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Best Couple

Best Couple 02

Title: 최고의 연인 / Best Couple
Also Known as: The Greatest Couple / Best Lovers / The Dearest Lady
Chinese Title: 最佳戀人
Genre: Family, Romance, Comedy
Episodes: 116
Broadcast network: MBC
Broadcast period: 2015-Dec-07 to 2016-May-20
Air time: Monday to Friday 19:15


This is a drama about love and relationships, from the point of view of a mother and two daughters. The story is told through their flings, love and relationships, and marriage, and the drama will try to tell its viewers about the trials and strife of the single, divorced, and re-married women in our era.

Han Ah Reum (Kang Min Kyung) is a design assistant at a high-end boutique clothing shop. She is the younger daughter of a divorced woman, Na Bo Bae (Ha Hee Ra). Meanwhile, Han Ah Jung (Jo An) will be her elder sister.


Main Cast

Ha Hee Ra as Na Bo Bae
Kang Min Kyung as Han Ah Reum
Jo An as Han Ah Jung

Choi Young Kwang’s Family

Kim Seo Ra as Pi Mal Sook
Oh Mi Yun as Jang Bok Nam
Lee Ah Hyun as Joo Kyu Ri
Jung Chan as Jo Kyu Chan
Kang Tae Oh as Choi Young Kwang

Baek Kang Ho’s Family

Jung Han Hun as Baek Man Suk
Kim Young Ran as Goo Ae Sun
Hwang So Hee as Baek Kang Mi
Kwak Hee Sung as Baek Kang Ho

Han Ah Reum’s Family

Jung Dong Hwan as Han Myung Il
Lee Hyun Wook as Park Byung Ki
Lee Go Eun as Park Sae Rom


Kim Soo Hyun (김수현) as Hong Sil Jang
Kim Yoo Mi as Kang Se Lan
Byun Jung Soo as Go Heung Ja
Ahn Bo Hyun as Lee Bong Kil
Park Seo Hyun
Im Yoon Ho
Han Yeo Wool
Seo Seung Man
Yoo Joo Won
Lee Seung Woo
Kim Kwang In

Production Credits

Chief Producer: Kim Seung Mo
Producer: Kim Hee Yul
Directors: Choi Chang Wook , Choi Joon Bae
Assistant Directors: Shim So Yun, Song Yun Hwa
Screenwriter: Suh Hyun Joo


Oh Hyun Kyung and Lee Chang Hoon was previously cast in this drama but drop out after that and replaced by Ha Hee Ra and Jung Chan.


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  1. 1 : AI Says:

    The Poster look nice.

  2. 2 : Ami Says:

    why is that guy standing like choi si won?..

  3. 3 : Best Couple e Witch’s Castle: kdramas de dezembro dos canais MBC e SBS Says:

    […] Fonte: KoreanDrama (1) (2) […]

  4. 4 : Drama4U Says:

    Posters is very well

  5. 5 : mml Says:

    Episode 14, Han Ah Reum has finally broke off her relationships with her boyfriend Choi Young Kwang. Looked indeed sad in this episode. And on the other hand, Baek Kang Ho is going to engage with Kang Se Lan soon . And will there be changes along the way when he falls in love with Han Ah Reum ??

    I’m getting very curious about whether the engagement day will it be cancelled by Baek Kang Ho and getting frightened to love Kang Se Lan when he realises that, he has gradually has fallen in love with this smart, sweet, comedy and pretty Han Ah Reum ????

  6. 6 : mml Says:

    I really love watching episode 15 , Baek Kang Ho has accidentally discovered the reason that Han Ah Reum has been so upset. And the next thing was Han Ah Reum has given a stretch book to Baek Kang Ho and Han Ah Reum will collect back her stretch book when she returned him the taxi fare whereby Han Ah Reum has borrowed from Baek Kang Ho .

    I remembered clearly that, the stretch book has a hidden photo of
    Choi Young Kwang . I wonder will Baek Kang Ho discover this ?? Am not sure whether will Baek Kang Ho can easily falls in love with Han Ah Reum , but, am very sure that Han Ah Reum loves Choi Young Kwang very much .

    If, Baek Kang Ho falls in love with Han Ah Reum and Han Ah Reum still love Choi Young Kwang very much then how can Baek Kang Ho being able to successfully separate the love between Han Ah Reum and Choi Young Kwang ???

  7. 7 : mml Says:

    This drama will have a difficult way to fix the romance for Han Ah Reum and Na Bo Bae. The reason is, it is impossible that Choi Young Kwang’s stepmother can also become the role as his mother in law unless Na Bo Bae will not want to re-marry to Jo Kyu Chan . And looking at the terrible old lady Jang Bok Nam, she will not treat Na Bo Bae good and neither will she treat Han Ah Reum better, it will be good for Han Ah Reum to be able to marry to Baek Kang Ho.

