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A Thousand Kisses

Title: 천번의 입맞춤 / Chunbuneui Ibmatchoom / A Thousand Kisses
Chinese Title: 千次的吻
Genre: Romance
Episodes: 50
Broadcast network: MBC
Broadcast period: 2011-Aug-20 to 2012-Feb-05
Air time: Saturday & Sunday 20:40


A drama that deals with the age differences in relationships. Woo Joo Young and Jang Woo Bin explore the older woman-younger man relationship whereas Jang Woo Jin and Joo Young’s younger sister, Joo Mi, deal with the huge age gap between them


Seo Young Hee as Woo Joo Young
Lee Do Yun as Joo Young (child)
Ji Hyun Woo as Jang Woo Bin
Ryu Jin as Jang Woo Jin
Kim So Eun as Woo Joo Mi

Extended Cast

Cha Soo Yun as Han Yoo Kyung
Shim Hyung Tak as Park Tae Kyung
Lee Soon Jae as Jang Byung Doo
Cha Hwa Yun as Yoo Ji Sun
Goo Seung Hyun as Park Chan Noh
Kim Chang Sook as Min Ae Ja
Jung Ga Eun as Jang Hye Bin
Jung Jae Soon as Yum Jung Soon
Son Ji Hyun as Jang Soo Ah
Ban Hyo Jung as Cha Kyung Soon
Lee Mi Young as Oh Bok Joo
Lee Ja Young as Yang Joon Hee
Kim Chang Wan as Jang Byung Shik
Yoon Doo Joon as Yoon Ki Joon (cameo)
Jung Da Hye
Uhm Hyun Kyung as Mira (Cameo)

Production Credits

Chief Producer: Choi Yong Won
Producer: Oh Sung Min (오성민)
Director: Yoon Jae Moon
Screenwriter: Park Jung Ran


2011 MBC Drama Awards: Golden Acting Award (Serial Drama), Actress (Cha Hwa Yun)
2011 MBC Drama Awards: Excellence Award (Serial Drama), Actor (Ji Hyun Woo)

Episode Ratings

Date Episode Nationwide Seoul
2011-08-20 1 7.9 (19th) 9.2 (15th)
2011-08-21 2 8.9 (18th) 9.6 (17th)
2011-08-27 3 8.0 (13th) 9.5 (13th)
2011-08-28 4 6.9 (<8.6)
2011-09-03 5 8.4 (16th) 9.6 (16th)
2011-09-04 6 9.3 (16th) 10.6 (15th)
2011-09-10 7 8.2 (18th) (<7.9)
2011-09-11 8 6.2 (<8.5)
2011-09-17 9 7.8 (20th) 9.2 (14th)
2011-09-18 10 9.3 (16th) 11.5 (12th)
2011-09-24 11 8.1 (15th) 9.9 (12th)
2011-09-25 12 9.5 (15th) 11.7 (11th)
2011-10-01 13 8.7 (15th) 10.4 (11th)
2011-10-02 14 7.8 10.1 (15th)
2011-10-08 15 7.9 (14th) 8.2 (16th)
2011-10-09 15 7.1 (<8.7)
2011-10-15 17 7.9 (19th) 8.7 (17th)
2011-10-16 18 7.7 (<9.1)
2011-10-22 19 7.5 (20th) 8.4 (18th)
2011-10-23 20 7.1 9.3 (19th)
2011-10-29 21 10.4 (11th) 13.4 (8th)
2011-10-30 22 10.5 (13th) 12.5 (11th)
2011-11-05 23 9.3 (14th) 11.6 (9th)
2011-11-06 24 11.3 (10th) 12.1 (12th)
2011-11-12 25 10.2 (7th) 11.8 (7th)
2011-11-13 26 9.5 (14th) 11.3 (10th)
2011-11-19 27 8.8 (15th) 9.1 (17th)
2011-11-20 28 10.1 (13th) 11.7 (10th)
2011-11-26 29 11.1 (9th) 12.8 (9th)
2011-11-27 30 11.0 (9th) 12.7 (9th)
2011-12-03 31 12.6 (7th) 14.4 (7th)
2011-12-04 32 11.1 (9th) 13.1 (8th)
2011-12-10 33 10.5 (9th) 12.1 (8th)
2011-12-11 34 11.4 (9th) 13.1 (8th)
2011-12-17 35 12.1 (10th) 12.1 (8th)
2011-12-18 36 11.5 (10th) 12.5 (11th)
2011-12-24 37 9.8 (15th) 10.4 (13th)
2011-12-25 38 12.0 (9th) 12.9 (8th)
2011-12-31 39 11.6 (6th) 13.0 (4th)
2012-01-01 40 13.3 (6th) 15.2 (6th)
2012-01-07 41 11.6 (9th) 13.2 (9th)
2012-01-08 42 11.3 (11th) 12.2 (10th)
2012-01-14 43 12.1 (8th) 13.1 (8th)
2012-01-15 44 12.3 (10th) 13.2 (9th)
2012-01-21 45 10.1 (8th) 10.8 (7th)
2012-01-22 46 8.2 (11th) 9.4 (9th)
2012-01-28 47 10.3 (10th) 10.9 (7th)
2012-01-29 48 11.4 (10th) 12.2 (8th)
2012-02-04 49 10.0 (14th) 11.0 (10th)
2012-02-05 50 12.4 (9th) 14.4 (8th)

Source: TNmS Media Korea

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  1. 1 : Cathrine Maparura via Facebook Says:

    cnt wait 2 watch.

