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A Well Grown Daughter, Hana

A Well Grown Daughter 03

Title: 잘 키운 딸 하나 / A Well Grown Daughter, Hana
Chinese Title: 好好長大的女兒荷娜
Also Known as: Well Brought Up Daughter, Hana
Genre: Family, Romance
Episodes: 122
Broadcast network: SBS
Broadcast period: 2013-Dec-02 to 2014-May-30
Air time: Monday to Friday 19:20


Jang Ha Na (Park Han Byul) is the fourth daughter of the eldest son of a family that’s been making soy sauce for hundred of years. She has to dress up like a man because of their financial situation. The family needs a male representative for their soy sauce business. After giving birth to four daughters, they gave up for trying for the male heir and the fourth daughter will just have to pretend to be a boy and act like a son within the family.


Main Cast

Park Han Byul as Jang Ha Na / Jang Eun Sung
– Jang Da Na (장다나) as Ha Na / Eun Sung (young)
Lee Tae Gon as Han Yoon Chan
Lee Hyun Bin as Yoon Chan (young)
Jung Eun Woo as Sul Do Hyun
Yoon Se In as Jang Ra Hee
Jo Min Ah as Ra Hee (young)

People of Hwang So Soy Sauce Factory

Yoon Yoo Sun as Joo Hyo Sun
Ha Jae Sook as Jang Ha Myung
Kim Min Young as Ha Myung (young)
Park In Hwan as Jang Pan Ro
Kim Ji Young as Byun Jong Soon
Lee Hye Sook as Im Chung Ran
Kim Joo Young as Jang Ra Gong
– Jang Min Kyo (장민교) as Ra Gong (young)
Lee Young Bum as Jang Min Suk
Jung Hyun Suk (정현석) as staff

People in SS Group

Choi Jae Sung as Sul Jin Mook
Han Yoo Yi as Sul Do Eun


Kim Jin Geun as Go Kwang Chul / Park Doo Shik
Jung Dong Kyu as Secretary Kim
Jung Young Geum (정영금) as Mrs. Uhm
Son Se Bin as Section Chief Eun So Yun
Hwang Shin Jung (황신정) as Butler Seo
Kim Gyu Jin as Section Chief Kim Young Ho
Song Ji Yoo (송지유) as Do Eun’s colleague
Ji Yong Suk as Secretary Park
Kang Sung Min as Kim Jin Chul
Jang Ga Hyun (장가현) as Announcer School teacher
Sung In Ja (성인자) as cadre of Hwang So Soy Sauce
Cha Hwa Yun
Lee Duk Hwa
Jo Woo Jin
Lee Jong Bak

Production Credits

Chief Producer: Jo Nam Kook
Producer: Lee Sung Hoon
Director: Jo Young Kwang
Screenwriter: Yoon Young Mi


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Hair Styling of Hana

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  1. 1 : lee hye ae Says:

    the drama plot seems interesting, even though the girl-pretending-as-a-boy scenario has already been used in other korean dramas. the only struggle that the main role has to face is on how long she can conceal her true gender and identity.
    another good drama to watch from SBS. ^^

  2. 2 : Jaja' Says:

    Woman dressed like a man….superb, another family-romance genre. Can’t wait !!

  3. 3 : ogrenji Says:

    attractive plot,but why 120 eps???i don’t think i can watch 50+ eps consistently -_-

  4. 4 : Lee Rora Khye Says:

    This seems look like interesting a girl dressed like a boy, i am looking forwad to this drama cant wait.

  5. 5 : Beren Says:

    wow looking forward for first episode 🙂

  6. 6 : Keanesuk Says:

    i hope they put in subs episodes. I can’t wait, i am looking forward this drama.

  7. 7 : kdrama freak Says:

    sounds interesting, is LTG the main lead? If so, looking forward to it. Can’t wait to see LTG, yet another drama, nevermind 120 if he is the main lead…..

  8. 8 : Canail Siren Says:

    this seems like another male dominated, and women oppressive drama.

  9. 9 : Windsun33 Says:

    This whole dressing up like a man for 120 episodes seems a bit dumb. Why does it have to be a male representative in the first place? Is the soy sauce business so sexist that only males can sell soy sauce? This girl dressing like a boy thing has been done in other dramas, and in everyone you have to be totally blind to not tell they are really a girl.

    I may watch a bit of this just to see if it is as dumb as I think it will be, but no way will I stick around for 120 episodes of anything.

  10. 10 : kimsoheerulz Says:

    For God Sake the korean fil industry is too slow in giving you a lead role for a series drama, but atlast and finaly god answers my prayers..
    A WELL GROWN DAUGHTER HANA. hmm hehe im so excited for ths,,^_^ cant wait to watch…I LUV U PARK HAN BYUL

  11. 11 : kimsoheerulz Says:

    Park Han Byul ur so beautiful… but i dont like the leading man in ths series hes not that handsum…^_^ hoping it shuld be seven ^_^…heheh but im still looking forward to this..i wish ths is a lesbian film werin ur pair with another woman…hehe

  12. 12 : kimsoheerulz Says:

    cant wait for ths …till then ..
    mwah with kissesss and lots of luvesss luv ya park han byul( trillion times)

  13. 13 : coffeenlucia Says:

    the plot line: hm… ok…
    the number of episodes: 120?? wow…

  14. 14 : Carmela Says:

    oh, will this be, a lady oscar thing?? xD like, maybe she will be raised like a boy! oh…. seems interesting 🙂
    btw i didn’t notice that’s a 120 episode drama! omfg xDD
    uhmm…. let’s try anyway xD

  15. 15 : Alex Says:

    Anyone knows where is the first episode?

    someone should help Viki in subbing it! I WANNA WATCH IT

  16. 16 : Sards Says:

    Lee tae goon as a leading man? Wow!! can’t wait to watch him again. One of the good looking actor in Korea. Go LTG

  17. 17 : cuity17 Says:

    EeehhMm.. Looks interesting, but 120eps?? *glek* How..how.. Can I watch this …??it’s too long, but. Let see tiil I know the ending first.. 😀

  18. 18 : mAY Says:


  19. 19 : just_saying Says:

    I was really looking forward to watch this drama coz the storyline looks interesting. Then, I read the comments in this thread and someone says its a 120 episodes. I can’t believe it and I have to do a double check on its description. OMG, 120 episodes?

    Not going to start watching it. Will read the comments in this thread first and decide whether its worth watching or not. 120 episodes? Not 50, not 100 but 120? I’m already tired imagining it. Hope to hear fruitful comments in here to help me decide later.

