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A Good Supper

Title: 밥이 되어라 / A Good Supper
Also Known as: Be a Meal / Cook Rice
Genre: Family, Food
Episodes: 120 (To Be Confirmed)
Broadcast network: MBC
Broadcast period: 2021-Jan-11 to 2021-July-02
Air time: Monday to Friday 07:15pm


This is a drama that depicts the conflict and growth of Young Shin (Jung Woo Yun) who is born with the secret touch of authentic royal cuisine and the people around her.


Main Cast

Jung Woo Yun as Young Shin
Jae Hee as Jung Kyung Soo
Kwon Hyuk (권혁) as Park Jung Hoon
Kang Da Hyun (강다현) as Lee Da Jung
Jo Han Joon (조한준) as Jang Oh Bok

People around Young Shin

Nam Kyung Eup as Jong Kwon
Kim Hye Ok as Choi Sook Jung (Jong Kwon’s wife)
Byun Woo Min as Jong Soo (Jong Kwon’s younger brother)
Choi Soo Rin as Min Kyung (Jong Soo’s wife)
Eru as Sung Chan

People around Jung Hoon

Kim Young Ho as Park Kyung (Jung Hoon’s dad)

People around Da Jung

Oh Young Shil as Se Jin (Da Jung’s mom)
Kim Jung Ho (김정호) as Lee Won Soo (Da Jung’s dad)

People around Oh Bok

Kim Min Kyung as Maeng Soon (Oh Bok’s grandmother)
Han Jung Ho (한정호) as Yong Koo (Oh Bok’s uncle)


Ahn Nae Sang
Oh Seung Ah as department store VVIP customer (ep.1)

Production Credit

Production Company: MBC C&I
Chief Producer: Lee Hyung Sun
Director: Baek Ho Min
Screenwriter: Ha Chung Ok


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  1. 1 : annmasae Says:

    Watching this on Viki with English Subs.
    Great drama. First Episode was wonderful.
    Hope it doesn’t drag on like the normal Monday to Friday drama.
    Highly Recommended.

  2. 2 : Quantum nurse Says:

    I am looking forward to watch “A Good Supper”, with the leading actress Miss Ryu Hyo Young (Jung Woo Yun). She is a talented and lovely actress. I like her fresh and solid performance in “Golden Pouch”. Wish her well in all of her future endeavors.

  3. 3 : Sun Flower Says:

    All the children really did a great job in their roles. Kudo’s to them.

  4. 4 : Liemak Says:

    I am so please and impressed with actress Ryu Hyo Young (Jung Woo Yun)’s performance, she has matured as an artist and gives a continuing solid performance in “A Good Supper”. Bravo!

  5. 5 : Rose Says:

    The wicked witch is back —- Choi Su-Rin – (playing greedy Min-Kyeong) from Enemies From The Past. Time jump and she and her husband are still living with Sook Jung and her husband.

    Will miss the children, they are did such a super great job in their roles. They director or whoever did a terrific job in getting a group of great little children. Would have liked to see them a little longer they were all so darn cute.

  6. 6 : Daisy Says:

    Jo Han Joon (Ok Bok) looks like he lost weight. His cheeks are sunken in. He used to have fuller cheeks and his face looked better. Sometimes they get too skinny, they start looking anorexic.

  7. 7 : moonstar Says:

    YS – First day on the job at Royal Palace and she is starting trouble already for KS and Sook Jung. Think but don’t talk when you don’t know people. She has no idea what kind of women SJ and MK are like nor how their relationship is.

    YS is not used to how people act outside of her small tiny town where every seemed to get along with each other.

    YS working at the Royal Palace Restaurant is going to affect KS down the road.

  8. 8 : Butterfly Says:

    YS is a new employee. She should just do what she is told, be alert to what is going on around her and not be too aggressive. The other people just do their job and stay low key. YS needs to work there long enough to see the lay of the land instead. She is too naïve. She put her foot in the mud before she knew the relationship between MK and JS.

    JS should have not fired YS. Now the sister-in-law, Min-Kyeong, the other evil one will get rift of what she has been trying to find out if JS had a child some where along the line.

    JS will probably eventually fight to have Kyung-Soo take over the restaurant.

  9. 9 : Rose Says:

    I am only at Ep. 15 — was anything mentioned what O-Bok was doing all the time he was gone? Was he working or what? I know he mentioned the food at the diner was better than Seoul, but not much else so far has been said. Is he looking for a job or what??