  2. 2 : lucky Says:

    that’s good …when come in Indonesia…..?

  3. 3 : Raven Villa via Facebook Says:

    Never seen it

  4. 4 : Pamela Loria via Facebook Says:

    ows! their never seen it its funny…………!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. 5 : Pamela Loria via Facebook Says:

    bobo k

  6. 6 : mimi Says:

    SYH is a beauty! She played Sohwa in Queen Seondeok which I just finished watching. Looking forward to this one.

  7. 7 : Ema Norz via Facebook Says:

    whats channel n time??

  8. 8 : Pebru Nyauw via Facebook Says:


  9. 9 : Vicky Juan via Facebook Says:

    sana ch.7 kya lng airing pa cya korea

  10. 10 : Pepsoo Vyaas via Facebook Says:

    This one will be awesome . M not ganna miss this one.

  11. 11 : loona Says:

    i like hyun woo.. he is so adorable in invisible lee pyung kang..gonna add this drama in my watch list..

  12. 12 : joon hyo ong Says:

    I wanna see Ryu jin’s new drama. when come in Indonesia ?

  13. 13 : OK OK OK Says:

    Seo Young Hee & Kang Hye Jung of Miss Ripley look so alike to me. A little disappointed that Ji Hyun Woo (1 of my fav actor) partner with her. She look a little old & mature for him even they are just 3 yrs + diff of age. 🙁

  14. 14 : eQ Says:

    Ji hyun woo oppa, can’t wait to see your acting again..
    Hopely this drama could be greatest..
    Love u

  15. 15 : Niia Ipung Kuniia via Facebook Says:


  16. 16 : Cheese Says:

    Just remember his acting on the bird of billionaire.. So cutee 😉

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  18. 18 : yay kdramas Says:

    OMG cnt wait to watch! Kim So Eun is such a good actress and she’s so beautiful, I literally cnt wait to see her in a new drama! This is a strong cast too. Kim So Eun!! Cnt wait til broadcast! Saturday come faster

  19. 19 : Nadia Says:

    Can’t wait to see RyuJin couple with Kim so eun.

  20. 20 : Ciko Micky via Facebook Says:

    I like this…

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  22. 22 : Hermes Handbags Says:

    Ji hyun woo oppa, can’t wait to see your acting again..
    Hopely this drama could be greatest..
    Love u

  23. 23 : nanioo chan Says:

    really love this drama.. can’t wait the next episode… thank u..

  24. 24 : Ndhi Ndhi Shelalu Adha via Facebook Says:

    phemainnya i like this….

  25. 25 : Rizki Fatmala via Facebook Says:

    김소은 언니..
    보고시퍼 !!!

  26. 26 : gingee Says:

    Hey I really like the sister and cousin pairin up, wowwww, ummm so wat
    if theres an age gap, this is not the first time huneee, go RyuJin and
    Kim so eun yayyy

  27. 27 : atoosa Says:

    i love this drama its really beautifull and full of reality , i like it because it doesnt have anything unbelievable. i hope that the ratings would go higher soon

  28. 28 : meerdjuice Says:

    hope this may be my second best drama til now…it do looks interesting, as if that the reality is very painful to bear…aja…chukkae….it would be best if the drama may be seen with the english subtitle is updated at a soonest….can’t wait to see the ep 5…please look into it….kummawo

  29. 29 : meerdjuice Says:

    can someone please tell me the ost title sang by just….

  30. 30 : cubitusebby Says:

    in indonesia: airing on ktv (indovision). i’ve just watched it. interesting..

  31. 31 : maja Says:

    i super love this drama..love ji hyun woo and seo young hee, good looking couple…this drama is definitely one of my favorites ….i hope the eng sub will catch up with the episodes..it is actuallly 10 days late….

  32. 32 : belle Says:

    i think it would be better if they just concentrate on the relationship of joo young and woo bin and how this progresses with of course getting support from other cast …as it is now, the story focuses on too many couples in fact 3 couples including the father of woo jin and his stepmother and the other couple woo jin and joo mi…it actually gets to be boring…maybe thats why ratings are down…in some instances , the lead couple joo young and woo bin are just shown at the start and end of an episode…hope they act on this concern.. maybe just maybe their rating might go up…this drama has a potential..it has a nice story…

  33. 33 : meerdjuice Says:

    please provide the ost….

  34. 34 : meerdjuice Says:

    I love to hear the both release OST….please download into mediafire…..OMG i’m addicted to this drama….jaebal…..!!!!

