Liv Hewson

Liv Hewson is an actor and playwright active in both Australia and the United States. Hewson came out as non-binary at the age of 16 and uses the pronouns they/them.

Hewson began acting at a young age in theater productions at the Canberra Youth Theatre in Australia. They also have starred in the short films “Alfonso Frisk”, “So Romantic” and “Survey Says”, as well as the American television series “Do You Mind?”, “I’ve Got No Legs” and the Netflix hit "Santa Clarita Diet". Liv also wrote a play titled “Bona Mors,” which explores how children understand and deal with death.
In early 2016, Hewson also starred in the first-ever Viki Original series “Dramaworld,” which is set in both Los Angeles and Seoul.

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Liv Hewson Facts

Native Name: Liv Hewson

Birth Name: Olivia Hewson

Nationality:  Australian

Birth Date: November 29, 1995

Gender: Female

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