Seo Woo

Seo Woo, born Kim Moon Joo, is a South Korean actress. In 2007, Seo Woo made her debut as an actress in a supporting role for the film “My Son”. Even at this time, Seo Woo did not hold aspirations to become an actress. She got the part after visiting the president of her current management company “Shim Entertainment”, whom she already knew and received an audition. During this time, Seo Woo also appeared in a commercial for Lotte ice cream and the MBC drama “Kimchi Cheese Smile”.

In the year 2008, Seo Woo received her break out a role in the critically lauded film “Crush and Blush”. Prior to filming “Crush and Blush”, the film’s director Lee Kyung Mi frequently called Seo Woo and listened to her practice her lines, while also talking about herself and asking questions about Seo Woo. Through this process, Seo Woo got closer to her character Seo Jong Hee. As a result, Seo Woo won “Best New Actress” awards from 8 different domestic movie awards.

A minor scandal broke out during this time when netizens discovered Seo Woo was born in 1985 and not in 1988 (which was her reported age by her management company). When the discrepancy was found, her management company publicly apologized for the error and stated the mistake was their fault and not Seo Woo’s.

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Seo Woo Facts

Native Name: 서우

Birth Name: Moon Joo Kim

Nationality:  Korean

Birth Date: July 7, 1985

Gender: Female

Height: 162cm

Weight: 43kg

Zodiac Sign: Cancer

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