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Bad Love (2019)

Title: 나쁜 사랑 / Bad Love
Genre: Melodrama
Episodes: 129
Broadcast network: MBC
Broadcast period: 2019-Dec-02 to 2020-May-29
Air time: Monday to Friday 07:50


This drama tells the story of a woman who struggles amidst a big whirlwind of fate, and her unconditional motherly love.


Main Cast

Shin Go Eun as Choi So Won
Lee Sun Ho as Han Jae Hyuk
Cha Min Ji as Choi Eun Hye
Oh Seung Ah as Hang Yun Soo
Yoon Jong Hwa as Han Min Hyuk

Choi So Won’s family

Lee Sang Sook as Song Dan Sil
Jeon Seung Bin as Choi Ho Jin
Choi Min Ah (최민아) as Yun Soo and Ho Jin’s daughter

Han Jae Hyuk’s Family

Nam Kyung Eup as Han Tae Suk
Jung Ae Ri as Jang Hwa Ran
Jun Jin ki as Park Sang Tae
Shim Eun Jin as Kate Han


Go Eun Yi (고은이)
Shin Soo Ho
Yoon Jin (윤진)
Kim Bang Won as Assistant Jung
Song Young Jae as President Kim

Go Da Yun as Han Yoo Jin
Jang Yong as Han Suk chun
Yoon Mi Ra

Production Credit

Director: Kim Mi Sook
Scriptwriter: Hong Seung Hee


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  1. 1 : Yvonne Shi Says:

    Can you cast Ji Sung or Kwon Sang Woo as the lead actor. These two handsome & charming actors are genius in acting love story

  2. 2 : Sky Light Says:

    I am happy to see Yoon Jong Hwa back in the acting field. Hopefully he has fully recovered from his illness. He looked good in Different Dreams. I wish him well.

  3. 3 : Rose Says:

    Yes, I remember he could not finish filming Eve’s Love due to his illness. Hopefully he is now cured.

  4. 4 : Sunbeam Says:

    The Witch — Oh Seung-A — from Secret and Lies is back.

  5. 5 : Dreamcatcher Says:

    Doesn’t Park Sang-Tae work for Han Tae-Suk, and Jang Hwa-Ran, the second wife? Am I wrong that Hwa-Ran is the second wife? If she is and Sang-Tae worked for Han Tae-Suk previously, why is he snitching on everything that Tae-Suk does? And why is he doing everything Hwa-Ran asks him to do behind Tae-Suk’s back??

    Where is the loyalty???? It seems like he is more loyal to the wicked witch.

    Hwa-Ran is ruining everything and making Min-Hyuk crazy. He can run the family if the stupid father, Tae-Suk would listen to him about Song Dan-Sil’s reason why she does not want to work w/large companies. Tae-Suk should have gone to talk to Dan-Sil himself and he would have found out why Min-Hyuk did not get any where. Stupid rich strong willed parents.

    Before Tae-Suk is finished with her evil deeds, she is going to make Min-Hyuk hate Jae-Hyuk. MH and JH got along with each other. The parents are causing trouble between MH and JH.

  6. 6 : Andrew Says:

    Wow — Jang Hwa-Ran is one crazy woman. She will do anything for her son. Min-Hyuk seems like a normal person even though he was raised by the evil mother. Is Mr. Park his father???? The stupid husband has no clue what is going on. Mr. Park does not tell him anything.

  7. 7 : Suncatcher Says:

    I am appalled — I can’t believe Choi So-Won told her brother that Min Ah is her child!!!!!! Is So-Won ever going to tell her brother that Min Ah is his daughter some where along the line???? What happens when his memory comes back?? Well, with these Korean writers, maybe his memory won’t come back. I thought they should have told Ho-Jin the truth, maybe his memory would come back sooner. Is she trying to protect him due to his accident and loss of creep Yeon-Soo and his memory???

    Min-Hyuk needs to tell his stupid evil mother “You Are Driving Me Crazy!” quoted from the James Dean line saying that to his father in “Rebel Without A Cause.” Tae-Suk is never around. He has no idea what his disgusting wife is doing behind his back along with Mr Park.

    I guess the truth of all that happened will come out at Episode 119. Long way to go and everything will be dragged out, and dragged out. They need to cut down the episodes instead of dragging out dramas with everything going round and round, and the evil people also coming out on top until the last episode.

