Kim Jung Kwon

Kim Jung Kwon is a South Korean director and screenwriter.
He is a Seoul Arts Institute graduate born in 1969, who took his first steps in the industry with odd jobs on 1990s in works such as ‘Sky Doctor’ (1997) and ‘The Spy’ (1999) and as an assistant director on ‘The Happenings’ (1998).
He rose to the director’s chair the following year with the now classic time split romance drama ‘Ditto’ (2000). A hit with audiences that has stood the test of time, the film proved a potent intro for the fledgling filmmaker. His next work was the drama ‘A Man Who Went to Mars’ (2003). Though not as successful as his debut, it wouldn’t be long before he found himself at the helm of another hit. In 2008, he released a pair of films, most notably the n comedy-drama ‘Babo: Miracle of a Giving Fool’, which was one of the year’s most popular films. 2008 also saw him release the more modestly budgeted romance film ‘Heartbreak Library’. Taking a break from films, Kim eventually returned as a director in early 2015 with ‘Snow in on the Sea ‘. After a 5 years break, he returned again as a director with a new movie, ‘Are We In Love?’ and the drama ‘Lies of Lies’.

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Kim Jung Kwon Facts

Native Name: 김정권

Birth Name: Jung Kwon Kim

Nationality:  Korean

Birth Date: July 7, 1969

Gender: Male

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