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The Best Korean Drama of 2018

Year 2018 is almost over and Year 2019 is waiting! Now, it’s the time to vote for ‘The Best Korean Drama of 2018’.

As a Korean Drama’s fan, you have the right to vote.

This year, you can choose all Korean Drama showed in year 2018 in ‘The Nomination Round’ which will run from 2018-Nov-13, 10:00KST to 2018-Nov-30, 23:59KST.

The Top 8 in ‘The Nomination Round’ will go into ‘The Final Round’ which will run from 2018-Dec-1, 00:00KST to 2018-Dec-30, 23:59KST.

after ‘The Nomination Round’ which have total of 60,764 votes (full result in pdf) from 19,965 different IP Address in 140 country (full country list in pdf). The Top 8 Dramas go into The Final Round are:-

  1. I’m Not a Robot (MBC)
  2. Lawless Lawyer (tvN)
  3. Mr. Sunshine (tvN)
  4. My Mister (tvN)
  5. Switch: Change the World (SBS)
  6. Terius Behind Me (MBC)
  7. What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim (tvN)
  8. When Time Stops (KBS-W)

Rules in The Final Round:-
– 1 IP address can only vote for 1 time/day.
– 1 time can only select for 1 drama.
– Same IP address can vote again after 24 hours.

Happy Voting !!!

The Final Round

(2018-Dec-01, 00:00KST ~ 2018-Dec-30, 23:59KST)

  • If the result come out with ‘Thank you for voting’, that’s mean your vote is accepted.

  • If the result come out with ‘Sorry, we have already counted your vote’ or can not click ‘Vote’ after tick the ‘reCAPTCHA’, that’s mean your IP has been denied.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why i can not vote even after more than 24 hours?
A. First, you need to make sure you are using Shared IP or Dedicated IP. You may contact your internet service provider to get details about this. If you are using Shared IP, that’s mean it’s possible that someone already vote by using this shared IP before you come back to vote again.

Q. Why Man Who Sets the Table (MBC), TV Novel – Dal Soon’s Spring (KBS2), My Man’s Secret (KBS2), Andante (KBS1), Bravo My Life (SBS) and My Golden Life (KBS2) are list here ?

A. Because these drama ended in year 2018, so these drama are list here.

Q. Why Madam Cha Dal Rae’s Love (KBS2), My Only One (KBS2), My Healing Love (MBC), Secrets and Lies (MBC) and God’s Quiz: Reboot (OCN) are not on the list ?

A. These drama will ended in year 2019, so we will list these drama in next year but not in this year.

Q. What is KST?

A. KST is ‘Korea Standard Time’ which you can found the detail here

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