  35. 35 : Ridhwan Ramlee via Facebook Says:


  36. 36 : hanif Says:

    I started watch this yesterday after being amazed by the good looking cast. The theme resembled another Korean Film “Hello, Schoolgirl”. But in the end, I was dissappointed with the dialog and acting. I don’t know, is it because un-perfect viki sub or I just find the dialog seems “Been There, Done That”. I’m still watching up to eps 2, I hope the story, acting, dialogue get better.

    Try to learn from excelent 54 eps drama Twinkle2. It has standard story but come with excellent acting, dialogue and even smart twist.

  37. 37 : Film Drama Korea A Thousand Kisses | All About Information Says:

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  38. 38 : loona Says:

    Where is the rating?

  39. 39 : iman Says:


  40. 40 : belle Says:

    i am sooo addicted to this drama …woo bin and joo young make cute couple…ji hyun woo is so sweet…i love his smiling eyes…gonna watch this till episode 50…

  41. 41 : meerdjuice Says:

    I’ve just saw the ep 8…wow so suprising that i’m become addicted to it…please update the drama & subs at the soonest….kamsahamnida….well done….fighting….chukkhae….

  42. 42 : iman Says:

    great couple !

  43. 43 : Crissy Says:

    Love this drama. I can’t wait for the new epi each time, it takes too long cos it’s a weekend drama. Love both couples, each couple has incredible chemistry and different charisma in acting. I’m glad there’s a variety in love R/S for me to watch, makes it more interesting. Love all the leads.

  44. 44 : yay kdramas Says:

    totally lovin this drama although i started watching this for the Joo Mi and woo Jin relationship I have honestly fell in love with both love stories. the main love story is so nice and so is the side love story. I really hope that the two sisters dnt fight later on in the drama because of the guys they like anyway i’m on ep 8 and I cnt wait for ep9

  45. 45 : mersede Says:

    i love this drama …cant wait for the rest of it

  46. 46 : finae C Says:

    gonna love to watch.but still dun have time..anyway korea drama is the most i like than other.

  47. 47 : yamin Says:

    We’ll wait so long for the end as there are 50 Episodes.We love to watch the second supporting couple not the main couple.

  48. 48 : meerdjuice Says:

    this drama become more curious on what would be happened on the next episode as i’ve seen ep 10…both couple became more attached to each other…but then will the secret will be reveal…hope it only after woo jin & joo mi married…can’t wait for the ep 11 with eng subs…a bit disapointed that the subs is only updated after a week…can’t it be as soonest..since the drama is having a lot of viewer, although i’ts only airing on the weekend….

  49. 49 : crazyme Says:

    my fave character is woo bin…i love everything about him.i’m looking forward for the next eps..

  50. 50 : maja Says:

    me too i love everything about woo bin…smiling eyes…i love to see the main couple in more scenes…

  51. 51 : soleil Says:

    I am totally addicted with this drama, waiting impatiently for the next eng sub episodes. Love the chemistry between both couples and Chan Noh so cute.

  52. 52 : Barbara Rosado Crespo via Facebook Says:

    this drama is beatiful I like

  53. 53 : jade Says:

    I am watching this drama because of Woo Jin & Joo Min.

  54. 54 : jade Says:

    I am only watching this drama because of Woo Jin and Joo Min

  55. 55 : elma Says:

    first epi of this dama love right away the STP…I have neve expected Ryu Jin to be this entertaining..tho I also like the OTP I love more the STP…I hope they give more time scenes on this 2 (woo jin and joo mi) Iam going to watch this all the way even tho its 50 epi…I hope they have more subbers..they are always a wk bihind when it comes to subbing….anyway we still wait thank so much

  56. 56 : kysha Says:

    One of the best dramas of 2011! The ratings does not do justice to this excellent drama!

  57. 57 : info Says:

    thanks for the trailers and drama info!

  58. 58 : janice Says:

    I LOVE this drama. It is my favorite for 2011. I wish it was subbed quicker. I love both couples, but Woo Bin and Joo Young are my favorites. I don’t understand why it is not rated higher. People are missing out on a great show.

  59. 59 : urtheone Says:

    i love woo bin….but i hate his mother xd

  60. 60 : carisse Says:

    i want to watch this but my source of korean dramas are limited…..haaayzt i really love korean drama their the best…

  61. 61 : jinjoo Says:

    i really got hooked watching this drama & also was surprised that the rating isn’t that high in spite of its being a good drama for 2011! i luv the woo bin & Joo young — they’re soooooper sweet & aside from that i’ve been a huge fan of Ryu Jin…he cracked me when he came to see Joo’s friends & wore those 20 something look hahaha he’s so cute!

    a lot of ppl don’t know what they’re missing if they haven’t watched this one! i agree with kysha here, the ratings doesn’t do justice to this drama & i second that! on mysoju it’s no. 1 on their list of most watched! i can’t wait for the nxt episode, usually i tend to be turned of when the drama is longer than 30 but with this one, i even wished it won’t end at 50 LOL! it’s soooo good!

