas…

  172. 172 : Soumaya Says:

    I swear I love this It’s so cool! I love the personality of the girl, and he is quite cool, too. xD It only sucks hell that he doesn’t know that that director is a vampire. DX

  173. 173 : jala Says:

    Really waiting for next episode… memangnya kenapa kalau AJH jadi lead actor. He’s good enough, GHS is wel too… Support both of them. I can wacth this draa over and over again to understand every moment in every episode… Love this drama so much.

  174. 174 : YWYL Says:

    Well, for Ahn Jae-Hyun’s first drama as the lead character, he is doing very well! He has great chemistry with Koo Hye Sun as well! They two look well together, in my eyes 😀

    Everybody’s tastes differ and I am not shy to say I totally love the portrayal of their characters by AJH and KHS! JJH is also doing well as a badass villain who has a two-sided face… gives me the chills when he enters his vampire state.

    The other supporting actors/actresses are doing well too 😛

    Cannot wait to see the development of the loveline between PJS and YRT!

    Daebak Blood HWAITING!

  175. 175 : Blood 블러드 [2015] | My Drama Links Says:

    […] trailer viki dramafever hulu dramacool hancinema koreandrama daum top star news soompi mydramalist koreandrama.org leejin8 squeecaps ninjareflection 1&2 ikurate tumblr blogs aforasiandramas crisschele yuuwan […]

  176. 176 : Ano Says:

    john k – I thought only women young and old spend their time writing about dramas .Unless you are really a teenage girl hiding behind a man’s name. If you are criticising Ghs – makes sure you to don’t confuse her real name over her character’s name .. If she evokes that strong of emotion good or bad – she has done her job. Thank you for your 1 cent . It’s not worth 2 cents
    Blood fighting !!

  177. 177 : David Says:

    @John really you are korean Lol so what with your name John less sound like korean name or are you are result of cross breed than i can understand why you are so frustrated and poring it out here aww i can pity you …
    and do the correction do not crtise the person as you not know that person…. if you really have a problem do the damn act put it on video uploading server than let the world see how much A grade you have in acting… Duh worthless people just come to babble …..get a life dude…

  178. 178 : jinci Says:

    .They have no chemistry!!!

  179. 179 : KKK Says:

    I love GHS so much …she so famous here in africa and arab world …I love her acting in BLOOD …GHS…BLOOD fighting !! 😀 😀

  180. 180 : akhnis Says:

    i LOVE and HATE jijinhe’s character on “blood”!

  181. 181 : joyce Says:

    blood fighting!!!! ♡_♡ they really act well, awesome awesome awesome!!!! love ahn jaehyun and gio hyesun together ♥ I think they do have amazing chemistry together

  182. 182 : ฺBeeeve Says:

    I love both (YRT/PJS) .Blood so exciting for me.I will wait for Monday-Tuesday.

  183. 183 : iced blended Says:

    love Ahn Jae Hyun. <33333.
    his suits well with vampire character, love to see him in surgeon room too. he looks so cool.

  184. 184 : kiki Says:

    Ahn Jae Hyun & Koo Hye Sun…. love to see them together. Hope in the next episode…there are more intimate scenes between Ji sung & Ri Ta….hope they kiss in the next episode..

  185. 185 : Kiyo Says:

    I love the chemistry betwwwen AJH and GHS

  186. 186 : Tami Says:

    I love this drama. It’s fantastic and it’s getting better every episode. KHS and AJH are doing excellent work. More power BLOOD!

  187. 187 : jolene Says:

    i will vote this drama because i like this drama very much..thumb up

  188. 188 : jolene Says:

    i will vote this drama because i like this drama very much..

  189. 189 : DeerGalaxy0620 Says:

    Dear KBS, please bring kyuhyun Super Junior, Chen, or Baekhyun EXO for singing second part OST of this drama. And also, fighting for Blood cast!!

  190. 190 : Haha Says:

    I don’t know why people were seriously hating on her. I don’t care about how she acts, I still think she’s doing her best that she can. Fighting team BLOOD! ♥ Sprinkle kindness everyone! ♥

  191. 191 : GOO JUN PYO Says:


  192. 192 : Alehn Says:

    Why post negative comments about this drama? Just to share that you don’t like it and you hate the characters(actors/actress)? If you don’t like them, then don’t watch, change the channel. But if you are still watching after you said that you don’t like it, whew it’s something else 🙂

  193. 193 : tigerb Says:

    i’m glad that kbs followed ‘healer’ with this series, underrated, but with a different plot and story line. i don’t expect romance like in ‘healer’, still it’s very interesting to watch.

  194. 194 : dinaz Says:

    Loving every episode.. Chincha daebak 🙂
    I am loving hyesun’s role a lot, the drunk scene when she says try jumping and fight with the neighborhood dogs and win LOL guess she still can’t forget ji sang from her childhood.. And the bickering scenes aww they are just too adorable I keep repeating again and again..Ahn-goo couple have awesome chemistry.. I love and adore them a lot 😉
    The bath tub scene omg jae hyun looked perfect.. But I think he must have shivered a lot in that scene poor him brrrrrr the water must have been so cold.. But the end result hot <3
    i love pervy luuuvy too he is so cute..
    Can't wait for tomorrow, guess I will be watching both raw and subbed again hehe

  195. 195 : Phamz Says:

    Go hye sun is a director how can you say that her acting is so poor…And, Go hye sun haters you don’t know that she won a award as a director of a movie….Blood fighting..

  196. 196 : mayin Says:

    First time watching female lead.

    I think she is doing good, so much so that I want to slap her arrogant face, but that is what she is suppose to be 🙂

    fighting Blood team!!!

  197. 197 : nitta Says:

    Like the story and GHS acting is not bad at all. I dont expect AJH at first but turn out he can do great actings here. Cant wait next ep

  198. 198 : Fiko Says:

    blood daeeebaaakkkk AHNGOO ilike u

  199. 199 : ika Says:

    actually i really looking forward this drama. i thought their combination will be awesome but i don’t like it. it’s not bad but it also not good. hmm.

  200. 200 : lamia24 Says:

    i like this drama and i am looking forward to see their romance. fighting

  201. 201 : Fiko Says:

    Saya tidak perduli dengan rating 😠😠
    Saya suka BLOOD AHNGOO 😘😘😘😘

  202. 202 : lee hye ae Says:

    I just finished watching the first episode. For me, it has a very promising premise, although some events are very similar to other vampire-themed shows. It also seems that the vampire role really suits Ahn jae hyun. ^^
    I hope he and Ku hye sun will have great chemistry in this drama.

  203. 203 : kkuljaem Says:

    Hello fellow drama lovers,

    i have a blog dedicated to translating comments of Korean netizens on drama articles. Come stop by if you have time. Thanks! 🙂


  204. 204 : dinny Says:

    I think blood is best drama, good job ahn jae hyun… ^_^

  205. 205 : K Says:

    @kkuljaem : Thank you so much for the link and the post 🙂 Atleast now these netizens have started to realize about the drama! Hope they show this love till the end..

  206. 206 : Fiko Says:

    Blood semangat 😊😊😊😊😊

  207. 207 : wiwie Says:

    blood number one in my heart

  208. 208 : RUTH Says:

    BLOOD is really entertaining……especially love the bickering of RiSang couple…their chemistry is just WOAH! And keep me anxiously waiting for so many mysteries to be answered. Enjoy BLOODMATES!

  209. 209 : Rose Says:

    I love this drama and I hate who said that our hye sun is bad actress
    she become actress to make people happy
    They have no right to say she is bad actress

  210. 210 : elenita fernandez Says:

    Blood is the best drama since 2013 till now the story is really good the fact that a virus can transform a person in a vampire is very creative and more credible now days. The production is notable with a perfect staging and beautiful photography especially in chapter 1 and 6 which makes it have the quality of a great movie
    The main actors are the perfect match for these roles their acting is wonderfully, keep us looking forward and excited about what will happen between them .we can finally watch a drama where the lead actress is not always crying, too humble or child, on the contrary Yoo Ri – Ta has a strong and secure personality . Goo Hye Sun performance is unique no other actress owns her extraordinary level, she doesn’t need words cause with only her gestures and her powerful expressive gaze, captive move us or make us laugh these are some of the reasons why she is one of the few actors who can provides soul, personality, spontaneity and charm to all the characters they acts, what a moviegoers like me appreciate a lot.
    I hope she can soon acts in a super production movie. I would like to watch this amazing actress playing a lead role with the best Korean actor Yoo Ah In “my beloved dream”.

  211. 211 : zaWALKER Says:

    i dont care with the rating.. for me its a good drama.. will be best drama on 2015 ^^
    fighting Ku Hye Sun noona and Ahn Jae Hyun Oppa.. you’re best of the best ^^

  212. 212 : Lysa Says:

    I like this drama, its interesting…

  213. 213 : OMG Says:

    watching it make me crinch, actress is the worse act i have seen. rating speak the truth about this drama not worth your time, just my evaluation and warning to others. it’s a waste of my time that it even made me comments here to warn others

  214. 214 : JAA Says:

    I like all the actors and actress that all they keeping me watching it 🙂
    the stories it’s doesn’t bad at all & I think it’s going to be interesting more and more.

  215. 215 : Kimo Says:

    BEST DRAMA IN 2015 <3 <3 I enjoy watching it 🙂

  216. 216 : Suling Says:

    @OMG u have more poor comments on GHS ,if u are a antiGHS so u must stop watch of her drama …so annoying with you
    I love BLood K-drama and all casts😍😍😍

  217. 217 : Expert Says:

    Lunatic! you are lumatic! Please leave, don’t waste your time here!

  218. 218 : h2 Says:

    just watching this drama in 6 raws! and im HUGEEEE
    oh well, love the chemist between PJS and YRT. cant wait for them to entangle in the next eps! not dissapointed with all the actor plays esp Ahn Jae Hyun, he’s doing greattttt! it doesnt rlly matter with the bad ratings or even the judgement over GHS acting since i love their act skill which to improved the characters well! im loving itttt so much<3

  219. 219 : dinaz Says:

    @OMG lol ure back again, the only person to have seen hyesun in ep 1 hahahaha :)) Who is forcing u to watch blood? Don’t like don’t watch simple watch the high rated dramas..

  220. 220 : OMG Says:

    I am just stating the truth here, can you give any good review from korea about this drama? nothing good, accept the fact this is garbage drama. I believe that the female lead actress has sponsors for landing lead role with her very broad forehead nad crinching acting.

  221. 221 : K Says:

    AT @OMG : So you want good comments from korea? is’nt it? Blood has started to receive good comments after ep6th..Just see here! they are all korean netizen comments only!