    Yeon-Soo back to her old tricks, sames as character she played in Secrets and Lies. Her boyfriend falls down the stairs, she protects Min-Hyuk and leaves Ho-Jin there. Yeon-Soo should be Hwa-Ran’s daughter. They are a perfect pair.

  8. 8 : Sunbeam Says:

    Cha Min-Jee (Eun-Hye) is a pretty girl and I like the character she played in this drama. Would have liked to see more of her relationship with Jae Huyk for several more episodes.

    Park Sang-Tae doesn’t tell Tae-Suk any thing that Jang Hwa-Ran does behind her husband’s back. Where is the loyalty???? Guess he is afraid of losing his job if he snitches to Tae-Suk, as HR would bloody get rid of him and fast.

    Since MH’s father owns the company, and now a tyrant in his new position, why didn’t he block Yeon-Soo from being hired at his company???? I am sure he could have rejected her application.

    Didn’t So Won and her family get kicked out of their house by MH’s mother??? Where did they move??? How did Yeon-Soo find out where they lived? Or did they move into the house Yeon-Soo was living in??????? Thought that was strange as YS said “she went back to where they lived to see how it looked now,” and found the mother and Ha-Eun there. At times, things don’t make sense in these shows.

    After watching Korean drama shows for years, I could write the same story line. How predictable the writers are. Most of us can figure out the plot lines up front. I knew that Yeon-Soo was going to sabotage every thing that So Won will design. Typical story line. Writers need to come up with some different plots.

  9. 9 : George C Says:

    Like = don’t they have CT cameras in the company so they can see
    that Yeon-Soo is sabotaging all of So-Won’s work??

    So glad Tae-Suk told off his nasty wife, Hwa-Ran. She deserved it, witch. Is Sang-Tae, MH’s father?????

    So-Won is so volatile. Who hits a person in a suit speaking to co-workers in a company in the head??? So-Won just flies off the handle without waiting to hear the facts first.

    Wonder if Ho-Jin is going to get his memory back towards the end of the show?? By then, Min Ahn will have Jae as her father. Wonder if the writer will have the truth come out. Yeon-Soo will probably figure it out first that Min Ahn is her daughter. So far, Yeon-Soo is the first person to find everything out. Typical K-Drama story line.

  10. 10 : David Says:

    What is SW’s problem??? Why can’t she respect J’s privacy??? He was ready to leave because SW keeps prodding him about his personal life and what happened to his wife and child, then she touch’s his things!! Why would you keep asking him about his past when he continually doesn’t want to talk about it???

    SW needs to smarten up where it is Yeon-Soo is concerned and not trust her. She is stupid at times and believe what YS tells her

    Dan-Sil is a piece of work. Instead of talking things over with her son and daughter, she just does whatever she wants and gets them in more trouble.

    I feel bad for Ho-Jin. SW just keeps adding more lies to Ha-Eun’s childhood.

  11. 11 : Muhammad Younas Sulehri Says:

    great love story like subcontinent style but lot of flaws and story writer,s mistakes in this drama …..Shin Go Eun personal performance actually touching peak height

  12. 12 : Sky Light Says:

    How stupid is this show, neither SW or J mention to Ho-Jin or the mother that the reason they lost Mr. Shin, who YS hired is because a motorcycle ran into her. SW is stupid, she has a idea that YS may be sabotaging her because SW still has feelings for her.

    And stupid Dan Sil trying to kiss up to Hwa-Ran. She should report Hwa-Ran to the police that when they were younger, HR stole money from her. Duh. And DS should tell HR’s husband. Stupid.

  13. 13 : Sky Light Says:


    If it isn’t the famous White Truck, the motorcycle will get you.

  14. 14 : Andrew Says:

    Funny there are no family pictures on the walls in So-Won’s house. Usually in the K-dramas, they have family photos around.

    The writer needs to make Ho-Jin forget about Yeon-Son real soon. He keeps telling her everything they are doing.

    Can’t So-Won, Ho-Jin and their mother figure out that since YS came back after 5 years, their material etc. came out on the market???? Like how stupid are they. So-Won has doubts about YS, but she can pin anything on her, but…..if she figured it out so soon in the drama, there would be no drama.