    Yes, I agree that Choi Young Kwang his sincere love looks like he can be the best couple with Han Ah Reum . He can be the best boyfriend of Han Ah Reum, but, it will be a horrible family war coming along, if, Na Bo Bae becomes the daughter in law of Jang Bok Nam and Han Ah Reum becomes the Grand daughter in law of Jang Bok Nam and I don’t think so that, Choi Young Kwang’s mother can accept the fact that her best friend Na Bo Bae has taken away her ex-husband Jo Kyu Chan and meanwhile Han Ah Reum will be another one who wants to take away her son Choi Young Kwang.

    My best solution for Han Ah Reum is , to re-consider not to marry to Choi Young Kwang, hopefully the right MR RIGHT can change her destiny will appear ,when the right timing comes and become the best person for Han Ah Reum to marry.

  8. 8 : mml Says:

    I have found an answer from episode 20, Baek Kang Ho looked shocked and surprised when Han Ah Reum greeted her ex-boyfriend Choi Young Kwang as her Senior when Choi Young Kwang walked into the café. The answer is ,Baek Kang Ho knew what’s the reason why Han Ah Reum cannot accept Choi Young Kwang ? And looking at the face reaction of Baek Kang Ho , I guess he has already secretly fallen in love with Han Ah Reum and maybe Baek Kang Ho will go after Han Ah Reum ………….

  9. 9 : mml Says:

    Don’t you agree that the face of Han Ah Reum looks like “the powerpuff girls cartoon “? So lovely and sweet ……..

  10. 10 : mml Says:

    Episode 23, its a sign of a triangle love and looks like Baek Kang Ho envy the love between Han Ah Reum and Choi Young Kwang . Is he trying to become a busybody about Han Ah Reum’s matters or is it he has started to show interest and fallen in love with Han Ah Reum ??

  11. 11 : Vivian Yamamoto Says:

    Yay!! my favorite actress Kim Sora is in this drama! Based on past dramas she appeared I love the fact that middle age actress was able to make the drama come alive rather than stories simply being about young people all the time or too traditional acting that can be too boring for non-Koreans. Thank you MBC!

  12. 12 : mml Says:

    Actually ,Han Ah Reum and Baek Kang Ho both of them were childhood friends whereby they met each other inside the hospital and I wonder in later episodes will Baek Kang Ho being able to find out that, the little girl he met at the hospital was actually Han Ah Reum ?

    The main attraction of this drama is, I like the clumsy, funny, comedy, cute, sweet character of Han Ah Reum and I wonder will the continuous coincidental meet between Han Ah Reum and Baek Kang Ho will change Baek Kang Ho from a very sharp person to a better polite person ?

    Now, am looking forward to watch episode 26 to understand more about this drama.

  13. 13 : mml Says:

    I have just finished watching episode 29 and looks like, if, Han Ah Reum can re-start her new romance with Baek Kang Ho that will be great because am very frighten of Choi Young Kwang’s grandmother. The old lady looks like she does not like Han Ah Reum and maybe it will be also good and romantic for Baek Kang Ho to find and love the right person.

    Now, am looking forward to watch episode 30 and I really hope that Baek Kang Ho and Han Ah Reum can start their funny sweet dating………

  14. 14 : mml Says:

    I have just finished watching episode 30 and noted the complications that Han Ah Reum staying together with Choi Young Kwang’s family . It will be the best solution for Han Ah Reum is, if Baek Kang Ho can accept and quickly start their dating romance and stop Choi Young Kwang from insisting to marry with Han Ah Reum. The sad thing is, Han Ah Reum’s mother has gone through the custom marriage, but, it is still not yet legally married and therefore, Han Ah Reum’s mother can anytime being affected greatly towards her marriage .

    Now, am hoping that Baek Kang Ho can quickly accept the ideal of starting his romance with Han Ah Reum ……….

  15. 15 : queens Says:

    Hi Mml.
    Question. Is drama worth to watch? And where u watch it?

  16. 16 : mml Says:

    I have just finished watching episode 31 and it’s very good and very impressive episode . Now, am getting very worried about Han Ah Reum , how can she continue staying in the same house with Choi Young Kwang ? The mother of Choi Young Kwang already knew that Han Ah Reum and her son actually are lover. And the pitiful Han Ah Reum got no place to stay, maybe Han Ah Reum should quickly get the Mr Right to help her by getting married and moves out from the place to prevent further conflict with Choi Young Kwang ?

    @15: queen,
    I watch this drama at Korea website on the same day filming the live episode.

  17. 17 : mml Says:

    I have just finished watching episode 32 and I think Han Ah Reum should stop becoming a friend of Baek Kang Ho . The reason is Baek Kang Ho is very dishonest to Han Ah Reum and did not speak the truth of his true identity . And in future Han Ah Reum should not fall in love with Baek Kang Kang Ho is because, Baek Kang Ho’s sister currently trying to seduce Han Ah
    Reum’s brother in law .

