Shin yongjae (4Men)

Shin Yong Jae is a South Korean singer and producer. He debuted in 2008 as the third generation of the group 4Men alongside Kim Young-jae and Kim Won-joo with the EP album "First Kiss". He graduated from Moonil High School and then attended the Seoul Institute of the Arts (Department of Applied Music). He was praised by the original creator and former member of the group, Yoon Min-soo, as a genius vocalist due to his impressive range. In 2012, Yong-jae produced his own solo album "24" and wrote and composed some of the songs in it.
Yoon Min-soo was appointed as the head of Department of Applied Music at Namseoul University, so, in 2013, he recommended Shin Yong-jae for a position and he was appointed as a special professor at the university thanks to that recommendation. In 2014, Kim Young-jae left 4Men, leaving only 2 active members. In 2019, it was announced that Shin Yong-jae and Kim Won-joo had departed from MAJOR9 after their exclusive contracts expired and decided to form vocal duo, 2F.

On April 5, 2022 he announced his marriage to his girlfriend after dating for 2 years.

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Shin yongjae (4Men) Facts

Native Name: 신용재

Birth Name: Yong Jae Shin

Nationality:  Korean

Birth Date: November 1, 1989

Gender: Male

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