    Article: ‘Blood’ Ahn Jae Hyun and Goo Hye Sun’s romance ignites, unexpectedly sweet’

    Source: TV Report via Naver, 2015.03.03

    1. [+2538, -321] This drama is actually very entertaining

    2. [+1962, -326] ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Ahn Jae Hyun’s so good-looking

    3. [+1712, -254] Ah, it’s funny~~ you fall deeper into it the more you watch it ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ How am I supposed to wait until next week?…

    4. [+1517, -270] Drunk Yoo Ri Ta is so cute ㅋㅋㅋ

    5. [+1296, -184] Thought you guys said you wouldn’t come close to each other, hmm? It’s only okay for today, then?

    6. [+367, -73] For me this is alright to watch… and Goo Hye Sun’s acting ability is alright… it’s too bad she was criticized for it so much… She was so good in Angel Eyes too…

    7. [+354, -66] I think it’s because Goo Hye Sun lowered her voice tone but her acting’s gotten better. The drama’s fun to watch too

    8. [+366, -84] Am I the only one that thinks Goo Hye Sun’s acting is improving?

    9. [+313, -59] It gets more entertaining as the episodes go by. There’s a lot of criticism on their acting but I think they’re doing fine. Fighting to the both of them!

    10. [+258, -47] Time flew by when I watched this! I love Park Ji Sang

    source : http://ygpress.blogspot.in/201

    One more here,

    Article: ‘Blood’, Ahn Jae Hyun- Goo Hye Sun, their unexpected sweet romance has ignited
    Source : tv Report

    1. [+2264, -272] This drama is so good

    2. [+1757, 282]ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Ahn Jae Hyun is so handsome

    3. [+1537, -219] Now, it’s fun~~ The more I watch, the more I’m liking it ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋHow do I wait until next week..

    4. [+1361, -229] Drunk Yoo Rita is so cute

    5. [+319, -51] I think it’s worth watching.. And also Goo Hye Sun’s acting has gotten better ..Poor her, she got so much criticisms.. I liked her in ‘Angel Eyes’..

    6. [+311, -52] Goo Hye Sun lowered her tone, so her acting is now okay to watch. This drama is fun

    7. [+232, -42] Didn’t notice the time go by.. I love Park Ji Sang

    8. [+199, -35] More fun than I thought

    9. [+81, -8] I watched the whole episode today and I thought it was fun. Their acting really improved. ‘Blood’ fighting^^ Yoo Rita is so pretty and Park Ji Sang is cool

    10. [+75, -9]There are barely any skinships but they’re so sweet.


    Article: ‘Blood’ Ahn Jae Hyun finds out about Ji Jin Hee’s identity, a bloody face-to-face confrontation
    Source: OSEN via Naver

    1. [+904, -90] I was so focused watching the drama. It’s really good

    2. [+651, -33] Chills.. It was Ji Jin Hee

    3. [+544, -38] It’s getting so good♡ Even the progress is fast

    4. [+149, -13] Heol. What the? This drama’s so fun. Even their acting improved so much. I can’t wait for next week

    5. [+143, -19] I really like Ahn Jae Hyun. Such a different feeling when he was in ‘YWCFTS’

    6. [+122, -9] Goo Hye Sun is totally a goddess…

    7. [+107, -5] The story is really fun ~!!!


    Its sad that negatives spread faster than positive ones!! Just open your eyes and see the ‘+’ and ‘-‘ along each reaction. They are the number of people who accepted it!! Its so clear that your job is to make ‘Blood’ drama down!! Just go and do something useful! your comments wont make any effect here!

  222. 222 : Mahari Says:

    I love Blood drama series, it has a very interesting story line and a great acting cast specially the 3 leading actors and actress. Ku Hye Sun rocks as Dr Yoo Rita

  223. 223 : Maha Rimawi Says:

    Koo Hye Sun is one of the best Korean Actresses, I admire and respect her a lot. She is doing a great job in portraying the character of Doctor Yoo Rita as it should be. Well, look at the hate she is having because she is succeeding in her role as Doctor Yoo Rita. Some ignorant people do not segregate the difference between the acting and real character and thus they are addressing their hate to Koo Hye Sun. Stop the hate people, just allow your hearts to love. Just sit back and try to enjoy the show, otherwise you can stop watching it and find something else you enjoy. Please let the Blood team continue their work peacefully and let us enjoy the magnificent work they are doing. BLOOD TEAM FIGHTING ‪#‎weluvkdramaBlood

  224. 224 : pretty_eyes Says:

    @OMG you R really anti GHS you hate her so much ….. so you warned people and did what u want then just leave and let us enjoy the drama please

  225. 225 : Expert Says:

    Rating speak the truth? Really rating speak the truth ??? Before you comments, Please go and check how many drama have low rating first ! Please!

  226. 226 : sam Says:

    Wow this drama is pretty amazing.. initially this drama was not on my watch list but read many anti and hating comment about this drama i was like how worst it can be let watch it and i am glad i watched it and now i am becoming more and more hungry for this drama..its addictive ..
    @OMG seriously i want to say thank you as people like you help more in attracting people and spreading it more widely indirectly you are promoting it..as people get more intrigued to see how worst this drama could be in return start liking it so i am not gonna say dont say bad because your bad is helping more this drama..

  227. 227 : Love Says:

    M actually love this drama ,i learn more about medical ,it’s very interesting and fantastic .m waiting 4 next ep x

  228. 228 : BKL Says:

    What dreadful senseless bloody drama!!! Most awful brain dead trash!! Time can be put to better use than watching it. Infantile madness!

    There! How’s this bad for promoting the drama?

  229. 229 : K Says:

    Those who dont like can just stop watching and switch to some other drama!

  230. 230 : lala Says:

    Great drama …I like it 🙂

  231. 231 : Exotic Says:

    I gave up because um no

  232. 232 : fatima Says:

    if you don’t like it don’t watch it ,end of story don’t bother us with your weird story this is just a drama not reel life so if you can’t enjoy it like i do stop watching pleaaaaaaaaaaase ^^

  233. 233 : Exotic Says:

    Yeah I did give up ^^THATS WHAT I WAS SAYING

  234. 234 : farah Says:

    great drama:)

  235. 235 : RUTH Says:

    To all haters and bashers ( not film/drama critics!)….treat others as you would want others to treat you……what goes around comes around!

  236. 236 : SeoMelody Says:

    this drama is actually very addicting I like it and i cant wait till new episodes are up <3

  237. 237 : kdramalover Says:

    i thought i won’t move on from healer, but blood is quite worth to watch… now i like monday again… it’s not that bad… i like ahn jae hyun because he really look like a vampire and his acting improved. and goo hye sun, i think she just want to make her character unique… But, i don’t really understand with Min Ga yun character… her acting is weak. OVERALL I LIKE THIS DRAMA. figthing blood team!

  238. 238 : Azia Says:

    wow its worth watching drama and i am totally hooked by it… yup start kind of slow but after episode 2 you get addicted….LOVED LOVED LOVED IT…

  239. 239 : anisha Says:

    all international fans please support blood ^^

  240. 240 : Lmfao Says:


  241. 241 : anne Says:

    Love this drama A LOTTTTTTT…

    To those who dislike this drama, just move on to other drama which suits your taste and brain, why waste your time and energy to watch it? That’s a brilliant action to do for your insanity right? just go and don’t waste your time on bashing to something you even don’t watch… or actually you watch it, but why? what for? didn’t you say dislike? it’s too weird I guess if you still keep on watching if you don’t like it t all?
    Let’s make peace everyone.. no hate no wars… ^____^

  242. 242 : DeerGalaxy0620 Says:

    Heeeyy!! Great drama!! Now, I’m too anticipated to watched this drama again!!

  243. 243 : DeerGalaxy0620 Says:

    Tapi… Knp Direktur Lee bkn musuhnya Ji Sang? Lalu yg bunuh ortu Ji Sang siapa? Kan yg pasti disuruh sm Direktur Lee

  244. 244 : OMG Says:

    all this fake poster of how good this drama must be dreaming or paid staff to attract the curiosity of others. Why do you bash a true viewer, if his insigh is negative?

    This is a close your face feeling acting from the leads, you need to close your face, that is how bad this drama is.

  245. 245 : K Says:

    No one tells that drama is good just because poster is good..They all watch and only tell unlike you @OMG. .I wish u get some good worthy job to do rather than coming here and commenting..

  246. 246 : kitkat Says:

    To me, blood is to be revered and respected unquestionably. Why, to me it is life and the sum of life on earth. It is the basis of life on earth. It is the basic symbol of life ! Therefore, I will never take blood lightly nor will I watch blood being used as a tool for some commercial cinematic enterprise.

    Blood is to be treated with respect.

    Therefore, I do not, have not, and will not watch any silly bloody cinematic production.

    To those who enjoy watching blood. Enjoy! May you not have the misfortune of having to touch and see blood flowing away like it is water.

  247. 247 : dinaz Says:

    Can’t wait for ep7 tomorrow.. It will be interesting to watch the change in behavior for both ri ta and ji sang, she will avoid him and he will miss bickering with her <3 <3 ji sang and ri ta must have hundreds of questions in their minds specially ri ta now that she encountered many unusual traits of ji sang..Hope to see a kiss soon.. <3 <3 Hehe
    @K I think @OMG and @BKL are the same person changing username to write trash here..ure so right that person dint even watch the drama to begin with..lol @omg is the only person to see hyesun in ep1 that says it all.

  248. 248 : shanzy Says:

    Yeyyyy finally monday is near feeling alive Duh how much i miss my RISANG couple <3 Hahah initially ji sang was irritated why yoo Rita chase him around, now she is avoiding him this thing worrying him now that why she is doing so indeed love is crazy thing …. so much hooked with this show <3
    haha @OMG and @BKL post are really hilarious i mean seriously in every comment they bash and say negative about this drama and still they come here pity they, seems like they too get hooked with this drama AS THEY CANT LIVE WITHOUT COMING TO THIS PAGE hhahha that the power of this Drama BLOOD FIGHTING!!!

  249. 249 : Khalish Says:

    so…. i guess you didn’t watch Twilight Saga. REALLY?????????????????????????

  250. 250 : lala Says:

    Its the fisrt time I love Monday :p hhh
    Iam really enjoy watching this drama (y)

  251. 251 : whatevah Says:

    I just stop watching it at 3rd episode, tried my best to watch it as far as I can take but boy, that lead actress is so horrible. She’s like totally dead, like literally dead, her eyes doesn’t convey what she was supposed to, no expression on the eyes, i think she’s the worst korean actress I’ve seen. Very irritating voice, don’t know she made me cringed watching her act.

