Kim Kyung Wook

Kim Kyung Wook is a South Korean comedian and musical actor. He graduated from Myeongdeok High School and later obtained a bachelor’s degree in Broadcasting from the Seoul Institute of the Arts. During his sophomore year in high school, senior comedian Jo Se Ho invited him to also become one and even knelt in front of Kim’s parents promising to take care of his son. He was then selected as part of the 6th open recruitment for comedians at SBS while performing as a musical theater actor as well. His career hit many obstacles as "Gag Concert" and "People Looking for a Laugh" were not performing well on ratings and his appearances were limited.
In 2005, he moved to MBC, but there, the show was cancelled. After completing his mandatory military service, he was still looking for an opportunity and in 2018 joined Comedy Big League. Alongside fellow comedians Kim Tae Woo (later replaced by Goh Jang Hwan) and Kim Tae Hwan, he created the hip-hop group "Namolla Family" and recorded some albums and gained popularity when they uploaded videos trying to teach other comedians to hip-hop. He is managed by Meta Comedy and is currently in charge of the "Namolla Family" Youtube channel and also runs a café. He recently created the Japanese character of "Tanaka Yukio" as he navigates through South Korea’s entertainment industry. The character has become so popular that many celebrities have appeared in Youtube videos with Tanaka.

(Source: Korean = Namu Wiki || Translation = MyDramaList)

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Kim Kyung Wook Facts

Native Name: 김경욱

Birth Name: Kyung Wook Kim

Nationality:  Korean

Birth Date: April 26, 1983

Gender: Male

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