Park Kwang Soo

Park Kwang-su (born January 22, 1955) is a South Korean filmmaker. He was born in Sokcho, Gangwon Province and grew up in Busan. Park joined the Yallasung Film Group as a student of Fine Arts at Seoul National University. Upon graduation, he founded and led the Seoul Film Group which was dedicated to renewing Korean film culture and closely tied to the student protest movement. The Seoul Film Group was a significant part of the independent film movement and a strong voice speaking out against the military dictatorship. Park studied film at the ESEC film school in Paris, then returned to Korea to work as an assistant director to Lee Chang-Ho. He made his own first feature in 1988, and in 1993 became the first Korean filmmaker to found his own production company.
Park is considered the leader of the “New Korean Cinema” movement and one of Korea’s most distinguished filmmakers. His films have garnered critical acclaim and he has received numerous domestic and international awards for his films.

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Park Kwang Soo Facts

Native Name: 박광수

Birth Name:

Nationality:  Korean

Birth Date: January 22, 1955

Gender: Male

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