    The male lead although he’s quite good looking, it still shows that he’s a rookie, he got a lot to learn yet before he should be given a lead role.

  252. 252 : rainie zilver Says:

    Cool Jae Hyun and multi-talented Hye Sun. Honestly, in this drama her acting falls flat but still it is decent enough to watch. The first thing i took note of was that the writers are from Good Doctor which is one of the best medical kdrama i’ve seen. i will continue watching because it contn
    inously piqued me to see what transpirres in the follow-up episode. Love the comic relief Hae In though.

  253. 253 : achala Says:

    Good drama. Don’t worry different people have different tastes.

  254. 254 : lee hye ae Says:

    Finished watching until episode 6! :)))) I love the fast turn of events and the suspense left by the end of each episode. Not to forget the romance between the two leads! I am glad that Ji sang already found out that Ri ta is the girl he saved from before. Kudos to Ahn jae hyun for his first lead role, so far he is doing good.
    Blood, fighting!!! ^^

  255. 255 : Nara Says:

    Yeyyyy finally its Bloody Monday a Blood day few more hours than we all able to see another roller coaster episode of this bloody amazing drama yeyyeyey happy Blooody Monday to all….

  256. 256 : Donia Says:

    Be ready all Bloodmates Skin ship between Risang is started wottt wottt. 😀 Hooked with this drama 🙂

  257. 257 : dinaz Says:

    Can’t wait for for the raw episode tonight.. Blood fighting!!
    Hyesun your fans are with you always we love u angel 🙂 🙂
    Can’t wait to see the wrist grab.. Hehe :p

  258. 258 : Joobjoo Says:

    I like the bad guys. I like the bad guys. Dont know what else to say about this drama. The main girl is just plain irritating and just needs to reassess her role. I like hte bad guys.

  259. 259 : nami Says:

    actually the story was good… but the lead couple act was not good.. eventough they getting better, still awkward.. but anyway i still watching blood….

    trust me its getting better and better…

  260. 260 : choopatiu Says:

    koo hye sun in my opinion is one of korea’s worst actresses..after watching angel eyes i personally confirmed that her acting is really bad!

  261. 261 : zama Says:

    Story is really intriguing and chemistry between lead is so amazing. 🙂

  262. 262 : Venayza Says:

    WHAT WHY ON EARTH I DIDN’T WATCH IT SOONER :O just watched 7 episodes in a row 🙂 applause applause this drama got into to my skin WANT MORE BLOOD 🙂

  263. 263 : Rao Says:

    The way Ji sang look at Rita sigh his stare is so deep and tense Love the OTP

  264. 264 : Grouve Says:

    story is getting good with every episode i don’t know name of lead actress she is so beautiful and have perfect proportionate body. i wish i have a GF like her

  265. 265 : Elizabeth Says:

    Everybody is Awesome!… The Drama runs where it’s supposed to be so we can understand… and I noticed that there’s more surprises coming…. can’t stop watching it… the lead actors are good…. there act is simple which is good…I don’t like over acting or too much expression…less is better… nothing wrong with their voices…I guess some people really don’t like the Series…coz it irritates them… Maybe don’t watch anymore coz it’s not for you. :)… and they’re not forcing you watch it either. 🙂

  266. 266 : yoo ri ta Says:

    Good drama..
    Nice to watch 😉

  267. 267 : kitkat Says:


    No, I didn’t watch Twilight Saga. Really. Shows which have such themes turn me off. They do not appeal to me, especially those that deal with blood and death in such a horrible way. My personal principle is, life is hard enough as it is, so I like to look at positive things to make my life bright and light.

  268. 268 : OMG Says:

    Worse script, worse acting total to worse series of 2015, I am hoping KBS2 just cut this series it is a losing battle anyway. KBS2 please shorten this series and offer a better one.

    Your next drama will suffer if you continue this crap drama losing you fan at this time slot.

  269. 269 : dinaz Says:

    Ep7 was really awesome.. This drama is getting better and better with every episode..They have given a very interesting explanation on vampire virus and how it could effect the human body.. We can see how ji sang is controlling so hard not to drink any form of blood be it human or animal.. He is trying his best to live like his mom..
    Ri ta is very spoilt but very affectionate and an awesome doctor at the same time.. Loved how she dealt with the bratty little girl.. Two brats dealing each other.. Hehe :))
    The wrist grab was so woooowwww, heart fluttering.. Love their chemistry.. Risang couple is amazing, can’t wait for a kiss soon :p
    It’s very sad to see the ratings but I am glad I choose dramas to my liking and not be swept away by ratings or some writer’s biased reviews or else I would have missed out on some amazing dramas which got low ratings but the quality and content was far superior than the high rated boring dramas..
    Supporting blood and hyesun all the way..Fighting!!

  270. 270 : RUTH Says:

    @OMG…oh boy!..U r showing too much of your true colors! As a drama viewer who simply hates this drama & continuing with ur verbal assault, u r actually concern about the well-being of KBS2????? No ulterior motive for ur actions??????

  271. 271 : smiles Says:

    @OMG this drama is getting better and better…can’t wait for RiSang couple to have more sarcastic but romantic scene :)…RiSang couple fighting!

  272. 272 : C.L Says:

    well this drama is doing great especially to us international fans…we just love the chemistry between the two lead Ji Sang and Rita, and we love also how the story moves, the thrilling, the suspense and the overflowing craving of blood…..hehehehehe just finished watching ep. 8

  273. 273 : POPO Says:


  274. 274 : fibee Says:

    I dunno why somepeople hate this drama,,.
    COME ON THIS IS ONE OF THE AWSOmE DRAMA that i’ve ever watched
    U can add some knowledge about medical activity in this drama
    Also the skinship is well done… not to much but very interesting….. and also cute as allways
    Really… awsome,,, fighting.. blodd dram.a…
    Let the haters come down
    Let’s keep in hard work ^_^
    We’re international fans love u

  275. 275 : JiSungxRita Says:

    waaaaaaaah! it’s getting better & better!
    finished watching ep. 8 & there’s no preview <////3 I cried T_T
    anyways, I'll be waiting..
    #welovekdramablood!!! BLOOD FIGHTING! 🙂

  276. 276 : JiSangxRita Says:

    waaaaaaaah! it’s getting better & better!
    finished watching ep. 8 & there’s no preview <////3 I cried T_T
    anyways, I'll be waiting..
    #welovekdramablood!!! BLOOD FIGHTING! 🙂

    PS: pardon for my username earlier xD hahah!

  277. 277 : kdramalover Says:

    i love ep 8! if you say it’s boring, you’re wrong! though the story is slow, but i want to watch it again and again, don’t know but can’t give up about this drama bcs… it’s interesting story, and you’ll crave for more & more…. Waiting for ep 9…

  278. 278 : moonsy Says:

    Eps 8 daebakkk!!!!!
    Cant wait for the next!
    Blood fighting! Dont care about CRazy haters #pathenticstress lol
    Hye sun the best! Great acting and so beautiful for every scene…
    Unusual story but fantastic man!
    #dancingonthefloor ulala baby!
    For ahn, you are so damn hot honey!!!

  279. 279 : jaejae Says:

    I love Blood. Hahaha dont care about what Haters say.. the story is interesting though, and i find myself loving and craving this drama more and more. Ji Jin Hee is hot as a villain vampire 😜. Ahn Jae Hyun oppa, fighting!!! (So happy that I can call him oppa, since all of those hot actors these days are younger than me. Hahaha)

  280. 280 : lee hye ae Says:

    Watching Blood is like being on a roller coaster ride: it has romance, drama, suspense, action and a bit of comedy all rolled into one. The story keeps getting better as more twists and events unfold. I am happy that I decided to watch this drama. ^^

    Can’t wait for Monday to watch the next episode…

  281. 281 : dinaz Says:

    Ep8 was really the best episode.. This series is getting better and better with every episode.. Loved how ri ta described her incident on the woods she looked really cute and ji sang’s reaction to her story lol hahahaha :)) the chemistry is becoming more awesome with every episode.. Loved to see her getting jealous of min ga yeon hehe..
    The cliffhanger omg I just can’t wait for ep9..I wonder how will ri ta react now that she saw him transform into a vampire..
    Monday come faster please..

  282. 282 : Lysa Says:

    I know… its getting better & better.

    And you know guys… my guess the women who talk with Director is Min Ga Yun. She was suspicious from the start, pretend weak but actually trying to approach PJS to determine his weaknesses. And perhaps, she was switched PJS’s medicine at second eps.

  283. 283 : caca Says:

    aaa this movie is cool. i love it.

  284. 284 : Mellymel Says:

    Its an interesting drama…Will continue to watch.

    Rita is kinda funny 🙂

  285. 285 : anne Says:


  286. 286 : dinaz Says:

    Can’t forget this line by Rita ‘did he kiss my cheek thinking I am pretty’ Lol haha and ji sang’s coke fountain lol priceless expressions by both and amazing chemistry by uri Risang couple 😉
    @Lysa everyone is suspecting min ga yeon but it may be someone else also let’s see..
    Can’t Monday come faster..hehe now a days Mondays are beautiful :p

  287. 287 : Expert Says:

    Love EP8 Yoo Rita so cute,
    Ku Hye Sun great acting!

  288. 288 : moon Says:

    i love all the episodes!! im looking forward for this drama!! daeebakk!! i cant wait to watch the next episode!!! keep it up !! rita and ji-sang! the two main cast is so amazing! This drama is getting better, in every episodes! the drama have a, little bit comedy, action , suspense and thriller, hehehe! all in one package! GOODLUCK! fighting!!!

  289. 289 : polyglotasiandramalover Says:

    This drama is really amazing. I just can’t believe that it’s not well received in Korea. I am addicted to this drama.

  290. 290 : lala Says:

    ep8 was amazing…cant wait for tomorrow <3 <3 .#BloodAJA 🙂 🙂

  291. 291 : Exotic Says:

    I’m not trying to be rude. Please don’t bash me. I’m just stating my own opinion…I dont see how other people find it addicting and amazing…It’s just not my drama, i guess

  292. 292 : vero Says:

    Hello, where can I watch EPs from 5_8?

  293. 293 : suzan Says:

    Hey Vero, You can watch it from Dramafever. I watched all of them yesterday lol Have fun!!