    I like Yong Goo and how he worries about O-Bok. Han Jung-Ho (YG) this is his second drama.

    Jung Hoon needs to come forward and tell YS exactly how he feels about her. Wonder how many more episodes before JH tells her.

  10. 10 : Quantum Nurse Says:

    I really enjoy watching “A Good Supper” daily. It really likes watching a life story where they have crushes on their playmates while they are young, and also crushes on their high school mates while they are growing up. Eventually painful break ups and the intense suffering of loving someone. The actors/actresses are great in showing all emotions. I also appreciate all the Korean cuisines and dishes served on the program. It is so heartwarming. The only thing that bothers me is that no one pats the poor dog that lives in the Lee family household. The youngsters like the rabbit, I notice, but not that poor dog.

  11. 11 : Cynthia M Dillon Says:

    I love ,love, love ❤️ A Good Supper ,each episode has move me and has touch my heart very much.. ( From there sweet childhood to there adulthood.. ) As the story gets more intence , I can’t wait to see how the story unfold, however since now it seems with that they are all falling apart cause of Jung hoon love for Young Shin … Young Shin has always taken the back seat and now she has the right to be happy .. I’m just glad that Gyong Soo ,tells Young Shin that she has the right to be with Jung hoon… And to except his love .. I also like that the writers have made Jung hoon character a honest character that staraight out says his feeling without hiding it.. ( I also care about the dog who also stay tied up and no one ever play with it…)… I can only hope there happiness for Young Shin and Jong Hoon..

  12. 12 : annmasae Says:

    Lots of great comments. I enjoy all your posts so keep it coming.
    I love this drama and all the actors. I don’t normally follow the daily dramas because there are sooooo many episodes. This one is keeping my interest. I too am cheering Young Shin and Jong Hoon on. Fighting!!!

  13. 13 : Rose Says:

    Wow —- I don’t remember seeing a dog or a rabbit. Wonder why I am missing both of them??? I will have to pay more attention.

    Sook Jung is one “wicked” lady. Hope YS will be able to tear her down so that she looses everything. She ruined KS’s family, now she is trying to do the same thing with her 2nd husband’s family. While Jong-Soo and his wife were pilfering money from the restaurant, it is not as bad as what SJ had done.

    I wonder why Sung Chan sticks up for her. It is obvious they get along good. Wonder if SJ got Sung Chan the position at Royal Palace or was SC there before her????

    I love little O-Bok, he is such a cute little boy. Wonder why O-Bok’s parents left him with his grandmother. They left and never came back.

    I wonder why they didn’t list the children above with the adult actors?? They are in the drama pretty much and all doing a great job..

  14. 14 : David Says:

    I have to give the script writer credit for moving things along fairly fast, usually we have to wait until the last few episodes for the secrets to come out.

    So far by Ep. 19, we know what Sung Jook did to Kyung-Soo’s parents.

    And JH told DJ that he is in love with some one else. At least that was not dragged out for 100 episodes.

    Jong-Kwon and Park Kyeong Cheol meeting early on in the drama also. Plus KC taking JK to the dinner. Super great. Maybe JK will get some vibes of the greedy person he married. Now SJ lied to her husband that the money YS brought back was to adopt Kyung-Soo. Wow — she is a fast thinker.

  15. 15 : Daisy Says:

    In Ep. 20, Jong-Kwon mentioned something about “his son.” Who is JK’s son?? And where is he?? Does any one know? Maybe I missed something in the earlier episodes.

    One of JH’s problems when he was a boy, his father took him away from his mother to be spiteful. Mr. Park needed to realize JH needed his mother. Since he had JH, he should have at least had his son be able to talk to his mother when he wanted.

    JH should go visit his mother and spend some time with her. I am sure that would make her very happy. As JH said, DJ’s house made him feel like when he was living with his mother and father, so he gravitated to DJ. And from then on the people in the village expected DJ and JH to get married. JH should have told DJ in high school that he was only interested in her as a friend.

    Sung Jook is one piece of work.

  16. 16 : YDG Says:

    This is a must-watch drama. Nice one MBC.

  17. 17 : Maury Says:

    The script writer needs to start having Young Shin tell Kyung-Soo what her feelings are for Jung Hoon. Everyone is assuming, including JH, that YS likes JH. But by Ep. 29, she has not said one way or the other what her feelings are for JH. Nor, has she said she wants to leave the town she has been living in and move elsewhere.