  62. 62 : jinjoo Says:

    oooppps i got it all wrong with names i meant to say Jang woo & Woo Jo min couple, they have more zing to the drama compared to Woo bin & Joo Young!

  63. 63 : Sischa Leci Cndtamerah via Facebook Says:


  64. 64 : maja Says:

    this is a really nice drama…the best that i’ve actually watched…but it’s not rating very well…i wonder what koreans prefer to watch? Ojakgyo brothers gets very high ratings but it really really bores me..

  65. 65 : aivlys Says:

    i really love this drama. for me it’s my number 1 korean drama this year. For those who dont watch this you miss 1/3 of your life..

    I dont care about the rating of this drama what matters most is that this drama is something unique and every episode has its twist.

    I salute all the cast , the writter and the director of this drama. But most of all i salute all the viewers who love and hooked just like me in this beautiful, lovely, great and meaningful drama series i’ve ever seen.

    i just hope that the uploader will continue upload this drama as soon as possible. but anyway thank you very much for all your effort in subbing this… we love you subbers and uploaders… GOd bless. Keep it up…..

  66. 66 : katita Says:

    avilys… what you were writing that is true, I feel the same. I really like this drama and this is true that is the best drama in this year. And thank you for subbers and uploaders….. please keep to do it for us .

  67. 67 : Mic Says:

    Normally in Korean drama, there is one vicious, jealous, annoying second female or male lead. In this drama, there are three annoying vicious women!!! The ex-girlfriend, the sister and the mistress!

  68. 68 : annmasae Says:

    i love woo bin!!! he was great in Becoming a Billionaire/The Birth of the Rich too. he’s kind of rough around the edges but very sexy.

  69. 69 : harya Says:

    good lack drama korea

  70. 70 : meerdjuice Says:

    as i’ve expected this drama will be loved by all korean dramas, well guys & gal be ready to watch the climax as it is coming around the corner, the reality of status is really can been seen in this drama that it is not easy for a “divorcee” to be accepted in any family, although they’ve knew the reason of the divorce. why must a divorcee been looked down…they are human being too….the sad part is coming…..!!!!

  71. 71 : Janice Goh- Malaysia Says:

    I am impressed with this drama because of woo bin and joo young, I hope they can be accepted and live blissfully forever… Look forward to seeing the following episodes and wondering how is the end of the story…I would like to give appraiser to woo bin as his image suits him very much, he is really smart and handsome; Joo young is very gorgeous too. They are really a perfect match. Woo bin’s love towards joo young has really touched my heart, fighting woo bin! Must be blissful ya…

  72. 72 : briancozy Says:

    Hello all my friend who love korea drama. Love to tell you about RA ONE movie from India. It’s great movie and in level hollywood standard ever see. Never done in india. PLEASE WATCH my friend…:High tekhnology and musical movie, will great to see. Showing in korea at 400 theater.

  73. 73 : Moo Says:

    The ratings does not do justice to this excellent drama! Such a shame.

  74. 74 : kdramalover Says:

    I really love this drama… just can’t wait till all the new episodes to be subbed.

  75. 75 : JasonB Says:

    this drama isn’t doing that well in Korea but it’s #1 on most major on-line sites as the top drama… i guess people from overseas really have good taste eh…

    its better than Ojakgyo Brothers… way much better storyline!!!


  76. 76 : CARMEN-PHL Says:

    this is a nice drama…..am enjoying it so much……more power…..thanks

  77. 77 : akira Says:

    Do this drama in indonesia ?

  78. 78 : gingee Says:

    This is such a great drama, enjoyin very much. so much chemistry in d two couples, love the storyline. That crazy mom, and so call future daughter inlaw are trippin. Man get over yourself, gees give it up!!!, so in denial.

  79. 79 : Mic Says:

    This is getting too melodrama for my taste. Can’t continue to watch anymore.

  80. 80 : Nyein Chan RuthCr. Says:

    I’m very eagerly to know what will happen in the end?THUMPS UP FOR THIS DRAMA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  81. 81 : meerdjuice Says:

    seriously i’ve becoming addicted to this drama…almost every week can’t wait for download…anyway can anyone inform me the song title that been sing by Ji Hyun Woo aka Jang Woo Bin via guitar on EP 12 part 3 coz from youtube there was no title mentioned on the full version of the song…please someone…or anybody who have/had heard the song….it’s a really nice song….

  82. 82 : EssPee Says:

    This is a good drama, as it touches on what’s really happening around us. However, I feel this is way too co-incidental – (common in most K-dramas) – where do you find the in-law is the actual mother of the daughter-in-law (joo mi), the soon-to-be-daughter-in-law is the mother-in-law’s brother’s daughter?? I feel that this is heading for a major showdown, and the ending may not be what the viewers want. There is another drama, also touching on divorces – Hooray for Love, and frankly, I prefer that one because of a little girl’s acting which relieves the tension. Overall, great acting by everyone!!