    It appears that Yoo-Jin is not to keen on Hwa-Ran, but she tells everything to her also.

    Could Mr. Park be any more closer to Hwa-Ran? He likes her, is her go to person for everything, and her husband is in the dark.

    So the story goes on and on and on……….

  15. 15 : Vince Says:

    I feel bad for Ho-Jin as he is in the dark about what happened to him and creep Yeon-Soo. He keeps telling her everything and he has no clue of all that she is doing to his family. She is so stupid, just to get back at Soo Won, she jeopardizes a contract for the company. Stupid chick.

    How many bad events have to happen to one person before they realize, hmmm maybe, just maybe, SW’s being setup????? SW knows the only enemy she has is YS. She needs to update her brother that she thinks YS is the cause of everything whether he likes it or not. Hope he gets over her and get interested in Yoo-Jin.

    I feel bad for MH in a way as he only has his negative mother who is warping his mind against J and pressuring him to be the head of the company. He goes along with whatever HR says or tells him to do. If it wasn’t for evil YS, he would have reported the accident when he hit EH, but no he listens to nutcase YS. What is wrong with his brain??

    Tae-Suk doesn’t seem to be close to him either. MH would like his support and some warmth from the father. Wonder if MH is really his son?? I wonder how TS married HR if she had no money??? Most of the K-Dramas they tend to marry in their class level. But then, don’t know any of the background on how they met.

    Why does MH always answer YS’s phone calls?? He needs to get away from her. I wish the writer would find a nice girl for MH as he needs some one nice around him. SW is into J, so that will not work. Still wish the writer could have kept Eun-Hye around somehow for J. MH could have had SW, but then there would be no story line.

    Isn’t it strange, that neither SW, her mother or brother talk about EH??? Just because she died, people still talk about their deceased family members. There is always good memories to talk about. It is like she never existed!! How long has it been since J has been living with SW’s family, and her name has not come up once!!!!

  16. 16 : Angeline Says:

    Hwa-Ran and Dan-Sil are identical, both greedy for money. They are a perfect match. Dan-Sil is a loser of a mother. How can she not figure out that HR is giving her a store to manage without some evil scheme behind it. The only person who clued in right a way was Yoo-Jin, she knew it was a bribe. But no one picked up on it. Surprised So-Won, Ho-Ji and Eun-Hye turned out as well as they did with their hot tempered, money hungry mother.

    Hwa-Ran, with the help of Yeon-Soo, are ruining MH. They are ruining his life and he is so stupid he goes along with any idea they come up with. He is being brain washed by both of them. If they would leave him alone, he probably could do a better job with his position. By papa daddy, Mr. Park, doesn’t help him either, he is bad as his love, HW. MH had a good relationship w/J, until his mother started working on his brain that he had to beat J and be at the top of the company.

    I know J is on to Mr. Park, YS and MH, but he doesn’t seem to be doing anything about it. But then So-Won doesn’t use her brains at all and blabs everything she is doing in front of YS.

    This is a long drama, and a lot of wasted scenes that drag the show on.

  17. 17 : Drama Fan Says:

    Could MH be any more stupid???? That evil witch tries everything, some one broke into her house, pretend suicide and idiot MH continues to eat it up. The writer’s really are making him a big loser in this drama. I wish YS would have really killed herself with the pills so we don’t have to see her any more. I can’t stand that chick.

    And idiot SW, why doesn’t she mind her own business instead of asking YS about her life. She is not worth it after what she did to her brother, Ho-Jin and their child.

    They need to cut this episodes on this drama. It just goes round and round w/YS and HR trying to out do each other.

  18. 18 : Rya Says:

    Duh — Jae finds out Mr. Park is the one that had the RN lie that Eun Hye was in the hospital and stupid Jae didn’t even punch Mr. Park in the face!!!!!???? I would have knocked off his stupid feet.
    These story lines some times are so darn stupid.

    And evil Yeon-Soo has the run of Mr. Park’s office and MH’s house and the maid doesn’t even tell HR or any one that she came to the house even though she lied to the maid. Like really??? And didn’t Mr. Park, stupid that he is didn’t see the mess she left on his desk or the his locked drawer was not locked.

    How is it that YS is always lurking around the corners listening
    to everyone’s conversations at just the right time?? No one sees this chick hanging out listening to the conversations. Park and HR were stupid to be talking in the company hallway anyway.