  294. 294 : dinaz Says:

    Link to the new ost.. Wonderful song 🙂

    Can’t wait for today.. Excited very excited.. 😉

  295. 295 : dinaz Says:

    @vero u can watch on dramafever,Viki,dramabay,good drama,dramagalaxy hope that helped 🙂
    Enjoy and hope u keep loving blood.. 🙂

  296. 296 : jackie Says:

    @Exotic.i agree with u.the drama is lacking in many ways and acting is one of them.GHS acting is just sooooo bad and cringewothy.i cant stand her voice too.her acting became worst than before.i dont know how people find this drama addicting when all i see is crap

  297. 297 : Tris Says:

    Today is the Blood day yeyyyy me dancing..seems like me finally coming back to life Risang chemistry LOVED it… today bedside scenes OMG hard to wait

  298. 298 : shiny exotic Says:

    LOVED IT!!!! one of the best dramas so far…. i’m totally addicted to it waiting for episode 9!!!
    🙂 <<<<333

  299. 299 : min min Says:

    can’t wait for the subs 🙂

  300. 300 : Gayu Says:

    Ep 9 was sooo good! Enjoyed every minute..So many revealtions of the truths 🙂 Cant wait for Romania scenes 🙂

  301. 301 : kitty Says:

    Love this drama so much ♡♡

  302. 302 : nami Says:

    its getting better and getting hot

  303. 303 : lee hye ae Says:

    Finally!!! Ri ta already discovered Ji sang’s true identity and still accepted him,nevertheless. I was containing my excitement and giddiness while watching their scene together because it was so heartwarming, even with the way they express their feelings. Ahn jae hyun and Ku hye sun have already established a great chemistry, and I hope it continues until the drama ends. Looking forward to more romantic moments from both of them… ^^~

  304. 304 : Michelle Says:

    I like this drama. The storyline is good and the actors are not bad too!!

  305. 305 : Ji Sang Park Says:

    One word to describe this drama : Sweettttt ><"

  306. 306 : JiSangxRita Says:

    OMO! I’m loving this drama!!! love the chemistry of Koo Hye Sun & Ahn Jae Hyun<3 heart heart <3 !! At first I thought it's just a typical vampire story but the storyline is great & awesome!!! 😀
    Finally, Ri Ta discovered Ji Sang's true identity & I'm looking forward for the next episode!!! woooooooooohooooooh!! 😀

    #BLOODfighting! <3
    #don'tcarefortheratings.. 😛

  307. 307 : Sky Says:

    what Is wrong with rating , this drama is one of the best.

  308. 308 : oblivion Says:

    THE BEST EVER DRAMA- for me anyway.

  309. 309 : JiSangxRiTa Says:

    OMO! I’m loving this drama already!!!! Love the chemistry of Koo Hye Sun & Ahn Jae Hyun<33333 heart heart <3! At first, I thought this drama was just a typical vampire story but it wasn't!! It's great & awesome!!
    Anyways, I'm looking forward for the next ep.!! woooooohoooo!! 😀 <3


    I dont care for the ratings!! The important is the storyline is good & the actors are so

  310. 310 : perez Says:

    yea totally agree with there

  311. 311 : John Says:

    This is a fucken stupid drama!! Shady guards at a hospital, really? I already know the story plot. The chairman has a disease and he’s dying,so he’s experimenting on people to prolong his life. Not exciting at all! Where is the twist and turns and edge of the seat plots. This drama isn’t about vampires but just medical and experimental patients. There’s little action and love story in this drama.

  312. 312 : moon Says:

    DAEBAKK BLOOD!!! 🙂 fighting!! i love the chemistry of the two main characters !Ahn Jae Hyun and Koo Hye Sun. heart warming!its getting exciting! i cant wait to watch the next episode! pali pali monday pleaseee!! 🙂 keep it up, i dont care for the ratings, the important is this k-drama is so unique and the good storyline!! 🙂 #BLOOD!

  313. 313 : lee hye ae Says:

    The first half of the drama is already over, and yet the story is getting more intense and interesting. :))) The chemistry between Ahn jae hyun and Ku hye sun is also overwhelming. I love watching their scenes together. ^^ Aside from the romance, another thing that I love from this drama are the valuable insights and life lessons that I get from watching it (which reminds me of Good doctor). This drama has the ability to touch hearts by showing the realities of life. This is what makes Blood worth-watching :))))

  314. 314 : annmasae Says:

    This is my current favorite drama. I agree with everyone who loves the chemistry between the main actor and actress. At first I was reluctant to watch because of the vampire theme. I’m sooooo glad i started watching. I am so sad that the ratings in Korea do not reflect the great script and acting. I keep waiting for the ratings to rise but it hasn’t yet. Want to tell the actors in this series to Keep Fighting and Keep up the good work. Hope more people keep posting good comments so at least the actors will know there are fans who are enjoying the series. Fighting!!!!

  315. 315 : Shai Says:

    Damn whats with rating……seriously korean people its your loss as it is such a amazing drama every episode left you with cliffhanger the acting ,the story the chemistry between leads too good i am addictive to this show <3

  316. 316 : moonsy Says:

    [email protected]


  317. 317 : torri Says:


  318. 318 : farah Says:

    it’s a great drama ever.i love it!i wish there more sweet and romantic scene :)) btw,blood fighting!!!

  319. 319 : HTAYAPRIL Says:

    LOVE THIS DRAMA********

  320. 320 : sami Says:

    i need pre. for ep11..i wanna know why PJS hits JW? why???

  321. 321 : min min Says:

    @John #311

    maybe you should just stop watching this drama instead of getting so worked up.

  322. 322 : lala Says:

    I like this Drama…one of the best Kdrama ever <3 🙂

  323. 323 : Love Park Ji Sang Says:

    drama nie best giler.. tapi rating punya gila gila :'( ..
    apa2 pun i love you park ji sang

  324. 324 : cumit Says:

    Daeebaakkkk…… Blood is Super Duper AWESOME!!!!! can’t wait for the next eps. hope the rating will go up

  325. 325 : kelly Says:

    is jung hyun woo have 2 character???? please tell me!!??

  326. 326 : Jaehyun♡Hyesun Says:

    This drama is really really recommended to watch. The plot is great. Korean Director seems like to describe vampire case not at Supranatural being but combine with medical stuffs. Not only it has a unique storyline but also the loveline is so heartwarming and Sweet.doesnt need to much skinship to make our heart melted.CHEMISTRY between Ahn Jae Hyun and Goo Hye Sun is too strong.thanks to PDnim who pairing them perfectly. Hihi. I cant wait for next monday.ㅋㅋMilky Couple jjang!!

  327. 327 : Lysa Says:

    Very interesting …

    It is not a pure drama tells the story of a vampire but only humans are infected with the virus. There are use to achieve their respective goals, but for PJS, this is a journey to discover how to become a human again who is not infected anymore. Plus, very touching love story. I love it, can’t wait next episode.

  328. 328 : luminalg Says:

    i love it.their love story become more interesting i hope they have a kissing scene they have chance to best couple award in yearend award.

  329. 329 : dinaz Says:

    Loved ep9 and 10 they were so awesome..Romantic, exciting and touching 🙂 🙂 the story of the little girl wanting to fulfill her dad’s last wish was so sad and touching 🙁 Rita is the sweetest to give her the dress and also helping her fulfill her dream.. And the super tall groom ji sang hahahaha.. Such a cute couple hehe..
    Loved the romantic scene when she got sick, glad that she is not scared of him instead she has fallen for him even more deeply than before..Love our Risang couple amazing chemistry..I loved how he made fun of her exaggerated story with 10 dogs and jumping 30metres lol..
    I loved the bickering scene between Ri ta and her Soo Eun when Rita said she should have hidden the blood vial in her bra hahahaha.. These two besties are so cute 🙂
    Can’t wait for Monday..missing our Risang couple..

  330. 330 : K Says:

    Ep 9 and 10 was so good again! Rita’s scenes are all soo cute..Ku hye sun you are sooo good in playing Rita.. Rita sick scene, Ji sang telling that he is her oppa, Rita & Ji sang Kimbap scene, Rita jealous and interrupting Min Ga yeon’s conversation with JS ..Rita giving her own dress to the little girl..Rita typing out the questions that she wants to ask JS…JS bold against JW..JS and JW fight scene all are chincha soo good.The imaginary wedding scene is soo heart touching…this drama is a complete package..It really deserves soo soo much!

  331. 331 : YuSa Says:

    I wish PJS is Lee Soo Hyuk 🙁
    This drama is fun anyway but make me sick when surgery scene 😐

  332. 332 : Sandy Says:

    Beginning episodes a lot of suspense and dark scenes. Now, last 2 episodes,
    9 & 10 I am enjoying them more and the flirt scenes between Rita and her handsome vampire Doctor Park Ji Sang!! Will keep watching till the end despite of the low ratings!!

  333. 333 : 구채원 Says:

    love this drama so muchhh jae hyeon is so handsome . when he smiles it breaks my heart !! he has such a bad pastime .. ugh so pitfull

  334. 334 : barbar Says:


  335. 335 : 백승 Says:

    Saranghae Jae Hyeon oppa ! He are so handsome ! I hope that Jae Hyeon can publish more songs . His voice is daebakk !!! Love his drama so muchh ! Jae Hyeon oppa , fighting!!!

  336. 336 : JiSangxRita Says:

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nTinplECfQE — the ep. 11 preview! not yet english sub though.. 🙁 but I’m excited!! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

    fighting!!! ^_^

  337. 337 : Shanzay Says:

    As monday is coming near my excitement getting wild and wild what this Risang couple have done to me al time thinking about them Ahn jae hyun and Goo hye sun loved you people the way you are portraying your character Blood fighting

  338. 338 : dinaz Says:

    @336 JiSangxRita u can check out the preview subs in the soompi official Blood thread 🙂 u have to search for the translation few pages back as the thread moves fast..
    Me too super excited for tomorrow..Can’t wait to see our Risang milky couple.. <3 <3
    Seems like a new rival is going to appear to fight for our pretty Yoo Ri Ta's love.. Can't wait to see jealous ji sang's face.. Hehe..
    Blood fighting.

  339. 339 : anshu Says:

    i really like this drama more than addicted ….m waiting for you…. blood ep 11 ..hehe

  340. 340 : JiSangxRita Says:

    @dinaz: oh, thank u so much!! 😀 I’m gonna check on it 😉
    yeah2, ur right! can’t wait!! hehehe <3
    Blood fighting! AJA!
    #ForeverBlood! 🙂

  341. 341 : galaxy201 Says:

    Finally mon is here counting ever minute. Blood team fighting u r the best.

  342. 342 : oyenapriana Says:

    i really like this drama more than addicted ….m waiting for you

  343. 343 : JiSangxRita Says:

    Oh Thank God!! Now, I can finally see a live broadcast Blood drama! 😀 ‘coz I would wait every tuesday & wednesday for every episodes to air…weeeew! Thank you KBS WORLD! 😀 heheheh! Blood fighting!!!