    Baek Kang Mi has a cheap and low class character, she may mess up the marriage of Han Ah Jung and very soon Baek Kang Mi will become the enemy of Han Ah Jung. And therefore, Han Ah Reum SHOULD NOT FALL IN LOVE WITH Baek Kang Ho under all circumstances and the character of Baek Kang Ho is a guy with motive, he may not love Han Ah Reum with a sincere heart. And am very sad for Han Ah Reum.

    ok, I will continue to watch episode 33 to find out on what’s happening ?

  18. 18 : Rose Says:

    I knew from the beginning when Ah Reum was going through the swivel door and Kang Ho got stuck in it, that she would break up with her boyfriend, Yang-Gwang and that she probably would end up with Kang Ho. And then when Yang-Gwang’s dad proposed to Ah Reum’s mother, that was the end of their relationship. I like Kang Tae-Oh (Yang-Gwang). This is the 2nd drama I have seen him in and the same thing happened to him in Queen of the Flower. He liked the girl in that one also, but she only considered him a friend.

    These drama stories, while different, always seem to have the same base line. Some one is always connected to some one, or the child they raise is not their’s, etc. etc. etc.

  19. 19 : mml Says:

    I have finished watching episode 33 and looks like I really hate to see this cheap woman Baek Kang Mi who wanted to seduce Park Byung Ki so badly. Anyway, I really don’t like Baek Kang Mi and maybe the real person as an actress Hwang So Hee I also don’t like her.

    Actress Hwang So Hee, this year she is already 30years old , she is old and how come the director of this drama lets her acts as an university student as Baek Kang Mi ? While, the good thing about episode 33 is Park Byung Ki did speak the truth to Baek Kang Mi that he got a wife and at least I’m still hoping that Han Ah Jung can quickly do something to save her marriage.

    Now, am looking forward to watch episode 34 .

  20. 20 : mml Says:

    After watching episode 34, I think it’s high time for Baek Kang Ho to find out the truth that, Kang Se Lan had an affair with the stocker bad guy so that, Baek Kang Ho has a good reason to totally break off his relationship with Kang Se Lan . And the next disturbing problem is, Baek Kang Mi is trying to mess up Han Ah Jung’s marriage , I think by now I really don’t like this actress Hwang So Hee ……..

  21. 21 : sylvia soo Says:

    I like to see the couple of baek kang ho and han ah reum,,, so cute. hope that they become a real couple in this drama

  22. 22 : mml Says:

    By watching episode 35, I really hope that Han Ah Reum and Baek Kang Ho will get married and become the best married couple. The reason is, if, Han Ah Reum can marry to Baek Kang Ho and that means ,Han Ah Reum maybe able to save and protect the marriage of Han Ah Jung. The trouble of this cheap woman Baek Kang Mi is trying to win the heart of Han Ah Jung’s husband. Power and status will always become a plus point advantage when Han Ah Reum can become Mrs Baek .

    The true person of Han Ah Jung’s husband is actually a poor lawyer, whereby financially will depend on Han Ah Jung at times . And when Han Ah Reum get married to Baek Kang Ho and that means , in terms of power and capability, Han Ah Reum can attest to stop Baek Kang Mi to further bully to mess up her sister Hang Ah Jung’s marriage . And anyway , the cheap woman Baek Kang Mi may awaken her thoughts when she realises that Han Ah Jung’s husband is actually a poor lawyer , she mary change her thinking when Han Ah Reum and Baek Kang Ho can team up to fight and save the marriage of Han Ah Jung.

  23. 23 : mml Says:

    I did not enjoy watching episode 36 and luckily episode 37 turns up to be better and more interesting. Episode 37, showed viewers that, Kang Se Lan got pregnant and most likely that Baek Kang Ho will have strong objections and reluctant to marry with Kang Se Lan in later episodes.

    And now, am looking forward to watch episode 38 .

  24. 24 : belinda c.billones Says:

    Sylvia @21..hi there its good to know that you are also watching this.I like the story, im starting to get annoyed with young gwan coz he kept on insisting the impossible relationship with ah reum.But still I like the flow of the story I will stick to this till the end.

  25. 25 : belinda c.billones Says:

    @mml..I enjoyed reading your informative comments. Pls.continue doing this..Im expecting to see more of han ah reum and baek kang ho’s scene together since he started to have feelings with her.

  26. 26 : mml Says:

    I have finished watching episode 38 to episode 40 . Episode 38, am very disappointed with this wicked behaviour of Kang Se Lan and I wonder with a pretty face and with such a wicked heart , how fast can Baek Kang Ho totally break his relationships with Kang Se Lan having slept with another man and got pregnant and still got the face to insist to marry Baek Kang Ho ???

    And episode 39, made me realised that Baek Kang Ho he’s actually a very smart guy, he offered an option for Han Ah Reum to re-consider to work at his Dream Fashion company for better future, better career prospect. And I think, it is a very good ideal.

