Max Collins

Max Collins (born Isabelle Abiera Collins) is an actress and model, of dual American and Filipino citizenship.

Collins was born in California. Her mother is a Filipino who is from Kalibo, Aklan. Her father is an American of Irish-Italian descent. When she was 10, her family moved to Kalibo, Aklan. For four years she lived in Boracay and attended Brent School Boracay.

She was discovered by a talent scout when she accidentally walked into a shop while a shoot was ongoing. Collins was just 13 when she was launched as a Star Magic Batch 15 member. In 2010, when her contract with Star Magic ended, Collins left for the United States to figure things out. A year after, she returned to the Philippines to relaunch her entertainment career.
(Source: Wiipedia)

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Max Collins Facts

Native Name: Isabelle Collins

Birth Name: Isabelle Collins


Birth Date: August 28, 1992

Gender: Female

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