  20. 20 : moko-chan Says:

    someone knows where i can find eng sub??? i wanna watch this! xDD

  21. 21 : mal20 Says:

    this drama is really interessting, i like it so far

  22. 22 : Yoli Says:

    Can someone tell where I can watch this, when I go to viki it states its not in my area. I’m located on the East Coast, I hope someone can give me another link.


  23. 23 : Alex Says:

    @yoli you can find it Darksmursub.com & hotdrama.com

  24. 24 : Yoli Says:


    Thanks for sharing the information.


  25. 25 : MsTemmy Says:

    There’s only 1 episode on hotdrama.net? :o.

    I dont know how to use Darksmursub :c.

  26. 26 : laura almasan Says:

    120 episode? hmm… I bet an episode has only 25- 30 minutes.

  27. 27 : mml Says:

    I have been watching episode 1 to 11, until now, not sure , is it a nice drama, hopefully i will follow to watch this drama all the way, up to the final last episode.

  28. 28 : jojoisjoy Says:

    @mml where can I watch it? because viki won’t play it 🙁

  29. 29 : celeen Says:

    i do want to watch this drama but cant find it plz tell me where can i watch it :'(

  30. 30 : Yoli Says:

    Here is were it can be viewd @ Alex shared these links with me, you can find it Darksmursub.net & hotdrama.com.

    The link for hotdrama.com did not work for me in my area however, darksmursub.net is were I’m viewing this drama.


  31. 31 : Yoli Says:

    I just logged onto hotdrama.net not .com, they are both valid links to use.

  32. 32 : oliver Says:


  33. 33 : celeen Says:

    you guys are the best thanks alot

  34. 34 : mml Says:

    I have watched this drama at the Taiwan website and i have been following this drama and have watched up to episode 16.

    I hope ,that Sul Do Hyun will fall in love with Ha Na. Ha Na’s step sister Jang Ra Hee is hoping to marry into a rich man’s family. If, Do Hyun will fall in love with Ha Na, that, will be very interesting for me to expect. Ha Na right now, disguise herself as a guy, therefore, her step sister will not take precaution on Ha Na. And Do Hyun should deserve to find his romance with the right lady, if, the writer , will make Do Hyun to fall in love with Jang Ra Hee, it , will be very sad, as Ra Hee is a materialistic girl and as evil as her mother.

    If, the writer really made Do Hyun to fall in love with Jang Ra Hee, then i will not continue to watch this drama. As, Jang Ha Na suffered alot during her childhood, Ha Na should deserve to find a good Mr Right for herself and also be successful in her career.

  35. 35 : mal20 Says:

    mml: i hope that too, but if not there is Han Yoon Chan, i kinda like him and he is the male lead

  36. 36 : sylvia soo Says:

    hi guys can anyone tell me what the title of soundtrack this drama pls…………. thx

  37. 37 : mml Says:

    At episode 20, Hana was forced by her stepmother to leave the house . Something very interesting may happen soon, Hana went to her grandpa’s company to stay as the office got one vacant room for her to stay, Do Hyun will be her room mate, the problem is Do Hyun is a guy and Hana is a lady, how can a guy and a lady sharing the same room ?

    I guess two persons sharing the same room, maybe, oneday Do Hyun may discover that Hana is a lady. And how can Hana bath and go to the toilet by having Do Hyun in her room as room mate ?

    Two persons sharing the same room, what if ,Do Hyun get drunk and accidentally bump onto Hana’s bed. The most interesting is , if, Do Hyun falls in love with Hana instead of the stepsister Ra Hee.

    Okay, i will continue to watch episode 21 to episode 25 to see what’s going on ? If, nice , i may continue to follow the following episodes.

  38. 38 : John k Says:

    This drama makes no sense at all. It’s really boring and they should end it at episode 80

  39. 39 : mml Says:

    @38 John K,
    you are nasty creature, you haven’t even start watching the drama and you have started to give negative comment.

    From what i have watched and understand about this drama was Hana’s stepmother was once a upon a time a best friend of Hana’s real mother. Hana’s stepmother was a wicked and ungrateful person. Hana’s stepsister was not a family member of the Jang Family as her stepsister’s real father was not the same father as Hana.

    1) A family war and fight over the wealth of the Jang Family.
    2) A war romance between Hana and her stepsister.
    3) A wealth war between Hana and her step brother.
    4) A business war between SS group Sul Jin Mook to fight
    and conquer over Hwang So Soy Sauce Factory.
    5) The complications of two men, Sul Do Hyun and Han
    Yoon Chan over their romance, maybe these two persons
    falling in love with the same lady.
    6) Maybe SS group Sul Jin Mook, oneday,may fall in love with
    Hana’s real mother that will sum up another different level
    of complications.
    real mother

  40. 40 : mml Says:

    Hana’s real mother will have a very complicated mind and plot over the hurt and sufferings received from her best friend to betray her.
    7) Hana’s real mother may gang up with SS group Sul Jin Mook oneday ,to war and challenged with the wicked woman Im Chung Ran.

  41. 41 : mml Says:

    I have finished watching episode 21 to episode 25, i think it’s a family war . Still not sure is it a nice drama ? And it’s a mystery of Hana’s romance. I hope that Hana will never fall in love with Han Yoon Chan. The character of Han Yoon Chan was really a very cunning person.

    I will continue to watch episode 25 to episode 30 to see how it goes, especially, i really hope that Sul Do Hyun will fall in love with Hana and Hana should not fall in love with Han Yoon Chan , if the romance is, if Hana will fall in love with Han Yoon Chan , then i should give up in watching this drama.

  42. 42 : isha Says:

    ok where can i find this in english

  43. 43 : mary wong Says:

    where can find this in mandarin?

  44. 44 : jewles Says:

    @40,41 MML

    I think Hana will win the competition and because of this, the step family will side with SS to take over the Wang company. Then the truth about Hana is discovered, the step family comes back, grandpa finds out about older grandson’s plot with SS then the original family is back at the house…

    I think Hana will start to like Do Hyun because he supposed have saved her life, but finds out that You Chan is the actual savior then falls for You Chan. Meantime, the step sister will scheme against Hana because of her jealous and get dumped by Do Hyun.

    But you never know with these K-dramas, do you? 🙂

  45. 45 : Sura Sraoy Says:

    Really Really Good Drama!! I’ll watch it all the way through the last episode!!

  46. 46 : Flower Says:

    Hi Mary Wong, you can watch it spoken in Korean with Chinese sub title at http://www.kanxi123.com Happy watch and enjoy!

    I’m having doubt as to whether the stepbrother is from Hana’s father??? Is there anyone who can help clear my doubt? Thank you in advance

  47. 47 : mml Says:

    @44 jewels,
    i have finished watching episode 25 to episode 30, i think what i guess and how you feel about this drama are precisely correct. Especially, at episode 30, when Hana mentioned that she had 3 things inside her heart, that was her SECRET, HOPE AND LOVE.