    Episode 40, I don’t like the way that, Choi Young Kwang went to buy the wedding ring . While, the cheap woman Kang Se Lan wanted to trick Baek Kang Ho to the hotel.

    Now, am looking forward to watch next week episode 41 to episode 45 . And I really hope that, Han Ah Reum can quit her job at Beauty Fashion to avoid Choi Young Kwang and also can stop Kang Se Lan to continue to have chance to bully her.

  27. 27 : sylvia soo Says:

    @25 Belinda hi this drama is good yeahhhh I like baek kang ho character
    the story line also good

  28. 28 : Alice Says:

    Thank you for always updating us on what happens. We still have many episodes left. I just wish Ah Ruem and Baek Oh would get together.

  29. 29 : Soodhi Kimje Says:

    Well I also agree that Baek Kang Ho and Han Ah Reum is a matching couple but still I think that Choi Young Gwang and Han Ah Reum are the match made in heaven!!!!!!They have great chemistry together so I really hope they’ll be able to get together atleast at last…..

  30. 30 : mml Says:

    Episode 41, has given me a very clear picture that Kang Se Lan has strongly wanted to get rid of Han Ah Reum and does not want Han Ah Reum to work at Beauty Fashion this company. And I also get a very good answer from, Baek Kang Ho that he told his parents that he’s not ready to get married with Kang Se Lan. And also knowing that, the cheap woman Baek kang Mi has strong intention to destroy Han Ah Jung’s marriage.

    Now, looking at the complications of this drama, the best solutions to save the marriage of Han Ah Jung, is to let her husband totally breakoff his relationships with the cheap woman Baek Kang Mi. And the best solution for Han Ah Reum is to resign from Beauty Fashion and to work at Baek Kang Ho’s Dream Fashion company instead. And meanwhile, the writer must quickly let Baek Kang Ho’s parents realised that Kang Se Lan got pregnant , whereby, Kang Se Lan has already slept with another man. And Kang Se Lan she’s not perfect not fit to marry with Baek Kang Ho .

    Ok, I will continue to watch episode 42 and hopefully the writer will quickly make a stop to stop Kang Se Lan for all her nonsense behaviour.

  31. 31 : mml Says:

    I really don’t like episode 42, the cheap woman Baek Kang Mi who wanted Han Ah Jung’s husband so desperately. Well, I really hope that Han Ah Reum can help to punish Baek Kang Mi when the right time comes, in later part of the episodes. While, Kang Se Lan she’s trying to make viewers look very silly. The character of Kang Se Lan has no talent in fashion design, she has no good character, cannot respect others, only know how to be wicked and all day dreaming of getting married to Baek Kang Ho and just wanted to marry into rich family. Really makes me getting more and more boring to see Kang Se Lan’s face.

    Dear writer,
    it’s time to show the talent of Han Ah Reum and how can Han Ah Reum can build up the good business of Baek Kang’s Dream Fashion Company and so that viewers will continue to support in watching this drama.

  32. 32 : mml Says:

    Episode 43 , a good to watch episode . By now, viewers will know that Baek Kang Ho he’s indeed deeply in love with Han Ah Reum . Meanwhile, with the discovery of the romance between Young Kwang and Han Ah Reum by Young Kwang’s aunt . I think, Han Ah Reum will give up in wanting to further her relationships with Young Kwang . I guess, very soon Han Ah Reum will want to work at Dream Fashion , so that she can avoid Young Kwang and at the same time she can avoid all the office politics with Kang Se Lan .

    What happened to Baek Kang Mi ? Actress Hwang So Hee is an actress who really spoils my mood in watching this drama.

  33. 33 : mml Says:

    Episode 44, cunning Kang Se Lan and her mother team up to trick to drunk Baek Kang Ho . I guess, very soon Baek Kang Ho will be forced to marry Kang Se Lan . I think, this drama keeps on going round and round like a circle ,for all the nonsense behaviour of Kang Se Lan and there’s never a solution to stop Kang Se Lan and revealed the secrets of all her shame behaviour. I think, it’s high time that Kang Se Lan ex-boyfriend should tell the truth to Baek Kang Ho so that, there’s no way that Kang Se Lan can keep the baby in her stomach.

  34. 34 : mml Says:

    Episode 45, i have suspected that the death of Han Ah Reum’s father was somehow related and maybe Kang Se Lan’s mother was the one who caused Han Ah Reum’s father to meet the tragic car accident ? There’s a motive for evil by Baek Kang Mi and I hope that Park Byung Ki will prefer to save his marriage with Han Ah Jung and will eventually totally breakoff with Baek Kang Mi .

    In the later subsequent episodes, it will show viewers that Han Ah Jung got a serious sickness and I hope that the sickness can be recovered through proper medication . And hopefully that’s the time that Park Byung Ki will realise that, Han Ah Jung is actually the most suitable wife rather than to divorce and have the bitch Baek Kang Mi ……………….

