Kaya Enes

Enes Kaya is a Turk who lives and performs in South Korea as a television personality. He is formerly a cast member of the talk show “Abnormal Summit”. In 2002, Enes arrived in South Korea to study, at the recommendation of his father, who praised the educational system there. He spent a year studying Korean at Konkuk University, then later went on to study at Hanyang University with a scholarship for IT management after also being accepted to Seoul National University and Korea University._x000D_
In 2010, he acted in his first movie “Haunters”, and then decided not to pursue a full-time acting career. He said that because of his culture and religion, he is Muslim and does not eat pork or drink alcohol, he is selective about the roles he wishes to take. In addition to modeling, Kaya has appeared on Arirang TV, SBS, MBC, and on KBS’s Global Talk Show._x000D_
In 2014, he appeared on the talk show “Abnormal Summit”, but dropped out after a scandal broke out about him having an affair.

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Kaya Enes Facts

Native Name:

Birth Name: Enes Kaya


Birth Date: August 22, 1984

Gender: Male

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