  83. 83 : FLOR Says:

    ……CUTE AND NICE!..This is a good drama, as it touches on what’s really happening around us. However, I feel this is way too co-incidental – (common in most K-dramas) – where do you find the in-law is the actual mother of the daughter-in-law (joo mi), the soon-to-be-daughter-in-law is the mother-in-law’s brother’s daughter?? I feel that this is heading for a major showdown, and the ending may not be what the viewers want. There is another drama, also touching on divorces – Hooray for Love, and frankly, I prefer that one because of a little girl’s acting which relieves the tension. Overall, great acting by everyone!!

  84. 84 : FLOR Says:

    ……CUTE AND NICE dRAma!..i really,really like it…how is it going?
    I feel that this is heading for a major major showdown, and the beginning may not be what the viewers want. There is another drama, also touching on divorces – woooohayyyyy!….love it for Love, frankly and honestly i salute you….more power to you….

  85. 85 : ma. rica lanzuela Says:

    _…i love it very much….hoooorayyyy!…..thats all….thank you!…

  86. 86 : ma. rica lanzuela Says:


  87. 87 : ericka elpedang :-) Says:

    oh my God.. i reLi love it talaga! nice cast and supah cute pah.. hope my part 2 hahaa..

  88. 88 : ANAROSE DEYTO :-) Says:


  89. 89 : ana chan Says:

    …._is your drama a drug?….

    cause i’m really get addicted to it…

  90. 90 : clare Says:

    I really really love this drama, the best drama of 2011 in my opinion, the reason i see this dram is because of seo young hee and ji hyun woo, there look so good as a couple on screen and their chemistry is amazing!
    Seo Young Hee is very beautiful and when she is with Ji hyun woo on screen, seeing them just melt my heart.
    Do watch this, I am enjoying every minute of it, only the scenes of Woo Bin and Joo Young.

  91. 91 : lexiclayrullman Says:

    Woobin is plain UGLY>>> his teeth are jacked up big time… come one people where are your eyes…

  92. 92 : titik Says:

    addicted by this drama and love JY-WB couple.

  93. 93 : tori Says:

    i love this drama too but honestly there too many secrets and i have a feeling wjy, will be pregnant

  94. 94 : tori Says:

    what i dont get is. if they both made up their minds to break up why did they spend the night at a hotel , i guess the writer plans to use this night as an excuse why they would have to get back together, ,

  95. 95 : tori Says:

    i can”t stand woobin , she is arrogant ,disrespectfull and rude and is not for any thing i want her son to get married just so she get hurt, like the way she keeps hurting every one , and i wish she would pay more attention to her inresponsible daughter who does nothing but party she needs to get a life and an a man as well

  96. 96 : annmasae Says:

    love the actor who plays woobin!!!
    he has a lot of charm and appeal!!!

  97. 97 : jean Says:

    Okay, but if the nose bleed is any indication of things to come because they are usually bad omens, and she dies, I’m never watching another KDRAMA again. Besides, this drama is crawling with mean women. That gets tiring.

  98. 98 : HKgal Says:

    what happened? I cannot watch it anymore in pps and youtube so slow in uploading. Where can I watch it in HK?
    Pls help cos I love this drama!!!!

  99. 99 : zibOo Says:

    lup Jang Woo jin character…so cool
    Ryu jin…saranghae

  100. 100 : torri Says:

    i dont thinks the nose bleeding means she is sick ,i think she is working her self too much and if she faints or someting like that then they shall fine out she is pregnant because am very sure she is and am also sure that will be the only way the writer will get them back together because thats mum drives nuts , with her meaness, and arrogance, and for now i cant stand the guy in the wheel chair , for some reason he things he is the law , and he comes up all this stupid orders that his son should get a dirvoce for now am so mad at the whole thing, i love this drama but for my oown peace of mine i thinki i will just wait still when the drama is complete that way am not too fustrated with the characters

  101. 101 : Mouts_chan Says:

    Realy realy love woo jin and joo min. KSE i realy enjoy ur acting even u are the second main in this drama…

  102. 102 : janice Says:

    The writers are ruining this show that started out so beautifully. They had a winner and they’re turning it into a loser. They’ve completely changed Woo Bin’s character. He would never have done anything to hurt Joo Young, especially with his ex-girlfriend. He knew what she was and how she has and continues to treat Joo Young. Where do these people see Joo Young and Joo Mi’s Mother as such a great person. I just don’t get it. If she is the epitomy of a good mother, I wouldn’t want to be one. The best thing is for them to send Woo Bin, his ex-girlfriend, his mama and his sister to America. At least here, we could tell them where to go. Woo Bin doesn’t deserve Joo Young. Her love didn’t die like his did. He deserves to be in misery with his ex-girlfriend. Sorry for venting, but I’m just fed up.

  103. 103 : torri Says:

    @ janice ,
    thank god someone thinks like me , i agree to every thing you say, i just can stand woo bin mother she drive me crazy and his ex girlfriend makes me sick she is a comlete loser, and woo bin sister just robs me the wrong way , u are right those 3 need to move to the us, am so frustated too with the crap, but then again i cant stop watching want see what happens at the end

  104. 104 : ju Says:

    I also agreed that woo bin’s character has changed. How could he just started a relation with his ex when he still thinks of jooyoung. What about his solid love for her in the beginning, even though they have broke up now. The scriptwriter has totally changed his character . I dont look so forward to watch this show like before because of the relationship that is going on between woobin and his ex girlfriend.