  35. 35 : Shana Says:

    I want Ah Reum and Kang Ho together ,Please writers start their track .I just hate this Kang Se lan and her mother ,the way they bully Ah Reum is pathetic.That Kang Mi is a spoilt brat . But that woman would go to any length to get her thing.She needs to learn her lesson I hate how Mr. Baek treats Kang ho . Mrs Baek is a good lady and Kang ho is lucky that he at least got a good foster mother . I wish Kang ho shows Mr. Baek hia right place by revealig his dirty secrets to Mrs Baek and his thrown out of house .

  36. 36 : Torri Says:

    Ok so I feel this writer is joke when it comes to the relationship between the two step siblings still try to stay in a relationship even after their parents are married .to me that is not love .the girl needs to put her shit together I mean after what her mum has been trough losing her husband taking care of them and now finally finding love at that age yet she till claims she cant get over her love for her step brother she makes me sick and I honestly don’t like her ,I get what love is and what it does to someone because I have been in love but at the same time I know that in situation like this u back off no matter how painful it can be ,because life is not fair so deal with it girl .well now that her mum has fainted and In a coma at the hospital after hearing the news maybe that will be a wake up call for the foolish girl to wake up .in the main time I think I will skip this drama for a month hopefully by then some realistic stuff will be happening

  37. 37 : Jamie Hartford Says:

    @Tarri, I agree with you so much on this. BB has done nothing but supporting her daughters. I also feel like that if she found in the beginning she would’ve give up.

  38. 38 : Rose Says:

    I feel that Ah Reum should have told her mother in the beginning when she found out that she was marrying Young-Gwang’s father.

    And then figured out how to tell Young-Gwang somehow the truth instead of all the different lies. Young-Gwang knew Ah Reum very well and he didn’t believe any of the lies she kept telling him. And he had no idea where she was coming from. I do like Ah Reum and Young-Gwang as a couple. Hope in the next show Kang Tae-Oh is in, he gets the girl and they remain together through out the show.

    Anyway, if I would have been in that position I would have told him the truth up front and they deal with it the best way we could.

  39. 39 : es Says:

    the same scene in the drama love rain ..both father and son feels in love with mother and daughter however in the movie love rain the parents give up for their love and remain friends…but in this drama the parents didn’t know that.their son and daughter love each other…

    I agree to you that they have told the truth up front specially Ah Reum who knows the relationship of her mother..as you said so that they can deal with the best way they could.

  40. 40 : torri Says:

    the thing is the parents have slept together already, been intimate and share a bed ,so i still dont get how their kids who to my understanding have not gotten that intimate yet still feel its okay to go forward with their relationship.so do they want their parents to break up and be in laws now or ask them to accept their love. i just cant support their action and with the kind of mother this girl has ,had she told her mum up front like everyone is saying here, its very positive her mother would have given up her love and let her daughter be with the guy so i just cant sympathize with this girl even for a sec.she is just selfish

  41. 41 : torri Says:

    ok so i watched yesterday ep when Han Ah Jung caught her husband cheating and i love this girl and i cant wait to see how she deals with both of them , its one to cheat on your wife but to make her hire y girlfriend as y receptionist and sleep with your girlfriend on u matrimonial bed is another thing so please let her revenge be slow but painful Han Ah Jung fighting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  42. 42 : Shana Says:

    people go blind in love ,that we all know . But true love is never selfish .plus its not necessary that every love leads to marriage . Sometimes u just need to grow up . Best would be AJ and YG marry and go to live far away. coz neither family would be able to accept the relationship. BB will always miss her lover and YK mom aunty and grand mom will always hate AR .

    So best is either they part ways and decide to give a happy ending to their love or marry and live in social hell and personal bliss.

    I feel bad for KH he really loved AR but anyways I want him to own the company and become successful and get a women who loves him 🙂

    Kwak Hee Sung oppa fighting . Please choose a better show next time rather then such socially sensitive drama

  43. 43 : MPM Says:

    Hi guys!I started watching this drama before couple of weeks ago and because of my exams I’m unable to watch it these days but I’m really very curious as to what is happening in it these days….I’ll be very thankful if some one can update a little bit of what’s happening now…Thanx a lot guys!!!

  44. 44 : Rose Says:

    From what I have seen up to Ep 24, Park Byung-Gi is not all that interested in his wife. Every time she wants to have a serious conversation with him, he turns her off or walks away from her. While A-Jung called Byung-Gi to tell him not to miss their daughter’s ballet recital, even though A-Jung was late, her husband never even showed up. He was too busy working on getting his law practice off the ground, or not that interested in his family, but not too busy to have a girl on the side.