    I believed that all viewers will know Hana’s secrets. What about Hana’s hope ? I also believed that all viewers will know what Hana’s hope. And now, is, i don’t know what Hana’s love ? Hana disguise herself as a boy that means Hana cannot choose to love Do Hyun, unless Do Hyun choose to love Hana.

    Something i really believe is, when the day that Hana reveals her secrets that she disguise herself as a boy and transform herself back to be a lady, wearing dress with long hair, she’s actually very pretty and who knows Hana is prettier than her stepsister Jang Ra Hee.

    I just hope that Hana can be brave and she can succeed in winning every aspect and will never disappoint her mother.

    I’m still not sure whether is this a nice drama, but, i will continue to try watching episode 31 to episode 35 to see is there any interesting thing for me to catch and watched this drama.

  48. 48 : celeen Says:

    i like the gender bender the most

    it is interesting to watch what those 2 ganna choose they both so atracted to her but they don’t think about it that much because she is a boy

    and i don’t remember their names yet but the son of ss group keep saying if you were girl but i don’t think he realize it yet

    beside that the big issue after she reveling herself is not the love tringle but
    the reaction of her grandfather and brother what will they do ? i have no idea but i think they want ganna let her go easily

  49. 49 : Violet Espi Says:

    hotdrama.net with English Sub happy watching!

  50. 50 : Jyenie Says:

    This drama is quite interesting especially the gender bender part. I started from ep 20, at ep 32 now. Eun Sung and Do Hyun are falling for each other but what about Yoon Chan 🙁
    This whole family of Im Chung Ran just rolled into the Jang family from nowhere 😮 She was not even the mistress of Eun Sung’s father and her children are not even blood related with the Jang’s :o. Thanks to the mastermind of this distorted family- the grandma!

  51. 51 : Jyenie Says:

    Park Han Byul really resembles Ha Ji Won.

  52. 52 : lou Says:

    I love the lead star Park Han Byul, she is pretty and lovable…I love this drama…

  53. 53 : Jyenie Says:

    It’s only infatuation between Do Hyun and Eun Sung, Yoon Chan will be ES’s true love.
    Im Chung Ran is so unbelievably thick skinned. What makes this liar so righteous?!

  54. 54 : jewles Says:

    So… Yon Chan is a hidden son of SS CEO!!! and the CEO is jealous of Eun Sung for taking away Yon Chan’s loyalty and maybe a love for him as a benefactor since his childhood. Wait until all his children to rebel against him when they find out his plan to take over ES’s company since they all love Eun Sung!

    I am afraid the doctor will be spilling the beans to Ra Hee to get points from her. He should be striped of his license for breaking doctor/patient privies, but I don’t think this care in K-drama.

    I missed somewhere if the eldest son is in fact a legitimate son of the Jangs??? If not how he got into the family??

  55. 55 : Dhez Says:

    I do love the relationship between Do Hyun and Eun Sung but I want also Yoon Chan for Eun Sung though Yoon Chan has the edge over Do Hyun because of Eun Sungs true identity. Yoon Chan knows it already while Do Hyun is trying to suppress his feeling of likeness towards Eun Sung realizing the he is also of the same gender. This story is really good and you will hook with the drama how it will unfolds to the end. Sad that nobody can properly upload latest episode with good and correct english subtitles.
    Maybe Ill just wait for it to finish with correct subtitles. How I wish I can understand korean language.

  56. 56 : mamie Says:

    Did anyone know where i can watch this drama? Thanks

  57. 57 : silatchom Says:


  58. 58 : Jyenie Says:

    This is unbelievably interesting for a 120 episode-long drama.

  59. 59 : mml Says:

    I have finished watching episode 45 and realised that the writer was trying to confuse us. Two men fell in love with Hana and the problem is Hana loves Do Hyun and i also hope that Do Hyun and Hana will be together.

    This is a 120 episodes drama and how can with such a long drama, made 2 men keeps on circle round with Hana. I think the writer should split the 2 men should not be Hana’s room mate and only Do Hyun and Hana will be room mate instead then at least i can watch more romance growing for Do Hyun and Hana.

  60. 60 : Jyenie Says:

    The thick skinned family is tasting their own medicine now. I hope RG is not blood related to the Jang family.

  61. 61 : bebe Says:

    I love this drama. It’s my type, will watch to the end.

  62. 62 : maja Says:

    love this drama … episode 45 and still is not boring… love hana and do hyun…

  63. 63 : Dhez Says:

    I think Hana belongs to Do Hyun, Yoon Chan will do anything possible just to protect Hana but his past is not good enough for Hana. Well see. Its too soon to tell. Well Im okay if it is Do Hyun or Yoon Chan. They have their own good character of loving and caring for the lead star.

  64. 64 : Jyenie Says:

    I support Hana- YC all the way! YC is Hana’s hero.

  65. 65 : dian Says:

    yup, i hope RG is not Jang blood related. if yes, just wish he died.. so his mom n grandma will sufer.

  66. 66 : damylife Says:

    I also hope Do Hyun and Hana will be together.

  67. 67 : damylife Says:

    I love this drama. Park Han Byul very good

  68. 68 : Reeta Says:

    Yoon Chan will be with Hana, that is my wish. If it happens then it’s a happy ending. Worth watching each episode. Fighting Yoon Chan!

  69. 69 : Kathleen Says:

    Can’t wait to see more, wants to know how Do Hyun will find out Hana is a girl?

  70. 70 : Jyenie Says:

    Poor YC, my heart is aching for him because he can only keep his love for Hana in his heart. Sigh.
    Is this ost describing his feeling for her? Can feel the frustration.


  71. 71 : Suehan Says:

    I can’t believe I have to wait until Monday for episode 54. This STINKS!!!

  72. 72 : bebe Says:

    This drama is very good, loving it more and more and it’s getting more exciting with the story. fighting!

  73. 73 : mml Says:

    @69 Kathleen,
    yes, i agree with your excitement to know when will Do Hyun to be able to find out that Hana is a lady ?

    In fact, i have already watched up to episode 53 and i still haven’t seen Do Hyun has the ability to find out that Hana is a lady, am getting impatient with the writer already. I hope that the writer can quickly let viewers to see , Do Hyun has good mentality and with intelligence to discover that Hana is actually a girl instead of as a boy. The reason of letting Do Hyun to discover that Hana is actually a girl so that he has a better and right decision in finding his true love. Do Hyun all along is very troubled by Hana as Hana is a boy and he can’t move onto this unusual relationship, maybe the writer should allow Do Hyun to find out this secret, so that Do Hyun knows what he wants and maybe Do Hyun’s father can accept Hana as the daughter in law to solve all the problem.

