Yurisa is a popular gothic lolita model from South Korea and also has an youtube channel called yurisa. She still unfamiliar to many South Koreans, is gaining huge popularity in China with her doll-like face and glamorous figure. In the latest survey done by China‘s largest portal site Tencent, she was selected as one of eight wannabe female celebrities. They include top stars such as Angela Baby, Fan Bingbing and Kim Tae-hee.

In another survey on the most popular Korean celebrities, Yurisa ranked at the top spot, beating other hit Korean stars including Park Shin-hye and Girls’ Generation.

She lastely joined Bloody Game Season 2 as a Contestant.

(Source: todaybirthdays.com)

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Yurisa Facts

Native Name: 박선혜

Birth Name: Sun Hye Park

Nationality:  South Korean

Birth Date: April 2, 1995

Gender: Female

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