Kimberley Chen

Kimberley Chen (born 23 May 1994) is an Australian-Malaysian Chinese singer, actress and model currently based in Taiwan, but born and raised in Melbourne, Australia. She attended Tintern Grammar in Melbourne, Australia. She was the youngest and only child model on the Channel 9’s “The Price Is Right” and later appeared as “Young Nala” in Disney’s “Lion King” at the Regent Theatre in Melbourne as well as the Shanghai Grand Theater in Shanghai. She is now a professional singer in Taiwan, singing both English and Mandarin songs. Her debut album has been a commercial success and her debut song “愛你” (Love You) has more than 100,000,000 views on YouTube. In 2018 she participated as a trainee in “Produce 101 China” and ranked #26.

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Kimberley Chen Facts

Native Name: 陳芳語

Birth Name: Fang Yu Chen


Birth Date: May 23, 1994

Gender: Female

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