Revenge of Others

Revenge of Others


Total votes: 8761

Director: Kim Yoo Jin

Screenwriter: Lee Hee Myung

Aired on: Nov 9, 2022

Total Episodes: 12

Duration: 1 hr. 2 min.

Year: 2022

Rank: #384

Country: South Korea

Native Title: 3인칭 복수

Content Rating: 18+ Restricted (violence & profanity)

Alternative Titles: 3inching Bogsu, Third Person Revenge

Genre: Action, Drama, Mystery, Thriller


A boy falls to his death at school, but Ok Chan Mi does not believe that her twin brother, Park Won Seok, committed suicide. She then transfers to her brother’s school, Yongtan High, and meets Ji Soo Heon, who witnessed her brother’s death. During that time a “hero,” who avenges bullied students, appears at Yongtan High. Chan Mi speculates that it may be connected to her brother and starts looking for thishero.

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