JuJu Chan

Born in Hong Kong, JuJu Chan Szeto (aka JuJu Chan) is a Chinese American actress, best known for her fight action. She graduated with a Masters degree from the prestigious New York University-Tisch School of the Arts (Film/TV). An award winning actress, she’s also a martial artist of several styles but is best known for her Taekwon-Do (ITF) where she was on the Hong Kong National Team winning several medals, including gold, in international competitions both in forms and combat. She was later recruited and trained by a Hong Kong champion Thai boxer, where she then beat a veteran opponent in WMC The One Muay Thai Championship. JuJu is also a master of the nunchaku, including double nunchakus. JuJu is best known for her role as Zan in Wu Assassins, a Netflix original 10 episode series, where she did all her own on-screen fighting for her character. She married Antony Szeto in 2019.

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JuJu Chan Facts

Native Name: 陳鈺芸

Birth Name: Yuk Wan Chan


Birth Date: February 2, 1987

Gender: Female

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