    #BloodAJA! ^_^

  344. 344 : JiSangxRita Says:

    Owwww 🙁 my Bad! I thought ep. 11 will air but it’s not..hayysss!
    Going back where I used to be, waiting every tuesday & wednesday for every episodes 🙁 sad story! huhuh </3
    anyways, patience is a virtue, so I'll wait 😀 AJA! heheh!

  345. 345 : chuchai Says:

    When is the episode 11 coming?

  346. 346 : JiSangxRita Says:

    @chuchai: today but no english subs..I’m from Philippines so I would wait another day for the eng. subs 🙂 heheh 😀

  347. 347 : dinaz Says:

    @JisangxRita 340 ure welcome 🙂 and u can watch raw on monday and tuesday and next day u can watch the subbed..i already watched the raw OMG OMG what a big twist do watch it soon..Blood is getting better with every episode 🙂
    Our lovely Risang couple too had very cute scenes..cant wait for the subs to be out 🙂

  348. 348 : blood ep 12 eng sub Says:

    subcribe my channel to update the latest episode : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC4jbnUaMu9MC7bk1nqMQ19g

  349. 349 : แต่งบ้าน Says:

    Wow! Finally I got a web site from where I know how to really get helpful facts regarding my study and knowledge.

  350. 350 : lee hye ae Says:

    What a twist! I was already half expecting it, but I was still surprised. I like the pacing of the story, it’s as if every detail is really thought about. Kudos to the person/s behind the storyline! ^^ I’m also getting used to the minimal show of affection between Ri ta and Ji sang, but I still anticipate watching their scenes together. ^^

    Will be waiting for the next episode…

  351. 351 : Lysa Says:

    I knew it…
    as expected, its Min Ga Yeon. Since beginning i felt she was fishy.

  352. 352 : OMG Says:

    highest rating ever 3.8%. this should be nominated to the worst drama of the century

  353. 353 : tigerb Says:

    @Lysa: you’re right, why min ga yeon could even get accepted as resident in a very specialized hospital if she’s a little slow. this becomes more interesting to watch.

  354. 354 : JiSangxRita Says:

    waaaaaaaaah!!! I can’t breath!! just finished watching ep. 12 raw & it’s DAEBAK!! the hug though <3 <3 <3 heart heart!! :)))
    ok, just passing by..I just watched the ep. 12 b4 I study.. hahah 😀 good luck to me for my exam tomorrow xD

    cant get over….! hahaha

  355. 355 : JiSangxRita Says:

    @dinaz: yeah2! I just finished watching the ep. 12 raw & it’s Daebak!! can’t get over it ’til now..hahahahah! & I can’t also wait for the subs to be out.. yahooooooooooooo! 😀

    😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

  356. 356 : torri Says:


  357. 357 : Maldita Says:

    Well haters I LOVE THIS DRAMA SO MUCH! 🙂 BLOOD Fighting!!!! 🙂

  358. 358 : Maldita Says:

    #1 For me!!! Love this drama!!!!

  359. 359 : KDramalovers Says:

    OH my God!!!! Min ga yeon…… I cant accept it… I thinks she really likes park ji sang but… She betrays him :((( hope she changes her mind in the rest episodes. I need to watch ep 12with sub asap . Waiting for RiSang’s sweet moments

  360. 360 : ohood Says:

    oh….ilove this drama..and ilove koo hyesun…….*blood fighting*

  361. 361 : jojo Says:

    ku hye sun is the best ^^

    I love you Yoo Ri Ta 🙂

    I love this drama

  362. 362 : Carmarie Says:


    It is just me; I do not watch a show just because of ratings. I cannot rely on ratings to tell if a story is good. It could be the time the show airs at night, or some Koreans might think the show is not for family viewing. I have watched what would be considered a “family show” and have been appalled by the way they treat their women, (with no respect,) and the amount of physical violence. Since I am not of the Asian culture, I try to understand, that their customs are different than mine; however, the lack of regard for women is inexcusable. I would not let my son or daughter look at some of these “family” dramas because I would want my son to grow up to love his wife, respect her and value heropinions, and I would want my daughter to grow-up believing she has worth, and find a loving husband who treats her with dignity and respect.
    Also, what is with the hitting and kicking of grown children? I do not get it. I believe that children, regardless of their age, should honor and respect their parents; however, I also believe that once children are grown, they should make their own decisions and mistakes in life. If an Asian adult child thinks differently from the parent, the parent can hit or kick that adult child, really? No wonder the men take their frustrations out on their women.

    Therefore, because of these cultural differences, I try not to make judgments on what I cannot wrap my brain around, and I do not go by the ratings, I read the bio, which is sometimes misleading, watch the show for at least three episodes, if I like it I will continue to watch it, if I don’t I will move on to something else. In other words, give the show a try, and if you do not like it, move on. If you like it, forget about the ratings and enjoy.

    After saying all of that, I really like this show and I am watching it, regardless of the ratings.

  363. 363 : leia Says:

    I knew it. something fishy about that girl. feel like she just act to be weak in front of others. love this drama and the lead. I dont even bother with the rating. Blood FightiNg!

  364. 364 : smile Says:

    Same here..I don’t care about the ratings as long as I enjoy the show and its a great story, all the characters are good. Blood fighting!

  365. 365 : OMG Says:

    @carmarie Why are you watching asian dramas then? This is what you call family which you western countries can not be proud of. You kick your parents out when they are old and let them stay on old house shelters. We do not do that here, that is called respect.

    Parents here had the responsibility to take care of his children for life, the fault of the son is also the fault of the parent. How about that for your little brain, your breed is arrogant wthout respect for the elderly

  366. 366 : barbar Says:

    seemed everyone are waiting for risang couple’s cute scene

  367. 367 : OMG Says:

    I love Risang moment, the story line, the actors/ actress, everything in this drama..so awesome# ilovekdramablood #Bloodfighting..

  368. 368 : lee hye ae Says:

    It seems like I’m already running out of words to say about this drama. I know it is still too early to say, but I think this is one of the best Korean dramas for 2015. ^^ The story line is great, every detail is important, everything is connected, the sequence of events are in perfect timing. The actors also played their part very well. I am always looking forward to every episode. And I also love the pairing of Ahn jae hyun and Ku hye sun. ^^ To put it simply, I love Blood. ^^ I will keep watching this ’til the end. :))))

  369. 369 : OMG Says:

    hahaha this blood fans are ding anything even resort to copying my handle. As i have said in my previous post. This is the worst drama, the lead actress might have sponsors for landing leading role.

  370. 370 : 💛 Says:

    I wonder why the rating of blood is low. The drama is very awesome

  371. 371 : KDramalovers Says:

    @OMG Annoying

  372. 372 : dinaz Says:

    Blood fans please don’t give any attention to this person with username OMG it’s really useless just enjoy the drama and ignore the idiots.. Its no use explaining anything to this person as he/she has not seen drama yet comes to comment all the time so don’t waste your precious time on such ppl..
    @admin where have all the fb likes disappeared??there were more than 1k likes for blood and after the new format it has all vanished..
    @JisangxRita 355 glad u found the links to the raw.. Me too enjoyed ep 11 and 12 it’s chincha daebak.. :)) Waiting for 12 subs..

    (@dinaz from admin: we just change the title format for all dramas, for example this drama, http://www.koreandrama.org/?p=39894 become http://www.koreandrama.org/blood/, since the title change, the facebook will count from 0. We lost the facebook figure but we get the better title from now)

  373. 373 : Shanzay Says:

    Damn who fool care about rating when i totally enjoying it rating are just numbers and the feel this drama give when i watch this show is matter to me and it just make me feel relax and i enjoy myself watching it so rating doesnot matter to me
    Damn this show just keeping on giving us surprise just in love with this show and Risang damn so cute

  374. 374 : JiSangxRita Says:

    @dinaz: yeah2! I agree with u.. 🙂 🙂 🙂 and I just watched ep 12 subs & many revelations were revealed! woah! & that new manager “Joo In Ho” made me think that, “is he somehow related to Joo Hyun Woo??” waaaah, I just can’t wait for the next ep.. *h* <3 <3 <3 heheh..

    and Blood fans, just leave @OMG alone.. don't give any attention to him/her 'coz you'll just waste your time.. he/she just want an attention to all of us.. tsk.tsk.tsk!

  375. 375 : kiki Says:

    this is the first ever low-rated drama that i got hooked up and loved…
    it just keeps getting better and better…

  376. 376 : cheonsaaa Says:

    i feel like it would be cut to 16 eps because of the ratings… i hope not, but KHS’s acting irritates me

  377. 377 : Sky2021 Says:

    hell with the rating, I m loving as far as I m ok ignore low rating. This drama blood is the best, I like every thing abt this drama. If people don’t like this drama or the actors in this drama just don’t watch it nor say anything abt it. Coz -ve commenters just piss off. blood team keep up ur good work fighting ✊✊

  378. 378 : Expert Says:

    #367 & 369 is the same person? OMG Blood start you comment this the worst drama, until now Ep 12 you still hare,. OMG ! BOOLD is the best drama in 2015,! and OMG OMG OMG…….you are the worst & crazy person in the world!

  379. 379 : Expert Says:

    Low rating because this type of drame not fit for Korean viewer, Blood for start until now top 1 at dramafever, myasiantv, in china Blood also very popular!

  380. 380 : Expert Says:

    #367 & 369 is the same person? OMG! for Blood start you comment this is the worst drama, until now EP12 ,you still here, still no give up, OMG OMG OMG……….you are the worst & crazy person in the world!

  381. 381 : sami Says:

    I love this drama it’s diffrent and so exiting…

  382. 382 : barbar Says:

    i think the rating is low bcause this drama is too bloody just like the title, then some people can’t stand to see blood and feels disgusting, but whatever is that blood is one of my favorite drama and this is the best drama that KHS have been play. AJH suits to play as jisang since we know that he always play as cold heart character.

  383. 383 : Tahmineh Says:

    very interesting drama with new line story that other korean drama has had. The casts are very capable and so exiting and KHS is very different and potent. thanks blood groupe

  384. 384 : RUTH Says:

    It’s only 2 days since last BLOOD episode (12)…..feels like a long time already….Monday can’t arrive soon enough…wish that there’s an episode daily, as the suspense is really gripping! Don’t think 20 episodes are enough…#BloodAJA!

  385. 385 : Sinopsis Blood: Bukan Kisah Vampir Biasa Says:

    […] maupun drama vampir lainnya. Blood sejatinya adalah drama dengan beragam kasus medis di dalamnya. Blood sendiri mengisahkan seorang pemuda, dipernakan oleh Ahn Jae Hyun, yang terjangkit virus unik bernama […]

  386. 386 : cherisse Says:

    I think its funny how a great drama likr Blood have low ratings and a shitty drama like Heirs had high ratings. This tells you that Korea culture is so twisted. Im from Chicago the states and even thouh if there are unknown artist/actors if its good we watch it. Or at least listen to it. The shiw is really good except for the first episode. But on after great. And i think ehat also id the cause is these A-holes whi bash the show before it came on and the other a holes whi actually read the comments and agreed; instead if watching the show themselves first and then write how they feel.