  105. 105 : torri Says:

    well guys , am not giving up yet in fact am counting on the one night stand woo bin had with his girlfriend before they broke up , am sure she will be pregnant , that is my only hope now i hope the writer does not dissapiont me because to me that is the only way they can end up together because woo bin mother will never say yes to them other wise ,

  106. 106 : shirley Says:

    i agree with you torri! and am pretty will be happy if they (woo bin and joo young) will end up together, to think that they have an affair before they broke up. Hopefully the writer/director will make them up and make Joo Young pregnant in the end, hahahha it will be nice! and his Ex-friend what was her name? she’s so annoying and disgusting. . .

  107. 107 : shirley Says:

    i agree with you torri! and am pretty will be happy if they (woo bin and joo young) will end up together, to think that they have an affair before they broke up. Hopefully the writer/director will make them up and make Joo Young pregnant in the end, hahahha it will be nice! and his Ex-gfriend what was her name? she’s so annoying and disgusting. . .

  108. 108 : torri Says:

    Hey guys, i watch ep 41/42 last night i think the guy in wheel chair will forgive his wife because it seem she id sick with all the nose bleeding i home she does die , i guess the writer is going to use this illness to make her husband realise how important she is to him and whats with the divoce , , that old man is mean , and his brat of a daught i cants stand that littel brat she talks down her sister/sister inlaw, if i was in her sister place i will bit the shit out of her considering she is partly responsible for the miscarriage after pushing her down the stairs, i just cant stand that little girl , and i love the short guy who wants woo bin sister i mean i like the fact that he trys to show off his good qualities and at the same make her feel ignorant and less smart , i like that , but i feel so bad for woo bin the guy is in pain , he cant stoping thinking about his ex , and he cant stand the present ex touching him , i feel his pain and his dad is the best tellinh him not to let his mother force into any thing except he is ready that is a realy dad

  109. 109 : Hen Says:

    I’m so glad I found this site…and someone to agree with about this drama.
    I was hooked after the first episode. [watching on MBC America channel]. I have traveled all over the internet following the most recent episodes—first raw and then subbed.
    But OMG, it has become so painful to watch.
    I agree with Janice, Jan 16th comments. Hey, writers! When I tune in for a “love story” I expect to see a couple—in love—together: fighting to get together and fighting to stay together. The constant in that scenario is that the couple is “together”. The writers have turned this great couple [Woobin and Juyoung] into the saddest two people on the planet. That was OK, for a while for dramatic effect—but now it is just painful to watch. Woobin has morphed into some pathetic creature that we can hardly recognize—manipulated by a selfish, dominating mother and a vindictive ex. If she was so in love with Woobin, why did it take her three years to go after him?
    Why is the mother so wrapped up in her brother’s 20-year old affair? Without her hate, no one would even know. Hey, if they kill off Woobin’s mother…! I think it was Juyoung’s grandmother who remarked that that family had “weak men” that were so easily manipulated by women. I guess the sister [Woobin’s mother] got all the testosterone in that family.
    ..And those sisters. Woojin’s sister is 20 going on 12—and as selfish as a 2 year old. Woobin’s sister is obviously 30+ and the greatest example of “wasted space” I’ve seen. I was waiting for her to develop some kind of personality. I mean most sisters are loyal to their brothers—but not these two.
    I also agree with Torri, Jan 11th comment, “for my own peace of mine I think I will just wait until the drama is complete that way I am not too frustrated with the characters”. Last episodes watched were 40 subbed and 44 raw. I’m afraid to watch any more.

  110. 110 : torri Says:

    @HEN , hahahahahaha i love you comments every thing you said was well said about the characters in this drama especaily about woo bin mother and sister you just make laugh with all comments thanks i guess all will get better for woo bin

  111. 111 : vayz Says:

    What started out as a beautiful drama dragged on to be just disappointing and frustrating. Do some parents in Korea, specially mothers, think they own their children? As if they are their possession? I hope it is just in the drama not in real life..

  112. 112 : tessie Says:

    I started and got addicted to this drama until the show started to dragged on. I decided to stopped watching it, wait until it is done, and then go back to the shows that I missed, fast forward on the boring scenes and just see how it ended. That is how much I am frustrated on how this drama turns out.

  113. 113 : Sandra H. Says:

    Hi… I fully agree… Why change Woo Bin character ?? Just don’t understand why ??

  114. 114 : Suzy Says:


    what about woo jin and joo mi? hows their relationship going? would appreciate if you could provide a quick update!! thankss

  115. 115 : Lexi Says:

    WJ and JM are still going strong.. he loves her a lot and will not break up with her despite what the father wants.. they are still very happy but her mother is very sick so they’ve been very focus on her.

    i love this couple.. they are so cute together.. ahjussi is one hot Ken doll.