    I don’t know why KS doesn’t find out exactly what YS thinks before he tells JH to move out of town with YS and giving him money for a place to live. JH did not take the money which was smart on his part.

    JH should have stepped up sooner and told DJ that he was only interested in her as a friend, not romantically. He unfortunately let it go too long. JH hides what he is thinking or feeling. He has hardly any communication with his father either. Under the circumstances where they divorced and JH was forced to live with his father, the father needed to spend time with JH and freely have more conversations with him.

    YS is lively and caring, but she so far has not come forward with what her feelings are for JH.

    All 4 of the young adults need to get some space and live their lives they way they want to and regroup years later when they become a bit more mature.

    Looking forward to Ep. 30 o see what YS tells DJ about leaving town with JH. I am sure YS will say “she is not leaving town any time soon.” She is trying to become a chef and she needs the time to concentrate on doing just that for the time being.

  18. 18 : Quantum Nurse Says:

    Wow, the youngsters have longer speaking lines than the adult Young Shin, Jung Hoon, Da Jung. I do hope Ok Bok will keep his composure and stay righteous and be a life long friend to Young Shing/Jung Hoon/ Da Jung. I always enjoy watching the “diner family” having supper together, even the third generation chae-bol Joon Young acknowledges how warm the “diner family” is, not like his family that always quarrel over matters all the time. A notable younger Young Shin’s elegant/gracious bow when she is wearing hanbok bowing to Grandma Maeng Soon and Uncle Yong Goo on the Lunar New Year, the child actress must have practiced a lot to bow so elegantly.

  19. 19 : Quantum Nurse Says:

    I must say, I am pleased the Jindo dog in the Lee Family looks healthy and alert. In some other Korean dramas, the dogs notably look lethargic and sleepy all the time. I wish some characters in “A Good Supper” will pat that Jindo dog once in a while or walk that Jindo dog.

  20. 20 : moonstar Says:

    What is with JH’s mother going to her ex-husband to tell him that she is sick???? Like where is her husband that she left her husband and JH for????? What did she expect Kyeong-Cheol to do??? Take her in and take care of her???

    YS and DJ are too chummy working at the restaurant. I don’t know if that is tolerated in a real restaurant kitchen. DJ relies on YS to help her out. She needs to fend for herself and learn on her own.

    Witch No. One, JS, I knew she was going to use DJ as a go between with YS. DJ better stay on her toes and not say too much to JS.

    KS and YS should operate a carry out food diner. Every one could help out. Maeng-Soon works in the market, she could sell their food there. And Kyeong Cheol works with planting. I could see that working. No one goes to the diner to eat except DJ, JH and O-Bok’s family. Now Jong-Kwon is going. Does any one pay for their meals??

    KS’s diner has a warm environment and this is a wonderful family drama. Kudo’s to the screenwriter/director, actors.

  21. 21 : George Says:

    What is wrong with YS???? SJ only asked for one recipe, why did YS give her the entire recipe book to save DJ from being fired.???? And YS didn’t even tell KS that she gave the recipe book to SJ!!! Will DJ appreciate what YS did for her??? NO. YS is always sacrificing for other people, she needs to start thinking and living for herself. YS is stupid not to make a life of her own. DJ is already showing her true colors that she wants to be completely separated from YS.

    I don’t know why DJ got a job at the Royal Palace anyway!!!

    JH should have cleared the air and told everyone that YS never knew that he liked her. And YS is not clear about her feelings for JH if she likes him or only considers him a friend. No communication.

    I can’t believe YS would accept being adopted by such an evil viper. And KS going along with that stupidity. On top of that Ms. Choi stole the credit for the beef recipe during the family dinner. Now SJ wants to steal her talent by adopting her. She is just disgusting. And idiot KS is going to allow that craziness and asked YS to do it. What kind of crap is that? KS is stupid as SJ was playing mind games with him and he fell for it.

  22. 22 : Rose Says:

    I don’t’ like that way Maeng-Soon treats Yong Goo. I like YG – he is a kind person. This is his second drama. It would be nice for him to have a girlfriend — he is eyeing the girl in the market.

    This drama is now going in circles. SJ, MK, DJ, YS. Why does KS keep going back to see Ms Choi?? He should just tell her to go to hell.

    I wish there would be another girl that could be introduced in to the drama for O-Bok. He is too good for DJ.

