Thomas Kok

Thomas Kok, born in Malaysia on May 24, 1990, is a Malaysian film and television actor, pop singer, and a member of the male singing group Thomas Jack .In 2008, he won the championship of the Singapore Dance Competition; in the same year, he went to Taiwan, China to participate in the "Shake It Up" competition. In 2009, Thomas Kok and Jack Tan stood out in the "V-Singer" training class in Malaysia in the thousands of candidates, and debuted in the form of a duo male singing group "Thomas Jack"; in the same year, their starring youth inspirational drama "Yes Sir!" premiered . In 2010, starred in the youth romance drama "I, My Brother".In 2012, Thomas Jack won the B.Gs Music Awards. In 2014, the youth campus movie "The Gathering" was released. In 2015, In 2018, they released the single "Black and White" with TJ, thus officially entering the mainland Chinese music scene

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Thomas Kok Facts

Native Name: 郭曉東

Birth Name: Thomas Kok Xiao Dong

Nationality:  Malaysian

Birth Date: May 24, 1990

Gender: Male

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