Sohee (ALICE)

Kim So Hee is the Main Vocalist, Lead Dancer, Visual, and Face of the Group of the K-Pop girl group Elris on June 1, 2017 under Hunus Entertainment. On May 18th, 2017, Sohee released her debut single called ‘Spotlight’.
She participated at ‘K-Pop Star 6’ (she finished the 2nd). She is known for her 4 walls themed dance on KPop Star 6.
Sohee has released a song along with Kim Sang Gyun of JBJ (A-tom of Topp Dogg) called “Childlike”. She sang the OST for “No Bad Days Season 2”, called “That can’t happen”.
She was an extra on the set for School 2018.

ELRIS moved agencies to IOK Company at the end of 2021. On April 11, 2022. ELRIS officially announced that they would be relaunching all their social media accounts under the group name ALICE.


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Sohee (ALICE) Facts

Native Name: 김소희

Birth Name: So Hee Kim

Nationality:  Korean

Birth Date: December 31, 1999

Gender: Female

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