    Does anyone know the name of the song when the drama ends? I know I have heard it before, but just can’t pinpoint if it was another drama or???

    Hope Jong-Kwon looks into KS’s family restaurant soon.

  23. 23 : Andrew Says:

    Why did Jong-Kwon that he has some one looking in Sook Jung’s past and the restaurant she worked at??? All this dramas do that same thing continually, they always tell the evil person they are having some one investigate them. They just need to have the investigation completed and present the evidence to the evil person. JK is the Chairman — I expected better from him.

    I thought Min-Kyeong was going to try and do some investigating o SJ? But guess she didn’t.

    KS should have a blood test taken with Sook Jung. I hope he doesn’t take her word for it without a blood test. Where are his maternal family that SJ is talking about???? Why doesn’t he go and talk to them?? That would be one of my first things I would do and a blood test.

    DJ needs to get a grip. Neither YS or JH need her approval to see each other. Even though JH never showed any warmth to DJ or made any advances towards her when they got older, he should have split from her sooner than later. And didn’t DJ get the hint that if YS asked JH to meet her or go some place with her, he always show up, but when DJ asked him, he was always busy!!!!

    Liking Yong-Goo getting interested in the market girl.

    What happened to Joon-Young? He hasn’t been hanging around YS for awhile.

  24. 24 : Day Dreamer Says:

    Min-Kyeong has gorgeous clothes. One of the few dramas that I have seen very outstanding wardrobe. The stylist has a great eye for clothes.

    Getting tired of Sook Jung and her conniving ways to get what sh wants. Jong-Kwon should just divorce her.

    Poor O-Bok — now being the fall guy for DJ.

  25. 25 : Rose Says:

    I am enjoying Joon-Young. He is cute, lively and has a nice smile. Hope he and YS can be friends. I think she would be good for him. JY is realizing that his parents are living off of Jong-Kown. His father, Jong-Soo, is a loser spending money and gambling.

    How can MH expect JY to inherit Royal Palace when he has never been interested in the restaurant and most likely does not have any business background.

    JS is not going to give up on inheriting Royal Palace. It belongs to her husband, why does she feel she should own it, he is still alive. She is so greedy, MH is also, but not as bad as JS. It is all so tiring the same all format.

  26. 26 : Liemak Says:

    Please keep Ok Bok character as morally virtuous person until the end of the story. Love the story line of Yong Koo and his “girlfriend”, wishing she is a good woman inside out for Yong Koo. The appearance of Mr. Park Kyung (actor Kim Young Ho) with his calm demeanor is always a pleasure to watch. He seems lonely without his side-kick (tongue in cheek, remembering grand chancellor Bayan with his nephew side-kick Warrior TalTal in Empress Ki).

  27. 27 : Angeline Says:

    Good job Grandma, standing up for O Bok. DJ only using him.

    Give me a break!!! Three years has passed and YS told JH they have to wait until DJ’s heart heals??? Three years is more than enough to heal her stubborn heart.

    DJ — feeling left out because O’Bok and JH went on a trip, and now YS was asked to go and she is in her bed crying. Dumb broad, YS invited her in front of everyone, and you refused. Everyone at the table heard YS ask her, including your parents. Some one needs to slap her in the face, maybe she will wake up.
    Furthermore, they are not on a “fun trip,” JH’s mother is very sick and she could care less. They must not be too far away as YS went, but how did she get there? A train, bus or walk???

    Tired of the same old story with SJ trying to con her way back into the restaurant. Young shin is so naïve that she got roped into one of SJ’s schemes. YS is so stupid to lie to Jong-Kwon that she did not make the food and she needs SJ to help her work in the restaurant. Why would YS agree to SH’s request? What makes YS think she knows what is the best choice for KS? YS should have talked to KS first. So dumb. KS would not be entitled to Jung Kwon’s family inheritance as he is not blood related to them. YS should know that KS would never want to inherit something that he is not entitled too. KS raised her and she goes against him knowing what kind of woman SJ is and he told her not to get involved. She is so stupid, YS needs to start growing up.

    KS needs to go see Jong-Kwon and fill him in on all the crap SJ is doing. And tell JK that SJ is “supposedly” his mother. Maybe she is as early in the show, that woman asked her about her son and SJ kept telling her she had the wrong person. But whether she is KS’ mother or not, KS needs to definitely get a DNA test and soon.

