Vincent Matile

Vincent Matile was born in Marseille, France. He is a French-Swiss actor, also known under the name of Laohu in China. After a consultant career in Europe, he moved to China in 2011, learned Mandarin, and began to perform in various Chinese film and television productions. Since then, he has appeared in more than 80 films and dramas. He continues to develop his craft in French, English and Chinese. Vincent is also a founding member of the association "Professionnels Francophones du Cinéma" (ASSOPFC), which aims to promote an international French-speaking network in the cinema, theater and audiovisual industry.
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Vincent Matile Facts

Native Name: 文森特·马蒂尔

Birth Name: Vincent Matile

Nationality:  French

Birth Date: May 28, 1973

Gender: Male

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