Shannon (F-ve Dolls)

Shannon Arrum Williams, known professionally as Shannon, is a British-South Korean singer, actress, twitch streamer and voice actress based in South Korea. She officially debuted as a solo artist in December 2014 with her digital single, Daybreak Rain. She is a former artist under DAP Sound, a division of MBK Entertainment.

Shannon was born in England to a Welsh father Williams Lees and a Korean mother Kim Jung-mi, Shannon (Korean name: Kim Arrum) is the youngest in their family with two older twin half-brothers, Christian and Jonah Lees, from her father’s previous relationship. She attended Sylvia Young Theatre School in London, and at the age of 7, she was given the role of Cosette in the musical Les Misérables. Shannon studied at Dwight School Seoul but dropped out.

Shannon was originally trained to be in a girl group as its main vocalist but later her agency changed their plans and announced that she would continue to be trained for preparing her debut as a soloist.

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Shannon (F-ve Dolls) Facts

Native Name: Shannon Arrum Williams

Birth Name: Shannon Williams Lees


Birth Date: May 26, 1998

Gender: Female

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