  387. 387 : cherisse Says:

    I think its funny how a great drama like Blood have low ratings and a shitty drama like Heirs had high ratings. This tells you that Korea culture is so twisted. Im from Chicago, the states and even though if there are unknown artist/actors if its good we watch it or at least listen to it. The show is really good, except for the first episode. But on after great. And i think what also did the cause is these A-holes who bashed the show before it came on and the other
    A-holes who actually read the comments and agreed; instead if watching the show first themselves then write how they felt.

  388. 388 : Saat Aktor Korea Mainkan Peran Dokter: Bikin Pasien Pengen Sakit! Says:

    […] Doctor Stranger, Emergency Couple, kini dunia medis juga kembali menjadi sentral cerita dalam drama Blood. Para aktor Korea ganteng pun didapuk memerankan peran dokter-dokter pintar nan […]

  389. 389 : galaxy201 Says:

    I m loving it namu namu chuwa 👍👏👏💗💓. RiSang couple n Luvvy soooo cute. blood team fighting damn care with rating keep on good work.

  390. 390 : echie Says:

    I want park ji sang to be my doctor hehehehe

  391. 391 : fie Says:

    I love this drama so much.. cant wait ep 13

  392. 392 : Sky Says:

    3 days left now for ep 13 every hrs, min n sec counting. Blood please come fast as my pulse getting faster while I m waiting to see Our RiSang couple moments 💑👫

  393. 393 : lara Says:

    whats with rating i really like this drama hope they will not cut it ….i really like both hero and the heroines acting ….. fighting blood drama

  394. 394 : lara Says:

    in this drama i hate ji jin hee even its just a drama how can he take this role im disapointing 🙁

  395. 395 : bloodbestdrama Says:

    i just finished watching blood ep 12, i just love it and i dont care what nitizens have to say about it, if you dont love it then dont watch it, it is as simple as that, there is nothing wrong about ku hye sun..she is supposed to be spoiled brat, she is just doing her job as told by director…i love blood and it is one of my fav drama..hater will keep on hating, lovers will keeps on loving and supporting both the leading cast..i will support it the end…:)

  396. 396 : anshu Says:

    i loveeeeeeeeeeeee thissssssssssss dramaaaaaaaa…….

  397. 397 : anin Says:

    I hope this drama will continue on airing till ep 20. Even though its not popular with the netizen but its popular with we international fans.. the director must be considerate about that..hell wth the rating.this is one of my favaurite drama.cant wait for ep 13. BLOOD TEAM HWAITING!! I LOVE U ALL!!

  398. 398 : dinaz Says:

    Preview for ep13
    cant wait for ep 13 superexcited..hope they kiss soon..
    so glad to see so much support from everyone..
    Blood fighting!hyesun fighting!

  399. 399 : OMG Says:

    Admin they are looking for their likes hahaha, have you caught cheating them using different handles, I will not be shock if this handles speaking here is of the same people speaking to their self.

    leading lady do not know how to act, it’s the reason of the low rating. I often wonder why the likes of actress like this catch lead role, something fishy, sponsor hiding.

  400. 400 : OMG Says:

    correction “them cheating”.

  401. 401 : grjnkk Says:

    OMG if you do not like the actress don’t watch the drama. Seems like you are obsessed with her that you constantly write about her. Do yourself a favor and don’t watch and let others like myself enjoy this drama.

  402. 402 : dinaz Says:

    A new still is out where Rita cooks for Ji sang and hyun woo.. Can’t wait for the raw episode tonight 🙂
    Rita looks so pretty and ji sang looks so smitten awwww <3 <3

  403. 403 : RUTH Says:

    It’s a Happy Day! Monday’s finally here….we get to see RiSang moments again! And to have some of our questions answered. Bloodmates…….enjoy tonight’s episode…

  404. 404 : Yhuu Says:

    not only me but WE, do really love this drama… park ji sang and yoo ri ta are so good together, i also love ji jin hee he’s so handsome vampire like ahn jae hyun even though he is a villain… many thumbs up for this… i will support and watch this till the end… oh if only it will not end hahaha AJA!

  405. 405 : RUTH Says:

    @Yhuu…I’m with you…I really wish BLOOD will not end too…at least not this soon…20 episodes are definitely not enuf!

  406. 406 : Lista Says:

    Love this drama, AJH,KHS, JJH & other cast #BloodAJA, hope rating will be better..story so interesting..

  407. 407 : Jenny taw Says:

    Yeah blood ep13 is out ! I love this show – hope to see more loving scene of the couple :)))

  408. 408 : phebcy Says:

    nice drama

  409. 409 : elden Says:

    At first I was only curious about the lead stars but then the show offer a new story for other medical Korean drama that I watch. Praises to the writers,

  410. 410 : Jenny taw Says:

    I like this show … But i am so worried for the male lead leh …. hope its a good comedy ending :))

  411. 411 : jayje Says:

    a good story. but i think AJH looks too young for this role. something about his expression not match for a vampire. less cool.

  412. 412 : smile Says:

    I really like this show, finished watching ep14, omg! the story is really getting better and better. Ahn Jae Hyun daebak! Blood casts fighting!!hope that it will be extended…please…please …

  413. 413 : chuchai Says:

    Amazing cast

  414. 414 : perez Says:

    It’s a really interesting drama luv it very much

  415. 415 : kdramalover Says:

    eventhough it has low rating, but in every drama websites, blood is the most viewed every monday and tuesday. so many people watch this drama. don’t worry, people know how to enjoy this drama. Haters…just go away.

  416. 416 : atikk Says:

    i dont know why the drama’s rating is so bad,,
    in episode 10 upwards,, the story begin interesting, and acting Goo Hye sun not too bad unlike everyone says about GHS acting was bad before this drama airing,,

    Btw, AJH is so coooooooooooool ><
    I'm looking foward for his new drama ^^

  417. 417 : torri Says:

    OMG, !!!!!!!! this dram is the real deal i mean after punch this the best drama for me that hold y in suspense and tension , please guys forget the ratings if want a good show then watch this , last night ep left me jumping on my bed like a fool and AJH , am in love with this kid , ohhhhhhh!!!!! love his facial expression at the end Mondays seems sooooo far now for me , good job writer i don’t think we even need the romance in this drama ,there is enough flirting and bricking between the love interest to keep us going without an actual awkward kissing screen so am good with is for now

  418. 418 : Lista Says:

    Wow..daebak..love..love it

  419. 419 : Galaxy Says:

    I love this drama n will support it till the end. I don’t care with the rating as far it’s keep me crave more ep. I m loving it RiSang n blood team fighting 😉

  420. 420 : lira Says:

    Best korean drama ever,a lot of suspense ,good story,comedy and hopefully romance scenes.Its not the usual love story we always see and predict that sometimes its almost boring.I always looking forward for the next episode.I love AJH and GHS, they are my new couple.To the writers of Blood ,you rock!Daebak!I will watch till the end.Fighthing!

  421. 421 : Fatlamb Says:

    It is a great drama to chase, just wondering what Dr Evil is trying to research – a longevity medication or producing more Vampire……..it will very much depend on the writer…..

  422. 422 : RUTH Says:

    So many questions, so few episodes left…..any chance of BLOOD drama extension, please? TOO AMAZING to have only 6 episodes left. #BloodAJA!

  423. 423 : dinaz Says:

    Bloodmates preview for ep15 is out.. Omoooo our Risang couple is making progress they hugged yipeee finally a proper hug with confessions hehe..I am so so excited can’t wait for Monday..
    Hope there are lots and lots of romantic scenes like ep 14.. Loved both ep 13 and 14 this series gets even better with every episode.. Can’t wait for ep15..
    Blood fighting!!

  424. 424 : nher Says:

    kiss scene pleaseeeeeeeee. it’s really flat.

  425. 425 : sami Says:

    who was the hang man? omg which DR is going to die????

  426. 426 : annmasae Says:

    Can’t wait for next episode. My current favorite drama.
    Please have a good ending for the main couple!!!!

  427. 427 : barbar Says:

    so do i
    i’m waiting for kiss scene <3 <3
    why is getting so long -_-

  428. 428 : barbar Says:

    then from ep 15 preview, don’t you think MGY will betray the director? because in the end she realize that the director is not as good as what she thinks

  429. 429 : JiSangxRita Says:

    waaaaaaah! just finished watching the Raw ep. 15 tonight & it’s DAEBAK!!!! & OMO, can’t wait for the next ep ‘coz I think the most awaited kiss of our couple Risang will be happening!!!!! wooooooooooohoooooooh!!! party party bloodmates!! xD 😀 hahaha!


  430. 430 : chelsea Says:

    Can’t wait for the next episode!!!! Ahngoo couple 1st kiss! ❤💙💚

  431. 431 : luminalg Says:

    yes finally ep 16 jisang kiss rita 4 the 1st time.

  432. 432 : jibanje Says:

    gaaaaawwd. are they going to kiss in ep 16???????? hahaha… not looking forward to this actually. my poor heart will shattered into a micron pieces… bye universe ㅠㅡㅠ
    the story went pretty nice, btw, curious how this story will end. BLOOD fighting!!!

  433. 433 : JiSangxRita Says:


    the KISS! it’s confirmed!! YAHOOOOO! can’t wait for the ep. later!!!
    *sorry guys, I just can’t get over with it xDD party party!! hahah


  434. 434 : Lista Says:

    Tonight, finally they will kiss for first time…aww…aww

  435. 435 : lee hye ae Says:

    I am really looking forward to watching the RiSang couple moments in the drama. ^^ I like that there are more actions and less words between them, especially on Ji sang’s part. His simple and random gestures which show his care and concern for Ri ta are romantic and heartwarming. How I wish to experience that kind of love. <3

    Looks like they will FINALLY kiss in the next episode!!! Can't wait for it!!! :)))
    RiSang couple, fighting!!! ^^~

  436. 436 : kdramalover Says:

    ep 15 daebak! ahn jae hyun is improved a lot. and the story become more interesting! cant wait for tonight episode! hope they really kiss <3

  437. 437 : pamz Says:

    It’s true they really kiss,..hahaha

  438. 438 : Lista Says:

    And the kiss for first time..so natural , lips moved and their ears are red..woooow..thumbs up..want more..more..and like the way jisang touch his lip and so happy..‎​:O…O virgin vampire

  439. 439 : dinaz Says:

    Omg what a kiss.. Phew!! It was so beautifully done by both.. Ah my heart my heart.. Hehe :p
    And jae hyun’s sexy lips and neck :-* aigoo I am still recovering hehe.. Hope to see more kisses in the upcoming episodes..

