Nathan Boyd

Nathaniel Christian Boyd is an Actor, Director, and Screenwriter in Mainland China. He was born in Los Angeles, USA in 1981. He attended the University of Los Angeles and majored in International Relations and Asian Studies. Influenced by his major, and wanting to understand Asian and Chinese culture, in 2006, he lived in China for a period of time as an international student. When he came to China, he had an indescribable feeling about it and, during this period, he accidentally got a cameo opportunity in a movie, which unexpectedly, ignited the "Actor dream" in his heart. He made a decision to develop in China after making more appearances in several film and television works in China.
In 2013, Nathan Boyd returned to the United States and was admitted to the University of California Film School for further studies. It was not until he obtained a master’s degree in screenwriting, two years later, that he returned to China to continue his acting career.
In addition to working as an actor, Nathan Boyd is also trying to write scripts in his spare time. Therefore, after developing in China for more than ten years, he has successively shot no less than 70 film and television works.
In 2016, he met a Chinese girl at an event, fell in love, married and moved his family to Zhengzhou. He has a Chinese name, after marriage, he renamed himself Qian Kun after his wife’s surname, and his nickname is "Lao Nei". Today, in addition to filming, Qian Kun has also become an "Internet celebrity" on the short video platform. With a foreign face, he is fluent in Mandarin, and speaks Henan dialect well.
(Source: c.m.163 news)

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Nathan Boyd Facts

Native Name: 白雷森

Birth Name: Nathaniel Christian Boyd

Nationality:  American

Birth Date: May 1, 1981

Gender: Male

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