Song Seong Ho

Song Seong Ho is a South Korean manager turned trot singer. He works as one of 4 managers helping comedienne and TV personality Lee Young Ja and also sometimes helps Kim Sook and Hong Jin Kyung. He made his first appearance in episode 1 of "Omniscient Interfering View" as Lee’s 31st manager and was promoted to "chief" in episode 87, so he now sometimes is referred to as Chief Song in the show. He is a hard-working person and an efficient manager but his dream has always been to become a singer. To fulfill his dream, Lee allowed him to become trot singer Cho Myung Sub’s manager for a while so he could begin learning the behind-the-scenes of the trot industry directly from a professional. In late 2022, he decided to enter MBN’s "Burning Trotman" but was eliminated in the preliminary round. After the competition, Lee Young Ja contacted singer Lee Chan Won in hopes of obtaining a song from him so he can officially debut. Lee Chan Won provided the song in episode 256 of "Omniscient Interfering View" and will debut in August 2023 during an episode of "Immortal Songs".

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Song Seong Ho Facts

Native Name: 송성호

Birth Name: Seong Ho Song

Nationality:  South Korean

Birth Date:

Gender: Male

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