Lee Min-woo (Shinhwa)

Lee Min Woo is a Korean singer known for his work as a solo artist and as a member of Shinhwa. Lee was the fourth member picked for the group. As part of Shinhwa, he has recorded nine studio albums as a vocalist and a rapper. Though he left the group’s management company in early 2007, Lee has stated that he is still part of Shinhwa and that the band will never disband.

Lee first started his solo act in 2003 when Shinhwa was on hiatus. He has since released three successful studio albums. As a solo artist, Lee changed his stage name to M. Aside from singing, Lee has also appeared in Korean television dramas and movies, with and without his bandmates. Throughout his career with Shinhwa, Lee has changed his looks along with his bandmates. From having a cute image in the early days and transitioning to various looks, Lee and his bandmates never lost their strong fanbase.

While dancing for his group, Dicky Ducky, as a student at JunJoo Fine Arts School for the Everland dancing competition, Lee was spotted by some SM Town members and became a part of the much-known boy band, Shinhwa. Although he started as a rapper and a singer, he stopped rapping as Shinhwa continued to release albums. When Shinhwa first came out, the fans (which later name themselves Shinhwa Changjo) quickly chose Lee as the cutest one in the group, with him garnering much attention. However, as time passed time, each of the members began gaining attention, with them having equal popularity as of today. As a skilled dancer, he has choreographed some of Shinhwa’s most technically challenging dances. He has released 9 albums (eight full Korean albums and one Japanese album) with Shinhwa and is currently working on their ninth album.

Lee became the first member out of Shinhwa to go solo, debuting in late 2003, during a break from Shinhwa’s activities. Choosing the stage name of "M", he joined forces with other "M" companies (such as Korea’s music television network M-Net) to heavily promote his first album. The record company depended on Lee to be successful, and he ended up surpassing expectations. His first album, Un-Touch-Able, sold more than 100, 000 copies (according to the January 2004 Music Industry Association of Korea chart, the last time the album charted).

On February 25, 2010, Minwoo enlisted for the army where he served as a public service officer in Yongsan, Seoul.

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Lee Min-woo (Shinhwa) Facts

Native Name: 이민우

Birth Name: Min Woo Lee

Nationality:  Korean

Birth Date: July 28, 1979

Gender: Male

Height: 175cm

Weight: 60kg

Blood Type: A

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