Park Hye Kyung

Park Hye Kyung

Gender: Female

Birth Date: October 12, 1974

Native Name: 박혜경

Birth Name: Hye Kyung Park

Nationality:  Korean


About Park Hye Kyung

Park Hye Kyung, sometimes also known as Park Hey Kyung, is a South Korean singer and currently a Youtuber. She attended Myongji College but eventually dropped out. She is identified by a unique timbre of a husky, yet clear high-pitched tone, that rarely uses vibrato, and it mainly sings modern rock-style songs. In the mid-to-late 1990s, under the influence of alternative and modern rock, many bands featuring female vocals such as Jaurim, Roller Coaster and Cherry Filter started to appear and Park Hye Kyung started to appear in many concerts as well when she made her debut in 1997 as part of the band "Theater" with their first album "Back To Me". After their second album the band decided to go on a different direction and Park left the group. As other female vocalist went their own ways and interest on modern rock began to decrease, Park decided to start singing pop songs as well as ballads as her voice was also suited for those genres. In 1999, she became an independent artist and has collaborated with many modern rock composers. In 2018 and later in 2020, she revealed in the show "Flaming Youth" how she suffered from severe vocal chord nodules caused by laryngeal tuberculosis and how she was improving but not as fast as she wanted. Also in 2018, she also appeared in the show "King of the Mask Singer" in 2018 but was eliminated in the first round after losing to DJ DOC’s Kim Chang Yeol. As she barely appears in TV, it was a surprised that she seems to be trying again by appeared as a contestant in the show "Poongryu – Battle Between the Vocalist" in 2021 and in "Fantastic Family: DNA Singer" in 2022.

(Source: Korean = Namu Wiki || Translation = MyDramaList)

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