  74. 74 : Kathleen Says:

    Today 19 Feb, we still cannot watch Ep55, what happen? Can’t wait to see more!

  75. 75 : Linette Says:

    I was looking everywhere to watch this drama and finally I found the link….and since then I’m totally hooked!! Every single episode is enjoyable to watch. I normally would avoid dramas with many episodes, but not this one. Park Han Byeol plays Eun Seong brilliantly, and of course the other actors are daebak too. Pray and pray that the ending would be a great one too 🙂

  76. 76 : dian Says:

    just question, who is the actor played Hana step brother? since he not at the list? it’s probaby he will be gone soon? (cross my finger hope he died)

  77. 77 : mml Says:

    I have finished watching episode 60, it seems that the writer was doing a very wrong thing for Ra Hee to keep Do Hyun by her side and without gaining the real love. Something that only comfort my heart is Do Hyun never love Ra Hee, he’s always remember and loves Hana in his heart.

    Why is it the writer did not make Do Hyun being able to realise that Hana is a girl ?

    I hope that the writer can pair up Hana with Do Hyun as Hana loves Do Hyun very much, the problem is Ra Hee, Ra Hee is a person i hate most. Maybe the writer should pair up Ra Hee with Han Yoon Chan, the answer is Ra Hee knew that Do Hyun doesn’t love her and Han Yoon Chan knew that Hana loves Do Hyun.

    Very soon, i may give up in watching this drama as my purpose of watching this drama is i hope that Do Hyun can pair up together with Hana, as Hana and Do Hyun did share a very happy moments when they were staying together as room mate, they really love one another and why did the writer wants to separate them when Ra Hee is a bitch lady who’s trying to destroy Hana ?

    I hope that the writer can help Do Hyun to discover the truth that Hana is a girl and let him decide on his love rather than let his father to decide his love. Do Hyun should be given his right to marry a wife that he loves, is not his father choose the lady to be Do Hyun’s wife.

    Dear writer, you have to do something on the further episodes to improve the mentality of Do Hyun to make him decisive and be firm on his decision for his love, viewers are getting more and more clever, if it does not interest them, some may stop watching this drama very soon.

    Do Hyun’s father is a real big bully to control his son Do Hyun, if Do Hyun marries Ra Hee and doesn’t love Ra Hee, what’s the point of getting married, better be single and save all the trouble. Ra Hee should consider another person, maybe the guy who is a doctor or Han Yoon Chan that can make viewers more interested in this drama.

  78. 78 : Waiora Says:

    Actually, I hope that Yoon chan and Hana end up together. Do Hyun didn’t have any conviction in his love to stand beside her (even if he did think she was a guy). Ra Hee, her brother, mother and grandmother are all despicable people. The grandfather knows his grandson doesn’t have what it takes to run the company. That’s the second time he’s booted that family out. They should just start up on their own and forget about him and that company.

  79. 79 : rch311 Says:

    I watched up to ep 60 from a chinese website. Yoon chan is her guardian of angel who protects and gives her strengh when she needed most. Yeah I know appearance Do Hyun is much younger and good looking than Yoon Chn but I personally think Do Hyun is not good enough for her. He is love sick like a puppy all the time for Eun Sang. He never contributes much on Eun Sang’s battles. How could he let his own father manipulate his love matters. I doubt he can protects her. On the other hand, Yoon Chan is more matured and he is the pillar for Eun Sang.

  80. 80 : mummybee Says:

    Oh I can’t wait for Monday. The trailer with Eun Sung appearing as Hana rocks. She’s a stunner.

    Can someone explain the Korean registration system? I don’t understand the removal of Eun Sung from some registration system – what does this mean?

  81. 81 : mml Says:

    @80 mummybee,
    Korean registration system is the same as other countries. When a person is the citizen of that country, once the person is decease that means passed away, it will be removed from the registration system.

    When we are born in that country, we will have a birth certificate and at a certain age , we will be given an identify card. The identify card records will be traced from the registration system and once the person passed away, it will be given a death certificate and after that the registration system will delete the record of the person who is no longer living in this world.

    Most probably , the family members of Eun Sung’s stepmother are planning to kill Eun Sung……….

  82. 82 : mml Says:

    I think , maybe , i wil still love this drama, especially episode 62 will show us that Eun Sung will change herself back to be a lady can become her real self as Hana.

    Writer should arrange Do Hyun to have an opportunity to meet Eun Sung to see and witness her as Hana and let him think of a way to understand what had happened to Hana when he was overseas ? Although, Do Hyun gave viewers an impression of him that he’s love sick and that shows that his heart cannot let go of Hana. This is what i feel of the real true that Do Hyun always have and i am still hoping that Do Hyun and Hana will be together.

    As Hana treated Han Yoon Chan as a brother or a friend , she does not love Yoon Chan. Do Hyun ever told Eun Sung that if, Eun Sung were to be a lady that means they are real fated to be together and Eun Sung put a strong trust that their love should not change.

    I hope that Hana will be together with Do Hyun so that Ra Hee will be out of place. From what i see, Ra Hee does not deserve to have Do Hyun. Ra Hee by force to force Do Hyun to marry her.

    Writer please arrange Do Hyun to realise that Ra Hee plot this trap so that he can separate and leave Ra Hee with a good reason after all there’s no love in this marriage.

    I really hope that Do Hyun can find back his right love and Hana will be the best person for Do Hyun.

  83. 83 : mummybee Says:

    @81 mml

    Thanks for the information on Korean’s registration system.
    I was lost trying to understand how RK is going to strike ES off the registration without ES knowing it.

  84. 84 : mummybee Says:

    Oh…. this is getting exciting. Looking forward to ES appearing as Hana to save the day!

  85. 85 : liliaaenriquez Says:

    i live in usa and i want to watch this drama i tried in dramafever and viki but they dont have this drama where i can do it?

  86. 86 : libra Says:

    Hi there, I like this drama but the subtitles are not that accurate, can you please do something about it. And do you have schedules when to release each episode. Sorry for being demanding, am really a fan of this movie. Thank you.

  87. 87 : OK OK OK Says:

    Even if Do Hyun ends up with Jang Hana,
    DO NOT let Han Yoon Chan be with Jang Ra Hee. Let her be alone 🙂

  88. 88 : OK OK OK Says:

    I don’t like Jang Ra Hee – she should be alone or ends up with bad guy.hahaha 🙂

  89. 89 : kingtez64 Says:

    It’s obvious hana will end up with yoo chan, lee tae gon is a big actor as a veteran already…he is always a lead actor in every drama

  90. 90 : mml Says:

    @85 liliaaenriquez,
    maybe, you can try watching at dramastyle as dramastyle mainstream only authorised and allowed at united states.