    I found it interesting when Byung-Gi told the guy in the bar that was saying nasty things about Gang-Mi and he grabbed his arm and said “don’t make false accusations, etc.” about Gang-Mi. He at that time didn’t even know her and even though Gang-Mi told him they were true, he doesn’t mind. Of course, she is from money and if their relationship develops into something more, that could be a plus for Bryung-Gi.

    Gang-Mi reminds me of the insistent and strong willed girl Ha Jung-Yeon in Beautiful You. Jung-Yeon said the same thing about the guy she wants that Gang Mi said – “she would win him over.” Only Byung-Gi is not refusing Gang-Mi’s advances.

    A-Reum and A-Jung made a mess by not telling her mother that A-Reum was dating Gyoo-Chan;s son and that they were in love, A-Reum wanted to tell her mother, but A-Jung kept insisting that she should not. What a shock for Young-Gwang to find out on the day of his dad’s wedding. While A-Reum had Gang-Ho and her sister to talk too trying to figure out what to do, Young Gwang had no one.

    Gyoo-Chan’s mother is a piece of work.

  45. 45 : MPM Says:

    @Rose,Thank you very much for telling me about the story Rose!!!:-)

  46. 46 : omowunmi Says:

    stop blaming AR, is her sister fault coz she wanted telling her buh her sis keep convincing her.

  47. 47 : omowumi Says:

    stop blaming AR, is her sis fault. coz she wanted telling her buh her sis keep stopping her from doing so

  48. 48 : capn8lol Says:

    Yes I also totally agree with you

  49. 49 : lisagranger Says:

    @mml…I really like reading your comments about this drama..Please continue it again..I’m looking forward to read ypur comments.Thank you

  50. 50 : Debby Says:

    when will ah reum and baek kang ho start their romance?? …:)

  51. 51 : torri Says:

    ok so its like 64 ep already like half of the show yet i dont see reum and baek kang ho getting any closer as lovers either the writer is having a had time finding a means to get them together or they just might never be a couple after all , because its way pass time already , ok so i never liked reum brother in law from the very beging but now i canst stand the guy , i mean his kid is sick and yet he does not care , i want the wife to have a new love interest,divorce his sorry ass and am pretty sure he will left hanging at the end

  52. 52 : Rose Says:

    I feel bad for Kang Ho. While Ah-reum was using him as a sounding board and pretending he was her guy in front of Young Kwang, Kang Ho fell for her. In the meantime, she is still in love with Young Kwang.

    Kang Ho’s driver, is a good looking guy and seems nice. I hope he doesn’t end up with the flaky Choi Gyoo-Ri. Won’t she be surprised to find out he is not rich Kang Ho.

  53. 53 : DSant Says:

    SMH, JH should be the one in jail for crying out loud!!! Poor AR getting no break at all seems like her family are in hot mess right now. AJ dealing with a philandering husband, the Mom getting with someone who is not totally free from his ex. Only in Kdrama this situation can happen😳

  54. 54 : mml Says:

    @49 lisagranger ,

    I have only finished watching this drama up to episode 54 and i have not yet started watching episode 55 . The most comforting of this drama is, i have noticed that, the drama is back to very interesting at episode 70 and episode 71 . And i will continue to watch episode 55 tonight and upon finished watching episode 55, i will continue to comment episode 55 and so on.

  55. 55 : torri Says:

    ok i personally dont have much pity for Han Ah Reum, i feel like the writer here makes her so stupid and naive to a fault when dealing with those around her , i mean how stupid could she be carrying out a deal for boss with so much money involved yet forgetting her much they dont like and not evening asking questions ?and just doing what ever she is told , to me is stupid and i dont blame her, i feel like the writer was looking for a way out to break her up with her boyfriend and this was the only way the writer could see how to get them separated because like we all knew their relationship was never going to work anyways because of their parents
    the one smart thing the writer did was let Han Ah Reum sister divorce her useless husband which i was so happy for , in fact the last two weeks have been fun because of Han Ah Reum sister revenge plans , am just wondering how boring it will get again now , well see what the writer brings now , hope Han Ah Reum revenge too will be sweet , if i was her my first move will be to marry Baek Kang Ho in secret , lol enjoy guys

  56. 56 : Jamie Hartford Says:

    Now is HAR’s turn to do revenge. I hope it will be very good as well. Who is next in line for revenge, BB?

  57. 57 : mml Says:

    Episode 55,
    it’s a good catch for this episode , whereby Goo Ae Sun suspected Se Ran was pregnant and tricked her to hospital for necessary check up. Due to frightened by the truth will be revealed , Se Ran quickly ran and escaped from the hospital. Later on, Se Ran went miscarriage upon falling down from stairs at her office. While, Han Ah Jung started to plot and revenge as her husband got an affair with Baek Kang Mi . And her sister Han Ah Reum secretly made a vow as engaged with Young Kwang .

  58. 58 : life Says:

    i think han a reum will end with choi young kwong in the end because i think he is the lead in this drama and baek kong ho have to sacrifice because he is the second lead..

