He was born in Wales, grew up in Bournemouth, United Kingdom, until he was 10 years old. His sister is the singer MISO. He is a Christian, His MBTI Type is INFP. He has a dog named Choco at his parents’ house and a puppy called Joy which he adopted from a shelter.

He is a solo singer and composer from KQ Entertainment . He debuted on April 3rd, 2019. He’s known because he’s best friend with Ateez’s Hongjoong and he produced songs for Ateez and Dreamcatcher. Also the voice in "Long Journey" by Ateez is his voice.

He has a youtube channel 독스어필 with contents named DOXLOG (vlog) , DOXTAPE (cover/performance), GOLDFISHBOY (live with playlists)

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Native Name: 김경문

Birth Name: Kyung Moon Kim

Nationality:  Korean

Birth Date: March 15, 1995

Gender: Male

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