  91. 91 : Kathleen Says:

    What happened to ep73?

  92. 92 : msdreamy Says:

    please give me a website that show this drama with eng sub the one i have is just from 1 to 45 please help

  93. 93 : [email protected] Says:

    I really love this drama. I am somewhat between the two guys because although YC is good for Hana, her heart is with TG. TG’s father went against YC so Hana thought that he betrayed her but he didn’t. YC had told the director that he would protect Hana even against him, that’s why he tried to betray YC. I am happy that TG found out the truth and is getting rid of RH. I love this drama tho and can’t wait to see grandma and mom get put out.I am hoping that granddad realizes that male or female the job can be done at the same rate or pace. Thanks to the subbers I am up to 66. God Bless.

  94. 94 : mo Says:

    http://www.hotdrama.net. you can watch with sub
    but without sub u can watch it everyday on http://www.ekoreantv.com. daily drama

  95. 95 : mml Says:

    I have already watched up to episode 78, really don’t like Han Yoon Chan, he’s also making use of Hana for the sake of revenge towards his father. A guy who’s making use of any lady to go against their father will not be a good husband.
    Sad for Do Hyun for loving Hana.

  96. 96 : Maruatikawlni Says:

    When did the last episode end

  97. 97 : Maruatikawlni Says:

    I watched episode 30 and i want all the episode

  98. 98 : jewles Says:

    @95 MML

    Yoon Chan is not just trying to revenge his ordeals, but this is what makes Hana happy which is to bring back the family business back. In order for her to achieve what she desperately want to do, Hana will have to go through the danger dealing with DH’s father’s antics.

    Yoon Chan is the one who looked after her before and after the ordeal. He is the one who saved her in the woods, he is the one who got her back into what she is destined to do. Be the savior of the family.

    He is working toward the common goal with her, not for Hana to do the dirty work for him.

    DH is a poppy-lovesick opportunist as he wants her to pretend that Hana act as his girlfriend so his father on harm her family. WTF??? He didn’t care that people thought Hana was breaking up his marriage by pushing the divorce and asking Hana back without a second thought. Very selfish. Every chance he gets, he goes around telling everyone how he sacrificed himself for Hana by leaving the country and marrying his wife. Boo Hoo.

    At the last minute, Hana will realize YC’s love for her and come to him. – so I hope :))

  99. 99 : mml Says:

    @98 jewles ,
    Yoon Chan can’t protect Hana, when you watched episode 81, you will understand that Hana’s mother was injured and admitted to hospital because Yoon Chan’s father instructed his assistant to go to the restaurant and hit Hana’s mother. And on the other hand, Do Hyun suggested a win win situation, he suggested to Hana to be his woman so that he can protect Hana’s family and looks like it was a good ideal for his suggestions.

    And as to Hana, will she accept Do Hyun’s suggestions ? I just hope that Hana will agree to Do Hyun, to be his woman. And looks like Ra Hee still did not give up her challenge with Hana.

  100. 100 : Moy moy Says:

    I’ve just finish watching 60 episodes 60 to go. . . .cant wait to see hana taking revenge 😀

  101. 101 : Nudge Says:

    The drama already aired its 86th episode and sports yet another aka: “One Well-Raised Daughter”.

    Going by the comments here it might worth watching. Opinions to the contrary?

  102. 102 : Wae Wae Wae Says:

    As if anyone in their right mind would mistake the beautiful Park Han Byul for a guy. Even dressed up as a man, or do young Korean men wear lipstick and make-up, and use face cream before bed?

    But if she was ugly — I ask myself — would I watch this drama? Nah.

  103. 103 : Happy Says:

    There is so much untangle thing going on with this drama. Don’t know if is coming or going, who is correct or who is wrong, so much Turbulent with everyone.
    But it is a very enjoyable drama, but still keep me in limbo.

  104. 104 : jewles Says:

    Episode 89;

    All I can say is “Stupid Hana!” for the next couple of episodes at least. She is developing feelings again for DoHyun. Uugh~~~

  105. 105 : klarny Says:

    Love Do Hyun and Hana!

  106. 106 : maja Says:

    me too

  107. 107 : lorita Says:

    i luv hana and do hyun

  108. 108 : mml Says:

    I like Sul Do Eun, a cute smart girl, hope to watch her upcoming comedy drama. She’s suitable for comedy and romance drama. She can make me laugh and be happy.

  109. 109 : marz hmar Says:

    i love do eun & hana

  110. 110 : Roxy Says:

    This drama is well worth the watch, I really love what I’m watching so far. Sometime yes I want to punch a few of the characters in the face haha (who doesn’t) and I really want to root for two of the characters to get together (but that probably won’t happen!).

    So disappointed though that it only goes up to Episode 46 in good English subs, but after that it all goes downhill (it is really really bad) that it’s really not worth watching at all 🙁 I hope someone takes the plunge and takes on the challenge of subbing.

    Please, someone? anyone?

    Or can someone suggest a link to a site they found for the episodes with good english subs? Past episode 46/47 at least?

    I recommend this drama.

  111. 111 : Roxy Says:

    I spoke too soon. Darksmurfsub ftw

  112. 112 : mummybee Says:

    This Ra HEe is really hopeless. What on earth is she thinking about??? In the whole drama, she has been fixated or obsessed at getting Do Hyun. No love. HOw woudl gettng support from ex FIL help u win the husband (who divorced u, who don’t love u and is not on good terms with his father) works???

    Ra Hee and her family is “amazing” in their own “righteousness”…..

    Ra Hee’s brother and grandfather – for heaven’s sake. Hana won the competition fair and square 2x. What else does she need to do to demonstrate that she is the more capable one….

  113. 113 : baby Says:

    I wish sul do hyun and hanna be married at last because they both were very match person no matter what the personal problems is .. ……….. plz let them married !!! O gosh

  114. 114 : fourgreenrose Says:

    Revenge, narrow minds, greed, madness, ingredients for this drama.
    A good woman was kick out with tree little girls from her house by a slut and his evil mother. In the name of 400 years tradition an idiot old man closed his eyes and the nightmare started. Day by day good people become bad and make suffer their beloved.
    I think Ha Na and Do Heon will die like Romeo and Juliet.

