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Things We Do That We Know We Will Regret


Title: 살아가는 동안 후회할 줄 알면서 저지르는 일 / Things We Do That We Know We Will Regret
Chinese title : 明知后悔还会做的事
Also Known as : Four Colours of Love
Genre: Romance
Episodes: 4
Broadcast network: KBS2
Broadcast period: 2008-June-09 to 2008-June-17
Air time: Mondays & Tuesdays 21:55 (9:55 Korean time)


This drama is made up of four different kinds of love the heroine goes through. Each love story is a one-act drama in the four-part series.


Episode 1: Purpose of the Wind

Kim Jung Hwa
Jung Soo Young
Kim Jin Soo
Kim Bo Kang

Episode 2: One Day and Again Another Day

Kim Jung Hwa
Jung Soo Young
Yoo Tae Woong
Kim Ho Jin

Episode 3: Persistent love’s form of prohibition

Kim Jung Hwa
Jung Soo Young
Yoon Hee Suk

Episode 4: On a sparkling star night

Kim Won Hee
Kim Hyun Woo


The 4th episode of this drama has not been aired yet.

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  1. 1 : IS Says:

    these should be the short drama before ‘Strongest Chil Woo’ coming out, look great too.

  2. 2 : mrs bariqikram Says:

    Looking 4wards tis korean drama!
    catch u soon………..Things We Do That We Know We Will Regret!

  3. 3 : meirav Says:

    looking forward to watch this drama sounds great

  4. 4 : cocoy Says:

    what’s the title of the song in the opening of the episode 2? =) thank you

  5. 5 : a Says:

    The title of second episope is called Sex and touch private part

  6. 6 : top Says:

    does anyone know the opening song in episode 2?

  7. 7 : a Says:

    it’s a recent single by Nell

  8. 8 : top Says:

    thank you! =)

  9. 9 : jinsuk Says:

    okay so whats the theme song of the whole show.
    the one they play at the end when the credits come up.
    i love that song.

  10. 10 : irene Says:

    please give me all the title of the songs in this drama, please?…

  11. 11 : Stacey Says:

    I am looking for the music from Episode 2: One Day and Again Another Day.

  12. 12 : Stacey Williams Says:


    Video for A walk down memory lane by Nell

  13. 13 : arnie Says:

    i like the episode 2, and 3.

  14. 14 : prischan Says:

    is it true that there is actually no ep 4 …….

  15. 15 : prischan Says:

    is it true that there is actually no ep 4?

  16. 16 : arinkorin Says:

    prischan, actually there is.
    but I could only find the clubbox link to download.
    check it out at soompi:

  17. 17 : Sandra Says:

    hi guys, do u know where i can watch/download the 4th episode? clubbox doesnt work for me T_T thanks

  18. 18 : mutiara Says:

    hmmm… interesting… I’m gonna watch this drama soon…

  19. 19 : mel Says:

    wow… only 4 episodes? why this movie is short?

  20. 20 : nining Says:

    look interesing,, wanna watch it.. i love korean drama..

  21. 21 : Evelyn Says:

    I’ve only seent the first episode, “Purpose of the Wind” and I really liked it. I saw it just yesterday and I think I’m gonna watch the rest parts this weekend. Can’t wait 🙂

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