Lawrence Wong

Wong Guan Yi (English name: Lawrence) is a Singaporean actor and singer born in Malaysia. When he was 19 years old, he was a member of a male group and was about to release the album in Japan, but it was not realized because the company invested funds in another female singer. He currently has many released songs, including 2 albums.
He was signed under Mediacorp, where he acted in various shows. Following this, he played a role of a rebellious teen in The Promise, a Channel U movie, which nominated him for “Favorite Male Character” in Star Awards 2010.
In 2016, he signed on to a Chinese Management Company. He rose to fame from the show Story of Yanxi Palace (2018) and was ranked 35th in the list of Most Influential Artists in China.
(Source: Baidu, Wikipedia)

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Lawrence Wong Facts

Native Name: 王冠逸

Birth Name: Guan Yi Wang


Birth Date: August 5, 1988

Gender: Male

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