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BTS in the Soop Season 2 (2021)

BTS in the Soop Season 2

Rank #3

“BTS in the Soop Season 2” is HYBE’s entertainment reality program, which contains a healing story in the forest, this time in Pyeongchang-gun, Gangwon-do, South Korea. Here all seven BTS...

Mtopia (2020)


Rank #109

SuperM’s first travel show, MTOPIA, has finally begun. Everything has been prepared for SuperM. However, nothing is free. Disarm the booby trap to earn the M-cash! Who will be the...

BTS in the Soop Season 2: Behind The Scene (2021)

BTS in the Soop Season 2: Behind The Scene

Rank #123

The behind the scenes of BTS TV show BTS IN THE SOOP Season 2....

BTS in the Soop (2020)

BTS in the Soop Season 1

Rank #160

“In the SOOP BTS Ver.” (“soop” means “forest” in Korean) So the show takes place in the forest. The concept is to spend time doing activities that are “somewhere between...

Youn's Stay (2021)

Youn’s Stay

Rank #287

New season of Youn’s Kitchen featuring a traditional Korean guesthouse in Jeollanam-do for foreigners visiting Korea....

BTS in the Soop: Behind The Scene (2020)

BTS in the Soop: Behind The Scene

Rank #300

The behind the scenes of BTS TV show BTS IN THE SOOP....

New World (2021)

New World

Rank #391

In this reality show, six celebs arrive at a magical island called The New World. For 6 days they work through challenges to gain a virtual currency, which places them...

Come On ! THE BOYZ: Summer Vacation RPG (2018)

Come On ! THE BOYZ: Summer Vacation RPG

Rank #402

A strange summer vacation RPG of THE BOYZ will get started. THE BOYZ went on a trip to enjoy the exciting summer vacation. As they arrived at TheB Village deep...

Village Survival

Village Survival, the Eight Season 1

Rank #459

Village Survival, the Eight is a mystery thriller variety show that is set in the countryside. The stars have to stay together for 24 hours and try to solve a...

We Don't Bite: Villains in the Countryside (2021)

We Don’t Bite: Villains in the Countryside

Rank #708

A healing reality program that stars Uhm Ki Joon, Bong Tae Gyu, and Yoon Jong Hoon. They plan to spend their vacation in a hideout in a quiet place and show...

Analog Trip (2019)

Analog Trip

Rank #860

TVXQ and Super Junior are treated to a luxury holiday by SM Entertainment in Bali, Indonesia. However, when they return to their rooms after dinner, they find that their belongings...

The Package (2017)

The Package

Rank #1625

Yoon So So relocates to France with her college boyfriend–despite her parents’ disapproval. A few years later, her boyfriend heartlessly returns to Korea without So So. Then, to remain in...

W.H.Y. (2018)


Rank #2286

Yeon Woo and Joo Hyun met for the first time when they were 17 years old, after 4 years of friendship, the guy invited the girl to date. And then...

Once in a Summer (2006)

Once in a Summer

Rank #3948

An assistant to a TV producer, eager to stay off his bad side, promises to convince her former professor, a famous but reclusive academic, to appear on their show, which...

Manhole (2017)


Rank #7093

Tells the story of Bong Pil, an unemployed man who mooches off his parents while pretending to study for the civil service exam. Bong Pil time travels into the past...

Seventeen in the Soop Season 2 (2023)

Seventeen in the Soop Season 2

Rank #35049

SEVENTEEN are heading back to the forest. Fresh off their ‘Be The Sun World Tour’, the ‘HOT’ hitmakers will be back for another season of IN THE SOOP. New episodes...

SF9 Center (2021)

SF9 Center

Rank #35246

This show is about Inseong and Jaeyoon granting the members’ wishes. (Source: DeobiMars at MyDramaList)...

7LLIN’ in Our Youth

Rank #35534

It features NCT DREAM taking their second trip together since all seven members of the group became legal adults. The show features idols having fun as they relax and enjoy...

Kep1er DOUBLAST on Air

Rank #35641

Kep1er, who returned with their second mini album “DOUBLAST,” their new title song “Up!” will be performed for the first time, as well as their debut song “WA DA DA”...

Weeekly's Pension Vacation (2021)

Weeekly’s Pension Vacation

Rank #35668

Weeekly’s new reality by TenseanTV, sponsored by Davich Optical. Follow Weeekly in their pension vacation where they stay in a house and play games, eat, sleep and relax! (Source: Xavier...

The Boyz’s Time Out (2021)

The Boyz’s Time Out

Rank #35892

The Boyz’s own special healing project”, where the eleven members go on a vacation together to find healing after their busy schedules. (Source: dearhyunjaes Twitter)...

WINNER Vacation -Hoony Tour- (2019)

WINNER Vacation -Hoony Tour-

Rank #36934

WINNER Vacation -Hoony Tour- is WINNER’s travel reality show that will contain the story of the members’ trip to Jeju Island. Lee Seung Hoon (“Hoony”) will act as the ‘Hoony...

N.Flying Seunghyub’s Summer Camp Season 5

Rank #37006

N.Flying spends their fifth summer camp together, organized by leader Seung Hyub! (Source: MyDramaList)...

OnlyOneOf’s Mystery Vacation

Rank #37161

Members of the K-pop group OnlyOneOf go on a mystery vacation to compete in various games and challenges in order to shoot a music video at the end of the...