  440. 440 : Hanako 花子 Says:

    How to vote??

  441. 441 : barbar Says:

    THE BEST DRAMA EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  442. 442 : nate Says:

    hi everyone! just got curious. what’s the real name of that actor, the new leader for drug development team? his name there is joo in hoo. i cant find him on the list of cast .. if anyone of you knows it, please share. thank you.

  443. 443 : nami Says:

    thanks lord…. they finally kissing….

  444. 444 : download EXO Next Door subtitle indonesia Says:

    in eps 16 first kiss park ji sang and yo ri ta :*

  445. 445 : dinaz Says:

    Loved ep 15 and 16 ji sang is so cute when he couldn’t cute act along with Rita on the garden date hehe but he did call her a talking flower hehe :-* I love their interaction they are so cute together.. And that heavenly kiss omo omo I have repeated it to the max it was such a beautiful kiss done so well by both.. Seemed really real hehe :)) :))
    I hope to see more kisses in the future episodes hehe..I hope Dr Jung will be able to neutralise the virus with Ji sang and hyun woo’s help.. Can’t wait to see Dr Jung’s underwear walk lol :))

  446. 446 : kez Says:

    so far, BLOOD has more than exceeded my expectations…….it is sooooooooooooooo gooooooooooooood.

    Well, the setting itself is fresh, the cast is great also importantly, not thaaaat predictable.

    Lets hope for a good and proper end altogether!!! FIGHTING!!

  447. 447 : stela Says:

    I really find the acting of KHS to be so annoying. She did well in her past dramas, but not here. Her voice and mannerisms seem unnatural and forced.

  448. 448 : Hanako 花子 Says:

    One of best thriller drama for me this year besides “kill me, heal me” ,Shine or go crazy” ,”healer” and “punch”

    Credit to :

    Production Company: IOK Media
    Producer: Jo Woong, Yoon Jae Hyuk
    Director: Ki Min Soo
    Screenwriter: Park Jae Bum

  449. 449 : dinaz Says:

    Finally we will get to watch the scenes shot in Romania 🙂 cant wait to watch what happens next..love love Blood 🙂

  450. 450 : sahel Says:

    Is it good for watch?

  451. 451 : lee hye ae Says:

    You’re right! Ji sang and Ri ta did mention in ep 17 that they will visit Young hee in Kochenia together. Is it a clue for a happy ending? I hope so. :)))

  452. 452 : atikk Says:

    Wohoooo,, 2 episodes left,, i’m very curious about secret of Ri ta’s parents who had dead,,

  453. 453 : meron Says:

    i love blood soooooooo much!!!!!love all the actorsand the story line.so farrr from all the dramas by kbs…..all of you guys [email protected]…@ ^^

  454. 454 : annmasae Says:

    #442 @nate the new leader of drug team is Kang Sung Min.
    He starred in drama Cheondamdong Scandal.

    Hoping for a great ending to this exciting drama.
    Monday and Tuesdays won’t be the same once this drama ends!!!
    Great Acting and Great Script!!!

  455. 455 : Pedro Azinhais Mendes - Brasil Says:

    Congratulations to Ahn Jae Hyun (like I thought he is to be coming a very good actor), Koon Hye Sun and Je Jin Hee, they are fantastic in this Kdrama…thank you

  456. 456 : Loveit Says:

    The best Korean drama ever!!!!’ More more drama pls for ku hye sun and ahn Jae hyun full of chemistry more more pls

  457. 457 : Sinopsis Blood Episode 1 - 20 « Kdramastory Says:

    […] Lihat pemeran lain di sini. […]

  458. 458 : RUTH Says:

    Thinking of only 2 episodes left really breaks my heart. I’m already missing RiSang (aka AhnGoo) couple very badly….hope they will have more projects together as their chemistry is really off the chart!

  459. 459 : item Says:

    i hope ahn jae hyun oppa and ko hye sun unnie….will have more project together….

  460. 460 : dinaz Says:

    Really feeling bad that after this week there will be no Blood 🙁 🙁 i will really miss my sweet angel hyesun/Rita loved her so much here and Risang couple..she nailed it on ep18 everyone showered her with praises for her acting during the confrontation scene it brought tears to my eyes too..whoever had problems with her acting should watch ep18..
    ah really feeling bad i hardly get so attached to any drama this way 🙁 🙁
    hoping for a great ending,wedding and a passionate kiss :-*
    @lee hye ae 451 sorry for replying late maybe she will go to Kochenia as she is very depressed and there we will see Young hee again 🙂 me too praying for a good ending..
    Blood fighting!!

  461. 461 : dinaz Says:

    @admin what is wrong with the site?is it new format..comments shows up from no1 in pc its still ok but from my mobile i need to scroll down for ages just to post a comment..why is it like this?

    (@dinaz from admin: fast Scroll down is not a big problem in mobile phone unless you don’t know how to use your mobile phone.)

  462. 462 : dinaz Says:

    @admin that was rude.. I have been here since 2010 and never saw your site like this that’s why I wrote.. I thought I should write if we had problems?no we shouldn’t OK fine..
    I know to use my mobile well but scrolling down from the first comment itself is cumbersome.anyways your site your wish I shouldn’t have said..

    (@dinaz from admin: why you said i’m rude? i am telling you the truth. fast Scroll down is not a big problem in mobile phone unless you don’t know how to use your mobile phone. am i rude? 🙂 sorry if i hurt you.)

  463. 463 : Miora RA Says:

    you’re the best koo hey sun

  464. 464 : sarona Says:

    The best drama
    blood drama is very good 🙂

    AHJSUN fighting

    I love them together ^^

  465. 465 : nami Says:

    are we gonna get risang kissing again???

    and why hyun woo must die :((

  466. 466 : sami Says:

    hyun woo :((( noooo..
    i’ll miss blood …need more epidodes

  467. 467 : Lysa Says:

    Gosh… I really piss. I hope Director will regret all his action, at least. He is very cruel. I am very sad Hyun Woo must die. But, still hope happy ending for RiSang, I’ll be waiting until tomorrow.

  468. 468 : Upekshya Says:

    I cant believe that hyun woo is dead.. I mean why???? Why hyun woo??? He is a nice guy. Oh I thought ji sang would save him. I miss him soo much.

  469. 469 : torri Says:

    i was so angry last night i cant believe the writer was so wicked to hyun woo i still dont get the reason why he was killed i mean he was the only true family AHJ had and to do this now was wrong to him and to us watching i keep screaming last night , well i hope the ending is great today it better be i want some real revenge no forgiveness some real blood every were

  470. 470 : josephine Says:

    Im so disappointed with the ending. Why must the writer have him died in the end?

  471. 471 : Carmen Says:

    who ParkJisang Died at the END?, but why why why

  472. 472 : torri Says:

    are y guys kidding me!!!!!!!! well let me get home in 10 mins and see this for my self what!!!!!!!!

  473. 473 : lira Says:

    This drama is daebak,always unpredictable that’s why i like it.It did not end in a wedding or kissing but just seeing Jisang alive at the end for me it means he remain a vampire coz he is able to fight the other vampires, he will always protect Rita just like the first time they met in the forest.This drama should have part 2.Best drama for me.To KHS and AJH, Im gonna miss you both and you’re the best.Fighting!

  474. 474 : Jenny Lyn Says:

    Gosh i really Love this korean drama suppah like it, I’m gonna miss this couple they Look good together, i hope that they will work together again in the future. Thank You for that wonderful drama series I really enjoy it.

  475. 475 : annmasae Says:

    Loved the drama but hated the confusing ending.

  476. 476 : Fullheart5 Says:

    Have to agree with you on the new format. It pretty much stinks. On my I pad the scrolling went on and on. It’s not fun, so I won t ever use it on my phone.

  477. 477 : nami Says:

    what the … !!! last ep no kissing… and is that guy jisang???
    isnt jisang die?????

  478. 478 : victoria Says:

    good drama.

  479. 479 : Sandy Says:

    Very sad that Blood ended but I’m sure there will be a part II because there were a lot of loose ends.
    For one thing the evil director remained alive but aging at a faster rate. The other two scientist were supposed to cure the rest of the vampires in process with Park Ji Sang’s blood. One thing for sure Park Ji Sang will remain a vampire but maybe his own decomposed blood saves him in the next part II…Fighting…It was a Very Good Drama!!!

  480. 480 : RUTH Says:

    Just curious….was OST 4 played in episode 20? Did I somehow missed it? I must say that the ending left me wanting more BLOOD…..no closure for me.

  481. 481 : tigerb Says:

    this is my first korean ‘vampire’ drama, which is not of horror genre. i like the concept that being a vampire is a medical condition caused by a virus! the director and his ‘infected’ group survived, moving from place to place looking for an anti-body. meanwhile, the ‘pure blood’ infected ji sang continued the work of his parents with the help of a young medical researcher, to look for a cure. it’s kind of confusing to see ji sang die and then see him at the end scene alive and kicking infected guys in ‘kochenia’ where yoo rita visited the girl ji sang had saved when he volunteered before coming to korea. limited to what I understood in the sub titles, i think ji sang was injected by the hospital medical researcher with a serum from his decomposed blood for it to culture in vitro of his body. during the fight, ji sang injected the director the same serum but that gave the director a different result and made him human and turned him older, at his chronological age. the cultured blood drawn from ji sang’s dead body becomes the anti-body. it seemed that, for lack of a better educated word, ji sang’s body cells regenerated, so we see another ji sang at the end of the series. the clue was that part that the hospital medical researcher told his assistant after looking at the specimen through the microscope that there was ‘auto genesis’ of the cells. it’s a good watch! but no, the series does not warrant a sequel.

