Stella Huang

She’s a singer-actress and former model who has become a pop star in much of the Chinese-speaking world, including Hong Kong and Taiwan. Stella was educated at Crescent Girls’ School, Anglo-Chinese Junior College, and the National University of Singapore. Though born in Singapore, in recent years, she has primarily resided and worked in Taiwan.
Apart from her duties as a recording artist, she also acts for a variety of television serials in Taiwan and Singapore.

In 2005, Stella decided to take a break from showbiz. She set up a specialty cake shop in Taipei under the Awfully Chocolate franchise, investing $200,000 into the business with a partner.
But in 2007, Awfully Chocolate terminated the franchise and sued her company. A court order required Stella to pay approximately $224,000 but due to non-payment by her, the cake firm issued a letter of statutory demand to her in January 2009.

Stella set up her own bakery “Black As Chocolate” after the termination of her franchisee license from Awfully Chocolate.

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Stella Huang Facts

Native Name: 黃湘怡

Birth Name: Xiang Yi Huang


Birth Date: December 17, 1980

Gender: Female

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