  116. 116 : Riki Says:

    This drama is so frustrating to watch. Woo Bin’s character is so weak. If he truly loves Joo Young, wouldnt he at least stayed faithful to their love instead of agreeing to marry his ex at such a hurry ? The last 10 episodes just centred around the mother’s sickness and the separation between the main couple is just too long.

    If i knew the story would be written this way, after the broke up, i should have stopped watching and just jumped to the last episode when it ended because it is so draggy and no new interesting development.

  117. 117 : Hen Says:

    Thanks, Lexi and Riki for the updates.
    I still don’t have the stomach to watch any new episodes and from what you say the writers are dead [don’t I wish]…set, that is, against appeasing the audience about the plight of [my] favorite couple, Woobin and Juyoung.
    You know, in my opinion, even if he [Woobin] “bolts” at the very end, and returns to Juyoung–it’s too little—too late.
    What could have been a great love story—is ruined….You see, it is my opinion, that the only thing they had to overcome as a couple was the “bad writers”.

  118. 118 : tessie Says:

    I totally agree with Hen. As I am writing this, the Episode Ratings is shown up to Episode 46 and the ratings started dropping from Episode 44. It means there are less people watching as the drama continuous to Episode 46.

  119. 119 : panamalady Says:

    well ladies i agree with everybody about this drama , but it takes to long to put the new episodes, and that ex girlfriend she is like apuppy begging for love this woman dont have pride,she really sicking me , and the guy is so stupid been manipulated by is ex grilfriend what a waste but i still love it ,

  120. 120 : panamalady Says:

    well ladies i agree with everybody about this drama , but it takes to long to put the new episodes, and that ex girlfriend she is like a puppy begging for love this woman dont have pride,she really sicking me , and the guy is so stupid been manipulated by is ex grilfriend what a waste but i still love it ,

  121. 121 : uniqueshop4u Says:

    I loved the second main character because they were so cute together and so perfectly as a husband and wife…woo jin and joo min, fighting!!! 🙂

  122. 122 : amaar Says:

    i liked this show so much in the begining, but now i just wanna pretend that when main couple got engaged this is the end and everybody happy, cause wht has happend after way too much on me, brrr

  123. 123 : janice Says:

    I agree with amaar. I just watched the ending. The screenwriter, Park Jung Ran, destroyed what could’ve been the best drama of 2011/2012. The beginning was brilliant, but it is like she gave up in the last 20 episodes. The supporting cast got more air time than the leads. I will never watch anything written by her again. In the end, they put a better spin on Woo Bin’s relationship with his ex-girlfriend than they did with the main female lead. They at least hugged. It is awful what she did to the main couple. They had such a beautiful story.

  124. 124 : SandraH Says:

    @janice : hi jance i totally agree with you …. it started out i love this drama and now i hate this drama …. wasted my time to watch it !!

  125. 125 : uniqueshop4u Says:

    This drama is about the relationship between parents and their children instead of the romance relationship between the ages different…such a wasted!!! 😛

  126. 126 : Mie Says:

    WAAAT? from what Janice said – I assume Joo-Young and Woo Bin did not end up together, if that’s the case – that’s a bummer!! tjey shoudl be together – they are not blood related anyway….. I haven’t finished watching the show yet, still on Episode 46. :(……

  127. 127 : luvtae Says:

    somebody please tell me what about the ending??? its happy end or sad end???

  128. 128 : ju Says:

    yes, really waste my time watching this drama. I expect woobin and jooyoung will end up together romantically. But the ending seem vague, leaving the viewers to guess.

  129. 129 : Bean Says:

    Bit of waste of my time watching. I guess they will be together as Woo Bin still keeps the wedding rings.

  130. 130 : Lacrima Says:

    So,Mr.Park Jung Ran ,where are those thousand kisses ? Did you lose them ? What a pity !

  131. 131 : Hen Says:

    I agree, the ending was so vague that you don’t know if they (1) became a romantic couple again or (2) just became comfortable seeing each other without “falling apart”.

    Hey, Park Jung Ran, I will probably have to debate whether to give any time to a drama that has your name as the writer…

    This was a really, big disappointment!

  132. 132 : Reni Oktora Says:

    I just watched the 29th episode and i wonder why they cant be together? is it becoz the lovely aunt is Joo young’s mother? or becoz the dark past of joo Young’s mother………….and why Woo bin leaves her? Ohhh,,this drama is so complicated…i dont think i can watch the rest of the episodes…its too frustrating

  133. 133 : Via Says:

    Hi all..I’m curious with this drama..initially I want to watch it..but seems the ending is very disappointed..but the initial episod is very good, right?
    If I want to watch it, better I watch from episod 1 to what episod?
    I just want to see the good part of this drama 🙂
    Can anyone give suggestion?

  134. 134 : Riki Says:

    This drama is very disappointing. But if u want to watch, just watch the 1st 35 episodes then jump to the last episodes. You wont miss much. Watching the rest of it is just too torturing. I am an anti fan to this drama.