  59. 59 : lisagranger Says:

    @54 mml ,

    Thumbs up…Thank you..

  60. 60 : loulou Says:

    I just hope Young Kwang does not end up with Kang Mi…..

  61. 61 : Rose Says:

    A-Jung looks pretty with her hair down. When she was with her ex-husband, she always wore it pulled back.

  62. 62 : LY Says:

    After watching Episode 87, I notice that the characters in this drama have become more and more cartoonish. I’m beginning to lose interest.

  63. 63 : Rose Says:

    I wish A-Reum and Young-Gwang would not discuss personal things at work. Especially discussing what connection A-Reum’s dad had with Ms. Go.. Se-Ran

    listens to everything they are saying. When are they going to catch on????

    I feel A-Reum and Young-Gwang make a good couple as they work well together, and he is a big help to her as he can figure out things at times are not what they seem to be.

    On the other hand I also like A-Reum with Gang-Ho.

    I didn’t see any affection/love/warmth from Byung-Gi towards his wife at all since the beginning of the show. He always tuned her out or ended the discussion by going to bed. All his affection was directed at his daughter.

    I am very disappointed in Gyoo-Chan for allowing his ex-wife to stay at his house when he is married to someone else. His mother and sister are a piece of work. His sister, Gyoo-Ri, likes having Mal-Sook around because she brings her all the expensive clothes/purses, etc. Mal-Sook knows how to get on her good side.

    Does Gyoo-Ri think she is texting Gang-Ho or Bong-Gil?? Since they reversed their names at the beginning, I would assume she is still under the impression Bong-Gil is Gang-Ho? If so, how did she get Bong-Gil’s phone number??? I hope Bong-Gil does not end up with ding bat Gyoo-Ri.

  64. 64 : gloria athill Says:

    wow all of a sudden a-jung husband didnt pay attention to her when they were married but now he cares about what she is doing or who she is seeing i wouldnt give him the time of day.

  65. 65 : Rose Says:

    I loved when A-Jung got back at her husband and his rich chick with the video of them making out at his book signing. She was right on target. Kudo’s to the writers with that one.

    Sometimes Ah-Reum is spaced out. She is too guidable and just believes what people tell her.

  66. 66 : Shari Says:

    It always amazes me when a person has the evidence in their hands and tells the person they have it and the evil person takes it from them. So stupid. If I had any evidence against a person who did me harm, I would take it directly to the police after making copies for myself in case it got destroyed or removed at the police station. The same thing happens in every show. I never can understand the logic. But then – there would be no story I guess. Gets irritating though after awhile.

  67. 67 : Rose Says:

    I can’t believe that sleaze Gang-Mi stood there and watched her stupid low class jerk of a father beat Park Byung-Gi up and she just stood there and didn’t even defend him. Not that Byung-Gi was innocent, but she is the one who started it. Byung-Gi tried to tell her dad that she also agreed to date him and wanted him to get divorced, but the father didn’t believe him.

    Some of the scenes in this show are very stupid. I can’t wait for all the evidence on Ms. Go and Baek Man-Suk comes to light and they lose everything.

  68. 68 : Rose Says:

    I don’t think Ah-Reum and Gang Ho know that his idiot sister is the person that broke up her sister’s marriage. Am I correct on this? Young-Qwang is not aware of any of it.

    So, on that note, I hope he doesn’t meet up with idiot Gang-Mi along the way. I think he is too good for her.

    I know some people didn’t like Young-Qwang, but I do. I think he is a nice guy, and was supportive and there for Ah-Reum. I think they would have been happy together.

  69. 69 : soodhi kimje Says:

    @68. Rose
    I also agree with you.I liked Young Gwang from the beginning and I also think that he is the perfect match for A-Reum.I really wish they would get together at least at the end of this show…

  70. 70 : Andrew Says:

    Gang-Mi certainly has her parents fooled, they think she is sooo perfect. The one thing that A-Jung should have also done was tell Gang-Mi’s mother that her precious daughter is the one that broke up her marriage. Of course, Byung-Gi had no problem going along with it, but Gang-Mi is the one who chased him and instigated the relationshiip.

    Young-Gwang is a decent guy and I hope the writers of this show doesn’t connect him with that trash Gang-Mi. She hooked on to YG at the airport w/the same con line she hooked on to Park Byung-Gi. Hope YG is smart enough not to fall for her BS, he should be with someone a lot better than her.

    @Rose No. 68 – I am not sure if Young-Gwang knows that trashy Gang-Mi is the one that broke up A-Jung’s marriage, or if he knows they are even divorced.

  71. 71 : gloria athill Says:

    i didnt know ah-reum dad kill gang ho mom i taught it was that other lady with that bad daughter boy the apple dont fall from the tree they are both horrible.