  19. 19 : Sun Flower Says:

    Hmmmm…..why didn’t So-Won tell J that Yeon-Soo sent his father the photo of them??????? I definitely would have told him. Secrets secrets in this drama.

    Mr. Park must live w/the Chairman and his family??? He should have locked the photos of HR, MH and him in a safety deposit box, but then who would think a loony witch would go searching thru his office desk drawers and he didn’t notice things were amiss????
    While HR is blaming Mr. Park for keeping the photos, didn’t she notice that YS had a photo album in her hands????? Like didn’t HR wonder how she got that??? Or from where???

    YS wedding dress was absolutely beautiful.

    So Ho Jin does remember about YS and their child. Wow. I would hope he would some how get over that evil witch, but….

    So-Won must have forgot that she started working at the company to find some evidence on what happened to her sister it appears. Too busy being concerned about YS and J. At least J has found out a few things about Eun-Hye. He probably will keep digging fortunately. Ep 119 everything will come out

  20. 20 : Drama Fan Says:

    Why does So Won need to work at the company? Nothing is going on at the company. Jae and Ho Jin are doing all the finding out, So Won isn’t doing anything but cluing Yeon-Soo everything she is doing.

    Have no idea how Oh Seung-A got an award for Secrets and Lies??? She makes the same facial features she in this drama as she did in Secrets and Lies. She needs to find another profession.

    Jae’s father has no idea what is going on his house with Yeon-Soo and his loving wife, Park’s lover. Can’t wait till he finds out.

  21. 21 : Ryan Says:

    Poor Hwa Ran is so depressed that MH didn’t marry the girl she wanted him to!!! Tsk Tsk — all she thinks about is money and power.

    Hmmm…..half way through the drama and the truth is coming to light already at Episodes 58 – 60. Very surprised. Wonder how they will drag out the next 60 episodes???

    Hope the end of this drama doesn’t disappoint with everyone forgiving each other. Seen it before in other dramas.

  22. 22 : Andrew F Says:

    Hmmm…..Ep. 65 just aired where I live. Kind of feel sorry for Ho-Jin as he didn’t know Ha-Eun was his daughter until she was some what grown. And now if J marries So Won, J will be Ha-Eun’s father per se and Ho Jin will have to watch it all. So Won wants to wait until Ha-Eun is 20 to tell her the truth, but by then she will really be connected to J. I think they need to tell her before age 20. Or will they ever tell her the truth??

    Ho-Joo lost out when he lost his memory and the evil conniving witch YS continues on with her lying ways.

    J’s father covered up the fact that MH tole the technology for the fabric. The father should have gave some compensation to SW and her mother, and corrected the office records indicating they were the real developers.

    Can’t wait for the truth to come out that Mr. Park is MH’s real father. Looking to that day

  23. 23 : Diana Says:

    Will this drama last 120 ep.?! Most Drama’s are good vs evil. Back and forth like a tennis game. Two maybe one week depends on the Drama, GOOD will prevail over EVIL. I been watching Kdramas for only 8 years. I will continue to watch because there are still good and even excellent dramas that I have seen and enjoyed watching but these just had 32 ep and some 50 ep.

    Will Oh Seung A plays a bad person again. So far two roles in a row. Time will tell in her acting career will she able to play a good person but then again maybe she likes being a bad person. If she does then she must change that look (her Eyes) she had in “Secret and Lies”. Did the director like that? “Secret and Lies” got negative comments.

    Gal from Redlands, CA

  24. 24 : Rose Says:

    @Diana —
    Above it indicates there are 123 episodes and another site indicates 124 episodes.

    I thought it was supposed to be 120, so maybe they are extending it??

    There are a few actors that are listed that I have seen in the drama yet.

    Oh Seung A is doing the same facial expressions she used in Secrets and Lies. But she is playing the same type of personality in this show as in Secrets and Lies.

  25. 25 : Diana Says:

    @Rose –

    Will MBC 18-3 go back to Korean and forget about the Eng-subtitles?

    I used to watch K-dramas on SBS 18-1 with English subtitles and recently it’s now Korean. Is this happening where you live? I’ve been watching K-Dramas for 9 years. Which is not very long, but I miss the dramas that will not be have Eng-subtitles.

