Youngheun (Stellar, RANIA)

Go Young Heun is a South Korean singer under DR Music. She is the leader and main vocalist of the girl group BLACKSWAN debuted in 2020. and a former member of RaNia and Stellar.

On July 31, 2022 DR Music announced that Judy and Youngheun would be leaving the group in order to “fulfill their new dreams.”

Earlier of 2022, BLACKSWAN added two new members—Sriya and Gabi—to their lineup, meaning that they will be promoting as a four-member group for the time being.

(Source: Kpop Wiki)

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Youngheun (Stellar, RANIA) Facts

Native Name: 고영흔

Birth Name: Young Heun Go

Nationality:  Korean

Birth Date: November 20, 1994

Gender: Female

Member of: Blackswan

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