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Title: 모두 다 김치 / Everything Kimchi
Chinese Title: 全都是泡菜
Also Known as: Everybody, Kimchi!
Genre: Family, Romance, Comedy
Episodes: 132
Broadcast network: MBC
Broadcast period: 2014-Apr-07 to 2014-Oct-31
Air time: Monday to Friday 7:50


A drama about a woman who challenges for Kimchi business after she was betrayed by her husband. She devotes her life for kimchi surviving the turbulence of betrayal and frustration.


Main Cast

Kim Ji Young as Yoo Ha Eun
Kim Ho Jin as Shin Tae Kyung
Cha Hyun Jung as Park Hyun Ji
Won Ki Joon as Im Dong Joon

Ha Eun’s Family

Lee Hyo Choon as Na Eun Hee
Yoon Hye Kyung as Yoo Ji Eun
Seo Kwang (서광) as Jang Se Chan

Hyun Ji’s Family

Noh Joo Hyun as Park Jae Han
Lee Bo Hee as Ji Sun Young

Dong Joon’s Family

Myung Ji Yun as Im Soo Jin
Choi Ji Won (최지원) as Im Da Yool

Tae Kyung’s Family

Park Dong Bin as Bae Yong Suk
Song Ah Young as Gong Ha Neul


Min Joon Hyun as Fellow lawyer

Production Credits

Chief Producer: Choi Yong Won
Producer: Kim Seo Gon
Director: Kim Heung Dong, Lee Gye Joon
Assistant Director: Kim Mi Sook, Kim Chil Bong
Screenwriter: Won Young Wook
Music: Kang Ho Yeon


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24 Responses to “Everything Kimchi”

  1. 1
    Pat Says:

    Woo… Bruce Lee in Lady version.

  2. 2
    Wae Wae Wae Says:

    It took me a while to figure out that synopsis. A “woman who challenges for Kimchi business” means:

    It’s a drama about a woman who takes up the challenge of operating a Kimchi business. (Though just about any business is a challenge.) What’s so special here is that she survives the ordeal overcoming the often debilitating effects of betrayal and frustration (??) Not sure if that is sexual frustration or your garden variety frustration from, well.. just living.

    I’m going to check this out though.

  3. 3
    Iris Says:

    Please let us know where to watch with Eng sub in N.America.Thank you

  4. 4
    ldygmerm Says:

    She will start her own Kimchi business after her husband betrays her by cheating and divorcing her leaving her and their daughter for a woman that basically buys him.

    No one is subbing yet that I have been able to find but I keep hoping.

  5. 5
    Jjangmyeon Says:

    guys you must watch this kdrama.!
    actually all of us is waiting for the sub but there’s no website subbing this drama.
    i’m watching it without sub, even i don’t understand some i can say that this kdrama is so JJANG.!!!!!!!!!

  6. 6
    sarang Says:

    pliz stop with the extra long dramas how do i watch 120 days that is a longtime in my life

  7. 7
    pauline fantroy Says:

    Irs, if you live in new York time warner airs on channel 534 at 8,50 am.

  8. 8
    reindeer song Says:

    Another drama with over tones of “AJUMMA” instead of a TV Station and food prep, they are attorneys and celebrity, and yes the almighty kimchi contest.Come on let get some new abnd bright ideas everything is being regurgitated, it’s becoming STALE.

  9. 9
    reindeer song Says:

    Hello posters! Where are you? This drama is starting to look interesting. Too much episodes though. It wil fizzle half way thru. All these dramas are bits and pieces of other dramas, only the names has been changed, characters, settings, etc.etc. Where is the imagination, they have these young inexperience writers cutting and pasting a script together.

  10. 10
    HEN Says:

    Hi RS,
    I agree, but why is the other woman always a psychotic. People make bad choices everyday, and learn to live with the consequences.

    The husband sees a brass ring and decides to go for it. As the typical male, he thinks he can have his cake and eat it too (or my favorite analogy: his Kate and Edith, too)

    It seems that these writer have taken the Tina Turner song to heart: “What’s love got to do with it”.

    The fact that “greed and envy” are the basis for the other woman’s actions in these dramas, but the writers always wimp out when it’s time for restitution.

  11. 11
    reindeer song Says:

    HEN, I soooo agree with you. We all know hoe this turns out, but 120 episodes, 50 will be just okay, that is to long when the ending will be so disappointing. It is truly a waste of time, to invest our precious time into these dramas to be left mad as a madhatter!