  72. 72 : Mike Says:

    This story is SO stupid. That tall guy is a fool. The designer lady (bad mom and bad girl daughter) is a clown. I like Jo An and Ms He can realyl sign. Jo’s hubby needs a good beating.

  73. 73 : LY Says:

    @ 68 Rose and @ 69 soodhi kimje

    I, too, like Young Kwang. He has been consistent in his love and support for Ah Reum. Kang Ho kept saying that he loves Ah Reum but he seemed to easily believed the lies told to him by Go Heung Ja and Se Ran instead of believing in Ah Reum.

    By the way, I have started to like the doctor as well.

  74. 74 : Rose Says:

    I thought the doctor was Park Kwang-Hyun from Ruby’s Ring and Shinning Romance, but that name is not listed in the actor/s line up. Nor is this show listed in his drama credits — so — not sure.

    I do like Park K-Hyun in the shows I have seen him in and like him in this show also.

    Very very disappointed in Gang Ho that he believes those two idiots — he knows what they are like and he is the one that did not want to marry Se Ran. How stupid is he??

  75. 75 : gloria athill Says:

    now i know who the real culprit is after the accident so it was the bad lady and the guy who marry ah-reum dad were driving then want to make it look like ah-reum dad kill his family. why is she always one step ahead of them when they find something new ?

  76. 76 : Andrew Says:

    Why is the writer hooking up Bong Gil with the idiot older lady Gyoo – Ri??? She is not his type at all. He will go crazy living with her and her batty mother if he decides to marry her.

  77. 77 : gloria athill Says:

    hey andrew i said the same thing she want to be rich so she can look down on her sister inlaw she just like her mom they didnt want to accept the new daughter inlaw because she was poor and has children.

  78. 78 : Andrew Says:

    This show started out good but this testing junk is so stupid that A-Reum has to do just to marry Kang Ho. I can’t believe Kang Ho is letting his mother put her through that ridiculous crap. What a joke Kang Ho’s mother is — while she thinks A-Reum is not worthy enough to become a member of her family, she has no clue that her own daughter is a low class cheap trick — certainly no Princess. And Se-Ran and her mother hanging on to Kang Ho is tiring and boring.

    Young -Gwang is a decent chap. So far he has had his head on straight, hope he keeps it that way and doesn’t get caught up in that leach conniving chick. She is a nasty piece. He better wise up that Gang Mi is seducing him and he should get away from her, her family and that company. His mother is no help at all. She and Gyoo-Ri are just hungry for money and don’t care how they get it.

  79. 79 : Rose Says:

    Kang Tae Oh (Young Kwang) was on Infinite Challenge Saturday night with several other singers. Not sure if they were the guys from the K-Pop group he belongs to.

    They were interviewed for a bit then the hosts brought them somewhere. They were a lot of people sitting outside, old ages and they sang a few songs there.

  80. 80 : Sad Says:

    I feel robbed I thought four more episodes , sad to see this journey end.

  81. 81 : Rose Says:

    They knocked off 4 episodes – it was supposed to be 120 episodes. Hmmm….

  82. 82 : Lupita Says:

    So does anyone know who is han ah rum staying with? Kang ho or young kwang

  83. 83 : Ange Says:

    With kang ho….i love the ending…

  84. 84 : David Says:

    I like this show but too much backstabbing and lies. I don’t like the mother and daughter at all. Especially the daughter such has a big mouth and always spies on other people business especially she doesn’t believe the truth at all.

  85. 85 : Rose Says:

    I was not aware that Ah Reum and Se-Ran were once friends??? Ah Reum felt bad that she had to bring bribery charges against Sae-Ran and Mrs. Go Heung-Ja They did a lot of damage to her from the beginning is what I remember.

    What ever happened to Se-Ran’s boyfriend that showed up in he beginning, got her pregnant and never returned??? Some times these shows are strange.

    Too bad things didn’t work out for Young Kwang. He supported Ah Reum all the way to the end and helped her in the background even though she was not aware of it. Sometimes Ah Reum aggravated me as she completely ignored YK after she married Kang-Ho. I believe she did that so he could kind of forget her, but he was supporting her behind her back and she didn’t even know. I hope the next drama he is in, he gets the girl from the beginning to the end of the show.

  86. 86 : Justine Says:

    HOW DO I WATCH!!!!😲😲😲😲

  87. 87 : Faith Says:

    Ah reum staying with kang ho… I love it!!!!!!! 😄. Even though yk gone through ups and down with her

  88. 88 : rukia Says:

    lovly ending but kai i feel srry for yk

  89. 89 : nonye Says:

    I’m so glad ah Reum ended up with kang ho, liked him from the beginning.. was going mad each time I saw her with young k. I never wanted them to be together fighting over something you know you can’t have.

  90. 90 : Abudemi Says:

    How do I get the season 6 pleasssssssss

  91. 91 : Beauty Says:

    Pls how do I get the season pls someone should help me this is my WhatsApp line 08143416162

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