    Gal from Redlands, CA

  26. 26 : Rose Says:

    @ Diana —

    At the present time MBC is subbing all the dramas they are airing in the Chicago area, which I am happy about. I know it is hard for the people that translate the dialogue from Korean to English, so I am very grateful for the people that do so. No complaints on my part.

    Most of the music and variety shows are not subbed unfortunately.

    Do you still have Eng subs on the MBC dramas???

  27. 27 : Troublemaker Says:

    Ha-Eun should be taught some manners. Going into some one’s home, wandering around, hides in the closest, takes things that don’t belong to her. She always cries when being chastised. They need to correct her bad behavior, instead of coddling her.

    The screenwriter shows more interaction w/ J and Ha-Eun as opposed to Ho Joo. Strange. HE is sold on J as her father. When SW is not around HJ should be putting his daughter to bed instead of his mother.

    SW is stupid at times as she knows that Yeon-Soo sabotages her every chance she gets, and she continues to tell her co-workers about her sources for the textiles for their projects and YS hears it all and ruins everything.

    J, I would believe, is making enough money that he could get his own apartment, why move in w/his parents??? Is this the custom in Korea or just K-dramas??

    Dan Sil has a hot temper and just flies off the handle and does things she should not at times. Ho Joo and So-Won told her not to go to Yeon-Soo’s house and create a disturbance that she stole the technology from her store and she did anyway. While MH and YS getting their hair pulled was funny, DS is an embarrassment to SW and HJ, as they work at the company with them. Plus she may have ruined HJ plans as he wants to release that info at a later date. And neither SW or HJ get upset about it, they just go “oh mom,” calmly. I would have been upset. DS sometimes does not use that hot tempered brain of hers.

    YS is so dum and stupid, she does everything to sabotage SW, but the whole time she is ruining everything for her husband’s company. What a loser she is and she thinks she is so smart.

  28. 28 : Diana Says:

    MBC here in CA is still showing Eng-Subtitles with Bad Love and other current dramas.
    MBC should hire high school students that speak both Korean and English to help translate the dramas for extra credits if that’s possible, maybe college students too. It’s just a thought.
    I also appreciate all the translators for their time and effort. So I can see the K-Drama that I have grown to love.

    Gal from Redlands, CA

  29. 29 : Drama Fan Says:

    Typical imbecile loser Yean Ha to turn the blame onto J that it was his fault for getting hit by her car, and not her fault.

    If I was So Won, I would want to get my own place with J and Ha-Eun. Who the hell would want to live in that house w/Hwa-Ran, MH and creep Yeon-Soo. Why does J want to live at his dad’s? Is this typical Korean lifestyle??

    What happened to the young man that works in So Won’s office?? Haven’t seen him for some time??

    It appears the car that MH was driving when he hit Eun-Hye is still in the used lot. S-W did find it when she was looking for the car that hit her sister. She should tell J so they could go look at it together.

  30. 30 : Violet Says:

    When YS fell down the stairs when SW walked away from her, wasn’t there any CT cameras in the stair case????? Like neither, J, HJ or SW thought to look for that for evidence????? Some of the scenes in this dramas are senseless.

    What was the reason Yoo Jin did not want to tell SW that she saw what happened when YS fell down the stairs?? I know afterwards she would not because Mr. Park spoke to her and she was chosen to study abroad,

    J really protected SW from wild YS when she was throwing things at her…..after SW gets hit in the head does he get in front of YS!

    Can’t J afford an apartment for him and SW??? I know his father wants them to live w/him, but…..who would want to put up with witch and wicked YS and Hwa Ran????? Not me that is for sure.

  31. 31 : David Says:

    Oh so smart Hwa Ran and stupid that she is let Yeon-Soo go to the psychiatrist by herself. She has completely fooled them all since she married MH, and dumb HR should have contacted the so-called psychiatrist to see if she, in fact, went, So unreal to just assume she went. HR should have asked to see a medical reference that she needed to continue to work for her supposed “depression!” I knew she was only faking, she has all of them fooled.

    What planet does SW, Dan-Sill, HJ and J live on????? Not one of them questioned the fact that some how or other YS knows about Ha-Eun’s disease!!!! Just took it in stride and moved on. Duh!!!

