Joon Park

Joon Park is a Korean-American singer, actor, and leader of the Korean pop group “g.o.d”. During his days with g.o.d, he served as the group’s leader-rapper. He was born in South Korea before immigrating to the US when he was a kid. He was raised in Southern California. During and after his college years he was a graphic designer with a talented drawing background. In his college days, he did some modeling but never really thought of himself as a model and one day was discovered in Hollywood by a casting agent for a Janet Jackson video in which he had his first 15 minutes of fame on TV. In 1997 through his sister’s contacts in Korea, he packed up and moved to Seoul, South Korea to pursue his goal in the K-pop industry. He wanted to mix Korean Music with a twist of western culture so in 1998 he gathered the members of his group “g.o.d” (Groove OverDose) through numerous auditions. In 2006 the group decided to take a break as the lead vocalist of the group Kim Tae Woo was required to perform his compulsory military duty. Park has since moved to Los Angeles to pursue acting, having a cameo on “Speed Racer” and the role of Yamcha in the live-action film version of “Dragonball Evolution”.
On May 4, Park Joon Hyung’s agency, Sidus HQ, confirmed that he will be getting married. His reps revealed that he had been dating a civil citizen, who is 13 years his junior for about a year. On 26 June 2015, he married his wife who is currently working as a flight attendant.

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Joon Park Facts

Native Name: 준형

Birth Name: Joon Hyung Park


Birth Date: July 20, 1969

Gender: Male

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