  12. 12
    reindeer song Says:

    So folks the conspiring is continuing, with this Kimchi drama, one woman rules while the other suffer for little attack here and there. The taking of ones child NONSENSE who has the right? Okay koreans think the child belongs to the father, then let him have the children. Both blood is coursing thru him/her veins not just the father. Here in NY I’ve seen too many asian do the deed then leave their children with the fathers, this is so inconceivable I stutter to think. This drama can be saved at 50 but not 120, the antics is becoming inhumane, pointless, and stupid. We all are aware of the GREED some people has. So mix up the scenarios not just this blatantly selfish imbecile and his sidekick. This is role of the eyes, yet again.

  13. 13
    reindeer song Says:

    No one posting? Where are you?

  14. 14
    Roger Roo Says:

    In Ref to 120 episodes – Many US Soaps/Dramas exceed 500 episodes.

    Where is/are torrents for this puppy – I have 80 downloaded but can’t find #69. Does anyone have a torrent for Everything Kimchi.

  15. 15
    HEN Says:

    Hey, RS, once again we are confronted with Korean “family law”. What a joke. Writer, are we to believe that this man [Im Dong Joon] did a 180 character change or that he was always an idiot waiting for the opportunity to show it.

    OK, my guess is that Shin Tae Kyung is really Park Hyun Ji “brother”. Yes, brother–on her father’s side. Her mother has the proof in that secret safe and was somehow responsible for his parent’s death [his real mother, and the man she married]

    #14 RR–It’s not the number of episodes, it’s that they use the majority of them to show the main character as a “gullible, whiny, wimpy victim. Meanwhile, the villain uses countless antics [blackmail, kidnapping, food tampering and her miscarriage] to antagonize the victim. It gets old real fast.

  16. 16
    Rose Says:

    I have not seen all of the episodes – as it comes on at 6:50 a.m. – Chicago Central time – so I am not up to date on all that has transpired.

    I am trying to get all their names applied to the right character.

    Is Im Dong Joon – the ex-husband of the lady now going to be involved in Kimichi??

    Did she finally sign the divorce papers?
    Did she lose the baby?
    Doesn’t the husband care what his psycho girlfriend did to his wife??

    Is he so great that the crazy girl has to have him????

    The psycho girl == does her parents know that he was married w/a daughter and another one on the way???

    If I was the wife, I would have taken my daughter and gone to the girlfriend’s parents and told them their daughter was breaking up her marriage.

    The guy’s sister went over to the psycho’s side for all the material things she can give her. Oh, the priority of money over family.

    I hope both the ex-husband and his sister lose it all at the end and hope his wife will do well with the Kimichi.

    I agree this will be too long of a drama – the writers tend to drag out this shows waaay tooo long.

  17. 17
    pauline fantroy Says:

    Rose, Ilive in new York city, we have time warner which airs this drama on kbn and the earlier are repeated. Maybe you can seesome of the earlier episodes.

  18. 18
    Rose Says:

    Thanks Pauline – I checked out the site. I have been watching so many K-Drama’s that it is easier to just watch them on the TV when they are aired. But the early shows I can’t manage the time to watch them.

  19. 19
    reindeer song Says:

    Hey lets talk of the drama..please!!

  20. 20
    HEN Says:

    Hey, Rose, I live in the midwest, too. I just DVR the week’s episodes via my ATT Uverse.

    RS…From the look of Korean family law, as portrayed in the Kdramas, all I can say is “God Bless America”. A single mother who’s husband obviously dumped her, can receive assistance to help her keep her child/children.

    Even though this mother had a job and now her own business, not to mention a supportive family. No one even reviews to see if the child is living better with the father than she would with her mother–how pathetic. It’s obvious the child’s life is not enriched by living in that hell house. No positive interaction at home with anyone, except the aunt…who is 50% thinking of her own welfare.

    Can anyone see a need for analysis in this kid’s future. Oh, wait–this culture frowns on psycho-analysis, right?

    It’s apparent in this drama where Park Hyun Ji’s parents don’t acknowledge that their daughter is a psycho!

    They seem to rely on MONEY to cure and excuse their inhumanity.

  21. 21
    arnie Says:

    are women in korea treated as second class as they show them in these dramas?

  22. 22
    carm Says:

    @Rose. I’m from Chicago and it comes on around 8:30 on regular tv MBCD which is 24.5 and kbs world is on 24.7. The ones I like are not on Vicki but at Soompi.com if you go to the forums they will recap episodes.

  23. 23
    Rose Says:

    Thanks Carm, been on vacation and just saw your note. I can’t always watch it in the morning, so I miss most of the shows.

    I will look at the two sights you mentioned. I agree, the daughter would be better with the mother.

  24. 24
    HEN Says:

    FINALLY…The doctor told Park Hyun Ji’s family that it was hospital policy to send a patient who attempts suicide for a psych review, and not just release [her] because she demands it. If the doctor has seen her even before–he would have recommend a straight-jacket and shock treatment.

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