    Min-Kyeong should be happy that Jung Hoon is showing an interest in YS. I am sure YS would be good for him and help to straighten him out. He even agreed to work in the cafe as he is concerned that he has nothing to offer any one. If YS would not have asked him to date, he probably would not have done that. I was happy to see him in a few episodes, he was so fun and cute. . His dad is a goof and of no help to JH at all.

  28. 28 : arizona Says:

    Early in the show, while Jong-Kwon was fishing with Kyeong-Cheol, Jong-Kwon said “I am using my son’s allowance”

    Did any one pick this up??

    Wonder if JK has a son??? And if so, where is his son????

    Everyone feels YS is Jong Kwon’s child.

    So JK’s family didn’t accept the girl he was in love with and broke them up. So did they have a son together? And if so, where is the son????

  29. 29 : Quantum Nurse Says:

    My interpretation for the episode where Jong Kwon is telling Park Kyung that “his son” gave him allowance is that Jong Kwon does not want Park Kyung to know that he is a chairman of a conglomerate multi-industry company. Jong Kwon is trying to be humble to his new found fishing friend (Park Kyung) an engineer that works a laborer paid by the day. It is my interpretation, however, do not take my word for it.

  30. 30 : Quantum Nurse Says:

    I wish the “A Good Supper” script would give Young Shin character more longer dialogues or monologues that exhibits the actress, Ryu Hyo Young/Jung Woo Yeon, poignant performance. She shows so much great acting skills and broad spectrum emotions in “Golden Pouch”. I am so impressed with her long and exciting dialogues/monologues (presentation for her producer job) in “Golden Pouch” from episode 1 to 122. Salute to all cast in “Golden Pouch” and “A Good Supper” that work as catalyst to enhance Ryu Hyo Young/Jung Woo Yeon’s debut.

    I am glad Jung Hoon, Ok Bok and Joon Young grow up to be mature men. Jung Hoon and Ok Bok are brutally honest to voice their displeasure towards Da Jung and her ill intentions. Joon Young becomes a mature young man that works diligently in his coffee shop. Please let Ok Bok be a great anchor for his life long three friends and not swayed by Da Jung.

    I also hope Jung Hoon character will become a doctor that exudes commanding presence and displays authority and gravitas in the upcoming episodes.

  31. 31 : Liemak Says:

    I wish actor Jin Yi Han/Kim Yi Han will make a cameo appearance in “A Good Supper” as a stern medical university professor as well as a compassionate doctor. He will add flavor in “A Good Supper” with his acting skills and “quiet eye”.

  32. 32 : Liemak Says:

    I think it is about time that “A Good Supper” shows the hardship of medical school and internship training. How Joon Hoon has to deal with his medical study, the diner family turmoil as well as his pain in loving Young Shin. Joon Hoon must have a steel determination to succeed to survive in a brutal medical training environment. I feel so much empathy for Joon Hoon.

  33. 33 : arizona Says:

    @ Quantum Nurse —

    Thank you so much for answering my question. Your theory sounds right.

  34. 34 : Diana Says:

    Did any one see Kwon Hyuk ‘s (Jung Hoon) Instagram site??
    He must work out as he has a good build under his clothes.


  35. 35 : Andrew Says:

    This show started out great, but now the story is getting ridiculous. DJ sucks up to O’Bok, he runs and tells YS and round and round and round they go. YS thinks she owes everyone in the village because they all accepted her.

    KS must know that DJ is giving YS recipes to SJ and she will take all the credit for it. And that doesn’t bother KS?

    So — after DJ went berserk in the diner, YS and KS, clean up and decide to go on as nothing ever happened. And that’s that.

    YS and KS will end up as a couple or they will just continue to live together as they have been over the years.

    Kyung-Soo needs to forget going to SJ and continually yelling at her, just go directly to Jong-Kwon and tell the truth on what his wife is doing to YS and him. And KS needs to get a DNA test.

    Jong-Kwon is wishy washy. He continues to tell his brother and family to get out of the house, and if they don’t he will, but how many episodes have gone by and they are still there?? I am disappointed in him.

    They should stop with the cafe dinners. Small towns, no secrets.

    Jung Hoon supposedly is one of the lead roles, and the screen writer has done nothing with him. He is laid back, quiet, hardly any scenes, etc. The writer did a better job with Joon Young’s role. He was bright and fun in the few scenes he was in. What is the problem with the screenwriter?????

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