Kwon Il Yong

South Korean police officer/detective, social psychologist, writer, and forensic profiler. He graduated from Seoul Cyber University with a bachelor’s degree, then obtained a master from Yonsei University Crest and later a PhD in Criminology from Kwangwoon University. He is currently an Adjunct Professor in the Department of Police Administration at Dongguk University.
He became a police officer in 1989 in the SWAT corps and has been working as a forensic agent and police detective since 1993. He is referred to as the first-generation profiler in the country. He is responsible for profiling heinous crimes such as serial murder, and is a representative figure who established profiling techniques in the field in South Korea. He was honorably retired in 2017. In his criminal investigation, he said it was because he felt exhausted mentally and physically and felt that his duty had been fulfilled. He continues to appear on TV as criminal profiler for shows like "Unanswered Questions". He participated as an advisor in the 2022 drama "Through the Darkness" with actor Kim Nam-gil playing a version of him as he co-wrote the book of the same title.

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Kwon Il Yong Facts

Native Name: 권일용

Birth Name: Il Yong Kwon

Nationality:  Korean

Birth Date: May 3, 1966

Gender: Male

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