    And idiot Yoo-Jin knows all the trouble that YS has caused the company and SW, why in the hell would she tell YS what is wrong with Ha-Eun???? She knows there is some bad feelings between Dan-Sil, the family with YS, yet she still blabs about Ha-Eun’s medical problem. Another brainless person. SW’s family should know that YJ told YS. Unreal.

    SW thinking she will protect Ha-Eun while living w/J’s family is not thinking properly. Between HR and YS, they are going to have a hard time. Now that YS knows Ha-Eun has a medical problem, she may do something to her.

    Can any of these people in this show be any more stupid than they already are?? Even though YS gets caught in her lies, she continues to come up with another scheme.

    YJ and Tae-Suk fired Yeon-Seon, and then she is back at work, starting more trouble and neither say a darn word. If she is unhinged, have her escorted out of the building. Where are their brains??? These dramas are ridiculous. Hope Yeon-Seon ends up in a mental institution or prison very soon.

  32. 32 : Diane Says:

    Is this another “Secret and Lies” drama!!! This drama is very “Bad” and no “Love” given from the drama fans!!! Just remember that Oh Seung-A took facial expression acting classes! Next time take method or character acting to improve your bad girl imagine! Why her?! Just because she won an award. Big deal! She’s using the same facial expression in “Secret and Lies”!!!! What a shame!

  33. 33 : Robert W Says:

    They always use toothbrushes for the DNA tests. I never understand why no one misses the toothbrush???? Every K-Drama does it, and no one, young or older, ever notices the missing toothbrush??? I just don’t get it. I certainly would miss the toothbrush.

    I am not too pleased w/the direction the writer is going w/Ha Eun lying for evil Yeon Soo jjust because HW found out she is her real mother. SW has taken care of HW her whole life and she was a happy little girl. I know HW is all confused and hurt right now, but still….the writer needs to change the direction of where he is taking this.

  34. 34 : Drama Fan Says:

    How long are SW, JH and HJ going to threaten YS????? Until she kills little Ha Eun??? They keep threatening her and she just continues to do one evil thing after the other. 2000 year old Korean customs or not, I would move out and either move in w/SW’s mother or get their own place.

    Now Park found out that Eun Hye is SW’s sister. Why was it his business to answer some one else’s phone? What a jerk he is.
    He is evil like YS, he could be her father, two peas in a pod. Now he became the director of the company by bribing the other board members. Everyone has something on some one and they con their way into climbing up the ladder.

    I feel bad for Tae-Suk, he has no idea what is going on under his nose with his witch wife and Park. And Park lives in the house with him, unreal to say the least.

  35. 35 : Violet Says:

    This drama should be titled “Secrets and Lies.” SW and Jae have a secret about Ha Eun and that she was Eun Hye’s sister.

    Hwa Ran and Park are MH’s parents.

    Yeon-Soo, the evil conniving witch, had a child with Ho Joo who is Ha Eun.

    Cake and J’s father are the only two normal people in this drama with no baggage.

    Looks like MH will never divorce the witch YS. How long does it take to file for divorce??? A year????

    How could Hwa-Ran, SW or J not figure out that YS was the one that set Hwa-Ran up????? She is the only one in this show always conniving all the time. Stupidity plus between all of them including idiot Park.

  36. 36 : Rya Says:

    Hwa-Ran can’t figure out if she likes YS or not!!! She was against MH marrying her, continued to criticize her since they have been married, now that goof YS found the guy who set up HR in the hotel, which was a plot by YS, now HR tells Park “YS is good to have around.”

    What makes HR think she is so innocent??? She has lied to her husband since she married him saying MH is his child and continually plotting behind her husband’s back w/MH and Park.

    Tae-Suk was able to get divorce papers pretty quick. What is stupid MH waiting for??? He is so stupid how can he run a company??? Get real.

    Stupid SW and J need to step up to the plate. They are continually covering for YS. Well, as Ho Joo continues to say — “all in good time the truth will come out.” But a lot of the truth about YS evil plotting ways has already came out.

    Screenwriter should cut the episodes as the continually stupid evil plots by YS is getting boring and tiring.

  37. 37 : Diane Says:

    The best actor in this saga ( I call it that because it’s toooo long)!!! Is Shim Eun Jin (Kate/Cake). She does a good job and I enjoy watching her. The rest of the cast is okay.