  482. 482 : Pedro Azinhais Mendes - Brasil Says:

    I am with 479-SANDY many things without answers , “Blood” deserve one more episode……Ahn Jae Hyun..very good actor

  483. 483 : Carmen Says:

    I agree with tigerb#481–if we can analize this like you explain it gives me a better understanding of that end, I think it was an OK end….but honestly since 2014 most of the dramas compare with the 2013, they been having a bad end, they most of the time start good but the writers keeps killine the end, example, of most resent, MAID, Twinkle….,The Kings face, Golden cross and many more of my likes….men I just end up watching Ugly Alert it was a 133 episode and I witch this 2015-16…will learn from this drama, it has a really good end and the drama was always good this drama was from 2013, and Oh boy I hope this latly writers will learn something from this drama. see you soon

  484. 484 : Jenny taw Says:

    I didnt watch ep 19 & 20 in full …. I took a glance at ep 19’and was shocked to see that Hyun woo died . … Really sad and angry that i decided not to watch the last 2 episode …… He is such a nice & bright person who is of excellent help to the lead, and yet the script writer arranged for him to die : (

  485. 485 : Jenny taw Says:

    Though angry with the lsdt 2 episodes, overall I feel the story line is nice … . So don’t understand why rating so poor … This show deserves better rating 😉

  486. 486 : lee hye ae Says:

    Just finished watching episodes 19 and 20. I totally did not anticipate Hyun woo and Ji sang’s deaths since I expected that the writers will at least spare them for they are among the main characters. Those scenes were really heartbreaking. Nevertheless, the drama also left us with an open-ended happy ending, showing that Ji sang is still alive and meets Ri ta again after saving her (again!). 🙂

    As a whole, Blood is a very good drama and therefore worth-watching. I enjoyed watching it. Kudos to all the cast and staff behind this wonderfu drama. Indeed, this is one of the best Korean dramas for 2015. :)))) I hope Ahn jae hyun and Ku hye sun will win the Best couple award. ^^

  487. 487 : Simon Says:

    Rather disappointing in the second half of the drama series. The story just not good. Weak ending too.

  488. 488 : usa-mary Says:

    I just can’t fathom a vampire ‘surgeon’ at all! Not all surgeries are bloody and require blood replacement. So, I won’t speculate as which ones he chooses to work on. It sort of reminds me of Young Dr. Frankenstein starring Gene Wilder, as the young, crazy wiry-haired Beethoven looking Dr. Frankenstein and Marty Feldman as Igor, the hunchback with a hump that changed shoulders in each scene…LOL!

    Maybe I’ll give this drama a try one day.

  489. 489 : dinaz Says:

    @Fullheart5 476 glad to know that i am not the only one who faced that scrolling problem orelse i really felt like a fool who didnt know how to use her phone..
    @admin i accept your apology thank u..
    @usa-mary do watch it chingu its really not the kind of drama ure imagining its very different they have given a scientific explaination to vampirism..its very interesting and Ahn jae hyun will make u fall for vampires hehe 😛

  490. 490 : RUTH Says:

    BLOOD….an entertaining, refreshingly different genre in kdrama. Great AhnGoo chemistry from bickering to way-too-cool lovey moments. Story plot? Good enough to keep me wanting to discover more till the end. In fact, still desiring more episodes……No drama is good if one is a nit-picker and/or is biased against any of the leads. Enjoy it with an open-mind. Appreciation to GHS, AJH, JJH & all supporting casts. Great job!

  491. 491 : ays Says:

    I need a 2nd season

  492. 492 : yeh Says:

    I really love the BLOOD drama eversince I saw i in YouTube it really makes me excited to watch it in YouTube ..I do my judgment in watching Korean drama by reading some comments before I start to watch and now I started to watch blood I really like it daebak!!!! For the 3 days I watch the blood it was like my favorite craving to watch it whenever I had a spare time. But feel sad now because I read a comments that hyun woo and ji sang died so sad and dissapointed to the writers..so I decided not to watch the 2 episodes 19 and the 20 ..

  493. 493 : search Says:

    It’s really a good drama..hoping there will be part 2.how did Jisang live?where and what happen on their research?i love this drama but not satisfied with the ending that is why i predict there will be part 2.Fighting Hyesun and Jisang.

  494. 494 : lee hye ae Says:

    I agree with some of the previous comments. I request the writers to please provide us with a special episode explaining what happened after Ji sang’s death, if VTH-17 became successful, if the patients in ward 21A were healed, if the Director became human again, and if Ji sang still recognizes Ri ta after seeing her again in Kochenia. I’m not against the open-ended ending, I just want them to justify it. The last two episodes left a huge impact on the previous ones, affecting the drama as a whole. That’s why some people easily criticize Blood, saying that it’s not worth-watching due to its bad ending.

  495. 495 : victoria Says:

    i love this drama.

  496. 496 : Edward Says:

    Yes! – It feels like, there were season Two.

    Special Episode should be consider, because their are question that need to be answer.

    Thank You for this wonderful Tv Series.. Hoping for the season (If only).


  497. 497 : choose me Says:

    i am disappointed with the ending of this drama….why park ji sang must die….but i really like the couple of Ahn Jae hyun and Koo Hye Sun……

  498. 498 : lia Says:

    Whoah! What an amazing drama, this drama is as same as twilight, but somehow, it’s got its own originality and uniqueness. Find it yourself! Breathtaking!

  499. 499 : julia Says:

    Great ending! I don’t like obvious happy endings. I want something that would mesmerize you till the end! Thumbs up!

  500. 500 : bloodlover Says:

    another great drama from kbs after healer! Blood is definitely a highly recommended drama! Never thought ahn jae hyeon would portray vampire role as amazing as he did! 🙂

  501. 501 : hateblood Says:

    Just wondering why do most of Korean people hate KHS as an actress, so that’s why this drama has failed in many parts. Also all of her recent dramas has failed, did’t get any attention from viewers. Poor her….

  502. 502 : Lysa Says:

    Yups… great drama and the ending too. Agree with you [email protected], i like ending like this, because everybody can imagine what happen between both of them. At least… Ji Sang is still alive.

    Love for Ahn Jae Hyun & Ko Hye Sun ^_^

  503. 503 : uggie Says:

    I like this drama, good for all the cast, story and music. But why the rating is no good ????? Hhh I don’t understand…

  504. 504 : choopatiu Says:

    ko hye sun in my opinion is on of those actresses that are quite famous but totally sucks in the acting department..in short..SHE CAN’T ACT!great storyline,amazing co stars but KHS presence n poor acting destroys everything…im not a basher just a realist,look what happened to angel’s eyes,it started really well when the actors were young but as soon as KHS appeared it was downwards from there.More acting workshop please.thank you

  505. 505 :  rr Says:

    Age doesn’t matter. so what if she older than the leading man.
    not only here in this drama but also to ” boys over flower” KHS is older than LMH.

  506. 506 : ellen Says:

    I am from Indonesia, I’ve been watching the drama of blood, this is the most good drama, gooheysun and ahnjaehyeon are a perfect match, people are ignorant wrote, criticizing the pair, gooheysun you are the best, let them criticize, they envy, pity me Korean netizens see, him like criticism, terrible words like animals.

  507. 507 : Penny Says:

    A quite confusing ending. Hope to have 2nd seasons.
    Nice drama actually.
    The story line is quite interesting.
    Worth-watching drama.
    BLOOD. My favourite drama!

  508. 508 : Pn Says:

    highly recommended drama.

  509. 509 : Pn Says:

    Ahn jae hyun, a good actor.

  510. 510 : Expert Says:

    love Yoo Rita character, Ku Hye Sun great acting! If keep watch Blood will see Ku Hye Sun perfect acting! Ku Hye Sun you are the best!

  511. 511 : Expert Says:

    Congratulations Ku Hye Sun Documentary Heo Nanseolheon awarded Platinum at Houston International film festival & Ku Hye Sun compose Piano piece Rain take No1 on china Biggest searc Engine QQ music chart! This prove Ku Hye Sun is the great & talent actress!. Ku Hye Sun you are the best!

  512. 512 : ellen Says:

    despite the low rating, I really enjoyed it, many fans of blood from Indonesia, gooheysun role as Dr. Yorita is the best, and also the best ahnjaehyeun, thanks to KBS2 which has aired until the 20th episode, although not well-known in Korea but and international fans really enjoy This blood drama, for those who love to criticize, ngaca yourself, you do not nothing compared to the beautiful gooeheysun, multitalented, and many more smart, for those who like to criticize your mouth smells like garbage.

  513. 513 : victoria Says:

    i like this drama, i like KHS she’s very cute and talented actress.
    she’s one of my favorite actress in korea.
    your acting skill is the best.

  514. 514 : dongrim Says:

    I’m watching now

  515. 515 : geraldine s daquiz Says:

    Very good movie …hoping they will make season 2..like d other vampire stories …godbless u guys

  516. 516 : ビクトリア Says:


  517. 517 : Korean Drama Review Blood | Drama and Show Reviews and Recommendations Says:

    […] Blood (2015) 血 […]

  518. 518 : barbar Says:

    i guess there will be session 2, bcs a lot of problem that didn’t get any explained at 2 last episodes. some people thought it was bad ending, but i dont think so, this drama has happy ending and it remains me with rooftop prince’s ending, happy ending but also awkward .

  519. 519 : Coreen Says:

    Oh, no! This is the worst drama that I had ever watch. Suck from the beginning until the end. Everyone always praised KHS but what I seen, she in this drama and recent drama, “Angel Eyes”, she is the worst actress. Just because of one hit drama made her popular, didn’t mean she is a good actress. She looks cute and not appealing actress, very typical white ghost, better act in ghost dramas. Waste my precious times for this drama except the leading actor look a bit hot, but still he looked far young than the main actress. How came be romantic when their looks don’t match? Like a son and a mother relationship.
    This actress is failure. No wonder, she can’t be a well-known director and acting skills still in primary states.

  520. 520 : Shellsbells Says:

    This started well but really began to lag by the middle. A real waste of time the end was pathetic. This drama wasn’t worth the time it takes to watch it. I’m a fan of the cast and had to swallow such a huge dissappointment.

  521. 521 : kdrama Says:

    download drama korea subtitle indonesia

  522. 522 : Lled lb Says:

    Very nice story and casting.. except for the bangs of doctor yoo ri ta.. 😵

  523. 523 : Ggs Episode 345 – spesifikasi Says:

    […] Blood […]

  524. 524 : fiio Says:

    I watch it for the second time and still excited. this drama is awesome.

  525. 525 : japoy hu Says:

    aganda talaga super good drama kerie desu ne

  526. 526 : Dreamcaster Says:

    I love this drama specially the fight scenes of AJH and how he transforms. He really elevated his acting a lot. KHS is also very good in my perspective. I like her personally because she is a very talented person – acting, music and has a good heart. I just don’t like the ending very much because a lot of the issue/ problem were not answered. I would like to have a 2nd season, but I guess that will not happen due to low ratings.

  527. 527 : kimberly Says:

    Thus is my 2nd re watching thus drama . Lead actor have a great performance as well other co actors. AJH are very good in this kind of drama. Action with sci fi plot. Hoping have 2nd season on this. 5⭐ .

  528. 528 : Anna S Says:

    Great drama, very different from usual vampire story lines, great cast .Am up to episode 16 . Am enjoying this show !!!

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