Umut Tursun, better known by his Chinese name Wumuti, is a singer and dancer of Uyghur heritage.
He has an artist family background. A family member from his great grandparents’ generation brought the first western music instrument into the Xinjiang area of northwest China. As a boy he was almost always sick, so his mother sent him to learn dancing in his early teens.
He participated in many singing and dancing shows including 舞动好声音 in 2011, 中国好舞蹈 and 中国好男儿 in 2014. He was in the winning team of the first two seasons of the Chinese-Korean survival show Super Idol (星动亚洲), which lead him to debut in boy group SWIN in 2016.

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Wumuti Facts

Native Name: 吾木提

Birth Name: Umut Tursun

Nationality:  Chinese

Birth Date: July 7, 1999

Gender: Male

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