  38. 38 : Xh ch Says:

    This drama is too draggy

  39. 39 : Janice Says:

    When is Tae Suk going to find out that Hwa Ran’s first love is right under his eyes? Will MH walk into the sea when he finds out who his father is?

  40. 40 : Rose Says:

    Tae Suk has no idea what is going on under his nose and in his house with Mr. Park living there. Why is Mr. Park living in Tae Suk’s house anyway???? I think this is the first time in a K-Drama that I have seen an employee living in the boss’ house. Is this normal???? TS needs to have Mr. Jeong, is it, start checking to see what HR is doing behind his back.

    Hwa Ran – Oh really — telling Dan Sil she is a gold digger when Tae Suk bought her a purse!!! What about herself, isn’t she a gold digger marrying Tae Suk and having him believe MH is his child??? A conniving behind his back w/MH and Mr. Park in trying to bribe people so they can get MH to run the company, and everything else they have done behind his back. TS needs to start have Mr. MH is not qualified to run the company w/his mother backing him.

    MH and and Tae Suk need to divorce their disgusting wives. Threats and more threats, and no action. So stupid.

  41. 41 : Rose Says:

    How long is SW and J going to put up with with YS and her evil ways???? SW needs to slap YS in the face for the way she is treating EH. I would not even want to live in the same house w/YS with the way she is treating EH.

    HJ has not figured out the cop he has been looking for w/the accident of Eun Hye is living at his house. When will that come out???

  42. 42 : Violet Says:

    Why is Park still working for the company when he got FIRED??? Where I live, when you get fired, you are personally escorted out of the building. Pack your things and out you go.

    I feel bad for HJ as he was cheated out of raising his daughter, changing her, rocking her to sleep, – what dad’s do with their children, having her call him dad, etc. Wonder how the writer will address the fact that HJ is HE’s father??

    Jae gets kicked out of the company for embezzlement even thought he proved himself innocent, and Park continues to work there when he was the one w/HR and YS help’s that set SW and J up, and Park continues to be allowed to work there?????

    J, HJ and SW have enough evidence to tell the board what they did, when are they going to spill the beans, the last episode, as usual??????

  43. 43 : Diana Says:

    ep. 101 no eng-subtitles!!! Was that just a flute. Will tomorrow be back to normal. Gal from Redlands, CA

  44. 44 : P. Jaraba Says:

    Where are the eng-subtitles?! What’s going on!!!??

  45. 45 : David Says:

    They keep extending this drama!! I sure hope that HR, YS, Mr. Park and the witch YS end up in jail at the end of this show for their evil deeds they have done and continue to do.

    I hope they don’t get just a slap on the wrist and all become friends as the norm w/these daily dramas.

  46. 46 : Homebound Says:

    I wonder how they are doing these dramas with the Co-Virus going on????? Are they doing one actor at a time, and then patching the film together so it looks like they are in the same room????

    SW is really stupid — she always blows her evidence – why show YS the evidence from her car????? SW has to know that YS certainly will steal it from her. SW continually does this even when she is on the phone in the office talking to some one on the phone and YS hears her and beats to the punch. So stupid.

  47. 47 : Rose Says:

    @ Diana and P. Jaraba ==

    Are you Sub’s back?? If not go up on this site, there are subs and people comments on each episode.


    When the site comes up, in the right hand corner is a Search box,
    type in Bad Love 2019 and the drama will come up. Click on the round circle w/the lead actors and the episodes will come up.
    Scroll down under the video site and click on the episode you want. Then just scroll up to the video and when the white Arrow comes up, click on it

    To get rid of the advertisements in the left hand corner, move your cursor to the ad and a black “x” will come up, just click on it to delete it. Unfortunately during the episode, ads will continue to come up. They never had the ads before, just the last week or two.

    Hope this helps both of you.

  48. 48 : Diana Says:

    @Rose I appreciate you for answering my Comment!!! Got the Subs for Ep 106 after the commercial break. Take Care!!!

    Thank you
    Gal from Redlands, CA

  49. 49 : Diana Says:

    Thank you MBC and your faithful and indispensable “Translators”
    for their time and effort to provide us with Eng.Sub-Titles!!!!!!

    Please Take Care and Be Well!!!!!!!

    Gal from Redlands, CA

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