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Director: Yoon Seok Ho

Screenwriter: Choi Yoon Jung

Aired on: Jun 9, 1997

Total Episodes: 14

Network: KBS2

Year: 1997

Country: South Korea

Native Title: 프로포즈

Content Rating: Not Yet Rated

Alternative Titles: Peuropojeu

Genre: Romance


Kim Yu Ra and Jung Su Bin have been best friends since childhood. Yu Ra is a fairly serious-minded woman who works on tv shows as a claymation and puppet animator. Su Bin is a laid-back PV producer with a nack for getting in trouble with women due to his naivete. They have always been there for each other, though never romantically involved.

As the story rolls along, this drama explores differentkinds of love. Can a lifelong friendship be the basis for a lifelong love? Or is love something that comes quickly and captures the heart? Which is more important, a best friend or a new love? And will Su Bin and Yu Ra discover that their feelings for each other are truly that of friends? Or love….

(Source: DramaWiki)


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