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Screenwriter: Yoo In Young, Kim Ji Suk

Aired on: Apr 19, 2020

Total Episodes: 4

Network: jTBC

Duration: 15 min.

Year: 2020

Country: South Korea

Native Title: 타이밍

Content Rating: Not Yet Rated

Alternative Titles:

Genre: Romance


Best friends since childhood, Hyo Min and Bo Seok have been a permanent part of each other’s lives for over a decade. Saving Hyo Min from the bullies at school when they were children, Bo Seok has been by her side ever since. Growing up together, they have shared every moment of their lives, both good and bad, developing a friendship like no other.

As adults, the two have occasionally struggled withthe feelings stronger they seem to have inadvertently developed for each other. Never wanting to damage such a precious friendship, the two have always been conflicted when it came to sharing their deeper feelings. On occasion, Hyo Min and Bo Seok have been a little more open with their hearts, but it never goes beyond the feelings of a moment. For some reason, the timing between them is always just a little off.

But all that changes when Hyo Min loses her memory. Unexpectedly presented with the opportunity to take their relationship to the next level, Bo Seok seizes his moment, more than willing to take on this arduous task. He just needs to find a way to remind her of how much they mean to each other. Will Bo Seok’s efforts finally bring them together or will they become victims of poor timing once again?

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