  115. 115 : Happy Says:

    Wow!!!!! if you take a GOOD-LOOK at Ragoo, hana (half brother)
    HIS as evil as his MOM- GRANMOTHER and HIS SISTER.
    The Grandfather need couple of slap, to see how this evil GRANDMOTHER-MOThER-DAUGHTER and SON is doing all kind of EVIL TRICKS to HANA Family!
    Do Hyun father don’t care for Hana, and is taking aliking on UGLY RAGOO.
    I’m Glad Big Brother is there for HANA……….his so protected of her, and you can see the chemistry he have for Hana! hmmmmmmmmmm

  116. 116 : Dina Says:

    Can any body tell me who’s gonna end up with hana

  117. 117 : Dina Says:

    I love this drama I like Hana and do Hyun get married but I hated Rahee and the evil family they should keep them out the house for good

  118. 118 : mml Says:

    Getting very tired with this drama, I’m at episode 106 and I did not see Hana will reconcile her relationship with Do Hyun. The character of Ra Hee makes me lost confidence in this drama. This drama started with good interest and gradually it makes people very sick and tired. I just hope that Hana and Do Hyun, both of them can reconcile their marriage and they should be together. I don’t like Han Yoon Chan to be together with Hana.

    Maybe, I will wait until the whole drama ends and see whether Hana and Do Hyun can be together, if, Hana and Do Hyun were together then I will continue back the rest of my missed out episodes.

  119. 119 : Yuhjin Says:

    I want Hana and yon chan end up together!

  120. 120 : jjchoy Says:

    Hope hana and yoon chan will end up happily together.
    Yoon chan have been very supportive of hana all the way from the very beginning.
    Too bad cannot get to see from epi 100 onwards as I cannot receive the rest of the series

  121. 121 : KDCraze Says:

    @jjchoy, You can watched it in http://www.dailymotion.com. It has already 108 episodes. Some episodes have good english sub and some have no english sub but I think you still can understand the story since they used everyday Korean language in family drama. Just another 12 episodes to go before it’s finished. I’m a bit tired looking at Ra Hee, Ra Gong, Grandma and the mother. I hope they all can go to jail or die. I hope the writer give us a good happy ending with this drama.

  122. 122 : jjchoy Says:

    @craze thanks for yr info 🙂
    Will try the website

  123. 123 : impark Says:

    Hope hana, do hyun and Yoon Chan end up as good friends . Just like the beginning, that they stayed in the hostel. 🙂

  124. 124 : Ermie Says:

    I’ve been watching this drama everyday since it started because of Lee taegon and it’s really worth watching, as of yesterday it was already 112 eps. Lee taegon is so full of charisma & stunningly handsome, especially the way he wears his clothes although his rival actor is much younger than him, his looks is more appealing ang his acting prowess is also great! Just love this drama!

  125. 125 : Guk hee Says:

    I’ve been watching this drama everyday since it started because of Lee taegon and it’s really worth watching, as of yesterday it was already 112 eps. Lee taegon is so full of charisma & stunningly handsome, especially the way he wears his clothes although his rival actor is much younger than him, his looks is more appealing ang his acting prowess is also great! Just love this drama!

  126. 126 : Guk hee Says:

    I’ve been watching this drama everyday since it started because of Lee taegon and it’s really worth watching, as of yesterday it was already 112 eps. Lee taegon is so full of charisma & stunningly handsome, especially the way he wears his clothes although his rival actor is much younger than him, his looks is more appealing ang his acting prowess is also great! Good luck to park hanbyul & lee taegon , I’m lovin this drama!

  127. 127 : Guk hee Says:

    I’ve been watching this drama since it started because of Lee taegon, as of yesterday 112 eps was already aired and it’s worth watching. Lee taegon is stunningly handsome and full of charisma especially the way he dressed up,although his rival actor here is much younger than him, lee tae gon’s looks is more appealing and his acting prowess is also amazing, only 8 eps to go, I’m sad that it will ending soon. Just love this drama !

  128. 128 : Guk hee Says:

    I’ve been watching this drama since it started because of Lee taegon, as of yesterday 112 eps was already aired and it’s worth watching. Lee taegon is stunningly handsome and full of charisma especially the way he dressed up,although his rival actor here is much younger than him, lee tae gon’s looks is more appealing and his acting prowess is also amazing, only 8 eps to go, I’m sad that it will ending soon.

  129. 129 : Guk hee Says:

    Lee taegon, after this drama, I hope you’ll come back with a new drama soon!Cant wait to sse you on the screen again, fighting!

  130. 130 : echah Says:

    i just love this drama!!! the way of making the story come to live is just so great!!! the flow, the conflict, the romance, the suspence…everything
    the best drama i’ve watch. this drama touches ur soul like no other ^_^

  131. 131 : Werdes Says:

    I will watch this drama if it is a happy ending…. Hana and Yoon Chan are together in the end

  132. 132 : CRY9020 Says:


  133. 133 : KDCraze Says:

    @CRY9020, You can watched it in dailymotion under the name Jal Kiwoon Ddal Hana. Some episodes have english sub and some episodes doesn’t have english sub.

  134. 134 : CRY9020 Says:

    @KDCraze, Thank u ^^

  135. 135 : halima Says:

    can someone please tell me where I can watch episode 47 of this drama with eng sub. I’ve searched all over the internet but I foundd nothing. please help me I totally love this drama !!

    thank you!

  136. 136 : KDCraze Says:

    Just finished the last 122 episodes. In my opinion, they should cut down at least 22 episodes so it doesn’t dragged too long. Although some part is a bit dragging, it is a good drama after all. There is a moral lesson and the value of women in family and society. Despite of being a woman doesn’t allowed Hana to inherit the family conglomerate business, she earned all her hardworked in the end and also found happiness with Yoon Chan. I can relate to this story because in Asian culture, they still want male to inherit family business specially when it comes to traditional Asian family. Good job Park Han Byul for acting as Hana and I think Ra Hee is also acting one of the best bitch in K-drama, I feel like want to slap her sometimes.

  137. 137 : maja Says:

    i love lee taegon but n this drama i would have wanted hana to be with dohyun… simply because at the start of this drama they have started a cute relationship hana and do hyun … tsk tsk now im not gonna watch it anymore i stopped at episode 70… i was waiting for the ending to see first who she will end up with…

  138. 138 : klarny Says:

    I wanted hana to be with dohyun too, for so did not like the end. Complete disappointment. The feeling that the writer on move changed the script

  139. 139 : Happy Says:

    As far as I’m concern it is a Beautiful ending. Glad Hana ended up with Lee Taegon (Han Yoon Chan), they had so much Chemistry together and Han Yoon Chan with is slicker smile just melt away our heart with all the charisma he has, with his manly looks and sweet smile, he sure can sway away a person heart, ladies, woman, gals and girls heart…….
    Yes! I also like Dohyun, but he was not too grown up, was so kiddish in handling hana from the start, could not stand in his own way and be push around etc…… Yoon Chan, he was always their for Hana as she acted as a male or been a female.
    Omg……………….what more can I say! Luv this drama, good ending.