  135. 135 : Yvonne Says:

    This is one of the best acting from Woo Bin…very heart-rending expressions never seen from a guy actor before. Very good.

    The ending is obvious…they met again and rekindle their deep love for each other. Of course I would have love to see a more obvious and happy ending then the last scene separated by a window display!

  136. 136 : Jae Hee's #1 Says:

    WOW! Ok, not even giving this drama a chance…the first 10 comments are not positive. Thank you everyone for your feedback!

  137. 137 : Mystisith Says:

    I must say i agree with the commenters here. Disappointing and painful : I would save only the 12 firsts episodes for the cute courting of the main OTP. The rest is torture. I watched it when airing, and i will never do that again for a long drama. Now i will wait to see if the all thing is good. God, so many hours wasted….

  138. 138 : Tilney Says:

    Gezzz… Is it an opened ending? I hate this ending.

  139. 139 : mochii Says:

    i have watched the final and i think joo young and woobin will end up together ..

  140. 140 : emilyrose Says:

    i’ve been in love with korea dramas eversince and i never miss one drama unless my husband brings me out to dinner and that makes me sad n bored

  141. 141 : LarnBrown Says:

    No good… and what’s with the repeat story line? Jinsu gets kicked out and disappears twice, and I feel like it’s the longest, most repetitive story EVER!!! I don’t care about the old couple. I’m watching it for the 1000 kisses… of which, there have been four. 🙁 No good (oh, I already said that…)! Seriously bad drama. I won’t make it to the end. Too lame. :/

  142. 142 : sabspeed Says:

    I finished episode 44 and am not happy reading comments that this has a vague ending. All the time invested. I like a good wrap-up ending like Secret Garden. I am willing to stop watching unless someone can convince otherwise. I’ll just imagine them happy together like in the promo pictures.

  143. 143 : nena Says:

    i hate the end…..really bad

  144. 144 : magsie Says:

    Of course they finally ended up together. Good series. Worth watching.

  145. 145 : Lois Cyprian Says:

    Love the story, young and old players do hope all will end up with who they want to be with, still asking can I get these storys on cd’s and where from HELP!!!!!!!!!

  146. 146 : sushi12 Says:

    Wanted to watch because there’s Kim so eun and Ryu jin(OMG THEY ARE ON THE SAME DRAMA AGAIN BUT LOVERS??!?!?!) but the comments made me not to watch it. Should i? O.O

  147. 147 : riki Says:

    The evil one goes unpunished and having a wonderful life and the female lead had to go through lots of hardship. The male lead character is weak did nothing to protect his love. The ending is open ended with no indication that they get back together. If you love this kind of story, there is no harm watching it.

  148. 148 : fennie Says:

    I am wondering why d guy can’t tell his mom h is former girl was fooling around after all she was torturing Woo young. I like the bad girls or boy get
    slapped and kicked in the shin too, for being so mean. Woo Young ex -husband, something wrong with his nose.

  149. 149 : zarima Says:

    can anyone please tell me if this kdrama is worth watching? coz this one is some of a long episodes and i dont want to waste my time and money (buying the original DVD of course)

    please those who watched this kindly post if the ending is just good or so so///

    KAaddict where were you i miz you on this site..

  150. 150 : winnie Says:

    I watched episode 45 earlier where Woo Bin agreed to marry yoo kyung. Now I dont have the energy to watch Ep 46. i agree with most of the earlier comments on being frustrated with story plot. to continue watching it migt be a wasteful time and disappointing especially. I think we all wanted to watch dramas hoping to see happy ending. This story is too long to make the viewers suffer.

  151. 151 : winnie Says:

    The other reason i enjoy watching Woo Bin is because i am reminded of Won Bin. They have very strong resemblance.

  152. 152 : winnie Says:

    i wonder why other people are confused if it’s a happy endidng. Please refer to the sub title ” and they live happily ever after”. Also when woo Bin got up from bending down, you will see their couple rings that were kept as pendant in his neck lace.

  153. 153 : 番茄葱葱 Says:

    ji hyun woo,fighting!!!

  154. 154 : Fransiska Says:

    I love this drama good chemistry between Woo bin & Joo young

  155. 155 : debby Says:

    What are romantic drama have ever watch pls keep it up

  156. 156 : lulu Says:

    I have enjoyed much, I’ve stated to call my brother oppa b’se of this teachable drama. fighting fighting

    keep it up guys

  157. 157 : FC Seoul - News Says:

    […] ;: Which Star Are You From (넌 어느 별에서 왔니-2006), No Limit (맨땅에 헤딩-2009), A Thousand Kisses (천 번의 입맞춤-2011~2012) Movie ;: Secret Romance (참을 수 없는-2010), Dancing Queen […]

  158. 158 : OK OK OK Says:


  159. 159 : Younes Says:

    Great movie thank you .

  160. 160 : Shellsbells Says:

    This really wasn’t worth the time wasted to watch it. I still wonder why it’s called 1000 kisses there were really none. The story was bland, and I wish I never came across this.

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