  140. 140 : KDCraze Says:

    @Happy#139, I agree with you. I like Do Hyun also but after all what Yoon Chan did to support and protect Hana, he deserved to have happiness with Hana. I love this drama also.

  141. 141 : impark Says:

    How did the ending like … can someone tell me

  142. 142 : islandsweet Says:

    i wanna know the ending! can someone tell me who she ending with

  143. 143 : Yuki Says:

    Sighs, I can’t say I like Hana ending up with yoo chan or to say dohyun.
    Simply because of the heavily ingrained message that they would last together. But maybe the story writer wanted to write the message out that first love is always sweet and loving and while it may be a sweet one but they may not match due to various factor but ah, well, I like the fact that they portrayed the love shown in different methods by the 2 male lead. I don’t mind Hana ending up with any one, but for me I think yoo chan is definitely a better marriage partner.

  144. 144 : JC Says:

    Dailymotion, under the title Jal Kiwoon Ddal Hana, has been removed 🙁 Can someone please tell me where else I can watch it as I’m at ep 87! With English subs please. Tks!

  145. 145 : Hruayy Archie Says:

    I really want to see Do hyun and Hana together Happily At the end!!!

  146. 146 : isobel Says:

    i have been trying to check the other episodes..i am still on the process of finishing it. this drama is beautiful coz it makes my heart beat. i look forward on watching the next ep..i hope the other episodes are in epdrama.com..when i tried to watch d other eps, they could not be found..anyways, keep it up jang ha-na and han yun chan… love, love, love ^-^

  147. 147 : kdrama freak Says:

    agree with you

    agree with you Guk Hee, can anybody tell me when she was forced to reveal she is a female???

  148. 148 : vettely Says:

    Do hyun and Hana! Do hyun and Hana! Do hyun and Hana!!!!!!! 😀

  149. 149 : kdrama freak Says:

    I like this drama. More of LTG??? also JEW??? Recommend to watch.

  150. 150 : aicy Says:

    just finished watching the final ep. of this drama .i did love this drama and thankfully the writer gave a happy denouement.i already knew that it was already impossible for hana and do hyeon together since nobody wants to have a father in law who plotted to kill you .no matter how much they are in love ,it will always be a problem for the couples.and yun chan truly deserves hana’s love from the start to end.kudos to the writer ,director and cast.

  151. 151 : deecullen Says:

    where can i download this drama ? please ..

  152. 152 : yeess Says:

    you can watch it on dramafire.com

  153. 153 : drbk Says:

    Just a glance at the cover, it’s beyond me how people can even mistake her for a guy with that girly face, girly pose and an over-sized top that just worsens her disguise. 🙁

  154. 154 : hunee Says:

    why so much episodes, 50 woulda been better, gosh I hope its good ending cuz thats toooooo long.

  155. 155 : wanra Says:

    Hate the grandmother who was not grateful to Hana’s mum

  156. 156 : billy Says:

    Yup! She definitely look all feminine to me! Disguise failed again. Same with the other girl acting boy dramas, like You’re beautiful, the Beautiful you, Hana Kimi, oh and not to forget, the Sung kyunkwan Scandal ( which I may say, one of my fav dramas anyway!).

  157. 157 : nanny Says:

    Coffee prince is good though… Yoon ueun hye i very good at being a boy… ^.^”

  158. 158 : bettty Says:

    Can someone pls share the OST? love the ending song in ep 102. Anyone know the title? Thank you!

  159. 159 : ayeanlee Says:

    hi can someone tell me what is the title of the ending song on ep 117? Please help me.

  160. 160 : Nne123 Says:

    I hope this is not one of those stupid dramas that the writers and directors think that just a short hair style and male clothing makes a pretty girl look like a man. I hope they put in some more effort to make her really look like a guy.

  161. 161 : wanra Says:

    I love Do Hyun’s sister.. very funny and full of surprises! Hate Ragong’s grandmother forever.. Hate Ragong & Rahee

  162. 162 : 하나 Says:

    really want to download but it jst big size for all 122 episode..hurmm..hate ragong grandma.n ragong!!

  163. 163 : Dinesha Says:

    here to download this show I am desperate please help me

  164. 164 : Dinesha Says:


  165. 165 : KDCraze Says:

    @Dinesha#163, I’ve finished watching this 4 mths ago from dailymotion under the name Jal Kiwoon Ddal Hana but some episodes don’t have translation. If you need sub try darksmurfsub.com they have translation in chinese and english. For your info this drama story is quite good although this drama have very long episodes.

  166. 166 : virak Says:

    I 1 2 get pictures sexy girl of Korean stars, but I can’t.

  167. 167 : thilda Says:

    this drama is very amazinggggg…..10thumbs for all you…especially Hana & Yoon Chan…..love this couple so much

  168. 168 : lorraine Says:

    Korean artists have made you gone crazzzzy. There’s no need for sexy of kisses scene. Asian good.

  169. 169 : cherry Says:

    Hi anyone.. who know the song title at the end of the drama ep 62?

  170. 170 : amel Says:

    Does anybody know where I can watch this drama with English sub?

  171. 171 : anna Says:

    a well grown daughter hana ..u can see at dramanet till episode 51 english is good.
    and dramafire till episode 122 but the english is not well transtlated.
    it is a v good drma….

  172. 172 : anz Says:

    Thankyou Anna for the information!! ^^

  173. 173 : amel Says:

    thanks for the information!!
    This drama is so greatt!!!!

  174. 174 : reen Says:

    what is the title of this drama at the drama fire?? i can’t find it!!! please. somebody.. !!

  175. 175 : sep Says:

    @ reen
    THe title of the drama at drama fire is ” A well raised daughter Hana”

  176. 176 : sally Says:

    I love you all
    I like this derma.muaahhh.

  177. 177 : dorie Says:

    This drama is the best story line, got hooked from the beginning to the end. Very good leading men and Park Han Byul delivered an excellent performance. Yes she looks like a girl in the poster, and that s what the storyline will also present, making it sweet, romantic and funny at the same time. You will love it until the end. You can watch it at DRAMA FIRE. Although starting episode 40 I think, the subtitles were set us in an automatic online interpreter, word for word, thats why it s a little bit harder to figure out what is being said…still we hang on, me and my husband. We also have different view of the ending because, both leading men were so good.

  178. 178 : mey Says:

    I like this drama but the ending is totally dissapointed..if hana can’t be together with dho yoen then also yoon chan since both of them are brothers w/ the same father&blood..so foolish hana can chance her feeling & love to dho yoen so fast while both of them are crazy in love since the beginning..dho yoen has given more sacrificed to hana than yoon chan..the proper ending should be hana&dho yoen while yoon chan with his secretary since she really loves yoon chan..really doesn’t make sense at all for the drama’s ending just because yoon chan is the main actor??ckckck…

  179. 179 : minji Says:

    I love this drama and cannot wait to see what happend next. I pity Hana she lost her love to DO hyun.DO hyun father is so mean but DO hyun sister is cute she always care about Hana.Ra hee,Ra Gong,her mother and her grandmother is the biggest witch always call Hana(the stupid girl) and ask Ra Hee mom and Ra Gong is so mean ask Ra Hee father to lock up Pan Ro in the hospital and ask two body guard to take care of him and do not let
    Pan Ro out of the hospital.DO hyun and Hana is prefect to be couple but DO hyun have no choice to break up with Hana because of his father but i know DO hyun still love Hana in his heart.I love Hana mother and her sister 2,DO Hyun sister,DO hyun and Hana.yoon chan is a good person and there to help Hana when she in need.

  180. 180 : Deesar Says:

    Since the first encounter between Yoon Chan and Hana, I’ve rooted for this couple. I dont think Hana really loves Do Hyun. She only having her first crush, which is understanable consider they were living together as roomates. Yoon Chan from the start seeing Hana as a woman and secretly fall in love with her. Just that he did not have a good chance to be her more, unlike Do hyun. Yoon Chan always come to her rescue whenever she facing difficulties, so much so his ties with his Chairman (father) is severed because of Hana. Just finished episode 67 and I hope to see more of them together. Really love to see them, cute chemistry between them and both are good looking. Yoon Chan has a superb body, really nice and manly. Kudos to the writer for not listening to the suggestion that Hana should end up with Do Hyun ( which for me, his character is rather weak).

    so good looking. Yoon Chan has a superb body, really manly. Glad to know that

  181. 181 : Deesar Says:

    Since the first encounter between Yoon Chan and Hana, I’ve rooted for this couple. I dont think Hana really loves Do Hyun. She only having her first crush, which is understanable consider they were living together as roomates. Yoon Chan from the start seeing Hana as a woman and secretly fall in love with her. Just that he did not have a good chance to be her more, unlike Do hyun. Yoon Chan always come to her rescue whenever she facing difficulties, so much so his ties with his Chairman (father) is severed because of Hana. Just finished episode 67 and I hope to see more of them together. Really love to see them, cute chemistry between them and both are good looking. Yoon Chan has a superb body, really nice and manly. Kudos to the writer for not listening to the suggestion that Hana should end up with Do Hyun ( which for me, his character is rather weak).

    so good looking. Yoon Chan has a superb body, really manly. Glad to know that

  182. 182 : Ainul Says:

    Hi all’s…. i really like this drama… this drama soooo greattt!!!!
    I love Do Hyun’s sister and I love YOON CHAN ehhehehe.. but I hate Ragong’s mother & grandmother forever n ever (sudah tua tapi tak sedar diri yukk!!!) ….. Hate Ragong & Rahee too…..

  183. 183 : Julie Says:

    Screen writer should write more realistic scripts. The actors’ talents are wasted. The characters are made to look stupid.

  184. 184 : blue Says:

    Stupid drama&director..the ending is too forcing&really doesn’t make sense at all..the ending should be hana did not choose any one either dhoyoen or yoon chan since both of them are brothers with the same father who wants to kill hana..if the director wants the drama is happy ending then hana&dhoyoen should be couple to prove to the audience that true love needs big sacrifice & dhoyoen has given more sacrifice ( till he dares to betray his own father only for hana) than yoon chan who is only stand by her side..so akward seeing hana&yoonchan together, does not match at all..they shouldbe brother&sister lah..& it seems look yoon chan steels his own brother’s girl friend haiyaa come on director next time make more realistic drama lah..do not make the audience dissapointed watching hundreds episodes with stupid ending…

  185. 185 : Ann Rahim Says:

    Watched the final episode of this drama last night and it definitely didn’t dissappoint me. I was extremely elated Jang Ha Na finally realises Han Yoon Chan (Lee Tae Gon has such a suave persona) was the man she loved that I found myself sobbing!! Call me a romantic fool. DEESAR’s comment (Oct 28) completely echoed my sentiments about Ha Na and Yoon Chan as I had so badly wanted them to end up together.

    It was sheer agony and nauseating to have to watch those lovey-dovey scenes between Ha Na and the wimpy Sul Do Hyun and his annoyingly “spaced-out” expression and crying after each “flash back” that I had to switch channel during those moments. And what’s with Do Hyun’s forever glossy lips?

  186. 186 : syaenordin Says:

    I like this drama very much, but little bit disappointed about the ending…because i like/hope hana and do yun being together. but its ok la… Anyway, this drama give many lessons and value to us about life. Don’t be a bad people and disturb anyone life for our priorities. love hana…

  187. 187 : PauO Says:

    Great storyline…moral of d story…dont b greedy. Respect d elders
    n not to be selfish. Hard works really pays off.

  188. 188 : ESRA Says:

    so good drama.. like all the actors and actress. drama of my life

  189. 189 : jojo Says:

    I strongly agreed wit Blue 🙂 this drama could be d best drama of d year. (hehe..) The storyline was awesome n all d actors n actress were superb! they all professionally executed their role.. Making viewers like us smile, angry, super happy, supper mad n etc.. DAEBAK! juz dat d ending really anticlimax n downhill! if reallyTae goon is d lead role should show thier sweet moments together. But instead Do hyeon which actually i love d scenes them him wit Hana.. can see d chemistry of both of them. Episode 100 should be d ending.. d drama should tell viewers first love does last forever n its worth defend n fight for like wat do hyeon did at ep 80-100. but since he is not d lead role he has to let go han… sad.. i do hope for GDH 2nd series.. show happy ending hana n do hyeon 😉

  190. 190 : Jac Says:

    Hope will get drama of the year.
    Great casts, Hana sis play great supporting role. Good ending for YC & HN

  191. 191 : Sylvia Says:

    I’m at 54 n watching this drama. Great drama. Writer did an excellent job. The cast was great. I truly hated, despised the family who so wrongfully took over and ran out the present familly. They saw no wrong in what they did. However it clearly showed the faith of the wronged family even though they lied to return back. It shows the strength n desire as well as belief n karma. Great actors….they did their job well . I’m not 1 to hate but this family, especially the daughter who thks she’s actually blood family goes about her jealousy. Hate is a strong word but it suits this witch of a family. I’ve been watching nothing but korean asian dramas. Our American dramas r too trashy. They feel it’s all about sex, nudity to sell. There’s nothing left to the imagination. AsIan dramas leave it up to our imagination. Thk you

  192. 192 : Shanfy Says:

    good drama to watch

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